i have to act like a girl sobs

Signs at a party

Aquarius: oh….people……well then….. *hides with friends the whole time and only shows true colours when drunk* YO MOTHERFUCKERS LET’S PARTAYYYYYY

Gemini: *picks up guys/girls and takes them home only to blame them the next day*

Libra: I LOOOVE YOU ALL ERMAGAWDD *is completely drunk the whole time but is having fun*

Pisces: *dancing in the center of the room with a group of friends*

Cancer: *is the one sobbing and taking shots of whiskey in the corner*

Scorpio: *drinks a whole lot but still acts normally*

Aries: TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Leo: AND LIKE THEN HE DID THE THING WITH THE THINGS AND HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *tells lots of stories and is always laughing or super serious*

Sagittarius: *sits in the corner eating all the food*