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Advanced Robot Eggs and Beans

Because I also love eggs.

Eggs start out featureless, simple pearlescent white shells- but not for long. This “eggshell” is actually the newspark’s first “armor” in a sense, protecting the still mostly-goo protoform blob inside. After some time, these shells will begin to color in- this is generally indicative of the bot’s final coloration, as this is supplied by the same nanites that will eventually color adult armor. Eggs are largely simple but usually do have some seams, that grow more obvious with time.

Eventually, the growing protoform needs more space and can hold it’s own body together, having a “membrane” around it’s still-gooey body, but now with some very basic internal functions as opposed to just…goop.

Baby robots are effectively all energy-goo-monsters. They’re just amoebas.

After that, well…growth comes, and eventually the coloration nanites begin covering the new surface of their body as it grows stronger.

Hello everyone! It has been so long since my last follow spree and my dash has become pretty dead lately and there seem to be too many random posts. I’m looking forward to multifandom blogs which are 80% animanga and 20% other stuff.

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I just wanted to say thank you for making this week happen! You guys are amazing and Dorian is luckly to have so many adoring fans ;D

You can find the entries here.

Kudos to all the participants and their a+ content:

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Some of you even went for the nightmare mode and nailed it. As someone who kept up only with 3 days I’m impressed! 

The week might be over but I’m not quite yet done with dorian community related events, so don’t worry, there’s more to come ;)

so we have these deadass arm size rats running up and down our dorm windows these days and one day one pushed the window open in the middle of the night in my friend’s room. her and her roommates started screaming bloody mary cause they thought it was a jinni. one of them ran out the door in 0.0017 seconds. one of them fell out the bed and started dragging her legs with her arms to crawl away. my friend was screaming and reading quran to chase the “jinni” away. anyways yeah typical night. 

A few weeks ago you told me you feel as if you’ve lost your luck.
I thought to myself how ironic it was that someone I once called “lucky star” could lose their luck after I lost my feelings for them.
Today I realised that I have also lost something else these past few months. I lost my muse (and my muse was always you).
—  Is my muse returning? (26/02/2017)