i have three tests tomorrow and im doing this

hamilton characters as things my friend group have said
  • Burr: *winks with eyes full of pain* how can you kill what's already dead inside
  • Hamilton: i know the minimum is four hundred words but ive written three thousand do you think its enough
  • Elizabeth: i told my mum that i got a 98% on a test and she said 'im only 98% proud'
  • Angelica: if anti-advertising existed this video is it.
  • Peggy: i dont need food, i photosynthesise
  • Laurens: i hate movies with unnecessary heterosexuals
  • Lafayette: *minor inconvenience happens* SUCE MA BITE
  • Hercules: im still waiting on these fucking nudes
  • Jefferson: is anime an acceptable substitute for water?
  • Madison: i have three exams tomorrow and all ive done is go through the entire 'important videos' playlist on youtube
  • Washington: if you make a pun i will unfollow block and report you in real life
  • KG3: what a great day to pay attention to me
  • Samuel Seabury: i love being a good sumatran
  • Charles Lee: you cant look at a dog and say 'thats my alternative cat'