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I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!

Valentine’s as a holiday is garbage, but Jim and Spock hanging out to watch the sun rise on a farm is not.



Yoonkook Week Day 1: Favorite moment(ssssss) 

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alexander hamilton and alex hirsch have the same initials gASP


the other day i was working on my bill dating sim and i was brainstorming on how he’d act if he actually wanted to get into a relationship with someone. And to be honest, it kinda sounds scary. Cause in order to date someone and continue with his goals, that other person would have to give up literally everything to be with him- maybe even one’s humanity. And even then Bill would probably not trust the other enough and be very on edge in the relationship.

the life and times hasn’t been updated in three and a half years what the fuck where is jules 

So I was wondering how Credence will turn out after what happened in Fantastic Beasts, and my personal conclusion : Soft!Credence Barebone.

  • Credence who wears lots of knitted jumpers and socks cause he’s been cold for so long he needs the heavy clothes
  • Credence who lets nifflers and kneazles and even occamies sleep in his bed even though they shouldn’t be allowed there and excuses them by saying he was cold and they brought warmth
  • Credence who gets all smiles and soft voice around children and Newt’s creatures and gets lots of respect for that
  • Credence who learns about Obscurus and helps fellow Obscurials to control their powers
  • Credence who can’t bake or brew potions cause it requires too much precision and the risks of messing it up give him anxiety, but who excels in charms and at decorating cakes cause you can re-try taht as many times as you need
  • Credence who learns all sorts of spells, but is best at the most practical ones
  • Credence who falls alseep in front of the fireplace and who gets levitated to his bed
  • Credence who talks through his sleepless nights with Queenie or Newt, or who just goes out and help Jacob at the bakery since he starts working at 4 am
  • Credence who likes to hold hands with his friends and steal their clothes

Just, soft!Credence who is given all the space and freedom and love he needs and who heals at his own pace and who definitely never becomes a villain overcome with anger and betrayal

Other headcanons :

Queenie  Newt  Tina  Jacob  Graves

What if …

- Cinder was raised by Levana instead of being almost killed by her?

- Scarlet grew up on Luna rather than on Earth with her grandmother?

- Cress hadn’t been born a shell but inherited the gift from her parents?

- Winter never promised herself to not use her glamour but to serve her queen?

May I present:

Crown princess Selene Blackburn

Alpha Scarlet Benoit

Dr. Crescent Moon Darnel

Head Thaumaturge Winter Hayle

Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists.


no reposting/removing my signature/artist comments thnk you!

This is based off of the talented @y-annah florist/tattoo au, which I am always a goddamn sucker for. They haven’t shown what kind of tattoos Keith has yet so I just kinda winged it, hope that’s ok! 

more under the cut!

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I’m gonna punch a wall

how can you tell your friends that they’re not worthless and that you deeply care about them and that you love them and that they deserve the world when you barely believe any of those things about yourself?

Morning Surprise

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Goodness, I don’t know where this came from but here we go. Placing 110% of the blame on @imoutofmyvulcanmind for this.

This is a little fic full of firsts. First Mckirk, first M/M, first… well, I’ll let you find out. (eep, be gentle, I bruise easy!)

1,495 word(s) of M/M smut. McCoy x Kirk.

Leonard shuffled slowly down the empty hallway, rubbing his bleary eyes. He checked the time on his PADD, groaning inwardly. It was early, too early to already be starting his shift, but his MedBay was full.

“God damned space diseases” Leonard grumbled to himself, followed by a yawn. Before Leonard could finish his yawn, he felt himself being shoved from behind, up against the wall.

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How long are you going to waste your time here? Nobody actually likes you.

Except, you know, the now 900 people who follow my blog and actively seek out to involve me in their plots and interact with my writing, consistently on my 10+ blogs. 

but that is none of my business.