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i’ve been getting a lot of messages lately (and unsurprisingly, considering how unrepentantly i’ve been reblogging stuff from them) from followers asking me for podcast recommendations - and i love getting those so thank you, guys! - and i thought i’d make a masterpost of what i’ve both a) finished and b) enjoyed since i’ve started bingeing them.  and, as an extra added bonus, what has canonical lgbt+ representation (since i know what you guys are into [waggles eyebrows]).

1. the bright sessions

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  this is definitely the first podcast that i’ve fallen in love with as hard as my original gateway podcast: welcome to night vale.  it’s so well-written, the characters well-drawn, the premise fascinating - atypicals, or people with some sort of special ability, in therapy - and it’s such a positive story and experience that i can’t help but feel better on days i listen to it.  it really believes in humanity and that’s such a wonderful thing in this day and age.  plus, the voice acting is killer.

2. eos 10

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  i don’t think it’s been officially confirmed that dr. dalias is, at the very least, bisexual (in fact, the official channels seem to be dancing around it, possibly so as not to spoil anything in the upcoming season), though it’s been hinted at plenty in story.  especially as i don’t know how else you can explain a supposedly “straight” male character getting called out on repeatedly thinking about a naked man during a group mind-link experience.  that aside, it is freaking hilarious.  the premise is doctors in space, one formerly drug-addicted doctor helping to stabilize a currently alcoholic one with amazing side characters including nurse jane johns and levi, a hypochondriac alien and deposed prince who seems to have a personal vendetta against wearing pants.  it’s well-acted, cleverly written and a freaking joy to listen too.  so funny and so smart, i can’t recommend it enough!

3. the penumbra podcast

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  so much queer representation it’s bananas.  this ask the creators got is actually pretty representative of their approach to the show, slyly funny and very gay.  our main character is a genderbending queer private investigator who’s lost his heart head over a sweet-smelling thief with a heart of gold and more aliases than jennifer garner, all set against a noir backdrop.  oh, and on mars.  yeah, you read all of that right.  there are a few awesome side stories as well, including a couple of horror ones (that have no effect on the main juno steel story line, so can be skipped - and the creators are VERY GOOD about warning what’s to come in the episode notes), as well as lesbian outlaws and a disabled knight.  there’s literally nothing not to love.  EXCEPT FOR HOW JUNO STEEL WON’T LET HIMSELF HAVE NICE THINGS.

4. the black tapes

hey, hi, if you’re into horror, suspense, creepery or demons, this is so very much for you.  the premise is that alex reagan, our host, begins a podcast to interview people with interesting professions.  she starts out with dr. richard strand, a paranormal investigator whose mission statement is to debunk all things paranormal.  he even has an institute that offers a one million dollar prize for proof of the paranormal, which he has never even come close to having to part with.  while alex is interviewing him, she comes across a handful of black vhs tapes: the only cases that strand hasn’t been able to definitively solve yet.  the technology to disprove these incidents simply hasn’t come far enough, in his opinion.  needless to say, she never moves on from dr. strand and the mystery of the black tapes.  each episode, alex investigates another of the black tapes and much later on realizes it’s possible that they’re all connected.  oh my god, i almost got chills just writing that, it’s so good, it’s so real, because dr. strand is such a good anchor to reality.  alex will occasionally lose her skeptic’s perspective; dr. strand does not.  and once alex starts experiencing intense insomnia, making you realize your narrator might not be so reliable?  things somehow manage to get even murkier.  i really, really adored this one.  it’s paranormal set in the most normal of normal worlds, only making it that much spookier.

5. wooden overcoats

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  okay, well, if you’ve ever watched black books?  this is kind of like black books, aka one of my all-time favorite shows.  rudyard funn is just as incapable and universally disliked as bernard black, which was all well and good when the village of piffling vale (which is very nearly a town, you know!) only had one funeral home to choose from.  unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore.  eric chapman has moved his funeral home right across the street and stolen all the business from rudyard, his embalmer (cum part-owner) and twin sister, antigone, and georgie, their assistant.  to add insult to injury, he’s charming and universally adored by everyone except those at funn funerals.  very british, very ridiculous, and very funny!  WE GET THE BODY IN THE COFFIN IN THE GROUND ON TIME.  (well, like that one time they did.  [coughs])

6. ars pardoxica

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  i listened to this one pretty slowly, for me.  it’s very much plot over character, at least in my opinion.  which is fair since there’s quite a lot of plot and set dressing to establish.  we’re following (dr.) sally grissom, a scientist from the twenty-first century who accidentally creates time travel and ends up stuck back in the 1940s.  think a bombs and eisenhower.  it was always interesting, and the paradoxes created by the time travel experiments they kept doing were fascinating (i love time travel stuff because of the paradoxes it creates) but i didn’t get really ravenous for it until season two, which is when i really felt it picked up speed.  you’ve got anthony stuck in a literal CAGE - a “blackroom” bubble set outside of time, sally trying to garden (oh god), a gang consisting of a veteran, a (former) widow and time doubles trying to bring down ODAR (the company sally used to work for, and that anthony still does) and esther sliding down the ladder of morally unsound one determined rung at a time and it makes for a REALLY grabbing audio drama, eh?

7. the strange case of starship iris

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  i’m already in love with violet liu, all right?  she’s a science officer on starship iris–well, what was starship iris.  when we first join violet, every single one of her crew mates has just died in an explosion on the pod they were traveling off ship with and the starship iris is in its last throes as well.  luckily(?) a passing ship comes along with a plan to get her to safety.  this has a real illuminae vibe to it (which is an amazing book btw) and all the characters are already so freaking likable.  it’s only on episode two and already shaping up to be a favorite!

8. the orbiting human circus (of the air)

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  if there’s a more heart-warming podcast out there, then i haven’t run across it yet.  first of all, julian koster’s voice is so vulnerable and soft that i would use myself and everyone i know and also puppies as a shield against everything terrible in the universe for him.  second, the rest of the cast - leticia especially - is just as freaking talented.  the premise is that julian is the janitor at a radio show that broadcasts from the top of the eiffel tower and has strange and impossible acts every night, from tale-telling crickets to singing saws to the orkestral, a bird that can play every orchestral instrument (except that it refuses to play the viola, because reasons).  it’s fun and cute and breaks your heart with happiness regularly and often!

9. alice isn’t dead

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  this is a horror podcast about a truck driver who is looking for her missing wife.  jasika nicole has to have one of my favorite voices around and having it be so heavily dependent on that makes me ridiculously happy.  throw in the story-telling of joseph fink, the depth and cohesiveness of his writing, and there is nothing not to love here.

10. within the wires

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  this is really sufficiently creepy considering it’s not often overtly creepy.  this is set up as a series of relaxation tapes, which progressively get more and more interested in helping the listener break out of the facility in which she’s being kept.  super chilling at times, because the voice is so calm and the action so dangerous.

11. welcome to night vale

canon lgbt+ is a ✓.  okay, well, what more can be said about this at this point?  if you’re not listening to it, you’re wrong.  why wouldn’t you want to visit a town that can’t be visited and where every conspiracy theory is real and a part of everyday life?  yeah, everyone knows about the vague yet menacing government agency, steve carlsberg, you’re not hitting on anything new there.  there’s a dog park that doesn’t allow dogs, angels that are never to be identified as angels, mountains that aren’t real, a glow cloud that–ALL HAIL and a love story so complete and perfect that it can and will utterly steal your breath at times.  go, listen, inhale.

Back in the analog video days, approval copies were usually sent to the client on VHS. A producer I worked with once sent such a tape of a 30 second commercial he’d just finished. He put the same spot on the tape several times in a row, so that the client wouldn’t have to keep rewinding to watch it again and again.

Client: I like the second version best.

"You Googled Your Mother?” (Batfam)

This is pretty long (and it’s taken me forever to write!) so I’ll put it under a cut.

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i miss playgrounds, losing baby teeth, hopscotch at grandma’s house, ice cream trucks, playhouse disney, happy meals, windows 98, riding my bike for hours, pool water, summer sleepovers with friends, blockbuster, playing in hose water, pancakes and bacon on a warm sunny morning, watching vhs tapes, sleeping in a car-seat, elementary school book fairs, glowing yellow night lights, stickers from doctor’s appointments, summer vacation excitement, being held, childhood wonder, being immersed in pretend play, daydreaming through church services and trips to the bakery afterwards, my parents being young, having fear of the dark, feeling infinite and safe, coloring outside of the lines, 2003-2006, purity

Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Hello all!

About a week ago, I won the collector’s edition of Resident Evil 7 by correctly answering a trivia question during one of Capcom’s twitch streams. (Aside: Definitely check out their twitch channel. I really enjoyed watching them show off the new Banned Footage modes for the game.) The collector’s edition arrived today so I thought I would thank Capcom again for such a cool prize and share some unboxing photos, as well as a short video clip of the music box. :)



First, we have the VHS tape replica, the game disc for Xbox One, and the steelbook on the side.

The tape is the Derelict House tape from June 1st - featured in both Beginning Hour and the final game as the night when the Sewer Gators first visited the Baker Estate. Opening the tape reveals…

The warning message, from how it looks after completing the tape in game. “I will dash them YOU against the stones.” It also includes the dummy finger.

Surprise! It’s also a USB flash drive. To the side we have the steelbook, which has a nice minimalist design on the outside, and the estate artwork in the inside.

Next we have a black letter with the games logo embossed. The envelope contains a lithograph of the Baker family enjoying an…interesting…dinner.

Last but not least, we have the replica of the Baker house. This thing is impressively detailed.

If you remove the chimney, you’ll find a crank that activates a particularly dark version of “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” - the same one that plays in the menu opening cut scene.

That’s all folks! Thanks again Capcom for the awesome prize, and hope you all have a wonderful day :)

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"I've always been bad" cut to the nerdiest poet ever to appear on tv

I made the weirdest giggle snort when I saw this in my inbox. 

Fun fact - there was one summer where I was stuck in a tiny, tiny town in Nebraska with very little to do. We’re talking the kind of town with one restaurant, one grocery store, and two bars- all located on Main St. I’d brought a VHS tape with me that had Fool for Love recorded on it and… well…

I had that entire episode fucking memorized by the time we went back home.

I seem to have two main types when it comes to characters - awkward heartfelt nerds and villians who want to redeem themselves. So learning that Spike was secretly a love struck dork who wrote really bad poetry was like ~a chorus of angels singing~ moment for me. 

I just want to take him and wrap him up in a blanket.

Originally posted by marilynmay

One of my favorite parts about Spike were the moments where we saw flashbacks to his life before Sunnydale. Because when you put those pieces together, he repeatedly comes across as a man who is deeply insecure, constantly seeking the approval of others despite behaving as though he’s above that sort of thing. He was a human who only wanted to be loved and accepted despite knowing he didn’t fit in. As a vampire, he couldn’t stand Angelus and yet looked up to him like some twisted father figure who he wished would see him as an equal. He completely dedicated himself to Dru as if they were soulmates and yet that level of devotion was never fully reciprocated. And eventually, he reaches a point where that same desire to find somewhere to belong, somewhere to fit in, applies to Buffy and her gang. It’s an ill-fitting transition that hits of a lot of bumps in the road, but it’s there all the same.

I also appreciate him as a character because he makes the Buffyverse’s line between good and evil really blurry. With Angel, it’s a relatively simple dichotomy - he has a soul, he’s good. He doesn’t, he’s all-out 100% sadistic evil. But with Spike, he’s kind of caught somewhere in between. Even as a demon-driven vampire, he feels sympathy. He has the capacity for kindness. He tries to offer comfort. He holds the safety of the Summers sisters above his own survival. And at the exact same time, he’s still making morally questionable if not outright despicable choices because he’s still a soulless creature… I feel like the writers didn’t always strike the right balance between the two, which made it feel as though they weren’t exactly sure what to do with him. But the fact that that grey area existed in the first place is really interesting to me in a show that is all about good vs evil. 

I know you probably weren’t expecting a rant from a little joke ask like that but… well… here ya go. 

I suppose it’s a consequence of having not talked about a fandom you were intensely into for years… it all kinda spills out at once.

Bedroom Church Choir



Pt. 1 (can be read as a standalone)

Melissa sang in the church choir.

She stood front row, sang first soprano, and always got the best solos. She’d had a gift—an uncanny ability to carry a multitude of emotion with a single syllable. A man who had never been fed a drop of religion in his life could know what it was like to know God, just by hearing Melissa sing.

Scully sat in the pews.

She’d be the first to tell you she couldn’t carry a tune. Her musical résumé included a few simple hymns she sang under her breath on the rare occasions she actually made it to Mass, and a monotone rendition of a Three Dog Night classic; she never wanted to be in choir.

But still she envied Melissa.

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Being a MSTie: On Both Sides of the Screen

Hey!  My name is Rebecca Hanson.  I’ve been a MSTie for over half of my life. And for the past year I’ve been a writer, Gypsy and Synthia on Season 11 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Return.  I bet you’d like to know how this all happened.  I am more than happy to tell you all about it.  Now that I can!

One Saturday in November 2013, Joel Hodgson (creator + original host of MST3K), Trace Beaulieu (Dr. Clayton Forrester + Crow T. Robot) and Frank Conniff (TV’s Frank) came to Chicago to speak at the Museum of Broadcast Communications because it was the 25th Anniversary of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  My friend Kevin had posted on Facebook that he was bummed to be out of town for this grand event but if any of his friends could go that would make him feel better about it.  Thankfully, I was in town that weekend and so was my husband, Tim, and our two friends, Ross and Nikki.  The four of us met up at the MBC happy to be out of the cold, grey autumnal rain.  We found pretty decent seats.  I could not see the panel that well but once Joel started speaking, I was instantly calmed yet exhilarated and magically transported back to my college days where we spend certain weekends we didn’t have shows (I was a theatre/speech major so a decent amount of my college weekends were spent rehearsing and performing) at various peoples’ houses or dorm rooms watching as many episodes as my friend Jason’s dad could fit onto a VHS tape.  These were the days before streaming or even DVD’s for that matter.  Jason’s dad would record episodes of MST3K from Comedy Central and the (then) Sci-Fi channel for us to devour in our small, cloistered college town in northwestern Iowa.  The Mondays after our MST3K Marathon Watching weekends, my stomach would hurt from all of the gut-busting giggles we let out while watching these hapless fools with their robots make miserable movies magical with their humor.  It was an incredibly bonding time with this group of friends and it also made me realize, hey - these guys aren’t too far from me - I mean, I only grew up Iowa, a few hours south of The Cities and these guys were making comedy (and a whole universe, really) that looked deceptively simple that I could not get enough of.  I was inspired by it all.  

And that Saturday in November 2013 (many years after college), to be in Chicago, with my friends and husband - each of us had moved to Chicago at different times for the sole purpose of learning all forms of improv and sketch comedy to become performers and each one of us was (and still is/are) - was an extra special experience to share.  

After these fine gents were done speaking, they opened it up for a Q & A.  There was a little voice who waited patiently as other grown-ups asked their questions, when it was finally this little voice’s turn, he asked Trace, “How old is Crow?” 

And Trace said, “Well - how old are you?” 

“EIGHT!” the little voice proudly shared.

“Well, that’s how old Crow is, too.”

Cue the tears streaming down all of our faces as the discussion wrapped and a bunch of us bee-lined it to merch.  My husband and I bought a DVD set then, along with our friends Ross and Nikki, headed to the line where everyone was waiting to get things signed by ‘Joel Robinson and the Mads’.  As Ross, Tim, Nikki and I were waiting, we were scheming.  Ross was part of the Mainstage cast at Second City and Tim had understudied that show the night before. Nikki, Tim, Ross and I all performed with Second City in various capacities so we knew we could all do the improvised set that happens after the second show on Saturday nights.  We were wondering if Joel, Trace or Frank would care to join us on stage?  The thing is, we are all pretty mild-mannered, if not down-right shy at times.  But since I was not part of that particular cast that evening, I decided that I would be the one to ask them once we got up to the table… 

But as we approached the table, Joel exclaimed to Trace and Frank, “Hey! These are the Second City Guys!” And Ross, Tim, Nikki and I lost our minds! Unbeknownst to anyone, Joel had been to the Mainstage show the night before and immediately recognized Ross and Tim (they’re both very strikingly tall, handsome and funny dudes).  We all exchanged pleasantries and had our postcards signed and took pictures with them. 

I told Trace how much he (and the whole MST3K gang) influenced and shaped our comedic voices and God Bless that sweet Trace Beaulieu, he said, “You already had it in you.” 


We asked them if they would be interested or available to come play the set that at Second City that night.  Their travel schedules did not allow it.  But Joel said he would be interested in getting dinner with us if we could.  Of course, all of our little comedy-nerd hearts burst at this invite.  Joel, Ross and Tim connected on Twitter (I was not on Twitter at that point) so we could arrange a time and place.  Luckily, Joel was cool with eating on the earlier side since so many of us had shows that night.  And more luckily (?) he was cool with us inviting the casts of the Mainstage and etc to join us. 

We met and dined at Adobo Grill (the Mexican restaurant that would nearly two years later, burn to the ground and take a good chunk of Second City with it) at a sensible hour.  I sat right next to Joel Hodgson, my long-time comedy hero and we chatted it up about Minnesota, Valleyfair! Amusement Park and all things Midwestern.  As our food was being served to us, Joel said in his thick Midwestern Mom voice, “Should we saaay graaaaace?” 

I said, “Oh, for nice, we should, ya.”

All of us were in awe to dine upon fine Mexican cuisine with the guy who created the show so many of us memorized and loved for so many years.  It was very cool.  I did ask Mr. Hodgson if he would mind getting a picture with just Tim and myself.  He very kindly obliged.

Oh, it was such a nice supper!  Oh, we were so happy!  Uff da, it was so nice! THE END. 


A few weeks later, Joel direct messaged Tim on Twitter to wish us both a Merry Christmas.  


In July of 2014, I came home from Second City and Tim was playing a video game.  He had a smirk on his face.  Tim told me that Joel Hodgson just messaged him, wondering if he could get my phone number… 

I looked my dear husband in the eye and said, “Do. Not. Mess. With. Me.” for I thought he was playing some sort of stupid joke on me.  Which is really not his style at all but — why would Joel remember me and want my info, not Tim’s? He had given Tim his phone number so… I called him.

I called Joel Hodgson’s cellular telephone device with my own cellular telephone device.  I wasn’t shaking at all.  I wasn’t at all nervous.  I wasn’t at all —- mentally barfing with excitement…. 

Joel wondered if I was able or interested in helping him on the final day of Wizard World in Rosemont, IL, that next month (August).  Would I be willing to hang out with him all day, at his booth, and help him talk to all of his adoring fans and learn some lingo and just hang out? 

With him?

With Joel Hodgson?


“Daaaaahhhhhhhhhh, yeah, Joel, noooo problem!” I says to him. 

So, a few nights before I was to hang out with him at Wizard World, he and his friend, Julie (who was helping him the first few days), Tim and I met up for dinner to chat more and she would give me more of the low down on what I needed to do that Sunday at the convention.  So - yeah, Tim and I were gonna have dinner (again!) with Joel!  How cool are we?

I will tell you something I have learned about Joel through the years: if there is some sort of deviled egg option on a menu - he will order it.  And enjoy it. 

Another fun dinner in the books with Joel, I got my info, we all headed our separate ways and that Sunday arrived and I drove out of the city to Rosemont to attend my very first comic book convention (or as most of you say Con) as Joel Hodgson’s Helper. 

It was pretty amazing - all of the costumes, all of the various celebrities, we had (of course) all-access to where ‘the stars’ eat and that was a trip, just seeing all of these people going through a buffet line like they were regular people but only regular people go through buffet lines NOT COMIC AND TV STARS!?!?! THEY ARE JUST LIKE US, I TELL YOU!!! 

After we ate - okay - I barely ate because I was too nervous but I was thankful for fizzy brown caffeine so I slammed that down - Joel and I were lead by security to this little ‘room’ made of pipe and drape so various people could get their picture taken with Joel by a photographer with a proper camera.  I shared some of my spearmint Altoids with Joel (I am good at making sure people have fresh breath) and checked that his hair was in place (he had been wearing a hat earlier) for all of the pictures with his adoring fans. After that photo session, we were lead by security again to Joel’s booth, where he unpacked Tom Servo from the suitcase he was carrying (he didn’t even let me hold the suitcase, even though I was there to assist him. Ah, Joel!) and it is here I started tearing up a bit because I had never been so close to Tom Servo (well, at least at that point in my life) before.  Joel stopped and said, “Rebecca - you know this is not The Original Tom Servo or anything.” 

I told Joel, “Just let me have this moment, okay?  Then I’ll be cool.” 

He chuckled and put Tom on the table, along with various Joel Robinson headshots and, I think, a poster that Steve Vance had made, too.  Then we spent a few hours with lovely MSTies coming to meet Joel, get things signed and I took pictures with their phones of them and Joel.  We did this for awhile, then he was going to speak in another room.  As we walked from one section of the convention center to the other, I had mentioned how much I enjoyed the article about MST3K in ‘WIRED’ magazine earlier that year.   “Oh… you read that?” he asked in his droll Joel voice.  

“Uh, yeah, Joel Hodgson.  I did.” I admitted.  I also flat out said, “If you’re in something, I am going to read about you.” 

For the next hour or so, Joel spoke in this huge room.  There were a ton of questions asked by various MSTies, as it was part Q&A.  I took a few pictures of him speaking because I figured he would want some and probably didn’t think of doing that.  He delighted and charmed the whole room and made all of us laugh a lot… 

but as charming and informative as he was, we still did not get the answer we were all secretly hoping for: That Somehow MST3K Would Return.  I honestly do not remember if anyone out-right asked but, come on, how many years (decades) had we all been wishing and hoping that it would happen?!? 

After the Q&A, Joel and I returned to his booth.  He smiled more and signed more and then it was the end of the day.  I asked him if I could possibly get a picture with him and Tom?  He wondered who would take it for us.  I said I would. Welcome to Selfies, Joel.

We loaded up the booth and he wanted to pay me - which, BELIEVE ME hanging out with him all day was payment enough, I refused, but then he insisted and then he really wanted to do the bit where he literally payed me under the table - so yes, he gave me cash under the table and told me not to blow it all on drugs.  (I only blew half of it on drugs!) 


but as we were leaving the convention center and I will never forget this, he said how he was hoping to some day get MST3K back but who knew if all the sea of legal stuff could even be crossed at that point?  But he said, “If I were ever to get it going again, do you think you and Tim would want to write on it?” 


“DAMNIT, JOEL, YOU’RE MAKING ME CRY AGAIN!  ON AN ESCALATOR!!!” I couldn’t even be cool about or not emote.  I kind of got it together enough to say, “Yes.  Please.  That would be the highest honor Tim or I could ever imagine.  Yes.” 

Then we made sure his taxi was cool with getting him from his hotel to O’Hare and I got into my Subaru and caught my breath a bit. I thought about texting Tim this crazy thing Joel had said to me but could not put it in writing.  I almost thought that would hex it.  And, I honestly thought that Joel was just being nice to me by saying that because I had helped him out all day. But as soon as I got home, I spewed out to Tim: “JoelHodgsonsaidtomyfaceifMST3KevergetsbackontheairwouldyouandIwanttowriteonit?!?”

Tim was also as dumbfounded as me.  I said, “I told him thank you and I kinda started crying on the damn escalator and I said it would be our honor.  But, I think he was just being nice to me because I helped him today so let us never think of this again.  Just know he said it.  Then we have to forget it.” 

Cuz - that’s the kinda thing ya just forget about, right? 

April 2015 comes along.  Joel was coming to Chicago again to promote ‘Other Space” on Yahoo! Screen.  He asked if Tim and I would want to get together for dinner again?  This time, he really wanted Chicago style pizza.  “Is it lame, Rebecca, to want to have Chicago style pizza in Chicago?  Am I just a lame tourist by wanting that?” he asked me over the phone.  

“Not at all, Joel.  Do you mind if we have some friends (more of your adoring fans) join us?” I asked.  He was cool with it.  He met up with us.  We devoured some Chicago style pizza with our friends, Kevin and Carisa. It was about a week after my birthday.  It was raining again.  Joel was able to come see Tim (and Carisa) in his etc show at Second City.  I went along, too. Someone from Yahoo! Screen met us there but I can’t remember her name. Joel laughed a lot during the show.  I made sure he did not forget his umbrella.  He could not make it to my Improvised Sondheim Project show because it was at like 11:00 that night and he had to be up early to promote the next day.  We parted ways.  

I do not have a picture of this meeting to share with y’all.  You will just have to believe me that we all at Lou Malnati’s pizza together.  Okay? 

So, a few months pass and the Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Back Mystery Science Theater 3000 goes up in mid-November.  Tim and I each contributed because we are long time fans of the show.  We watched it before we even knew each other.  It was one of the very few things we actually had in common when we first started dating and - you get it at this point - we freaking love this show!  Neither one of us even said, ‘Do you think Joel will remember what he said at Wizard World?’ 

We could. not. bring. our. selves. to. even. say. it.

In December 2015 we all know that when it closed, it was The Most Successful Kickstarter Campaign for TV and Film in the history of Kickstarter.  

On New Year’s Eve Day 2015, my phone rings. It is Joel Hodgson.  “Hi, Joel!” I answer.  He immediately says, “Looks like we got the money!  Are you in? Is in Tim in?” 


I just looked at Tim and he could tell that all of our dreams were coming true.  I put Joel on speaker.  “Really, Joel?  Really?  YES!!!!  I thought you were just being nice to me the day I helped you at Wizard World - I didn’t know you really wanted us to write!’ I exclaimed.

He went on to say that not only did he want us to write but he wanted us to maybe be on camera but wasn’t sure of those details yet but wanted to make sure we’d be in for the next step.  Then he wished us a Happy New Year.


We were going to write on the show that formed us both as comedians, writers, performers - heck, as People!  We could not believe it. 

Later in January 2016, Joel called me to ask if I would be willing to play a clone of Mary Jo’s (aka Pearl Forrester) … I do not remember if he had named her yet or not but, yeah, he asked if I would be Synthia.  Because, I guess, during all of these interactions we’ve had over the years, he thought I looked a lot like Mary Jo Pehl. 

Then he asked if Tim would be willing to be more of a silent character on camera, as an Observer type of character (he hadn’t come up with those names yet, for sure, I do remember that) and do we have a friend we work with who is funny yet the exact physical opposite of Tim?  We did!  His name is Zach Thompson (the three of us had worked at ComedySportz Chicago together for years) and Joel was like, “Cool.  Do you think he’d like to be in MST?” And we asked Zach and Zach said yes and told Joel then Joel was like, “Cool.  I’ll get in touch with him.” And then our good buddy Zach was on board!

I wrote on two episodes of Season 11.  In March and April of 2016, I was writing on ‘The Loves of Hercules’ and ‘Cry Wilderness’.  I did not know which episodes they would be.  I did not really know what Synthia would be.  I did not know anything else.  I did not fully believe everything was actually happening. I did take a picture to remember because I was still in (happy) shock AND, also, this was the beginning of Keeping Big Secrets. 

In July 2016, I had some downtime from the freelance copywriting gig I had been doing and I had no shows, so I went to visit my sister in Texas so I could be with her twin daughters (my nieces) for their THIRD birthday.  One day, the four of us girls decided we were going to go to IKEA before their big party and on the way there, Tim was frantically calling and texting me.  I guess Joel was wanting to conference call us.  He did not know that I was not in Chicago with Tim but down in the heart of Texas.  Long story short - I took the conference call while sitting in a fake living room set at IKEA.  Harold Buchholz, Joel, Tim and I were all chatting it up a bit.  They wanted to see if we would be available to possibly take things on the road one day and to also talk about shoot dates in Los Angeles for the actual episodes and then Joel Hodgson asks, ‘And Rebecca, I was wondering if you would want to be the voice of Gypsy?’ 




At this point in the call, I had made my way out to the parking lot because it was too loud inside the IKEA, too many people were interested in the couch I was sitting on in the living room set, and I knew I needed air and I just. I just could. I just could not. I just could not believe. I just could not believe that. I just could not believe that Joel. I just could not believe that Joel asked… 

It was silent on my end for a bit.  He said, “Rebecca - think about it and I’ll ge—” and I totally cut him off. 

Y E S ! ! !

“Well, you think about it and get back to me tomorrow, it’s -” 

“Joel, I don’t need to think about it.  Yes.  Are you sure?  Yes!  This is my dream come true.  No need to think.  Yes.  Yes, I will be the voice of Gypsy.” 

I do not really remember how that phone call ended but for a few minutes there, it was just Tim and I on it.  Joel and Harold must have hung up but Tim (in Chicago) and I (in Texas) were still on.  I do remember I had found a picnic table and chairs display set up out in the parking lot of IKEA because I somehow was seated when I asked Tim, “Did Joel Hodgson really ask me, Rebecca Hanson, out loud, on the phone, in front of you and Harold, to be the voice of Gypsy?” 

And Tim said, “Yes, Sweetheart.  He did.  It is Your Dream Come True.  You’re going to be The Voice of Something.  You’re going to be the voice of Gypsy.  On Mystery Science Theater 3000.” 

I went back into IKEA to find my sister and nieces eating pasta and meatballs in the cafeteria.  My almost-three-year-old-nieces were excited to dip their pasta into the red sauce.  I was excited to be the voice of Gypsy.  My sister asked if I was okay.  I told her what happened.  She instantly teared up for me.  My nieces got marinara on their cute dresses.  It was a Red (Sauce)Letter Day for us Hanson Girls. 

So - yeah.  I’ll stop here.  There is more to tell and say but I don’t know if I’ll ever properly explain or express just how thankful and grateful and honored and excited and amazed and blown-away I am by this whole magical ride.  I have been performing and writing and singing and making-things-up for a living for a long time.  I’ve met and worked with a lot of people on TV and stage; some of them were so cool and some were not.  I had reached a point, too, where I was not sure if I should keep doing all of this.  So - I share this with you from a place of hope.  I hope this can inspire you if you are in a place of uncertainty.  Or if you are in a place of security, I hope it inspires you, too.  If you’re in a place where you can make good things happen for other people, do it.  And I do not mean just in the entertainment industry but in any walk of life: Encourage Others. Encourage Yourself.  It helps keeps Us All Runnin’.  


I will forever be thankful to + for this Cool Dude, right here: 

Joel + me at the MST3K Experiment 1101 Chicago Premiere in February 2017. 

anonymous asked:

so apparently in new york, corner gas stations sell these bootleg illegal movies for $5 bbbut you have to have Connections™ with the gas station dude. So I imagine Kennith strutting on in, a five dollar bill in his hand and just yelling 'greg, hoe, hit me up with the fuckin illegal ass movies' and just slids on the counter, waving the dollar bill. And once the gas station is emppty, Greg pulls out this huge box of illegal vhs tapes, all pirated and just whispers out 'shhhhhhhhhhh'

………………………………………………………………. can i make that canon



Hello, I am Amelie

I cook an egg with a spoon! Amelie

Fall in love again with me, Amelie, now on DVD

You miss that new relationship, well maybe fall in love with me, Amelie

Don’t look for me on Blu-ray, I’m not on Blu-ray. I’m on DVD. I’m too small to fit on the Blu-ray, they lose me. I am Amelie

I’m hiding near the spindle. I am Amelie

This laser disc is gigantique. I am on the edge of it. Helloooo! It is like a plate for my egg dinner. Delicious! I am Amelie

I am inside your pocket, you have enough money to buy my DVD.

I miss VHS tapes because I would get in the little holes and spin around.

Yes, I live in a hole with the Mice King. I’m married to the Mice King. My staff is a lollipop, Amelie

Olivia Johannesen [olivia.johannesen@fbi.gov]
To: Walter Skinner [walter.skinner@fbi.gov]
Subject: Re: Re: Progress Report, Case no. 13-8265014-99

Assistant Director Skinner,

I can assure you that the investigation of case # 13-8265014-99 is being pursued aggressively and in a serious fashion.  At the moment we have multiple agents canvassing the area of the disappearance, specifically the residents of 3170 West 53 Rd., and the evidence has been sent to the appropriate parties for processing.

Per your orders, the processing of the prints, swabs, and the VHS tape housed in the JVC-S VCR that was found concealed under the floorboards in the bedroom closet has been expedited, and you will be notified as soon as we receive the results.  The cameras that were found hidden in the apartment appear to have been purchased at Radio Shack, and we are running the serial numbers in hopes of finding the specific location.  

Any further updates will emailed immediately upon receipt.


Olivia Johannesen, SAC
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Confidentiality Notice: This email and any attachment are confidential and may be privileged and are intended only for the authorized recipients of the sender. The information contained in this email and any attachment(s) must not be published, copied, disclosed, or transmitted in any form to any person or entity unless expressly authorized by the sender.

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I was wondering how each of the members (+ the usual) would act if MC got really into vaporwave untill they embodied the aesthetic / lifestyle of that classic synth look.

I had to do some research for this and I apologize for the lack of accuracy if there’s any. I had a blast doing this regardless lol so I hope you like it, anon!

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • thinks you pull it off so well!
  • not gonna lie he’s a fan of the Aesthetic.
  • had a few retro video game t-shirts somewhere in his closet and yup, they’re yours now.
  • no regrets though you look so damn good he’s weak.
  • though it may seem like you’re taking it a little bit to the extreme
  • he fully supports you as long as you’re happy and enjoying yourself.
  • and after some time he starts showing more interest in it.
  • he even asks you to teach him your ways!


  • what.
  • MC please explain.
  • what is with this music?
  • just for a second there thinks it’s from porn films and regrets it right away, hence his blushing face.
  • doesn’t have the guts to tell you.
  • and instead waits for an explanation from you.
  • and thANK GOD he did he’s so relieved.


  • lowkey likes the music you listen to, it’s oddly relaxing.
  • and she’s sort of interested in the history of the genre.
  • but she does not like the art style nor the aesthetic.
  • it’s too much for her eyes to process.
  • still, it’s good to see you so invested in something.
  • you supported her after discovering her love for coffee.
  • so it should be easy, right? supporting your love for… sampled tracks from the 80s?
  • just please don’t overdo it to the point where it’s worrisome, MC.


  • is confused.
  • turns to urban dictionary because seriously what is this obscure retro thing you’re so obsessed with?
  • “critique of global capitalism?” “elevator music?” “synthesizers?”
  • oh okay.
  • kind of gets it now, can see the appeal.
  • offers to get you a macintosh.
  • you know he would.
  • all in all, he supports any and all of your interests.
  • and is actually curious about it so he’s constantly asking questions.


  • excited bean gets on board with it right away!
  • I mean he probably got you into it in the first place.
  • so many memes.
  • what did you say? you wanna redecorate? sure!!
  • the place now looks like windows XP utopia.
  • gets you a lot of vintage stuff like vhs tapes, computers, literally anything that piques your interest.
  • personalizes a computer so that it has both current and discontinued characteristics just for you.
  • is happy that you get to bond over a common interest tbh.


  • likes the retrofuturist and nostalgic vibe of it.
  • but he’s a bit worried about some of the recurring themes of the genre.
  • so you both sit down and have a talk to clear things up
  • until you assure him everything’s okay.
  • and overall soft boi would not have anything bad to say?
  • given his artistic views, he gets excited over stuff like this.


  • initial response: ????
  • what the hell MC you’re ridiculous, stop embarrassing yourself.
  • ah, but there’s one tiny detail he’s trying really hard to hide.
  • yes, saeran choi likes and listens to vaporwave on a daily basis.
  • but he’s so ashamed of it and envies you a little for taking pride in your passion? like how?
  • after a while, he starts opening up to you slowly but surely.
  • “pft you’re listening to that crap again? try this song instead, it’s better, trust me.”


  • fucks given that day: nonexistent.
  • it’s not their thing, the art seems tacky and the music makes them feel… something they can’t quite pinpoint, it’s weird.
  • but you do you, buddy, whatever makes you happy.
  • they appreciate the warped sense of humor, though.
  • they knew you were one of a kind.
  • so they just let you be.

I actually really enjoy the fact that they use VHS tapes and Tape Decks in RE7, despite showing that they have things like smart watches. Jack doesn’t seem like the type of man to be willing to spend money on buying something like a DVD player. He’s had this VHS player since Lucas and Zoe were young, and it’s never had any problems. He’s happy with what they’ve got and despite Lucas’s pleas to get something more modern Jack just shakes his head. He’s a frugal man and isn’t going to advance with the technology if he likes what he’s got.

road trip - kim taehyung au (2)

gif © bangtanroyalty

part one here

a/n: hello! i didn’t honestly plan a part two but i thought maybe i should just write the whole road trip plans of v. also, the song he wrote was goblin’s ost, beautiful. ☺︎ 

genre: fluff

taehyung defines the meaning of love with his actions, from bringing you to places that spark happiness within you to actions that just makes you do proses of realization in your mind.

you feel taehyung’s hot breath against your neck, and it calms you. he was still sleeping, you though. “tae,” you whisper, tilting your head to his face. “wake up. it’s seven am. i think we should check out now.”

he just groans. “eh,” he suddenly mumbles. “it’s okay. we can stay til’ nine.”

“oh?” you say with a furrowed brow. “okay, then let’s just eat breakfast. i’m hungry.”

“hm,” he hums, opening his eyes. “fine, let’s buy. there’s a diner a block away from this motel, but can we buy later?” you let out a whine, taking the blanket to cover your whole body. “awe, baby, don’t feel so sad about it. fine, we’ll check it out now.”

your eyes opened. you rushed to sit up and push the covers off of you. “yay!” he just sighs and smiles, sitting up to kiss your cheek. “you’re so cute, have i said i love you?”

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Archaic Gadgetry (Peter Parker)

Originally posted by michelleisawks

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Rating: PG i guess

Summary: The reader and their coworkers are wondering why he does that since they also sell DVDs. There is a betting pool open on what kind of weirdo Peter is. The reader finally approaches him and asks him why he does that.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is from my list of upcoming fics. If you want, you can let me know which one I should do next or request anything you’d like. This was requested by an anon. It’s in the readers point of view. 

Masterlist Request a Prompt

“He’s back again.” My coworker, Tasha said from beside me as we both watched our regular, Peter, beeline to the video section of the store.

I crossed my arms as I watched him run his fingers against the spine of ever video tape we had available. “He didn’t even notice the ‘recently received’ section I created just for him.”

“Are you sure he’s a normal guy? You’re the only one with a bet on that.” Tasha said with her head cocked to the side as she observed Peter with an odd expression on her face.

Peter stood on one of the stools, running a hand through his hair while he read the back of a copy of Empire Strikes Back. He had already bought a copy not long before.

“I’m kinda rethinking that.” I said with a laugh while I folded up clothes that were returned. “Hey, Petey!” 

The boy’s head shot up at the sound of his name. “It’s Peter, Y/n. Peter is my name.” 

“I know.” I grinned and put my hands on my hips. “You do realize we have DVDs, right?”

He nodded as he put the video back and stepped down from the stool. “Hey, do you guys have any new VHS tapes?”

I pointed to the small rack I set up earlier that morning, allowing him to follow where my gaze and blush.

“Oh. Thank you.” He stammered, ducked his head shyly and walked over to the rack.

“That boy has got to be the weirdest of them all. My guess is he’s a druggie.” My coworker, Tony said from beside me as he approached me and Tasha with a box of clothes.

“Nah, he’s gotta be some sort crazy memorabilia geek.” Tasha countered.

“My guess is that he’s just a hipster. I mean, he has bought a tape everyday, a record player and records a few weeks ago, that junk of a computer, and have you seen what he wears everyday? He’s gotta be a hipster.” I added.

“You’re only saying that cause you think he’s cute.” Tony teased.

“I do not!”

“Says the girl who knows everything he’s ever bought!” Tasha exclaimed, laughing. 

I could feel my face get hot as the pair were laughing hysterically. “You guys suck…”

“I dare you to talk to him.” Tony smiled deviously. 

“I second that.”

“No! Guys, don’t make me!”

“You have to. It’s a dare.” Tony argued. 

I rolled my eyes and huffed, my arms crossed. “Fine. But if something happens, tell my mom that you two are to blame.”

I took in a deep breath as the two giggled and whispered among themselves as I walked around the counter. I walked slowly towards Peter, who held three VHS tapes in his hand while he sifted through the other tapes with his other hand.

“Hey, Peter?” I asked, causing the boy to look up at me. “Why do you buy tapes when we sell DVDs?”

“Well, they cost more than the DVDs and the charity you guys help needs money and I’m a bit of a gadget freak. Especially older stuff. I have a tape player at home that I fixed up and I like using it.” He explained “Does that answer your question?”

I looked back at my friends, who had obviously listened to the conversation the whole time since they both were pulling out their wallets to give me the money I won. I turned and gazed back at Peter with a smile.

“Yeah, it does. I just have one more question. Why do you come in everyday? You could easily come every other day or just the weekends.”

Peter rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled awkwardly. “I don’t think you want me to answer that.”

“Oh, but we do!” Tony replied from behind the counter.

“Tony!” I sighed, turning to look at him with a pained expression.

“What? I wanna know! Go on, kid, tell us.”

Peter sighed. “I kinda really like you cause I see you all the time and you’re really nice to me and saying it out loud makes me sound so pathetic.” He said quickly, too quick for me to comprehend it.

Tony and Tasha started to laugh loudly as I felt their eyes on me.

“He likes you, girl!” Tasha exclaimed. “No wonder he only knows your name!”

“I-I don’t know what to say.” I said with a shocked expression on my face as I could feel my heart pound and my cheeks heat up.

“You don’t have to day anything.” Peter smiled sadly before walking past me, putting his tapes back. 

I quickly turned on my heel to see him starting to head to the door. “Peter, wait.” I said. 

He stopped in his tracks and looked back at me. “What?”

“Look, I kinda like you too. I mean, I made that little rack of new tapes for you and I know what you’ve bought from us these past few months that you’ve been coming. Forget that last part, that sounds creepy.” I rambled as I walked towards him. “What I’m trying to say is that I’ve liked you for a while and I don’t really know you. I mean, we’ve always had nice talks about movies and stuff. So, maybe we could watch those movies you were gonna buy together? Become friends?”

Peter’s frown slowly turned into a smile with every word I said until he had a full on grin spread across his face. “Sure, I’d like that.” 

“You go, Glenn Coco!” Tony cheered as Tasha and him began to clap.

“Shut the hell up, Tony! Jesus Christ!” I laughed as I lead Peter back to the video section of the store, glad he wasn’t the weirdo everyone thought he was.