i have this strange love for damaged characters

Madison is stone cold, and I mean that in the best way possible.

She’s been showing up the boys since Day 1, and honestly?  I love it. 

I want to know what makes this lady tick.  What’s her damage?

Her scenes with Troy make my skin crawl.  Their dynamic is super creepy, and yet?  I’m strangely mesmerized by them. 

Still wishing I could say the same for the rest of the show. 

I can’t wait until Madison, Strand, and Daniel are back in each other’s orbits.  They’re still the three most interesting characters to me. 

I could have done without that Hannibal/Krendler-esque (minus the dinner table) scene with the man and the crow, but this is the Walking Dead franchise.  You’d think I’d be used to the gore by now. 

Speaking of TWD…how many days/months again is it ‘til it returns?  I’m going through withdrawals and missing my babies. 


Full Transcript & Scans now added :)

Tom Hiddleston in Time Out Magazine Tuesday 11th February 2014

“I’m just not cool enough…”

We beg to differ, Tom- you are so cool. Whether playing evil Loki in Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ or Shakespeare’s Coriolanus on the London stage, the fast-rising star does it with effortless class. He talks to our Tom Huddleston about fame, fans and the unfailing beauty of real love.

(do not fear Hiddlestoners… ‘Tom Huddleston’ is Time Out’s interviewer… it’s not a mistake! Yes, Tom Huddleston interviewing Tom Hiddleston)

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