i have this shirt

so jason manns did a hilarious snapchat of an inebriated rob benedict during karaoke where he is a hot mess and he’s super proud of his dragon

it is

the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. pls go watch the video

there was a…strange demand for shirts made of this scene, so i made one!


Oh come on! You used to love our little roleplaying games!

Tulip based on this moodboard cos drawing aesthetics/moodboards has become my favourite little thing to do :’)
Tried to have all little things in as well as the colouring of the edits! 

I think if I kissed you you would taste like Gatorade, but not any kind, just the blue blue Gatorade, the one that stains your tongue vivid and artificial and unmistakable, I think that’s your favorite
Maybe the vending machine ran out of drinks though and you hate it I don’t know
It doesn’t matter it’s the best flavor anyway

God I should have picked up your paper faster when it fell under my desk, I should have walked faster and grabbed the tail end of your shirt and pulled you back, I should have but I couldn’t have
The opportunity presented itself and instead of seizing it I ceased to exist instead
Maybe I imagined the beat when you waited for me, but I never filled in that gap, my heart skipped rhythms to fill in those spaces
You could paper cut my shins and I’d think you were making art

This wasn’t the only instance, of course not, grimy bottles of Pepto-Bismol on dusty drugstore shelves could have never kept down that doctor can’t diagnose queasiness in your presence, talk all I want but I was spitting up pink when you came

You were always two pints “Who’s that, I don’t remember her” and a couple more quarts of ignorance and I wasn’t as much dehydrated so much as addicted to, that stuff is gross, don’t you know
All I wanted was, what was it that I wanted, I can’t remember, but I know it wasn’t for me to hide behind a calculator, shaky fingers on buttons 3.1415965358, wishing that somehow I was touching skin instead

It’s hard to think about you now, knowing you’re over there giving the world to someone else while I’m still trying so hard to hold onto these last remnants and instances, gulping them in before I forget the taste, it’s fleeting but I still can’t wean myself away from kiddie straws and small spoonfuls

Funny I never got to taste anything in the first place, so artificial, so vivid that it makes my stomach ache and I’m so nauseous now

It doesn’t matter I’m still rattling the vending machine until it topples over me anyway

—  I miss him and his 20 fl oz. heart

As South Louisiana continues to work towards recovering from the aftermath of historic flooding, and my son’s school remains closed, I thought I’d doodle another napkin to raise awareness for another fundraising effort started in our Louisiana creative community. 

The talented people at Parish Ink (Lafayette, LA) are selling a shirt with this amazing “We Rise United” design. 100% of the net proceeds on sales of this t-shirt will be donated to the Acadiana Disaster Response Fund at the Community Foundation of Acadiana. I personally have purchased this shirt (which came in this weekend) and it is AWESOME! Thanks to Parish Ink for creating a quality design/product for such a good cause. Here are the links to the various sizes they are currently carrying:

TODDLER: http://goo.gl/IJR0CG
YOUTH: http://goo.gl/iSMIPz
WOMENS: http://goo.gl/tSbXOu
MENS: http://goo.gl/F25v2k

(Just to be clear, i did not create this design, i only chose to pay homage on a napkin. all the praise goes to Parish Ink)

I don’t have a full length mirror and I don’t wanna straighten my hair so a video will have to suffice so I can manually do the straightening. The shirt I got when I was an edgy twelve year old but it says Port Aransas, Texas so of course I keep it ‘cause I’m always reppin’.

@bill-11b and @degeneratefreestreets you both remarked on my tags, so: I consider my hair long here, long and unhealthy, but not long enough. Never long enough. Hair in photo doesn’t even make it this far, though, so it gets called short. Real amateur hour hair length.