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idk about you but my headcanon gta!jack is a 6’5” giant agender dfab who unironically wears hawaiian shirts and piloted jets for the military where she met Geoff and while he became hardened and cynical after his service she kept her strength and compassion, acting as a level-headed counterpoint to geoff’s power-hungry ambition, she’s the one counting heads to make sure everyone’s safe and uninjured, checking up on the lads when a stray bullet leaves them bedridden, offering soothing words when-

-old ghosts come to haunt them. but as a member of the fake ah crew? she and ryan are geoff’s right and left hands, both sides of a scale, the deciders of fate. they do negotiations and interrogations together, ryan as the silent, unhinged madman with a gun, eyes burning, finger on the trigger, firm, unyielding, and jack as the voice of reason, logic, of calm understanding, smooth voice pulling answers from their lips. she usually leaves intimidation to ryan or michael, but when she has to, -

-she’s terrifying. she uses her height and build to her advantage, slamming them by their throat against the wall, fingernails digging into their neck until they bleed, she’s the sealer of fates, the heavy drop of the guillotine, her justice is law and when her face is the last thing you see you know /you fucked up/.

anon i cannot adequately express how completely into this i am???

and like goddamn you gotta know even ryan doesn’t want to throw down with her, learns his fucking lesson about that one the first time she asks him to spar with her in a warehouse they’re holed up in, sweet smile and bright eyes—and ryan ends up on his back, winded, on the concrete floor in four seconds flat.


Shiromuras I’ve commissioned, bc…. nerd duo otp…..


1. kaalashnikov
2. whowink
3. ah-bao (this one’s old!)
4. pryce14


Toleration Nation. My face is really weird and partially sunburnt, but I feel great tonight (and I finally sewed the hole in my shirt!) so here ya go, some good quality face for your dash <3


I probably should have noticed this sooner but his shirt in this BTS photo is actually bloodier than I originally thought it was.

I hadn’t noticed the drip of blood going down his shirt or the wider range of blood around the wound/tear in his shirt. It is hard to see it because of how dark the shirt is. Maybe you can see it better if you manipulate the photo color/shading???

Also I need to know why he is hurt!

I assume this is related to the Car Crash/Explosion in the Official Season 5 Trailer.

I think he’s wearing the same shirt in the trailer as he is in the BTS photo.

You know I both love and hate spoilers and BTS photos. It’s like I want to know what happens but I also don’t. And I’m so addicted I can’t stay away usually. Though really BTS photos don’t give that much away.

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hi yes I have a phil lester defence squad shirt (sorry daisy just showed me the post lmao)

you need to wear it (if you go to sitc yea) and lead a generation omg (and you should def make one and give it to dan bYE)


I’m having top surgery on July 22nd. I’m raising money via a T-Shirt Fundraiser and I only have 14 days left to sell shirts. I’ve sold nine shirts and I need to sell just six more in order for the shirts to print and for me to receive money from this fundraiser. Please buy a shirt, and share this with your friends, family, and followers! Thanks so much!


I have no problem if you wear a band shirt, mostly because I don’t care for many bands or listen to them. That aside though, if you come across a fan who actually listens to the said band, you’re wearing a shirt for it and they find out you don’t actually listen to them, you aren’t really deserving to get mad at them for being irritated about it. I’ve come across too many people who wear band shirts and KNOW the shirt is for a band, but when someone asks them something like their favorite song then they respond “idk I don’t actually listen to them, I just like the shirt” and when the person who asked the person gets pissed, the one who wears the shirt asks what their problem is.

This is generally the reason why people with band shirts are frowned upon, not because they wear it but that they know nothing of it and to raises the whole situation of hardly any genuine fans. Its like the equivalent of reblogging a lot of art on your blog, and one of your followers wants to talk art with you like artists, your favorite piece and everything, then you reply ‘oh I don’t know any of that, I just like the look of them’, it makes people who actually appreciate the original stuff dying and full of fakers. If you don’t know the band, then it can’t be helped sometimes unless its obvious (guns and roses, Beatles, etc.) but do at least actually look up on this stuff to get a better understanding on this and not get hated on for supporting the 'faker’ scene.

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Wore a tank top to school today. My Spanish teacher calls me out in front of everyone and tells me to put a shirt on. I expect my friend to have my back then she tells me that shirt was inappropriate. I'm so done with people right now.

like i think teachers hould have the decency to take you to the side at least and explain. and its so ridiculously hot tho rn