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My Paint Tool SAI Settings/Tools

Hello~ Idk why the draft I wrote before wasn’t saved- Anyhow someone asked me about my Paint Tool SAI settings so I will share with the rest of you guys in case you little ol’ kitten *coughs* also curious. So here gooooes~

The image below is the list of all the tools that i currently have in my SAI. I actually only use some of it even though I tend to collect many settings for my brushes heh.

Sooo since I can’t possibly show it all. I will only gives some of the settings/tools that I often use. Drum roooolll pleasee. 

I often use this to draw line art on my painting. I hardly uses before but until recently I found out that it very useful when I tried to paint the eyes part, paint line and some part of the shades.

I don’t have much to say about this. I often use it to lineart for a none-painting art and cell shading.

If you guys notices in my speed painting video. This is the tool that I often use for all of my painting. I find it easy to blend the color using this setting. But it is just my preference. I recommend you guys to try playing with the setting though. Change the min size and density.

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So I’ve had these in my drafts for almost 4-5 months since I made them and idk why I haven’t posted them so HERE have some BTS edits/lockscreens lol

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also i literally have no idea what i was saying here and this is why i need to finish my thoughts…my words too bc i do not say wit, i promise u that was me getting bored and clicking ‘saving draft’ before writing 'with’…but like…colleen what does this mean who was this or were u dream blogging again idk

The One With Maureen

Pairing/s: Simon Lewis x Reader

Summary: Simon was transitioning into a vampire, prompting him to leave in search of Camille without any notice. When you finally get to see him again, it’s in bed with someone else.

A/N: idk if many people read simon imagines but i’ve had this in my drafts for a while so just posting it! i have a kai parker imagine  and a stefan imagine coming up for all you vamp diaries fans - who watched containment?!

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“Clary, I don’t understand, why won’t you let me see him?”

Clary stares at you looking somewhat defeated and turns to the blonde boy beside her for help.

“Simon isn’t well at the moment,” the boy states.

“I’m sorry but who are you?”

“I’m Jace,” he states, “I’m a friend of Clary’s and Simon’s.”

“I’ve never seen you before and we have been friends a long time,” you mumble and Clary steps forward, “That’s not important. We’re trying to help Simon!”

“So let me help too!”

“It’s too dangerous!”

You squeeze your eyes shut, trying to look into Simon’s bedroom through the crack and Jace stands in the way.

“Clary, I love him,” you plead. It had been weeks since you had seen Simon and after what seemed like nights of endless worrying, his mother finally called you to inform you he had returned home. Only problem was that once you arrived, Clary and Jace wouldn’t let you go anywhere near him.

“I know y/n, but he’s sick.”

“Sick with what?!”

The two of them fall silent, sharing a sideways glance.

“Fine,” you sigh, “But I’m staying down the hall. And I’m going to see him once he gets better,” you spit, growing annoyed by both of their behavior.

You wake up to the sound of clamoring in Simon’s bedroom followed by someone sounding incredibly upset.

You quickly jump out of bed, pulling a sweater over your head and slowly approaching Simon’s room which Clary and Jace had seemed to disappear from the front of.

“Simon?” you slowly push the door open, a long creak echoing down the hallway. His room was trashed, things broken, smashed and strewn all over the floor.

Just as your eyes spot Simon, they quickly find a figure next to him in bed; Maureen.

Simon’s eyes widen as he spots you in the doorway, “Y/N, I can explain,” he stammers, jumping out of bed. You stare at him as he scrambles to try find pants and a t-shirt.

Maureen climbs out of bed, “I thought he had broken up with you. It’s probably for the best anyways – he just called me Clary,” she spits, walking towards you, “I am sorry,” she sighs, going around you and leaving.

You highly doubted she was, she had been in love with Simon for as long as you could remember.

“Y/N…” Simon struggles to get his legs into his pants, hopping around on one foot.

“Goodbye Simon,” you say under your breath, slamming the door shut just as he scrambles towards you. You rush back to the guest bedroom, throwing your bag over your shoulder and as you reach the doorway, Simon is blocking it, his eyes pleading.

“I didn’t know what I was doing,” he cries, “I haven’t been myself – I haven’t-“

“Yeah, your mom told me you were on drugs,” you suck in a deep breath, “Hey, whatever, it’s cool – I just don’t want any part of it.”


“It’s okay, we weren’t even going out that long,” you mumble. It wasn’t okay and the 4 months you had been going out had felt so long and precious to you; obviously he didn’t feel the same way.

“I love you.”

The words leave his lips and at that moment, you find yourself filled with rage, “Don’t say that,” you spit, trying to push past him.

His hands grip your shoulder, “I do, I love you.”

“Is that why you slept with Maureen? Or is that why you called her Clary? I don’t actually know what’s worse: you cheating on me by sleeping with another girl or you wishing she was another girl!

Simon’s hands drop to his sides, “Y/N, please,” he whispers, “Please just give me another chance. Give me some time!”

“I spent weeks looking for you – worrying about you – when your mom called me, I ran here so fast I thought I was going to throw up only to find out that I wasn’t allowed to see you because Clary and her weird friend wouldn’t let me!”

“Wait, Clary was here?

It was with those words you felt the last straw snap and you threw a punch before you could help yourself, shoving him out of the way, climbing into your car and driving off.

“Y/N!” Clary walks over to you, “Do you have a minute?”

“Not really,” you mumble, turning away to pour coffee. When you turn back around she’s still there, “Clary, I’m working.”

“I know but this is important.”

You reluctantly nod, taking a corner seat in the café where you worked, “What do you want?”

“You saw Simon?”

“Yup. In bed with another girl who he actually wished was you.”

Clary looks uncomfortable at the comment.

“He’s not himself,” Clary explains in an attempt to excuse his behaviour, “And it’s my fault, I –“

“Look, I don’t know why you’re here or what you’re trying to achieve but I’m done. It was one thing dating Simon when he’s clearly in love with you but having him cheat on me, not even with you, but with some girl he doesn’t even like – I’m not going to go back to that.”

“I’m not asking you to it’s just, after you broke up with him, he disappeared…”

“And you want me to help you find him?”

She slowly nods and you scoff, leaning in, “For all I care, he can go fuck himself.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“Oh, I do. He said he loved me, right after I caught him cheating and broke up with him. I waited 4 months to hear him say it and he picks that exact moment. If I never see him again, it’ll still be too soon.”

“So, that’s it? You’re just never going to see him again? You don’t care anymore?”

“Clary, I love him, I do and I’m always going to care but I have to put myself first. You don’t know how it felt to see what I saw.”

Clary’s eyes are apologetic and she places a hand over yours, “I understand.”

You stand up, adjusting your apron, “I should get back to work.”

“If you do see Simon, give me a call, will you?”

You nod, watching her leave and it’s as she disappears further down the street that you spot Simon across the road. It feels like he appeared in front of you within a blink.

“You need to leave,” you state and he simply shakes his head, “You love me too.”

You weren’t sure how he had heard you or whether Clary had somehow managed to text him under the table but in any case, it was irrelevant.

“Loved,” you clear your throat, “I loved you. Past tense.”

“You’re lying.”

“I’m not. And even if I was, then what? We get back together and I feel sick every time I kiss you?”


“I want you to be happy, it’s just not going to be with me.”

You slowly slip your hand into your pocket, dialling Clary so she would be able to hear you conversation.

“I don’t want to see you again Simon.”

Simon’s eyes are sincere, his hands gripping yours as though he never wanted to let go.

“Simon,” Clary smiles, throwing her arms around him, “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

You tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, the pained feeling in your chest growing at the sight of them together.

“Clary, what are you doing here?”

“Helping you,” her eyes are knowing, as though there was a shared secret between the two of them.

“But I –“ Simon begins, turning to face you.

“Your shifts over!” your co-worker calls out, quickly handing you’re your bag, “Have fun you two,” she giggles, oblivious to the situation.

You slowly pull your hands out of Simon’s, “Goodbye Simon.”

As you leave, your feel his eyes on your back and you wish for one more momentary lapse of judgement just so you could feel his lips against yours. But this is for the best. It’s the only thing you could tell yourself to not turn around.

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I saw a post and thought of asking you if you'd like to see, then I realized it was about resident evil not silent hill oops I always mix up the two titles even though I know they're very different (I don't know if you're ok with people sending you things, and wouldn't have without asking you about it first)

you’re always welcome to @ me in things! i tend to get overwhelmed by how many ppl send me things through private messeges tho so i prefer the @.

edit: i really only ask that ppl do not send me Avatar:tla stuff, SU stuff (especially lap/is), or any stimmy things like slime (unless you know my very specific stim prefrences). also if you send things for a particular alter let me know so i can save it to their drafts to see later and to please not expect replies on that bc they just…dont. anymore. idk why.