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People are weird, we've known this for months, they made everything to show laucy was dating and we thought it was the plan to kill camren & It still is? What, did you expect after all laucy pushing, them to deny it? Love the timing!so they've been on/off, i guess i can understand the struggle of keeping it a secret & LDR but then they were free/out so they did coupley photoshoot for MTV(???)but broke up like 4 months later WTF when they had everything to be happy together finally? Makes sense🙄

A perfectly organized coming out for Lauren and a nice way to keep the pr plan open without Lauren and Lucy having to actually date 😊

The night was coming to an end. The last song played through the speakers, and I held you tighter than I had before. I stood there, leaning against you, as my heart just about pounded right out of my chest. Suddenly the man says over the microphone, “thanks guys, and have a good night”, signaling the dance was over. But before he got through two words of his announcement, you reached down and touched your lips to mine. I like to call it a now-or-never kind of moment. It was so sudden, yet seemed so perfectly planned. Our lips touched, my eyes closed, and the world stopped. Everyone standing around us blurred out, and the man over the microphone drowned into the silence. It was as if time just stopped still. And when I opened my eyes, the lights now filled the room again. It had only been a couple of seconds, but it meant the world to me. And when I opened my eyes to see that goofy smile on your face, I just knew it; This was a great beginning to a long forever, with you.
—  1.7.17 // and here’s to the first

Saw Beauty and the Beast last night.

Seeing it tomorrow morning…and Sunday morning…probably more.

Why can’t every movie be this perfect? The original was done justice in my opinion, nothing was left out yet we were given so much more.

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My favorite thing about this story is that for once it’s the Prince that needs saving and the educated/fearless/head strong woman does the rescuing. 

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No love at first sight, instead we see a friendship blossom and an unexpected love emerge. It’s beautiful.

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The cast couldn’t have been more spot on, like seriously, they were born for these roles, especially Luke Evans, what a scene stealer.

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AND MIGHT I JUST ADD how happy I am that Lefou was LGBT. Praise! It’s 2017 and I am proud to say my daughters weren’t traumatized by it but instead loved that the two boys danced at the end. Like I said, beautiful.

Plus Beasts solo, Evermore, well lets just say I ain’t mad at it. Get it beast, feel that sorrow filled love!

Basically, everyone should go see it. Immediately. You won’t be sorry.

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Idk if you've done this before, but can you do a mysme headcaon where everyone and the mc get into their first fight?

omg tears but at the same time, I have a bone to pick with some of them. I’m sorry if you sent in an ask and I didn’t answer it! I’m pretty sure tumblr ate some of my asks since I saw I had some in my inbox but when I clicked there was nothing. Also, I’ve scheduled all my requests so if you think yours was eaten, just wait a bit to see if it comes out! This one was scheduled for October 19th.


  • the first argument between MC and Yoosung is about how he constantly compares MC to Rika
  • #triggered
  • boy oh boy do i have a bone to pick with you little blond
  • one day he’s all like, “you planned the party perfectly just like Rika.”
  • and MC just snaps and turns around and asks
  • “is that all I am to you? a replacement for her?”
  • Yoosung just freezes and doesn’t have an answer
  • and MC just leaves the venue to go back to the apartment in disbelief like are you kidding
  • you couldn’t even answer just that question
  • and he chases after MC as they try to catch a bus
  • and he apologizes
  • “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to compare you to her or make you feel like this. I’ll never do it again. I’m so sorry.”
  • first fight over and he never does it again


  • MC and Zen are both not the type of people to start fights unnecessarily but then why you provoking Jumin so much smfh so it’s serious
  • it would be over him spending so much time with his fans and career
  • and MC tries to be as supportive and loving
  • but it’s so hard and MC just completely snaps when he mentions having to cancel another date for a fan meeting
  • it’s the fifteenth time that month and “are we even in a relationship anymore?”
  • Zen is completely floored. “why can’t you support me trying to expand my career? i just want to give back to my fans.”
  • MC just gets so frustrated because he doesn’t get how little time they’ve spent together
  • MC just shows him how many times he’s cancelled in the past month and MC leaves the house because of sheer frustration
  • Zen is just so sorry but he can’t find MC or contact them
  • he has Seven find out where MC is staying
  • he’s panicking because he hopes he didn’t push MC away enough to end their relationship literally ready to cry at the thought
  • he begs on his knees in front of MC’s hotel room


  • they’re fighting over something MC said in worry for Jaehee
  • “you need to stop working so hard.”
  • and Jaehee’s already so stressed and she accidentally snaps at MC
  • “why don’t you worry more about yourself?”
  • MC’s so hurt and she looks at Jaehee with kind of watery eyes
  • like she’s trying to be supportive and shows she cares
  • Jaehee isn’t sure why she reacted the way she did
  • and when she goes to apologize
  • MC just goes to lock herself in the bedroom for a few minutes to gather herself
  • and then Jaehee manages to apologize through the door
  • happy happy times they made up


  • there is honestly so much to fight about i cannot
  • Jumin gets overbearingly possessive for a few days daddy jumin hello
  • and after it becomes two much, MC opens a discussion about it
  • Jumin gets defensive, MC is insistent, things blow up and go overboard like when you try to salt your food and drop the entire container in
  • MC tries to get Jumin to understand they wants a little freedom
  • “if you don’t like the relationship as it is, perhaps there should not longer be one.”
  • oh shit oh shit he did not mean to say that he did not want to hurt MC
  • MC’s just in shock and when Jumin tries to touch them, they step back
  • oh shit now kicked kitten Jumin appears
  • MC just heads to the bathroom and lock themselves in there
  • Elizabeth the 3rd paws at the door and looks at Jumin like you fucked up boy get her back because i like to cuddle sessions
  • Jumin waits outside of the bathroom until MC is ready to talk after crying a bit
  • he literally begs on his knees for forgiveness
  • and then the entire night is composed of makeup sex don’t fight me on this


  • literally begins with him pushing MC away again after all that mess
  • seriously will you make up your mind this is no tug-o-war game
  • and MC just wants to be a cuddly couple
  • but Seven falls back into one of his bouts and pushed MC away
  • MC is having none of it and is sick of this game and wants to just be normal
  • Seven keeps getting further and further away
  • MC gets sick of it and tugs him to the sofa and forces him to cuddle
  • therapy no jutsu activated you’re not Naruto tho MC
  • shhhhh saved
  • MC forces Seven to talk about the problems
  • they make up uwuwu
  • sex in the living room and kitchen just saying makeup sex


  • cut my heart out with a spoon why don’t you i’m not crying at all
  • the argument begins when MC broaches the subject of eye surgery
  • after Jumin asks them to discuss it with V
  • and literally everything blows up from there
  • V insists on keeping his eyes as repentance and remembrance for Rika
  • MC is #triggered and asks V to understand that Rika hurt him and it isn’t the way to remember her
  • V gets emotional and a bit upset and still blames himself
  • MC gets frustrated and tries to make V understand it’s been a yearl that if he doesn’t get the eye surgery now he’ll never be able to get his eyesight back
  • V asks if MC really loves him since MC keeps on insisting on his eye sight because if MC really did love him they’d accept his choices
  • MC is in total disbelief and walks out
  • V takes a while to think about what MC said and about the surgery
  • he realizes the mistake he made and panics captain you fucked up
  • MC ends up getting persuaded by Jumin to return
  • V gets the eye surgery in the end after they made up


  • he’s still delicate so MC is willing to accomodate
  • but this isn’t a fight over any spectacular
  • it’s just him being jealous
  • and he rants a whole lot and MC just tells him that they’ll always love him the most
  • but the complaining gets to be too much
  • MC snaps and goes to sleep on the couch
  • MC wakes up with horrible kinks and Saeran feels really sorry
  • honestly the couple to fight the least surprisingly
  • MC will still fight him over touching his cold ass feet to their legs when sleeping tho you rude little shit
  • you can tell I’m no good at fighting scenarios unless it’s a full on fic and that’s not going to happen sorry

Hello there the best authors ever :) I would like to reguest number 23 with Peter Hale. Thank you so múch anf have a wonderful rest of the day 💙   

Peter Hale - Blackmail

“No.” Peter crossed his arms while he looked down at you. “Not a chance in the world. I’m doing perfectly fine on my own right now, I’m not going to be involved in whatever stupid plan you and your little friends have thought out this time. They’re not working, Y/N. Haven’t you ever realized that?”

You had, absolutely. Which was actually exactly why you had asked Peter to help you. He might have been the most obnoxious wolf you ever met, but he was also brutally honest. If you were planning something that wasn’t going to work, he’d say it. Or he’d run, but at least you’d know something was wrong.
“I know, Peter. Do you really think I would come to you otherwise? I’m not exactly enjoying asking you for your help, you know. You’re not exactly anyone’s favorite conversation partner.”

That did make him laugh, so you could relax at least slightly. “Well, it seems I’m not the only blunt one here anymore.” He shrugged. “But the answer is still no. You are maybe amusing enough to at least consider it, but your friends? Nope. Not happening.”

Disappointing. But hey… you knew better than to walk away after just one attempt. You had an opening, he seemed to like you. Now you just had to use that.
“So you rather watch this entire town go down, just because your ego is too big to ignore the remarks of a few teenagers?”, You shrugged, playing it nonchalant. He didn’t need to know you guys really needed him, because that would only make it less likely to cooperate. You even went that far to start to turn around and walk away, leaving your hand on the doorknob longer than necessary, hoping he’d call you back.

“Wait!”, he finally said after what seemed like an eternity. “What do you mean, the entire town?”

You couldn’t help but smile slightly before you turned around, making sure he couldn’t see the smile.
“Well, if we don’t manage this, Beacon Hills will stop to exist, but you didn’t care about that, didn’t you? You’ll just run and continue your life somewhere else? Or wasn’t that what you were implying.”

You could almost see the fight going on inside of him. The repulsive idea that he would have to work with the pack against the idea of seeing the town where he grew up, where he spent most of his life go down. No matter how little Peter said to care about anything, you didn’t really believe it.

“Ok.”, he sighed. And he proved you right. “You win. But just this once.” He rolled his eyes when he walked past you and stepped out of the door. He turned around to you. “What are you still standing there? Don’t we have a town to save?”

After you joined him and walked in the direction of the school where you were plotting, he suddenly grabbed your arms, stopping you. “Don’t think I don’t know what you were doing in there. It might have worked, but I can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to regret that. I’m a disaster to work with.”, he ended with a grin before walking on.

You were afraid you had just gotten more on your plate than you could handle.

  • Yuzuru Hanyu: It’s a perfectly fine plan.
  • Brian Orser: No. No, it isn’t.
  • Yuzuru: You don’t just get to say no.
  • Orser: This plan involves me! I get to say no! No.
  • Yuzuru: Brian…
  • Orser: Let me introduce you to my good friend No.
  • Yuzuru: Maybe we can compromise.
  • Orser: No.
  • Yuzuru: COACH
  • Orser: ‘No’ is a magical word. Here’s how it goes. You say, ‘Coach, I have an insane, suicidal program planned. Would you like to help me carry it out?’ And I say, ’Why, no.’
Picture Perfect {PART THREE} || Newt Scamander x Artist!Reader

Summary: Y/N feels guilty for her actions and decides to tell Newt the truth. However, things do not go according to plan…
Warnings: angst, angst baby!
A/N: So… this came to me in a dream. I have no idea why, but it fits perfectly onto the story (or should I say, PICTURE PERFECTLY)
I was really busy today, and I had almost no time to even write a single paragraph, but I somehow managed to make room.
Now, enough of me, it’s time for YOU.
Heavy raindrops poured out of the flashing sky, and it was an absolute miracle that New York wasn’t flooded.
Families stayed indoors, conversing with each other or otherwise making dinner, which released a warm, pleasant scent of homemade food. You, however, stood in the middle of your best friend’s street wrapped in nothing but work clothes and a trench coat, numb from the biting cold. As a clap of thunder rang in your ears, you raised your bruised knuckles and hammered on Queenie Goldstein’s door, desperately needing someone to talk to. When no footsteps came, and no smiling, tanned faces welcomed you inside, you decided to sit right there on the dripping porch, your face in your hands.
Had you really walked a whole kilometer away from your cozy apartment, just so that you could get drenched by the weather and drown in your own misery?
Everything going on inside of your head was so loud that you didn’t hear the slab of wood open or a masculine gasp.
“Y-Y/N!” Newt cried.
You swiftly jumped up again, facing him.
“Good, you’re here. I just wanted to-”
“That doesn’t matter,” he interrupted, “Right now, I need you to come inside before you catch a cold!”
But you fiercely shook you head.
“No, Newt. I can’t accept anything nice from you. I lied to you, and it was despicable of me!”
From inside of your coat, you pulled out a brown envelope and tore it apart, revealing the stack of paper. After having a mental debate on whether or not you should go on, you decided that he deserved to know.
“I-I did make this, I was only too afraid to say so,”
you confessed.
A silence passed between you two, rooting each of your feet to the spot. Finally, he decided to break it.
“You don’t have to make things up to make me happy, Y/N,”
This statement was shocking enough to make you drop the parcel.
“B-but I’m telling the truth! I did draw this, I even have the pencils!”
“Please, Y/N, stop. I don’t even know what to believe anymore.”
And that was the moment where your whole world came crashing down in flames.
Tears leaked out of your eyes but blended in well enough, which you were thankful for. Nobody could see you like this: broken, unreliable.
There was only one, strict rule that you went by- if Newt can’t trust them, neither can you. I suppose anyone could see how that worked out.
The man in front of you stared into nothingness, trying to figure you out. From the start, it was a skill of yours to read his emotions, and you could tell he was hurt, feeling betrayed. Newt deserved better, and you were clearly making it worse.
“Goodbye, Mr. Scamander.”
You whispered, walking away with a hollow heart.

~The Next Day~

Newt’s POV
I glanced at the soggy pile of papers on the ground.
Although it was soaked to the very last inch, I could still make out the fine lines and perfect detail. Something inside of me screamed that Y/N wasn’t lying, but how could I rely on her words? It was her actions that counted. She never looked at me twice or even let our touches linger!
But still….
I let out an annoyed sigh. That woman did things to me no one else has ever achieved, whether it be by brushing her hair back or just simply helping out with the beasts, she managed to make my head pound. Secretly empty, I shut Queenie’s door, hoping against hope that she would come back sooner.


Hive mind! I need website recs. 

The situation: 9-yr old daughter maturing physically, still emotionally a kid. They don’t get sex ed at school until next year. 

The current status: have had Talks, will continue to have Talks. Also have the ‘It’s So Amazing / It’s Perfectly Normal’ books, have looked at Girlology together. 

The request: I hit puberty long before the interwebs, and only know a little of what’s out there. Her laptop is locked down like Fort Knox, but I’m whitelisting some sites for her to do her own reading. I’ve got Scarleteen, Girlology and Planned Parenthood bookmarked for her - what else is out there? 

1. Must not be Christian-based. We’re Jewish, for one, and I don’t believe in forced premarital chastity. Anything theological re: Purity is deeply inappropriate. 

2. Must be LBGT friendly. Must. 

3. Must be factually based / fact checked.

4. Emotionally appropriate for a kid whose body is moving a lot faster than her brain. Scarleteen is too advanced, really, but I want her to have access to explore - nothing more heavy / higher age range than that. 

5. No Tumblrs or Facebook communities, please. She doesn’t have social media access yet. 

Any recommendations? 

when catching a clow card may involve ghosts
  • Kero: Sakura, it’s a perfectly fine plan.
  • Sakura: No. No, it isn’t.
  • Kero: You don’t just get to say no.
  • Sakura: This plan involves me! I get to say no! No.
  • Kero: Sakura--
  • Sakura: Let me introduce you to my good friend 'No.'
  • Kero: Maybe we can compromise.
  • Sakura: No.
  • Keroi: Sakura!
  • Sakura: ‘No’ is a magical word. Here’s how it goes. You say, ‘Sakura, I have an insane, suicidal plan. Would you like to help me carry it out?’ And I say, ’Why, no.

Before getting into the issue proper, the collected version of this miniseries opens with a foreword from the series’ original writer, Mike Gallagher

I haven’t sugarcoated my opinion of his writing on this blog, but I’ll admit, it’s impressive that he managed to get anything entertaining out of a bare bones pitch in so little time, and that he actually seems to have cared about and enjoyed his work on these comics, rather than just seeing it as a way to pay the rent

Like, this is from a totally different era. These days every franchise has a lot more consistency. Whole multimedia franchises are carefully overseen by parent companies, with writers rooms set up to plan out YEARS of material in advance and make everything fit together perfectly. Even when given free reign, it’s not uncommon to hear comic writers these days say they have dozens and dozens of issues planned out ahead of time. That’s not what happened here. He got a three-page story bible, some concept art, and a one week time limit to finish a script. He didn’t have time to make plans, he just had to go. And that’s probably a big reason why the comics were so weird for years

But the most important thing here is the admission from Gallagher that he got the gig for his work on Marvel’s ALF comics. Sonic is ALF. This is confirmed

Cassian: Rhys. It’s a perfectly fine plan.
Rhysand: No. No, it isn’t.
Cassian: You don’t just get to say no.
Rhysand: This plan involves me! I get to say no! No.
Cassian: Rhysand-
Rhysand: Let me introduce you to my good friend No.
Cassian: Maybe we can compromise.
Rhysand: No.
Cassian: Rhysand.
Rhysand: ‘No’ is a magical word. Here’s how it goes. You say, ‘Rhysand, I have an insane, suicidal plan. Would you like to help me carry it out?’ And I say, ’Why, no.’


Imagine being best friends with Robb, Jon, and Theon and always causing mischief. 

((I changed this one from a one shot to a gif because I couldn’t come up with a prank to have them all pull, sorry!))

Everything had worked out perfectly. Jon and you were going to drop a bucket of glue and feathers down onto Robb and Theon’s heads the moment they entered the door. Everything was going accordingly to plan.

And then…

…Mr. Stark came home early from work because he had left a file on the desk in his study.

Jon and you could do nothing but watch from the top of the stairs as the door opened, the bucket fell, and suddenly Ned Stark was standing in an expensive three piece suit covered in white glue and colorful feathers.

“Oh…” you started

“Fuck,” Jon finished for you

Mr. Stark wiped at his eyes before following the sound of your voices, his face was turning red as he opened his mouth and said “Clean this up, now. I will deal with you after I get changed.”

Jon and you started planning your last wills and testaments as you hurried to do as you were told.

Robb and Theon stepped through the door and burst out laughing at Mr. Stark’s new look and at how much trouble the two of you had just gotten yourselves into.

Party Favors 💀

Requested by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing
Pairing: Young!Jensen x Reader
Prompt: “Hand over the girl.” – “Not going to happen.” 
A/N: An unedited and unexpected short shot & part of 2k Celeb. Enjoy 🎃!
Words: 700+

Halloween have always been one of my favorite holiday. Everything was pre-planned for tonight, from costume to avenue. Plans were going perfectly until Jensen and I decided to put up an argument the same weekend. He’s the one hosting the party. Dating him have never been easy. We fight like a married couple and love each other the same way. It took time to get used to his celebrity life. When all the news popped out of Jensen Ackles dating a non famous girl, just a writer to be exact. I didn’t know what to do or how to handle it. I learned that if I wanted to be happy with him I had to ignore everything that comes from blogs. Tonight wasn’t one of the nights I followed my own advices.

“Check this one,” I spoke bitterly. “Breaking News: Musician Jensen Ackles spotted with a beautiful redhead. What happened to his girlfriend or should we call ex-girlfriend, Y/N?” I rolled my eyes. Zooming into the photo I see the blonde stupid TMZ is talking about. My friends who are getting their makeup done in my place looked at me.

“She’s not a groupie,” I stated, “just his manager assistant.”

“Is she going to the party?” Lila cocked an eyebrow.

I met her eyes, “Yes and so I am.”

Keep reading

#bestfriendgoalz (totally)
  • Clary: Simon, it's a perfectly good plan.
  • Simon: The plan where you... That plan?
  • Clary: Yes.
  • Simon: No, it isn't.
  • Clary: You just don't get to say no!
  • Simon: This plan involves me! I get to say no. No!
  • Clary: Simon-
  • Simon: *pats the seat next to him* Let me introduce you to my good friend No.
  • Clary: Maybe we can compromise.
  • Simon: No
  • Clary: SIMON
  • Simon: 'No' is a magical word. Here's how it goes. You say "Simon, I have an insane suicidal plan. Would you like to help me carry it out?" And I say, "Why-NO!"
  • Harry Dresden: I have created the perfect plan for getting out of my deal with Mab.
  • Mab: *sigh*

finally saw logan and I Have Thoughts (they’re all about rictor)

first of all the actor they cast was adorable and I am officially planning on loving him forever, I was so happy with how perfect he looked for the role

he played the role perfectly too–rictor was smart, he was a leader, he was protective over the younger kids

HE WAS SMART I’m not over this they remembered that he’s always one of the smartest people in the room–there was no reason that he should have known how that medicine worked so precisely. he was watching the nurses and figuring things out WHILE BEING TORTURED AND EXPERIMENTED ON I’m so proud of him he’s so strong and he was the one planning everything, he was taking care of everything and he knew exactly what he needed to do because rictor’s a fucking genius

I was confused about his name though, like everyone else had perfectly normal names and then there’s just “rictor” like???? he should have been called julio, and I know it’s because rictor is the more recognizable name but it makes literally no sense, especially considering he prefers the name rictor because it’s one he chose for himself like???? that is the change I would have made, he would have been called julio during the experiments but he would have decided later on to call himself rictor in order to try and get away from all of it

his powers were well done, my omega level baby

when they get to canada he’s going to meet his boyfriend shatterstar and they’re going to live happily together raising their 12 children

I have never been this proud in my entire life tbh

  • Tamlin: Lucien. It’s a perfectly fine plan.
  • Lucien: No. No, it isn’t.
  • Tamlin: You don’t just get to say no.
  • Lucien: This plan involves me! I get to say no! No.
  • Tamlin: Lucien-
  • Lucien: Let me introduce you to my good friend No.
  • Tamlin: Maybe we can compromise.
  • Lucien: No.
  • Tamlin: LUCIEN.
  • Lucien: ‘No’ is a magical word. Here’s how it goes. You say, 'Lucien, I have an insane, suicidal plan. Would you like to help me carry it out?’ And I say, ’Why, no.’
Do I Need To Answer That?

Request/Prompt: Can you do an Alex Summers imagine where you’re trying to help him recover from a difficult mission but he keeps being stubborn and you just kiss him to make him stop and then he gets all dopey and apologetic? - @jordsie

Note: sorry I didn’t answer this before - I have my EOY exams and a lot of planning to do for my final outcomes. The reader; is super strong and emotional. 

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

“They’re back!” Ororo announced, poking her head past your dorm door. You were sat on your perfectly made bed, waiting for your boyfriend, Alex, to get back from him week-long mission; while reading a book. You hopped off your bed, abandoning the previously interesting book - that had now lost its engaging spark, to Alex. You jogged out of your room, Ororo walking down the hall, leading you to where others would be.

Down a few halls and through a set of double doors sat a worn out looking Raven, Hank and Alex. Raven’s normally slicked back orange hair was cut short, ending with charred black, frayed ends; luckily it would grow back soon. Hank’s yellow suit was shredded but what really caught your eye was the sight of your boyfriend.

His stabilizing ring lay, charred and distorted, on the ground at his feet and a long thin gash stretched from his collarbone to the other side of his chest, ending at the crook of his armpit. You gasped, gathering their attention. Alex’s expression softened and he smirked, “I’m alive, aren’t I,” he croaked, trying to lighten the mood but the sound of his croaky voice made it worse. You sped over to him and cupped his cheeks.

“Oh my God, are you alright?!” You squealed, turning his head from side, checking for any other wounds as he tried to escape your grasp. You heard snickering from behind but completely ignored it, Alex was more important.

“Stop, (Y/N),” he growled rolling his eyes, still trying to move away from your strong hands. Again, you ignored him; now focusing on his chest wound. You, crouched down onto the balls of your feet and surveyed the gash: it was long and thin but it looked deep. “(Y/N).” He warned, taking hold of your wrists, “it’s okay.”

“No, it’s not. You’ve-” you began, pointing to the deep cut on his chest.

“It’s fine!” He snapped, making you jump. Your nimble fingers retracted from his wound and you stood up. “Just leave it,” he finalized, grimacing as he shifted in his chair.

“Okay,” you whispered, your heart hurting and a lump forming in your throat. You leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, knowing he wouldn’t return the gesture if it was aimed at his lips. You retreated from the room and ran back to your own, crumpling onto your soft bed – ruining the neat sheets.

By the time your door opened, you had overcome your little strop and settled back into your book. “Who is it?” You asked, not looking up from the riveting book. You licked your thumb before turning the off-white page.

“Do I need to answer that?” Alex asked, rhetorically. Your attention was drawn away from the book and up to your boyfriend.

“I don’t know, do you?” You asked, shutting the book and placing it on your bedside table. He ignored the question and walked over to your bed and sat down, not too far from your feet.

“I’m sorry,” he began, you just sat there, emotionless. “The mission was hard a-a-and I’m tired,” you sat up straight, “we all took hits.” You leaned into him and cut off his next statement with the collision of your lips. He was shocked but gathered his cool and returned the love filled gesture. He pushed closer, you were now leaning against the headboard of your bed.

“It’s okay,” you sighed, smirking when you pulled apart. He chuckled a breathy laugh.

  • Bellamy: Clarke. It’s a perfectly fine plan.
  • Clarke: No. No, it isn’t.
  • Bellamy: You don’t just get to say no.
  • Clarke: This plan involves me! I get to say no! No.
  • Bellamy: Clarke-
  • Clarke: Let me introduce you to my good friend No.
  • Bellamy: Maybe we can compromise.
  • Clarke: No.
  • Bellamy: CLARKE.
  • Clarke: ‘No’ is a magical word. Here’s how it goes. You say, 'Clarke, I have an insane, suicidal plan. Would you like to help me carry it out?’ And I say, ’Why, no.’