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People are throwing away their WOW tickets…(an event that supports women of the world and their feminist visions and ideals) all because Gillian Anderson isn’t dating who they want to and instead dating a man who is being honored (amongst his other awards and accomplishments) at BFI dinner for his achievements and success in screenplay writing…?

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i don’t know how likely it is that the video dan was talking about will be a coming out video, but it makes sense considering his views on sexuality, especially in current years. he’s gone on a number of rants about it not being important to self identify and how societies obsession with labels is dumb, but also hasn’t tried to hide his attraction to boys and mentioned how important it is for representation in the media. it makes sense for him to make a video about his experiences with crushes on boys or something like that rather than a serious ‘here’s how i identify’ video. if he decides to do this, i’ll be really proud of him for not only using his name to represent the lgbt+ community, but for just being open with himself too

When I’m on a date, especially dinner, I’ll giggle when the food comes and be like, “this looks so yummy! I absolutely have to take a picture. I guess it’s just the 18 year old in me.” cue another giggle. “Do you mind?”. My date usually says something like, “You’re so cute. You kids and your technology.” and then he poses for the shot as if I’m taking one of him. I’ve slowly started acting a little naive and I really play on the “this is all so new and amazing to me!” thing, because in my experience, it makes these men feel really good about themselves. It makes them feel like they’re really taking care of some poor girl who needs it and showing her things she wouldn’t normally get.

Don’t get me wrong, I act experienced as hell and let them know I mean business when it comes to allowance talks and stuff, but mainly I just try to have fun. 

Point is, you don’t have to follow all the advice you see on Tumblr. You don’t have to act like you’re accustomed to the lifestyle. You don’t have to act naive like me either. Do what feels good to you and what works for you. You got this, sister.

And I know that I’m sorry if I have to start every poem with another apology, and I’ve been heartless before so there goes another I’m sorry, and I’ve been a fuck up before so I’m sorry about that too and I might still be a mess, but I’m still trying to sort things out and I know that I’m not perfect and I know that I still do things that’ll kill me some day and I know that I still feel things that’ll kill me some day, and I know that I’m numb, and I know that I’m somewhat dumb, but if I never figure this out, if I never make it out, if I never make it, if I don’t make it, just remember my apologies


But the fate of the team depends on Jemma reuniting with Fitz. Because yes, Daisy’s in there too and will do her own badass duties, and she’ll be amazing, and yes. But if there’s anyone in the real world who’s going to reach anyone in the Framework and snap them out of it, it’s going to be Jemma Simmons and Leopold Fitz. Their connection is too deep. The fate of S.H.I.E.L.D. depends on the romantic entanglement of these two characters. 

So just… level with me. Regardless of the scenes they do or don’t get. Regardless of the kisses they do or don’t get. Regardless of seeing Fitz with another woman. Regardless of… well. I literally have no clue about the Jemma being dead thing… but anyway…

Look. It could take one episode for Jemma to find him (or like. Be alive.), or it could take five. 

But all I know is Jed Whedon chose to heavily feature FitzSimmons tonight in his first ever written and directed episode. Jed and Maurissa chose to feature Elizabeth Henstridge in a bottle episode last season. 

Daisy said what the writers wanted us to know tonight. FitzSimmons are the real deal, they are endgame, and the writers never stopped caring about them. 

I truly believe that. 

So let’s just enjoy this brilliant arc together. Let’s see how the team finds each other. 

And let’s be forever grateful that the heart of the show is and always be our favorite science duo. Regardless of the screen time, scenes, etc. they’ve been given.

And enjoy the fucking ride. 

Because they sent Fitz in with the rest of the team in an alternate universe. 

And Jemma is going to fight tooth and nail to get him back. 

Of that we can all agree. 

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So my first drawing tablet just arrived in the mail and I was SO pumped to get like I was literally squealing on the walk home but then I started to draw and now I feel really bad because I am doing really bad drawings and I wondered if this is just a normal thing for people going from real to digital art? Cause now I'm just looking back at my old stuff and I think it looks horrible :(

posting this publicly to spread the info that it’s TOTALLY normal

there is something i’d say is…a transitional learning curve? here was my 6 month transition from my first tablet, drawing immediately after getting it, and then the 6 month progress:

it just hit me that next year i’ll have been using a tablet for a decade, so it’s become another appendage to me. but i can still remember using it for the first time, and how frustrating it was.

so give yourself time! no medium is easy to slide into right away!

AOS 4x15:  AKA I don’t really have any words aside from that was BRILLIANT!

I realize the fandom is reeling.  That was a lot to take in.  But I am HAPPY!   So many theories are FINALLY happening…granted not how I though or we may have wanted but they are happening none the less.  So this meta is going to have a bit of a a different feel to it.  

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I was wondering why you close all your posts/answers with a namaste? As a westerner, what does it signify to u? I'm a Hindu, born & raised in India & Hindi is my mother tongue. Namaste is a general phrase used for greeting people, especially elders..who are ALL uncles & aunties by the way...but it's use has been dwindling considerably. For u to attach spirituality to this word in that context is amusing. I have taken a lot of yoga classes but I've seen this trend mostly with western teachers.

I think this is an interesting observation and something I’m sure must appear amusing to you. 

The thing about Hindu cultural traditions is that they are inseparable from their spiritual traditions. They arose together and are very much interdependent with one another. 

Sometimes a tradition can become so culturally normal that their spiritual aspects can be overlooked. However, for foreigners who never grew up with the Hindu cultural norms, it is the spiritual aspects that strike us most. 

In some ways, “namaste” reminds me of the hebrew “shalom.” Shalom means “hello,” “goodbye,” and “peace.” Sometimes we have to look beyond the commonness of a word to appreciate its deeper significance. 

Similarly, “namaste” is used in such greetings but can also have a divine aspect to it. In that sense, it is not a greeting between humans or status-holders but rather it is a greeting/acknowledgment from divinity to divinity. 

For me, I like using “namaste” to end my posts/responses because it is a practice of humility. It is a reminder that I am not separate or different from any of you. Obviously I am no enlightened guru nor do I pretend to be one and so there are things I do for myself to keep my ego from latching on to false identities or superiorities. 

I have also written this post about using “namaste” as both a word and a mudra. 

I also have Indian friends who were born in the US and whose families are from India. They often laugh at how I take more of an interest in their culture than they do. Some of their parents even read my blog here. 

Lastly, what I will say is that I have had wonderful experiences with Hindu people over the years. I have attended many satsangs, meditation retreats, and even traveled to India to stay at my guru’s ashram. The Hindu people I have met were always delighted to share their culture. I feel that every culture has great things to share with the world and when it comes to spiritual practice, the Hindu traditions have been at it for thousands of years. They have much to share. 

Just my two cents. 

Namaste ;)

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Bruh I've wanted to move to and live in Norway my whole life but I'm a loud and obvious person so the whole "pretending strangers don't exist" thing wouldn't fly with me. How do you do it. What happens if you have to cough in public, you just pass out and die out on the street instead? How?

yes thats right you can literally never cough, never make a sound, dont even breathe in the direction of another person, bc the police will literally show up @ ur door and kick your ass straight to jail

Another example more of how shitty Spanish sports media is. 

They’ve showed some images of the Atleti players arriving yesterday to their hotel in Germany after the training, and there were some people asking for photos and autographs, most of the players rushed into the hotel. There was a girl holding Antoine’s NT shirt, when Antoine passed by, she and the rest of the fans called him, he smiled at the girl, and walked past like the rest did, only Nando stood there signing autographs. 

The girl then started crying and her father hugged her shouting “We’ve driven 200km for this! Griezmann didn’t stop! He saw her and he didn’t stop! No autograph! Nothing!” in a very angry tone, and then all the Spanish media has gone all “He saw her and didn’t take a photo with her, what a shame!” trying to show that Antoine is a bad person or something and doesn’t care about fans.

I’m mad because as fans we often forget that players don’t owe us anything. If they want to stop and sign autographs or take photos, that’s up to them. It’s great if they do, but they’re not bad people if they don’t. They don’t know for how long you’ve been driving, how many years you’ve been following them, or how many hours you’ve been waiting for them.

If you go to the training place, or to the hotel, there’s a small chance of getting photos and autographs, so it’s you who has to analyze if it’s worth waiting outside on the cold, and sometimes under the rain, to maybe just see them passing by. There are players who always stop, players who never do it, and others who do it only sometimes, and we should respect that. Don’t blame them for your choices.

And I’m saying this because I’ve seen this kind of videos of fans waiting outside, for example, RM’s training place, and they even sit in the middle of the road to make the players’ cars stop so they can approach them. And as soon as they clear the road, players speed up and drive away, and they throw a tantrum about how shitty is that those guys who earn millions won’t spend 30 seconds to pay attention to them. Well buddy, it’s their lives and you can’t control them, I’m sorry you can’t schedule their agendas to fit your needs.

Maks mentioned in their GMA thing that the last time him and Peta were both on together, he won. Which was season 18 of course.

So out of curiosity I had to check how many times Maks, Peta, Sharna, and Val had all competed on the same season together. And wouldn’t you know, it was only one time and it was season 18. 

On that season (as we all remember), Maks had an exceptionally amazing partner who he may or may not have fallen in love with and finally won.

Does that mean that this time around, now the second time that all four of them are competing together, someone else gets to have an amazing partner and maybe fall in love and finally win?!

And more importantly, what’s my number to call in and vote for who that will be?!

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I value your opinion, and you seem to always be on top of things when it comes to TXF. I was wondering if you knew of any X-Files podcasts that are currently running. There have been a few that I listened to in the past, but they've been abandoned for one reason or another. I'd love to have something TXF related to listen to while driving to work.

I think Not Another X-Files Podcast is still running- but truthfully, I don’t listen to any. So, if anyone out there knows of any others…

I have been toying with the idea of starting a podcast- once I’m all moved into my new digs and the office is finished- possibly with a few og philes. I think it would be really fun to explore the connection between what the world was like during the original airing of an episode and the content/mythology of said episode. The feel/aesthetic of The X-Files was so permeating in the 90′s (@thetvmouse wrote something about this, maybe she can link it because it’s a great read) and newer fans miss out on that- through no fault of their own- and it’s a large part of the reason I am so chained. Also, exploring the fandom life as it was at the time might be a fun addition. Also, also MSR MSR MSR MSR. And I don’t mean just what’s on the screen. For 23 years this fandom has been dissecting motivations and studying Mulder and Scully so much that our versions of them are far more deep and colorful than what CC actually showed us. Mixing in those tidbits and maybe linking it back to fic could be neat…

anyway I’m starting a podcast.

BTS Reacts to You Being a Trainee and Debuting

Hey guys! Here’s another one of the requests I received. Inbox me any requests that you have so I can know what you guys wanna see!


     Anonymous:  Big Bang and BtS reacts to their S/O becoming a trainee or debuting.

So, I decided that this would be easiest if I made it more general. I wrote this in a the ways that I thought they would look out for you throughout the experience because we all know that that’s part of what we would look for in this kind of thing. 

1. Jin

     Jin would be super careful about your relationship. Since BTS has so many fans, he would keep your relationship quiet to avoid any retaliation on your career. That being said, he would be really proud of you. He strikes me as the type to brag to the guys about how good you are. He would have a big smile on his face anytime he gets to see you perform. He would also look after you and make sure that you are taking care of yourself.

2. Suga

     Suga would want you to go after whatever dream you have and not worry about what anyone else says. He would be your rock whenever you felt like you couldn’t do it or got discouraged. He would also be a strong advocate for working hard, but he wouldn’t want you to work the kinds of hours that he does. He wouldn’t stop you if you did though. He may not express it often, but he would be extremely proud of you.

3. J-Hope

      J-Hope would have a hard time keeping your relationship quiet. He would want to publicly boast about your talent. He would be your biggest fan, always showing videos of your performing on practicing to the guys. He would want to see what you were working on and would offer to help you, but he would also keep an eye on you. He’s the closest person to the mother figure after Jin, so he would always make sure that you are taking care of yourself.

4. Rap Monster

      Rapmon would constantly encourage you. He would want you to hold strong to your goals and not to let anyone else discourage you. He would help you with any training you needed help with any training you needed help with, or find someone who could. He would always be sure to make sure that you knew how talented you were and how proud he was of you. He would want to make sure that you didn’t get too stressed or overworked.

5. Jimin (Fluffy Jimin gif, ahhh!!!!)

     As we all know, Jimin can have some problems with keeping a positive self image. Because of this, he would always make sure to tell you how talented he thinks you are. He wouldn’t want anyone bashing because you were dating him, so like Jin, he would do his best to keep your relationship quiet. He would want you to do your best because he would want the world to see how talented his Jagi is. 

6. V

     V would be over the moon. He would be constantly boasting to the guys about how proud he is. He would take any opportunity he could to see you perform or rehearse. He would always make sure you weren’t too stressed and that you knew when to relax. He was also your good luck charm whenever you were nervous.You could call him or text him and he would calm you down with his words or silly selcas to make you laugh. He would have the hardest time keeping your relationship quiet.

7. Jungkook 

     Jungkook would always make sure you were confident in what you were doing. Since he is the Golden Maknae, he would help with any part of your performance you were unsure of. He wouldn’t be able to tell you how proud he is very often, since he’s kind of an awkward bean. He also wouldn’t show off to the guys, since he didn’t want to get teased. He would always send you selcas and memes during the day to try and help you relax or smile during the day.

I hope you enjoyed!! Inbox me any requests you have!!


Getting ready to dive in to some work projects, so I may be on sporadically for a short while. But, as I said Sunday, I am looking at things with fresh eyes this week, and here are my thoughts on two people who have provided me so much joy, and what I see right now.

One person who is beautiful, funny, smart, kind, and caring. Two time GG nominee, multiple acting awards, critically acclaimed, fashion icon, best dressed Vogue and W, ( and worst dressed in lesser known mags), honoree for Oscar Wilde awards from acclaimed director/producer JJ Abrams. Patron of lesser known charities and affiliate of various others, socially conscious, and all around beautiful woman. I would hang out with her if I could.

Another person who plays strong lead in a critically acclaimed series, handsome, hunky, kind, caring, and all around good guy. Theatrical trained actor. Patron of multiple charities, and affiliate of others, Barbour ambassador.

Together, these two people transcend everything that is good, and make you believe that nothing can ever trump true love. They have shown it, played it, worked it, and made us believe it.

So why, after all of that, can something so, so beautiful now look so horribly, horribly wrong? And, was it ever real to begin with?

All I know is that one of these people is being honored this week, while the actions of the other is overshadowing all of it. If this is how you “choose life”, then I feel sorry for that life.

My Dad always said be careful how you climb your ladder. The same people you pass on the way up may be the same people you pass on the way back down. And if you push, shove and force your way past those people, they won’t catch you when you fall, and EVERYONE falls at some point. I don’t know how all of this will end, but the train wreck we are watching unfold is really a sad mess.

While I might not get the fairy tale I wanted, I can unequivocally say that the ones we are being presented aren’t either. I hope it is all worth it for everyone involved in the end. Because by then, it won’t matter any more.

Have a good Tuesday sweet shipsters! Love to you all!😙😍❤


Max Richter || The Waves: Tuesday
with Gillian Anderson


I feel certain I am going mad again.
I feel we can’t go through another of those terrible times.
And I shan’t recover this time.
I begin to hear voices, and I can’t concentrate.
So I am doing what seems the best thing to do.
You have given me the greatest possible happiness.
You have been in every way all that anyone could be.
I don’t think two people could have been happier, till this terrible disease came.
I can’t fight any longer.
I know that I am spoiling your life, that without me you could work.
And you will, I know.
You see, I can’t even write this properly. I can’t read.
What I want to say is, I owe all the happiness of my life to you.
You have been entirely patient with me, and incredibly good.
I want to say that – everybody knows it.
If anybody could have saved me, it would have been you.
Everything has gone from me but the certainty of your goodness.
I can’t go on spoiling your life any longer.

I don’t think two people could have been happier than we have been.

 - Virginia Woolf

Out of Order (Jumin x MC)

Mafia! AU: As the others arrive Jumin is forced to call his father in order to hide the truth.

Word Count: 1537

I had a pretty average day today. My naegami art that I did on my main blog got 100 notes so I did another thing of art for it. I actually like Danganronpa a lot fun fact. Anyhow, Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

This is a branching storyline and I highly recommend you read previous prompts in order to understand:

Other Mafia!AU Prompts:

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You both promptly opened the door revealing the small group of people you had called over.

Aside from Vanderwood however.

707 still seemed to be enclosed in the parlor for some reason.

V had stepped inside, worry tinting his words as he gave a small dip of his head to your fiance. 

“Jumin, Jumin!” He attempted to smile, giving the two of you a bit of a wave. “W-Where’s Yoosung? You said this was urgent for us all to be here?” 

Zen folded his arms across his chest, narrowing his eyes. “Maybe that furball lost her collar?” 

“Her name is Elizabeth 3rd,” Jumin replied flatly.

“You said you needed me for rescheduling? What exactly do you need changed?” 


She nearly dropped her clipboard, her breath hitching as she let out faint laughter. “M-Mr.Han you can’t be s-serious.” 

“All of you need to cancel your upcoming appointments. It’ll be too dangerous now to leave the premise without another person.” 

“E-Excuse me?” Zen snapped. “You don’t just get to make these sudden decisions you know!” 

“It’s with the best interest of everybody.” 

“Considering what you’ve planned, I would have to agree.” V chuckled. “Trust him, even if just this once.” 

“I understand that what we’re doing is r-risky but e-everything?” Her shoulders dropped. “I think you forget you’re quite the busy man.” 

“I understand.” He remarked. “Could you please cancel the next couple of days’ appointments, though? I’d greatly appreciate it.” 

She nearly seemed in awe at his softening behavior, slowly nodding as she agreed.

“Yes…yes I suppose that’s much easier.” 

“Thank you.” 

“Woah is ‘Mr. Trust Fund’ okay, he doesn’t usually act like that.” Zen looked to you. “Are you a magician MC? Did you put a spell on him?”

“I suppose you could say that.” He answered, pressing a tender kiss to your head as a smile tugged at his lips.

“Then did they cast you a spell that made you call us all over too?” 

“Does Zen know?” Jahee tipped her head to the side curiously. 

“Know what?” 

“I guess that’s a no.” 

Jumin cleared his throat, running his fingers through his hair. “Zen, I didn’t tell you because I figured you wouldn’t react well, but I wanted you to be protected and safe with the rest of us when this is all finished.” 

“What do you mean…?” 

“We’re going to be bringing down my father’s business.” 

Zen’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor. 

“But isn’t your father’s business your business?” 

“ Hereditarily yes, but that doesn’t mean I am by no means required to protect it or sustain it.” 

“But if you bring it down, won’t that bring the rest of us down too?” The actor, scrunching his expression, clearly bothered. “I’d really rather not spend the next few decades in prison.” 

“Luciel is speaking with an investigator that will be able to secure our reputations and anonymity as long as we are able to provide proper evidence and eyewitness accounts of the business’s illegal activities.”  

“Guess you really are living up to that nickname of yours then, ‘Yeomna’,” He retorted. “Not even sparing your own dad his own personal hell.” 

“Zen!” You snapped, puffing your cheeks out indignantly. “Just because some people are family doesn’t excuse their actions. What’s being done is here is for the greater good. This will help get a lot of people away from a dangerous lifestyle.” 

A flash of guilt struck him at your reply, shuffling his feet awkwardly. “I mean…I guess…”

“Are you telling me you want to continue this life?”

“Not like much of us had a choice.” 

“But do you like it? If you had a choice would you stay?” Jumin restated, furrowing his brow. “We finally have the opportunity to change our lives for the better and begin doing things for ourselves, on our own. We can be our own people. Don’t you want that…?” 

Zen huffed, locking his eyes to the ground. “…Do you really think this will work?” 

Jumin glanced to you, pride glimmering upon him as you squeezed his hand encouragingly. 


Reluctantly, Zen reached out his hand. “Alright, but you gotta keep your deal alright?” 

“Of course.” 

They gave a brief handshake, a sort of calmness spreading through the others as they were all in agreement. 

“So, what now? Does you dad know about any of this?” 

“Well, I’m planning on calling him now that you’re all here safe. You’ll have to be spending the next few nights here to keep it that way. I’ll be calling him to excuse an incident that occurred with Yoosung and draw away suspicion. After we speak with the investigator I’m sure we’re meant to leave right away.” 

“Should I begin arranging for the trip?” 

“Yes please Jahee, if you could ask the others for qualities or where they’d like to go.” 

“Yes sir.” 

“Thank you,” He let out a deep breath, folding his lips. “Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to call my father. Please don’t be too disruptive, it’s best if he doesn’t know we’re all here.” 

“Is MC coming with you?” 

“If they want to, I’d certainly appreciate it. They’ve been my crutch throughout this entire situation. I don’t think I could’ve done this without them.” 

“I’ll go with him.” You gladly exclaimed, your heart swelling at the adoration that filled his gaze. “I’m his Paritegi after all.” 

Before you left, however, Zen called out again, for once hostility nowhere to be found on his face as he addressed Jumin.

“Hey, maybe you’re not so bad after all.” He shrugged. “I’m sorry.” 

“Thank you Zen,” Jumin dipped his head gratefully before his eyes darted back to you if only for a moment as you crossed his mind. “But I wouldn’t have been able to do anything had it not been for MC. They’ve been my strength.” 

He crowed weakly. “You really love them don’t you?”


Your face couldn’t help but light up to the same shade of a strawberry.

It was noticed.

Jumin laughed tenderly, an odd calmness surrounding him as you both approached what could easily be one of the hardest things. 

“Thank you, darling, it truly means the world to me that I have you beside me throughout this.” He hummed. 

“We can’t make it through our lives alone. We’ve got to have each other I think.” 

He gave a grin, opening the doors to the library.

“I think so too love.” 

You both sat down at the counter before the telephone, A sudden silence overwhelming the room as he called his father.

Would it be the last time they spoke as father and son?

Would it be the last time they spoke at all?

Your thoughts were interrupted as Jumin greeted Mr. Han.

“Good evening father.”

“Yes, I’m aware of the current situation with Yoosung and Luciel. I wanted to call you to inform you that there were last minute changes to avoid any accidents. I’ve handled it myself.” 

He stiffened.

“I can assure you everything is handled.” 

You couldn’t even hear his father’s voice on the other line for a long while, as though the other was simply waiting for the other to break.

Until it abruptly switched as if nothing had happened.

That didn’t quite sit well with you.

“Yes, MC did mention several changes to our distribution of narcotics, I’m surprised Luciel told you. They were very clever ideas, I’m glad to see they’re fitting in nicely too.” 

Unease had trailed behind ever word.

Then his eyes widened to the size of saucers, quickly sputtering out words in response to Mr. Han.

“Oh yes that s-sounds fine, I haven’t got much on my schedule.” 

“…I look forward to it. I’ll see you then.” 

“Goodnight, father.” 

He lowered the phone, drawing a hand over his mouth as he closed his eyes.

“What? What happened?” 

“He wants to have brunch in order to discuss your new ideas.” He muttered. “He says it would be a good way to celebrate you settling into the family.” 

“And what do you make of that?” You shifted back, trying to calm your speeding heart. “How should we handle it?”

“Simply try to handle it as any other brunch I suppose.” 

“Will it actually be like that, though?”

“No, not at all.” 

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Who cares if the ghosts are from another dimension that literally changes nothing. Keep in mind this is a kids show so they have to be evil monsters from another dimension to be a little more kid friendly.

It just conflicts with a lot of things he’s written in the cartoon before. I mean, any kid could’ve picked up on that plot hole too.They straight up said Desiree died in the cartoon. They killed Danny’s family and friends right in front of him. There was even a cut out scene in Urban Jungle where Danny would’ve had his face sewn into the ground which would’ve made vines come out of his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. I don’t think Nick is trying to shelter these kids. It’s weird to say it that way because I was one of “those kids.”