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why i think gorgeous is incredible in lyrics and style :

-the whole song is making fun of itself. it’s intended to be overdramatic and brutally honest, and full of things that in the light of morning were probably better left unsaid. it’s the epitome of intoxicated conversations.

-the repeated use of ‘compliment’ and 'consequence’ makes it feel like intoxicated taylor is just repeating herself and trying to explain herself but stumbling, as well as the perfectly balanced internal rhyme.

-the whole song has an amazing tone of blame. it’s like 'it’s all your fault’. i think this is so well done because you can imagine drunk taylor poking this person’s chest and going 'WHY?’ and then falling asleep. it’s almost comical.

-that on point magnetic field metaphor that i’m now using every time i’m attracted to someone

-the neatly done 'me and you against the world’ with 'i’ve got a boyfriend, he’s older than US’. it immediately puts these two people on the same side.

-'you’re so cool it makes me hate you so much’. now taylor’s just straight up laughing at herself and how ridiculous the situation is.

-'whisky on ice, sunset and vine’ the colour palette created here is so striking that it goes on to form a symbol for the whole song

-'you’ve ruined my life’ again with the overdramatic tone. this is taylor acting intoxicated and emotional and it’s so genius to live in the skin of that person in this song because they’re someone we’ve all been.

-taylor continually references his face. it’s like she can’t help but be drawn back in or she can’t help herself. his face is such a focal point in the song and it’s so smart.

-the rhythm and pace of the song is a little off kilter, like someone swaying when they’re drunk. it gives the effect that the listener is drunk too, which is again a really good effect.

-the dramatic tone changes throughout when really the whole song is fun and light. it’s layering up emotions.

-the emotional accuracy of 'but if you’re single that’s honestly worse’ perfectly captures the feeling of being confused when you have a crush and it’s so relatable.

-in the bridge the multiple rhymes for each word stacks up a mental image.

-'ocean blue eyes’ damn! another striking colour and image, and it’s like taylor can’t help but make it sound romantic

-sink and drown and die. DO I NEED TO COMMENT?

-i love her use of the whole 'cat lady’ thing - like she’s trying to turn it into a situation that’s sad for her. she’s going 'alone’ and just waiting for him to give in and come with her. she’s acting and being coy.

-you make me so happy it turns back to sad ; again with the swinging emotions like she’s drunk.

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So I have an aroace character. Another character falls in love with her and she doesn't with him. She never will. Now, she does come to love him. Just not romantically. (Spoilers!) He's killed at the end of the first book. This is when she finally comes to terms with loving him, and she basically cries, "I love you" to his dying body. The thing is, how can I communicate to my audience that she never had romantic feelings for him? I don't want people to think her being aro is just for angst

Thanks so much for your question, love!  That sounds like a great relationship, and one I’d personally love to see published :)

So we’ve talked a lot about romantic love on the blog – in fact, we made a recent post on the distinction of romantic love.  But we haven’t talked about how to specify platonic love over romantic, and that can be very important in modern fiction – especially in today’s fandom culture, where fans assume every two characters that breathe in a mutual direction are romantically attracted to one another.  Strong F/M friendships (and aromantic characters!) are desperately needed in modern fiction!

I have some advice for you that might help :)  Here we go…

How to Keep Fictional Friendships Platonic

  • Avoid admiration of each other’s physicality – especially involving sexualized body parts.  Friends may notice attractive qualities in each other, no matter their gender or sexuality, but these thoughts can easily confuse readers.  When observing a scene through your aromantic character’s POV, avoid dwelling on the other character’s eyes, lips, scent, muscles/curves, or any details that might be considered sexual (e.g. how their clothing hugs their body).  Some writers don’t think about how their descriptions color their main character’s image/emotions – and that’s how we get female characters who notice each other’s glistening hair and “plump breasts” but are never ever lesbians because god forbid.
  • Show your character’s discomfort at romantic advances.  Just because your character grows to platonically love their friend does not mean they’ll become more comfortable with romantic displays.  Longing looks, moments of silence or one-way sexual tension, small displays of affection like hugs that last too long or gifts (with clear romantic intention) – if the romantic love isn’t returned, those moments will be awkward, and maybe even guilt-inducing.  It’s hard when someone wants you to feel something you don’t, especially if you’re close to them.  Those moments will be there.
  • Allow your character to treat their friend with love, without expectation of anything in return.  A clear indication of love is when a person is kind/considerate or goes out of their way to help their friend – but that moment afterward, when they watch their friend smile and want a hug or a kiss or some kind of reward, turns it romantic.  Friends help each other because they care about each other; they’ve already reached the status of friendship, and they just want to maintain it.  But when you love someone, you’re pursuing something – you’re expecting advancement and change.  When your character is kind to their friend, let them do it just because that’s what friends do.  Skip the long silent moment of anticipation afterwards.
  • Keep them on a level playing field.  The easiest way to make a relationship seem instantly romantic is to typecast the characters involved – especially if they’re F/M.  Putting the woman in the “woman role” – portraying her softness, her patience, her need for protection – and putting the man in the “man role” – protective, strong, unemotional – causes readers to associate them with the stereotypical romance story.  Instead (and you should do this with romance anyway), portray them as equals and separates.  They can do things without each other.  They have thoughts about people other than each other.  They aren’t each other’s puzzle piece and the universe isn’t pushing them together.  And they aren’t Man and Woman – they’re Person and Person.  Playing up their genders (and gender roles) will not serve you in any way.
  • Let them express that they have no romantic feelings for their friend.  Maybe they say it in dialogue; maybe they say it in their head.  Maybe they show it in how they describe the other person (”tall, wears cool jackets, has a great sense of humor, awful driver,” and other non-romantic but still affectionate details).  Maybe they have a romantic encounter with that character, just to feel it out, and decide they just don’t feel anything at all, even if they wanted to.  Maybe the character outright states they’re aromantic, and that solves the puzzle for readers right there (although you may have to say it a few times).  Phrases like: “I can’t love you the way you want.”  “I feel like I’m a disappointment to you.” “I care about you a lot.” “You’re my best friend.”  As angsty or as non-angsty as you want, any phrase a whiteguy would refer to as “friendzoning” can be your ticket to an indirect expression of platonic love.
  • And specific for you, anon: when the friend dies, make sure your character only has platonic memories of them, just to make their meaning behind “I love you” clear.  Have them remember the bad jokes, or the high-fives, or the deep conversations – basically anything that isn’t touchy-feely or a stereotypical couple-thing.  Once your character drops the ILY, readers might get confused.  Make sure they leave the book with a clear image of what you intended for your characters.

I know that got long, but I hope these ideas help you!  I applaud you for wanting to make your aromantic representation clear, and I hope this goes well for you.  If you have any more questions, the inbox opens on Nov. 1st :)

Thanks again, and good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

Bad Match - Part 13.

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words Count: 2.8k+

Warnings: angst, tough love from friends, kind of fluffy, self-loathing, swearing, bad english.  

A/N: Friends give some tough love to both Bucky and Reader. Sorry for the huge delay on posting this. I promise (fingers crossed) that part 14 won’t take that long to be posted.  

Feedback? Please!!!!

Part 1Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 (coming soon)


“Tony…” you cried out tightening the embrace. Between sobs, you proclaimed the reason you had gone to him. “I can’t be here anymore. I’m sorry… but I can’t be an Avenger.”

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Okay so I’ve had some time to process this and I’m just gonna post this one thing and be done with it. 

I’m 31 years old. Sometimes it still weirds me out to say it but I am. I’m also a dude and I fucking love RWBY. I love it. I have posted many many times about how much I love it. I love the stories. I love the animation and most of all, I love the characters. 

Now that can be misconstrued (or so I’ve learned today) but let me be clear. I am NOT attracted in any kind of sexual way to the characters of RWBY. I am emotionally attached to them. I am invested in their stories. I love their personalities and I love watching them kick ass and interact with one another. 

I want to watch them grow and become awesome ladies who fight monsters and bad people and win wars. And yep, I even want some of them to fall in love with each other. However, none of that has anything to do with me having any kind of attraction to them. 

The only thing RWBY related I’m attracted to is the gorgeous voice cast. All of whom are, you know, real and amazing people. 

So yeah, that’s it - that’s my post about it. I appreciate the supportive responses I’ve gotten. Sorry for not responding to them but I don’t want this to be an all consuming thing. I’m offended by the accusation but also understanding of the ignorance behind it. 

Also if you want to unfollow me because my age or gender make you uncomfortable, I totally understand. I know that I standout a little (though going to the screenings has made me feel better cause there’s a lot of people my age there). But honestly, if you feel the need to unfollow, it’s totally fine. No hard feelings at all. 

Anyway, enough of this, It’s over and done and there’s a new episode tomorrow that I’m really excited to watch. 

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How did you create your art style? I'm having a hard time finding my own so any tips?

Honestly Its been a mixture of so many people’s other styles and influences growing up, subconsciously! The way I draw eyes are influenced from Saturday morning cartoons. The colors are inspired by Benjamin Zhang’s amazing work and my inability to see 3d space (I have super lazy eye so I use color to compensate for shades apparently??). A lot of line and anatomy is inspired by Xavier Houssin’s and Hyung-Tae Kim’s way of drawing. The drive to keep drawing is from seeing beautiful worlds created in JRPGs. So, “style” just comes naturally and will just keep morphing based on things you like, more or less c:

Tl;dr: Style is a mishmash of things that you steal from other artists or things and peg them into your own hole in some way or another
Exploration - Rhycien

Here it is! The Rhycien prequel from Don’t Look Back that you can find the entire masterlist here. You don’t need to read DLB, because at the end of the day this is just teenage Rhycien touching dicks in a cupboard. Yeah. 

So as you can tell, this is super NSFW. 


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Lucien was becoming tired of parties, he thought as he sat on the only sofa amidst a crowded room full of 16 year olds drinking from their parent bought alcohol.

His best friend had already dragged his other best friend off to god knows where to do god knows what and now Lucien was going to drink his misery away. He remembered the apologetic look on Feyre’s face as Tamlin pulled her away, leaving him alone and unwilling to find people elsewhere. There was a very short list of people of which Lucien could bare to even look at for more than 45 seconds, so he decided getting pissed by himself was the better alternative to making new friends. 

Sipping his almost empty bottle of cheap beer -was it the third or fourth one? He couldn’t tell - he watched the room buzz around him. From the girls dancing to the constant snapchats, to the boys watching the girls dance with open intent that made Lucien almost gag, to Cassian Spera drunkenly break dancing. He had every intention to just leave then and there.

But his lone time was interrupted by none other than the high school’s most beloved prick. One who happened to be on the list of those who Lucien couldn’t bare for more than 45 seconds, or in this case, it only took less than a second for Rhys’ presence was to be simply unbearable.

“How’s my favourite-“

“Fuck off, Rhysand. I’m not your favourite anything,” he deadpanned, unwilling to engage, unwilling to participate in the games that Rhysand Spera liked to play.

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BTS react catching you checking them out

Originally posted by jjilljj

Jin: This man is very confident with his looks, so he is never really surprised if he catches a person checking him out. With you, however; he was very shocked to see another beautiful person admiring his beauty! He would walk over to you, flirt with you a little, and tell some dad jokes to make you fall head over heels for his beauty and his personality.

Originally posted by boo-t-s

Suga: Suga (in my opinion) comes off to be a pretty humble guy when it comes to his looks. When he catches you checking him out, he will have to take a double take in order to really believe someone was checking him out. He would star a conversation with you to prove he is a genius with great looks!

Originally posted by punkvee

J-Hope: He seems to be self-conscious about his looks compared to the other members (sadly) :(. He would see you checking him out, but he would deny that you were looking at him, so he would look around and try to find the lucky guy who he suspected you were looking at. When you finally went up to him and asked for his number, he was so surprised and shyly giggled. 

Originally posted by daeguboy

Rap Monster: This man would turn so cocky and smug. He spotted you from across the room and thought you were gorgeous. He quickly looked away because he didn’t want to be caught looking at you. When he felt the feeling of someone staring at him and he turned around and caught you checking him out, a huge smirk/happy grin would appear on his face. He would saunter over to you and give you his number.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

V: This cutie was taken aback when he saw you checking him out. He thought you were so beautiful, so when he caught you, he started giggling. He would walk over to you shyly and start a conversation to try and get to know you better. By the end of the night, you two would end up having a lot of things in common and give each other your numbers.

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Jimin: Jimin is another member who I believe is very self-conscious about his looks even though he is so handsome! He would see you earlier that day and he thought you were absolutely beautiful, but he thought that you were too good for him, so he tried to forget about you. Later that evening when he caught you checking him out, he was ecstatic. Seeing you check him out restored his self-confidence, so he cooly (sorry I know that’s not a word) walked over to you and started flirting with you.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jungkook: INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOY HERE! When he catches you checking him out, on the inside he confidence and ego would be swelling but on the outside he would look like this 

Originally posted by reneemallen

When you decided to take matters into your on hands and start flirting with him, Jungkook would totally freeze up and look for help from another member. That member would end up doing all the talking for Jungkook and gave you his number so you could hangout another time.

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you think the secret session is a good idea cause you have a chance to go while people who live in another countries know for sure they don't

let me just add all the other anons you sent:

I shouldn’t give these the time of day because you’re on anon but here I go:

I have been a fan for 10 years or so and I’ve run a tumblr blog for 6 years and Taylor followed me two years ago. I have never been invited to anything and yeah there are times it bothers me and I wonder why I’m not good enough to be invited to things. (Which is dumb because Taylor doesn’t look it that way but that’s another rant for another time) I’ve felt jealously. I felt sad and felt like Taylor would never know me and I should give up. I’ve ben annoyed at people who got invited because I didn’t. 

Then this year she started noticing people again after the break and I felt jealousy again. And I felt sad again. And on the first Secret Sessions in London I was so sad because I told myself I would never meet her. On the second Secret Sessions I saw people feeling the same way and I decided I was going to make positive posts and tell people it’s okay to feel this way because everyone else feels that way. The rest of us who aren’t those 300 people feel that way and it’s a completely validated feeling. I did this for a few hours and I refused to post anything negative or reblog negative. In fact when I saw someone say something negative I reblogged a post on how Taylor wants to meet everyone and there is proof. By the next secret session i wasn’t jealous anymore. AND LET ME TELL YOU IT WAS SO NICE. I was so excited for people. Like genuinely excited and it was even better than I had a mutual meet her.

And it’s not like I never wish that was me. I wish it was me all the time. All. The. Time. When I get messages I hope one is from Taylor Nation but it doesn’t happen. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? Never have i wished that those people didn’t get to go. So the fact that you don’t like my blog anymore because I said it was selfish of you to say that no one should get to meet taylor because you cant or a lot of other people can’t is so wrong. I mean by all means unfollow me because I wont put up with that. I have been saying for days that I will validate swifties who are upset about not being invited as long as they don’t send hate. And I will validate the SS fans as long as they don’t send hate. And that’s what I do. In my opinion saying they don’t deserve to meet Taylor because I can’t or you can’t, or anyone else can’t is a round about way to attack them. 

Lastly, if you refuse to see the good in Secret Sessions because you can’t be there I’m not wasting my time in explaining why they’re a good thing. It’s obvious why they’re a good thing but jealousy can really cloud clear judgment. And that’s directed at every person who came to my ask this morning and tried to tell me that it was the SS fan’s fault that they were over hyped over a song. YALL WERE ACTUALLY TRYING TO BLAME OTHER PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T LIKE A SONG AS MUCH AS YOU WANTED TO. That’s is so incredibly petty and i’m sorry it would even cross your mind to actually complain. So many of you are so jealous that you would try and tear down other fans and i’m so over it. I tried to let people down easy but now it’s just ridiculous and the fact that you have sent me four messages and one of which called me “ignorant” and you can’t even come off anon to tell me this does not warrant you my patience.


Reminder: kids can hear you when you talk about them. I’ve noticed a tendency of some adults to talk about a child to another adult while that child is still very much in earshot. Like, right next to the speaker. Sometimes it’s innocuous enough, like recounting something cute/funny they just did–“Did you hear what he just said?”–although I would still caution that a kid could interpret that as you laughing at them and be hurt by it. But sometimes it’s really something that shouldn’t be said while the child can hear it. We had a four year old girl get very upset because her playdough fish got squished and another teacher said to me, right over the girl’s head, “I didn’t know she was so sensitive. I’ll have to remember that.” Please don’t say these things in front of children. Just because you’re talking in a grown-up voice and not talking-to-kids voice doesn’t mean they can’t hear you or process what you’ve said. Sure, it’s good to make observations on how kids in your care react to certain situations, but do it in private.

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Loving the vampire! Stony stuff. How do they progress from just the lusty feeding type relationship to a deeper romantic one?

For @dayzor as well, who had a similar question


Sometime around the sixth meet-up, which was eleven months after the first one, something changed.

Tony was lying between Steve’s legs, his hands all over that golden skin, whispering his name over and over because it made Steve tremble, made him shift beneath him, made him grab him all that much tighter, and when he thought Steve was going to beg–

–That was whenTony bit him.

Hard too, harder than he should have but it had been six weeks since they had been together, and Tony had tried feeding from a pretty girl that had crossed his path, but he had spat out the blood almost instantly. Not that she tasted badly, but she didn’t taste like Steve, so he had pushed more compulsion through her veins and made sure she was safely back inside her car before taking off.

He had resorted to visiting a vampire friendly club, drinking donated blood from a glass, trying not to gag. It was easier when there wasn’t a person he was drinking from, but it still wasn’t Steve.

But this was. This was Steve.

So Tony bit hard, enjoying the pulse of pleasure that flooded him when the aphrodisia hit Steve’s system, thrilling when the big blond held him closer, spreading those thick thighs wider so Tony could move against him.

Steve.” he gasped and took another long drink. “God–”

He pulled away before he was ready to stop, the sweet blood thrumming through his system already and making him feel halfway to giddy. “You taste incredible, you always do.”

“Why do you stay away for so long then?” Steve asked. “It’s been six weeks. Six.” He didn’t sound angry, but he certainly wasn’t happy, and Tony licked over the wounds before meeting his gaze.

“…I–” He hesitated. “Steve, I—”

“Why?” Steve asked again, touching Tony’s jaw carefully. “You don’t have to. You don’t have to stay away. Please don’t stay away.”

“I don’t think you know what you are asking.” Tony said finally, and slid off the bed, reaching for his shirt. “Perhaps we should–”

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Mama Gretchen’s Beginners’ Guide to Offering and Sacrifice

“Knowest how one shall write, knowest how one shall rede?
Knowest how one shall tint, knowest how one makes trial?
Knowest how one shall ask, knowest how one shall offer?
Knowest how one shall send, knowest how one shall sacrifice?”

–The Havamol (Bellows)

One of the most common sources of frustration for people who are new to Heathenry or who are resuming active practice after a long break is the act of sacrifice.  What makes an appropriate offering?  Which gods prefer which observations?  How should the act be performed?  Why would a god want anything that I have?

Now, in my opinion, the most important thing to remember here is that an offering establishes a very personal sort of connection between the person or group giving the offering and whatever wight (god, nature spirit, ancestor, et cetera) it’s being given to.  As such, the wight is going to be the final authority on what is and isn’t appropriate.  If you don’t have that kind of relationship, or aren’t receiving any signals, here are my tips:

A great place to start is to read up on whatever wight you want to build communion with, what sorts of items and deeds they’re associated with, how they may have been honored historically, and how contemporary devotees are honoring them now.  Thor, as one good example, is strongly associated with drinking alcohol, both in the extant lore and in a lot of people’s modern conceptions of him, so a bowl or horn (or can, bottle, cup, etc.) of your favorite adult beverage is something you can’t go wrong with.  Likewise we’re told quite explicitly in the stories that Odin enjoys wine; and just as a general thing, the sharing of drink as a way to build relationships is a very common motif throughout modern Heathenry.

There are a lot of wights about whom we don’t have a lot of that direct information, so you’ll have to divine or contrive the associations based on stories about the things they’ve done–and that’s just fine!  Whatever you end up doing is only “wrong” if it doesn’t work.

And about that:  A lot of folks will ask why the gods “need” this or that thing in sacrifice.  Well, they don’t.  But that’s not the point.  The act of sacrifice is meant to express love, devotion, and respect for the target by demonstrating your willingness to give of yourself–as such, as long as whatever you’re giving is something of value to you (even if that value is entirely sentimental), the intent is far more important than the thing.  The idea here is to build community and establish relationships, not material enrichment.

You really can’t go wrong with consumables–food, drink, sweets, even cigarettes.  I’ve always had best results with offerings that seem in some way appropriate, but really, “appropriate” is a relative term; that’s up to the wight of the hour, so trust your intuition.  I’ve been told by devotees of Loki that he’s a fan of sponge cake.

But an offering doesn’t have to be something like that, or even a tangible item at all.  The target of your devotion will appreciate anything made by your hand or craft, or anything you hold dear yourself or that you think they’d like.  I’ve done well writing devotional poetry for Woden, for one thing.  Whatever you’re giving, you need only approach your focus, whatever that might be–an altar with a picture or statue, or a plain altar, or anyplace that feels sacred to you—with a sense of reverence and respect, and give up your sacrifice with appropriate words. Again, “appropriate” is a funny word; most of the time, just something along the lines of, “Here, this is for you, I thought you might like it” will be plenty.

Now, a point of order:  Whatever you’ve offered up in sacrifice belongs to the wight of the occasion, it’s no longer yours, and it must be got rid of.

That doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds, though; you certainly *can* ritually break something and throw it into a bog, if you *want* to, but you don’t have to.  There are a lot of ways to do that.

With offerings of food or drink, my favorite thing to do is return it to the earth in some way, by pouring out, burying, or exposing–If you like historical precedents, Ahmad Ibn Fadlan reported that the Kievan Rus would rejoice when dogs came to eat the food offered to the gods, because they saw it as a sign that the offering had been well received.

Burning is also a good option; not only is the offered thing got rid of, but also the act of burning can be seen as symbolizing a transmutation from the physical to the spiritual.

If none of these are an option, there’s nothing wrong with putting offerings in the trash or down the drain; that’s what you do with your own leftovers you aren’t going to finish, yeah?  Just make sure it’s done with the same respect and reverence as the act of offering was; try viewing it as a separation or disavowal rather than disposal.

And you *can* eat the food or drink the beverage yourself, but that’s a different sort of sacrifice; call that sharing a communal meal, rather than giving a gift.

For less tangible things, I consider my devotional poetry to be “got rid of” when I’ve posted and shared them, sending them out into the aether.  And a devotional deed is “gone” once you’re done doing it.

If you’re giving an object that you’re hesitant to break or throw away, that’s okay, too; you can “get rid of it” by considering it a sacred object that you’re now borrowing, and so shouldn’t be used for mundane purposes.  A statue or some other kind of focus is a good offering; it can sit right on your altar, and depending on your spiritual tradition you might’ve just given your wight a nice place to live when they’re visiting.  Knives make good athames.  Tarot decks, kitchen implements, anything else “witchy”; it’s a great way to build spiritual relationships and consecrate your tools at the same time.  And you can come up with a special new purpose for just about any item, if you think about it.

You can generally expect to get some benefit from your offering, but you shouldn’t expect anything specific unless you have a very, very close relationship with the target of your offering, and you should never treat it as a quid-pro-quo relationship.  The idea here is to build a mutual relationship, and whether that means a friendship or the relationship of client and patron, demanding one thing in exchange for another like a financial transaction is pretty friggin rude.

Ultimately, gift-giving and sacrifice are fundamentally personal things; in individual practice, it’s between the wight and the practitioner; in communal practice, it’s between the wight and whatever in-group.  So, what you should or shouldn’t do depends on a lot of things–the particulars of your spiritual path or tradition, the nature of whichever wight you’re offering to, the relationship you may or may not have with them, your living situation, and so on.  All I have to offer are tips and suggestions; at the end of the day, the best advice I can give you is to trust your instincts.  If it feels right, it probably is.

Quantum Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner, Vol. 2 - It’s Real, It’s Here, and Here’s the Deal!

Hey folks!

So for those of you who were patiently waiting the, uh, three and a half years it’s been between book releases, yes, Quantum Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner, Vol. 2 is out now! It’s a real book! Finally! You can buy it here on Amazon in both hardcover and paperback now; I believe it’s also made it onto most of the international Amazon sites, and an ebook version is in the works, but I don’t know when it’s due for release just yet.

Yeah, the launch for the second volume had some hiccups; there were issues with sites carrying the book, then not carrying it, and a lot of folks were unable to get it. But to my knowledge, all of those issues have been resolved and the book is flying into people’s hands now! A lot of you have already read it, too, which brings me to my next point…

I’m sorry for being so quiet on the release here this time around compared to volume one. Not only was I slammed with another huge translation project right when this book was launching, the aforementioned issues immediately after launch made it difficult to really drum up hype for the release since people weren’t able to buy it! Gah! Very frustrating, but now things have cleared up on my end as well as the distribution end, and all is well.

So yeah! Get talking! Ask me questions if you have them! Tell your other friends who may have forgotten in the (long, long) interim that the book finally came out. Especially tell your friends who assumed it was never going to come out and so stopped checking entirely. I promise it’s real now!

(I also promise I’ll let people know once I know anything about volume three–for now, alas, I don’t have any information.)

Just Like You

Interestingly enough (and this goes back to that one post about being a chameleon that I wrote a few days back) I hear different things about myself from different people.

To one of my more laid-back friends I’m always joking, so he says. But some of my more up-tight friends think I’m always serious. My ISTJ mother looks at me as a pretty responsible person, and my INFJ father says that I’m thoughtful. I have emotional friends who say I’m understanding, and logical friends who nicknamed me Ice Lady.

In fact, I sometimes feel like I take the mood of the people I happen to be around just one step further. It’s different from the verbal opposition that I’m always using, too, which is another thing I talked about recently.

However, I just find it really interesting that when I get one-on-one with someone, that person goes away feeling like I’m very much like they are. It’s another aspect of that chameleon personality that is characteristic of INTPs.

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Another thing I just noticed but quite possible my fave thing about that God forsaken fanfic video is when they go to bed Sam lays straight back but Cait gets ready & sort of turns her body towards him. He tells her to blow out the candles & she has to turn around to do it. Once she's ready to get comfy for the night she turns back around to face Sam. Again. It'd be so easy for her to just have her back facing at him laying down right after she blows the candles out but she still turns to him.

Crawling into bed with him just comes so naturally to her 🙂🙂🙂

heyyyyy guys. i just wanna talk to you for a while. 

part of the reason i went on hiatus has to do with the roleplay community right now. uh, i guess, i’ve been a bit shook by a lot of things going on. i mean, certainly some of the things that some people in our community have done, but there’s been more than enough call out posts & shit regarding those people and what they’ve done. i’m not in that business. what i want to talk about is the responses to them

i’ve seen so many death threats, death wishes, just horrible things in response. and it just makes me so uncomfortable. especially when, in some cases, the only thing stating someone has done anything at all is one person’s word against another. i don’t think having the moral high-ground gives you any rite to literally harass or bully anybody, even if you think you are in the right to do so because they have done something awful themselves. i’ve seen people doxxed, threatened with violence or murder, bullied, abused, pushed out, hacked, sometimes as revenge for wrongs, sometimes as part of a witch hunt. 

i don’t think any of this is okay and it makes me scared, and it makes me question my place in this community and the people around me because even making this post, right now, makes me nervous, because how dare i have a descanting opinion, right? 

in terms of actual crimes, i would advise you, to the best of your ability, to report them. if this crime did not happen to you but you have evidence, also report it. because it might be the case that the victim doesn’t feel able to report the crime themselves. this might be reporting to tumblr, but it might be reporting to the police. It is not for us to decide guilt or innocence, it has to be passed on to relevant authorities, for the sake of everyone involved in the situation. This isn’t anyone being horrible or unsupportive. It is totally and utterly possble to be supportive and help people find help without resorting to vigilante justice, so to speak. 

I am not, however, against call-out posts in general. I believe that a lot of these are done with no malicious intent. I believe a lot of them are done with the intention of warning other people against people who have done things that might hurt them. But in some cases, call out posts are not relevant. A lot of people turn personal spats in this community into huge witch hunts and it comes down to who made the call out post first. 

and then i come on to the point about forgiving people. this is a difficult point. i am not in any way saying you must forgive someone if you have been a victim of their behaviour, or even if you’ve heard about it and it’s disgusted, sickened, or annoyed you depending on the seriousness of the situation. forgiveness is hard, and it’s personal. no one should be telling you who you can or can’t forgive or when you have too. 

however, i do feel there is a very all or nothing culture on tumblr. We seem to be told that, if someone has done anything bad online, then they can never come back from that. how, then, do they grow as a person? how do they ever try to be better? only by taking people who’ve made mistakes, or even done terrible things on purpose, and helping them to learn and grow can we actually evolve our community. 

and that doesn’t mean you have to be part of that, if you simply can not. your reasons are your own, and they are valid. this is not in any way shaming you if you don’t feel able or don’t want too. it also does not apply to any crimes committed that require jail time, and actual profession help that we, as people on the internet, can not offer. 

but i do want to question this culture. i’m sure we’re all done something wrong in our lives. i’m sure we’ve all got into an argument with our friends. and obviously, the seriousness of events varies greatly depending on the event itself and what happened. but second chances, a bit of mercy, taking the time to think about the situation and maybe detach yourself, realise that you don’t know what’s going on and you can’t know because you weren’t involved, why are these things that we shy away from here on tumblr? 

so if you read this and think I disagree, and I don’t wanna forgive anyone who’s hurt me or people I know, I understand. I’d never judge you. but if you read this and it actually makes you think about how you take things on the dash in and deal with people, then… at least there’s that. 

i think there’s also something to be said for how we respond to each other just having opinions. like, why, is there anything i should fear about writing this post? and yet, here i am, shaking. because i worry people will try to look for negativity in it. I worry that people’s disagreement with me will lead to threats of violence. I worry about a lot of things, to be honest. I see people so often on this website having disagreements that go far beyond civil debate, or agreeing to disagree. we should feel free, here. and i bet a lot of us don’t. 

i love this community, i do. and i feel that anger, too, when I know someone who’s been hurt. that’s why I’m not going to judge anyone, because it’s a loving, protective instinct, to want to make sure your community is better. but that’s not all there is here.

anyway, this is dragging on. please have a lovely day. 

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i'm an air sign but i've always disliked the fact that i can only have a conversation with someone if it's really "deep", otherwise, i don't know how to talk to people. and it's weird but i kinda hate that about myself. could having a pluto heavy chart cause this?

Yes, that relates to Pluto. But… you have to synthesize. So, to me, that honestly sounds like your air influence in combination with Plutonian energy creates a fixation on the appearance or cerebral vision of profundity, rather than raw profundity itself. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that but it can become a problem when it is the only thing you care about. I think this because depth can be found anywhere, and you’re not seeing it because you have another concept of what depth should look or sound like. In reality, every word anybody says is “deep” because it carries so much personality, experience, history, karma, destiny, and individual truth within it. Even small talk. Even jokes. Everything. Pluto sees that, but the air element may not, because like I said in my last post, they are afraid to really face or facilitate depth (and raw profundity). They’re more comfortable with the idea of it rather than the feeling, closeness, and impact of it. Detached meaning is easier than intimate meaning for them.

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Your patreon account is illegal. You should really do some research on fanfiction and the fact that getting incentives for writing it is illegal. Fanfiction has a stories history of this bring illegal.

Actually, writing fanfiction about things that are copyrighted is illegal to get money off of.This includes things such as books or movies or characters that another person has made up. So say i wanted to get a patreon for Voltron fanfic. Thats illegal because its a tv show and the characters are made up and have a copyright. Since dan and phil are real people and have no copyright on them, its totally fine. Wattpad has literally the same rule for getting paid for your works.

I know we are all freaking out about this 

but I just want to revisit some scenes of another lion-less paladin: Allura

Like that time she dived bombed totally exposed from the upper atmosphere  to the surface of the Balmera while Voltron was fighting a robeast 

and how she then performed a rejuvenation ceremony that Coran implied could kill her

She’s fine, awake and standing with help a few moments later so either Coran is just excessively worried (true) or Allura is mega powerful (also tru) but she still did a thing that could have killed her.

Season one finale girl does THIS:

Because ya know, he’s a Paladin and its more important he remains so they can form Voltron right?

Then, season 2, there’s the teleduv plot which AGAIN Coran is like “It could kill you”

Just like the Balmeran rejuvenation Allura does it anyway, passes out, and then wakes up.

The very next episode with have a similar schtick happen:

This time Haggar hits Voltron with the Komar and the Paladin float dramatically as if dead in space. Allura diverts all power to the Castle’s weapons, 

delivers a dramatic speech about the value of the Paladins–

and revs the ship towards Zarkon and fires. Zarkon turns the weapon on her giving us this scene:

Are we supposed to think Allura’s dead? I’m not 100% sure but it does seem like she must be very inju-

Oh nevermind she’s awake again after passing out. Wait, which big ole power fainting spell are we on again?

Anyways girl is like an energizer bunny or some deus ex machina because she gets up and decides to fight Haggar & the druids so the Komar can’t wipe Voltron again.

Jumping exposed into space through a battlefield (again!), despite Coran saying she’s been weakened? Totes.

My point is this: Both Keith and Allura are Paladins and have always had the spirit and absolute devotion to the cause: Allura repeatedly took risks that were hyped up (well written? Idk) as fatal, had a dramatic near death scene, leapt unprotected into a battlefield (2x) and sacrificed herself or nearly did so in order to protect the other paladins and to protect Voltron. 

Without a Lion a paladin is still the same warrior who risks their own life while framing Voltron as more important. It’s not just the BoM who taught Keith this self-sacrifice: Allura did too. 

Basically? Extra paladins act extra and I just want to point out that Keith’s not the only one to have shown this behavior. Is his in a different context than Allura’s? Yes, I think so but I think it just goes to demonstrate that being a Paladin is a special privilege that makes your survival a priority over others.

Bonus screen shot below: A nice little parallel to the s4 finale.

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May I please request a cute scenario where 2p!canadas girl crush is asked if she likes pancakes and she's like, "I'm sorry but I like waffles more..." how would Matt react and do?

I was going to write a note…and I forgot it…so have a fun fact: wild bananas have seeds…that is all. -Admin Jay

Matt groaned as he stretched in the morning just as the sun was peeking over the horizon. Another morning, another day to deal with bullshit… He yawned and rubbed his eyes as he fixed his messy ponytail and headed to the kitchen. Food was the first thing on his mind…he glanced over at the couch and saw them sitting there half awake as he chuckled quietly. 
“Do you want food?”
“Sure. You cooking?”
“No, the squirrels are cooking…”
“Very funny.”
Matt shrugged and smirked slightly before heading over to the stove and getting ready to cook.
“You want pancakes?”
“I’m sorry, I like waffles more…”
Matt blinked and looked at them as he scratched his head. 
“Did I stutter? Do. You. Want. Food?”
Matt didn’t care about pancakes or waffles, hell, they should be impressed he was making food. He shook his head and laughed quietly to himself as he started to make their food. Did they expect him to get mad about liking waffles? Then it dawned on him…He was a Canadian making pancakes…how stereotypical could he fucking get?

Ok, I’ve been obsessing over all this new information about Darkiplier from Who Killed Markiplier (haven’t we all?). I feel I have all my thoughts aligned now, but I remembered something from Mark talking about Darkiplier on the live stream following a Date with Markiplier. 

“He exists in another world entirely and bleeds through into this one.”

The thing that was sticking out to me, in this whole explanation, was the idea that the Markiplier from Who Killed Markiplier is supposed to be our Mark. But, he isn’t the type to do this. Mark also previously mentioned, in the same live stream, that Darkiplier is jealous of what Mark has accomplished. 

I think that the dimension that Who Killed Markiplier exists in, is not our dimension. I think that Darkiplier has bled through into our dimension to pursue Mark, but our Mark isn’t the one that actually wronged him. Hence being able to admire what he’s done, but still seek his own vengeance. 

I have other theories about the viewer’s identity and how Damian took control to become Darkiplier, but I wanted this one to stand by itself.