i have this and another thing so

  • D.Va: *On the floor swinging around a handheld* *Opens mouth and receives projectile dorito*
  • Orisa: *Throws another dorito* How could I do this? How could I be so stupid?! This could destroy Numbani…
  • Bastion: Nubani?! Who cares about Numbani?! What about US?! That THING is a killing machine!
  • D.Va: *Squirming on the floor focused on a game*
  • Bastion: I bet it’s just waiting for us to fall asleep… And then WHAM! We’re easy prey my friend, easy prey, we’re sitting targets…
  • D.Va: *Chugs entire thing of mountain dew*
  • Bastion: Ok look, I think I have a plan here, using mainly spoons, we dig a tunnel under the city and release it into the wild!
  • Orisa: … Spoons?
  • Bastion: That’s it, I’m out of ideas. *Tosses blueprint* We’re closed. Airship? Too expensive. Giant gravity cannon? Too conspicuous. Payload cart? Too objective!
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guys they literally caught one another looking back like

in the usual trope: one looks back, sees the other walking away and becomes resolute on their path and keeps going

then the other turns back and sees that the other hasn’t hesitated and goes on their way more determined


they both looked back at the same time and saw that they both weren’t quite so eager to watch the other walk away

they would have heard the other’s footsteps headed farther away, there was no reason to look back for fear of retaliation or that the other would break their deal since they had already had two opportunities to betray each other that we saw and would have heard the other if they changed direction

they looked back because they wanted to, because there was something there, and they saw the other person looking back and they did it for the same reasons at the same time I can’t believe this

i’ve seen so much…..?? anger at the show for not showing Sana enough because it’s her season? and that it’s  all over the place and focusing on the other characters too much….

But honestly for me this season has been pretty good story wise. It’s brought up a lot of issues a young muslim girl may face and yeah she’s in a really shitty place right now and her friends aren’t being the best but…. it happens. Life happens just like this and in that regard skam has been right on the ball.

I think theres a very subtle literary device being used here in that the story is chaotic because it’s reflecting Sana. It’s reflecting the chaos of her identity. Sana doesn’t know whats happening and what she wants and what she doesn’t want, Sana doesn’t know what to think or who to confide in and so the story is all over the place, we dont know whats happening in the story and we don’t know what we want to happen or who is really in her corner.

Im upset for Sana too but I really don’t get the annoyance with the storytelling and anger at the ‘bad writing.’

I always think about how if Hopper cut open wills body and it didn’t turn out to be fake that would have sucked so bad. Like oops sorry lol I thought this was an exact fake replica of a dead boys body placed by corrupt government men trying to cover up a hole that leads to another dimension that was opened by a telekinetic eleven year old girl but it turns out I was wrong, okay bye!


Vacuums and Sunshine!

In addition to our normal “drills”, we practiced holding a down/stay with a vacuum cleaner nearby. It’s important for VSEPR to be able to stay down and calm with all sorts of noisy, scary, and distracting things, so he gets lots of praise and treats for remaining calm. Before and afterword, I gave him the release cue and praised him for investigating the vacuum. This is another crucial thing for service dog prospects/SDiTs: forgiveness and curiosity. He may have been scared by the vacuum but he’s willing to forgive and figure out what’s going on. People in the real world will accidentally step on his paws and tail and I occasionally do too, but he needs to be able to forgive and move on without developing a big fear of something that he’s unsure of!

I thought I found all of my childhood “sonic comics” i drew as a kid but i just found another. And I… I think I may… I may have made a brief Sonic OC.

I drew things based on what the Fleetway Sonic the Comic was doing at the time of drawing, and I remember there was some random one issue characters here and there but I don’t recall this dude so I think… I think I made him up???

I know in the comic lore Tonic was Sonic before he got his power sneakers and plot happened but ummm…..

Not sure how you can make someone their EX BROTHER…. maybe estranged was the word i wanted but… that also makes Sonic related to THE DEVIL as well if they are all related? Ummmmm yeah, sure, go for it young me. 

I mean Sega did a half alien hedgehog so why not. Half devil hedgehog EX BROTHER to Sonic. Sega, hire me ~ *finger guns*

Potential Absence - Family life stuff

So I’m on the cusp of potentially needing to go on a week or more hiatus from work.  My sister is pregnant and due any day (I’m getting another niece, so excited!!) and things in her life have decided this is a good time to fall apart.  One of her cats, Sakura, is severely ill with what is very likely to be lung cancer.  Her dog, Charlotte, has been acting out pretty bad because she’s picking up on the stress in the household.  Our mom, who was going to take care of my niece April while my sister is in labor, has a severe cold with a fever.  So she might not be able to help at all unless she kicks this cold FAST. My brother may be able to help some, but he’s responsible for the care of his very disabled girlfriend, so he can’t help as much.

That leaves me!  I have a bag packed and my car has a full tank; I’m ready to leap to action when needed.  With Sakura sick and our mom possibly out of the running, it adds some extra elements of worry that we didn’t have before.  I may need to be away from work for a while to help my sister in this really stressful scary time.  If all goes well, I will only be away from work a couple days though, we’ll see.

For now I’m scrambling to get as much work done as possible so my absence from work doesn’t impact my queue progress as much.  I’m still hammering at that traditional commission, and need to get some work for Patreon done before the month ends, as well as finish many digital pieces and send a couple Etsy orders.  I appreciate everyone on my queue having patience, I’m workin’ on it all!  <3

I post less often on journals these days, but I’m pretty active on Twitter.  It’s probably the best place to up current updates from me.


so two things:

there actually is another woc who is a verified sex worker verifiably in jail and i’m just like have i worn out my credibility yet or should i share her fundraiser


lily has ANOTHER fake woc profile Lang Liu and it’s just

it’s just something

but fuck it if you still have the empathy left (and i don’t blame you if you don’t) Janet is real and does need help.

another fact about the knife sharpening truck is that it has scissors painted onto it. like you know how an ice cream truck has little ice creams on it. the knife sharpening truck has scissors and shears. it rolls very slowly down the street. sometimes i wonder if its just the psychosis making me see things but it is FAR too vivid and consistent. few others have seen it….. but i have heard rumours of others who can see it as well. perhaps i shall see once again those people in hell someday alongside my cursed form

So Cold

Pairing: Sonny Carisi x Reader

Prompt: THIS ask. Fighting with Sonny. He says some things that he doesn’t mean, and he’s going to have to work for your forgiveness.

Word Count: 990

Requested by: Anon

Warnings: Fighting

Note: I couldn’t think of a legitimate reason for them to fight so this is probably really really bad I’m sorry):

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Bedtime Stories - Chapter 1 - glitteringeva - RWBY [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Soooo I started another thing while being totally stressed. Comfort writing.

The Gauntlets & Greaves ‘Oh, I actually never told you but surprise, we have a daughter, there she is, take care of her’-AU no one asked for.

Merc is young, minding his own business, when Yang suddenly tells him they have a daughter, also she needs a babysitter. So, how do you hide a child at work and deal with temper tantrums? Who knows? Mercury definitely doesn’t.

Shameless fluff to make myself feel better. Pure comfort writing. Some romance later on. And everyone is going to fall for Yang’s sweet, sweet daughter.

anonymous asked:

Hey I love your ask blog and saw you take request so, uh, could you draw someone from Parappa the Rapper? It could be anyone! I know it's not Osomatsu-San related, but I love your art and I wanna see something from another series in your style!! ':>

Sure thing..!! 

Sorry it’s kinda iffy, though, I’ve never drawn Parappa before and the first time is always kinda hard– @@”

I’m glad you like you like my art though!!

11 Questions

I was tagged by my girl @sunbeamsandmoonrays. Thanks Sunny! This was fun! :)

Rules: Answer the following 11 questions and then ask 11 of your own and tag people. 

1) What’s the last thing you watched on youtube?

Sunny will not be AT ALL surprised to hear it is musical theater related lol. Another music video tease of the OBC album of Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 went up a few days ago and I have been watching/listening to it on REPEAT (like the odd little theater nerd I am).

2) What’s your guilty pleasure favorite song?

I have NO SHAME so it’s hard to say what qualifies as a guilty pleasure…that being said, I will ALWAYS turn it up and emphatically lip sync to some Celine Dion (much to the embarrassment of all around me).

3) What’s your favorite animated movie and why?

This question is CRUEL. Ok, ok. As a kid, it was a tie between The Aristocats and 101 Dalmatians because I was forever tickled by the idea of talking pets. As an adult? Serious answer: Prince of Egypt. (The animation is gorgeous, the music is gorgeous…I can’t even).  Less serious answer: The Emperor’s New Groove. It just cracks me up, and it’s kind of like the black sheep of the Disney family, which makes me love it all the more.

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quesstion, from 1 to 10 how gay is Little Witch Academia and as a gay recovering from Hibike!Euphonium should i watch it

HMMM well I’ve never seen Hibike! Euphonium so I can’t compare, BUT I can tell you this abt LWA, from my uniquely gay perspective


  • cute AF
  • lots of them Good Female Characters!!
  • no but seriously my fav thing about LWA is the characterization of the girls - they all have big distinct personalities + motivations and really cool diverse character designs
  • no generic moeblob wankbait thank fuck
  • b/c all the girls have rly fleshed out, human personalities, there are tons of opportunities for shipping??  i’ve said it before but honestly everyone has chemistry and history with one another and i don’t think there’s anything I don’t ship in this show??  Bountiful shipping pastures
  • rly engaging character moments


  • on the other hand (in the TV show at least) there’ve been a couple of homophobic jokes that’ve made me go 😒😒😒 so take that as you will
  • in the TV show again there are a couple of bland ass male characters they’ve set up as romantic interests (but they’re mostly easy to ignore imo)
  • due to the above two points, and given studio trigger’s history i’m guessing no endgame f/f ships lol

So, all around, anon, I wld recommend Little Witch Academia!!  I just love these characters a lot & the animation and scenarios and character interactions are just really cute and charming.  The cons are unfortunate, but hey, what’s a girl to do.

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Hcs or scenario up to you. Hanzo's S/O going on a mission and not coming back, and right before she left they had a fight, so he never got to say sorry?

Requests are closed!
I had like five long paragraphs written for a scenario and then I lost them so :/ i’m sorry have some head canons

  • It’ll be a lot like when he left the Shimada clan and thought he killed Genji. There’ll be a lot of self-loathing and self-pity about what he left you with. It’s almost worse that you just didn’t come back from the mission– he doesn’t know if you’re just missing or actually dead. Thinking he ruined another good thing in his life is almost too much for him to bear
  • It’s not a pretty sight, either. He’ll train too hard, eat and sleep too little or too much, and hardly leave his bed some days. A part of him knows it’s not healthy, but a larger part is too consumed with a soul-crushing hatred for himself that make it almost impossible for him to function like a normal human being
  • Unlike before, though, Hanzo now has people that will help him. Genji’s the driving force behind this. He knows how his brother is and doesn’t try to offer words of comfort or convince him that it’s not his fault, but he does stay with him and offer a silent support until Hanzo is ready to talk. Mercy brings him food and Hana will sit with him and talk his ear off to try and distract him. Even just having people on base check on him, saying hello and asking how he’s doing does so much to help him feel a little better. 
  • Even when he manages to forgive himself he doesn’t forget about you. Any chance he gets he goes through old files and com recordings from the mission you never returned from. With or without his superiors’ okay, he’ll also often go out and survey the areas you’d been documented in to try and find you.

Alrighty so I know I haven’t been around a lot on many of my blogs. Work has me out later, and then I have been going out or crashing as soon as I get home. Now, that is actually going to change. 

With my co-worker going back to school I am now going to be working morning shifts. This means I will have to go to bed earlier, but I will have more energy and time to reply and roleplay with you all <3 

This regards all of my other blogs as well. 

I just want to take the time to also thank you all for being patient with my slow ass <3 

Another big thing is that, the original plan of heading to texas this year is a no go due to financial things. However, next year I am going to be heading to Orlando for a convention with friends so that’s super exciting! 

<3 Now that were all caught up, I am going to be trying to get what I owe out on here, Sousuke and a few other fandoms I owe. 

Thanks again <3 Love you aaaaallll. 

cryptic-condition  asked:

hey v i heard that tapastic is kind of?? yikers they're really posessive with people's comics and you'd have to go through them first if you ever want to make like merch for your things and there's a post that goes into more detail about it (aledethanlast's tumblr under post post/160810536442/so-apparently-the-tapastic-tos-are-extremely-shady) and i just!! want to make sure you aren't getting? Treated unfairly with it??

YEAH I HEARD ABOUT THIS THE OTHER DAY FROM A FRIEND : - ( it makes me pretty sad because I really liked a lot of the community on tapastic! a lot of people are very sweet

I’m gonna have to start looking for either another site to host my comics, or try to set up my own site (We all know how dyslexic I am and terrible at managing even my own blog, so hopefully the former) 

if anyone knows any good hosting sites or something please hit me up I am desperate and also So very poor

I am your partner.
Happy bithday Tsuki-san!!!・:゚*:・。゚ぉ誕生日(★´∀`)
  • Ravenclaw: There's going to be snow!
  • Sytherin: Yup, enough to bury small animals.
  • Ravenclaw: Why must you be like this?
  • Slytherin: Why are you so excited about it?
  • Ravenclaw: Because now I can sit in front of the fireplace and read books.
  • Slytherin: You do that anyway.
  • Ravenclaw: Yeah, but now there's aesthetic.