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Methods of resistance

I’ve talked about how we must fight and resist the coming regime (and let’s be honest: it’s going to be a regime) but I haven’t given any specifics on how to do it.  Here is a numbered list on how you can resist.

  1. Document everything.  Not just online, but offline as well.  Pin those instances of harassment, brutality, propaganda, etc. that you see, but also keep a scrapbook of things that are printed out.  Computers can be hacked; social media can be censored and shut down.  Having multiple records of oppression is important when it comes to proving oppression.
  2. Support organizations dedicated to civil rights and free speech.  Support them with donations, especially recurring ones, and support them by volunteering.  Look at both national organizations and local organizations.  For example, the SPLC or your local chapter of the ACLU, ProPublica or FreePress.net, LGBTQ rights organizations, minority protection groups.
  3. Follow and boost the voices at risk for silencing. Tell others who you’re following.  Follow marginalized people on your social media.  Follow reporters.  Follow artists and creatives.  Retweet, reblog, share to Facebook, boost their voices.  If social media is a vehicle for change then we need to be in the driver’s seat.  Marginalized voices are marginalized because there are so few of them and often the majority does not believe what they say.  In any oppressive regime, the first people to be silenced are the dissenters, the truth-tellers, the creatives.  We have the power now to disseminate information at an incredibly fast rate.  We can’t let that go to waste.
  4. Get creative.  Write, draw, paint, sing, compose, dance.  Express yourself through the arts.  Express your feelings and your views openly and loudly.  The quality of it does not matter.  You must create, and not let anything stifle the impulse.  Art is the medium of resistance.  Throughout history oppressive regimes have silenced writers and composers.  Books have been burned, art has been destroyed, composers have been jailed.  Share art, and also create art.
  5. Take joy anywhere you can find it.  The goal of oppressive regimes is to keep the population depressed and unwilling to do anything.  A gray, bleak existence fuels inactivity.  Be happy whenever you can, celebrate those things in life that are causes for joy.  Anything that makes you smile, little or big, is precious.  Laugh and be carefree - that’s the heart of resistance.
  6. Reach out and stay connected.  Check on your friends and family often. Reach out to the communities in your neighborhood who are at risk.  Black people, Muslims, south Asians, Latinxs, and LGBTQ are all under the crosshairs now.  All PoCs, LGBTQ, and the disabled will be in danger, especially those people whose identities intersect.  Go check out your local mosque or synagogue.  Visit a temple.  Let people know you stand with them.  Don’t just call, show up.  Involve yourself and take part in their events.  Put your body in front of theirs.  Make it personal.
  7. Make and rehearse a plan of action for when you see harassment.  Don’t just come up with the plan; act it out.  Rehearse it so that when you are witness to harassment, you intervene quickly.  What will you say?  What actions do you take?  How do you document, and when do you begin filming or recording (this goes right back to point #1)?  Be secure in your plan.  Even if it’s something as simple as ripping down hatespeech in posters plastered around your town.  Speak out, document, intervene, engage.
  8. Know your rights.  Memorize the parts of the Constitution or Bill of Rights that are most pertinent to what you’ll be doing, and be able to speak the exact language aloud.  Be familiar with the other rights granted to us as citizens of the United States.  Understand what due process is.  Research state and federal law to see what other rights or actions are afforded to you.  Keep on your person or memorize the contact info of an attorney or firm that will defend you in case anything happens (civil rights attorneys, criminal defense attorneys), and create a chain of contacts that will get the word out if things go pear-shaped.
  9. Create a community.  A community works better than any individual.  A community can be large or small, and can put pressure on organizations such as the police when injustice occurs.  A single voice can be ignored, but not the voice of many.

I apologize for the length of the post, and I’m saddened I even feel a need to write this in the year 2016.  But what Trump proposes to do to Muslims is frightening, and even the idea of it should never be entertained.  He’s filling his cabinet with people who will shape policy for the worse.  We must, must resist.

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  • Me: Just keep your head down. Be Burr, not Hamilton.
  • Me, fifteen seconds later: aND ANOTHER THING

for future reference:

please take a few extra seconds to be careful about how you word things around me. i have bpd as well as years of emotional abuse behind me, so my brain automatically translates anything with negative connotation into either “i hate you, i want you dead, i want you to be upset, and/or everything bad is your fault and you deliberately decide to be a horrible person”. basically, if it can be taken the wrong way, i can’t help but take it the wrong way or assume you mean something hurtful by it. i literally can’t control it. and leaving me with that assumption results in Not Good Things, both online and offline. so if i do assume something bad about your message when you didn’t mean anything bad, just kindly clarify that and i’ll understand. there’s also a chance that i sound bitchy when i didn’t intend to, so double-checking with me can also clear that up as well. 

Good god. How exhausted, stressed out and scatter-brained does one have to be to forget an important date like the anniversary of a series of comics that’s been going for 2 years now?

I don’t wish to go too deep into my own personal problems offline, but what I will say is things haven’t been great, so schedules for my own projects have either been set back or put on hold. Still, I really do mean when I say thank you. Thank you all for sticking by me, and thanks for being so supportive.

I feel like this’ll be a good update since there’s a lot of negative currently. I went out for the first time (well.. second technically) with my arm exposed and surprise nothing happened no one looked, stared, no questions, no weird looks, nothing. The only thing I got was a guy saying “man that must have been a hell of an accident looks like a quad, you four wheel man?” I just said yeah shredded my arm sure (whatever people assume totally let them, they won’t ask just agree). This isn’t the only good experience I’ve had offline with my arm scar most think it’s an accident, burn, or just really rad. Do not let the scary scar deter you away from phalloplasty, there will be bad times/experiences those things happen, but these good ones outweigh all.

Things I want: more ships
Things that are stupidly difficult for me to get: ships

Let’s talk about art

Okay, in all the years of me doing art and posting on the internet and being around on different sites, there is one thing that I think everyone has encountered. There seems to be this really weird hierarchy to artists and how their work is valued.

I am a traditional artist, and I feel like the only way a traditional artist can be valued on the internet is by already being established, professional, have a photo-realistic style, or work in paint/watercolour or markers.
On the internet, there is a general consensus and attitude that the right way for an artist to go is digital art. I can’t even tell how many artists I’ve seen starting out and feeling like they need to drop money to buy a tablet before they even start to do art. Many artists that do a lot of digital art feel like their traditional works aren’t up to par with the standards of the internet. [I would even go as far as to say that traditional art is sort of seen as unprofessional on the internet– you didn’t invest in a tablet or some program and traditional art is relatively more accessible in some ways, anyone can pick it up and do it. I mean, all you really need to get started is a pencil, paper, and some way to post it (and I mean, cell phones are becoming part of the standard of living in most places now). Just because it’s accessible shouldn’t devalue someone’s work though– I mean, an artist just starting out with a pencil and paper or ms paint should not be devalued if they make the “wrong choice”.]
Everywhere you go on the internet, there is the assumption that every artists is a digital artist because that’s the normalized expectation. As a result, traditional artists and artwork are sort of left out, excluded. The majority of art tutorials are how to work in SAI or Photoshop or whatever program. Heck, the majority of post on this site about ‘artist things’ are almost purely about digital art– I’ve kinda thought about making my own because I can’t relate to them!
On the internet, traditional artists who work just as hard as digital artist, take just as much pride (some would argue more but I’m not a pretentious mofo), and are just as much a person as anyone else, they become largely left out because they don’t meet the “standard” that is now required to be taken seriously.
As a whole, traditional art isn’t valued as much on the internet as digital art is.

On the flip side, the very same thing can be applied vice-versa. The hierarchy gets flipped and off the internet, there is this really weird and pretentious thing that digital art has less value because you “didn’t do it by hand, you used a computer!” or “oh, digital art is easy!”
I don’t think artists are or should be doomed to this unfair valuing of their work.
I mean, because of digital art being so prominent on the internet, there has been a push for digital artists to be taken seriously offline as well, and there are a lot of wonderful avenues for that with gaming, animation, cons, and prints and other things! With more digital artists and more demand to be taken seriously, they are starting to get the recognition they deserve offline as well as online.

Of course though, the internet and computers and everything being digital, it does make sense for artists to go digital as well. I mean, artists using watercolour and markers do relatively okay because those mediums give the same finish that is supposed to be the standard of expectation on the internet. Setting that look as the standard for artists though, is unfair because not all art looks like that! Heck, setting any sort of standard on how art is “supposed” to look for it to be good is outrageous and counter-intuitive! Several art movements even started because artists got pissed with some people for trying to set a standard to how art “should be”. An artist that wants to work in colour pencil (even Faber Castell), should not be valued less than the artist that wants to work in Copic markers just because it doesn’t have that ‘digital-art-esque-finish’.

Ultimately, what I’m saying is this: hey, we are all artists, and we all work hard and we would all like to be taken seriously for our work wherever we go! We make things for ourselves, to make people happy, to make them sad, to make ourselves happy or sad, to be excited and passionate about things, to share our feelings and ideas, to make a living, and just to have fun!
There’s a really fucking stupid hierarchy to this shit and it hurts a lot of us.
Please respect all of us and our work, wherever we go, online and offline, we’re still artists.

There are too many people on Tumblr saying such cruel and hurtful things to others, usually just because they disagree with them, don’t understand them, don’t like them or are afraid of them. I see so many communities, of all types, fighting with other communities and almost as much hate directed inwards, towards people within their own community. Can you imagine how indescribably horrible it would be if everyone behaved the exact same way offline as they do online?

Please remember that, while your words don’t hurt you, you could be causing unimaginable hurt to the person you’re directing them at. You have no idea what that person is already dealing with, what you may be adding to, no idea what effect your words really have on them. The world can be such a cruel place already and some people’s lives are really hard, some people are already hurting so deeply, so why would you want to make life even harder for them? You cannot get anything of any worth out of it.
We’re all *more* than capable of being better than that, so BE better than that.

If you wouldn’t say whatever you’re planning on saying to that person’s face (be honest with yourself. 10 times out of 10, you know you wouldn’t), don’t say it online. If you disagree with someone, if you don’t like them, whatever your issue is, don’t harass them, just block them. You won’t have to deal with them again AND you don’t have to act like a terrible person! Win win! 😁

So, please, people of Tumblr, think before you speak! I promise you’ll be better for it.

This planet sorely lacks love, so let’s focus on creating more, not taking what little we have away!


(please don’t delete my caption, sweet angels!)

tawaranotohta  asked:

hahahahahahahahahahaha as someone who has been EXTREMELY active in the autistic community (both online and offline) for YEARS, I have never ONCE encountered ANY autistic person using "aspec" to refer to autistic spectrum! It is ALWAYS "ASD" (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) or "on the spectrum" or, yknow, JUST "AUTISTIC" (the caps aren't a jab at you i'm just kinda infuriated at the people pulling this because they're doing the autism mom thing of TALKING OVER US AUTISTICS)

I understand!! I’m really grateful to have some actually autistic opinions on this.

–Mod Mercy

Do You Have A.D.D.?
I've always wondered if I have A.D.D. so let's find out together if I do! This is obviously not going to very super accurate and a proper assessment by a pro...

I’ve been diagnosed with ADD. (I wanted to do the test myself, just to see what would come up but the site takes a million years to load then tells me the test is offline haha ok.)

When it comes to fidgety or not able to sit still….. I would rock back and forth subconsciously, usually because something is going on with me that I’m extremely stressed out about, weather I’m thinking about said thing or its on the back burner. I’d also do it if I’m just lost in many thoughts, my mind is going a mile a minute. I rarely do it now but I used to a lot, it would make me feel better. I don’t know where I picked it up from or why I do it.

People always get mad when I’m not paying attention, even if its an important conversation that I’m even interested in. I also blurt shit out while others’ speak and they get so annoyed and they say “I was talking!” like I don’t mean to, shit just comes out and often if I don’t say it NOW, I will forget a minute later because my memory is AWFUL. 

I pace an extreme amount on the phone, my mom would always make a joke about it lol!

Majority of the time I walk into a room I forget why, I lose things even when its in my hand and i panic. I’m extremely absent minded and someone could tell me something and I will hear them and understand them and a minute later its gone.

Online Presence, Local Advertising

The last few months have brought little content from me. I simply haven’t had much to say about starting a club. I have simply been training my students and myself. In my personal life I have been busy. I’m going to school to decide what career I will do.

So let’s cut to the meat of the post. Your online presence is important. We can use social media to quickly coordinate classes, share pictures and video, and discuss this hobby. What’s more important is your offline presence. You need posters, cards, and to reach out to local communities. This may involve demonstrations and workshop classes. This may also involve lectures at local schools. One thing the NSA has had success with, is practicing in the public parks.

That said, a good online presence can make up where you fall short in local outreach. HEMA is getting larger. People are more likely to find your club through a website, Facebook group, the HEMA Alliance club finder, and local forums.

You will need Twitter as a quick way to make announcements for your club. It’s useful for that. And many people who are physically active use Twitter. You will need a Facebook group and page. Everyone uses it. If you don’t exist on Facebook, you don’t exist at all. Instagram and Tumblr are great for image sharing and micro blogging respectively.

Much of the HEMA community exists on YouTube. However many clubs use it for sharing interpretations, sparring, tournaments, and lectures. If you’re not ready for that content, hold off on video. However you can use it to upload private videos to share with more experienced instructors. Which can be a benefit to you.

You will also need your own website. I am personally allergic to technology, despite being twenty nine. Swords are pretty low tech, and the most new thing on my motorcycle is the steel braided brake lines. But I went out and designed one for the club. And using wordpress, it wasn’t that hard.

As a parting shot, remember that the web is great for reaching out across the globe. But boots on the ground are ultimately the way to get the most people in your club.

Hey everyone! Just wanted to make a quick update post on my activity, since I’ve been on and off and I’ve trying to keep up with things as best I can. Work has me pretty swamped during the weekdays and sometimes on the weekends, which is why everything for the past few weeks have been queued. I’m also working on designing more items to sell at a convention this upcoming April. Basically, everything’s super busy on my end, and I always feel bad that I can’t be here as often as I’d like (adulting sucks D:). I do plan on making content and more events for the upcoming comeback. I’m not sure what exactly I have planned yet, but I’m leaning towards more art/pixel things, if you guys are interested. These will be especially for any new followers that haven’t had any events to participate in so that we can have some fun ^^ So, things are slow for now, but by the end of this month and March I’ll try to have posts ready for you guys c: Anyway, I have a queue for today, and I’ll be online tomorrow, so I’ll see you all later! Have a wonderful day!! <3 ^^ 


ENG: hello,i’m here to thank the 3K, personally i’m very happy and grateful for all the warmth and love that you have given me and the army-stuff! i promise to do my best every day to make things more beautiful and quality to you, forgive me for sometimes i get some time offline,but i’ll never abandon you and the blog,thank you for everything! •°*°•..¸¸.*♡

PT: olá,eu estou aqui para agradecer aos 3K ,pessoal eu tô muito feliz e grata por todo carinho e amor que vocês tem dado á mim e ao army-stuff! prometo me esforçar para cada dia fazer coisas mais bonitas e com qualidade para vocês,me perdoem por ás vezes eu ficar algum tempo offline,mas eu nunca vou abandonar vocês e o blog,obrigada por tudo! •°*°•..¸¸.*♡

•°*°•..¸¸.*♡ smile,i love you so much  •°*°•..¸¸.*♡

Lisa ☼

Leaving for a while.

Hey everyone. I’m so sorry to do this. I’m going to be offline for a while. I need to do some stuff to get ready for my next big step in my life. I just got a scholarship to my favorite college I probably shouldn’t brag but dag I amaze and astonish. Yeah….also things have kinda gotten bad. My family life isn’t so great. People are fighting. I can’t wait to leave. I’ll be back in a few months maybe sooner. I will respond to messages if you need me. Thank you for being such a great community.

anonymous asked:

If the thing about hacks being patched is true and you have to update to even play acnl, could I still hack if I have a second 3ds? Like if I don't update it and don't actually launch the game, just use soundhax to export and import. Do you think that would work? :( this sucks

if your second DS is offline, and if you do NOT update the second DS that you use for hacking then your soundhax is completely okay for use. And you may transfer your cartridge to your updated DS if you would like to access online play, I think for now you can still access online play if your wifi is on as long as you DON’T UPDATE on ONE of your DS’s, then your hacks should be fine.

Dear Followers,

 I’m jumping offline for a while. Umm, thanks for all your asks so far and for being the best blog followers ever. Connor and I seem to be a thing now too.. which is… something. I’m not sure what yet. But, hopefully it will be nice. I still don’t know what he sees in me…

I’ll be back later on though! Once I finish this study and stuf? Umm, yeah, so, bye for now



Opening Sims 4 Offline???

Someone said they were not opening Sims 4 online to bypass the patch…how in the hell do you do that???? It won’t do anything while its offline…I know i can “play” offline, but I have to be logged in to open the game. Does anyone know a workaround?  My internet is shit atm and dling the patch at 47KB per second…it is seriously going to be HOURS before I can play and I just want to check a few things I made. UGH!!!!!!

On top of that!!! S4S is patching and that is taking F O R E V E R so i cant even make CC…..today is a fail sims 4 day if there ever was one.

So there’s this fella I’ve been questing with/helping out for the past like, 3-4 days and he’s quite nice. Probably somewhere in the 18-22 range?? He’s not that much younger/older than me given what I have gleaned…anywho good to have conversation with when I do want to talk, stuff like that. 

At one point when we first started questing together we wrapped up for the night and he bid farewell with “night good looking” then promptly got offline. hm, ignores that but w/e. Next time he makes an offhand thing about a spell which transforms a character temporarily and how he likes the spell but of course he’s more handsome than the actual spell. *rolls eyes* I generally ignored that too. Besides those two things he really hasn’t been an issue….

Then he asks what I did for Valentine’s Day today. MmmmK. So I said the truth. S/O came over to do something for my dad by request then spent some time with me. Then I asked him about his. He replied with “usual. sleeping and watching tv.” When I remarked back that that sounded like a good day anyways he was like “sure” and didn’t talk for a little while when we did the next dungeon run.

Like, lmao dude. If you like/liked me in that way I don’t care. You’ve known me for 3-4 days pfft. Chill yer rockets. If it was for curiosity’s sake then I digress. But it really didn’t seem so on his reaction.

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