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The Pokeani Cast as Youtubers

Ash:  Starts as a small-time gaming Let’s Player who aspires to make it big. After a particularly viral episode on a game that proves to be ridiculously popular, he gains a massive following. Eventually teams up with Gary and Paul to make a triumvirate of Let’s Plays/Reviews. Has attempted speed-runs on livestreams but tends to trip over himself time and time again. You can always hear Gary laughing in the back. He tried running a Pokemon Battling vlog channel, but kept getting distracted by the battles to make anything of them.

Gary: Catapulting to from his already big name on other social media, Gary starts his own Let’s Play channel. It’s pretty laid back with him just playing games for laughs, but gets more serious when he sees Ash climbing towards him in terms of subscription numbers. After some contention between the two, they make nice, even eventually deciding to team up with Paul to make a mega channel that becomes one of the staples of the youtubing community.

Misty: Outdoors vlogging (usually around water-based environments), with her showing off cool habitats for Pokemon (especially water-types). Knows Ash offline, so sometimes she’s able to convince him to act as cameraman for her more physically demanding excursions. You can hear him complaining from behind the camera oftentimes in these cases. She edits out the numerous encounters with bug Pokemon.

Brock: His channel is one that’s changed a lot over the years. It started off as a AMV channel with a heavy romantic tilt. Then morphed into an amateur cooking vlog. While he kept doing these at least once a week, the rest of his uploads shifted towards fairly well edited animated videos of Pokemon Breeding Lectures with him narrating in the background, and occasionally appearing on screen to demonstrate the concept. As of late, the content has taken a shift towards the medical side of Pokemon, and it’s stayed there ever since. The cooking show is still a staple of his channel though. Always expect cameos from his various siblings.

Tracey: A purely animation channel (sprinkled with creator vlogs). He started mostly just animating talking Pokemon, but eventually began animating people as well. He likes to animate his friends and fellow youtubers, such as Misty and Ash and their pokemon. He struggled to make a name for himself at first, but the resurgence of the popularity of animation on youtube, he’s found himself rising to great and well-deserved popularity. He now regularly has guest youtubers voicing some of his characters.

May: Not the most focused channel in terms of themes, but an entertaining one nonetheless. Aptly named: May’s Expeditions. There’s a lot to be found her from short videos of her Pokemon doing cute things, to hastily shot backstage hijinks at Contests, videos of her on the road between contests, and plenty of Noodle shop recommendations. Drew is an “unwilling” participant in many of these. Loved by her fans for her energy and positivity, not to mention some of the hilarity that ensues.

Max: Pokemon Battle analyses and strategy training guides. He started off a bit dry, and had a hard time accruing followers since he felt he needed to be very rigid in order to appear legitimate. However, as his own experience in the field evolved, and recognized that some personality was essential to the viewing experience, he’s become a well-recognized channel. May sometimes co-hosts when he does coordinator specific segments or videos. Bitter rivals with Conway’s channel that showcases the same content.

Drew: Initially just a Pokemon Contest care channel, but his uploads became more and more irregularly scheduled as he gained more and more presence on May’s channel. He converted it to a promotional channel for his exhibitions when he became a member of the Coordinator’s Association.

Dawn: Has three channels actually: One for high fashion and all things associated with it (for both people and Pokemon); and one related to tips and helpful lessons for starting coordinators. She eventually created a new channel along with Serena who had a similar channel for Performers. Given the many parallels between the two, and how well they worked together as a team, they felt it was only natural that they collaborate. Serena regularly guest stars on her fashion channel as well. (Credit to @sceptlle for their post that inspired this one in its entirety, as well as the originator of the idea for the Dawn-Serena channel).

Zoey: A politically active vlog talking primarily on LGBTQ+ issues and broadcasting problems in society, the Pokemon League, the Coordinator’s Association, and their associated media outlets. Regularly uses her channel to promote and direct people to rallies in an effort to bring about change. The rest of her videos are meant to educate people, both in the LGBTQ+ community and outside of it, about issues that affect its people.

Ursula: A vlog channel chronicling all the finer things in life… if you have the money for it. No, it’s not youtube red, but it’s definitely talking on subjects that you probably couldn’t even care about unless you had the money to procure them. She talks about her yachts, her mansions, extraordinarily expensive makeovers, clothing, and anything else her heart desires. There are the rare vlogs that has her somewhat quietly devolve into a more poignant subject that isn’t entirely selfish, or at least reveals a bit about the girl behind the rich girl veneer that she showcases readily to the world.

Conway: The archrival to Max’s battle analysis/strategy channel. It doesn’t quite find as much success in terms of subscriptions, but those that view his videos regularly swear by his tactics as being some of the most sound advice a pokemon trainer can receive. He tends to leave a lot of comments on Dawn’s videos.

Paul: When asked why he didn’t make a Pokemon Battle Strategy channel, he replied simply with “Why should I share my strategies with my opponents”. However, the idea of a youtube channel lingered in his mind, and during a particularly slow off-season, he made a gaming youtube channel. Naturally, as Paul would, he put 110% into it, becoming something of a hardcore gamer and gaming completionist in his spare time. The channel tended to drop dead during the main tournament season, but it would always pick back up between those times. To try and keep subscriptions, during his busier times, he would deliver gaming infrequent game reviews instead, as they were much less time intensive that what he did in the off-season. He was known for his extreme critiques, but any praise seemed to garner the game to which he gave it much attention. Ash invited Paul on board his and Gary’s collaborative gaming channel, where Paul now handles most critiques and achievement challenges. His rants on this channel while playing are legendary, no doubt a product of Gary making small, nuanced efforts to provoke them. Memes have been made by virtue of this.

Cilan: His is one subchannel of a trio run by his triplet brothers. While the majority of his videos tend to focus on gourmet meals, Pokemon Battling, and his work as a Connoisseur, he routinely demonstrates that his a youtubing connoisseur of everything. You’ll find videos about trains, mysteries, fishing, and anything else he can claim to be an expert of. He routinely cameos in his brothers’ videos. Cress’ channel is a hyper-focused wine-tasting channel, while Chili’s is quite literally all over the place (and not in the organized way Cilan’s is). Chili’s youtube channel went dead for a solid year while Chili migrated over to Vine, which suited him much better. He’s since returned after the tragic death of that platform. Burgundy would like it known that she is ABSOLUTELY NOT SUBSCRIBED TO HIS CHANNEL.

Iris: It took Iris forever to make the channel, and forever to start posting to it, but when she did, it was of two themes: The outdoors, and Dragons. It’s usually shake-y cam videos of her watching wild dragon pokemon and her squeeing about them from behind the camera. She’s learned enough about editing to make collages of her travels set to serene music that many people looking for relaxation tracks tend to favour while writings/studying/reading. Cilan occasionally helps her on both the filming and editing side of the process and sometimes guest-stars. He’s usually not as enthused about the excursions as she is, especially if vine swinging is involved. She and Misty have been considering doing some collab videos, given some of the parallel themes between their channels. Encounters with Ice Types are edited out with extreme prejudice.

Burgundy and Georgia: Very, very, salty collab vlogs. Usually with thinly veiled jabs at Cilan and Iris respectively. Georgia sometimes posts her pranking videos on here, much to Burgundy’s objection… Unless Cilan’s the victim.

Trip: The photography slideshow video channel. He has probably the most videos uploaded of anyone on this list, all nicely themed and set to very appropriate music for the landscape/subjects involved. The only breaks in these are his weekly photography tip videos, which involve everything from dissertations on equipment to shooting styles.

Clemont: THE SCIENCE CHANNEL! It’s very stylistically reminiscent of Bill Nye’s old show, and he’ll show and tell you about everything from Biology to Engineering to Astrophysics. Bonnie is a frequent, almost regular, co-host and a crowd favourite, since she tends to bring a great air of comedy to the show that Clemont seemed to lack. Especially when she gets to point out his silly-absurdly-long-named-apparatuses, as well as her deadpan reactions to invention failures. Lots of 80s/90s graphics inspirations to be found here. Serena and/or Ash sometimes appear on these videos as well, fielding very different reactions to his lessons and works of engineering.

Bonnie: Despite her consistent presence on her brother’s channel, she actually has one of her own. Hers is quite literally a channel where she’s determined to make a video of her hugging every single cute pokemon known to man. That is to say, all pokemon. At her brother’s advice, and to fill out more content in her videos, she talks about some of their unique characteristics, and why she adores them so. Probably one of the cutest channels on youtube. All the ‘React’ channels want her as a guest.

Serena: In addition to her first channel which was simply a ‘How-to Pokemon Performer’s channel’, she’s now working with Dawn in the unified Coordinators-Performer’s Channel which showcases tips/tricks/lessons as well as promoting great causes that either support the these two disciplines, or utilize the disciplines as a means to raise money for other worthy causes. She also anonymously runs a quiet Ash Ketchum appreciation channel that has compilations of his battles and appearances on his and other youtube channels. Only Clemont knows about it, and it was because he accidentally walked in on her editing one. Of course, he keeps her secret, and occasionally passes along video clips of Ash to her that he knows she would like.

Mairin: Posts Chibi animated videos of her and Alain, supposedly based on real adventures and battles she and he have fought. Alain gruffly accepts this, despite some of the embarrassment it’s caused him (especially that battle against the Mega Slowbro). She sometimes works with Tracey, a fellow animator on youtube.

Alain: He never says his name or shows his face on camera, but everyone who knows him knows its him because his blue scarf falls into shot sometimes. Plays edge-y metal re-imaginings of songs from movies, games, and other media.

Sawyer: When people heard he was going to make a youtube channel, they expected a battle analysis channel much like Conway’s or Max’s. Instead, they got a Steven Stone fan-channel. It’s actually surprisingly well received, if a little niche.

Mallow: A fully dedicated home cooking channel! She tends to work on her own for the most part, but when it comes to her taste tests at the end of a show, she usually drags Kiawe (though Lillie sometimes falls into this role as well) into the hot-seat. The results are usually pretty mixed according to him. She’s known for her ‘unusual’ ingredient combinations or inspirations. She’s been approached for collabs by Brock and Cilan, but hasn’t decided on how to make it work since they live so far away.

Lillie: Of all the youtubers, Lillie is probably the most recent addition. She’s not found a big direction yet for her videos, but thus far, it’s been more focused on Pokemon Food, its creation, and which types like which kinds best. 

Kiawe: His is an obscure youtube channel, for which he’s partially grateful. All of his videos are fairly amateur attempts to capture his hidden passion: Dancing! He updates sporadically, and hasn’t gained a great subscriber base yet. He’s deathly afraid of what will happen if his friends find out about it, but can’t bring himself to take them down.

Lana: Her channel is actually fairly unique, in that she’s actually gone through great pain and effort to acquire scuba gear and an underwater camera so she can film the underwater environments of Alolan Pokemon. She hopes one day that she can simply use Popplio’s bubble’s to achieve the same effect, but is well versed enough to use the gear to film some fantastic videos. You’ll seldom hear her voice in these videos (only dubbing over the footage usually), but she tends to overlay some very serene and aquatically themed music on the videos. Misty is naturally a huge fan of this channel.

Sophocles: Sophocles runs a tech-y variety channel that runs more on livestreams than it does videos. He runs a regular ‘Tech Help’ Livestream, where he has people in the chat ask him questions that he answers to help with their various issues with computers, machinery, and the like. He’s also a big gamer, so naturally, he reviews and plays games live as well. Further, he’s a big figure of the various tech/gaming cons that take place on the various islands of Alola over the course of the year. He’s looking to expand that portfolio beyond his home region eventually. He reposts all the archived listreams to youtube after the broadcasts are finished to chronicle them for people to refer to later.

Who You Should Fight: Greek Gods Edition, Part II
  • Amphitrite: I think I saw this movie. It was called The Perfect Storm, yeah?
  • Triton: Well, he has a fish tail instead of legs for starters. In water, you're boned. On land, ironically, smooth sailing.
  • Eros: This is arguably an even worse idea than fighting his mom. Try online dating, it's roughly the same thing minus the arrows (usually).
  • Psyche: How do you feel about swarms of ants?
  • Phobos & Deimos: I'm begging you, beat the shit out of these two. Arguably the only one who has it coming more is their dad. Sure, their weapons are terrifying (literally), but it's nothing several years of therapy won't fix. Strong advantage if you're already dead inside.
  • Eris: One time she didn't get invited to a wedding and in retaliation started the Trojan War. I'm not really sure what she'd do to someone who punched her. Let us know how it works out, yeah?
  • Ganymede: You could fight Ganymede. You could beat Ganymede. Make sure you get your own drinks from now on unless you like them with a shot of loogie.
  • Ariadne: Oh my god why? Why would you want to do this. Why would you even think about doing this. What kind of a kitten-punching monster are you?
  • Hypnos: Only if you are a chronic insomniac. In that case, this asshole has it coming. Absolutely fight Hypnos. He won't even wake up. You'll vent your aggressions and get away clean.
  • Morpheus: Tbh not as much of a pushover as his dad, but still probably deserves it. If you don't want to take the gamble, beat up his dad twice instead.
  • Thanatos: This is actually a fight you could win. It's happened before. Bring on the zombie apocalypse.
  • Hecate: Okay so three goddesses walk into a bar: a maid, a mother, and a crone. With them they have torches, dogs, and a procession of restless spirits. This isn't the start of a joke, this is what that fight would look like. Your call.
  • Charon: Just give him a fucking coin jfc. Your lack of respect for manual laborers disgusts me.
  • Styx: This is a goddess so badass Zeus himself wouldn't break an oath to her. Plus I mean, who doesn't like "Show Me the Way"?
  • Phlegethon: Few buckets of water and this guy is toast. Or... the opposite thereof, I guess.
  • Cocytus: This guy is so pathetic and annoying even he'd probably beat himself up.
  • Acheron: Seems fancy but really only marginally less pathetic and annoying than Cocytus. In fact you could probably take both of them out at once with a single punch.
  • Lethe: This would... wait, what was the question?
  • Mnemosyne: Oh, right. Yeah, fight Mnemosyne. Remembering stuff is bullshit.
  • Themis: She'll see it coming from a mile away.
  • Nike: Just Do It. Nah I'm totally kidding she'd paste you.
  • Nemesis: She is the personification of vengeance. Her fucking name is literally "Nemesis." The hell is wrong with you?
  • Tyche: Dude, don't burn this bridge. Don't fight Tyche. Take her to Vegas with you instead.
  • The Moirai: It is myth canon you do not fuck with the Fates. If nothing else, they are armed with a spindle, a rod, and shears. Do not fuck with the Fates.
  • The Anemoi: These guys totally deserve it as they are unilaterally little shits, but also they are air. If you could find a way to flash freeze this biz, do it and knock their brittle asses out.
  • The Muses: There are nine of them. They don't even have to be competent fighters (and lbr, at least three of them are probably fit for MMA), they could just dog-pile on you. Bring your own squad if you really need to do this.
  • Eileithyia: Never fight anyone with a name this long and hard to spell. These fuckers had to stay put in kindergarten writing it all out repeatedly while the Emmas and the Jacks were finished and playing outside. That's hardcore. They are not fucking around.
  • Asclepius: Bees. No wait that was Aristaeus. This is the guy who brings back the dead. Dead bees. Zombees.

1/? Favorite Cersei Lannister moments.

So my three favorite ladies in Game of Thrones are Catelyn, Sansa, and Cersei. All of these ladies receive a lot of hate within the fandom, but the one I’m choosing to focus on today is Cersei. I’m going to preface this with I do not excuse a lot of her actions and I do hold her accountable for them, but that doesn’t make me hate her because the fact of the matter is she’s a well written character.

Let me just start off with the fact that Cersei’s main trope is one that we see in male characters a lot. The powerless individual seeking power and doing bad things with it in order to maintain it once it’s finally gained.  This usually is seen in the nerdy guy(s) and the example I can most readily think of would be the Trio (Jonathan, Warren, and Andrew) in Buffy season 6. However, with Cersei her lack of power isn’t rooted in being nerdy, it’s rooted in the fact she is a woman. I think the fact she grew up with a twin brother definitely heightened this acute awareness she has of her level of power. While Jaime was being taught how to fight with swords, she was being taught how to courtesy. She listened to all the words of wisdom her father bestowed upon Jaime and wanted to actualize those lessons for herself.

However, this is Westeros. Cersei could never be a knight or be a lord or even rule. So her whole life she wanted the things that Jaime could have, yet was constantly denied them which made her thirst for power of her own. The thing is, she never really achieves as much. When it comes down to it, she’ll never have any real agency over herself when it comes to her father which I believe just makes her more desperate for power. But for a while when she was younger, it was all fine. First she believed she would wed Rhaegar and be queen, but then she didn’t. That was all fine and well though because she would be marrying the new king and she would be queen of the seven kingdoms. She would finally have that sense of power she always craved, right? Wrong.

Much like Sansa, I think younger Cersei had it in her mind that her marriage to Robert would be everything she always dreamed of just as Sansa does with Joffrey. Given, just as many hate on Sansa, but that is a whole other can of worms. The point is, Cersei actually goes into this marriage expecting something amazing and in return ends up with an abusive drunken oaf who is still “in love with” (using quotes because Ned makes it clear in the books Robert hardly knew Lyanna outside her beauty which is creepy and obsessive) a dead women. For a time, Cersei believes they can still have love, but finally accepts that she will never have that. So instead, here she is the queen, but she has no real influence. Her husband could not care about her opinions so she’s back to where she’s always been—a fiery woman stuck playing the part of proper Westerosi lady.

The mistreatment delivered by Robert likely only heightens this desire Cersei has for power. Here we have a prideful women who has always believed gaining power is the most important thing in life because of the lessons her father bestowed and here she is again, essentially still powerless and in a marriage she hates. So of course being the determined women she is, Cersei is going to do whatever it takes to gain that power.  So Robert’s death is arranged and she thinks she finally has a chance of just that. With her son on the throne and Ned Stark named a traitor she should be all powerful as Queen Regent. Except she isn’t because Joffrey doesn’t listen to her. (Ex: Cersei wanted Ned Stark to take the black and Joffrey has him killed… though theoretically the knight should have been following Cersei’s orders. Another instance of power she believes is hers being taken from her.)

Now as for the children not being Robert’s, I believe that’s a great victory for her. Her relationship with Jaime is the one thing she has full control of over in her life and that was a win against Robert for her. Now a lot of people call her a bitch in her relationship with Jaime, but I think they’re missing a big part of who Cersei is. Cersei is too prideful to admit how much she missed Jaime or to give up her position as Queen Regent to wed him as he wishes she would. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him and in expecting as much from her in the first place is a fundamental misunderstanding of who she is on Jaime’s behalf. I think they both see each other as this mirror of themselves that often times they do actually forget that they’re different people. It is why Cersei is angry instead of being able to actually comfort him about his hand. Not that this is right, but it’s Cersei.

On top of this, upon Jaime’s return her father has already decided to marry her off to Loras Tyrell. Here she is the Queen Regent and she still has no agency of herself. That’s psychologically damaging which will show more as the seasons/books progress.

She also gets a lot of hate for her treatment of Tyrion, but it’s how she’s seen her father treat him and she admittedly has never trusted him because of the whole valanquor thing. That is furthered when he ships her daughter off.

Basically, Cersei is a very flawed character who does some terrible things, but her motivations and desires are clear and make sense given the life she’s led.  Through her children and Jaime we see she’s still capable of love, but that doesn’t take away from her faults and I think it’s really great that it doesn’t take away from her faults. She’s an antagonist. She exists to cause trouble for the protagonists in this game of thrones. However, she has clear motivations that make it easy to empathize with where she’s coming from which makes her a fantastic character and I love her despite all the bad she does. And really in this series bad is pretty relative. No one is without faults which is actually probably one of my favorite things in the series.