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Day 2: Lions/Voltron

Featuring Voltron’s cutest Paladin~

(I’ll probably draw the rest of the paladins as well later)

Baseless Power Rangers headcanons just because

• The Power Rangers Soundtrack? More like Zack’s latest mixtape.

• Jason’s father had big plans for his life. He never meant to settle down, especially not in a dinky town like Angel Grove

• Kimberly pretty much disassociated her way through the entirety of her High School career

• Billy’s father was totally clueless. All of his talk about there being “something out there” was just to give his son a purpose. Guess it worked.

• Trini’s abuela is a total drunk and she has no idea where her daughter’s conservative values came from

• All of the Rangers have customized bedrooms in the ship that only reveal themselves when one of the kids (Trini) is searching for the meaning of “home”

• Zordon cyber-stalks the teens’ personal social media pages

• Alpha 5 is always cleaning up after the kids. He feels like an under-appreciated stay-at-home mom 

• All of the notes Zack passes in detention are in Chinese so the other kids have to use google translate. They’re always either extremely lewd or genuine compliments. Sometimes both. 


A few of the flowers we saw walking our favorite local trail.



Au where Patsy’s coming back (to the excitement of everyone at nonnatus), and Delia has missed her but become much closer with the other nurses, and understands that she hasn’t received letters as frequently as she’d like because mourning is hard and HK-London post is atrocious. Phyllis volunteers to drive Delia to the dock when Patsy’s boat is due in, and Delia waits excitedly for her to disembark. Also they kiss at some point.

The Lions as things household cats do because why not:

The Black Lion:
-Doesn’t play with the others much.
-Never starts fights.
-Is always sitting someplace high up, quietly watching.
-Likes to lay on people’s laps.
-Accidentally claws people though.
-Never hisses.
-Yawns a lot.

The Red Lion:
-If another cat goes at them they will not hold back.
-Fights with Blue 90% of time.
-Runs around a lot.
-Meows when it’s time to eat.
-Purrs are surprisingly loud.
-Loves to get their head pet.
-Will butt their head into things affectionately.
-Sleeps with some part of their body leaning against you.

The Green Lion:
-If a fight happens they stay clear of it.
-You’ll almost never see them.
-Likes to hide away when they nap.
-Probably likes to drink water from the sink.
-Gets a puffed up tail when agitated.
-Knows what time it is to eat and will start following you around till you feed them.
-Likes sitting in boxes.

The Yellow Lion:
-Loves laying in the sun.
-The gentle giant.
-Loves to play.
-Never gets in a fight.
-If anything they accidentally start a fight because they play a bit tougher than they mean.
-Meows and looks at you when you call their name.
-Has never done anything wrong in their life???

The Blue Lion:
-Starts some fights. Sometimes on purpose it seems.
-Loves people.
-Will always lay with you when you’re sitting/sleeping.
-Likes to play with the others.
-Fav toy is probably the laser pointer.
-Has tiny meows.
-Is purring 80% of the time.
-Rubs against people’s legs a lot.
-Randomly runs around the house at night.

I befriended one of the new staff members after telling her she looked like a Twin Peaks character (she could be Audrey’s lighter-haired sister). We wear similar glasses frames and red plaid flannels, and I’ve been admiring her crimson hiking boots since I first saw them. I’m having a mustard yellow jacket shipped to me from home which happens to look very similar to *her* mustard yellow jacket. She mentioned that she’s been wanting her own blue puffer vest after noticing mine. We’ve been joking about going twinsies.

Anyway, I sent that video of my shoe to my mother and she immediately admitted that she’d bought me new boots as an Easter gift (we’re not Christian, but it’s her favorite holiday because she loves decorating baskets). She sent me a photo. They’re the same brand and color as my new friend’s.

“I don’t want to make it weird, but one of us is going to have to change,” I said, warning her of the impending awkwardness. We agreed that it’s less weird if it’s intentional, so we’re going to embrace our overlapping fashion tastes and dress like one another on purpose from now on.

When it comes to dynamics with her dragons, Yona and Shin-ah are my favorite duo. I love the impact that she’s had on him, as well as the sides of her that he brings out.


you saw my pain washed out in the rain
broken glass, saw the blood run from my veins
but you saw no fault, no cracks in my heart
and you knelt beside my hope torn apart


help i cant stop drawin my anime kid aaaAAAA (guess they’re officially an OC now… GDI)