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I don’t tend to write long text posts on here cause honestly i don’t feel like i have a big spot within the inner circle for people to hear me out or anything, but today a lot of stuff was happening on my dash and i guess even if it’s not important i just wanted to get some stuff off my chest.

To an outsider or a new fan this might seem stupid, or even to some who’ve been here since WIN as well, but i feel like you should take a step back before you start hating on WINNER fans who are complaining or saying we “should be grateful we got a debut”. 

Cause we fucking earned it. And we had a shitty time during the entire period that damn show lasted. And as hard as it was for team b fans it was pretty clear, with the boys being so young, that if they were to lose they had a second chance, even if it wasn’t at YG. But even YG himself said it, it was either this or the army for team a. The youngest member in WINNER is already 20 years old, and idols these days are debuting younger than ever. Imagine trying to get into a new company when you’re older then the people who are already debuting.

So maybe we make jokes about it and say WIN damaged us or whatever, but it’s not a lie when we say that show was a horrible experience. When you are so certain and you have so much faith in a group’s talent but they’re dream could be taken from them at any second. I can’t even put into words how fucking relieved i was when they won, and how proud i am of them now that they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve.

But we all know how YG works, and as soon as a new act is released the last one is quickly forgotten. It isn’t the same as it was for BIGBANG or 2NE1 when WINNER debuted, cause there’s a 4 year difference between the latest act and them, and they are established artists who bring in the most money for YG. But where’s Lee Hi now that AKMU came out? Why did Seungri get no promotion for his album when GD and Taeyang were advertised all over the place? Why do you think Gummy left the company? 

Personally i have nothing against team b/IKON, i think they deserve a debut just as any other trainee who’s worked their ass off deserves one, but YG’s managing is fucked up, and his preference for certain artists on his company isn’t helping the situation.

So excuse me if i’m scared shitless right now, because if YG can so easily forget about artists who have given him so much and were praised by him on many occasions, what’s stopping him from keeping WINNER away from the public for years now that he’s finally gonna get the boy group he originally wanted.

We went through a shit time during WIN, but it makes it even worse right now to know that for YG all of our effort and the boys’ hard work meant nothing.

Commission announcement

OKAY SO! Basically, here’s the story:

My mother needed me to pay her for some bills– which is totally okay, but that put a pretty big dent in my savings for me to finally go see all my friends at AX.

I need to save like $450 to make it out there and not be panicking about money.

SO, I plan on starting up some $15 coloured sketch bust commissions.

They’ll be coloured p much like these:

I have plenty more examples of my art HERE

SO YEAH. [sweats nervously]

Specials and stuff yeah.

My paypal is jayashleykay@gmail.com if you wanna send me money for no reason at all. B)

Just shoot me an ask if you want a slot.

Cas curing Dean with his now-human blood and Dean saying all this shit to him to manipulate him so he’ll stop.

“You poor, pathetic, lovesick fool. You see my face, Castiel. You know what I am. The only reason you’re doing this is because you want me human again, you want your rebellion to be justified, you want me. You love me.”

And Cas just turns and goes, “Save the hallmark. Nobody gets left behind.”

I’m going to need the opening scene of 5B to be the showdown between McCall’s Pack vs Theo’s zombie pack on the lacrosse field. I want the camera to pan to the bleachers where Deucalion & Peter are sharing a tub of popcorn as they watch on, providing snarky and condescending commentary, holding up cards that rank each swipe, snarl, & slam.  

Then the camera zooms in towards the bleachers and we catch a glimpse of Derek and Stiles passionately making out under the bleachers, oblivious to it all, save for a sign, that’s fallen from Stiles’ hand in favor of pawing at Derek, which reads: 

“I’m McCalling it now:

Scotty: Won

Theo: Done”

If- If it’s my fault.. I’ll be good, I promise, I will.

I’d imagine that as things started going sour between them it would become easier for Dori and Nori to make every argument revolve around Ori (being present, being an example, contributing, etc), rather than talking about how they hurt each other directly. 

(They never knew, but Ori spent years thinking he was the cause of all their troubles. Until he figured out he was actually the glue that held them together.)

Its cold and wet outside so samstevebucky rainy Saturdays where no one not even Steve wants to go running but they all stay in bed cuddled up and spooned up and warm, Bucky only leaving the bed to make tea because his boyfriends are ridiculous lazy lumps who beg for his tea with wide eyes and soft kisses and Sam knows just where to tickle when they get desperate and just samstevebucky rainy day cuddles okay