i have them

I’m going to need the opening scene of 5B to be the showdown between McCall’s Pack vs Theo’s zombie pack on the lacrosse field. I want the camera to pan to the bleachers where Deucalion & Peter are sharing a tub of popcorn as they watch on, providing snarky and condescending commentary, holding up cards that rank each swipe, snarl, & slam.  

Then the camera zooms in towards the bleachers and we catch a glimpse of Derek and Stiles passionately making out under the bleachers, oblivious to it all, save for a sign, that’s fallen from Stiles’ hand in favor of pawing at Derek, which reads: 

“I’m McCalling it now:

Scotty: Won

Theo: Done”

Its cold and wet outside so samstevebucky rainy Saturdays where no one not even Steve wants to go running but they all stay in bed cuddled up and spooned up and warm, Bucky only leaving the bed to make tea because his boyfriends are ridiculous lazy lumps who beg for his tea with wide eyes and soft kisses and Sam knows just where to tickle when they get desperate and just samstevebucky rainy day cuddles okay

no but in bitten and burned whenever Marius and Grantaire go to town together they pick like the most intense songs by MCR and blare them from the car they go to so people are freaked out by them and their musical choices

and that way no one tries to talk to them because shit they’re not in this town to make friends there here to keep the ones they already got

(and they tend to buy a lot of eggs–like that’s their go-to shopping item and sometimes cashiers are like “what do you want all these eggs for” and they both sort of look at each other and one of them says “should we tell them” and the other is like “nah best keep that part of our relationship a mystery”)

this fucking brotp i’m done

If- If it’s my fault.. I’ll be good, I promise, I will.

I’d imagine that as things started going sour between them it would become easier for Dori and Nori to make every argument revolve around Ori (being present, being an example, contributing, etc), rather than talking about how they hurt each other directly. 

(They never knew, but Ori spent years thinking he was the cause of all their troubles. Until he figured out he was actually the glue that held them together.)