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Do you ever think about how giddy Adam is to pet Philippe for the first time, how he’s clearly been deprived of warm, physical contact for so long. He just wants to show affection and know the comfort of feeling another living being. And so he gravitates towards this horse, this quiet, beautiful creature who is initially terrified of him but who does not judge him by his appearance, someone who is made of flesh and blood and has fur just like him, someone he can openly talk to. And honestly touching and talking with Philippe is his first step in healing; it’s how he tests himself before interacting with Belle. 

Do you ever think about how Andrew went and bought Neil exactly the same phone as his own but in different color? Like, they weren’t even anything yet but Andrew went and started the “boyfriend shirts” thingie, just with phones. He even went as far as assigning a call melody. It’s like his drugged self indulged in thinking they actually could be. Something. He didn’t do anything grand but all the little things, droplets, they are just- Do you ever think about it? Because I do all the time. Pipe dream my ass.

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Hey there! I've been wondering if you have any visual references for your characters? I guess it might be kinda hard to separate from the VA--but if Wolf 359 was a tv show, do you have any actors you'd like to play the core four? Or at least someone who looks like you imagined them?

Communications Officer Eiffel - Tommy Wiseau

Lieutenant Commander Minkowski - Tommy Wiseau

Doctor Hilbert - Tommy Wiseau 

Hera - Tommy Wiseau 

Captain Lovelace - Tommy Wiseau 

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(real answer: I have my own personal head canon for how all the characters look, but I’d rather keep that private for the time being. I think there’s at least a little bit of fun lost in the writer flattening things out by saying how the characters are “supposed” to look, and I do very adamantly believe that no one’s take on how the crew looks is wrong. As for a theoretical Wolf 359 TV show, here’s my dream cast: Zach Valenti, Emma Sherr-Ziarko, Michaela Swee, Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs, and Scotty Shoemaker.) 

Can someone explain to me how four of my posts on my blog about Japanese Kids’ shows have been flagged as NSFW?  They are informative posts ABOUT the shows in question, nothing lewd or scandalous or awful…  Who reported them?  Why?

I mean, sure they included naming the main villain of one of the shows:

But really, is that what you consider NSFW?

me: rip off my clothes, beat me til i’m black and blue, let your 10 friends cover me in cum and piss, drag me by my hair to the basement, chain me to a post, and leave me there

me, 10 seconds later: give me a bubble bath, dry me off and brush my hair, cuddle me close next to you in bed with a stuffie, read me a story, tell me i’m the prettiest princess and daddy’s special girl, and give me 100 goodnight kisses

In recent news Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha FORCE is terrible in such a ridiculously grating fashion that it actually made me kind of angry to read. I cannot honestly believe this is the so called canon continuation of her series because this really does not look or feel like Nanoha at all and not in a good way

The new elements added in honestly just don’t mesh well with the previously established world and really just seems to disrespect it. Gun blades out the wazoo (literally every new character), invincible regenerating super powered magic immune superhuman enemies, “not magic” magic that is just better than what anyone else has available for some reason and doesn’t play by any rules, scores of enemies that easily out power and toy with the series heroes, and a ridiculously awful protagonist with some serious gary stu shit going on.

And no devices, lasers or lolis in sight. Nor the befriending those usually entail. What a sad sad fate.

I’m just gonna retread ViVid and pretend that Force doesn’t exist for the rest of forever.

Its cold and wet outside so samstevebucky rainy Saturdays where no one not even Steve wants to go running but they all stay in bed cuddled up and spooned up and warm, Bucky only leaving the bed to make tea because his boyfriends are ridiculous lazy lumps who beg for his tea with wide eyes and soft kisses and Sam knows just where to tickle when they get desperate and just samstevebucky rainy day cuddles okay