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i think the worst part of being a survivor of trauma or abuse is that it never stops. you can’t just not have that experience in you anymore, it’s everywhere you go. it’s like this heavy, thorn covered crown that sits on your head and weighs you down, and the more you try and take it off, the more it gets stuck, the more it hurts. you can’t ever reverse things, they’ll never go back.

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why do you hate bhb?

HWHO’S READY FOR ANOTHER NOVEL OF A POST? I KNOW I AM! (i’m supposed to be doing laundry rip, it can wait another day)

BHB reptiles is a reptile distributing and breeding company owned and operated by Brian Barczyk. It is most popular from its show “SnakeBytes”. In this show, he shows of his collection of upwards of 80,000 snakes and other reptiles. Throughout the show, you can see how he keeps his animals; most, if not all, are in improper conditions and in result to this, many are sick or mite infested. Though I’m honestly just going to list off all the reasons that I hate him and BHB because I haven’t slept in 2ish days and…. I’m not great at writing like this.

#1: He is horribly neglectful to his animals.

You can’t tell me that an alligator is happy living in a kiddie pool

Or that a GIANT snake such as a reticulated, african rock, or burmese is happy living in a tub so small that it takes up HALF of it.

And it’s not just giant animals that are in terrible tubs, most of his ball pythons and colubrids are in horribly small enclosures as well.

He is also guilty of buying animals without ANY research beforehand and those animals dying. Prime example is when he first tried getting into the leopard gecko business: https://youtu.be/uSJmHzq8Q8c

just listen about how he talks about them “this is my baby” to “gonna be pumpin out leopard geckos” like? No these are another form of free money to you…. even his WIFE knows that he kills animals.

I’m sure there’s more in this category that I’m forgetting, but… you get the point.

#2: He’s a scammer.

He may not sell his animals for the most money, but the animals he sells aren’t even worth THAT. There are countless reports of his animals showing up with RI’s, mites, and even incorrect gene listing. And when they contact him about this? He disappears or calls them “haters”. A prime example of this is this post: http://www.faunaclassifieds.com/forums/showthread.php?t=211323

I’m not incredibly clear on the whole scaleless ball python scandal, and probably someone could fill this in better, but from what I’ve gathered, he killed one of the scaleless ones and refuses to answer any questions about it.

He is also guilty for flipping animals. Most of his short tails he orders in then IMMEDIATELY offers them to sell for “discount” prices. I wouldn’t be surprised if these animals died from shock the second they got put in yet another box.

#3: He has the audacity to call himself the “face of the reptile trade”

As someone who has kept reptiles for over a decade and has spent a TON of hours volunteering to help people get over their fear of snakes, Brian’s “edutainment” is the worst thing I have ever seen. If you are trying to show people that snakes are not something to fear, DON’T HAVE THE MAJORITY OF YOUR VIDEOS BE VIDEOS OF YOU GETTING BITTEN BY SNAKES! This confirms people’s fears! He says that he wants to protect the reptile hobby, but by doing this he is ENDANGERING it. He’s trying to be the next Steven Irwin and is failing at it horribly……….

There’s probably more that I’ve missed. @i-m-snek has a great tag of all the failings of BHB, i believe its #bhb critical; definitely give it a look.

Ugh just…. I used to be a fan of snakebytes until i realized how terrible it is. They are essentially a puppy mill for reptiles. 0/10 would not recommend EVER.

((This is stupid forgive me))
((Modern au))

“Hey bro, I dare you to eat a bath bomb.” Ram said to Kurt.

It was friday night at they were all at Heather Chandler’s house. “They” included Kurt, Ram, Heather McNamara, and Heather Duke.

They were all slightly drunk and they were playing truth or dare. It was going as well as expected.

Kurt laughed. “Dude, where would I even get one?”

“It’s Heather’s house, I’m sure she has one somewhere!” Ram replied.

“What makes you think I have a bath bomb?” Heather asked indignantly, causing the other two Heathers to laugh.

“Heather, we were at Lush the other day, I saw you buy some.” Duke replied, everyone laughed again.

Chandler muttered something under her breath, followed by, “shut up, Heather!”

“So are you going to make Kurt eat a bath bomb or not?” McNamara, who had been oddly silent, asked.

“What if I get sick or something from eating it?” Kurt asked.

“Don’t be a sissy!” Ram replied, punching Kurt in the arm.

Chandler sighed. “Fine. I’ll go get one.” As she got up and headed towards her bathroom, she heard Ram whooping in victory.

A few minutes later Heather returned with a bath bomb; it was white and red and looked chalky. She sat back down in the circle and handed it to Kurt.

“Eat it!” Cheered Ram, the others joined in and it became a chant.

Kurt, never one to back down from a dare, took a bite from the bath bomb as if it were an apple, and a few moments later was running towards the bathroom to spit the fizzing mess out of his mouth, the rest of the group laughed as he left.

When he finally returned, McNamara asked. “Well? What was it like?”

Kurt had only one thing to say.

“I lov the cronch.”


I was talking about how I’ve seen so many people obsess over what’s under G1 Soundwave’s visor and battlemask, and how so many things describe/show him as incredibly handsome, so OF COURSE my brain immediately jumped to Handsome Squidward, so of course I had to make an edit. And then I had to make a few more.

All your fave faceless bots are now Handsome Squidward. You’re welcome.

me, last night when I thought my best friend was abandoning me: I hate her and she’s the worst person ever and I’m never going to speak to her again so she’s knows how I feel!!
my best friend, this morning: hey, wanna hang out today
me, now: 💖💖💖💕💕💕❤❤😍😍😍😍✨✨❤❤💕😍😍💖💓😍💓💘💘😍💞💖💕💛💟😍💜❣💙💓💚💓💕❤😍😍💕💘😍💗 YES!!! ABSOLUTELY!! LET ME CLEAR MY SCHEDULE!!

Mini Matchmaker Bonus Scene (Steve AU Series)

Characters: reader x Steve, OC Justice Rogers, Sharon (mentioned)

Summary: Having been dating Steve seriously for a few months, the relationship is moving forward rather quickly as another holiday of sorts approaches. 

Warnings: none! Fluff. Illness I guess. Eh. 

Word count: 1816 (yet another failed drabble. heh.)

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: So I lied a little, Part 4 isn’t the end I guess but this popped into my head so I wrote it. Also it was kind of requested by SOMEone for me to write a “birthday holiday” part attached to this fic so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING KATIE!!! ( @rogersxbarnesx ) Technically it was yesterday and I didn’t forget! I just have literally the worst timing ever. :D I really hope you like this, my dear! 

Mini Matchmaker Series Masterlist


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Children are wonderful. Children are gifts. Children are the future…or whatever. You love kids. But kids are also germ-infested cesspools just waiting to infect unsuspecting souls like you. But that’s what you get for serving others.

Grabbing yet another tissue from your purse, you blew your nose and apologized once again to your cab driver and assured him you hadn’t touched anything. He made a disgusted face, but said nothing. These days, you normally took the train into the city, but to minimize the exposure of germs to strangers, you had taken a cab to and from work today. You had taken the past few days off due to illness, but there were a few things you just had to handle yourself.

After accomplishing the bare minimum and grabbing a few files you could work on at home, you called it a day. Your head was pounding again and the faucet that had become your nose refused to stop dripping. Approaching the house, you used a card to swipe and pay, along with a generous tip, to avoid handing contaminated cash to the poor driver. Using your sleeve, you opened the car door and headed up the steps.

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Soul Bound (Part I)

Summary: Y/N is trying to get away from her two soulmates sudden neglection and harsh words. The Joker kidnaps Y/N and she gives up hope of her soulbonds coming to save her.

Pairings: Clark Kent x Reader and Bruce Wayne x Reader

Warings: Angst, Torture, Soulmate AU

Note: This Was Inspired By


and their Hearlines series which is amazing by the way. I hope you don’t get angry or anything. Plot idea goes to you. If you don’t like me using your idea all you have to do is inbox me and I’ll take it down. 

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(Couldn’t decide on which Joker.)

You groaned as you were shook awake. I had the worst headache ever. You looked around confused. “The hell?“ You asked you realized you were tied to a chair. “Well well sleeping beauty has awaken.” You heard someone chuckle from behind you. You shivered as you recognized the voice.

“Joker.” You whispered. “That’s me! Hi there darling!” Joker grinned as he appeared in front of you.

“Are you ready for the grand show doll?” Joker asked as he paced around you. “Grand show? What the hell are you talking about?” You asked confused. “You see Y/N I know who Batsy is. And I found out how to hurt him. Crush him.” Joker said. “You’re his heart Y/N. And I’m going to use you to hurt the Batman.” Joker grinned and raised his crowbar, swinging. You cried out as the crowbar connected with your stomach.

“I wonder if any of your soulmates will come? Hmm, both of them are stuck on someone else. Bats with Miss. Kyle. Supes with Lane. They just left you poor Y/N all alone.” Joker said as he lifted the his crowbar again. “Baby I’m gonna give you the beating of a lifetime.” Joker said hitting you with his crowbar repeatedly.


“Babe we have to talk.” You said as Clark walked into the apartment. “Look Y/N honey I have to go. I’m in a hurry.” He says as he rushes past you to you shared bedroom.

“Go where? You’ve been putting off our talk for the past three days!” You yelled getting frustrated.

“Me and Lois are working on a story Y-” You cut him off. “Lois? It’s always about Lois! It’s like she’s your favorite person in the fucking world! It’s Lois did this, Lois did that! You know what fuck Lois, Clark! Do you even give a shit about me?! Huh?!”

Clark looked at you wide eyed. “I’m leaving Clark…and if you let me walk though this door I promise you, you’ll never see me again.” You said as you grabbed your suitcase that was sitting by the couch. Clark didn’t say anything and you realized he didn’t care. “I see how it is. Have fun with her Clark.”


“Bruce!” You said as he opened the door. “What do you want Y/N? I’m busy right now.” He snapped. “Who pissed in your tea?” He glowered at you. “Get to the point. Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be with your alien?” Your eyes narrowed as you realized Bruce was jealous.

“You’re jealous. I’ve told you a thousand times Bruce, I love you. I love you both the same.” Bruce scoffed. “I’m always the second choice Y/N. I’ve always been. The alien always comes before me!”

“It’s because I’ve known him longer! You’d never let me in!” You replied. “Bruce! Are you coming back anytime soon?” You heard a female voice yelled from inside. “Is that Selina?” You asked looking at Bruce. “Yes. And if you dont have anything important to say I suggest you leave.”
“Bruce! Wait do-” He slammed the door in your face.


“Oh Y/N baby does it hurt?” Joker chuckled as he looked over your bloodied body. You coughed up blood. “Y'know I sent an invitation to Bats, Big Blue and the Justice League. But it seems they didn’t care enough to come! No one’s gonna save poor Y/N!” You groaned looking up at Joker with tear-filled eyes. As much as it hurted Joker was telling the truth.

“You know I’m right baby.” Joker says as runs the crowbar over your body. “I like you a lot Y/N but you fuck with Bats so I have to kill you.” Joker says as he turns to the camera that was filming. “Bats you’re gonna fail to save someone again. Failure is all you’re good at y'know. You failed to save your parents, Rachel Dawes, little Robin and now poor Y/N.” Joker said smirking at the camera.

“Precious Y/N…Boys it’s too bad that neither of you appericated this beauty while he/she was alive.” Joker said as he turned back to you, caressing your face.

“Any last words darling? No goodbye to your soulmates?” He asked. You shook your head. “No threating that your soulmates are coming to avenge your death?” Joker asked. “No.”

“Oh well, Y/N you have one minute until this bomb goes off. Wish you luck!” Joker threw the bomb down on the ground. “Maybe if you weren’t soulmates with Bats I’d keep you all to myself.” With that the Joker started the timer and placed it in your lap. “See around Y/N” He walked out the room laughing.

You pulled at your bound wrist as hard as you could but you couldn’t get loose. The timer peeped and you looked down in horror. The Joker lied! He said a minute it’s only been fifteen seconds!

Beep. Beep. BOOM! The whole building exploded. Joker stood outside a bit ways away from the burning building. “Puddin’ it was true? Batsy and Big Blue really didn’t care about
their soulmate.” Harley Quinn said to Joker.

“Frost you sent that video?” Joker asked turning to the man. “Just did boss.” Joker chuckled. “I can’t wait to see their faces.”

I was tagged by @dexsnursey and @geniusorinsanity to do the fic writer’s self rec, and I mean… how could I possibly resist???

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)”

In no particular order… 

1. (the most beautiful thing) Nursey/Dex (AO3)

They kiss, and they touch, and Nursey never wants to stop. He can’t stop, because the moment he stops pressing the heat of his mouth to the pink of Dex’s lips will be the second he loses any semblance of chill. While it’s true what they say about idle hands, it’s even more so with idle mouths - if he stops right now, there’d be no stopping the words from falling from his lips - words he’s been carrying around for months.

Words like ‘I love you’, and ‘you’re perfect’, and ‘you’re the realest person I’ve ever known’.

This is the first thing that I wrote to satisfy the dexnursey itch deep down in my soul, and it will probably always hold a special place in my heart. It’s also super extra, which is… probably a running theme with my writing, my life, and my interpretation of these characters, tbh. Whoops.

2. huddled. Nursey/Dex (AO3)

It’s a funny little thing, the way that they always come together in the end. Like magnets. Or fate. Or a thousand other nameless things that keep them stuck in each other’s orbits.

Whatever it is, whatever the reason, Derek finds that more often than not he’s searching for Dex.

So, I’m gonna be straight up with y’all. I bought Huddled Vol. 1 and pretty much lost my damn mind. There was a lot of squealing and emotion, and this little fic is my love letter to the zine.

3. let my body do the work Nursey/Dex (AO3)

“Brah, we totally need to do that.”

The amount of reverence in Shitty’s voice is… well, it’s pretty fucking reverent.

Joseph Gordon Levitt raps like a motherfucking demon, demolishing Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Merchant like it’s nothing, and for a shining, ethereal moment, Derek can’t disagree. Because he’s kind of always had a crush on JGL, and he looks so fucking powerful as he demolishes the verse, and maybe Derek wants to capture a little of that feeling for himself. And maybe… you know… maybe he wants Dex to look at him like he’s looking at the TV right now, because he looks like he’s got a laugh trapped behind his teeth, and his cheeks are pink and perfect, and he’s watching the lip sync battle like it’s the best thing he’s ever seen.

But yeah. It’s just a moment before reality crashes down. Because, barring Rans, this is the whitest group of white dudes he’s ever met. They just wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

He takes another toke and closes his eyes against the dulcet tones of yet another commercial break, and if he imagines Will Poindexter mouthing the words of Super Bass at him with intent?

Well, nobody needs to know.

This is possibly the most fun, self-indulgent thing that I’ve ever written. I mean. There’s pining, romance, booty shorts, lip syncing, and Wellie the Dancing Well. What else could you possibly want? 

(FYI: That’s not a rhetorical question, I need to know, I’m like Tinker Bell - I need kudos and comments to live.)

4. Facebook Official Nursey/Dex (AO3)

“Um. Dex, I’m pretty sure that your mom friended me our freshman year. Like, I’m also almost 100% sure that she friended everyone on the team. She and Bitty swap recipes all the time, she’s liked every single one of Lardo’s pictures, and she’s always poking me… so, like, your mom is super cool, and if you don’t want me to be Facebook friends with her, I’m not the one you should be taking this up with.”

“First of all, my mom pokes you? What the fuck?”

This is the longest thing that I’ve ever written… it’s over 20,000 words of angst and pining and eventual communication culminating in not one, not two, not three, but four chapters of fluff to make up for the rest of it. 

Also, there are geese. Not to be a hipster piece of shit, but I’m pretty sure that I wrote this before geese were a thing. Take that as you will.

5. Pretty Boy Nursey/Dex (AO3)

They’re two hours into the inaugural kegster of their junior year when it happens for the first time. Music throbbing and bodies pressed tight all around, but the only touch that Derek really registers is from Dex. It’s a loose, grounding heat, the way that Dex’s body leans against his - a little bit comforting and a little bit unnerving, and god, there are times that Derek misses the before, when being around Dex didn’t make him a little crazy.

But then there are times like these, when Dex is the only one that he sees, and it’s easy to remember all the reasons why it’s worth the indignity of crushing on your roommate/best friend/teammate/partner.

I’m just really weak over the idea of Dex being a flirty drunk, but only when it comes to Nursey. I’m also really weak when it comes to communication. Also, pet names. And, like, possessive behavior that gets called out, because while it’s hot in theory, it can also have some seriously squicky connotations. Wow. Turns out that let my body do the work may not be the most self-indulgent thing I’ve written after all. Whoops.

+1. push me or just pull me Nursey/Dex (AO3)

In which the team is completely oblivious to the amount of sex Dex and Nursey are having… until they aren’t.

(aka: five times Dex and Nursey have sex in semi-public places and one time they don’t)

I don’t feel remotely bad for tacking on a sixth fic, because this one is special! I wrote this beast with @dizzy-redhead, and it’s probably the most fun that I’ve ever had writing, and I can honestly say that I have never been more proud of something that I’ve contributed to. Seriously. It pushed me majorly out of my comfort zone (for the first time I wasn’t writing from either Dex or Nursey’s POVs, which… I’m still kind of shocked that it worked??), and it turned out better than I could have ever anticipated. I’m grossly proud of this fic AND I’m probably this fic’s biggest fan, because let’s be real… everything that @dizzy-redhead writes? It’s gold.

Thank you for tagging along for my self rec! Speaking of tagging, I’m gonna be super lame and I’m gonna pass on tagging anyone because I’m the actual worst at tagging people for these things (really, how many times can I say ‘tagging’ in one fucking sentence?)… if you’re still reading and have any interest in tackling this meme for yourself, I hope that you do! <3

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Ok god if cabinet grumps were a thing it'd be filled with aggressive compliments and super sexual comments like "I'll show you where my shoe fits" is followed by a wink cuz GDI arin

is cabinet grumps just slowly gonna be a thing now bc i thought tjeffs and ham looked like them? don’t let this be my legacy

Fresh Start - Part 4

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow

Words: 1752

Warnings: none

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian @moonlightbae14 @gothesimplethingsinlife @jade-cheshire @writingsofagirlintomanyfandoms

Request: none

Notes: this is not the gif I wanted to use but the internet connection at home is the absolute worst and this is the first one that I could use.

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PART 1  /  PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 5  /  PART 6  /  PART 7  /  PART 8

Waking up to meet up with Barry next day was one of the hardest thing you had ever done. You were so tired after going to sleep late at night. Not even your morning shower helped. At least, you were going to have a coffee with him that would help you to stay awake. And luckily for you, Jitters was close to your apartment; otherwise, you would have been late for sure.

When you first walked in, you looked around trying to spot Barry but he still wasn’t there so you ordered a coffee and find a table close to the door so he would see you when he came in. You took out your laptop and started writing down the things you wanted to ask him about.

“Sorry I’m late!” You looked up from the screen when you heard his voice.

You smiled at him and told him not to worry before he went to order himself a cup of coffee. You couldn’t help but stare while he wasn’t looking. He was wearing a red t-shirt with a jacket over it, jeans and black convers. He really looked fit but he didn’t look like the kind of guy who used to go to the gym. His hair had a beautiful light brown hair and was a complete and adorable mess.

“Something wrong?” He asked suddenly sitting in front of you.

It was then when you realized that you had been staring at him the whole time, completely lost in your own thoughts. When he sat, you felt your cheeks turning red as he smiled at you. What on earth was wrong with you? You were (Y/N) Queen for fuck’s sake, you didn’t blush just because a cute guy smiled at you.

“No, sorry” you said after a moment. “I was just thinking” you shrugged.

“About?” He asked with a smirk as he placed the mug down. You raised an eyebrow at him before smirking as well. So he did want to play this game.

“The article” you said casually, making him laugh.

“Sure, the article” he nodded. “So…what do you want to know?” He asked.

“First, I’ve seen that the first metahuman Central City has ever seen is The Flash” you started talking. He nodded slowly as he focused his whole attention on you which made you feel nervous but you forced yourself to focus on the subject. “And that was like 2 years ago?”

“Yeah, two and a half” he shrugged.

“Ok, and after him more and more came up. Is it related to the particle accelerator Harrison Wells tried to make work?” You asked.

“Yes, it is” he sighed looking down at his coffee. “Actually, that explosion was the one that caused the apparition of metahumans” he explained.

“How?” You asked with a frown.

“When the accelerator exploded, it released some kind of… ‘particles cloud’ that affected some people in different ways, changing their DNA so they can do things humans can’t normally do like…controlling the weather, run faster and so on”

“But why did that ‘cloud’ affect some people and some other are normal?” You asked.

“The affected people has what we call the ‘metagen’” he explained. You nodded as you typed everything. “When those particles and that gen came into contact, their DNA changed and so did they” he shrugged.

“I see…” you frowned looking at him again. “Is there anyway to know if someone is a metahuman just by looking at them?” You asked.

“It depends on the way their DNA changed. But almost none of them experienced a physical change” he shrugged. “The Flash himself could he here right now and you wouldn’t even know” he smirked.

“Interesting” you chuckled. “So…”

Suddenly you stopped talking as everyone became silence around you. The only thing you could hear was the TV where you could see a woman outside a bank, surrounded by the police. It looked like a robbery but suddenly the woman screamed and the signal was lost.

“What was that?” You asked turning to look at Barry again but he was gone. “Barry?”

You looked around in case he had gone closer to the TV but he was nowhere in the coffee shop. He had literally disappeared, leaving you alone and with an unfinished article in front of you. Too much for the nice guy. With an angry sigh, you closed the laptop and finished your coffee. You had classes to attend.

On the other side of the city, Barry arrived at STAR Labs an hour later. He had tried to fight the Black Siren but her scream had been too much for him and he was forced to go back to the labs.

“How did she even come here?” He asked walking into the cortex.

“We don’t know man” Cisco said while he and Caitlin were typing on the computer as fast as they could.

“She’s from Earth-2 so it should be through some breach” Barry said crossing his arms.

“And we don’t know about many people who can open breaches” Cisco mumbled. “Gypsy” he added looking up from his computer.

“You think so?” Caitlin asked.

“It doesn’t make sense” Barry sighed running a hand through his hair. “Gypsy doesn’t have any reason to come here”

“Unless she’s after someone” Cisco pointed out.

“Which I am” they all turned around to see Gypsy coming out of a breach that disappeared the moment she stepped into the room.

You spent the rest of the day in a bad mood. Your interview was going perfect, Barry was being so sweet and helpful and the article was going to be amazing. And the he just left, without even saying goodbye or anything and of course he didn’t even try to reach out to you.

Everyone around you was talking about the attack at the bank and you heard them talking about a ‘Black Siren’ so you imagined that was the name of the metahuman you saw on TV. Later on, you finally found some info on internet that said that the Black Siren was able to scream at such potency that would hurt the human brain. Wow. Why most of the metas choose the dark side? Wouldn’t it be easier be like The Flash and help people?

After your classes, you decided to stay at the library to keep on working on your article. Since it looked like Barry wasn’t going to be much of a help now, you decided to talk about The Flash on your article. Luckily for you, finding information about him and his ‘adventures’ was quite easy. The whole city loved him so there were a lot of blogs and pages dedicated to him. It surprised you to see that there was a ‘Flash Day’ and a special coffee at Jitters with his name.

“The Green Arrow could try this” you chuckled to yourself.

It was weird that both cities had someone looking after them but the way the citizens saw both heroes was completely different. Many people in Star City was afraid of the vigilante, while people in Central City literally loved The Flash. For you, both of them were heroes. Maybe the Green Arrow just operated during night and his methods were questionable, but he was just trying to save his city, just like The Flash was doing with his own.

An hour later, you had enough information to write the whole article so, since you were tired, you decided to wrap it up at home. You picked up your things and went straight to the parking lot as you looked for your car keys in your bag.

“(Y/N)!” You heard your name being called so you stopped and looked around to find Barry hurrying over you.

For a moment, you felt happy to see him, even relieved that he was alright after he left like that. But then, anger came back. He had left you after he had promised he would help you.

“What are you doing here?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“I came to apologize” he said.

“Too late” you said walking to your car.

“Wait! Let me help you” he said following you.

“Too late” you repeated. “I finished the article and I don’t even know why I’m talking to you!” You exclaimed turning to look at him. “You literally disappeared when you promised you would help me. Without even saying goodbye or anything” you frowned.

“I really am sorry. I swear. I got a call from the CCPD about the meta-attack and I had to leave” he explained.

“And there was no time to say ‘(Y/N) I’m sorry, I have to go to work. Can we do this later?’ Was that too hard to do?” You asked.

“I know, I know, I screwed up and I’m really sorry” he said. “Please, forgive me” he said putting both of his hands together under his chin.

It was hard to stay mad at him when he looked so damn adorable and when you thought he had gone all the way there just to apologize.

“Look Barry” you sighed. “It’s ok. I finished the article so forget about it” you shrugged.

“Let me make it up to you” he said with a small smile. “Big Belly Burger? Tomorrow night?” He suggested.

“Is that a date?” You asked with a smile.

“Only if you want it to be” he replied biting his lip.

You laughed a little and looked away in an attempt to cover your blushed cheeks. A date with Barry sounded like a perfect plan for a Thursday night actually, especially because you didn’t have classes on Friday. After a few moments, you looked back at him.

“Ok fine” you said with a bigger smile.

“Yes!” he said clapping once which made you laugh. “I’ll see you tomorrow at Jitters at 7” he said.

“Jitters? Aren’t we going to the Big Belly Burger?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“You’re new in town. I guess I’ll have to show you around” he winked at you. “See you tomorrow then” he said leaning in to plant a small kiss on your cheek that left you with a stupid smile on your face while he turned around to leave.

“Wait! How did you come? I can drive you back” you offered.

“Don’t worry. I took the bus” he smiled.

You just stood there watching him walk away towards the bus stop. Then you realized you were standing in the middle of a parking lot so you shook your head, focused and went to your car. Maybe you liked this guy. At least a bit. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even give him another chance.

[ soulmate ]

pairing; seventeen vernon x reader

genre; fluff, soulmate!au 

synopsis; everyone her age had found their significant other; their soulmates. after a long, painful period of waiting, she found hers.

word count; 1862 words

I entered the studio, trudging lifelessly to my usual corner and letting my bag slip off from my shoulder onto the floor, not bothering to switch on the main lights. The sub-lights situated at the front of the studio mirror and the back corners were already turned on, so I left it as that. 

I let out a heavy, tired sigh, plugging my phone into the studio’s speaker, letting it blast my usual tracks as I did my warm-up.

I’m Y/N, 19, from the dance club. I’m from LA, but I moved to Korea because of my parent’s work. I was happy with the change. Life in LA wasn’t exactly smooth. My life was pretty dull, so I put my focus on dance — probably the one thing that makes me feel myself. 

I always came to practice two hours early, just to have the space to myself so I could go through my choreography. 

An hour later, the metal door of the studio clicked open, and I didn’t have to look to know who it is. 

Jun — the club president. Also my best friend. He walked towards the corner where I had left my bag lying, and he put his beside mine. I shot him a weak smile, panting from the hectic choreography I just went through.

“Working hard today too, huh?” he grinned, tossing me a bottle of water as he walked over to the speaker switches, turning it off.

“What else could I do?” I muttered, plonking down onto the floor as I leaned against the mirror. He walked over, sitting beside me with his legs stretched out in front. 

“So… You haven’t-”

“Nope,” I interrupted. Jun sighed.

Jun asked me the same question every week — “Have you found him?”

‘Him’ being my soulmate. 

I didn’t mind the fact that Jun kept this up for the past year. He knew how emotionally frustrated I would be sometimes, due to the fact that I couldn’t find my soulmate, and he was always there to provide the support I desperately needed. I couldn’t thank him enough for that. I was usually cheery enough though, trying to think positive that I would find ‘him’ sooner or later.

Soulmates were a symbol of two parties being, literally, made for each other. These two parties would have this tattoo-looking thing on a certain part of their body — called Tags. Soulmates’ Tags would match in colour and symbol. Everyone had a different Tag, only two parties on the entire surface on earth would have the exact same.

Tags fade as you age. They usually disappear by the time you’re thirty or thirty-five, and that’s pretty much the end of the world for that person. Once your Tag disappears, the possibility of you being able to find your soulmate drops to nearly a zero. And you would have to live a lonely life. Ugh.

Nearly everyone our age in this school have found their soulmates. Those who haven’t found theirs — you could count their number with your fingers. And I happen to be in that group.

Not having your soulmate with you at this age is probably the worst thing ever. Soulmates would naturally have the trait of being able to cheer the opposite party up, and they would match and fit like jigsaw puzzles that are side-by-side.

I eyed Jun’s crimson Tag peeking out from under his long sleeves on his wrist, and reached out for it. I pushed his sleeve back, my thumb caressing the opaque Tag. Yes, Jun had found his soulmate too, she’s a really nice girl from the art club. I pictured my half-faded Tag in my mind. My Tag was on the right corner of my waist, and I didn’t let many people see it. Insecurities. 

“Don’t think about it too much. You’re still young, you know,” Jun comforted. I smiled, not looking away from his Tag.


Jun’s phone vibrated and he unlocked it, viewing a message or something. I didn’t peek. 

“Hey, look at this,” Jun said, putting the phone in front of my face as I read the text message sent to him by the teacher-in-charge of the dance club.

There will be a new member joining the club today. He’s a transfer. Do take care of him.

I frowned. New member?

“I wonder who,” Jun said, sliding his phone back into his pocket.

The rest of the members from the club came in over the next few minutes, and soon all were present, except for that new guy.

I checked the clock. Five more minutes before he’ll be checked down as ‘late’.

The door burst open then, and a blonde-hair guy came jogging in. 

“Sorry! Got caught up with something,” he said. He looked American. No, he was definitely American. But he spoke really fluent Korean.

“It’s alright, you’re not exactly late. Just come a bit earlier next time,” Jun smiled, before noticing the confused looks on the other member’s faces. 

“Oh right, do introduce yourself,” Jun said to the newcomer who had just placed his bag down at an opposite corner of the studio.

“Of course. I’m Vernon, and you can probably tell, I’m not Korean. I’m from New York, but I’ve lived here since I was a toddler.”

Everyone eyed him, waiting for him the reveal the part that everyone was naturally curious about. 

Vernon chuckled slightly. “No, I haven’t found my soulmate. Not exactly the norm, I know, but I try not to think too much about it.”

Everyone nodded, some giving him sympathetic looks, but welcoming him warmly. Jun and I glanced over each other, giving each other surprised looks.

We carried on with dance practice, and Vernon obviously had dance background. He followed well and caught the steps quick. 

“Ten minutes break, everyone!” Jun announced.

I huffed, sweeping my hair over my shoulders as I walked towards my bag. 

“Hey, umm…” someone spoke in English behind me.

I turned around to see Vernon behind me. 

“Oh, hey!” I greeted back in English, trying to not be awkward. “I’m Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you, Y/N,” he said. “I was just wondering if you’re American? Considering the fact that you can reply me in English.”

“Yeah,” I chuckled. “I am. From LA.”

“That’s nice.”

I shrugged, picking my bottle up from the floor as I took a sip. “I guess so.”

“And also, if it isn’t too personal..” Vernon trailed off, waiting for permission for him to continue. He knew that I knew what he was going to ask. 

I smiled bitterly. “No, I haven’t found mine either.”

He returned the smile. “So we’re on the same page.”

“Yeah, we are,” I said.

“Do you mind if we walk to the dorms together after practice? I want to know you more,” Vernon said hesitantly. 

“Would love to,” I said, because I wanted to know him more too.

After practice, I greeted Jun goodbye, and he muttered something like “That guy could be him” before we went separate ways. 

Vernon and I started walking towards the dorms, which was just a couple of blocks away from our studio.

“How do you deal with everything? Like, not having your soulmate with you…” I asked. 

He shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s irritating, really. But I distract myself a lot by doing things that heavily occupy my mind.”

I nodded in agreement. “I do that too. That’s pretty much the only thing I can do.”

We continued simple talk all the way to the dorms, asking each other questions that weren’t too personal. We matched well.

“What’s your dorm number?” I asked as we approached the dorm buildings. 

“Building 2. Room 58.”

I raised an eyebrow. “How coincidental.”


“That’s my room.”

“Wait, it’s possible for guys and girls to mix dorms in this school?”

“Yeah. Kind of,” I said, smiling. “Let’s go!”

Vernon and I grew undeniably close over the next few weeks. He pretty much became my best friend, alongside Jun. We knew pretty much everything about each other after 4 weeks. Everything except for how each other’s Tags looked. I wasn’t planning on showing it to him anytime yet. I didn’t want to have false hopes that he may be my soulmate.

It was already obvious that I liked him. I liked him a lot. So if he wasn’t my soulmate, I can’t even imagine the pain I would feel. I didn’t want to find out his Tag because of this. 

I walked into the dorm, just finishing my classes for the day. It was already 6pm, and Vernon was already in the room when I came in.

“Hey,” he greeted, and I smiled as i placed my bag on my desk.


“Can I serious-talk?” he asked abruptly.

“I’m awake enough,” I said. “What is it?”

Vernon quickly pulled me to sit on his bed. We both sat down in silence as I waited for him to speak. 

Vernon’s eyes were fixed on the right side of my waist, making me increasingly uncomfortable. Did he see it? There was no way. I always wore clothes long enough to cover my waist.

“I saw it, Y/N,” Vernon said. “Your hoodie rolled up past your waist yesterday night. I climbed up the bunk to ask you something, I didn’t know you were already sleeping.”

I bit my lips, looking away. How was I supposed to deal with this? What if it wasn’t the same as his? What if-

“They’re the same.” Vernon said.

I snapped my head towards him. Did I hear him right?

He rolled up his sleeve on his left arm, revealing his Tag. He’s right. It was the same. His was a black outline of wings, with a turquoise shade surrounding it.

Like mine.

I apprehensively lifted my hoodie, checking the finest details of the Tag and comparing it to his. No mistake — they were the same. 

“Vernon!” I exclaimed, jumping onto him, engulfing him in a hug. 

He laughed, his arms wrapping around me tightly. I never felt so happy in my life. My heart was thumping. I felt like I was going to cry.

“Just for the record, feelings were mutual all this while, Y/N,” he told me. “Jun told me everything. You having a crush on me, blablabla.”

I pulled away, staring at him with wide eyes, before covering my face and falling flat onto his bed. “I’m going to kill Jun.”

Vernon laughed. “I’d like to see you do that, babe.”

“Y/N~! Wake up!” Vernon called, jumping on top of me. I grunted, feeling air get pushed out of my lungs.

“You’re heavy, you asshole! Get off!” I said, pushing him off. He laughed aloud, rolling off me but stayed lying beside me, one arm draped across my waist.

“Don’t jump on me. You may just break my ribs by accident, you elephant.”

“It’s okay, I’ll be at your funeral,” he joked. I laughed and kicked him off my bed.

“You’re mean,” I said, walking off to the bathroom to wash up. He followed me to the sink, wrapping his arms around my waist loosely as he nuzzled his face into my neck. I giggled.

He looked up, resting his chin on my shoulder, looking at our reflection in the mirror in front of us. 

“I can’t believe we’re confirmed soulmates,” he said. “This was all I wished for.”

I smiled and he gently turned me to face him, closing the distance between us as he placed his lips on mine.

We broke the kiss, and I chuckled. “Me too.”

✧ a/n:

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it was so fun doing this scenario bc i personally really enjoy reading soulmate scenarios. they’re always so cute (and sometimes heartbreaking) !!

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Not Letting Go - Part 6

A/N: So apparently I have a thing for Bruce trying to be a good dad in his own way. I’m not even sorry.
Warnings: Blood, violence.
Tagging: @jadedhillon @tim-help @bumblebaddey

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


Jason grumbled as he finished tying up the last of the would-be bank robbers, giving the guy a kick in the shin for good measure when he cursed at him. Of course they’d had to pick his one night with his soulmate to pull this shit. He’d been patroling the area ever since he had met you, and the worst he’s encountered were petty street fights and kids trying to buy drugs in some of the shadier alleyways. But no. These guys had picked the one night that the Batman and his allies took a couple extra hours off in the evening, and guess who just so happened to be closest to the scene because of that? You guessed it. They were just unlucky that Oracle was keeping a lookout, otherwise they would have been home free.

Jason scaled the rusty fire escape of a nearby apartment complex, and was three roofs over before he heard the sirens indicating that the police had finally made an appearance. He didn’t need to find a clock to guess the time; the chatter of the team over the commlink in his ear was enough to confirm that it was at least Nine. He paused briefly to mute the channel; listening to his siblings bicker while he was on patrol irritated Jason to no end.

He was deliberating over whether or not to do a quick check of your neighborhood before circling back for his bike when his comm chirped in his ear, making his decision for him. “Oracle to Red Hood. Are you there?” Barbara’s voice was clear and cool over the frequency of his private channel. “Nobody died. You can spare me the lecture,“ Jason rolled his eyes, fumbling with the clasp on inside pouch of his jacket. If he was going to have to stand here and have his methods criticised, he was having a goddamn cigarette. Bruce’s disapproval be damned, it wasn’t like it had ever bothered him before.

“Focus Hood,” If his snide comment had bothered her it didn’t show. “There’s a situation two blocks east of where you are, street level. The camera image isn’t great, but there looks to be four, maybe five men attempting to corner a civilian girl. You might want to take a look,”

Jason’s fingers froze on the clasp. Two blocks east of here.. that was less than five minutes from where you lived. He knew it was unlikely that it was you; it was Friday night for God’s sake, there were plenty of civilians still milling around. But you had said you were going out…
“I’m on it,” He cut the connection, taking a running start towards the roofs edge.

Jason reached the alleyway just in time to see you crumple to the ground, a thin trail of blood seeping from a gash in your scalp. He froze in shock, his whole body going cold as ice while his brain tried to process the sight of you beaten and unconscious on the ground, tried to reconcile it with the happy, smiling memory of you from earlier that evening.

It was like someone had flipped a switch in Jason’s brain, because suddenly his blood was boiling with anger. A feral snarl erupted from his throat, alerting the group of men to his presence. The first two had to turn to look at him, and he took the momentary hesitation to pounce. The man closest to him took a punch straight to the face, instantly knocking him out cold. The second man was more prepared, swinging a metal pipe at Jason’s chest. He dodged, growling, and spun to deliver a brutal kick into the man'a stomach that sent him flying into the nearest wall. He impacted with a sickening crunch before going limp.
Still not satisfied, he turned to the last pair. They had abandoned your still body in favour of beating a hasty retreat into the darkened alleyway. Jason wasn’t about to let that slide. His fingers twitched towards the holster on his thigh, but he decided against it. He wanted this to be more.. personal. It took him less than three seconds to catch up. He grabbed one of the men by the collar, throwing him into his partner so that they both fell over in a heap of tangeld limbs, groaning in pain. Jason smirked coldly, cracking his knuckles. The other two were lucky to be unconscious.

Jason didn’t waste much time returning to where you lay twisted on the cold tarmac. Adrenaline still coursed through his veins, making it difficult to think straight. He pressed two slightly shakey fingers to your neck, exhaling loudly when he felt your pulse under his touch. Gently he scooped you up into his arms, craddling you to his chest as though you might shatter in his hold. Jogging back to where he had left his bike, he had to readjust you against his shoulder to activate his commlink. “Babs. Tell Alfred to get the medbay set up. She has a head injury. I’ll be there in ten,”

“Red Hood, do you need backup?” She had clearly sensed the strain in Jason’s voice, judging by how she hadn’t told him off for using her name over the coms. He shook his head, even though she couldn’t see it. Actually, being Oracle, she probably could. He didn’t care. “No. Just make sure everything’s ready,” “I will. Oracle out,” The static faded from his ear, signaling that she had closed the line. It was good timing too, as Jason could see his bike leaning against the alley wall from here. He looked down at you, expression pained. The thought of losing you was unbearable. ‘Just hang on a little longer. Please,’ If he hadn’t gotten there fast enough, if you were hurt too badly, Jason would never be able to live with himself.


When the bike skidded to a stop in the cave Alfred was there along with Bruce, already hurrying towards you. “Master Jason, bring her over here. I’ll need to check her injuries, make sure it’s nothing serious before we rule out the necessity of taking her to a hospital. Jason followed Alfred to a bed in the corner, laying you down gently and wincing when you just flopped limply against the sheets. He hadn’t even considered taking you to a hospital first himself. Which was stupid, he berrated himself, but he knew that if he did that he would have had to leave you there alone. The Red Hood couldn’t just walk in and sit in the waiting room, and there was no rational explanation as to how Jason Todd would have known about what happened. No, this had been the better option.

There was nothing to do now but wait while Alfred examined you, and Jason felt suddenly helpless. While he had been saving you from those thugs he had been useful, in motion. But now he could do nothing to help you. He hardly noticed that Bruce had approached until he was right beside him, watching the scene unfold with keen eyes. “Is she the one?” His voice was quiet, he never even took his eyes off of Alfred when he spoke. Jason nodded thickly, swallowed. “Yeah. She’s.. yeah,”

Bruce did look at him then. His eyes were sharp, keen, but his expression was soft overall, his forehead creased in concern. He gripped Jason’s shoulder firmly. 'Again with the shoulder thing,’ Jason thought, perplexed, but then Bruce was turning to face him fully, holding his other shoulder too and meeting Jason’s suddenly watery gaze. “It’s going to be alright son,”

Bruce’s tone was firm, reminding Jason of when he was a kid and Bruce’s matter of fact way of speaking used to reassure him and make him feel safe, secure. Jason nodded, and then he just broke down, leaning into Bruce’s embrace and letting out a choked off sob. The older man wrapped his arms around him, holding his son tightly as he fell apart in his grasp.


You woke up in an unfamiliar room. Sunlight steamed around the edges of the curtains, casting beams of golden light across the soft cream and gold sheets that someone had tucked in around you. The next thing you noticed was Jason, sitting in a chair pulled up next to the bed. His arms were folded on the duvet by your side, his head resting on top of them as he slept. His hair was tousled in such a way that you could tell he’d been running his fingers through it, and there were dark purple circles under his eyes.

You frowned, confused as to how you had gotten here. Why did Jason look so exhausted? You reached out to stroke his hair back from his face. Your arms felt like lead, and slowly you began to register a dull pounding behind your temples. You winced, closing your eyes and trying to focus on the feel of Jason’s hair beneath your fingers, the sound of his slow, even breathing in the otherwise silent room. You took a deep breath, concentrating, and eventually the pain started to subside enough to be considered bearable. When you opened your eyes again Jason was looking up at you blearily, just barely awake. You smiled. “Good morning,” His answering smile was slow, almost hesitant. You noticed with puzzlement that he seemed almost relieved, for some reason you couldn’t fathom. “Hey there doll. How are you feeling?”

“My head hurts,” you admitted, grimacing. “Any idea why that would be? Also, just on a sidenote, where are we?” Jason winced sympathetically, sitting up to grab a glass of water and some pills that you hadn’t noticed were on the bedside locker until now, and handed them to you. “You don’t remember?” You took them gratefully, swallowing back the pills and finishing off the entire glass, trying not to notice the way his tone sounded off.

“No? Should I?” You paused. “I’m not hungover am I? Because my mum would kill me,” Jason shook his head, taking the glass from your hand and setting it back on the locker. “No,” he managed a wry smile, taking your hands in his. “You have a head injury sweetheart. You were attacked walking home from the shop. They hit you with a metal bar,” Something in his eyes when he said that made your blood run cold. You shivered subconsciously. “How did I get here then?” You still couldn’t remember, and it was bothering you immensely. Like a name you just couldn’t remember, fluttering at the edges of your consciousness just out of your grasp.

And then you thought of something. “Ohmygod. Does my mum know I’m here?! Is she okay?” Panic rose like a poison in your chest and Jason hushed you, placing a hand on yout shoulder to firmly push you back down against the pillows. You hadn’t even made the conscious decision to get up. “Yes, she knows. I called her last night. She doesn’t know all of the details yet, but she knows that you’re safe, so relax,” You closed your eyes, suddenly exhausted. “How did I get here Jay?” you repeated the question. There was a pause, and then, reluctantly, “Doll, there’s something I need to tell you,”