i have the worst humor


“Goth problem: the Satanist crap” - this actually happened to me once
Random person: Are you like a Satanist!

ME ON THE OUTSIDE: oh no! (I spelled it wrong in the bubble so here’s the right words) Not all Goths worship Satan!

INNER ME: but of coooooourse I am! I sacrifice children and fuck Satan every weekend! (Wanna join?) ♡💢
I have the worst humor ever x’D

11 facts I share with BTS

Thank you @yoongibias1 for tagging me in this! ❤ Seems like I have to share 11 facts about myself that I share with BTS! So here it is! :D

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1. Like Hobi I can be the most annoying, loud-mouth friend to have. Sorry to my friends who know me personally. I can suddenly spout the weirdest noises out of my mouth, or do random little dances, not really caring who’s around me or where I am.

2. Like Jin I have the “worst” humor ever (personally it’s the best cause I laugh so much ahaha). For every dry dad joke there is out there you’ll hear me rolling on the floor in laughter. Sadly I don’t understand Jin’s jokes cause of KOREAN, but I still laugh hehe

3. Like Namjoon I love being philosophical and I always enjoy listening to his V-lives just talking about nothing and everything. #boyfriendmaterial (just putting that out there) But I also love being helpful or a support to my friends, or anyone who needs me, just like Namjoon. (He’s such an angel. I can’t.)

4. Like Jimin I can try and act cool and sometimes pull it off, or so I think, but other times I just roll up like a fluff ball in embarrassment of what I’ve done. I’m also often called cute by people

5. Like Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook I love to dance. And more like Hoseok and Jungkook I would learn famous moves from girl- and/or boy-groups just for fun, but also be more serious and learn some hard ass choreography and dance styles like modern or popping or pi ddam nun mul.

6. Like Taehyung, I’m weird. It’s the one thing my friends constantly describe me as. I will have my moments where whatever I just did… idek myself… And if I’m VERY comfy with you you’ll regret ever meeting me ahahaha jk I think. heh.

7. Like Yoongi I can be lazy. So so so lazy. Like now when I’m writing this instead of studying for my test. Ive started to love sleeping too… But at the same time, once I do something I’m passionate about I work my butt off and really try to reach for my goal! #yoongiisinspirationok

8. Like Jin I love pink and I love to eat!! #whoneedsexercise 

9. Like Jungkook I’m shy, not around girls, but around boys. I can be outgoing and talk to them if I have to, but if I were to be put alone with a boy… It would just be extremely awkward *traumas come flowing back* 

10. I’m also like Taehyung with cyphers (loving them and trying to learn them), Yoongi with Hobi (J-HOOOOOOOOPE), Jungkook imitating Jimin, Yoongi trying to be a vocalist, NamJin trying to be a dancer, etc etc etc…

11. And finally, like BTS, I’m trying to reach for my goal, trying to inspire others, encourage others and be nice to others, even if it’s hard. And lastly, I try to be myself!

So that’s a little about me! Lol, this ended up being my first post too haha! Thanks again for tagging me @yoongibias1​! <333 After all this I realised how much BTS really inspires and influences me, and I’m very thankful for some of it.

I have nobody I know well enough here to tag… but I’ll still do it! I want these awesome people to do this too!

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This is the worst omg but Marlon and I have horrible senses of humor so we put them to good use with Klance cosplay