i have the weirdest sense of humor

What's the weirdest thing about your crush?
  • Ino: His sense of humor, for sure.
  • Karui: The size of his stomach is a mystery to me.
  • Hinata: W-whiskers.
  • Temari: Hair. Looks like a pineapple.
  • Sakura: His left eye. The rinnegan just creeps me out.
  • Karin: The teeth. They're too sharp.
  • Ino: What are you talking about? Sasuke doesn't have-
  • Karin: I wasn't talking about Sasuke.
  • Suigetsu: Hey ladies, what up?
Best Friend!Wonwoo

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- You probably met through a mutual friend because, let’s face it, Wonwoo would be too shy to approach you

- He was extremely shy at first and a little awkward, but super fluffy and adorable so that’s okay

- As he got more comfortable with you, he’d send you jokes throughout the day

- And pictures of stuff that reminded him of you (”Look, this phone case reminded me of you!” or “Look, I was googling pictures of tigers (don’t ask why) and this baby one is you when you’re mad!”)

- His feet are always cold and that means he’s always placing them on you sorry

- You guys are on the same wavelength and even finish each other’s sentences, which really annoys Woozi

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FRIDAY was meant to be the replacement AI. An Irish voice to inform Tony of what was going on, what to do. Nothing more. Nothing that could replace Jarvis. Ever. 

Well, she didn’t replace Jarvis, but she’s not just a synthetically Irish voice. She’s her own person. (Sometimes, Tony is just great at his job.) FRIDAY cares. She really does. Because Tony made Jarvis when he was young and slightly buzzed, he gets the coding right on some things. It doesn’t take her months to learn everything around her. It takes weeks, sure. But she picks up on colloquialisms, sarcasm, and phrases. 

He’s…kind of proud. When she shuts down the lab in the first two months after he’s worked nonstop for ten hours. “Your body needs a break, Boss,” she informs him. “And I’m having drinks with friends soon…” FRIDAY says it as a joke, and Tony kind of laughs. 

“What, motor oil and loose codes throughout?” 

“Even better. Long Island Teas.” Tony doesn’t know if it’s because he finds it funny or just amazed, but he laughs. 

FRIDAY becomes Friday. She’s a good woman. Always respectfully petty when need be. She turns on news reports, makes suggestions about possible business ventures when Tony gets bored, and always reads random Wikipedia pages. Tony’s not sure where she got that habit from, but now she won’t stop bugging Tony about watching Young Frankenstein starring the effervescent Gene Wilder. “It’s good, Boss.” 

“I know Fri, I was alive when it aired. Don’t sass me.” 

“I’ll beg for forgiveness,” she deadpans. 

The bots love her. They’ve never really had a sister before. Butterfingers and her bond like no one else has seen before–Friday animates a suit against orders to be able to have a dance party with him. 

“He’s my brother, we have to have fun when I don’t have a flesh sack,” Friday comments after Tony gets mildly upset. 

“Don’t ever call human bodies ‘flesh sacks’ again,” Tony says with a shudder. 

Friday worships the ground Pepper walks on. She analyzes her clothes to buy some new designer shoes and dresses that Pepper can wear on business or just for fun. 

“My girl Friday,” Tony says one day. “Thank god you got her shoes, I forgot her favorite drink. Again.” 

“Three strikes and you’re out, Boss.” 

“You don’t even like baseball!” 

“And you do?” 

“Okay fair point, it is a very boring sport. Hey, quick question, did we or did we not buy vanilla ice cream?” 

“No, we did not. You saw mint chocolate chip and decided that you must have it.” 

“Damn my mood swings,” Tony curses. “We need vanilla ice cream.” 

“I also want to see Pulp Fiction. I heard John Travolta is devastating in it.” 

“Honey, his entire career is devastating. The last time you picked a movie U had ideas. That can’t happen again, I’m not having him trying to reenact Titanic on the balcony like a lovesick teen.” 

“Well to be fair, I did play the recorder version of ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ I think it made the scene.” 

“Friday, you have the weirdest sense of humor, it’s like having a Millennial in my house all the time.” 

“If we’re getting ice cream then I demand that we get avocadoes.” 

Tony smiles. It’s good to have someone in his corner for banter alongside Rhodey. It’s nice to have just someone back. 

Ok nobody asked but here are some of my Prompto headcanons:

- Prompto thinks that he can train his skin to tan instead of burn in the sun. He wants to be golden like our boy Noctis in the summer but he doesn’t accept that it’s genetic

- Noctis was the bad influence on Prompto in high school. Once Gladio and Ignis realised that, they stopped giving him the side eye

- Prompto’s favorite lazy-clothes are crazy pattered leggings, oversized cardigans, and tank tops

- He steals most of his sweaters/cardigans from Ignis because he thinks he won’t notice for some reason

- (He does but it’s okay bc Ignis loves his small friend)

- Blondie is afraid of a lot of things but Will Fight if you hurt one of his friends

- Because of this, he’s probably been beaten up a few times. He doesn’t mind

- “I told them I was gonna fight them, I never said I’d win!” “Prompto I wasn’t that upset.”

- That being said, Prompto has also won his fair share of fights. Little chocobabe is full of energy and determination

- Can cry on command

- That Cute Lip Thing™ he does is him trying not to start crying for real. Not because he doesn’t want people to see him cry, but because it takes him a long time to stop.

- Other than Iggy, Prompto is the best at taking care of sick people. Not good at caring for himself, though.

- Had a crush on all of his friends at one point

- Has the second weirdest sense of humor out of the four bros (Noctis has the weirdest, hands down)

Creepypasta #1237: The Good Shade Hotel

Length: Super long

I was out of work, and looking for something to pay the rent until I could find a new job that was in my field when I saw the ad. I’d been scrolling through job listings when it caught my eye: Several positions open at The Good Shade Hotel. $40 per hour. 

Well damn, that was way more than decent pay to work in a hotel. I was shocked that they’d even have open positions if they’re paying that much, but it seemed to be my lucky day. I mean sure I lived in a huge city, but it was odd that I’d never heard of the place when it obviously was making a lot of money.

I figured it must be extremely classy and high maintenance, and I was prepared to put up with some rich jerks if it meant a sweet paycheck. There was no address or phone number, just an email. I shot out a reply containing my resume, and kept looking through the other offers on the site. Before I found anything else that might be worth applying for, my inbox pinged. The people at the Good Shade were quick in their response.

Dear Mr. Stephens,

It has come to our attention that you would like to apply for a position at The Good Shade Hotel. Your resume has been taken into account, and we require you to answer several follow-up questions so that you may be considered for the job.

Then came a series of questions, some were normal and others were extremely odd. I thought maybe they were trying to rule out anyone who might be crazy. No one wants psychotic hotel staff after all, right?

Have you had prior experience working in customer service and/or hospitality?

Yes, both. Prior experience in a small motel.

Would you be comfortable filling out an NDA form?


Would you be comfortable working in a remote location?


Are you willing/able to drive a long distance to attend work?


Are you willing/able to work night shifts?


Which type(s) of position(s) are you looking for?

Any available, preferably not housekeeping, but willing if need be.

Have you had any issues with mental illness?


Do you take any medications? If yes, please list.


Do you believe in paranormal/supernatural/extraterrestrial beings?

Not really, there’s no proof of them. Unsure of my beliefs in the afterlife.

How many people live in your household?

Only myself.

What is your marital/relationship status?

Single, never married.

Have you ever heard of our hotel?

Only in the job listing I responded to.

Do you contain 100% human genetics?

As far as I know, yes.

What caused you to apply for work here?

I am unemployed, have experience in this type of work, and could honestly use the money.

Please list any questions or concerns below your responses, we will respond to your application promptly. An affirmative response to your application will come with an email containing the details of your job placement, and a few documents requiring signature. Thank you for applying at The Good Shade Hotel.

- A. Smith, Owner & Manager.

Like I said, some super odd questions. I wasn’t about to turn it down though, I needed the money. I didn’t think much of the odd questions anyways, the only logical explanation was that they had a bad experience with a psycho employee or two. If I was paying that much to employ someone, you’re damn sure I’d want to make sure they didn’t think they were E.T. I answered every question as truthfully as possible and sent the email back, confident that I’d be getting the job.

My confidence was not misplaced, I received the affirmative response within the hour. I was overjoyed, this job paid so well that I’d never want to look for a different one. The new email gave me an address that I was to be at at exactly 4pm the next day. I would be working as a receptionist - $40 an hour to answer phones, put reservations into computers, and give out room keys - it would be simple. Maybe not the most stimulating work, but tolerable.

The drive out to the address I was given was odd. I passed through a tunnel I had been through a few times before, but I could swear that I didn’t recognize the area I was in after coming out of the tunnel. I pushed my confusion aside, figuring that the landscape had changed since my last time in the area. I arrived at the address after over an hour of driving, it was remote and surrounded by forest.

The building itself was grand. 15 stories high, beautiful architecture. The trees surrounding the hotel were probably the tallest I’d ever seen in my life, they seemed to scrape the sky. Somehow the hotel managed to look perfectly normal amidst the beautiful natural environment that stretched far into the distance. It was the only building for miles around, and it was well hidden. It occurred to me that the guests likely paid very well for this sort of seclusion, it was deeply peaceful.

When I entered the building I found it to be dark and elegant. The place was so classy that the paycheck suddenly seemed reasonable. It wasn’t the biggest hotel, but it was probably the fanciest one I’d set foot inside in my entire life. The lobby seemed cavernous, and my steps seemed to echo as I walked up to the front desk.

Behind the desk stood a pretty redhead, she smiled as I came forward.

“How can I help you, sir?” She asked politely in a sweet sing-song voice.

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When Kin-chan’s blush it’s so bright it could light up an entire city :3c

I swear this was funnier in my head orz

The Weirdest And Best Friendship of All Time

I was talking about this with @outshinethestars last night (Which probably makes this post redundant because this blog has exactly two followers and you are one of them.) but one of the background aspects of The Hunger Games that I love is the friendship between Finnick and Johanna.

Because their personalities are so different in just about every way.

You have Finnick, who is an extrovert with what is described as a quiet, self-deprecating sense of humor when he is able to be himself. And the show he puts on is charismatic and draws people in. He is able to convincingly sell himself as a carefree playboy for ten years, hiding the young man who cares so deeply about the few that he truly loves.

And then Johanna, who is angry and bitter and alone. Where Finnick draws people in she not only pushes them away, she chases them off with an axe and biting sarcasm. She shows affection through nicknames that border on cruel and ruthlessly mocks any attempt to prove that she cares. She lost her family to the Capitol and adamantly refuses to reveal a new weakness.

Johanna is hard where Finnick is soft and their survival mechanisms are both complete opposites and two-sides of the same coin (because in the end, they both boil down to indifference, something that Johanna is more successful at) and yet there are multiple instances where they share moments of a deep friendship far beyond what their shields of social butterfly and misanthrope allow.

I can’t find the exact quotes at the moment because my copies of the books are in a box waiting to be moved, but they are protective of each other (and it’s adorable) and understand each other in the way that only those who have Survived can.


For a celebration, I’ll be doing name playlists because I couldn’t think of anything else. (only because I’m like, rEALLy good at things) 

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Lastly, I just want to thank some very special people. 

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“So… I hear Darth names always mean something? What does ‘Belus’ mean?”

“It means ‘Lord’.”

Sivin paused. Blinked once. Paused again. “…Doesn’t Darth mean ‘Lord’ too?”

A tiny smile quirked up one corner of his mouth. “In some circles.”

“…So you chose to be Dark Lord, Darth Belus. Dark Lord, Lord Lord.”

The smile grew a fraction wider. “Indeed.”

Sivin’s face broke out into a huge grin. “You have the weirdest sense of humor I have ever seen in a Sith.”

“So I have been told.”

oh no they’re cute

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do you have any witch stories that strengthened your belief? (not that im in doubt i just enjoy hearing about the things that solidified it all for people)

Yeah I have a few! Lemme think about what some of the good ones are.

  • Once I helped my friend with a “have a good date” love spell and visualized exactly how he would describe the date afterwards. The next day, the text he sent me was almost word-for-word!
  • I did a group spell with my closest friends X, Y, and Z. (It’s important to note here that Z was an open-minded skeptic at the time, there for emotional support but not actually casting with us.)  X leaves the room and leaves the door “closed” but not clicked into the frame. We’re talking, and a minute later we hear a knock. It’s X. The door is closed and locked. None of us had moved. This is a good door that does NOT lock itself on accident or do anything weird, and locking it is difficult from either side. The look on Z’s face, witnessing his first real unexplained phenomena, was pure gold. 
  • I asked Pan to “show me a black goat on Thursday” for reasons. I think it was Sunday when I asked. Come Thursday, and in my Ethics class we watch a series of controversial advertisements that feature a goat… coded as Black. The goat itself was actually grey but it was so obviously depicted as a racial stereotype (which is why they went under fire ofc) but I got what I asked for. A Black goat on Thursday. Just in the weirdest possible way that very specific prayer could have been answered. It reminded me that the gods have a sense of humor!
compliments for the signs
  • Aries: everyone is always pissing on yall for being angry. so what? you show emotion! you aren't afraid to stick up for what you believe in! PS i am waiting impatiently to be present for when some dumbass tells an Aries "dude, chilllllll" literally ill back you up leggo
  • Taurus: ok so everyone says you don't stop eating and you're lazy af. that's literally the entirety of Tumblr. my sister is a Taurus and yeah she eats loads and wont move to pick up a remote... and???? she's the best person i know, super fit, totally hilarious, and so are all of you. side note: why are you all so pretty??
  • Gemini: the "two-faced bitch" is getting annoying. i know loads of gems and none of them have wronged me or anyone i know. you guys have one of the best senses of dry humor, and you're always there to listen to my problems. you always get things done like one day you'll be commenting on some guys ass then bam you're dating him??? like that was easy
  • Cancer: i don't care if you're crying over spilt milk. gfy!!! you're sad! thank you for telling me!!! thank you for not being that person that says "i'm fine" and we all know is :( because that really sucks man i love being there for people thank you for opening up to me really
  • Leo: so you act really confident and self-aware and you hide your insecurities. NEWS FLASH: you shouldn't have any because you're fuggin 100% all the times i can't even begin. You're never afraid to try out new styles and you compliment those who look uncomfortable in their own skin and i love that. one last thing, i love it when you're so open about who you want to be and what you want to do and you don't care about other peoples opinions on that.
  • Virgo: there's so much more to you than your brains. you, gemini, scorpio, and taurus should just get together and let all the other signs watch ya'll talk because 8/8 m8 your humor is on point. also you're so understanding of your friends like you're so accepting. i could tell you i was going to have plastic surgery on my arm to add scales so i could be like a dragon and you'd tell me what color would look good on me.
  • Libra: this whole "superficial" biz is getting boring. ya'll are always so sweet to me. your the sign that, if they saw a kid crying, would go up to that stranger and ask whats wrong. then they'd go over to the kid that made em cry, see their point of view, and then properly unleash your wrath on the one in the wrong. like you're so fair and honest and unbiased and that's so cool because i'm sick of people not seeing others points of view.
  • Scorpio: sex-addict and psychopath is so old. hell yeah you're good at sex! hell yeah you get pissed! who doesn't? there's so much more to you than that. people forget you're in the water element for a reason. you're so insecure and sad and waiting for people to see you for who you are. you're so kind to your friends, you'd kill for them. (kidding). you're protective and passionate and feel everything so strong and great at reading people. you let others open up. thank you for that.
  • Sagittarius: i would give anything to go on a trip with you. they say you're detached af but everyone has their shit. so you have trouble opening up to people. so you have trouble talking to people about some things and sure you don't always show emotion. self-preservation ring a bell? you're doing your best being you. but please don't be afraid to open up. we all love you so much and you're so great and just such a wonderful person. don't stop that.
  • Capricorn: you work so hard. you're literally always pushing yourself and never asking for help but you're dying on the inside. you're wearing yourself thin and it has got to be exhausting. you make me day everyday with your laughs and humor and perkiness. you're legit so cute and you find the stupidest things funny. aLS0 your pet peeves are so cute. the weirdest things annoy you?? one example being that i used the word 'stupidest' in this.
  • Aquarius: you are s0 FUNNY omfg yeah you have that weird sense of humor and your aliens and memes 100% but that's so cool of you. you're so passionate about the world and your beliefs and no one gives you credit for that. plus you're such a leader. people would follow you blindly with your confidence. you typically see the good in the world and you're so free-spirited. legit 8/8 ily
  • Pisces: you're always stressed and constantly sad. don't. you have so much to live for. your laugh is so cute and you're so creative even though you don't admit it. you act tough at times but there's no need to. you could open up to anyone and they'd all be happy that you came to talk to them. you tell the best stories and your jokes are that stupid kinda funny. your awkwardness is adorable and i love you for that

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👀 + what's the funniest joke you know?

meme |  &  |
     answer honestly—-!

         humor doesn’t exactly work like that—-. he could’ve certainly pulled any joke, jape or pun out of his metaphorical hat o’ tricks. a joke isn’t meant to be delivered too early or too late. it arrives precisely when it is needed & baits the audience to bite down on the hook—-. his expression remains neutral as his neck craned. you can’t expect someone laugh for the halibut—-. it’s got to be genuine. their happiness, their laughter & even their crooked smiles.

My experience/thoughts associated with the signs
  • Just some observations and experience with my friends in the zodiac from a fellow Virgo. Don't take this too personally.
  • Aries: Extremely fucking bubbly, Vodka is their go-to alcoholic drink, tends to like aggressive music, almost childlike. Doesn't like being left alone, and when people ignore them, they go off to do their own thing until they get called back over or something. I hardly ever find them alone because they draw a lively crowd. I admire their abundant energy.
  • Taurus: Totally chill, but at the same time ruthlessly savage. An overall comfortable person to be around. Absolutely hilarious, like Aries, they usually draw a lively crowd. They have a slight dual personality that knows when to be serious and intelligent, or just straight up loud and playful. Can be quite materialistic and has an expensive taste.
  • Gemini: <i>Extremely talkative.</i> Knows shit that you never even heard of. Goes from one topic to another in about 0.00002 seconds. Can generally be dirty minded. Can talk with you for hours about things. One of those people that acts stupid but can legit murder you with words and intelligence. They really can't keep their mouths shut. Teases until you end up getting pissed at them.
  • Cancer: Oh my gooooooddd I absolutely love Cancers, they're so damn adorable. Very comforting to be around and the kind of people who'd be there for you legitimately whenever. But they definitely have the capability to murder me in 30 different ways and that's is absolutely horrifying. Honestly some of my favorite people, they're that good kind of different from the other signs.
  • Leo: Actually looks like their life is together as a first impression. Has sporadic thoughts and says the randomest things. Usually makes no sense when they're talking to you because their minds are going 1000 miles per second and flies from topic to topic. A lot of nervous energy but has a subtle confidence. REALLY great listeners. Out of the zodiacs, they're probably 3rd likely to murder me.
  • Other Virgos: All my other Virgo friends are very sports/gym oriented. Either have their lives together or they look like they do, but they are complete wrecks either way. Depending on when and where you catch them, they can be talkative and know how to hold a conversation, or awkward as hell and make uncomfortable small talk. They do give pretty good advice and have gorgeous smiles. Definitely the kind of people who could fail all of their classes but pass the state exams(I am one of those people).
  • Libra: Yooooo these people are amazing. Probably some of the most loyal friends I've ever had. They're just charming and an absolute bubbly person and just emanate positivity. They are indecisive about some things, but they are great at helping you win problems by weighing he pros and cons. They really do try to consider all other options before giving advice. Dresses and high heels, all day everyday; I swear. These people know how to have some awesome debates.
  • Scorpio: Takes 1st place on most likely to kill me. In fact, they're probably plotting my demise this very moment. I can't help but stare at them when they stare at me because the intensity of their stare is just- w h o a. VERY loyal people, and the keepers of all things secretive. Totally driven when they set their minds to it. Somewhat problematic because of that intensity of feelings and extreme overthinking. Overall amazing friends to have.
  • Sagittarius: EITHER TALL AS HELL OR SHORT AS HELL. I probably shouldn't say anything about he ones on the shorter side or they'll definitely jump to the top of the list of the signs who want to kill me. These people are pretty amazing to be around. Probably some of the most laid back people I have ever met. Like a Taurus, they're laid back as fuck, but savage as hell. Likes to make jokes about the weirdest shit, or about topics that really shouldn't be joked about, but still manage to make it hilarious. Amazing conversation holders; you can literally talk about things like aliens and metaphysics with them. I really like talking with these people(if you haven't noticed.)
  • Capricorn: Oh god, probably more hardheaded than Taurus and Aries. They have a very aggressive, very dry sense of humor. A first impression of a Capricorn is definitely their stand-offish attitude. Despite all of that, they are pretty chill and very grounded. Very VERY driven people and know how to get shit done. Another person who is a good listener and gives straight up and honest advice. Honestly doesn't give a fuck about who you are or what you do, if you fuck up with them or their friends, they're on ya ass in the blink of an eye. Total mommabear.
  • Aquarius: Talks about things no one normally talks about. Extremely spontaneous thoughts and topic changes in conversation. Can also hold a really good debate about things. Totally open minded and likes to look into things with you. Someone who definitely loves talking about conspiracy theories with you. Probably in the mafia. One of those people who go into detail when describing how they would kill someone. Unexpectedly aggressive. Can be present one moment, and become lost in their head and detached the next. Definitely in the mafia.
  • Pisces: AGGRESSION!¡!!¡¡!!!! Typically kind and likes to be the attention holder of the group. So damn hyper oh my god. In terms of energy, they're pretty much like Aries. Easily hurt lil cinnamon rolls though. I always have protective instinct with these people because of how delicate their tempers and feelings are. Tbh they're probably also people who'd want to kill me.

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Top 5 favorite mutuals and why!

That is very hard but here it is :- 

@eversinceamsterdam because Soph is an amazing person to talk to about so many different things. I love how we can talk about the weirdest things in the world without any hesitation. She is a very kind and beautiful person. 

@ohthathurt because ms is such a caring and loving person and her sense of humor is amazing. We discuss about so much with each other whether it is fandom related or just life in general. She is an angel.

@somewhereisaplacethatziamknow because Toni is one of the most rational, kind and smart people I have come across here. She is such a beautiful soul and it is always so lovely to talk to her. She is a very strong person. 

@2foolsgolden Because Gold is a very smart person and very lovely to talk to. She is very strong and always stands up for what she believes in and she is never afraid to say what she wants to which is very admirable. 

@wolfiequiffy Because Kathy is such a gentle and pure person and so lovely. Her writing is so good and always so so kind. 

How I see different signs:

Aries: Wants to be right in every situation! And if they are wrong, it’s really hard for them to admit it. They want to have the best ideas and feel special in every aspect of their life and often they are. Very caring and protective people, if they care for someone, they’re always ready to help and understand. If they feel like going for something, they will work hard and get there, whatever it takes.

Taurus: Every Taurus I know has a very low self esteem. They like to have a lot of material things around them and I feel like they hide normal things of their life to seem better, because they’re afraid what people might think if they knew. Outside they seem kinda arrogant and self centered, but that is just an act. They’re one of the nicest people I know, but getting them to actually open up takes a very long time.

Gemini: They seem very open, because they’re talkative, spontaneous and they share their personal life with an ease, but every Gemini that I know, seem to have a hard time letting anyone too close. They’re actually super emotional and they care about others, but they have weird way of showing it. They need their space and they’re very independent and that should be respected. Most open minded people I know and very, very passionate about things that they love. Also, one of the most hurtful sign, if you ever hurt one, because they’re excellent at reading others and they know how to be cold as fuck. Geminis also have the greatest ideas and they’re super sharp and artistic, but they have a hard time to actually do anything for their dreams without a little help. I also like, how straight forward they are.

Cancer: So funny and so emotional! When you talk to them, they have the most intensive look, like they are watching you so carefully. So often their face is a blank, but their eyes are full of emotion. To me, how they look at you, is sometimes so uncomfortable! The best listeners, but also very good emotional manipulators. They respect you, but if you give them a sign that you’re into them, they will reveal their passion for boobs, haha! 

Leo: They’re the most gorgeous and the funniest people I know. I feel like the way they say things, is just so hilarious. They make me feel comfortable and good about myself. They just have something about them, that makes everyone interested and sometimes they seem arrogant and self centered, but they actually care about others more than anything. If they’re interested in you, they will get to you, but if they’re not, they will be so cold! If they drink a little too much, it’s the funniest thing, I promise! They’re a little mess of legs, arms and weird stories that make no sense! My best friend is a Leo and she is the most open minded and strongest person I have and I will ever meet. She also could go thru fire for me, but I feel like she would let me die in a snow storm, because she seriously hates cold, haha! I could go on and on about Leos, they’re everything!

Virgo: They know things that doesn’t make any sense. They want to know a lot of different people and everyone to have a good time. They want to be perfect and succeed in life and they also have a really good plan how to do that. Virgos are just so and very smart and they’re super interesting, but sometimes they accidentally make you feel, like they think that they’re better. They’re often right. Virgos often give a hard time to their close friends, but they mean well and want to help others. 

Libra: Someone who doesn’t like drama at all. They will stand by your side, but they really hate conflicts. They love to annoy and laugh at others, but it’s all for good fun, they don’t mean anything bad by it. Actually, that is a fucking weird way for them to show you, that they really care. I feel like I have a deep emotional connection with Libras. They are very smart, open minded and deeply caring people, and they’re also very passionate about things they love. They seem, like they don’t need anyone, but I feel like they’re someone looking for soulmate to share everything with. They’re also secretly very romantic people, and for some reason they have a hard time accepting it.

Scorpio: They make up things about you in their mind and if you tell them that they’re wrong, they have hard time believing you. They love anything electronic and new, but they’re really bad at decorating anything. They seem like they don’t care, but they’re deeply emotional and I’m always surprised how easily Scorpio understands emotions. They have thick skin and if they get hurt, you won’t know it, if it doesn’t come up in a fight or something. I often feel like Scorpios want others to read their minds, even tho they’re not showing what is wrong. They have very dark places in their head. 

Sagittarius: Wants to be best in their surroundings. The best girlfriend, the best worker, the best looking, the best housewife and the list goes on. Sometimes you feel like everything is alright and after two seconds the Sagittarius is a screaming mess. But that only happens when you’re really close with them. They love people and they have loads of dreams. I really think that whatever is the starting place for Sagittarius, they will succeed if they have friends and family who show that they believe in them. If they don’t care about something, they just don’t care about it and there is nothing to do about it. They also talk like a child to everyone they are close with. It is hilarious. 

Capricorn: Weirdest sense of humor for sure! They make me laugh and it is so easy to feel free to talk about anything with them. They want to show off what they have and they have a deep need to succeed in life. They might seem like they don’t have any emotions at first, but when you get to know them, it is kinda sad how deeply they feel, but they have a hard time showing it. They’re very smart and if you have a sibling that is a Capricorn, you won’t take others shit so seriously, because you’re so use to being called names and all that. I have two Capricorn brothers and I will be a little ho till I die, haha!

Aquarius: Only Aquarius I know well is my best friend Ellen DeGeneres, but whenever I meet someone, they seem different, fun and nerdy. And kinda shy also. They have a lot to say, it is always very interesting. And they’re pissed off about something. I would like to know more, since I would probably get along with them very well. I’m sure they’re lovely people!

Pisces: Are sad all the time. Then they drink too much and you realize that they’re even a sadder mess. I feel like they try so hard and then someone just treats them wrong or make the worst out of them. They also seem to have very low self esteem, even tho they’re so beautiful inside out. Everyone understand everything they say in a wrong way. They also accidentally end up lying a lot. I like Pisces people, but I am so done trying to carry them from different places after clubbing. They’re also super artistic and when you get to know them, they want to show you their world.

enjoy-tracking-this-lamp  asked:

congratulations love! my name is haddy, i have red hair and freckles, i wear glasses, and im pretty kinda short. im an actress, i play the ukulele and guitar, and love to sing. i love cats, chocolate, books, MUSIC, strong female characters, and adventures with friends. i don't. like. carrots. (don't know why i felt like i had to put that in there) im super loyal, and i deal with anxiety and loneliness a lot. i also have an extremely sarcastic sense of humor and say THE weirdest things. love ya!

I ship you with Tom!

You two would love playing guitar and/or ukulele together and helping each other with lines! You two would let loose and be so goofy together and feel comfortable enough to just say whatever. Tom would always help you as best he can with anxiety and make sure you never feel alone.

ROLIE POLIE ALLY !!!!!! ITS YOUR FRICKIN 22ND BIRTHDAY!!!!!! every day you are more adult-y and just as short-y and just as smile-y. i feel like when i think of celebrating you this little video montage plays in my head of when we sit next to each other in interviews or like DURING THAT COMMERCIAL SHOOT OH MT GOD and we burst out laughing at something really ridiculous and immature and we seriously laugh until my stomach hurts and i have to bend over and go on my knees because it’s the most excruciating and most glorious pain ever. but that’s just us. everyone else in the room? if looks could kill, ally and i would be murdered. once we actually had to be asked to leave the room. it was awesome. you and i have the weirdest sense of humor and we are way too often (plus will) the only people that get it. i don’t know that fifth harmony would be without you laughing at something at a 5 am wake up call when everybody’s too tired and pissed to function and i don’t know what fifth harmony would be without your positivity. you will shine forever.
love you, Camila by camila_cabello