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*He watched you drop your book and let out a huge sigh whilst resting your head on the table, and walked over to you*

K: “I know you hate studying but once the exam is over you will be so glad you tried your best, plus if you need any help I’m here remember”


Y/N: “I can’t do this it’s too hard”

SH: “Yes you can, I have the utmost faith in you!”

Y/N: “What if I fail?”

SH: “Then I will report it to the police because you have been trying so hard there is no way you will fail!”


*He knows that you are struggling with a particular subject so he learns all about it just so he can explain it to you*


*He can see that you are reluctant to carry on studying but he knows how much effort you have already put in and he doesn’t want that to go to waste*

Y/N: “I’ve seriously had enough now, plus I’m hungry”

CY:“Okay then how about if you carry on studying I will make your favourite meal, it will be on the table later tonight, but only if you keep hitting those books”

Y/N: “Hmmm… deal”


*Tbh he would probably be the reason you get distracted*

*He would muck around with you and make jokes to take your mind of studying for a bit so you have a break, but afterwards he would encourage you to carry on because if you don’t he threatens to annoy the hell out of you*


*He doesn’t personally think studying at school is that important but he knows that the job you’re aiming for is high and you need this degree so he is always encouraging you and making sure to see if you need help with anything, plus you rely on him for your snacks throughout the day*


*You walk out of your bedroom into the living room where he is sitting and sit next to him and give him a kiss*

C: “Wait I thought you were meant to be studying?”

Y/N: “Well I got bored and now I don’t want to anymore”

C: “Noo, you gotta go and shove your face in those books”

Y/N: “I don’t want to”

C: “Well you don’t get any more kisses until you do then”

Y/N: “Hey that's not fair”

C: “If you study now you can have loads later but for now even if you try and book an appointment you cant touch me”


*He knew how hard you had been working so he brought you a secret present for when you were finished because it would cheer you up from getting headaches from all the boring stuff you were reading. You almost walked in on him with the present but he managed to disguise it well, and he couldn’t wait to see your face once your studying was over*


L: “Come on you can do it infact if you do you will get all this love from me”

Y/N: “What if I don’t?”

L: “Then… you will still get all this love but I will be sad that you didn’t study”


*You were feeling pretty down at your studies, you didn’t feel like you were making any progress and it was all really just getting on your nerves. Kris saw this and came to give you a hug and told you to take a break for a while before going back to it*

K: “You will ace this test I promise, but let’s just take a break for now”


Y/N: “Luhan I’m bored!”

*He came into the room and decided to give you a break from studying for a while until he decided that you needed to get back to it, but he stayed with you helping you memorize some of the information*


*You had got up from you chair and just started randomly running around your apartment in the bid to make sure that your legs still worked after sitting down for so long, but after this you just sat down in the kitchen not going back to your studies*

XM: Y/N, Come back you need to finish this tonight remember”

Y/N: “It’s so boring though”

XM: “Please, do it for me?”

Y/N: “Only if you make me some of your coffee?”

XM: “Done deal”

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Fanfiction - Columba (Constellations series)

Well, this is a weird one – but there is something very pleasing about it, so I’ll follow my wickedness through. I hope someone enjoys its quirkiness. This takes place in the very early part of the XX century. It’s always so good to be back to these stories! <3

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“Esteemed Professor Eisel,

I hope this letter finds you in exceptional good health. I read with enthusiasm the papers you’ve sent me regarding hypnosis as a means to treat women with “man-sickness”, those poor souls afflicted by a deep despise of the touch of a man. I have the utmost faith that your work could cause a revolution and look forward to hearing your preliminary results in order to apply them here in St. Lucius’ Hospital.

But the true motive that forces me to seek your help is the utmost necessity of counsel for one of my most challenging and, I must say, perplexing patients.

Two years ago one young woman, née Claire Beauchamp, entered this institution brought by her loving and distraught fiancé, Mister Frank Randall, a distinct man of London and a University Professor himself. There are no points of contention in the woman’s family history that I’m aware of; her being from an impeccable family, pure in breeding with other decent and noble folks.

The patient seemed to be fairing quite well until maybe six months afore her commitment; as a suitable young lady she was only preoccupied with the arrangements for her wedding to be. But according to Mister Randall’s description, Claire Beauchamp all of the sudden started exhibiting disturbing behaviour without any further prodromal symptoms – she slept very poorly at night and talked frequently of vivid dreams. She became obsessed with this idea that she must leave him and search for a man that she saw in her head. Supposedly, Miss Beauchamp was convinced that this imaginary man was her soulmate and that she was destined to find him – even that they had lived many lives together.

Since her institutionalization here I’ve pursued every approach as per the state of the art – cold plunge baths, at times with a prolonged immersion; administration of laxatives and purgatives to rid her of any diseases of the bile or phlegm; sleep deprivation to heighten the senses and open the mind; long sessions of talking to help her deconstruct her ludicrous fantasy. It pains me to say none of these treatments were successful, as the patient remains adamant and unwilling to deny this man’s existence.

I’ve been made aware of a new treatment in early testing stages, using electricity to induce seizures upon which the patient comes awake more enlightened and lucid - they call it “Electroshock Therapy”. I’m willing to try this new technique in this case, if I have your agreement.

My best regards,

Professor Rawlings.”


“Calman geal.” He said, touching her cheek with his long fingers. She could feel them, hot and real against her skin. He smiled, part tenderness and part mischief, as his hand slid to reach her neck and then rummaged to caress her breast. He knew her; knew the desires of her body and touched her every aching point, as if he had been inside her all along. They shared something that needed no words to find its meaning. He lifted her, holding her legs around his waist and laid her down, gently. He whispered in a husky voice “Claire.””

She came abruptly awake. For a moment she was disoriented, her mind adrift from the cell that the nurses insisted to call “room”. This one had no windows – her latest punishment for misbehaving during therapy with Doctor Rawlings. If he insisted in prodding and commenting on her life and intimate thoughts, she saw no objections to asking him if he used the magnifying glass, which he had ornamentally displayed on his desk, to find his cock.

Claire turned on the bed, seeking a more comfortable position on the hard mattress. This dream was new; she knew her recurrent dreams all too well. Sometimes she had difficulty puzzling them in the different versions of herself she had identified by now; he always seemed the same to her – strong-hearted, warrior even in times of peace, lover. Husband.

There were images that she thought belonged to distant times – in those she saw them in earthy tones, faded and muted. But some, like this one, were so present and immediate that were like images in technicolor. More than dreams, they seemed like recent memories – an old life she wasn’t prepared to let go.

The nurse knocked – the accurate term would be hammered – on the door, warning her that it was time to escort her to the bathroom, where she would take a steaming shower, too hot for her taste but apparently good for her mental health; brush her teeth and have a chance to socialize with the other convicts – well, patients – of St. Lucius. It would be a though choice though, choosing the company for the day with so many appealing options – the lovely Lauren, a young woman of her own age, who strangled her firstborn; the humorous Olivia, a paranoid schizophrenic who thought she was trying to kill her half the time; or the lively Mrs. Duffield, a catatonic middle-aged woman. Then she would suffer through two hours of pointless conversations with the director and then she would finally be left alone, to find freedom inside her own head.

When the dreams first started, she had been scared. Her life was following the path she had determined; her marriage to Frank, her sweetheart since her teenage years, would be the social event of the season in London. She truly thought she was content with the life she had envision for herself. Her first dream with him – Jamie – had been very erotic and she had woken up soaked in sweat, a moan escaping from her lips as he thrusted inside her. She had attributed it to a harmless fantasy of a woman about to pledge herself to a sole man for the rest of her life.

But that first episode was like the drop that anticipated the flood, the dam of her mind finally broken. Soon their shared memories were the realest thing to her; the only thing. And finding Jamie had become her quest.

Frank believed she was just anxious, that a weekend in Cornwall would solve it. When that failed, a couple of weeks in Paris were the thing in order. He became increasingly desperate and frustrated as she slipped further and further away from him. Even though she deeply resented him for placing her in the asylum, she had to concede that he had tried to mend things to the best of his abilities. But no man accepts defeat easily, being passed over by another; much more so when his opponent seems only to be found inside her beloved’s heart.

Claire knew she could have spared herself from this degrading life; but that implied that she had to renounce Jamie, to say aloud that he wasn’t real. That she never loved him.  That she wouldn’t find him. And that was something she couldn’t begin to contemplate.

“Let’s go, Claire!” The nurse barked. “You’re expected in the shock therapy later, so move along!”

Oh, the electroshock therapy – their hail Mary to try and return her to the land of the sane. She had been frightened the first time, and in spite of the drugs that they administrated her she had suffered agonizing pain. But what they didn’t know was, that following that session, she had had the most vivid and long dream with Jamie; a tantalizing reminiscence of a wedding night.

She cackled, following the nurse that looked at her with profound alarm. She was in a mental hospital, after all – might as well have a little fun.


Claire was sitting by the big window, where she could see the garden outside. It was her favourite place in the whole hospital; standing there she could pretend she was in the outside world, watching the season’s pass and life’s unending wheel. Here, she allowed herself to feel sometimes – the loneliness in which her beliefs had placed her; the flicker of doubt; the longing for him; the love she hadn’t experienced yet and that she already knew so well.

“Rupert sends his love, he couldn’t come this time.” She heard a male voice saying across the room. “But he wished me to say he loves ye verra much and he will try to take ye home for Hogmanay, aye?”

Her heart clenched inside her chest like a closed fist. She knew that voice better than her own - it had talked to her throughout the veils of space, time and sanity; she had waited to hear it for the past two years.

Afraid that she had actually lost her mind and had started to have hallucinations, she turned.


Claire might have screamed; it was joy and pain and relief coming together over her. She had to go to him, but arms were around her now, trying to contain her and pull her to the hall. She resisted them, struggling more than she ever had before, even during her first days there, before she had realized the pointlessness of her efforts. Tears were streaming down her face, as she saw him walking across the room to her, his brow furrowed in concern.

“What is it, lass?” Jamie asked. “Ye called my name, didn’t ye?”

“Yes.” She sobbed, still fighting the nurse’s grip. “I need to talk to you. Please.”

His frown deepened, but he nodded. Jamie was looking at her with a strange mixture of fascination and fear.

“The lass isna doing anything wrong that I can see.” He gave the nurse at her right a hard long look. “She just wants to talk, that’s all. Let her go.”

He was an imposing man, as she already knew he was; and had an aura of authority and leadership around him - it took men much more confident than those nurses to resist the urge to obey him.

“Do ye ken me, lass?” He asked softly, after they sat together near the window, finally alone. “Have we met before?”

“Yes.” Claire answered softly. “I know all about you, Jamie.”

“Where did we meet?” He looked at her, serious, his blue eyes boring into hers. “I would recall meeting ye, I’m sure of it.”

“You really don’t remember me, do you?” She questioned, tears resuming their course down her cheeks. She had waited so long for him; never once had she thought he wouldn’t share her dreams. In her mind’s eye they always met and instantly recognized each other; their kisses were ardent; their hands fitted together effortlessly.

“No.” He said with remorse. “No, I don’t.”

“That’s alright.” She laughed amidst tears. “I’m just so glad to see you.”

Jamie smiled, giving her a puzzled look.

“Why are ye here?” He asked in a soft tone. “Ye dinna seem like someone that…should be here.”

“I’m here because I dream.” Claire said, looking at his hands. No wedding band in sight, at least. “It’s a dangerous thing these days, or so it seems.”

“What do ye dream about?” He questioned and seemed genuinely interested.

“A man.” She whispered, her fingers fidgeting with a fold of her grey and unflattering uniform. “A man I loved. Still do.”

“Ah.” He nodded. “Are you…grieving then, lass? Is he dead and ye are here because yer heart is broken?”

“No.” Claire swallowed, avoiding his gaze. Although they were meeting at an asylum, she was adamant in wishing he didn’t think her crazy. “It’s a little more complicated than that, I’m afraid.”

“It almost always is.” He smiled. “I’m here to see a friend’s mother. His wife is sick and he couldna come, so he wished me to make sure she was well taken care of.”

“That’s very kind of you.” She glanced in the old woman’s direction. It was Mrs. MacKenzie; she was one of the quiet ones. “I’ll try to keep an eye on her.”

“There is something familiar about ye.” Jamie said and she turned her head to find him studying her with intensity. “I can’t quite place it. It’s not even an image. More like…a feeling. Like…there’s something important about ye that I should remember.”

“Will you come and visit me? And bring me some poetry - perhaps Catullus?” Claire asked. She hoped he would remember; the seed had already been planted. She intended to water it and make it bloom; but if she couldn’t, then she must find a way to reconnect with him. He had loved her, time and time again – it was only reasonable to think he would again, in due time.

“Aye.” Jamie said softly. His fingers brushed her hand. “I think I’d like that, Claire.”

Claire could see the nurses approaching to tell them their time was up. She smiled at him and got up, starting to walk away to escape their claws.

“Funny you knew that. I didn’t even give you my name.”

He looked intrigued at her, but there was light in his features, like the moon half shining during an eclipse.

“And about the man in the dream?” He called.

“I’ll leave that to another time.” Claire winked. “I have to make sure you come back, don’t I?”


Claire breathed, waiting for Professor Rawlings to arrive at his office. She was due to another session; and for the first time she was actually eager to talk to him.

Jamie had finally come. He would remember her; she was already inside him, waiting for him to find her. For all the times he had waited for her to be ready, she would wait for him this time.

And now, finally free to become a lying sane person again, she needed to prepare for the rest of her life outside the asylum.

“How are you this afternoon, Miss Beauchamp?” Professor Rawlings greeted her sourly, upon entering his kingdom.

“Quite well, actually.” She gave him a sweet and innocent smile. “I’ve been thinking deeply and perhaps you were right about those dreams…”

OK, so episode 10 of Nagoya-Kessen-hen will be airing this Saturday...

…so I just have a few requests, Wit Studio. 

*Please bless the fandom with superb, or at the very least, decent animation. Give us ample opportunities for good screenshots, enough that our fandom’s amazing graphics/gif sets makers will have a FUCKING FIESTA (and I can reblog and squeal for all of them). 

*Give us good pacing and music; please try your utmost to recreate the atmosphere between these two to the best of your ability. Don’t be fucking jumping all over the place or trying to rush through the scenes. You named the episode “Yuu and Mika” for a reason…please live up to it. 

*For whatever moments that the fans liked in the chapters, please don’t take/change it away. Please be faithful to the material! (I realize this is a pointless request, but it can’t hurt to try). 

*You better have a fucking explanation as to why Mika (at least, I thought it was his legs I saw) looked like he was walking in a freaking desert in the preview!! >:( Like, I don’t remember that in the manga!! Are you going to show him metaphorically walking in a desert for so long, and he’s finally found his oasis (aka his Yuu-chan and actually, that’d be kinda cool, albeit kinda cheesy IMO) or something?!?!? Like, WTF?!?!?! 

*Finally…this better be worth it, Wit Studio! The Ons/Mikayuu fandom will be suffering through this entire week to make it to Saturday, so this better be worth our time!! DX I fucking took a day off for you too (okay, it’s only one reason; quite frankly, I didn’t want to watch this episode while I was at work, I’d rather sob in the comfort of my own house), so you better not make me regret not working and making money!! 

Okay, I think I got everything out of my system…

*Takes a deep breath*

…thank you. XD Can’t wait to fangirl with all of you this Saturday, OnS/Mikayuu fandom!!

Oh Lord. I’m literally going to be following only 5-10 people once/if this thing with Zayn and 1D is over. Do me a favor please, if you are into Ziam yet think Zayn is a selfish asshole that would genuinely leave the other 4 guys hanging please come to my inbox and let me know so I can unfollow. Don’t be passive aggressive. I mean, for the most part I can tell who doesn’t have the utmost faith in Zayn and they do get unfollowed. But, sometimes I tend to give people chances when their patterns speak louder, which is my fault and I should have known better. Y'all really aren’t THAT smooth. As I said, let me know what’s up or just straight up unfollow me. Either works. And just lemme say this and it’s always been something that has bothered me-
Why do people even “believe” (their term- not mine) in Ziam if they see Zayn as a selfish asshole, inferior to Liam, etc? Is it coming from a unbalanced perception that Zayn’s only role in Ziam is to be an appendage to Liam without any redeeming qualities of his own? Because this what I’m seeing. And have seen since I got into Ziam. And yeah, consider this a call- out. But it’s not anything new that others aren’t aware of. Again unfollow or come to my inbox. I’m just at the point where I’m tired of people’s passive aggressive shit and when it makes Ziam not fun for me then I have to do something since I genuinely adore those 2 so much. ( yet realize they are indeed individuals that can exist on their own as well)