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It's so bizarre that there are still people questioning Harry's strategy and complaining about him being so low-key for the last year or so...What purpose would it have served for harry to stick to the spotlight that whole time and risk overexposure before he even had anything to promote? Not to mention the fact that he deserved a break and a chance to work on something special with actual privacy. Now he's refreshed​ and ready to come out strong, I think everything has been brilliant so far

Honestly him and Jeff are geniuses for this. And honestly idk why people expected him to just be out an about all last year like?? If he’d done that then it wouldn’t have been as big of a deal for him to come back now.

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I'm ready to sell most of everything I own to go see Ghost live. These boys are ruining me

I have been meaning to go through a bunch of old band merch to sell to help me a bit financially when I move at the end of May. Everything is happening at once, and I still need to see if i can afford/travel for Rammstein too.
It was like fate flopping out of the A7X presale this morning…it was like some unholy spirit was looking out like: “bitch you gonna need that money and vacation time…Papa is coming to town”.

Day Ninety

-Today I have been entrusted with the responsibility of being the operator. This seems like an oversight as I have next to no idea of how to be the operator. We will see how this goes.

-I found a pair of Valentine’s Day socks depicting a glorious Norse warrior with the caption, “I’ve taken a great Viking to you.” This is the single greatest seasonal item I have ever seen in my expansive seasonal item-hunting life.

-I inadvertently stumbled upon a solid stock of doomsday-ready supplies on a shelf in the hanger room. Hand-powered radios. Flashlights. Baby lotion. Everything one could ever need for armageddon.

-When given the phone, I was told to expect very few calls. This was a relief. I received many calls. I crossed my fingers I had been forwarding the calls correctly and not simply hanging up on confused callers. I still have no proof either way.

-I watched a toddler sprint off to the end of an aisle, wait for his mother to get close, and then sprint off again. This continued through the entirety of the store until he eventually sat down and let her catch up. Never again will I believe video game chase sequences to be unrealistic.

-A decidedly-creepy man asked a female coworker for a spare print ad. After being handed one, he walked off for five minutes to then return to her. He pressed a clipping from a Valentines page against her stomach. The cut-out paper read, “Let’s be friends.” I cannot be sure, but something in me says that this may not be the most effective method.

-From across the store, I heard the voice of a young boy chant, “Let me have my boobies back.” I cannot even begin to imagine the sort of monster who would take them from him.

my oc!! she likes to pretend to record “get ready with me” videos when she prepares for school & she ends up running late because of it 😅 it’s been almost a year since i first drew her but i still haven’t decided on her name >_<

My Darling? Full?~

What was that cutie? You’re full? That can’t possibly be true, there’s still food left! That dinner wasn’t even that big, you only ate a large pizza and box of breadsticks! I know you too well darling, you’re not full until you’ve eaten everything in sight. I still see a dozen donuts and a bowl of leftover Halloween candy. I bet if I hold this donut near your mouth you’ll just- that’s what I though. You have no self-control, my darling fatty. Here, eat the rest of it, you’ve got 11 more after all. That’s it love, just keep moaning about how full you are, it helps ease the tautness of that tum. I can rub your belly for you. It’s always my pleasure to feel how big and round your soft body is getting. Ready for your next donut? No? That’s ok, we can take a candy break. Open wide, here comes a Hershey bar. And a Reese's cup. And a few other little candy bars. Oh look, a full size snickers! Just keep chewing love, and I’ll keep filling your mouth with food. Time for some more donuts! This ones chocolate frosted! You’re so full of carbs right now, no wonder you think you’re full. So much dough in that belly, making you even doughier. Oh, now you’re asking for another? You just love the idea of being a big ball of dough, don’t you fatty. Here you go, a fluffy glazed one this time. 

As long as I keep dangling donuts in front of you, I know you’ll keep eating. What a cute doughy fatty~

Warning: flashing image below! 

Chapter Two of a Fatal_Error has Occurred will start in a few weeks!

I’m taking a bit of a break to organize and prepare for the next chapter. Trust me, I don’t want to take too long - I’m very excited to get to the next part ;) It is my sincerest hope to have Chapter Two finished before the end of the year.

In the meantime, I have a couple of asks I wanted to answer/illustrate, plus there’s some blog reorganizing that I wanted to do to keep everything neat and tidy. So no worries - the blog will still be active, just don’t expect any new pages for like a week or two.

You’ll know that I’m ready to pick the story back up when I post the Chapter cover :) Until then, take care!

Steven Universe Fan comic, Dioptase


About this comic: After The Kindergarten Kid, alternative timeline. Peridot and Lapis have been bonding during their time on earth, but Lapis still can’t let go the feeling of being fused with Jasper, so she asks Peridot to help her but, things don’t always goes as planned…

Story and art by me, updates on fridays/saturdays. when I have the page ready OTL. DON’T REPOST.

It’s happening! and Peri is ded~ also I dream that someday Laz and Steven will dance together ‘cuz they are the best Beach Summer Fun Buddies UwU and I’m sorry for my inconsistent bgs and proportions orz

    You know what I love about Witchcraft, is that as soon as you realize Witches of old used what they had to do what they need, things just start to click into place. They used cauldron’s because that’s what was in their kitchen, they made a great deal of things, because that was cheaper then buying ready made, they wrote in those big ole leather bound books because that’s what they had. And if you ever stressed about not being a real Witch because you don’t have any of these things that goes right away. (I mean it still would be nice to own a nice cauldron but i don’t need to have one!)

    It’s just beautiful everything is beautiful and nothing is wrong, your path, your tools, your methods are valid.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: How did Grovyle feel when he realize his partner lose all memories, include the good ones with him? Imagine you travel time with your loyal and dependable friend but then you suddenly lose him and when you find him, he doesn't know who you are and you're the only one who keeps all memories and all feelings. You don't have time to explain them because you have to save the world and you're still ready to sacrifice yourself for your partner beside everything. And at the end, you couldn't even stay close to him anymore, both physically and emotionally.
The Little Flower

Requested by: @potterhead236

Author’s note: I’m still new at this but I do believe I’m getting better. I have updated my prompts list and it only has prompts that I feel aren’t over used and go with the main imagines I do. Requests for everything are open and if you have any tips on how to run my blog better I would appreciate the help.

8. “Oh, so you think I’m cute when I’m angry?” Well, get ready because I’m about to be gorgeous.”

9. “I don’t understand why everyone believes I’m a sweet, delicate person. I mean, I’m violent, like all the time.”

33. “Remove your hand or I will rip you arm off and beat you to death with it.”

Words: 983

Warnings: None Draco Malfoy x reader


   (Y/n) was walking through the halls of Hogwarts on her way to Herbology when she heard that oh so similarly obnoxious voice. It stopped her almost in her tracks and she lifted her head to meet the eyes of the person it belonged to.

“Oh, look boys. It’s the little flower going right where she belongs,” Draco snickered as his friends and him walked past, clearly enjoying her reaction to the nickname he gave her. Little flower, only a name you give someone fragile, weak, and beautiful. (Y/n) was fragile or weak and hated the nickname, if it weren’t for the way he said it and how he implied it, she would have quite liked it. (Y/n) lowered her head back to the floor and kept walking, trying not to be late for class.

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Meanie the Mareanie

I’m still alive I promise! I am soo sorry for not posting regularlly these past two months. I’m working on getting a bunch of stuff ready for you guys. Thanks so much for bearing with me!

Everything has been really crazy for me lately. Im really hoping things are going to be settling down soon now that the holidays are mostly over and I can unpack and get some normal schedule again. I have been doing art and posting on Indtagram for Pokecember. I’ll be sharing those on here soon for all you non instagram users.

Quick Note on Fusion Suggestions/Requests

I have several hundred request to get through so it may take a while before Im caught up and you get to see the fusions you suggested. I do still have them all on a long running list. I havent forgotten or ignored any of your suggestions. Theres just sooo many at this point that its hard to keep up with.

Thanks for understanding!

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I laugh now
Because I never thought I’d be completely okay with everything
I thought I’d never forget how you hurt me
And all those days I cried
I thought that that was the worst pain I’d ever feel
The worst I would ever be betrayed

We all thought we were so wise then
Much older than we really were
We thought there wasn’t much growing up left to do
When we really hadn’t even started
And I thought I’d been through it all already

I never dreamed of losing you
I really thought I was in love
I never doubted it for a second
And I never thought I’d fill the hole you left in me
Although my entire life was still ahead

But now I look into someone else’s eyes
And see everything we never had
And my heart is not only filled
But overflowing

We all thought we were ready for the world
That we could just skip to the good parts
And it took a while to get us here but
We have all found a place we belong
At least for now

And although it isn’t at each other’s sides
And it’s not where we thought we’d find it
We are here
I am looking at him
And he is every story I’ve ever wanted to write
And you’re just a line in a poem

—  Two Years Later
Wolfstar Christmas
  • Remus liked to plan everything out when it came to holidays. He knew what he was going to make for each meal. He knew what wrapping paper he was gonna use for each person. He was ready.
  • Sirus liked to fly by the seat of his pants. He was fine with having take out on Christmas Eve. He was going to use old newspaper to wrap gifts. He was ready. 
  • Well, almost. He still had to find a gift for Remus. 
  • Remus had gotten hotel tickets for the two of them in Italy. He figured that they could go in March when life got boring and there was nothing to look forward to. 
  • Sirius had no idea what to get Remus. Remus never asked for anything. 
  • Sirius wanted to go big or go home. Books and chocolate wouldn’t cut it this year. 
  • Then Sirius had an idea. 
  • He raced around the house, pulling open cabinets in search of various pictures and memories from his and Remus’s relationship. 
  • The receipt from the cafe they went to on their first date. A concert ticket or two. A picture of Remus reading with Sirius asleep on his lap. Little doodles that Sirius had done of Remus. Love notes that Remus sometimes stuck on the fridge to remind Sirius to do some. 
  • In the end, Sirius had about 300 random pieces of paper. 
  • For the next few hours Sirius painstakingly bound all the pieces of paper to a leather cover as if he was making a book. 
  • He then burned the letters R and S into the cover of the book along with a heart. 
  • Sirius had just finished when Remus walked into the room. 
  • “Whatcha up to Sirius?” 
  • Sirius quickly tucked the book behind his back. 
  • “Oh just reading.”
  • “Reading?” Remus said as he raised his eyebrows.
  • “Yeah. Figure I’m never too old to try something new.”
  • Remus laughed. 

  • The next morning the two of them slept in, cuddling each other until well past noon. 
  • Then they slowly moved downstairs. Sirius put some cinnamon rolls in the oven and Remus waiting next to the tree. 
  • When Sirus joined him, Remus pushed a present towards him. 
  • Sirius smiled as he opened it. Inside was a book. But not just any book. A tour guide to Italy. 
  • “Mind going to Italy with me in a few months?”
  • “I would love to,” Sirius said as he peaked Remus on the lips. “Thank you.”
  • Sirius handed Remus his present. Remus looked a little confused when he opened it to find a book.
  • “A book?”
  • “A book of us. Open it.”
  • Remus began to flip through the pages. Each one was covered in memories of their time together. It was beautiful. 
  • “I think this might be my new favorite book.” Remus said as he smiled. 
  • “Really? I didn’t know I was that good of a writer.”
  • “Oh shut up and kiss me.”
  • And Sirius did. He wrapped his figured in Remus’s hair and tasted the coffee on his lips. And then Sirius spent the rest of Christmas with the person he loves most in the world. 
  • Remus Lupin


Try This: 1 Simple Way To Attract What You Want

If you’re someone that is still recovering from the shit storm that was 2016, you’re probably more than ready to bless up in 2017.  Today, I propose a simple habit to you that made my 2016 a “good year”.  Last year could have easily been the worst year of my life, but everything began turning right side up at the beginning of the last quarter.  Just when I was about to throw my hands up, I received the best gig with a band I’ve come to adore and I’m working with the best team I’ve encountered on my touring journey.  With that, my bank account showed signs of life and was taken off life support.  I began eating well (hospitality on tour set me right), got a free therapist through a grant program, my credit score jumped 100pts and right at the very end of the year on 12/30th, the universe snatched my old whip (RIP) and gave me a “new” SUV in a matter of 36hrs of losing my first baby.  *I had her for 12 years and cried a deep ugly sob before the tow truck came to get her, but I embraced a much needed change.  I digress.

The point is that the universe completely supported me last year because I was consistently putting in hours discovering all the ways it’s designed to work in my favor. 

So.  I know that with everything going on in the world and in the media, strife can be hard to avoid, but in order to get your shit together and catch your life, you’re going to need to adopt new habits.  Let me get to the point.

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What I say: I’m a Kingdom Hearts expert

What I mean: When I first got into this series I spent all my free time for a month looking up everything I could about the series and almost religiously followed the series for 5 years after including reading the interviews and ulitmania guides. I can explain just about everything lore-related that can be explained in this series (the main exceptions being Coded and Dream Drop). I have so much knowledge on this series I sometimes look at myself and wonder “what the hell am I doing with my life”. And I still don’t know everything there is to know about Kingdom Hearts (gameplay is my blind spot). So please don’t debate lore with me unless you’re ready to provide specific examples to back up your claim. Because yes I can be wrong but if it’s common knowledge lore chances are I’m not. Do not underestimate how much of my life I have wasted on this convoluted series. I may be pathetic but I’m pathetic and well-informed.

HIDOKU SHINAIDE VOL 7 CH 1 HAS ARRIVED IN MY COUNTRY! I’M SO EXCITED! it will probably arrive at my place on Thursday or Friday, so I’m gonna scan and clean it this weekend. If everything goes well, we could publish it next week!!!

And more good news: half of Pendulum Human Beast Omegaverse ch1 is done!
This damn thing has around 50 pages -.- ^^

Also the Otona keikenshi Dj is ready for typesetting. Gonna finish it soon.

I still don’t really have the time, I’m gonna work at night, so it will still take a couple of days, but I wanted you guys to know that things are happening :)
Thanks for your patience!


i’ve seen some posts stating that “lukas doesn’t care about philip”, and i just want to ask how can you believe such a thing???? first of all, lukas waldenbeck is a TEENAGER struggling with deep seeded internalized homophobia. he’s not going to make the most rational decisions until he feels ready and comfortable to accept himself and his sexuality. that being said, ponder this for a second: even with his internalized homophobia and the peer pressure from his friends to “be cool”, lukas still acted on his feelings for philip. he pined over him for weeks and set it up so they would have a one on one encounter, in which LUKAS APPROACHED PHILIP!!!! against everything he’s ever been told, the fear and anxiety nagging at him, the small minded views of his hometown, lukas s t i l l fights through it, because he’s feeling something for the first time. something that he can’t ignore. something he doesn’t want to ignore. something that’s made him feel alive since his mother passed away and he found motocross. 

Leading Suspects: Chapter 23

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22.

“Get up, Sleeping Beauty! The calvary will be here any minute now!”

“That makes no sense and is the most offensive thing you’ve ever said to me,” I groan and shove my head back under the blankets. Everything hurts and I’m not even hungover. I’m not ready to face anyone and I have no idea what the hell Johanna is talking about anyways. She might mean that Peeta’s finally sworn out a warrant for my arrest, but I doubt she’d be this excited about that since she hasn’t secured a raise yet. Really, I’m shocked that he still hasn’t dragged me or Madge or both of us down to the station in handcuffs.

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AhRo is everything to me. Not because I want or need her. She is the reason I’m still alive and breathing.

requested by @evil-writer