i have the same shirt lmao


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while



#no offense but you can’t convince me that he didn’t get this shirt at that concert #and you can’t convince me it’s a coincidence he was wearing it the day he left rory #like he thought maybe if he brought a piece of her with him it would feel less like he was leaving her behind

Seventeen as things my group chat has said
  • S.Coups: stop cyberbullying my grandson
  • Jeonghan: mom, dad, sin, son. same thing
  • Joshua: i get flustered stealing chopsticks that are fREE
  • Hoshi: wait...will they have yuri on ice merch at the airport
  • Wonwoo: time to water my thirsty emotions
  • Woozi: is he pregnant or does he just have a big adam's apple
  • Mingyu: what state is south carolina in?
  • The8: okay you evil lazy vegan
  • Vernon: it's hard enough to pick a daddy ;))
  • Dino: Eating with wooden baby spoons makes me feel like a termite

shopping for women’s clothing, in the usa at least, is such a mind fuck, because I have dresses that are XS from the same store that are the exact same size as a fucking L they also sell. 

Like??? Okay, even if something is meant to fit tightly, if I regularly wear a small at a store, and their large is slightly tight on me “it’s suppose to fit tight, body hugging” how the fuck are bigger women suppose to wear something that’s their size like??? 

They can wear tighter clothes too, but that doesn’t mean they want to wear a fucking small???????? like you can make body fitting clothing in the same fucking size you know? It doesn’t mean “lets just make the large a small” like thats fuck awful? 

The worst part even is that their smalls will be like basically the same fucking sizes as their larges with tight fitting clothing. Like there won’t even be a discrepancy between their small and their large, yet they’re labelled as different sizes. lmao what a fucking joke. 

So you have a shirt thats a small that fits smaller people tightly, and a large that also fits smaller people tightly??? just call it a fucking small you assholes or learn how to fucking make clothes.

Or get this, at the same fucking store, with just skinny jeans, that are suppose to be the same fucking thing but one has holes in it and ones a different color so on I will range from a 4 to an 8… in the same fucking jeans… okay there is a big difference between a 4 and an 8 … a big difference, 

if yall can’t even keep your sizing straight in the same fucking line in the same fucking store in the same fucking year then what even is the point of your sizes?

SHINee Reaction - You Have an Under Boob Tattoo

This is kinda late! I hope you like it!

~ Brooklyn


He’d be shocked. Honestly seeing at first he’d be really surprised to see it. He’d then get a little worried. He’d ask if it hurt and if the tattoo artist did anything you didn’t want him to:

“Did it hurt?”

“A little yeah, does it bother you?”

“No, not at all”

After his little worrying moment, he’d love it. He’d think it’s cute and it suits you well. He especially loved the design you had chosen for your tattoo.

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He would high key love it. He would be totally open about it too. At first when he saw it he’d be shocked and just stare at it. He’d voice his surprise too:

“What’s this? I haven’t seen this before.”

He’d trace the design you have with his fingers. He’d play with it and pay extra attention to it 24/7 during sex. Honestly, it would drive him crazy that his girlfriend has a tattoo in such a scandalous place that he’ll only see.

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He’d be a little surprised but he’d instantly love it. He’d also get a little flustered, embarrassed about how much he likes it. He’d steal glances at it every now and then during sex and stuff. He’d think it’s really bad ass though. Like boobs are sensitive in general and he knows this:

“That really must’ve hurt,”

“It is a tattoo Kibum, they tend to hurt when you get them”

“Yeah but it’s under your boob”

When I say he’d get flustered, I mean like blushing like crazy, a silly smile while looking at it, kissing it very tenderly and just stuttering as he sees it. To make it short, he’d love it.

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He’d be really shy about it. Whenever the other members mention anything that has to do with your boobs or sex or anything his mind would go right to the tattoo, and then the events that unfolded that night. When you first showed him he got really shy. His gaze would continuously switch from the tattoo to something else in the room.

“Do you not like it?”

“No, I do,”

“Then what’s wrong?”


He’d honestly love it, but couldn’t his words out properly because he’s just really flustered. You’d find this out later because he’d constantly kiss it.

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He’d low-key love it. And by love I mean like adore it. He’d constantly pay attention to it during the unholy act killing, lmao no I mean sex. Even when you don’t do it he’s paying attention to it. When you’re chilling on the couch with him, no bra just a shirt, he’ll draw the same pattern/drawing you have right over the shirt.

*is drawing the pattern right where your tattoo is* “Tae, stop that tickles”

*he stops for a minute*

*does it again*

“Lee Taemin,”

“I’m sorry jagi, I just can help it,”

Although he may not be showering it with kisses 24/7 or bring it up all time, he loves it.

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Ok ,soo let's start . WCIF shirt from the blondie from the Love me down Revamp hair, shirt from the brunette girl from the Private Show Pony Revamp and the shirt from the red hair girl from the same post , and ( yeah i want too many ) and the shirt from the red hair girl from the Rebecca hairs post . Hope you have a great day!!

HERE // HERE // HERE // HERE(deleted the file, & it isn’t on Lana sweater tags page 1-10 lmao)

Calming Touch ♡

Based on this request 

It started out slowly, the nightmares only came a couple times a month, but then it was happening every night and the only thing that would make you feel safe was his arms around your waist and his breath on your neck.

Word Count: 2,723
Genre: Fluff. I feel like it’s a drabble but it’s probably not? lmao

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  • TV show character: Completely broke, but with a wardrobe to die for, amazing shoes, countless purses/accessories, never wears the same thing twice.
  • me, a real life broke person: i've worn the same jeans for two weeks and my shoes have holes, but it's okay i'll get new ones when these ones completely fall apart. have i worn this shirt this week already? probably let's wear it again.
tonight ♡ grayson

requested: yes

anon: can i have a gray imagine where you do something that turns him on and your walking around the house hella happy all day and ethan asks why you’re so happy the readers says “i’m getting laid tonight :)))))”

word count: 785

You ring the doorbell to your boyfriends house as soon as you reach the door, waving goodbye to your friend who was generous enough to drop you off. She honked the horn twice and drove away, and you looked away and waited anxiously for the door in front of you to open.

You hadn’t seen Grayson for two whole months, due to the tour that was now finished. He had been gone for a longer time than that, but he always came for a day or two to see you most of the time. You were so proud of your boyfriend and how far he had come, and you could not wait to bombard him with kisses when he opened the door.

The door finally opened wide revealing a shirtless Grayson, and his eyes widened as a huge grin took over his face. You squeal a little and drop your bag, jumping into Grayson’s arms excitedly, “Oh my god I missed you,” You mumble and lay your head on his shoulder and he adjusts you so that he could properly carry you. He placed a kiss on your shoulder and you lift your head up so you could give him one on the lips.

Once your lips touched, everything felt better. You finally felt home with Grayson, and you could tell that Grayson felt the same way.

“I missed you a lot more, trust me.” He tells you and you smile brightly, jumping down and grabbing your bag, “C'mon princess, let’s go to my room.” He takes your hand and grips it tightly, leading you upstairs.

When you get to his room you place your bag on his desk, turning around to face him. It was hard to keep your hands off of him after he had been gone for so long, and you could tell Grayson felt the exact same way.

“Well,” He starts, “I tried to hold it in, but I can’t anymore.” He shrugs and walks towards you, picking you up and placing you on the bed gently. You giggle and pull him onto the bed as well, placing your lips on his quickly. The kiss was passionate and desperate, you knew that you both needed what was going to happen in a few seconds.

Grayson lays back and pulls you onto his lap, pulling your shirt off quickly revealing your ace bra. You lean over slightly, pressing another sloppy kiss to his lips. You begin to trail kisses down his neck, and then you move on to trace his jaw with kisses. Then, just to tease him, you place a gentle kiss on the corner of his lips making him groan, pulling you close and placing his lips on yours.

You feel his tongue trace your bottom lip, asking for entrance which you gladly except. As you fight for dominance over the kiss, you hear a loud knock at Grayson’s door, making you both pull apart quickly and look at the door.

“Gray! Have you forgotten about the part of the video you have to edit? You promise! No takesies backsies!” You hear Ethan say from the other side of the door, making you giggle a little bit.

Grayson closes his eyes and sighs in annoyance, “We’ll finish tonight.” He says seriously and you nod, whispering something very dirty in your ear that make you blush profusely.  

“Put your shirt back on and hang out in the kitchen, I promise I won’t take long.” He assures you and sigh, pressing your lips on his and he hums, starting to walk away but you pull him back for one more kiss, “I’ll be back,” He reminds you and you whine, falling back onto the bed as he leaves the room reluctantly.

You close your eyes for a moment, feeling very excited for tonight. You found a he grin make its way onto your face and you slip your shirt back on, practically skipping downstairs to the kitchen. You open the fridge and grab a soda, turning around to see Ethan looking at you with a strange look on his face,

“Why are you do happy?” He asks, his eyebrows raised but you just shrug and pass him, turning around with the same grin on your face and saying,

“I’m getting laid tonight.”

a/n - LOOL i’m actually laughing i loved this request. guys i have so many requests rn I’m happy lmao you guys are the best haha (:::::

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You realize Katie mgrath and Supergirl are doing the exact same thing dua lipa did. They are profiting off gay fans, and know EXACTLY what they’re doing. Don’t be fooled

When have I ever praised the way the cw uses queerbaiting lmao trust me I️ know… as for Katie that woman has no social media and no control over how often they use her for promo, in her everyday life and when interacting with fans she’s always been vocal about the importance of gay ships and gay characters throughout her career and long before she was on Supergirl. That’s nothing even remotely similar to repeatedly wearing a shirt with a slur on it and then telling fans you’re not gay. Thanks for your concern though

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i think that dan deep down knew that the banana thing was fake but he still did it and played along with it for the video. thoughts? (like cmon he may be gullible but he ain't stupid)

yaaaa i think he knew something was up with that, but he wanted to sort of see what phil had planned. i don’t think he expected it would end in getting the banana peel shoved down his shirt lmao!!! and it’s so cute that he kind of wanted phil to have his pranking moment regardless of the end result (in the same way that he def knew that the gummy bears phil was giving him with a camera in his face were def going to be a prank of some sort but ate them anyway to give his babe that Quality Content) 

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deadass ym are matching Husbands^tm at the airport again (easily style wise, if not in shirt pattern lmao) and it's like,,, istg none of the others match this fucking much they share clothes/have the same things for sure but ym has consistently been riding the train of matching/complementing each other style wise So Much, if not always exact item wise, and idk if this made sense i just needed proclaim my love for ym's beautiful approach towards couple fashion i hope you have good night/day~

you’re right !! it’s been happening a lot lately, when they’re not out there wearing the Exact Same Outfit, they’ve usually got this ‘not quite the same but very extremely similar” style going on and it’s so

I hope nobody thought I was joking when I say my McDad was going to have the same beard as Babewall :))) ,,, also;;;;;

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today in choir (i cant sing for shit lmao it’s just a part of my sem. 2 art rotation) a boy in front of me was trying to get the boy next to him, Kevin, to move and clearly trying to annoy him at the same time, like “KEVIN! move over! I ate peanuts you’re allergic to peanuts right” “no” “well what are you allergic to” “dust.” “I ATE DUST. MOVE OVER KEVIN” “I’m allergic to tomatoes.” “I ATE TOMATOES! MY SHIRT IS A TOMATO MOVE OVER KEVIN” (he was wearing a red shirt) “I’m not actually allergic to tomatoes” “WELL I HAVE CANCER” at which point I interjected “cancer isn’t contagious” and the boy sitting in front of me turned around and says “well what is” and i said “chlamydia” and then he yelled “KEVIN I HAVE CHLAMYDIA” and i haven’t laughed this hard in like a week 

Topp Dogg: dating Nakta would include

▪ quiet Yooncheol is now flirty Yooncheol!!
▪ wouldn’t be able to contain himself and try his best to show off in any way he can
▪ teasing the members, singing in his amazing voice to get your attention, pretend he lost something and needs your assistance in finding it, he’ll do whatever to stand out
▪ might get another member’s help to get you to be his
▪ most likely Sangdo bc he’s already like a mom to you both
▪ will probably be shy and reserved in the relationship at first, but he’ll open up with your help
▪ small things like pats on the back and holding pinkies in public are his favorite things
▪ he’d only take it further if he knows you’re totally ok with it and don’t mind skinship
▪ even if you don’t, he’s 100% cool with it and respects your personal space
▪ so so gentlemanly and will do everything he can to be the best partner to you
▪ esp if you’ve had bad experiences with relationships before
▪ this will only push him to make you feel like a queen
▪ he’ll open the door for you, pull out your chair, and will tell you how his day was even if you don’t really care (lmao)
▪ tall jokes
▪ short jokes
▪ if you’re smaller and way shorter than him, oml he’d melt at the sight of you trying to reach something that’s out of your reach
▪ if you’re the same height, he’ll probably still tease you as being shorter than him
▪ if you’re taller, this man will absolutely not accept being called shorty and will have Sangdo scold you whenever you call him that
▪ literally will hand you his shirts and sweaters for you to wear or will shamelessly ask you to wear his clothes
▪ “babe, I see a little stain on your shirt…you should wear mine”
▪ breakfast dates are the best bc he’s so fluffy and sleepy and he’s extra touchy before he’s had his coffee
▪ his compliments are so honest and genuine
▪ only bc he rarely compliments anyone so when he does…it knocks your socks off fr
▪ also if you’re shorter than him, he does not hesitate to use his size to his advantage and picks you up whenever he wants >
▪ “y/n, let’s go cuddle on the couch” “y/n, my lips are lonely” “y/n, can you reach that jar of peanut butter up there” like Yooncheol I can use my own 2 feet you dork
▪ his kisses are so soft and gentle and it feels like you’re kissing a cloud
▪ his hands will not leave your face as he’s kissing you
▪ like he’ll keep softly caressing your cheeks and neck and aw
▪ buys you socks all the time for an unknown reason
▪ then you’ll find out that he really hates feet lol
▪ pls love this gentle giant forever 🌼

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idk if this is a lame question but i was wondering do you play with your story sims (like lou and santi) or do you just go in the game to take pics??? aaaaaaa ily

I DO PLAY lol. but i haven’t gotten to much since my story became serious business and i got busier irl. i’m kind of looking forward to winding this arc down so i can actually play again haha. (but at the same time i know i’ll miss having that sense of direction that strict storytelling gives)

here are some random gameplay pics lmao

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