i have the same problem with ian

1) I have no problem with Fiona having no clue about anything and giving shitty advice, it’s kind of part of her character, I think.

2) I have no problem with Ian asking her about JimmySteve as a way to figure his shit out. I genuinely don’t think he asked her about JimmySteve because he thinks Mickey and Fiona’s ex are even remotely the same, but because at one point Fiona genuinely loved Steve and wanted to run away with him. The major difference between Ian and Fiona in relation to their boyfriends is that Fiona has had passionate relationships after JimmySteve, and Ian’s got “nice”, but nothing at all like what he still feels for Mickey. I think Ian just needed to talk to someone and I’m actually super proud of him for doing so, and then making up his own damned mind because I think he too was reminded of the fact that Fiona doesn’t know shit. Because when she says that Mickey’s bad for Ian, like JimmySteve was bad for her, I think he realised (but didn’t verbalise, because he never does) that Mickey would rekindle his fire and that it would be a good thing, because Mickey was good to him, Mickey did everything for him, and Ian isn’t stupid, he knows this. He’s just bad at acknowledging it.

3) I have no problem with Fiona not grasping how good Mickey was for Ian, everyone’s always underestimated Mickey. Everyone but Ian. I do not take Ian’s non-argumentative nature as him agreeing to what someone like Fiona has to say about Mickey. Ian only argues when it really matters, and Fiona’s opinion doesn’t actually matter because she was never really there, she doesn’t know.

4) and 5) was a long rant about Fiona saying something she didn’t actually say. Sorry Fi, I assumed the worst, mea culpa. She does say to Ian “You turned your life around” which is really nice (and not horrifyingly wrong, as previously stated).

6) I love Ian, and I love Mickey, and in a perfect world they should have gotten a whole episode to themselves to kiss and fuck and TALK, and then they could’ve run off together because why the fuck not? It’s stupid, but it’s an ending that allows the viewer to be as pessimistic or romantic about it as they please.

7) but judging by the previews for next week, there’s gonna be shenanigans that I got really weird vibes off of and at fucking best we’re gonna get a couple of good kisses with Mickey’s real hair that we can gif and gawk at for eternity, and then canon will be officially over.

8) We’ve seriously survived for years staring ourselves blind at that club kiss. We can milk another couple of years outta this, whatever happens. Come on. Don’t leave me here alone.

9) I feel a lot of false hope because I really enjoyed this episode, I enjoyed all their scenes together. There could have been MORE, and the writing could have challenged the situation better, but let’s be real, when did it ever? idk I just feel elated, like, yeah! Ian got reunited with the love of his life! He took time to think about it and he chose Mickey! Mickey let him choose! Ian didn’t seem at all manic or whatever I pretty much expected for them to make him out to be! But I have no doubt that by this time next week, it’ll all have been all for naught,

10) but dudes. that kiss though.

Don’t worry about Ian/Trevor being forced onto us. Worry about Ian/Trevor being forced onto Ian

I’m seeing the same thing happening in 7x02 unfold, when Ian got convinced by Caleb (and indirectly by Lip) that he had to have sex with a chick, or else he would have been close-minded and uncool. And of course Ian fell for that and had full intercourse with a girl while fighting the strong urge to vomit.

Fact is, Ian has been sexually active since he was 14 (my guess is Roger Spikey was at that age), has never been single for more than a month since, and has prostituted himself in the past. If we leave out the friends he made while he was manic (and I’m going to leave them out because Ian doesn’t seem to have kept in touch with any of them), and if you leave out his family, Ian has never had a strong relationship/friendship with another man that didn’t involve having sex. The only platonic relationship Ian ever established was with Mandy, and this shouldn’t be surprising, since they share similarities such as poor self-esteem and hyper-sexualization of themselves.

So damn, if Trevor was as stable as they say, and as healthy as they say, he probably should interpret Ian’s doubts and questions and coldness as a sign that he either isn’t ready to have sex with him yet, or he never will be. Instead of mocking him by kissing him on the mouth and calling him ‘friend’.

That’s the marketing department assuming that we are all going to lose our goddamn minds over the prospect of seeing Wolverine – a character who has appeared in every single X-Men movie to date, starring in four of the five (and that’s not even counting the two spinoffs he had all to himself). I don’t have a problem with Wolverine being in this movie (he’s fucking rad), but why are they teasing his appearance? I know what Wolverine looks like. We all know what Wolverine looks like.

But regardless of how new and clever and innovative a given movie is, they’ll usually market it to us by promising that it won’t be any of those things. That’s why the first trailer for this movie started with Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy reciting the exact dialogue that Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart delivered 16 years ago as those same characters. It reminds me of before the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy, when Marvel took their most unique and brave property (and, for my money, their best movie that isn’t The Avengers) and buried it in stuff they knew we’d think was familiar.

I get that this is something all movies do to some extent, but isn’t the entire point of superheroes the fact that they’re limited only by imagination? Isn’t the fun that we can explore beyond the boundaries of what’s possible? So how come, even when that is the explicit purpose of the story, they still try to sell us the movie by promising that won’t happen?

5 Weird Lessons Superhero Movies Teach Us About Ourselves

Frank is making me lose my shit

So let me ask you something: I was watching 4x11 again last night with my parents and got to the part when Frank thinks he’s talking to little Fiona and apologizes for having left “her and her brother Lip” out in the cold to get free drug samples. 

I think he might be referring to the accident Fiona told the judge in 3x07, because Fiona clearly stated that that was the first time Frank ever did something like that, but it wasn’t the last one. Seems like the same incident: it’s cold, he drops the kids, comes back “one of two days later”.

My problem is: if they’re talking about the same accident, then Frank actually forgot that Ian was even there, sick with fever. Let me repeat that: in a scene that should show us the tender, loving-father side of Frank, we actually learn that he cares so little for one of his sons, he actually forgets he even exists. Which is fucking disgusting and makes me hate Frank even more, I can’t believe it. And the worst part is no one of Ian’s sibilings ever actually addressed the matter.

Tell me again how Ian’s family isn’t damaging him every day he spends there, and he shouldn’t really run off to Mexico with the only person who ever truly loved him.

My sister is a casual Shameless viewer so she usually doesn’t have the same opinions as me when it comes to the problems with the show (or if she does they’re not nearly as strong) but she just watched 5x12 and she’s giving me life right now. Some of her best quotes:

“Mickey is like trying not to die and Ian’s like yolo. I don’t even blame Ian or the actor, he had to do the shit they write.”

“Fi sux at life. Remember when she cared about the kids?

“Remember when it was about a sister taking care of her family, getting through life?”

Upon me telling her Noel’s probably leaving: “Lol good he’s to good for this show.”

“Mickey was the only good character left. Oh well. It’ll probably get cancelled after next season.”

“The shows getting bad and losing the whole central idea.” 

This gives me hope. Casual viewers are aware.