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Just Like A Pill

Co-wrote with the amazing @mildmendes ❤️

“I’m gonna go get a drink.” I try to yell to my friend over the music, but she was too focused on the guy she was with. After 11 years of being separated, I end up at his party. One that I wasn’t invited to - not like I’d like to be anyways. I would walk out of here, but I’m not going to leave Lily here by herself. I make my way from the dance floor to the bar through the cloud of people. Then it all hit me at once. Literally.

“Dude what the fuck?” I look up and see those familiar brown eyes on the boy I used to know so well.

11 years ago

“Tag! You’re it!” I laugh as I run away from y/n. Y/n is my absolute best friend. She has been my neighbor since I was can remember. 

“Shawn you’re going too fast! I have tiny legs!” Y/n shouts from far behind me.

“It sucks to be short, doesn’t it!” I continue to run while looking back at y/n. Which was a big mistake since I soon ran face first into a tree.

“Oh my gosh are you okay?” Y/n runs over to my side. I don’t respond and just held a hand to my forehead. Soon before I know it, my mom puts the cardboard box she was carrying down and comes over by us.

“What happened?”

“Shawn and I were playing tag and he kind of ran into the tree..”

My mom turns to me, “Did you finally knock some sense into your brain?” 

Y/n and her laugh. “Yeah I get it. I’m stupid.”

“You aren’t stupid, you just got to be careful. You’re only eight years old, Shawn. There’s still a lot of growing up to do.”

“That’s a long time away though,” I say while sitting up.

“Believe me time goes by so fast. How about we get some ice for your head.” My mom helps me up and walks into the house, with Y/n and I following shortly behind. 

“What’s all those boxes in the car for, Mrs. Mendes? Woah it’s so empty in here!” Y/n says as we go inside.

“Oh Shawn didn’t tell you? We’re moving!” My mom says as she grabs an ice pack from the freezer. 

Y/n looked at me very confused “Moving? When do you leave?”

“Later tonight.” She replies while placing the ice pack on my head.

“You aren’t moving far from me are you? We’re still going to the same school,  right?” 

I look away from her and look at Aaliyah playing with a few toys in the living room. Then I look back at y/n and shake my head no.

“Are we ever going to see each other again?”


To answer her question from many years ago, no we wouldn’t. Yes, we did keep in contact through phone calls and texting when we eventually got phones. But as time went on, we wouldn’t talk for days that soon grew into years. I wonder what ever happened to her. Since I’m in the middle of my tour, maybe I can go looking for her. Only took me 11 years to grow a pair.

“This party is the shit!” Matt says as I down a shot.

“Wouldn’t be without all you guys.” I say over the loud music blasting in the room. 

Matt hands me another shot. “Cheers to that!” He raises his glass and shouts “19!” 

I do the same and shout it back before downing the glass. If you couldn’t tell I had just turned 19, finally the drinking age in Canada. And yes, I know I still can’t drink in America. 

Ian runs over by us, “We have a little problem.. we just got another noise complaint and they said we either shut the party down or go somewhere else.”

Matt immediately walks over to where we have the music playing and turns it off. “Hey everybody shut up! Unfortunately the party has to end..” and our friends start to boo him. “Woah wait hold up! If you’d like to join, the party is going to be continued at the club down the street. Please get there safely and be careful. See ya there!” 

Soon the crowd starts to make their way out the doors of the building and down  to the club - with the boys and I being the last to leave. Luckily the walk was short to the club so we didn’t have to worry about driving.

“Remember how I told you about the girl I liked growing up?” I say to Matt as we walk down the street.

“Yeah what about her?”

“I’m going to go looking for her.”

Before I knew it we were in front of the doors to the club. “Alright, man. But first we have to celebrate a birthday.” He says before pushing me inside.

Tonight is my best friend, Lily’s, 20th birthday; and she’s taking forever to choose a damn dress to put on on. “Are you almost done? You take forever to get ready!” I say plopping down on the couch.

“Sorry, but I’m not hot 24/7 like you are.”

“Oh shut the fuck up.” I roll my eyes and laugh. 

Eventually Lily comes out of the bathroom and out to the living room. “Is this dress okay?” She spins in a little circle.

“It’s hot.”

“Hot enough to get a guy’s attention?”

I roll my eyes yet again. “I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with boys.”

“And I don’t know why you’re so butt hurt about any guy.” She walks over to the counter and grabs her car keys. “Let’s go.” I get up and grab my clutch before walking out to the car.

Two minutes into driving down to the club, Lily starts interrogating me. “Who made you hate guys so much anyways?”

“No one.” 

She looks over at me and rolls her eyes, then looks forward again focusing on the road. “Don’t tell me it’s that guy from when you were eight years old. Because that’s dumb. Besides who even is the guy?”

“You probably know him to be honest.”

“Yeah right. Didn’t you say he moved away when you were little and didn’t know where? So how the fuck would I know him.”

“He’s quite popular..”

She shrugs “Forget boys. Lets have fun!” Lily turns up the radio and searches for a station playing a song she likes. “Yes! This is my favorite song!”

And with my luck, it was There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn.


Eventually we got to the club, but it was already packed with a bunch of people. Bodies were dancing everywhere. Some were drunk and a bit tipsy. 

“Excuse me,” I kept saying as I pushed past the people so we could get to the bar, but it was no use. They couldn’t hear me past the music and probably didn’t care. I think I may have accidentally stepped on a girl’s foot with my heels, but hey that’s what you get when you don’t move out of the way.

Once we got to the bar, Lily through up her hand to signal the bartender to come in our direction. 

“Two shots of vodka, please.” I tell the bartender.

“Fuck that,” She turned to him. “Give us two shots of the strongest liquor you have.” The bartender goes and grabs to glasses and the liquor.

“Already starting, huh?”

“Hey it’s my birthday and you said you’d do what I want for tonight.” She grabs the two shots that were just poured and hands one to me. 

“Yeah it was a big mistake saying that before we got in here,” I say which causes Lily to laugh.

“Now drink.” We clink the glasses together before we down them.

“Ah that’s strong” I feel the burn in my throat.

“It’s only the beginning sweetheart.”

And she was right. Six shots later we were both completely plastered. On top of that I was supposed to be the designated driver, so I guess we’re both screwed. By now Lily and I were in the center of the mass of people. The alcohol had taken over majority of my body and I was moving in ways I never thought I could - or at least thought I would. I was swaying my hips back and fourth and Lily was doing the same. Except she was also making out with a guy and I wasn’t.

“How’s everyone tonight?!” The Dj says in his microphone and everyone screams in response. “Tonight we have a party for a special birthday boy in the house! This one is for you buddy!” I smile looking forward to the next song he would play, since all of his songs were already great. Then he started to play TNHMB. That’s not a club song at all? Why would he play that.. No. No. Today is August 8th, which is Lily’s birthday and Shawn’s birthday. And if he dedicated this song to him, it means he’s here tonight.

"I’m gonna go get a drink.” I try to yell to my friend over the music, but she was too focused on the guy she was with. After 11 years of being separated, I end up at his party. One that I wasn’t invited to - not like I’d like to be anyways. I would walk out of here, but I’m not going to leave Lily here by herself. I make my way from the dance floor to the bar through the cloud of people. Then it all hit me at once. Literally.

“Dude what the fuck?” I look up and see those familiar brown eyes on the boy I used to know so well.

“Woah I’m sorry - “ He looks at me in confusion. “Do I know you?”

I roll my eyes and continue my way towards the bar. The bartender came to me as soon as I sat down, so I was able to order a beer. Then I realize he didn’t come to me, instead he came to help the world famous teen that sat next to me.

“Can I have a water bottle and a -” He looks at me and ask me what I want. I was about to object but I’m not going to turn down a free drink, so I told him. “and a beer please.” When Shawn finished ordering, it took the bartender the shortest amount of time to prepare it. I guess that’s what happens when you’re famous. Shawn hands me my drink, “So, how do I know you? Because I remember your face but I can’t just figure out where.”

I take the drink from him, “You really did forget about me after these 11 years, didn’t you?” I look forward and take a drink of my beer.

His eyes widen, “Y/n? No way.” 

“Yup. That’s me.” I say before taking another drink.

“What brings you to Toronto?”

“I live here for school.” I turn around to see if Lily is where I left her, but I catch her leaving with the guy she was with. So much for us leaving together. “And as for my reason to be here, is leaving. So I’m leaving too.” I grab my phone out of my clutch and text Lily that I’m going home. I chug the last part of my drink and attempt to get up from the bar stood. As any other drunk person, I stumble as I got to my feet.

“Here let me help you.” Shawn put a hand on my waist and lets me lean on him to balance. 

“I don’t need your help.” I grab Lily’s car keys out while I continue to lean on him.

Shawn snatches the keys from my hand, “You aren’t driving, let me drive you.”

“You didn’t even recognize me so why would you want to help.”

“No I didn’t recognize you at first, but I can recognize a drunk when I see one and so can any cop on the street out there. Let me drive you.”

He did make a good point and I didn’t feel like getting arrested tonight, or let alone dying in a car crash. “Drive me home.”

We go outside and I show him which car is mine. He helps me in the passenger side and gets in the drivers side. I plug in my address into the GPS on my phone so he can just follow off of that.

“How are you going to get back to your party if I live kind of far from this place?” I ask Shawn as he drives down the street.

“I’ve partied enough and I actually wanted to go home.”

I open my mouth to argue him, but I shut it because it was honestly useless to argue him anymore. We drove down the rode in silence, I stared out the window to watch the street lights pass as we went by. 

“Just so you know I never forgot about you.” He says while focusing on the road.

“Shawn, you don’t have to pretend. Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean-”

“I’m still the same person, Y/n. I’m still the same boy that lived next to you years ago. I’m just doing a job doing what I love. I promise that I haven’t let it go to my head.”

I felt bad for accusing him of being like any other celebrity - Shawn has never been as dumb as them. I just didn’t know if he was the same person since all of the time apart. “Who would’ve thought that we see each other again for the first time tonight.” 

He laughs, “I know. Both of us celebrating birthdays in the same area. You celebrating your friend’s and me celebrating mine.”

“Happy Birthday, by the way.”

“Thank you.”

Shawn pulls into my garage that’s connected to our apartment. I hand him the my house key so he can unlock the door that opens up to my house. As I get out the car, I stumble in my heels and fall to the ground. I shouldn’t have listened to Lily when she offered all those drinks. Especially when she could handle alcohol better than I ever could. Shawn opens up the door before coming over and picking me up. I do got to say that all of his fans - who are obsessed with his muscles - are right. Shawn is hot and he’s strong. I look up at Shawn taking in all of his features: his angular jaw, his scar from when he was little, his amazing chocolate colored eyes, and his pink plump lips. I was too focused on his features that I didn’t realize that he was looking at me as well. Our lips were only centimeters away and we were about to kiss, but a wave of heat flew over me.

“I don’t feel good.” I jump out of Shawn’s arms and run to the bathroom. Shutting the bathroom door, I kneel in front of the toilet and get sick. This is going to suck tomorrow morning. After I’m done, I flush it down and look at myself in the mirror. Did I really just almost let Shawn kiss me after seeing him for a little bit? He’s not going to get me that easily. I rinse my my mouth before returning out to the living room.

“Feel better?” Shawn asks me while handing me a glass of water. I guess he’s already been raiding through my cupboards.

I take a drink of the water and it’s so refreshing. “Thanks.”

Shawn opens his mouth to say something, but knocking at the door sounds which causes him to stop. “Y/n, open the door! It’s Lily.” Lily says in an annoyed tone.


“What are we going to do?” Shawn says as we hear Lily’s keys jingle from outside. 

My eyes widen, “You’ve got to hide.” I grab his arm and drag him to my room. “Stay in here and do not make any noise.” 

I shut the door and go into the kitchen just in time before Lily came inside. “Couldn’t mind opening up the door?”

“Sorry I was just getting drink.”

“It takes you 2 minutes to take a drink?” The room went silent. “Besides, what happened to leaving together?” Lily asked while sliding off her heels.

“Well you were with that guy and I didn’t want to bother you.” I tried to say in the most believable tone.

“Okay..” I could tell Lily had some doubt, but she didn’t push any questions so that was good.

“I’m not feeling good so I’m going to go to bed.”

“Oh let me get me put back the shoes before you go!” She picks up the heels and starts heading towards my room.

“No wait -” But I was too late before she opened the door.


#when is it gonna be the day where we get a direct and mutual ‘i love you’? #like…in the same scene? #the good thing about these two scenes is that one got to say it to the other #albeit at the last minute in their respective episodes but whatever #but like…they never got to hear it back after they said it #like we already know they love each other as an audience #and hell even these two know how much they love each other #i get the whole concept of ‘not having to directly say it’ because they show it through their actions and whatnot #it makes perfect sense #but at the same time when they said ‘i love you’ in these scenes #they’re saying it while they’re stuck in some kind of situation #ian hating the medication he has to take the rest of his life #(and the whole ‘getting arrested because of sammi’ thing but she’s irrelevant to all of this lbr) #mickey having to cross the mexican border now that the american law force is tracking him down #i swear these two have 99 problems in their lives already #(and they most definitely didn’t need this breaking out of jail and running away to mexico scenario btw) #but anyways back to the point #a scene where they’re just sitting down and not really up to anything #like…they’re just…being in each other’s presence y’know? #(or maybe over the phone since…you know…mickey’s all the way in mexico and ian is back in chicago) #and one says it and the other says it back a moment after #i don’t even care who says it first #because their love was never a competition #they loved each other so much #and they still do #idk man #is all that really too much to ask for nowadays?? #my god we’ve been robbed

Cygnets (7/?) - Crime & Punishment

Summary: In which Ian comes home drunk, Killian has to clean him up, Emma’s annoyed, Jackie and Ian bicker a bit, and Evie deals with a bully–or rather, Ian takes care of a bully for her. 

Also posted on: AO3

Chapter 7: Crime & Punishment

Killian returned home from the bar just after 2am. The house was dark, which meant everyone was asleep–there was a slim possibility that Evie was still awake, reading by flashlight beneath her blankets, but he thought it was rather late, even for her. He parked the yellow bug, and was just stepping onto the curb when a brief flash of red and blue lights caught his eye.

He stopped and turned. A squad car was rolling up the street silently. He watched it approach, and as it drew nearer he saw Lancelot was driving, though he couldn’t imagine why he would be-


Bloody hell,” Killian huffed.

The squad car halted in front of him with a faint squeak of the brakes. The passenger side window was open, and Killian leaned down to peer inside.

“Evening,” Lancelot said, grinning.

“Good evening,” Killian returned evenly, then shifted his eyes. The rear passenger window was rolled down as well, and wedged into the gap between the frame and the curved slice of glass was a blonde head. There was a streak of vomit down the door, originating roughly from where Ian’s face lay.

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anonymous asked:

Just curious... what are some canon things you enjoyed about the show? like, i don't know, which canon ship did you enjoy watching? or which villain maybe? or what was a memorable moment for a character you liked? or just a funny scene you enjoyed?

Off the top of my head: 

Jackson and Lydia. They were terrible people, but they were terrible people who understood one another, and I really enjoyed watching their relationship develop from basically being trophy boyfriend and girlfriend to something deeper. 

Stilinski Family Feels. Any scene with Stiles and the Sheriff, whether funny or angsty, I just adored. 

Void Stiles. This was right when things started to get ridiculous, plot-wise, but Void Stiles was so compelling it kept me from noticing until at least Season 4! 

Peter Hale. Sassy and sarcastic, and will kill you if you look at him wrong. I have a lot of problems with Peter’s motivations and how unclear they were, but I think Ian Bohen did the very best he could with the very terrible scripts he was given. Same as for Chris Argent, actually. 

Favourite scenes? Probably the sequence that began with the nogitsune waking up in the hospital: 

There’s a lot to love in Seasons 1-3 basically, and only breadcrumbs after that! 

The Greatest Love (Part 2)

Shawn keeps in touch with Behati. He wanted Behati to update him with what’s going on with Y/N. He even tried to talk  to Y/N’s parents, but they refuse to talk to him. Because for them Shawn was the reason why Y/N became a mess, and why Y/N got into a car accident.

‘Behati please, I just want to see her.’

‘Shawn, I’m so sorry. I can’t. You know how protective Y/N’s parents are and for sure if they knew that I let Y/N see you they’re going to not let me see Y/N  as well.’ Behati said.

‘Please, please, please. I’ll do everything.’


‘I promise, just this one.’ Shawn said.

He sounded so sincere and really desperate to see Y/N.

‘Okay, fine. But please Shawn if you see Y/N just please act casual like you’re just an old friend, ok?’ Behati said.

‘Okay. I’ll try.’ Shawn said.

‘Shawn, please! We’re both going to be in trouble if you screw this up!’ Behati said on the other line.

‘Alright, alright.’


‘Oh, hey bey! You look gorge today!’ Y/N greeted Behati wearing her favorite dress.

‘So are you!’ Behati said. Y/N’s wearing her monki denim skirt and her favorite top and her favorite white pair of shoes.

‘Thanks.’ Y/N said. ‘So, are we like going to meet a new friend of mine?’ Y/N asked.

‘Uh, yeah. Your new old friend.’

‘As usual.’ Y/N jokes.

They left and went to the place where Shawn and Y/N first met, Behati has been really careful with Y/N’s parents since Y/N’s parents has a lot of questions every time Behati will ask permission to go out with Y/N.

‘Here we are!’ Behati said.

‘This place looks familiar.’ Y/N said.

‘It is?’ Behati asked nervously.

‘Why do you look like you’re nervous or something? Is this friend of mine my ex?’ Y/N asked jokingly.

‘What? No, of course not!’ Behati said in a defensive way. 

‘You sounded so defensive that I want to believe that this old friend of mine is my ex.’ Y/N joked again, she’s trying to make the situation light since Behati looked so nervous. ‘Just kidding, just trying to make you laugh, you look so nervous!’ Y/N said and assured Behati that everything’s fine. 

‘You know what, let’s go!’ Behati said and she went off the car same as Y/N.

Behati and Y/N went straight to where Shawn, Brian, Ian and Matt were sitting.

‘Hey guys!’ Brian said.

Behati introduced Y/N to Brian, Matt, Ian. Y/N smiled at them so sweetly.

‘And, this is Shawn.’ Behati said and looked at Shawn like saying to act normal.

‘Hi, Shawn.’ Y/N smiled sweetly at Shawn and held his hands to Shawn’s hands.

Shawn was just there standing and staring at Y/N. He wanted to hug her and say sorry. She missed her, her eyes, her smile, her voice. Nothing’s changed, even her style, except, she didn’t know him. All of their memories just got lost.

‘I know this is pretty weird since Bey told me that we’ve all been friends for like 8 years so please bear with me.’ Y/N said as she sat down next to Behati.

‘It’s fine, we understand.’ Matt said.

‘So, do you want us to order your favorite?’ Ian asked.

‘Oh, yeah sure. I would love that.’ Y/N said and smiled so sweetly. ‘So Shawn I heard you’re a singer?’ Y/N asked Shawn and she’s so curious with all this info about Shawn.

Matt, Brian, Ian, and Behati just looked at each other.

‘Uh, yeah. I am, you should watch one of my shows.’ Shawn said and he’s looking so nervous.

‘I would love that, right Bey?’ Y/N said. Behati just nodded and smiled nervously.

‘Why do you look so nervous? Is everything alright Bey?’ Y/N asked Behati who’s so concerned because since they jump out of the car  Behati looks so nervous and tense.

‘I’m fine. I’m just not really feeling well, but I’m fine.’ Behati smiled and looks at Matt, Brian, Ian, and Shawn.

‘Alright.’ Y/N said and turned to Shawn, Matt, Ian, Brian. ‘So tell me about yourself? I mean I know we’re friends but I want to know the usual things we do.’

‘We love making funny videos and we love to eat out after school.’ Brian said with a bright smile.

‘Really? That sounds so fun, oh and I want to see those funny videos’ Y/N smiled.

‘Of course! I’ll send them to you!’ Brian said.

‘We always go to parks because you love seeing children play especially when you’re sad.’ Matt said. Y/N is always dragging Matt to drive for her especially when she’s sad or when she’s having a problem with Shawn.

‘We always play this random toys at the toys store because we’re the weird kids! Right, Bey?’ Ian said and everybody laughs. Bey nodded and laugh as well.

‘What about you, Shawn? Don’t we have a memorable moments?’ Y/N asked looking at Shawn. Shawn was so shocked and he doesn’t know what to do. Same as Behati, Matt, Ian, and Brian. They all went quiet and seemed so nervous.

‘Uh…’ Shawn’s trying to look calm, he’s trying to stop himself to tell Y/N that they had past, that its his fault. ‘I mean, you love going to my shows so yeah that’s memorable for me.’ Shawn said and he tried to smile.

Y/N just smiled. ‘Sounds great.’

The table went silent until Matt broke the awkward silence.

‘So, Y/N are you going back to school or?’ Matt asked.

‘I’d love to, but my mom told me that I should home school for a year maybe next year I’ll be back at school.’ Y/N said and smiled.

Until a couple of girls went inside the café and asked Shawn if they can take a picture with him. At that moment Shawn was hesitant because what if the fans talks to Y/N then she’ll know everything for sure. Until this one fan approached Y/N.

‘Oh, gosh! Y/N I’m so glad you’re fine now.’ One fan said. Matt, Ian, Brian, and Behati looked at each other so shocked. They don’t know what to do and they didn’t get the chance to stop the fan because they’re all just so shock. 

‘You and Shawn are such a cute couple. Glad you guys are back together.’ The other fan said. And said thank you to Shawn and left. That moment went by so fast for Y/N she’s so confused with what’s going on. First Behati’s acting so weird same as Brian, Ian, and Matt. Also, Shawn seems so tensed. And now, these fans just said that She and Shawn used to date.

‘Bey-‘ Y/N said so confused but Behati cut her off.

‘Let’s go.’

‘No, what, wait me and Shawn I’m so confused right now!’ Y/N kind of shouted at Behati.

‘Y/N we can explain it to you.’ Matt said trying to calm Y/N down.

‘No, I’m so done. I’m so confuse with everything.’ Y/N said and she looked at Shawn, ‘So we dated?’ Y/N asked Shawn and Shawn can see the anger in her eyes.

‘Shawn answer me! What, we dated? Huh?’

‘Y/N I’m sorry-‘ Shawn got cut off by Y/N.

‘I’m done. I’m sorry but I have to go.’ Y/N said and left.

‘Y/N wait!’ Behati followed Y/N and while Matt, Ian, and Brian are trying to calm Shawn down with after everything happened.

A/N: Here’s the part 2 of The Greatest Love. Feedback is always welcome to my ask. and REQUESTS ARE OPEN. :) 

What being in love with a celebrity feels like:

I love you with all my heart. I fell for you and only you long ago. Not just because of your looks or your fame. I fell for you beacuse of your personality. Because of your soul and crazy thoughts. But I will never have you. You will never look at me the same way as I look at you. Because maybe we live on the same planet but we don’t live in the same world.

1) I have no problem with Fiona having no clue about anything and giving shitty advice, it’s kind of part of her character, I think.

2) I have no problem with Ian asking her about JimmySteve as a way to figure his shit out. I genuinely don’t think he asked her about JimmySteve because he thinks Mickey and Fiona’s ex are even remotely the same, but because at one point Fiona genuinely loved Steve and wanted to run away with him. The major difference between Ian and Fiona in relation to their boyfriends is that Fiona has had passionate relationships after JimmySteve, and Ian’s got “nice”, but nothing at all like what he still feels for Mickey. I think Ian just needed to talk to someone and I’m actually super proud of him for doing so, and then making up his own damned mind because I think he too was reminded of the fact that Fiona doesn’t know shit. Because when she says that Mickey’s bad for Ian, like JimmySteve was bad for her, I think he realised (but didn’t verbalise, because he never does) that Mickey would rekindle his fire and that it would be a good thing, because Mickey was good to him, Mickey did everything for him, and Ian isn’t stupid, he knows this. He’s just bad at acknowledging it.

3) I have no problem with Fiona not grasping how good Mickey was for Ian, everyone’s always underestimated Mickey. Everyone but Ian. I do not take Ian’s non-argumentative nature as him agreeing to what someone like Fiona has to say about Mickey. Ian only argues when it really matters, and Fiona’s opinion doesn’t actually matter because she was never really there, she doesn’t know.

4) and 5) was a long rant about Fiona saying something she didn’t actually say. Sorry Fi, I assumed the worst, mea culpa. She does say to Ian “You turned your life around” which is really nice (and not horrifyingly wrong, as previously stated).

6) I love Ian, and I love Mickey, and in a perfect world they should have gotten a whole episode to themselves to kiss and fuck and TALK, and then they could’ve run off together because why the fuck not? It’s stupid, but it’s an ending that allows the viewer to be as pessimistic or romantic about it as they please.

7) but judging by the previews for next week, there’s gonna be shenanigans that I got really weird vibes off of and at fucking best we’re gonna get a couple of good kisses with Mickey’s real hair that we can gif and gawk at for eternity, and then canon will be officially over.

8) We’ve seriously survived for years staring ourselves blind at that club kiss. We can milk another couple of years outta this, whatever happens. Come on. Don’t leave me here alone.

9) I feel a lot of false hope because I really enjoyed this episode, I enjoyed all their scenes together. There could have been MORE, and the writing could have challenged the situation better, but let’s be real, when did it ever? idk I just feel elated, like, yeah! Ian got reunited with the love of his life! He took time to think about it and he chose Mickey! Mickey let him choose! Ian didn’t seem at all manic or whatever I pretty much expected for them to make him out to be! But I have no doubt that by this time next week, it’ll all have been all for naught,

10) but dudes. that kiss though.

Frank is making me lose my shit

So let me ask you something: I was watching 4x11 again last night with my parents and got to the part when Frank thinks he’s talking to little Fiona and apologizes for having left “her and her brother Lip” out in the cold to get free drug samples. 

I think he might be referring to the accident Fiona told the judge in 3x07, because Fiona clearly stated that that was the first time Frank ever did something like that, but it wasn’t the last one. Seems like the same incident: it’s cold, he drops the kids, comes back “one of two days later”.

My problem is: if they’re talking about the same accident, then Frank actually forgot that Ian was even there, sick with fever. Let me repeat that: in a scene that should show us the tender, loving-father side of Frank, we actually learn that he cares so little for one of his sons, he actually forgets he even exists. Which is fucking disgusting and makes me hate Frank even more, I can’t believe it. And the worst part is no one of Ian’s sibilings ever actually addressed the matter.

Tell me again how Ian’s family isn’t damaging him every day he spends there, and he shouldn’t really run off to Mexico with the only person who ever truly loved him.


Before I continue, I just wanted to apologize to all of my followers and also to the Ianthony shippers for my little outburst earlier this week. It was childish and uncalled for, but at the same time, I also think it was kind of necessary given the situation. Now with that being said, allow me to shed some light on something…

My ranting post  that I made was intended for the soul purpose of getting everyone both inside and outside of the fandom to stop generalizing the fandom. They were making it sound like that we ALL have done awful things to Ian and Anthony and it was getting out of hand. Then @sixerpinetree reblogged the post and added something to it that is 100% true and is defiantly a real problem within the Ianthony ship.


When I made the ranting post, it made it seem like I was ignoring the issue, but that was not the case. I agree with you, @sixerpinetree! The Ianthony fandom is… well, cruel. I hate to say that, but some of us are. It’s not all of us, however. 99.9% of everyone in this fandom is really nice and are really level headed about everything… but it’s that 0.1% of us that is not only making us look bad, but is also harming our ship.


The Ianthony fandom is a small broken fandom. I say that because it’s true. When I first started shipping Ian and Anthony, the tag was filled with well done fanart, gifs, photoshopped edits, fanfic oneshots, you name it; but now it’s reduced to almost nothing and makes us veterans of fandom really sad and upset. However, the reason for us being reduced is because of the lack of rules and I don’t mean rules like you would see in a 4th grade classroom. Let’s use one of my other ships for example.

In the Rhink fandom, there are like three major blogs who know the rules of the fandom well and have been shippers for a LONG time. When new shippers come in, they make it appoint to “show them the ropes” and teach them the rules rather quickly. There are three rules that were never officially written, but everyone knows about them and follows them well.




Because of these rules, I have witnessed the Rhink fandom grow and I have only been shipping it since April. Not only that, they all post content regularly and everyone seems quite happy within the ship. Not to mention that they have the support of Rhett and Link. They have never came out and said that they were okay with the ship, but they had an opportunity to shoot it down completely but instead they “shipped themselves.” Yeah, that happened.


We don’t necessarily have to have three main blogs, but we could have ANYONE who has shipped this fandom for more than six months easily do their part and help nicely and calmly spread around the do’s and don’ts to the fandom. Again, NICELY! The negativity is also what killed this fandom, in which my ranting post did not really help and I apologize entirely.

So with that being said, START SPREADING POSITIVE THINGS!!!! Keep posting cute Ianthony things, but do it respectfully and KEEP IT OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA UNLESS TAGGED PROPERLY! DO NOT LET IAN AND ANTHONY SEE IT AND DO NOT @THEM!  And last, but not least, never forget that this ship is ALL FICTIONAL! DO NOT HARASS ANY OF THEIR FRIENDS, FAMILY, GIRLFRIENDS, ETC BECAUSE YOU THINK THEY ARE HINDERING THE SHIP! It’s not meant to be real nor will it probably ever be. They will get girlfriends, they will most likely marry at some point, and they will most likely have kids; but fret not! We will still have cute little Ianthony moments because they are BEST FRIENDS and NOTHING will ever change that!


That’s the marketing department assuming that we are all going to lose our goddamn minds over the prospect of seeing Wolverine – a character who has appeared in every single X-Men movie to date, starring in four of the five (and that’s not even counting the two spinoffs he had all to himself). I don’t have a problem with Wolverine being in this movie (he’s fucking rad), but why are they teasing his appearance? I know what Wolverine looks like. We all know what Wolverine looks like.

But regardless of how new and clever and innovative a given movie is, they’ll usually market it to us by promising that it won’t be any of those things. That’s why the first trailer for this movie started with Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy reciting the exact dialogue that Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart delivered 16 years ago as those same characters. It reminds me of before the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy, when Marvel took their most unique and brave property (and, for my money, their best movie that isn’t The Avengers) and buried it in stuff they knew we’d think was familiar.

I get that this is something all movies do to some extent, but isn’t the entire point of superheroes the fact that they’re limited only by imagination? Isn’t the fun that we can explore beyond the boundaries of what’s possible? So how come, even when that is the explicit purpose of the story, they still try to sell us the movie by promising that won’t happen?

5 Weird Lessons Superhero Movies Teach Us About Ourselves


No challenge too big for Clarence Seedorf

By Anthony Lopopolo

In the gym was Clarence Seedorf, arms still bulging, abs still firm, and yet old enough to be the father of the kids around him. Just off Rio de Janeiro, his favourite city, the 37-year-old would teach the things he learned over the course of his 22-year career. He’d ask them questions. He encouraged them to think for themselves. It was a two-way conversation off the field; orders and lectures saved for the field. They’d talk about positioning, footwork, little details, shaping the body to receive the ball, opening up, preparing for it, moving this way instead of that. 

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Instead of asking the who what where how start asking the why.  Thats the question. The right question is why did she write them way she did? Thats the question.  Forget the hating and how everyone sees what a shit fest Delena is . But why did Plec chose to actively write Delena the way she did till the very end? Thats the answer I want to know. 

And what in the world is that mysterious Kevin Williamson ending? Cause I’m still convinced we will see it.  Putting someone in a coma is temporary push off until the real end. End of story. Its not final this whole finale becomes useless in every way. 

I’m sorry but am I supposed to be emotional at seeing all these gifs? Dude, Plec  60 - 70 years IS NOTHING TO A VAMPIRE. As long as they survive THAT IS NOTHING. Stefan has said so himself.  That is shit.  Am I actually supposed to feel bad for Damon? Cry?  Goodbye? What goodbye? TVD aint lasting past season 7 . Even when she wakes up umm a lot of the people she loves will be there? I’m sorry am I supposed to cry? Is this supposed to be powerful? She even got closure.  Ok yeah she wont see Bonnie so I get that one but Caroline , Damon ,Stefan, and hell Tyler , and Matt might still be alive? And probably will.  And I’m sure they will find a loophole and Bonnie will be alive and Elena will wake up. This is TVD they retcon and rewrite like nobody’s business. The minute they get Nina to come back its a done deal. Its clear they went the temporary route since they didnt have all the time in the world to tell her story anymore.  And umm ok I’m sure TVD like is not going past season 7 cause they WILL LOSE PAUL. They will lose Paul for sure. And whoop there goes there so called” brother dynamic” that they seem to be banking on. This isnt emotional THIS IS BS. 

I’ve seen more emotion out of a fuckin cartoon show. 

 Pedowitz is joking hes deluding himself . Hes a fuckin idiot.  IT AINT HAPPENING. Steroline is shit so is everything else. This show has no real storylines its a shipper show and it has already removed 99% of its fanbase by default now. Believe it or not Steroline is not big enough to carry a show and based on the comments I was told Plec and Co seem to using that as some sort of a banking card . lol. And its clear as day that making Stefan’s role less than secondary has destroyed the show as well. Paul can carry a show and a crappy script if he wants too he has the acting chops we’ve all seen it. And he carried the show for three fuckin seasons straight beautifully with great reviews on ripper Stefan and all that. And Stelena. Fangirls may be raving and ranting about Ian but the critics all looked at Paul.  I am sorry but Ian CANNOT AND WILL NOT CARRY THE SHOW. He cannot. This show has started to suffer for two things removing its otherwise decent mythology from the previous seasons where they had a good overall arching storyline which is where the casual viewers came in and bringing both Damon and Delena into the main light. Plec is either more stupid than I think she is or she knows that truth.  Paul is main male leading material through and through. He can carry the show without Elena/Nina but for that he needs to be given something to work with. Ian cant do the same.  And if you drive Paul away which is the case since hes clearly not trying anymore and just simply going through the motions you’re screwed.  When Paul’s chemistry with someone starts to make you cringe you know you have a problem. When Paul can no longer save a episode we have a problem.

Now unless someone bombs Mystic Falls or the Winchester brothers show up ( oh god please) then this finale was more shitty than the How I Met Your Mother one bamon aside .  Nina’s chemistry with Ian is by far now the worst I think I have ever seen in my 22 years of my life ever on TV.  She has more chemistry with Matt fuckin Davis how fuckin sad is that??? 

The most Elena will be gone is like what a year or two? Not even fuckin miss me on this shit … For people screaming about this and that you do realize this is TVD and whatever they said in this episode they can easily retcon and rewrite so lol yeah. Whatever shit came out of everyone’s mouth if it pleases them Plec will turn around and go oh no none of that matters lol what makes you think what we say on this show matters really. Cause thats what they have been doing for the last three seasons or so. Thats why nothing on this show HOLDS ANY WEIGHT ANYMORE. NOTHING FUCKIN MATTERS. 

TVD lost its magic and started a downward track straight down into the garbage the day they drove Elena’s car off the bridge..  And I think at this point the writers went way in over their heads and had no idea how to turn back.

They always say end your show gracefully so you will be remembered as a good show do not go overboard on your stay where the show turns bad and people want you off air.  TVD has officially entered the second category hell they entered it two seasons ago. 

I can only hope now that Elena is sleeping ? Umm am I the only one who sees this as a blessing its the most relaxed peace shes going to get that girlfriend starts to contemplate her life choices. 


Hanna asks Mona in 4x08 to help her confess to Wilden’s murder because she wants to protect her mum. She asks Mona because she is the only one capable of living a lie. We all assume that they meant Mona’s lie was that she pretended to be a friend but was secretly -A. But what if that was our cue to pick up that Mona was really her friend and pretended to be -A. Mona could have done this to protect the real -A from being caught, just like Hanna would for her mum.

The problem with Mona being -A is that her Motive doesn’t fit. She might have had a reason to torture Alison back in 2009. But 1 year later she and Hanna were best friends and she had no reason to start torturing the girls. It wasn’t until the -A stuff that Hanna started to ditch Mona. Also if she was mad at the girls for stealing Hanna, then why did she torture Hanna as well. To me her motive is just a cover to protect the real -A that she always worked for.

Also when Mona is teaching Hanna how to lie she makes sure Hanna incorporates enough of the facts & feelings and makes her say she ‘doesn’t know’ for things that she couldn’t possibly have physically done. I think that is what she did in her own confession to the girls about everything.

The other thing that makes me think she was taking the wrap for someone else is her conversation with Ezra. If Mona was working for someone and continually took the wrap to protect them then she could have approached Ezra to help her get revenge on them for using her.


I think that Uber A we see now was also Uber A from the beginning. I know the writers have said that Mona was the first original -A. But I think they are only partly telling the truth to keep the real mystery of the storyline. I think Mona was just a part of A team.

In Alison’s account of that night we see nerdy Mona in her Lair. There are clearly 6 hoodies hanging on the rack. (in other episodes we have seen 5 hoodies and one -A wearing the 6th)

At this time the lost woods resort Lair is set up with pictures that are just of Alison. Even the doll house only has the Alison doll and a blond wig in it.

This tells me that the original -A team was just for stalking Alison and there were 6 members of the team.


This is my NEW THEORY on how it all went:

Alison first receives threats on Halloween 2008. I think It started with just Mona & Lucas wanting to get back at Alison. I think they they sent her the vodoo dolI. I also think Lucas was the baby doll in the halloween store that Alison called a freak. He would have sent the 'I’m watching you’ text. He also ran past her in a baby doll costume at the party and called out BITCH!. None of this was signed -A.

Then at the party Jenna says she is going to pick her own friends. We see Jenna pick Mona & Wilden as friends and I am assuming Lucas as a friend via Mona. I think this was to show us how alliances could be formed amongst the people who didn’t like Alison. Melissa was also having problems with Alison with Ian so I would include her in Jennas friends. I don’t necessarily think Jenna formed the -A team, I think it is a parallel and Uber A picked people in the same way.

I think the Uber A we have in S5 was the one who attacked Alison in the haunted house with the baby doll costume and sent the first text signed -A. I also think they are the biggest secret of the whole show and the one with enough motive (I don’t know what the motive is but my guess is something to do with Mrs D, Marion and the Radley secrets). If Mona really was original -A then why did she swap to signing as -A.

Everyone that this Uber A involved started to torment Alison under the name -A. I think Alison suspected Jenna and “the Jenna thing” was Alison’s attempt to smoke her out as her mother had suggested but it went a little haywire and just made the -A team up the ante. Uber A wanted to really scare the pants off of her so they threaten to kill her.

By September 2009 they had driven Alison to breaking point. She was planning to run away. That night Bethany (or someone else if the body was switched) hit her with that rock, but instead of knocking her out she gets into a tussle with them. Then the liars in their drugged state defend Alison and somehow the attacker is injured. The girls dig the hole and set the girl up in Alison’s clothes. but melissa disturbs them and they flee leaving melissa to bury the girl alive. Alison explains this to her mum. So Mrs D then buries Alison alive (knowing she can hold her breath) and the NAT club or someone films it so it looks like proof that she died. Grunwald pulls her out. Then afterwards Mona couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get herself the Ali upgrade/makeover so she helped Ali dissapear but the -A team still thinks she died.

Melissa thinks she buried Alison for Spencer. Mrs D tells the police about seeing Spencer & Ali argue. Melissa then pays Wilden to bury that statement. Mr Hastings changes Grandma D’s will as a trade to make Mrs D stay quiet.

1 year later the body under the gazebo is dug up and everyone goes into panic mode. Uber -A starts to suspect that something is awry so the -A team is remade. this time targeting the Liars for answers.

I think Alison pretended to be -A some of these times to push the girls into a certain direction to mess with the -A teams manouvers.

When the Liars start to get close to figuring things out the -A team puts a plan in place. This plan is for Mona to take the wrap for all of the -A team antics. She is sent to Radley and the precious LIars go home to sleep with their windows open and their doors unlocked. Uber -A lays low for a while.

Whilst at Radley the game changes. Cece goes to see Mona for Alison. Wren knows this and subsequently learns Monas secrets. Red coat takes over. I’m not exactly sure who red coat is but I’m going to say Melissa covering for spencer (She knew about the Alison mask, Wren could have told her Monas secrets and about Toby’s mother) Red coat is then leading the game for Season 3 & 4 and she signs kisses -A. They did up the body and switch it so that She and Spencer cannot be implicated in the murder. She gets Mona & Toby to send Spencer nuts so that she is seperate from the Liars. That way the other 3 + Alison are the remaining suspects for the murder. Alison see’s that someone is parading around in her coat and mask so she & Cece lure the liars to Ezra’s research Lair so that they can use his information to figure out who Uber -A is so she can come home. Poor Mona is caught between 3 teams (Uber -A, Redcoat & Alison’s)

In season 5 Alison returns. This makes original Uber -A move back home too. hence the messages go back to -A not kisses -A.

Simultaneously Mona forms her own army because she want’s both Alison & Uber -A gone (she is sick of being used) So this team plans to set Alison up for the murder of Bethany Young, but when Spencer is arrested instead they have to change their plan. So Mona sets up the letter from Bethany to make sure the suspicion is placed back on Alison. She then fakes her death as well and has Cindy and MIndy fake kill her and make it look like Alison did that murder as well.(OR if Mona really is dead - then the betrayal is Uber A whom Mona served so loyally killed her and set Alison up for that murder)

Thanks for reading I know this theory is very long and a bit wild. But that is what this show does to my head.

I would also like to note:

  • This doesn’t explain why Cece is suss and I don’t know where her loyalties are.
  • This doesn’t explain what secret Mona and Alison had on each other. But it is possibly a connection to either Bethany or Uber A. Or radley as children.
  • It doesn’t explain what Uber A’s motive is. My guess is Uber -A is like a nameless faceless character that was always meant to be kept hidden. They were obviously envious of Alison’s life. Perhaps the girls that the other yellow dress was for. Kept hidden under the lies created by Mrs D and Radley.
  • This doesn’t tell us who is the one with the infamous twin. I don’t know how to incorporate that.

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I always believe that Anthony has a major bipolar behavior issue going on like you sometimes see him going noo ianthony no and then other times you see him all over Ian or giving him heart eyes and stuff like online he is like eww and then in kiss currency he is rubbing his face with ian's and in if apps were real BTS he grinding against him and many other vids where he does this things its like when he is alone he goes no when he sees ian he goes why not

If one thing is sure about Anthony, it’s that he is VERY weird with the Ianthony stuff… Or at least he used to be. He hasn’t really stated anything about it recently. He’ll sometimes act grossed out or ashamed of it online, but then gets close and personal with Ian in the videos. I don’t think he’s bipolar by any means, but I do think that there is- or was- something going on. I talk to my close shipper friend Alicia about this ALL the time and I think it’s a pretty legit theory.


DISCLAIMER!: None of this is to prove anything or to try to make light of sexualites. This is just a THEORY! It’s just for fun and should NOT be taken seriously enough for you to get offended. It’s just a little something to get your thoughts pumping and could very well be false which is 100% FINE! You’re free to disagree with me all you’d like, just please don’t be a dick!

Originally posted by difform

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a) Have you seen the new clip of Bonnie and Enzo? They are so forcing this couple and their scene just ticks me off. Bonnie tells Enzo "let me give you some advice, stop treating Lily like some prize to be won" Enzo replies "spoken like someone who's never been fought over". First of all I can see that they're trying to make Benzo like Bamon by having them bicker which is not working since we know what they are trying to do. Second, Enzo's line was cringe worthy because it's true and just

“Have you seen the new clip of Bonnie and Enzo? They are so forcing this couple and their scene just ticks me off. Bonnie tells Enzo “let me give you some advice, stop treating Lily like some prize to be won” Enzo replies “spoken like someone who’s never been fought over”. First of all I can see that they’re trying to make Benzo like Bamon by having them bicker which is not working since we know what they are trying to do. Second, Enzo’s line was cringe worthy because it’s true and just reminds Bonnie fans (me at least) how unfair she has been treated. Especially in the romance department. Elena and Caroline have both been fought over and have had more than two LI. Not that numbers count but I’m sorry Bonnie is a beautiful, intelligent, strong character she deserves to have guys fall at her feet. I’m tired, tired, tired of how she gets treated than to have Enzo joke around about it just irritates me more. I’m sure that this is foreshadowing her and Enzo and possibly and probably some other random dude or dudette ‘fighting’ over Bonnie but right now all it’s doing is making me hate Benzo/Enzo more. UGH! with JP & CD.”

OK so after reading this, I watched the webclip. Tonight’s episode is going to be unbearable. Since when did Bonnie go on any exploratory trips with Enzo? She would’ve gone with Stefan before she would EVER go with Enzo especially since Enzo was responsible for Caroline being kidnapped and TORTURED. They are just thrusting these two characters in scenes together as if it’s normal when the only connections Enzo made were with Caroline, Stefan and Damon and he betrayed them all repeatedly so the ties between them should be broken! Secondly, that exchange “spoken like someone who’s never been fought over” as you said, they’re trying to make Bonenzo or Benzo or Bonzo or Bozo whathefuckever this crack ship’s name is into Bamon, essentially feeding them the same type of lines and dynamic because remember season 6 and Kai???? “I just wanted to feel your hand on my chest” “Something weird about him” “You’re just not used to guys hitting on ya” and it BOTHERS me because Bonenzo makes me defend Bamon even though Bamon is problematic AF but Bonenzo will NEVER be Bamon because they don’t have that type of relationship, Kat and Michael do not have nearly the same amount as chemistry as Kat has with Ian and the characters don’t have the same push-pull vibe either and I am SO TIRED, like SO FUCKING TIRED of the show acting like banter is the fix-all for every relationship. BANTER DOESN’T SOLVE ANYTHING. Just because you make two people verbally spar doesn’t mean they have chemistry, doesn’t mean they have a believable story, doesn’t make up for the fact that they don’t have a believable story, like STOP IT. It’s like how Caroline and Enzo were never going to be Caroline and Klaus. And the other problem with this too is that Enzo isn’t his own character, he doesn’t have a personality, as the awesome Bonkamily pointed out, dude doesn’t even have a last name, like bruh, so the show basically makes him act like shadows of the other male characters to suit a plotline and that’s also why Bonenzo is like … what IS this though? Why are you so pressed, Bonnie? It doesn’t make any SENSE.

And you’re also right. This is twice that the show has brought up that Bonnie hasn’t had a love triangle of her own even though Caroline and Elena had two separate love triangles — (Matt/Elena/Stefan, Stefan/Elena/Damon, Matt/Caroline/Tyler, Tyler/Caroline/Klaus) and then they had male characters put on the show specifically to want them (Jesse and Liam) and Bonnie had Jeremy who cheated on her and if he didn’t cheat on her he died or she died or he was too busy saving Elena or she was too busy saving Elena, they basically had NO screen time. And it’s mean-spirited at this point because the show isn’t being self-reflexive, it just feels like the show is using the opportunity to put Bonnie down and even if it does foreshadow Enzo fighting for her, but in what way? Because Jeremy DID fight for Bonnie in season 2 in terms of trying to keep her safe and telling her she had to go easy on her magic, the way Bonnie hasn’t been fought over is two men competing over her or longing for her, the only man who did that the show killed off and while I do believe that there was tension between Kai and Damon over Bonnie, the show didn’t flush that out because God forbid Damon Salvatore would ever see Bonnie as more than his stepping stool. These writers are ridiculous.

My sister is a casual Shameless viewer so she usually doesn’t have the same opinions as me when it comes to the problems with the show (or if she does they’re not nearly as strong) but she just watched 5x12 and she’s giving me life right now. Some of her best quotes:

“Mickey is like trying not to die and Ian’s like yolo. I don’t even blame Ian or the actor, he had to do the shit they write.”

“Fi sux at life. Remember when she cared about the kids?

“Remember when it was about a sister taking care of her family, getting through life?”

Upon me telling her Noel’s probably leaving: “Lol good he’s to good for this show.”

“Mickey was the only good character left. Oh well. It’ll probably get cancelled after next season.”

“The shows getting bad and losing the whole central idea.” 

This gives me hope. Casual viewers are aware.

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I'm confused. Which actors are fuck boys. The only one i really know of is bob morley

chris larkin (monty), ricky whittle (lincoln), richard harmon (murphy), sachin sahal (jackson), and jarod joseph (miller) are in the clear and are not fuckboys and generally seem to be lovely humans

(someone said that ricky once was asked about racism on the show and he said some colorblind “this show is about people“ crap but i haven’t been able to find it and since he’s not white it’s not my place to say anything) EDIT: ISAIAH SAID THIS NOT RICKY

devon bostick (jasper) is ableist and sexist and when called out he acts like a child, thomas mcdonell (finn) only tweets copy and pasted twitter bios of young girls, henry ian cusick (kane) was involved in a sexual harassment scandal and has a DUI, isaiah washington (jaha) is super homophobic, and steve talley (wick)’s twitter is something you have to experience for yourself

bob was rude on twitter once and defended something devon said (same occurance), but i don’t quite consider him at fuckboy status because he usually tries to act as a peacekeeper and he’s said before (in this interview) that he’s had problems with rage (because of racism he faced in childhood; also in that interview) and that he’s tried working on it. i’m not claiming to know him or anything, but it could be related to the one time he was rude on twitter (because normally he’s delightful and kind). or he could be a fuckboy. who knows