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Kiss the Girl

Summary: Literally based on The Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl,” Bucky develops a crush on you after seeing you in various of Tony’s soirees, but is too shy to go up to you. 

Word Count: 2,304

Warnings: None.

A/N: Something quick I whipped up. Hope you all enjoy. This is fluffy af.

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“It’ll be fun!” Tony had said. And honestly, Bucky felt like punching him, just breaking his nose, or bruising him enough in such a way that he would never suggest this to Bucky again.

How could a room full of drunk, screaming people could be fun? Bucky grimaced, as yet another girl sidled up to him and batted her eyelashes at him. He shook his head and gave her a polite smile.

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16 or 92 + Fitzsimmons please??😆

Hey there, anon! “It’s okay.  I couldn’t sleep anyway.” and “I want you to be happy.” coming right up!  Prompt list here if you want to send me one!

“Sorry,” he says. “I didn’t mean, to … I just can’t seem to …”

She reaches over to where he lays next to her on the bed, finding his hand and holding it tight.

“It’s okay,” she says. “I couldn’t sleep, anyway.”

She doesn’t blame him for tossing and turning, after the string of nightmares he’s been through. She feels it herself in the way she has to keep making sure he’s really here. 

“I just can’t …” He sucks in a breath. “It’s all so—”

“It wasn’t you,” she says. “None of that was you. That wasn’t your life.” 

She squeezes his hand and reminds herself that it wasn’t her life, either. She didn’t watch him bleed. She didn’t stab the life out of him. She crossed a universe to save him just like he did for her, just like she will always do. 

“Jemma,” he breathes, and she has to roll onto her side to watch him. He’s there, and he’s breathing, and she’ll make sure no one takes him away from her, ever. She puts her free hand on his chest and watches his eyes flutter.

“I want you to be happy, Jemma.”

“Fitz,” she says, letting go of his hand only so she can prop herself up at look down at him, “I am happy. You have to believe that.”

He squeezes his eyes shut, and she doesn’t want to know what he sees. She puts a hand on his cheek so he’ll see her instead.

“It wasn’t your life, Fitz. None of it was real. You can’t hold yourself responsible.”

He covers the hand on his chest with his own, rubbing her thumb with his.

“You saved me,” he says. “You saw who I was, and you saved me.”

She takes his hand properly, sliding her fingers between his.

“I always will.“ 

“Jemma …”

“You were worth saving, Fitz.” She lets go of his hand to run her fingers through his hair, smiling when he closes his eyes. “You’re still the best man I know. No one stole that from you.”

She swipes a thumb across his cheek and leans in for a kiss, afraid at first that he won’t kiss her back. He does, though with more force than she expected. He kisses her so passionately that she understands why his hand is in her hair, why he flips her over to be on top. This is not a time for Fitz to fight against gravity.

She’s surprised by his heat, but she relishes it. She’s been fighting for so long, and she’s been waiting for this victory, for this release of pent-up love. She finds that she’s smiling into his lips, and he only pulls away because she’s laughing.


She’s blinking back tears, and aren’t emotions strange? She’s crying and laughing, and they both should be asleep.

“They’re never going to take you away from me, are they?” Her hand is still on his cheek, his lips are too far away, but she needs him to know. “They can’t, because I’m never going to let them.”

“No,” he says, carding his fingers through her hair. “No one stands a chance against you. And if they ever tried to take you from me, well …” He lowers his head, and she wishes he could feel her joy. The best she can do is grab his hand and let him feel the beating of her heart.

“They won’t take you from me, will they?” Fitz furrows his brow. “Even if I’m …”

She sees the tears shining in his eyes, and she wonders if it will work one more time, if her kiss can soothe his heartache. This one is slow, but his fingers curl over her skin. 

“They won’t,” she promises. “You won’t let them.”

“I won’t let them,” he repeats, and she hopes he knows what she means, that he is strong enough to overcome the demons the Framework gave him, that he won’t have to fight them alone. 

When he kisses her lips, her face, her neck, she thinks he understands. 

It’s late, but sleep was never going to come for them tonight. Maybe it will find them in the morning, when their exhaustion overcomes their need. They’ll wake up as two bodies tangled into one, still heavy with sleep and full of each other, knowing half the day is gone and not caring one bit. 

Jemma knows that this is what she means, that this is what she’s been fighting for. Together, they will steal the time that was stolen from them. Together, they will show the cosmos once and for all they are the only thing that is truly inevitable.

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Ooh! From the second list "Don't freak out, but we may have gotten married..."


Loki hadn’t been looking forward to representing Asgard at Vanaheim’s Ostara festival. Until he saw Crown Princess Sigyn, that is.

“Enjoying yourself, your majesty?” the woman in question asked, taking a seat beside him as they watched priestesses dance around a huge bonfire.

“I do believe I am, your majesty,” Loki shot back with a smile, emboldened by the mug of elderflower wine that was constantly being refilled. “Thank you for extending me an invitation.”

“Well, actually my parents had hoped that your parents would travel here for the festival,” Sigyn confessed. “They have asked them every season and they have always politely declined.”

“Ah… I’m sorry,” he muttered into mug.

“I’m not,” Sigyn grinned into her own drink. “I’ve heard so many terribly interesting stories about you, and I’m so glad we finally got to meet.”

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hiiii tay, i was wondering if you wouldn't mind writing an imagine where tyler promises the reader he'll be back to play a charity baseball game with her but he doesn't make it because of work and she gets hurt or something? ilysm :)


“You said you’d play.”

“I know, I’ll be there.”

It was the same answer you had received from Tyler the last time he missed the charity baseball game, and you didn’t want to get your hopes up again. “Tyler,” you said slowly. “Tyler, the game is tomorrow. You promised. You promised you would play this time. Why aren’t you back home yet?”

There’s silence on the other end of the phone for a few moments before you finally hear Tyler’s deep voice. “I’ll be there,” he answered. “Josh and I snuck on this late night show last minute, and we have to do it. I’ll head over right after though.  I promise. By the time you wake up in the morning, I’ll be in bed with you.”

“You promise?” you repeated.

“I promise,” Tyler replied.

You let out a soft sigh of relief then. If there was one thing you knew you could count on, it was Tyler keeping a promise. “Alright,” you said. “I’m sorry I’m getting so worked up about it. I just miss you.”

“I miss you too, baby, but I have to go now,” Tyler said back. “I’ll see you soon. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

You sat your phone down onto the nightstand by the bed and turned off the lamp. You laid down in the bed and covered yourself up before curling up to the pillow you’d laid on Tyler’s side of the bed when he was gone. You really hated to sleep alone. You were so used to Tyler being there. His warmth and smell was your own personal lullaby that lulled you to sleep each night, and when he wasn’t there, you really struggled.

It was really pathetic, or at least you thought it was. Never in your life did you think you would find a love where you couldn’t survive without the other person being there, but you did and you wouldn’t change it for anything, no matter how bad it hurt.

You knew the day was going to be a bad one when you woke up still snuggled up to the pillow and not to Tyler.  You laid in bed for as long as possible before you absolutely had to get up and get ready.  After dressing yourself, you grabbed onto your phone and sent a few angry texts to Tyler.  You were really upset and hurt that he actually broke his promise.

When you showed up to the game, things got a little better. You suddenly became too busy to worry about Tyler or be angry at the fact that he broke his promise and hadn’t replied to any of your text messages yet.

During the game, you weren’t able to concentrate at all. Your mind was worried about Tyler.

You really didn’t know what was coming for you until it hit you, literally, and it hit you really hard as you slammed down into the ground after the guy on the other team hit a line drive right into the side of your head. You’re confused at first, then angry causing your blood to boil. You screamed, but it was a small scream in agony as you felt the searing pain in your head. You immediately grasp onto your hair as you roll over, getting a face full of grass but you didn’t care, you couldn’t. The only thing on your mind right now was the pain.  Several of your teammates run over, helping you stand and leading you off the field.  You don’t even bother checking to see if Tyler had arrived.  At this point, you couldn’t even be mad anymore. All you can feel is the hurt as you stagger off the field, but the hurt from your head is nothing compared to the hurt you feel from Tyler breaking his promise.

Tyler wanted to go back home and go to the charity game. He really did, so much more than than he wanted to play a couple of songs on a talk show that night. He could remember their first charity game that they played together. He wanted Y/N to know that he wanted to be there.

A part of Tyler knew he wouldn’t make it in time for the game, but he couldn’t tell Y/N no. Each time his she asked, Tyler had to resort to telling her that he would be there. Tyler just didn’t have it in his heart to tell her that he had to work.

Tyler’s phone rang loud that morning, jolting him out of his sleep. He groaned tiredly before he grabbed his phone and saw that it was Y/N calling. He almost declined it, knowing he would be in big trouble, but he couldn’t ignore her any longer. “Good morning,” Tyler greeted cheerfully in his husky morning voice as if nothing was wrong.

She didn’t even hesitate before responding with a dull, “I got hurt.”

Tyler’s heart feels like it stops for a moment as he quickly sits up. It takes a second to register before his heart is pounding wildly in his chest. “Hurt?” he asked back, voice a bit frantic. “What do you mean you got hurt?”

“I mean exactly that, I got hurt,” she replied back with no emotion in her voice. “I got a concussion.”

“I’ll be—“

“Tyler, don’t.”



There is a long pause of silence and it makes Tyler feel sick, his stomach twisting with fear and guilt. “It’s not a big deal,” she finally said. “I’ll be fine. I don’t expect you to come take care of me. You didn’t even want to come in the first place, apparently.”

“Common, don’t be like this,” Tyler replied back sharply. She didn’t understand how demanding his job could be. Tyler would give Y/N everything possible, the moon and the stars if she wanted. He would’ve been there if he could get away from work. “I’m coming back home. I promised—“

“I know what you promised,” she interrupted with venom in her voice. “I know what you promised and I know that you broke that promise.” She paused for a second before continuing. “I’m going to go. I have a headache. My mom is going to help around the house. I’ll talk to you later Tyler. Love you.”

The phone call clicks as it ended, leaving no time for Tyler to respond back with an ‘I love you’.

The guilt churned in his stomach again and he knew there was still time to keep his promise.

Tyler was going to be there for Y/N.

He got back home early the next morning. He was completely and exhausted and drained, not able to sleep the whole flight, but as much as he wanted to, he couldn’t just crawl into bed and go to sleep. He had to make things up with Y/N.

Tyler headed to their room first, opening the bedroom door quietly and peeking in. She was fast asleep, curled up to the pillow and holding onto it for dear life. Tyler stepped closer, seeing how peaceful she looked in her sleep. He leaned over, pressing his soft lips to her forehead. “I love you,” he whispered before leaving the bedroom.

Tyler immediately went to the kitchen. Tyler knew that a good old-fashioned breakfast in bed would win his girl back.

Tyler took his time to make the food. He made fluffy pancakes in the shape of a heart along with delicious scrambled eggs and greasy yet satisfying bacon, all of which were her favorites..

Tyler carefully carried the tray back to the bedroom and he sat it down on the nightstand before looking down at Y/N.  He removed the pillow she was holding onto and he replaced it with his own body. He didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around her and bring her in closer. “Baby,” he mumbled in her ear, kissing the side of her head gently. “Baby, wake up.”

Her eyes fluttered opened slowly and she blinked, staring dumbfounded at Tyler. She was sure it was just a dream that Tyler was there but when she realized that she could actually touch him and hold him, she knew it wasn’t. A smile grew on her face and she surged forward, kissing Tyler repeatedly. “I hate you for leaving me,” she said before kissing him again. “I hate you for not being there.” She kissed him again. “I love you so much.”

Tyler laughed quietly and kissed her one more time before sitting up. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” he said, turning and grabbing the tray. He showed it to her and gave her an apologetic smile with his best puppy dog eyes. She rolled her eyes and took the tray. “You know I could never stay mad at you,” she said, immediately grabbing a piece of bacon and munching on it. “I was just upset. The one person I needed there most wasn’t. It was a bad day yesterday.”

Tyler nodded in understanding. “I know, I’m sorry,” he said. He pushed her hair back and looked at the spot where the ball hit. He frowned and leaned over, pressing a gentle kiss to it before sitting back up.

“I’m never playing baseball again,” she whined childishly, slightly pouting. “I’m not any good. Everyone was awful. I got slammed, Ty. And I’m still a little upset you broke your promise.”

“I know,” Tyler sheepishly replied. “I’m sorry.  I promise I’ll make it up to you. I’m always going to be here for you”

The expression on her face softened and she couldn’t help but let out a quiet huff of air. “I really love you so much,” she told Tyler.

“I love you too,” Tyler replied back, gently rubbing her upper thigh reassuringly. “Now finish your breakfast. We’ve got a long day of cuddles ahead of us.”

She grinned happily and nodded, taking a bite of her eggs. She chewed the food and swallowed and looked back up to her boyfriend. “Hey, Tyler?” she asked.


Y/N smiled and pointed to where Tyler’s heart was and said, “I’ll always be there too.”

I have so many conflicting thoughts about Harry’s promo and the performance of SOTT, all of which have been much better expressed by other bloggers this morning so I won’t repeat them, but one thing that is really niggling at me is this:

These are not bush league teams handling his rollout. The Azoffs, Sony — they are not newbies. They know what they’re doing. They’ve been down this road many, many times before. Surely they are monitoring sales and the fandom, so why are they not adjusting their strategy? I’ve been part of many marketing campaigns for much less valuable brands than Harry Styles and we always had contingency plans ready for different market reactions, and we monitored the performance of our campaigns closely and adjusted where we needed to when they didn’t perform as we expected (and took the hits when we didn’t/weren’t able to).

I also know that you can’t turn an aircraft carrier around on a dime, so maybe they’re hard at work on it behind the scenes and we’ll see the results of their work in the coming days and weeks, but hoo boy. I’d think a little fan engagement in the form of a thank you tweet for getting Harry to number one in the UK would have been a really easy place to start, so I’m not holding my breath…but I hope they figure this out soon to do better by Harry for the album rollout.

@ the person who was very annoyed at my having to apologise and ask them to repeat themselves three times this morning and who eventually told me “fuck off then, i’ll ask somebody else”:

i just want to clarify that i have an auditory processing disorder and was really trying my best to hear what you were saying, but, that being said, you could have made some attempt to make it easier for other people to hear you, like, perhaps: speaking a little louder. i imagine you understand as i would assume you would know full well how hard it can be to hold a conversation when one has hearing difficulties, what with your head being shoved so far up your own ass all you can hear is your own voice echoed back to you- which i guess is actually like, fine, because clearly what you have to say is the most important thing in the world

Chapter Seven: You Win or You Die

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*there will be smut in this chapter

After a week filled with dress fittings and last minute wedding plans, the day had come. I hadn’t been allowed to see Robb all day, something about it being bad luck. But I had been preoccupied by my handmaidens, who were busy getting me ready for the small evening ceremony in the Godswood.

My long dark hair had been braided and wrapped around my head to create something like a halo. A small tiara that my father had gave me for my 13th nameday was nestled in the braided halo as well. He had told me that he’d had it made for his betrothed, Lyanna Stark, before she had been kidnapped. I figured it was fitting to wear it.

My dress was the most soft and beautiful thing I had ever worn. It was exactly meant for colder weather, so I would be a little chilly out in the woods, but I could deal with it for a little while. 

The flowers on it were just as I imagined, starting right under my breasts and wrapping around the back of the dress. I couldn’t be happier about how it turned out and I had thanked the seamstress profoundly.

The giggling of my handmaidens was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Come in!” I called out, turning around once more to look at myself in the mirror to make sure everything was perfect.

“Are you ready? Robb is making his way down to the Godswood, m’lady,” Maester Luwin asked as he stepped into the room, followed by Hodor carrying Bran and little Rickon trailing behind slightly, both looking adorable in their fancy coats and furs.

“I think so,” I answered nervously before addressing the two boys. “Don’t you two look dashing!”

“You look beautiful, Leina,” Rickon said softly, coming forward to give me a hug while Bran nodded in agreement.

“Well thank you,” I blushed. “Shall we get going then?”

We all made our way down to the Godswood, Maester Luwin walking ahead to tell Robb that we were on our way. Bran, Hodor, and Rickon then ran ahead to stand as witnesses to the wedding, along with my handmaidens and Theon. 

As I turned the corner to what we had determined to be the aisle I would walk down, I caught Robb’s eye. As soon as we made eye contact, I felt a few tears well up in my eyes as a huge grin appeared on Robb’s face. 

As I walked up to him, he grabbed my hands and held them between us.

Throughout the entire ceremony, I barely listened to a word that was said, only responding when prompted. I was too lost in Robb’s blue eyes. Before I knew it, the ceremony was over and Robb was kissing me softly as everyone around us clapped happily.

It was then when I realized how cold I actually was in the dress that I was wearing. I shivered slightly as we broke away and Robb rubbed his hands up and down my arms in an attempt to warm me up.

“I told you to wear your cloak,” he chided me as he took off one of his furs and wrapped it around my shoulders.

“And I told you that if I did wear my cloak, all the flowers on my dress would be covered!” I laughed at his incredulous expression.

He just laughed and kissed me again before leading me back inside the castle for the feast that had been prepared.

Later on, after a few hours of eating and dancing, it was time for the part of one’s wedding day that I was terrified of: the bedding ceremony.

I had heard some stories, and I knew that I would inevitably have to do this, but it seemed shocking to me that it would happen tonight. And to say I was nervous would be an understatement. I wondered if Robb was as nervous as I am.

Maester Luwin had told us that we needed someone in the room with us when we…. did it, I suppose. This was to ensure that we had actually… done it. It was tradition, he had said. I had become flustered after he had said that and Robb had gripped my hand a bit tighter in comfort. He had then suggested that maybe, if someone had to be there, one of my handmaidens could be the one to do it. That way I could be more comfortable.

So as Robb and I made our way to his chambers, Jane, one of my handmaidens, followed behind us and sat quietly in the corner of the room.

The fire was ablaze in his fireplace, well I guess it was now our fireplace. I was to move into his room tomorrow now that we were married. So it was a little bit warmer than the main hall where we’d had the feast, but still a little bit chilly over where the bed was.

As if he could sense my nervousness, Robb kissed me softly.

“Don’t be nervous, love,” he whispered. 

“It’s just… I don’t really know what I’m doing.”

“And you think I do?” he chuckled softly. “I haven’t done anything like this either.”

I blushed then and he took off his remaining furs and I followed suit, taking off the cloak that he had given me earlier on. 

I boldly reached over and started to untie his shirt and he then lifted it over his head. I sucked in my breath at the sight. 

“May I?” he asked me, reaching for the delicate sleeves holding my dress up. 

I nodded and he slipped them down my arms. I covered my breasts as he laid the dress down on a chair. He kissed me again, a little more fiercely now. He pulled my arms away from my chest and I hesitantly wrapped them around his neck, pressing my bare chest against his.

His hands wandered down to just underneath my bum and he lifted me up. I made a sound of surprise and wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me over to the bed. 

He laid me gently on the bed, pulling back so he could take his trousers off. I got a glance at his manhood and I sucked in a breath as I had never seen one before. 

He climbed onto the bed after me and pulled the sheer curtains around the bed so that there was at least some layer of privacy.

He kissed me again, squeezing one of my breasts in his hand. I moaned softly as he rubbed my nipple between his fingers. He shifted slightly and wrapped his lips around my other breast and my hands gripped the hair at the back of his neck slightly.

I squeezed my legs together slightly, feeling something that I hadn’t ever felt before down there. I could also feel his length hardening on my thigh and I lifted my hips slightly, earning a grunt from Robb. 

He kissed up my neck until he reached my lips, tugging at my bottom lip slightly, as his hand wandered down. His hand cupped my womanhood and I let out my loudest moan yet. 

“Robb,” I breathed out as my fingernails dragged down his back. “Oh gods, I love you.”

“I love you too,” he whispered. “Are you ready?”

“I… I think so… it’s going to hurt, isn’t it?”

“I’ll go slow, my love,” he reassured me.

I nodded and he pecked me on the lips once more before starting to press into me. It didn’t hurt at first, it was only slightly uncomfortable, but it did get worse as he pressed in.

I gasped slightly and Robb stopped abruptly. 

“No, don’t stop,” I assured him. “I’ll be fine.”

He kissed me as he pushed in the rest of the way, holding it there for a minute until I gave him the go ahead. He pulled out slightly, pushing back in again, and then continuing. It hurt a bit at first, but I got used to the feeling of it eventually. 

I encouraged him to go faster and he happily did so. Moans were flying freely now and hands were all over. I could feel something in my tummy building up as Robb thrusted. 

“Oh gods,” I moaned. “Robb… I-”

“Shhh,” he comforted me. “It’s alright. Let it out.”

I moaned louder as I rolled my hips into his. The ball in my tummy kept building until it was almost too much. And when that ball burst, it was the most euphoric feeling I had ever felt. 

I stiffened slightly and tightly gripped Robb’s curls. He grunted as his thrusts became sloppier as he came as well. I could feel him inside me and that made my orgasm last longer. 

He pulled me in for another kiss and didn’t stop kissing me until we had both calmed slightly.

I heard the door to the room open and close softly, signaling that Jane, my handmaiden, had left the room to give us privacy.

“I love you,” he confidently told me, pecking me on the lips one last time before slowly pulling out of me. 

He grabbed a towel from the table near the bed and cleaned us both up before pulling back the furs on the bed, letting us both get under the covers. 

I cuddled closer to his warm chest, resting my head on it as he laid on his back and wrapped his arms around me tightly.

The tiredness that I was feeling finally caught up to me right after Robb kissed me lovingly on the forehead.

I woke up the next morning to the sunlight shining softly through the windows. My legs were tangled up in Robb’s and my chest was pressed up against his.

I shifted slightly, realizing we were both still naked. I glanced up at him to see that he was awake as well.

“Good morning,” he murmured.

“Morning,” I whispered.

“How are you feeling?”

“A little bit sore,” I answered. “But I’m so happy that I’m your wife now.”

“And I am happy to be your husband,” he replied and then kissed me. I kissed him back, wrapping my leg higher up on his waist.

He gripped my thigh with one hand while the other stroked my cheek. 

“Unless you want to have a repeat of last night,” he pulled away. “I think we should stop.”

“What made you think I want to stop?” I smiled.

He grinned and pulled me in for another kiss before rolling on top of me.

A few weeks later, while getting ready to go to sleep, there was a knock on the door to Robb’s chamber.

“Come in,” Robb called. I continued to brush my hair, taking it out of the braids I had it in all day.

“My Lord,” the boy started. “I’m sorry it’s so late, but an urgent message just arrived from Kings Landing.”

The boy handed Robb the envelope before closing the door behind him as he left. Robb sat at his desk and opened the letter, quickly scanning it.

“Who’s it from?” I asked.

“My father.”

“Is something wrong?”

“Umm… everyone’s is fine,” he replied.

“Why does it sound like you’re lying?”

He was quiet after that. I turned around, setting my brush down. He was leaning over the letter, glancing at another piece of paper that looked like it had been ripped out of a book. He ran a hand through his hair, clearly shocked by what he was reading.

“Robb,” I said as I stood and walked over to him. “What is it?”

His only response was to hand me the letter that his father sent him.


I write this letter to inform you of some disturbing news. Tensions are high here in Kings Landing and I’m afraid that the news from your mother has contributed to that tension. I do believe that Cersei Lannister is responsible for Bran falling from that tower and I have discovered something else. Earlier today, I was directed to a book that Jon Arryn, the previous hand, had read just before he died. There was a certain page in that book that shows the lineage of the Baratheon family. I have ripped out said page and sent it with this letter. And as you can see, all children of the Baratheon line have had black hair. Never blonde. Even when the wife or husband of the Baratheon had blonde hair. The only children in the line that don’t have black hair are Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen. That being said, I believe Leina to be the only legitimate child of Cersei and Robert. She is the legitimate heir to the throne, not Joffrey. I also believe that Jon Arryn discovered this information and that is the reason that he died. I send this letter with great caution, but it was something that you both needed to know.

Your father,

Lord Eddard Stark

“Leina?” Robb asked, concerned after there was a moment of silence. “Are you alright?”

“I’m…. fine,” I replied.

The wheels in my head kept spinning. Was this true? I guess it would make sense…. My mother always treated me differently than my siblings. I just thought it was because I looked so much like my father. I knew she hated him. But if my father wasn’t my sibling’s father, then who was?

“Do you believe it?” he asked, grabbing my hand and pulling me closer to him.

“Yes,” I answered. “It would explain why she’s always hated me.”

“She’s your mother,” he tried. “She doesn’t hate you.”

“Yes she does, Robb!” I exclaimed. “She’s always treated me differently than my siblings and she has mentally and sometimes physically abused me throughout my childhood. The only thing that I want to know now is who her lover is.”

“Shhh, my love. It’s alright.”

“My whole life is a lie! And what if my mother finds out that I know!? She’ll kill me! She doesn’t want me to be Queen! Oh gods I-”

Robb cut me off with a soft kiss on the lips.

“Do not think like that, Leina! I won’t let anyone hurt you. I will protect you. I would die for you.”

“I love you too.” I said and kissed him fiercely. “No matter what.”

Leina’s wedding dress:

Leina’s wedding hair (obviously black hair):

Crown that she wore:

What she is wearing when the letter comes:





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do the hawaii surf thing

“You’re doing great, little Stitch. You need to remember to practice your pop-up, it will help you find your balance instantly. It’s hard on the knees at first but then it becomes easier …” Kara explained, holding the nose of the surfing board under each arms while Carter was carrying the end behind her.

They stopped in front of the school part of a large and well-designed wooden building. A woman was manhandling the phone behind the counter, surrounded by posters of surf and iconic movies about surfing, as well as ads for the local Billabongs and surfing shops. Kara gently knelt and put the boards on the sand in front of the wooden deck spreading before the surfing school, opening her surfing outfit to reveal a deep and natural tan, as well as some impressively toned muscles.

“Thanks Kara, can you walk me through the riding part again?” Carter asked, opening his outfit as well.

“In a minute, let me tidy up a bit, I have another lesson in half an hour,” Kara replied with a smile.

She took the board on the left and carried it towards a cabin at the end of the building. She rinsed the board and then put it away on one of the racks inside of the cabin, before repeating the operation for the other board.

“Hi Luce, how’s business this morning?” She asked the woman behind the counter when the phone call ended.

“Pretty good, as usual, how’s the shore?” The woman asked back, her smile reaching her green eyes and making them sparkle.

“Calm, but nice. Perfect for beginners, although I suspect that by the end of summer, Carter here will be a new pro!” Kara teased as she playfully pushed against the boy’s shoulder.
He blushed and mumbled something under his breath but the smile on his face was of pride, and he beamed at his teacher.

“Alright kiddo, let’s go find your mother,” Kara said before heading towards the other side of the building.

It was a bar, the kind anyone could find in a surfing movie or a typical Hawaiian beach but this one was even more dynamic, with boys and girls moving around to serve customers food, drinks and snacks to the sound of some Elvis old hits.

Behind the bar, a woman waved at Kara and she waved back, a huge smile on her lips. She guided the boy towards the bartender and happily greeted her “Hi Alex! Will you go surfing with me, this afternoon? They say a storm is on its way, the waves should be pretty good …”

Alex’s eyes sparkled with anticipation and she nodded “Yeah sure, I’ll ask James to hold down the fort here for a few hours, we should take Luce too.”

Carter watched as the women talked animatedly, before looking around to find his mother. She wasn’t that hard to notice, sat atop a stool at the end of the bar and he saw the interest in her eyes as she, too, watched the two sisters.

He made his way towards her and hooped up on the stool next to hers “Hi mom! It was amazing, I’m so glad you pushed me to try surfing. It’s way cool!” He did the Shaka sign, with his thumb and little finger up, the rest of the fingers closed over his palm.

“I see you’re picking up the local, surfing slang, rather quickly, young man!” Cat smirked and he shrugged, still smiling. “Mom, I’m starving, can I have french fries for lunch? With sausages and eggs …”

His mother made a disgusted face but she eventually sighed and then nodded “If you must … but tonight, you will eat something healthy.”

Carter raised his fist in a victory sign before nodding. He then waved Alex, who instantly came to him with a smile. “Need anything Kiddo?”

He placed his order and Alex told him it would be here shortly.
As she moved towards the other end of the bar again, she put a lemonade bottle in front of Kara and talked to her for a moment.

“Mom, can I invite Kara to eat with us?” Carter asked as he studied his surfing teacher.

Cat raised a surprised eyebrow and she glanced towards the girl. Taking in the toned abs, the defined arm muscles and neck nerves, the broad shoulders, the cascading sun kissed hair and tanned face, she swallowed a little and blinked a few times.

“Mom?” Carter pushed, studying his mother’s features with a small confused frown upon his baby blue eyes.

“Hm, sure, if she wants to join us, she’s welcome but she might have plans already …” Cat said but Carter was already running towards the surfing teacher. She watched as they talked and the smile slowly etching on Kara’s lips made her feel a little weak in the knees. She shook her head and focused on her drink.

“Hi, Miss Grant. It’s very nice of your to invite me to join you for lunch,” A voice suddenly chimed in next to her and she turned her head so fast it almost hurts her neck.

Oh, she thought as she fell into a pair of ocean deep blue eyes, the kind that shouldn’t even be real, the kind dreams were made of, like moonlight over the sea and summer vibes forming an endless and sparkling tide.



summary: y/n doesn’t like bucky but she is steve’s best friend and bucky has a girlfriend he can’t seem to stay faithful to.

pairing: bucky x reader

word count: 5k words of sin

requested: yes

warnings: unprotected sex (don’t be silly wrap your willy), daddy kink, spanking, cheating, swearing, 

a/n: request things here and let me know what you think.

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(a hiddleswift fanfic)

We sat on the Adirondack chair on the second floor balcony of the beachfront house, the white woodwork of the railing in front of us, and the pebbled beach and the North Sea in the distance. A mild but decidedly cool breeze intermittently brushed over our skin, occasionally giving me goosebumps. The chilly air was a gentle reminder that it was still only February and it was still very much winter. The rain from earlier in the day had left the sky clear and the air clean, and the ability to see for miles. In the distance, a full moon was just barely peeking over the horizon.

Taylor leaned back into me, pulling the thick red and white patchwork quilt up to her chin and nestling into it.  

“You warm enough?”  I slid my hand from her shoulder down her arm, brushing over the top of her navy cable-knit sweater. My palm settled upon her hip so that I was hugging her body tightly to mine. She shifted and leaned back into my chest. “We can go inside,” I suggested.

“No, I’m good,” she assured me, and moved her hand atop mine. 

I felt Taylor’s head turn towards me as she spoke, and I looked at her. She smiled one of her smiles that says everything without a single word. This one said ‘I am a little bit cold, actually, but I really want to be out here with you looking at the water as the sun sets, and I’m really happy right now, so cuddle me close and keep me warm. Oh, and, PS I love you. A lot.’

If you’ve known someone like I know Taylor, then you know exactly what I mean by reading a smile.

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looks like ijyuuin is happening, did you see the latest junjou mix spoilers? ijuuin commented that yuu was another small light he found aside from misaki, not only that but they're already acting like a couple. ijuuin gave yuu a copy of his house key! there was so much blushing, laughing, implications, and glances that there's absolutely no doubt that they'll end up together... maybe shizuku was just a fan after all?

Originally posted by imaginationeer

I read some things. I think it was a post with some sort of bulleting, but I really didn’t read it. I’m kinda trying to stand by till I read the whole thing because it has happened that when I read spoilers, I got salty over stuff, and then when I read the real thing I felt differently. I wasn’t thrilled about getting another Sentiment chapter, but hey, I’m not the only reader here, and I’m glad to see that those who like Ijuuin and Yuu will finally be getting something more than a little fan service. 

Having said that *clears throat*: Ijuuin and Yuu can date for all I care. 

(Seriously. They’re like, my least favorite characters from both series. I don’t hate them, but I’m totally meh about them. Even Tama and Haitani rank higher.)

I’d rather see Yuu with Chiaki for obvious reasons (*coughs*I’ve got another ship for Hatori*coughs*) but I totally understand that Chiaki doesn’t love Yuu that way (whatever that means), so since that ship won’t be happening, I’ve moved on. 

Yuu obviously admires Ijuuin. I didn’t think he was into guys in general. I thought he just liked Chiaki. And I also thought Ijuuin was Misaki-sexual…

… but perhaps that was the moment when he sort of acknowledged himself as bi. Though the whole “little light” thing was interesting to read, and since what he’d like is the “slice of life” thing more than a body…

… he’ll probably fall for Yuu because flirty bantering is a plus with him. 

Or maybe he’s attracted to those who are attracted to him? Like, he treats his fans dearly and he’s aware of their love for him and his work. So maybe that’s a factor. 

Perhaps that’s the reason why Shizukui isn’t an option - their lines are clear: Shizukuishi won’t become the fan that turns to him with stars in his eyes or a smile on his lips. 

He’s there to help Ijuuin with his work and make his burden lighter, since Kirishima is obviously there to work him to the bone. Shizuku understands how important it is for someone with a mind like Ijuuin’s to keep focused and not get discouraged. He’s some kind of great support for Ijuuin, but sadly, as much as I like Shizukui (I have a thing for majime-type characters), it’s not enough, because Ijuuin needs to have a little fun. Yuu seems to be the cheeky kind of character that can give him that. 

So maybe they’ll become one more couple. We’ll probably get at least one more chapter with them, because they’ve got to do the deed, you know? No squelch-ah-thrust-ha-splurt = no couple. (That was kinda graphic. Sorry.) And then they’ll probably be received by the other couples who seem to have been abandoned.  

The house key thing is a standard thing for repeated deadline-break offenders, I assume. Aikawa has Usagi’s, and Hatori had Chiaki’s even before dating. (Mino doesn’t need keys - he breaks in with his Xacto knife at 3 in the morning.)

TL;DR version:

* Yeah, Ijuuin and Yuu will probably become an item.

* Shizukui is too good for anybody, really. Look at him. Come on, he’s gorgeous. He’s got a seme look, though. Shizuuin could be real, but Ijuuin playin’.

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Title: Lost in Translation (fem! reader x Bucky)

Summary: Reader’s boyfriend Bucky tries to teach Russian, a language that is foreign and beautiful to reader. He tries to tell her how he feels in Russian, only for sneaky Natasha to find out about it.

Word Count: 1134

A/N: Omg Bucky my heart. I love him so much k bye I HOPE YOU ENJOY <3

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Since it seems like this may need repeating in the near future….GET VACCINATED. VACCINATE YOUR KIDS. Having celiac is like playing immunity roulette - it cost me my immunity to chicken pox, and I had 4 tubes of blood drawn this morning to see what else it wiped out my immunity to. I have family in the same boat. Think about all the others around you with compromised immunity - cancer patients, organ transplant recipients, small children, people with autoimmune diseases….that’s a lot of people. All of them are put at risk by not vaccinating.

Science has been working on driving away one of the horses of the apocalypse, and you decide to let it right in your home because you’re scared about the bunny next door. Gold star.

If you decide not to vaccinate, you are putting not only your life but the lives of those around you at serious risk, over the DISPROVEN worry that they might cause a neurodivergence that has been PROVEN TO OCCUR BEFORE BIRTH. You are risking death because you believe in something repeatedly disproven. All because you worry that your child might turn out to be autistic. That is not only incredibly selfish, but it also displays how little you value the life of your child and those around you. A+ parenting, there. 

For anyone who isn’t negligently selfish, GET VACCINATED. .


pre workout, post workout. not pictured: all the other crap I ate today (lol). posterior tib reeeeally tight when I woke up this morning so today was 80 minutes on the elliptical and some core after. miss the feeling of not having any pain in my lower legs ever (aka a gajillion years ago)

There's No Such Thing As Magic

Author: dirigible-plvm

Main characters: Bill Weasley, Arthur Weasley

Pairing: Bill Weasley x Reader

Warnings: Hospitals, Blood

Word Count: 2,778

Plot: You are Bill Weasley’s girlfriend and you know nothing of the secret he’s been keeping from you for 3 years, until now, when something happens that you could never have imagined. 

Italics indicate your internal thoughts or letters

 You could feel the pulsing warmth pouring over you from the window to your left. Slowly, with a long and lazy intake of breath, you opened your eyes and your bedroom around you comes into focus. Instantly, your eyes darted to the space next to you, hoping that he had finally returned. At the sight of the empty, white and crumpled sheets your brow furrowed and you sighed in aggravation. You turned your head over to your left and stared at the tiny speckles of dust, that danced in the sun rays penetrating through the small crack in the curtains. A loud and desperate banging on the front door disturbed your sanctuary. Reluctantly, and with a groan of frustration, you trudged downstairs and headed towards the door. Who on earth thinks it’s acceptable to make such a racket at this time?

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“One More Day” - (Yugyeom x Reader)

Hello everyone! I had a fairly lazy Sunday before I return to my hectic school life. So, here’s an absolutely adorable one shot I wrote of my bias (ofc) so please do enjoy. It’s not a M/V or song concept so it’s different from the other stuff I have written. Today was so nice in the UK! Anywyay, please enjoy <3

Name: “One More Day”

Character: Yugyeom (GOT7)

Genre: Fluff so much fluff i died writing it is2g

Word Count: 1,323

Originally posted by got7virtues

(jr’s face is hilarious, okay. gif credit to the original owner)

“(Y/N) wake up!” your boyfriend almost jumped up and down on the bed like a small child on Christmas morning. He repeated your name over and over until, “Okay, Yugie I am up,” You sat up groggily. Not only was it early, but also the lanky maknae had disrupted all the covers on the bed and opened the curtains wide open. The light blinded the whole room and you buried your face in Yugyeom’s shoulder. “Too bright?” he questioned. A sweet chuckle radiated through his words as he watched you almost cling to him. “Don’t worry, I’ve already made you breakfast,” he added after no response was given.  “And the kitchen isn’t on fire?” you joked. However, your voice was muffled by the fabric of his t-shirt. “Can you smell burning?”
“No.” Your voice still muffled.
“Then everything is fine. Now come on, I want to do stuff today!” he replied. He kissed your forehead and went to leave. You didn’t follow. He shook his head. A smirk began to creep onto his increasingly mischievous expression. “That’s it,” he announced.
“Wait, no what are you-” you were interrupted by a pair of arms scooping you up. The whole world flipped and your legs were dangling up in the air. “YUGYEOM!” you exclaimed but you were drowned out by his infectious laughter.

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Not Another Number: Part 2

Originally posted by zetterbabe

Here’s Part Two! Hope you enjoy! Sorry in advance for the cliffhanger, but that means there will be a part three!

Link to Part One

This is crazy! You kept repeating to yourself before you sat down in your bed. You had dropped your friend off at her apartment but didn’t tell her exactly what happened with Auston since you yourself were still in shock. It’s not gonna happen anyway. You continued to calm your mind. He has my number and I don’t have his. Forget this Y/N, GO TO BED. You shut off your mind and closed your eyes.

The following morning you awoke to two text messages: one from your dad asking how the game went last night and the other from an unknown number. You quickly called your dad to tell him the highlights to keep him from texting you short answers. Now to start this new conversation from this unknown number:

“Hey hoping this is Y/N from the game last night?” You read.

“It happens to be, yes. I would like to assume, Auston?” You responded.

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• your first impression of him was how he looked like he came from heaven(´・Д・)」
• his first impression of you was that you looked like an absolute angel.
• it was because of his first impression of you, that he chose his nickname to be “Angel” ;;_;;
• when it came to ask you out, jeonghan wasn’t too nervous. he had watched you for so long and thought about what he was gonna say so many times that he thought it would be easy to just go straight up to you and say it.
• but when he finally made it to you, he kinda choked on his own spit bc yes u always looked good bUT TODAY OF ALL DAYS U LOOKED AMAZING??!1!!1!1
• however, after minutes of stuttering and trying to breathe properly, he managed to get the words he needed out yAY
• your first date with jeonghan was a picnic under a big tree, you guys played twenty questions and got to know each other even more, like you found out all the little things about each other, fears, pet peeves and everything (and make no mistake in thinking that jeonghan won’t remember everything you said) AWHWHWHW and you plaited each other’s ’ hair and you made little flower crowns for each other and he placed it on your head.
• “I’ll be the king, if you’ll be my queen.” //hyperventilating ( ̄▽ ̄)
• you and jeonghan aren’t really into giving nicknames, but he does like to call you ‘babe’
• like can u imagine yoon jeonghan calling you ‘babe’ omf
• but your first kiss? well, it just came naturally. one day, you and jeonghan were just cuddling on the couch and he placed his head on your lap then you began to fiddle with his hair, you reached over to grab the remote, wanting to change the channel when he suddenly looked up.
• your faces were literally millimetres apart and he just sort of stared at your lips as you turned into a mess on the floor bc jEONGHAN DONT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT
• “I’m gonna kiss you.”
• “o-okay..”
• and it was really sweet bc jeonghan didn’t want to take things too fast and just kissed u slowly bc he was savouring the moment ;;_;;
• it probably wasn’t that hard for you and jeonghan to tell the members, they probably already knew bc of Jeonghan’s non stop skinship initiating lmao
• he’s the type of guy who initiates skinship quite a lot, in my opinion. he’s not possessive but he does like people seeing that you belong to him bc hES SO LUCKY
• he likes to hold ur hand a lot too. bc he thinks your hands fit perfectly to each other and he still, always finds it fascinating ;u;
• he tends to play with your hair a LOT and often asks (more like demands) if he can comb ur hair bc it looks so soft and pretty like u.
• his favourite type of kiss would be like an Eskimo kiss, idk can’t you just imagine doing something like that with this angel ?? Bc same.
• and his fave kind of hug is the kinds where he just holds you close and grabs like a fistful of your hair, it’s like those really adorable hugs where you guys are desperate for each other’s warmth and arms :3
• when jeonghan wants affection, he’ll get it. there won’t really be any major signs of it, except for the fact that either you haven’t had much time with him or he’s feeling lonely. but when he does want it, he will just gently pull you to the side and straight up hug you or kiss you.
• “jeonghan? what was that for?”
• “i don’t know, I missed you.”
• “it’s only been 2 minutes since I last hugged you..”
• “eXACTLY!!”
• he likes it when you run your hand through his hair when you guys kiss, and/or cuddle, it really relaxes him and makes him feel better. Nobody knows why tho lol
• but he absolutely dislikes it when rumours are spread about their relationship being fake and how it’s all just set up for publicity. like he will freaking rage and rant all day everyday if something like that comes up.
• “jagiya, don’t listen to anything anyone says about us, okay? the us we are now is as real as its gonna get.”
• but hey, it takes WORK to have a beautiful face like his.
• has an addiction to sleeping, my poor bby gets so tired bc he works super hard in training. like one time you saw him passed out on the floor when you came to visit the boys and they were taking a break.
• and you just sat next to him, telling him about your day even tho he’s sleeping bc you guys are cute like that.
• you and jeonghan once bought matching couple shirts, but when you tried it on you both cringed so hard bc this was as cheesy as they could possibly get.
• “yeah, let’s NOT do that ever again”
• “agreed”
• jealous jeonghan is not someone you want to mess with, he gets all serious and tries to drop small hints here and there showing the other person that you wAS TAKEN BY HIM.
• “hey, BABE, fancy seeing you here, mind if I tag along?”
• but sometimes he gets all scared when other people flirt with you bc what if you leave him ?? he wouldn’t be able to function or get up in the morning without you. then he’d like have a major freak out and nearly start crying bc you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him and you could leave him so fast like oh my.
• you’d stop him tho and kiss him and hold him and reassure him that he’s the one for you and you’d never leave him for the world.
• ofc he’d make you promise that all formally like, “repeat after me, I ____ solemnly swear never to leave my loving boyfriend Yoon Jeonghan bc I love him too much to do it.”
• flustered jeonghan?? .. ??? Does that even exist?
• likes to buy u everything, like if he even sees you look at something in the store, he’s buying it. ONE TIME HE SAW U LOOKING AT THIS HUGE BOX OF CHOCOLAYTES AND HE LIKE MISSIONED HIMSELF TO SAVE UP FOR IT SO HE COULD BUY IT FOR U AS A PRESENT FOR UR LIKE IDK 4 MONTH ANNIVERSARY.
• your phone background is a selfie of you and jeonghan that one time he braided your hair.
• and it actually looked good wut
• HIS phone background is a photo of you pretending to cut Jeonghan’s hair in his sleep. holy mother goose it was the scariest thing he had ever gone through when he unlocked his phone one day and saw that photo was his lockscreen. he kept it anyway bc you looked nice in it ;;_;;
• since jeonghan is a vocalist in seventeen, he tends to come home with a sore throat or a lost voice. the first time that happened to him you thought he was freaking gonna die and you nearly cried and he just smiled at you bc ur so cute
• but sometimes, he pushes his voice too far and nearly damages it really badly. you get really worried about him because he gets really disappointed when he can’t reach the high note, or can’t hit the right runs. ;-;
• “I just want a voice like seungkwan and seokmin, jagi..”
• “your voice is perfect just the way it is.”
• jeonghan would most likely sing you to sleep since his voice was literally sent from the heavens. he’d wrap you up real good in his arms and then sing softly in your ear as he rubs small patterns on your skin until you fall asleep ;;U;;
• in the morning, the sun would be shining at the most perfect position so when he wakes you up, you wake up to the sun shining brilliantly behind this angel and I swear you hear angels start singing and birds start chirping lOL
• your first fight with jeonghan wasn’t very big, but it was a disagreement all the same. one day he came home after a rlly rough day at work and he kinda snapped at you, then you snapped back lmao bc seungkwan has been giving you sass queen skills. but jeonghan still had a brain and stepped out for a bit so you could both clear your minds and he came back after an hour or so with like 5 boxes of chocolate and 3 bouquets of flowers bc HE WAS SORRY
• “jagi, I’m sorry. I was out of place to yell at you like that, I still love you, you know that. please forgive me?”
• “only if you’ll forgive me.”
• our angel jeonghan is literally everyone’s ideal boyfriend. he’ll be there for you through everything you go through, he’ll be the shoulder you cry on, he’ll buy you all the food you need when your feeling down and all in all is the best boy alive.
• you’d be lucky to have him, and he’d be lucky to have you.

“jagi, don’t look at anyone else but me from now on, okay? saranghae~” -jeonghannie

Troubles Sleeping - Loki x Reader

Based on the Loki sleep headcanon post - Just sleepy time fluff

“Thor?” Thor turns around at the sound of your voice. “Yes lady (Y/n)?”

“Loki always seems on edge, I can see it in his eyes, something is wrong.”

“How do you mean?” He asks.

You hesitate, trying to word your question. “I returned late to the palace after a patrol one night, perhaps the Norns guided me, but I felt the need to check on Loki. I went to his room and he was not there.”

Thor shrugs. “Loki is often in the library til late at night.”

You shake your head, “no, this is different. It happened again, and so I’ve taken to trying to find out where he sleeps.”

Thor chuckles, “I see he still has that habit.” You tilt your head curiously. “As children, we shared a room. Loki took up the habit of slipping out at night and finding places to hide.”

You furrow your brow. “But why?”

This time Thor furrows his brow as he bites his lip. “I’m uncertain. I always thought it was a game, I figured he would have given it up by now.

"I’ve found him several times, just as he wakes up.” You pause, unsure about continuing. Thor waits expectantly. Finally you sigh. “He sleeps with his hands clenched around his daggers.”

“You should ask him about it. Loki trusts your council.”

You incline your head, “Very well. I thank you for your council.” You smile and walk off. Thor shakes his head slowly. He cares about you deeply and knows of the love you hold for Loki. He’s unsure if it’s reciprocated, but at the very least Loki cares for you as a friend.

That night you find yourself wandering to Loki’s room.

Once more, you find the younger Prince’s bed to be empty. With a sigh, you turn and start your nightly search for him. Several hours pass and you begin to grow tired yourself. Just as you consider giving up, you notice a large statue jutting out from the wall. You inspect it closer and see that there is room for a person to crawl behind. You place your hand on the statue to balance yourself as you peek behind it.

Loki is standing up, sheathing his dagger. He looks at you surprised. “Oh, hello (Y/n).” A smile plays on his face. “It’s good to see you. Are you well?”

You smile politely. “My Prince, what are you doing hiding behind this statue at such early hours of the morning?”

Loki shrugs, “it is a good vantage point to see without being seen.”

You nod slowly. “Loki, if you wish to keep secrets, I understand, but please do not think me a fool.”

Loki looks at you confused. “What are you talking about?”

“I know you better than anyone, I know when you are lying.”

You can see conflicting emotions cross his face. After a moment he sighs. “Will you join me for a walk in the gardens?”

You smile. “I would love to.” You’ve always admired the younger Prince, and over the years, you have realized you’ve fallen in love. You are a shield maiden and merely his friend, but no matter how hard you try, you cannot deny your emotions. You simply have learned to bury them. Regardless of your romantic love, though, you still wish nothing but the best for him. You and Loki walk in companionable silence to the gardens.

Loki is quiet, but leads you to a secluded bench where he sits down. You sit beside him. “The trees are always so beautiful at this time of year. Queen Frigga’s ever blooming magnolia trees, I love seeing the petals spiral to the ground.” Loki stares at you, his gaze is intense but you still admire the flowers. “Yes, beautiful.” He murmurs quietly, looking at you. You miss the softness in his eyes as studies you; his cheeks dusted pink. Finally you return your gaze back to him and smile. “So my Prince, please, I beg you tell me what ails you.” You hesitantly reach out and take his hands and rub gentle circles on his cool pale skin. He looks down at your touch in surprise. Your mouth drops open and you quickly let go, folding your hands in your lap, trying to hide your blush. “My apologies, please forgive my brazenness.”

Loki can’t help but smirk at you. “Don’t worry. And truly, you do not have to call me by such titles. We are friends, are we not?”

“Apologies my- Loki.” You blush and duck your head in embarrassment. “Loki.”

Loki chuckles, “‘my Loki’” he repeats softly. Then his face is serious again and his tone somber. “You asked why I was behind the statue this morning.” You nod. “I have seen you on other nights, wandering the palace halls, why is that?” You looked down embarrassed and mumble unintelligibly. “What?”

You sigh. “I returned from a patrol late one night and walked past your room. The door was open and I went to shut it but you were not there. Curiosity got the better of me and I went looking for you.”

Your face reddens. “Over time, I’ve realized that you are very rarely in your room at night. I have taken to wandering the palace halls to see if I can find you. I usually give up by the early hours of the morning but occasionally I’ve walked into you.”

Loki nods and then chuckles. “Yes, I have seen you some nights.” He hesitates. “You are my dearest friend… I must confess that fears plague me.”

“Fears my Prince? Loki.” You correct yourself.

He nods. “I feel as though Asgard wishes me gone, I can feel swords being sharpened with my name on their tongues. I fear that if I stay in my room, the blades will find their way to my heart.” By the time he finishes speaking, you can see bitter tears welling in his eyes. You feel your heart breaking and you throw your arms around him. Loki flinches but a weight feels lifted from his chest. He rests his arms on you and gently hugs you back.

After a minute you pull back. “My dear sweet Loki, no.” You feel your breath catch in your throat. You pull him towards you again and stroke his hair, “I will never let that happen.” You whisper quietly. “Never.” Loki can feel his throat tighten so he simply nods. You pull away again. “My apologies again, Loki, I cannot bear to see you hurt so.”

A soft smile plays on his lips. “Thank you.”

“Please, I beg that you may stay in your chambers as guard.” You manage to hide your blush.

Loki’s cheeks are slightly pink. “Oh?”

“You have a couch that I might sit on for the night, I will sit there and I promise that no one shall enter. You deserve to truly sleep.”

You can see the hesitation in his eyes, then he slowly nods. “You would do that for me?”

“Of course. I will stay awake the night and can sleep some the next day.”

Loki wanted to protest but the offer is so appealing. Perhaps one night of real sleep would do him well. “If you are certain.” He says slowly.

“Absolutely.” You smile. “But now, let us get breakfast. And besides,” you add, “knowing that you are finally resting will ease my own sleep.”

Loki smiles and starts to laugh. “Very well (Y/n), I will accept your gracious offer.” Loki gets to his feet and holds out his hand, helping you stand. “For now, breakfast sounds good. We can spar with Thor and the other warriors afterwards, seeing as we have no duties today.”


That evening you arrive in Loki’s room, you have made sure to dress in your full battle regalia. You sword is currently sheathed by your side as you wait hesitantly at his door. With a slow steadying breath, you lift your hand to knock. The door opens before you get the chance. Loki stands in the doorway still fully dressed, armour, weaponry and all.

You offer Loki a small smile. “You should rest in sleep clothing my Prince, Loki.”

Loki nods hesitantly. “Very well.” The door shuts again. After several minutes it opens again and you see Loki shirtless and in long black pajama pants. You try to hide your blush and he smiles at you nervously.

Oh how you wish to caress your hand across his smooth pale skin… You quickly force the thoughts from your mind. Loki gestures for you to enter. You follow his lead and he shuts the door behind you. You walk over to the bed and Loki looks at you confused. You kneel down and lift up the bed skirts. Loki walks over and kneels beside you. “Thank you.” He whispers gratefully.

“Anything.” You grin at him. The two of you stand and he brushes his lips across your hand. Then, with a sigh, he crawls into bed and pulls the blankets over himself. “Loki…” You say quietly. He looks at you confused, then you see guilt on his face. You hold your hand out to him and reluctantly holds out the dagger he had concealed under his blankets.

“I’m used to the weight in my hand.”

You take it and gently place it on the bedside table. “Old habits die hard.” You point to the table. “It is within reach but even the greatest warriors rest their arms at night.” Loki looks at it longingly, before looking up at you. His eyes are filled with doubt. “You think I’m a great warrior?”

You raise your eyebrows surprised. “Of course, why else would I be so willing to fight at your side?”

“Thor is better…”

You shake your head. “In sheer strength perhaps, but your cunning, and your skill with daggers make you more than capable a fighter. Now then.” You pat the blanket. “I’m not here to discuss battle capability.”

“No, I suppose not.” Loki replies ruefully. You walk across the room, blowing out candles as you walk. Eventually the room is only lit by the low light of the hearth. You sit down on his couch, unsheathing your sword. “Good night sweet Prince.”

“Good night, lady (Y/n). Thank you.”

After an hour or so, you can hear Loki’s breath even out as he falls into a deep sleep. The sound is soothing and comforting. With a small nod of confirmation, you begin gazing around the room, ready for the slightest signs of movement. Your warrior vision is honed, and after centuries of nights guarding the fire while your comrades slept, nothing goes unnoticed. From the owls calling in the night, to the bats flitting near the windows, even the gentle breeze coming from the balcony, nothing makes it past your knowledge.

It is around 4 a.m. when Loki begins to stir. The birds are just beginning to wake, preparing for the dawn chorus. Loki slowly opens his eyes and looks around. He sees you sitting beside the dying fire as you beam widely at him. He too sits up. “Did you sleep well?” You ask warmly.

Loki nods slowly. There was no racing of his heart, no familiar sense of dread at his failure to stay awake, he is simply rested and rejuvenated. He clears his throat and starts to laugh. You find yourself laughing as well. “I am pleased to report that there was no creature that stirred within your room.”

Loki rubs his eyes then runs his slender fingers through the curtains of his black hair. He gets out of bed and makes his way to the mirror in the bathroom. Inspecting his face, Loki notices the black circles under his eyes have considerably lessened. He runs over to you, just as you’re returning your sword to its sheathe. You’re standing now and he pulls you into a tight embrace. Even though your armour pokes uncomfortably at his sides, he can’t help but grin. “Thank you lady (Y/n), truly, thank you.”

You try to stifle a yawn but fail. “Let’s get breakfast, afterwards I shall take a nap. Knowing that you have slept through the night, I will rest easy.” Loki leaves to the bathroom and quickly dresses. “I’ll meet you there.” You call as you make your way to the armory, returning your gear.

And so it goes, each night you stand guard in Loki’s room, go with him too breakfast and return to your own quarters to rest. A week or so passes like this without a hitch. Then one night you return to his room and knock on the door. Loki opens the door and is already out of his armour. He wears black sleeping pants and a loose fitting green tunic. He beams at you as you enter. You smile, tired, then walk to the couch and ease yourself down.

Concern flashes across Loki’s face and he’s at your side in an instant. “What’s wrong lady (Y/n)?”

You wave your hand dismissively. “Nothing my Prince, go to sleep.” He studies you carefully then inspects your armour. After a moment, his hand reaches down to your side. You eye his movements warily then hiss as he makes contact with your ribs.

“What happened?” He demands.

You sigh, “A small skirmish today, nothing more.”

“It’s not without reason that I’ve been called the god of lies. I know when people are lying.”

You bite your lip as you hesitate. You notice Loki’s eyes grow darker in anger. Finally you sigh, “I was distracted and injured. Truthfully.” You add.

“Distracted?” He repeats, doubtful. Then he notices the circles under your eyes and the yawn makes sense. “You’ve been carrying out your task as a shield maiden while also standing guard all night…” He says slowly. Then he looks down sadly. “You haven’t been sleeping, and it is on my behalf.” You remain quiet but it is answer enough. Loki looks away sadly. “You have neglected yourself on my behalf.”

“My Prince and my dearest friend, I would take a thousand wounds if it meant your well-being. And I don’t just mean that as a warrior’s vow.” Loki studies your face. “I would do anything for you as a friend, titles or not.”

“Take off your armour.”

“My- err… Loki?” You ask confused.

“Let me see how bad it is.” With a sigh, you start fumbling with the straps. Your movements are impaired and slow as you move delicately around your injury. Finally Loki pushes your hands away and carefully undoes the armour. He lifts it over your head and you are left in a soft, lightweight white tunic. He looks at you hesitantly before pushing your shirt up enough to reveal the heavy bandaging. The wound is actually quite serious and Loki knows it, but he doesn’t comment.

“I’ll return to the healer in the morning to have my dressings changed.” Loki returns to his bed and groans as he buries his face in his hands.

“I’m so sorry,” Loki mumbles. You are quickly by his side, arm draped over his shoulder.

“It’s not your fault at all.” You whisper soothingly. “I made a mistake, do not punish yourself for my own carelessness.”

“You wouldn’t have made the mistake if you were sleeping as you should.” Loki says as he looks up at you, returning his hands to his lap.

You rub your hand in soft circles on his back. “Like I said Loki, do not blame yourself. I will sleep tomorrow and regain my strength, then I will be fine. But for now, my Prince, you must sleep.”

Loki turns his gaze towards you and looks fixedly at your eyes. “Why not with you?”

You lean back and stammer, your cheeks flushing bright red. “My lord?”

He grabs your wrist. “No, no, I mean stay in my room tonight, you can sleep next to me.” The knowledge that you are unwed and the scandal it would cause among the kingdom has you quickly shaking your head. You have never been intimate with a man, least of all Loki, a prince. “(Y/n), we have stayed beside each other in tents on many occasions. This is no different.” He insists. “And if you do not stay, then I will have to stand guard outside your room.” Finally your shoulders slump, you are too exhausted to argue. Loki grins triumphantly. “Now then.” He walks over to his dresser and finds another pair of pants for sleeping in before tossing them to you. “Go change.”

You chuckle. “Very well.” You go to his bathroom and carefully remove the rest of your armour before sliding into the too large pants. You walk out of the bathroom, trying to tighten the strings to stay up better.

Loki is sitting on the bed, covers pulled back, propped up on one arm. “My colors suit you.” He coughs and clears his throat. “Or rather green does.” He nods. You look down, not even realizing the color he picked. Rolling your eyes, you pick up one of the pillows from the couch and throw it at him. Loki catches it easily and laughs.

“Go to sleep…” You grumble as you sink down onto the bed on his opposite side. You roll over onto your back and see Loki is sitting up, still staring at you. He’s taken his shirt off. After a moment, he too lays down. With a wave of his hand, the room darkens until only the stars outside cast any light.


In the morning you wake up, curled under the crook of his neck, his arm is on your other side holding you close. Loki opens his eyes and looks down at you, smiling. His hair is sprawled across the pillow and messy from sleep. For the first time, you realize, there are no dark circles under his eyes. You smile back at him before returning your head to rest on his chest, enjoying the steady rhythmic beating of his heart. You absentmindedly rub your fingers in a circle on his chest as you lay there. Loki hums in content as he closes his eyes.

“I think I like this setup…” Loki murmurs. You chuckle as you sit up. Loki’s eyes remain shut as you pull away and he makes a noise of protest. You wince as your movements disturb your injury that has only just started to heal. Loki opens his eyes. “You have to go to the healers. I will check in with them to make sure you did.”

You roll your eyes as you make your way to the bathroom to change into your clothing from the night before. “Very well.”

When you exit the bathroom, Loki is waiting for you. He’s still in only his sleep pants. Gently taking your hand, Loki brushes his lips across it, “thank you so much, (Y/n), truly.”

You blush, “You’re welcome Loki. I’m glad I can help.” Feeling bold, you peck a light kiss on his cheek before hurrying from the room. Loki’s hand goes to his face and he closes his eyes, leaning against the ghost of your soft lips on his cheek.


Several more nights pass this way, the palace starts to notice a change in Loki’s demeanor and even can see a sense of happiness about him. You and Loki stroll through Frigga’s gardens one afternoon. You bite your lip and Loki looks at you concerned. “What is it?”

“People have begun to talk.”

“Let them.” Loki chuckles.

“With respect, my Prince, it is different for you.” Loki looks at you confused, but his eyes darken. You sigh and look towards the sky. “You can have any number of strange women in your room and no one would think less of you for it. But people have noticed my absence from my own chambers at night.”

“Oh.” Loki replies quietly.

“There are rumors that I am with others.” You bite your lip. “I am unwed and do not wish for people to think of me as a lady of the night.”

“Do you regret staying with me?” Loki asks you quietly.

“Nothing could be further from the truth!” You answer quickly. “Your well-being is more important to me than any rumors.” You smile at him. “Forgive me, I should not trouble you with idle court gossip.” Turning and bowing, you smile. “I shall see you this evening.”

“Wait!” Loki calls as you walk away.

You turn back, “my Prince?” Your words are cut off as he softly presses his lips to yours. You blink in surprise then happily sink into the kiss. Your hands hesitantly slide through Loki’s hair as he deepens the kiss. He gently tugs on your hair, causing you to release a small moan. Then the two of you break apart to catch your breath, you’re both breathing hard and faces are pink.

Loki pulls you closer and rests his forehead against yours. “You’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

You can feel his cool breath on your skin as you smile back. “The feeling is quite mutual.”

Loki pulls you close again and kisses you. He nibbles your lower lip, seeking entrance, your lips part and his tongue darts in quickly entwining with yours before moving on to explore every crevice of your mouth. You grip your hands tight in his hair as his hand slides up and down your side. You moan again, then all too soon, you are both forced to pull away once more for breath. You giggle and Loki smiles at you. After a moment, you manage to break eye contact from those fathomless green pools of his eyes.

You sigh, and Loki looks at you confused. “Now people will truly talk.” Loki follows your gaze as he notices various servants, guards, and members of the court travelling through the halls.

“Ahh…” He breathes out softly and chuckles. Loki laces his fingers between yours and kisses your hand. “Good. I should think that will prevent any doubt from people thinking that you are mine.” He looks over at you, then hesitates. “Are you…?”

You brush your free hand gently through his hair and smile softly. “Of course.” Then you smirk. “It had better remind the harlots of the court that you are mine though.”

Loki grins. “I’ve always loved you, more than any other, there is definitely no doubt among the royalty.” He says royalty with disdain.

“It’s about time.” You and Loki jump at the sound of Thor’s voice.

“Thor!” You and Loki shout in unison, quickly stepping apart. Loki glares at him angrily as you try to hide your embarrassment.

“Peace brother.” Thor walks up and rests his hands on yours and Loki’s shoulders. “It’s taken you two fools long enough to say something.”

You look over as Sif and the warriors three approach. You groan in embarrassment, covering your face with your hands. Volstagg laughs, “My dear (Y/n), it’s about time.” He hands a few gold coins to Sif. She looks down at them smugly.

“If you had taken any longer, I would be forced to pay him.” Sif says, her voice teasing.

Fandral steps forward and hugs you, then whispers into your ear. “Now what are the children’s names?” Your mouth drops open, your face mortified. Growling you punch his arm. “Hey! I speak merely in jest.” He gingerly rubs the spot you hit. Then he winks at you. “Mostly.”

You roll your eyes and half-heartedly throw another punch. This time he dodges and grins at you cheekily. As the others talk and joke, Loki pulls you close before whispering softly, “I love you.”