i have the other 60 in my fridge

Help Me Not Starve

18Hello all I’m Iwa/Virus/Simon. I’m 21 and have a myriad of mental and physical disorders. Recently I was in the hospital for a week and then off of work for two more weeks, which means three whole weeks of pay is missing. 

I don’t really like making these kinds of posts, but I live on my own and really need the money for bills and food. I have literally nothing in my fridge save for strawberry jam and butter. I don’t even have bread for these items. 

Here are all the bills I need: 

  • Phone bill: 98.01$
  • Internet bill: 97.49$
  • Electric bill: 41.71$
  • Hospital charges: 50$
  • Credit card: Min. payment 25$, full payment 188.26$
  • Rent: 500$ (I’ll be able to pay this if I get the other amounts)

Minimum Total: 312.21$

I currently have only about 60$ in my account, because I overdrafted accidentally to pay the gas bill. 

I do writing/fic commissions, which you can find here

I am also accepting donations, even though I really don’t want to! My paypal email is sicklesium(at)gmail.com. I’d prefer to get commissions, however! I feel bad for asking for donations but things get rough. 

I’d appreciate it if this could get circulating at the very least! I’ll keep everyone updated on everything.