i have the most amazing grandma in the world

Moana is the best Disney movie I have ever seen because… 1) the cgi was out of this world 2) the storyline was beautiful 3) Pua the pig (I NEEDED MORE OF HIM) 4) Moana is the coolest most badass independent Disney girl/princess to ever exist 5) the fabulous crab and his SONG 6) Moana’s grandma is a SAINT 7) Disney actually hired real Polynesian people to play their characters??? Like keep it up please!!! 8) the music was beautiful and funny and cute 9) realistic body sizes!!!! 10) FEMINISM 11) Maui was a male character that actually showed emotion 12) not a single white person was in the movie 13) Moana didn’t have a love interest!!! That is all and I am officially Moana TRASH

Joe Gatto is the most amazing person this world will ever know. He’s an amazing husband and father and friend and he was the first of the four to notice me. He sent a picture of his ass to my grandma which honestly made my life. Joe is the reason why I don’t give a shit about what other people have to say and he aspires me to go out and be a better person. Thank you Joe for always being yourself. I love you and happy birthday Captain Fat Belly ❤️