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Like She’s Mine (part two) - Stiles Stilinski

part one here

warnings: swearing, teen pregnancy, mentions of sex

I was sitting in Lydia’s room, going through her magazines in the hunt of what’s in for the summer.  Rompers, short styled overalls, and suspenders with skirts and tee shirts were the majority of what I came up with.

It was an early morning for teenagers on a saturday Allison Lydia and I had thrown a sleepover the night before.  Mostly laughing about the party Lydia had nearly three weeks ago.  More so how Allison and I didn’t remember the majority of it.

“Yeah yeah, we’re kinda lightweights” Allison said, rolling her eyes.

“We? I drank more than you did Alli.  You are the lightweight around here” I said, causing Lydia to snort.  Which only made us all laugh more.  I fell back on the bed, in an uncontrollable fit of giggles while Allison began to hit me with a pillow.

“You’re mean!” She said, laughing as she attacked me.

“Stop it!” I squealed.  “Stop! Sto-” I gagged suddenly, my hands flying from my stomach to my mouth.  I scrambled off the bed, feeling bile rise in the back of my throat.  Allison called my name in concern, Lydia trailing behind me as I rushed to the bathroom, but i slammed the door shut, hacking into the toilet as soon as I lifted the lid.  I hurled and heaved, trying to catch my breath.

“Hey, hey y/n?” Lydia knocked softly, before opening the door.  She came up next to me, kneeling right behind me and pulling my hair back as I released the last of my stomach’s contents.

“I’m sorry” Allison said from the doorway.  I hastily pulled out the roll of toilet paper, ripping off some and wiping my mouth before throwing it into the toilet and flushing.

“It’s okay, I just haven’t eaten since lunch yesterday so it just caught up to me when we were fooling around” I said, turning on the sink as Lydia continued to caress your back.  Allison looked guilty, but didn’t say anything else.  I rinsed my mouth out thoroughly, swishing, spitting, repeat.  “I’ll be fine, seriously, the feeling passed” I said with a smile.  Even though my stomach said otherwise.

“You sure?” Allison asked, not fully believing me.

“I’m sure.  Now come on, we gotta be at Lou’s in half an hour, and I look like shit.

Roll montage of the three of us packing up our things and getting changed while singing and dancing around to the radio.

Lydia pulled up by the storefront, and Allison and I grabbed our bags.  She’d driven us to work, seeing that she’d picked us up for the sleepover.

“You girls have a nice day!” Lydia called with a slight laugh as she waved a hand out the window.  I waved back as Allison blew a kiss.  Lydia drove off after that, rolling up her window and probably playing the music she liked rather what Allison and I forced her to play.

I unlocked the door, letting Allison in first.  We made our way to the back room, where our employee lockers were.  Allison didn’t have a lock on hers, the girl trusted everybody.  But I had one.  I sat on the floor, back against the metal doors as she put her overnight bag into the locker, and pulled out her working apron.  Filling the pockets with sample packets of flower seeds, a spray bottle of water, one of plant growth fluid, as well as a rag because she hated dirt.

“You sure you’re okay hon?” She asked in worry, and I nodded again.  I watched as she tied a neat bow behind her back.  Then finally made myself stand and get ready for the day.  Saturday was our busiest days of the week.  Sometimes friday nights, lovers coming in to get flowers for their loved ones.

Allison had made her way out to the cash register.  She was probably sitting on the stool while texting Scott.  Which was usually how she passed free time when there was no customers.  I finished putting my bag away and tying on my apron, and dragged myself out of the back room.  Grabbing the inventory clipboard off of the counter Allison was at, the only counter actually, I made my rounds through the small shop.  Literally anywhere I walked, she could see me.

“So has Theo talked to you at all?” She asked, slipping her phone into an empty pocket of her apron.

“Why do you ask?” I questioned, making a check mark next to aster.

“I don’t know… you talked about him half the year, then you guys finally get together and you drop him completely”

“Well I wasn’t exactly looking for a boyfriend…” I trailed, giving Allison raised brows.  She shrugged her shoulders.

“Have you talked since school ended? We were there for a week after the party” Allison asked.  “Or at graduation?” I shook my head again.

“Nope.  He was the perfect one night stand.  In where you don’t mention it happened at all” Allison made a ‘huh’ sound.  

I figured she didn’t understand the concept completely, she’d confided in me that Scott was her first serious boyfriend.  That he’d taken her virginity (and she his) and that he’s all she’d ever wanted.  So I didn’t expect her to really understand that sometimes you just need a good time, with the promise of no commitment, and secrecy.  Secrecy was loosely used though.  Inner circle friends knew, but not the whole school kind of thing.

“Stiles must be happy about that” Allison commented.  “He hated Theo”

“I know” I responded, making another check next to callas.  A personal favorite of mine.  I always thought they’d look beautiful in a brides hands.  I didn’t say anything else to Allison, writing a note that we needed more tulips.

“I’m sorry if I upset you-”

“Alli, if you apologize to me one more time today, then you will be the one puking” She laughed, and the rest of the day was breezy.

Customers were more on the lag side today, just a few people.  I always liked when a man came in around six thirty, getting a collection of roses in his work clothes.  Made me happy to know there were still decent men in the world.

Scott picked Allison up at the end of her shift, which was around four.  So it was just me here for the next three hours.  I sat at the cash register with a book and an apple.  I’d greet a customer when they’d come in, offer help, which most declined, and sat contently on that stool.  Around 6:45, my phone rang.  The best picture I have of Stiles popping up.  The one where he was laughing and fell off the couch onto the coffee table, completely sprawled on it.

“Hey what’s up?” I said when I answered.

“Need a ride home?” He asked, and I sighed in relief.

“Thank god, yes” He chuckled.

“Why didn’t you just ask?” He said, and I heard the engine of his jeep turning on.

“I didn’t want to sound pushy” I replied, to which he laughed again.

“Alright, well I’ll be there in ten, have you eaten?”


“Good, we’re getting chinese takeout cause I’m craving it” Wow he was right that sounded really good.

“Okay sounds good, see you soon”

“Bye” I hung up the phone and set it on the counter.  The store was empty, so I decided to just close up shop and flip the open sign to closed.  Then made my way to the employee room to take off my apron and collect my things.

It wasn’t a long wait for Stiles, I just sat on my phone scrolling through pictures of vacations, pregnancy test ads, videos of my OTP, anything to keep my mind occupied from my growling stomach.  God I needed sesame chicken.  As soon as I saw the headlights of the jeep pulling in, I grabbed my things, and rushed out the door, making sure to shut off the lights and lock the door.  Stiles didn’t even have time to open his door, as I was already in the passenger seat and throwing my bag to the floor.

“Hi there” Stiles said with a laugh while I buckled in.

“Hi” He replied with a big grin.  “Come on, what’re ya waiting for? I want food!” I exclaimed.

“You sure chineses is okay?” He asked, driving out of the lot.  “Lydia told me you got really sick this morning”

“I’m fine, chinese sounds great” I said, waving my hand dismissively.

“She said you threw up y/n-” Stiles said with a look.

“It was just cause we were messing around and my stomach was pretty much empty is all, I’m fine now” I told him.  He licked his lips, a sign that he was debating on whether or not he believed me.  “Stiles I swear it, okay? I’m fine”

“Pull over the car!” I screamed, and Stiles did immediately, into an empty lot.  The smell of the asian food wafted through the air and gagged me.  I stumbled out of the jeep, tripping over the curb I’d run to, and puking on the grass.  I heard a door slam shut, and Stiles ran over to me.  “No- n- go!” I managed to say before vomiting again.

“Shh… no no I’m here…” He pulled all my hair back, collecting it in a ponytail in his hand.

“It’s gross-” More bile rose.  Stiles looked away, probably because it probably made him want to throw up too.  He just rubbed my back and cooed soothing things.

“I think you’ve got the stomach bug y/n” He sighed.  I groaned.  It’d gone around the school before graduation, but I didn’t think I could get it this late.

“I guess” I sighed, moving my head down till it fell on my knees.

“It’s okay” Stiles said softly, still rubbing my back and holding my hair.  “You can come back to my place and have a shower or a bath okay?”

“No Stiles if I get sick again I wanna be by myself” I know he was about to protest.  “Think about it this way.  You want me accidentally puking on your bed?” He thought for a moment.

“I don’t want you to be alone” He countered.  I was the quiet one now, contemplating what I wanted to do.  Eventually I nodded, and he helped pull me up.  “Here” He shrugged off his flannel and handed it to me.  I looked at it for a second, and he rolled his eyes, stepping forward and wiping my mouth gently with the fabric.

“Stiles that’s sweet and so disgusting” He chuckled at me and I took the ball of plaid from his hands.

“Come on sicko let’s go home”

I stood in the shower repeatedly washing myself for probably twenty minutes, then soaked in the tub for half an hour.  My skin smelled rosy like soap, but was all wrinkly at the tips of my fingers.  But I didn’t care much.  I got out and wrapped a towel around myself, as well as one on my hair.  There were folded pajamas Stiles gave me sitting on the counter, but I sat on the floor in the towel, wrapping it around myself like a blanket.  My head was buzzing, and I wanted it, no, needed it to stop because it was about to make me cry.

At some point I pulled myself together and yanked up the soft pants and silky jersey.  It smelled like Stiles, and suddenly I didn’t feel so nauseous anymore.  When I finished, I pushed open the door and slowly made my way down the stairs.

“y/n?” I heard Stiles call, and I turned on the steps, holding onto the rail.  I hummed in response, and he went down to where I was stood.  “What’re you doing going downstairs?”

“So I can sleep, I’m exhausted physically and mentally” Stiles cocked his head to the side.

“Well then go upstairs to bed were… were you gonna sleep on the couch?” I nodded, rubbing my eyes with my fists.  He shook his head, and laid a hand on my back.  “Come on, let’s go to bed” I didn’t say anything, just let him guide me up the steps and into bed.

“But if I pu-”

“Look, there’s a little garbage can right there, and even if you miss, I’ve already brought in extra sheets” I smiled a wavering smile and thanked him.  His brows cinched.  “Are.. are you crying?” He asked, pulling the blankets over me.  I shrugged.

“I-I guess?” I stumbled.

“y/n, why? What’s wrong?” His hand smoothed down my hair, and he kneeled in front of the bed facing me as I lay on my side.  “Hey… hey shh.. What’s going on?” He stared at me as I wiped my eyes.

“I don’t know I guess… I guess…. I guess it’s my parents being out of town for another week and Alli kept asking me about Theo and am.. Am I a whore? For sometimes just needing one night with no strings attached?”


“But maybe I was hurt he left? It’s been three weeks, I don’t know Stiles, I feel ridiculous” He shook his head, smiling softly at me.

“y/n you’re not a whore don’t ever think that- don’t even say it, you’re not.  We all do things we’re not proud of and that’s just something some of us do-”

“I don’t know anyone-”

“Liar you know Lydia used to, you think anyone ever dare call her that? No of course not, it’s called being smart and nice about it” I buried my face into his pillow.  “So you slept with somebody.  You both wanted it, you were safe about it, so maybe you forgot it, but hey, that’s a part of the fun right?” I sniffled.

“I feel dirty Stiles” He shook his head, pushing all my hair back behind my shoulder.

“Well don’t.  Because it all worked out fine, didn’t it?” I thought for a moment, then smiled softly and nodded.

“Yeah, yeah it did” I said quietly.  Stiles grinned, and kissed my forehead.  “Thanks Stiles”

“Anytime y/n” He said, ruffling my hair and standing up.  “I’ll see you in the morning”

“You’re not gonna stay?” I asked, watching as he wandered to the door.

“My Dad’s down in his office and he wanted some help on a case… I thought it’d be a good opportunity-”

“No no, go help him” I said, waving him off.  Stiles smiled at me and flicked off the light.

“Goodnight y/n”

“Goodnight Stiles” I murmured back.

“Alli… Alli please stop crying it’ll be okay” I assured repeatedly.

“He… he hates me, he must hate me” She whimpered.

“Lyd, Lydia can you come here?” I called.  The strawberry blonde came rushing in, and I took the bundle of crying blankets from her arms.  I rocked softly back and forth and cooed.

“Maybe we should call-”

“If you say Stiles I will scream” I responded.

I shot up in bed, a cold sweat sticking my clothes to my skin.  I took in my surroundings, barely registering I was in Stiles’ room when I felt my throat swell. 

“Shit” I cursed, springing out from under the covers and rushing into the bathroom.  I gripped the bowl of the toilet, puking and crying at the same time.

When I  woke up next, it was to Stiles shaking you gently.  You hummed, opening your eyes.

“Hey, hey Alli’s here” He said softly.

“Okay” I said, sitting up and tying my hair back in a ponytail right away.  I needed it out of my face.

“She said you texted her?” Stiles asked.

“Yeah, a few hours ago I woke up really sick and didn’t have a ride or anything” I told him, swinging my legs over the bed, just sitting on the edge.

“I could’ve driven you home-”

“I know I know I just… I needed a girl and I had a bad dream with her in it” I said the second part quietly.  Stiles nodded in understanding.

“Alright well text me” He said.

“Of course”

“And if you get sicker then go to the doctor, I’m worried about you y/n” I smiled at him and shook my head, standing to crack my bed.

“Don’t worry Stiles, it’s just a stomach bug it’ll pass” I assured, walking out of the room, to which he followed behind me.

“But you’d tell me what’s going on right?” I turned as I grabbed my bag from the floor.  I’d dropped it at the stairs last night before going up to take my shower.

“Stiles, of course I would, stop momming me okay?” He sighed.

“Fine fine, I’m done pestering” He said.  “Give me a hug before you go though” I rolled my eyes but let him pull me in by my shoulders.  He squeezed me for a moment.

“You’re not dirty y/n” He said, and I closed my eyes, silently reeling in the moment.

“Thank you Stiles” I whispered, and he rubbed my back for a second before pulling away.  He smiled and I reciprocated it.  Then picked up my bag and walking to the door.  “Tell Noah I say hello and thanks for letting me stay overnight” He nodded, and I opened the door, waved goodbye, and walked out to Allison’s car.

“I think black looks nice on anyone’s nails” I said, and the brunette rolled her round eyes at me as I applied the polish to her fingers.  “And it’s insta dry, and it’s done by me so you’re promised perfection”

We’d been sitting in my kitchen for the past half hour as I did Allison’s nails.  She had her eight month anniversary with Scott tonight, and the only hint he’d given her was formal.  So she’d asked me to do her nails for her.

“Oh right, your Lydia’s little manicure prodige” Allison said, waving her drying hand around in a dazzling manner.  I smirked, maneuvering the brush down carefully.  “Anyways, Stiles seemed surprised to see me at the door this morning” She said, and I kept my focus on her hand.  “You didn’t tell him I was coming?”

“I didn’t even tell him I got sick Al”

“What? Why?”

“Because he’d get over worried and it’s sweet but… I don’t know last night I got super emotional about it and just opened up” Her eyes widened, as well as a smile on her lips.

“Open up about your crush on him?”

“Hush up it’s minor” I groaned under my breath, doing the last stroke of black paint on her pinkie.  

“Okay sure” She said sarcastically.  “What’d you open up about?”

“About sleeping with Theo, mom and dad being gone for the next week, feeling… feeling bad I guess”

“That’s not a bad thing y/n” Allison said softly.  “Confiding in each other is just what friends do”

“Sure, but I told him I felt like a dirty whore” I said.  She stared at me in shock.

“Well I wasn’t expecting that” She said, blinking slowly.

“I barely meant it, sure sometimes I think about it but I don’t really feel like that my mood just… it just got weird” I said, biting my lip.  “Do you really think my crush on him could cause this kind of thing?”

“Mood swings?” I nodded.  “It could, I guess” She said, shrugging a shoulder, and inspecting my finished manicure on her nails.  She smiled, and I put the bottle of midnight black away.  “Do you love him?”

“Of course I do, he’s my best friend” I responded.  Allison smiled innocently at that.

“Do you love him as more than that?” I looked at her, a long glance from my curious eyes to her soft but inquizitive ones.  “You could?” She questioned my silent answer aloud.

“Sometimes… sometimes it’s all I can think about” I told her hesitantly.  “Other times, it’s the farthest thing from my mind” Allison nodded, thinking through my answer.  I didn’t say anything more, unsure of what I even could say.  That was the bottom line truth.  I looked through my other polishes, and pulled out a turquoise color from the box.  I shook it, and opened it up.

In seconds the smell  made it’s way to my nose and I choked, vomit pushing against my lips.  I barely made it to the kitchen sink.

“y/n!” Allison cried, rushing over to me as I puked into the garbage disposal.  “God you poor thing” She whispered, rubbing my back just like Stiles and Lydia had done to me previously.  “Girly we need to get you some medicine, what do you have around here?”

“Nothing that’s gonna help I tried-” More bile came up before I could finish the sentence.  Allison sighed quietly.

“I’m going to schedule you a doctor’s appointment, okay?”

“Yeah yeah go ahead, Doctor Alberts is in my contacts on my phone please get me in today or tomorr-” More puke.

“Hi, hello I’m calling to make an appointment with Doctor Alberts for my friend y/n? Uh, y/n l/n? She’s been getting sick a lot lately” I listened as Allison spoke, resting my elbows on the counter and holding my head in my hands.  “Yes an appointment today would be perfect” Allison spoke.  “Three o’clock? Yes just give me one moment to check with her” I gave Allison a weak thumbs up.  “Three is perfect thank you so much ma’am, alright, you too, bye” She hung up my phone and came over to me.  Allison turned on the faucet, and ran a dish rag under the cold water.  I let her press it to my head.

“Thanks Alli” I said, and she nodded, guiding me to the living room.

“No problem sweetie” She said softly as I laid down on the couch.  “Get some rest, you’ve got four hours till we go okay? I’ll just wake you up if the time comes and I’ll drive you there and everything, okay?” I nodded.

“Thank you” I mumbled again, and she nodded before I closed my eyes.

“I’ll go get you a blanket honey, I’ll be right back”

The drive to the office wasn’t long, thankfully.  The heat in the car was going to make me vomit again right onto the dash.  But as soon as the feeling came we parked and I got into the air conditioned building.  Allison sat with me in the waiting room, my leg bouncing anxiously as the place was silent.  Not filled with people, maybe six but I tried not to count.

There was actually seven not counting Allison, or the baby in a woman’s arms.

“y/n l/n” My head jerked up to see my doctor standing by the door.  I smiled in relief at the familiar face.  I stood up and turned to Allison.

“I’ll be right here, you’re okay” SHe said kindly, and I nodded, before walking up to the older woman.

“I’m sorry but we must do this every time” Doctor Alberts sighed as she handed me the cup.

“Thank you” I said quietly, and made my way past her, and to the bathroom around the corner.  I did what you had to do, and placed the cup in the compartment before washing my hands.  When I finished I stepped back into the hall, and she guided me to a room.  Closing the door behind us.

“Go ahead and have a seat” She said, patting the cot with the paper over it.  I nodded, wiggling to get up on it as she looked through her patent files.  I watched as she clicked on mine.  “How have you been miss y/n? I haven’t seen you in awhile” She asked with a kind smile.

“Besides the puking, alright” I shrugged.  My doctor pulled on rubber gloves, and opened a cabinet.

“Graduated high school right?” She asked with a smile, getting out the arm wrap and pump for my blood pressure check.

“I did, and got into Berkeley”

“Is that where you’re going?” She asked, securing it around my arm.

“I haven’t decided yet, I was hoping to have heard back from Corcoran by now.  It’s in DC by my friend’s by now”

“Oh well that’s nice, but also far, what made you want to go there?” She asked, pumping the rubber ball in her hand, eyes on the dial on my arm.

“My best friend is going to DC as well, well, we haven’t heard back from the school yet but I just know he got in” I told her.  She smiled, unwrapping my arm and typing something into the computer.

“I see, you want to stick together” She commented, and I nodded.  “I’m going to go get your results back from the lab, I will be back in a moment” Doctor Alberts said, and I smiled with a slight nod.  When the door closed after she left, I texted for Allison to come in.  She arrived two minutes later.

“Hey, everything alright?” She asked instantly.

“Yeah she went to get my pee back” I said, causing Allison to giggle and roll her eyes as she sat in a chair next to the bed I was perched on.  “I’m uh.. I’m sorta nervous”


“I don’t know I guess… what if it’s like.. Cancer or something?”

“Darling I can pretty much promise you that it’s not cancer”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep” I sing songed, raising a brow down at her.

“Fine, if it’s cancer, I will shave my head with you” The door opened and Doctor Alberts chuckled quietly.  Glasses were sat on the bridge of her nose as she gazed down at the clipboard in her hands.

“It’s not cancer miss y/n” She said, setting the board on the counter.  I breathed out a sigh of relief.

“I mean I didn’t think it was that would be insane I don’t even know how that could’ve happened you know? But there was still that worry-”

“Miss y/n..” Doctor Alberts said slowly.  “You’re pregnant”


surprise bitch 
alright everybody alright… here comes the angst

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Supernova - A Light Yagami Analysis

((Yo. This is casuistor reposting my old analyses on a new blog because tumblr has literally terminated my old account twice in two days for shits and giggles, so here we are. In any case, I’m hoping this time there won’t be any hitches and this will stay up for everyone’s perusal. Enjoy!))

So the inevitable has finally happened. Stars aligned and Kim finally did something productive and voila, I have written a character analysis for Light Yagami of Death Note. Love him or hate him, the chessmastering bastard is a damn compelling protagonist.

The reason I’m writing this is because 1) Light’s my favorite character of the series and 2) I’ve found that there’s a pervasive belief that an underlying psychiatric disorder is what leads him to do what he does. I’m not going to waste time being diplomatic about my thoughts on theories like these. These interpretations are not only completely unnecessary, the implicit argument that extreme violence must have a root cause in mental illness is unbelievably toxic. I’ve said this on a different post, but this point bears repeating as I cannot say this with enough emphasis. Under extraordinary circumstances, people can be driven to commit heinous crimes and Light is not exempt.

So what am I trying to accomplish with this post? Well, we’re going to do a thought experiment together. Occam’s razor says that the theory that makes the least amount of assumptions is the most likely to be correct. While that certainly isn’t true of all explanations, I wanted to give this approach a spin. We’re going to put DSM-5 away and we’re going to analyze canon together. This analysis is by no means a complete analysis of Light’s character.  It’s geared specifically towards understanding Light at the start of canon.  We’re going to see if we can grow a mass murderer without resorting to medical diagnoses or supernatural curses/hijinks from Light’s foundations. Spoilers: we definitely can.  


Keep reading

Okay, so this is what I needed right now. Here’s my reaction to the new Mystreet Episode. (Mini-sode?)

Ro'meave Brothers are my lifeblood. I understand Zane’s sense of style far better than I should. Even the shirt.

Same Kim.

Lucinda was so close to screwing things up with the potion. Do not give the girl flashbacks. We do not need that.

Overall, Aph has the BEST friends in the history of forever.

Sylvanna is best mom.

Nightmares? I understand that. But… how bad are they that Aph looks that tired?

Is she OH MY LORD she’s wearing the BANDANA.

Good friends are good. Zane is best friend.

LUCINDA YOU JINXED IT. But I really like Katelyn’s new outfit.

Nice cover for Aaron. I mean… it’s better than the truth.


Why Lucinda. Okay. That makes sense. Clever girl.

The car appeared, literally appeared out of nowhere. Am I the only one who caught that?

And she walked into the fence.

Aww group hugs!

I repeat. Good friends are good.




Wait why does Sylvanna have Celestia? Weird…

She trusts him. I trust him. We all trust him.

So, you guys gonna talk? Okay no. Kawaii~Chan interrupted.

He stuttered.

Cooking montage.


Oh shit flashbacks.

This is heartbreaking. This hurts! The flashback hurts! But it fills in the gap between after the spell broke and when they got back to the lodge. It scares me though to hear her like that. Damn Jess, that is good voice acting.



ZANE THAT IS NOT HOW YOU THROW OFF SUSPICION. Well… at least he didn’t tell her how exactly Aaron got hurt and all that jazz.

I’m trusting her. Kawaii~Chan better keep this a secret.

Zane is strong. He’ll be okay.

OH MY GOD SHE HUGGED HIM. I SHIP IT. (I think it’s time people know I ship Zane~chan.) THIS IS SO SWEET.

Are those his shorts? No. No it’s his jacket. Thank god.

Is she gonna put the jacket on? She put the jacket on.



I’m starting to wonder what happened with Zane and Lucinda after the events of Emerald Secret. Like… what was their healing process like and all? Are they still healing?

Hold it in Kawaii~Chan. Good girl.

Aww. She wants to send cookies to him. That’s sweet!

Aphmau is doing better. I’m glad someone is.


That was a cute ending. I liked it. It was definitely happier than most of the videos have been lately.

I can wait to see what happens next. This series is just that great. It deserves the wait.

kalinda  asked:

hello new friend please talk to me about rebecca/nathaniel from CEG


i’m high key in r/n mode right now. i’ve watched ‘josh is the man of my dreams, right?’ an embarrassing number of times in the last week (like…at least once a day help i have a sickness)

aaaaaaaaaannnyyyway, this means i have a lot of thoughts. let’s go chronologically!

  • first of all, their instant attraction to each other (and i don’t even mean ‘let’s have intercourse’ type attraction necessarily – more like the way they’re drawn to each other in general) fills my heart. nathaniel’s known rebecca for, like, five minutes before he starts being jealous and snarky about josh
  • and let’s talk about josh…nathaniel’s introduction happens during the episode where josh and rebecca get together for real for the first time in the series. they have a legit, both-people-understand-this-is-a-committed-relationship relationship and it’s EXTREMELY new. yet, rebecca practically isn’t paying any attention to josh because nathaniel is the only thing on her radar.
  • sure there’s the whole ‘my friends could get fired and i need to help them’ angle, but also? when she’s in bed with josh all she can talk about is nathaniel himself and how he’s dumb and plays water polo etc. so part of her fixation is definitely about the man and not just about the situation.
  • moving on to the next episode, they only have one scene together, but nathaniel’s still jealous and definitely bending over backward to get her approval/attention. (pls see this gifset for an absurd thing he says to her in their one scene and its hilarious implications)
  • more importantly, though, this episode is full of hints at their similar issues. binge eating when upset. unhealthy relationships with parents. how deep their misery goes once you break away bits of the front they put up.
  • so by the time we get to ‘josh is the man of my dreams, right?’ these two have a really interesting connection that’s bubbling beneath the surface. it’s barely been touched on, but there’s something there
  • which, of course, EXPLODES when we get to see their chemistry. everything from the interested-in-your-boobs stare to ‘i like to saturate the wood’ to the way they slowly inch closer together when they’re sitting on the elevator floor crackles with that chemistry. it’s SO GOOD. honestly, i can never be very articulate about it because it just works for me. there is no way to explain you just gotta *gestures at this episode* LOOK at them. don’t you feel it???
  • and we definitely have to talk about ‘let’s have intercourse’ because i love the choreography so much. it’s suggestive, but never in a vulgar way. it’s all so pretty and i’m 100% about that #aesthetic
  • PLUS (this the last thing i have to say about this episode…….for now) have you ever seen a man YEARN so obviously as nathaniel plimpton the third when rebecca tells him she’s getting married in two weeks and he sTARES OFF AFTER HER?? 
  • i swear his expression is torture
  • ugh, wait, one last thing - THAT KISS
  • okay so now we’re up to ‘is josh free in two weeks?’ and WHOO BOY i am here to tell you that this episode almost knocks out ‘josh is the man of my dreams, right?’ as my favorite rebecca/nathaniel episode. IT’S THAT GOOD
  • first we have (sad, unstable) rebecca casually referring to nathaniel  as ‘foine’
  • but more importantly there’s the scene where nathaniel’s trying to do work and he just…can’t focus because all his brain has to offer is rebeccarebeccarebecca. he’s suffering and i LOVE IT. especially because he’s so lost in thoughts of rebecca that he talks to himself out loud in his office and then seems so shaken? it’s incredible how rattled he is to feel something for her
  • and not just a sexy something! the fact that ‘i never even wash my hands’ makes it into his flashback montage and not, idk, rebecca on top of him reads to me like he’s just as attracted to her ability and professional acumen as he is to her heavy boobs (dense like dying stars)
  • i’m gonna let my tags about THIS SCENE do all the talking because i have nothing else to add a.klbnsd;glb
  • just kidding, i will repeat one thing: he wanted to see her so bad
  • AND THEN much later in the episode, he’s the one she chooses to open up to about her dad not coming to the wedding and how that hurts her feelings.
  • what does nathaniel do with this information? HE GETS HER DAD TO FUCKING SHOW UP i’m-
  • please enjoy this gifset of them hugging
  • while we’re on the topic of the hug, can we talk about his surprised smile and the fact that nathaniel probably hasn’t received many hugs, like, at all?
  • which brings us to the season finale. their moments are few and far between, but they say a lot….mostly about nathaniel. rebecca has other shit going on.
  • anyway, nathaniel coming to her rehearsal and all but begging for rebecca’s attention? again, he’s suffering and i LIVE FOR IT
  • and finally!! the solidarity he shows for her when he won’t give her dad his plane and calls him a dick!!! he is on her side 100% and lsdkfnb;dsgl SEASON THREE IS GOING TO BE INCREDIBLE 

that, um, got out of hand but i have one last thing. if you like fic, i have written this one-shot here.

and i’m in the process of writing what will probably be a three-part little thing and there are plans to include some classic bed sharing so…get hyped!

okay i think Supercut is my favorite song off melodrama. the repeating “in my head i do everything right” like christ has a more relatable lyric ever been written ?! the lyrics are beautiful and the theme of the song is something i find myself doing so much. lorde painted such a vivid montage of beautiful moments that we all want to have, then ripped it apart by saying that it’s the highlight reel, that’s not what reality was

striped-hoodie  asked:

Uhm!!! Can you please guide me into the evangelion fandom? I.. ive been wanting to join the fandom for years but idk where to start and was too embarrassed to ask for some help back then... But i still want to join the fandom!! So.. please..?><;;;

yes yes yes, absolutely, dear!! Well, for starters, welcome! to me, you’re already in!
okay, let’s see. Evangelion is a really complex and wide franchise, and the confusion on where to start is really common.
i’ll tell you what i personally did, which is widely the preferred order of watching/reading.

first, the original anime series. It’s 26 episodes, you can find it easily on streaming sites such as gogoanime. Episodes 21-24 also have a version called “director’s cut” which are different from the on air version because there are some scenes that on-air have been cut. If you can’t find them anywhere, here you can find the transcripts of the added scenes. Alternatively, you can watch Death & Rebirth, which is basically a montage of everything that was already in the anime plus the added scenes (me being really dedicated I watched that too, but it’s entirely up to you since most are repeated scenes that you’ll have already seen)

second, the End of Evangelion, which is an alternative ending in place of episodes 25/26. This is fundamental, please don’t skip it, I promise it will clear most of your doubts on the anime ending.

then, you pass to the Rebuild of Evangelion. There are three movies published, as of now, and there’s a fourth to be released (hopely in time for me to be still alive cough). They’re a retelling of the original story, with added characters and a promised different ending. In fact, already in 3.0 the plot moves on a different time after the End of Evangelion.

Lastly, the manga. It’s significantly different than the anime, but it’s in my opinion still worth a read, especially if you liked the characters. The ending is also very different!!!!! 

next, we wait for 4.0 to be released.

tl;dr: original 26 episodes of the anime series (21-24 director’s cut possibly) > end of evangelion > rebuild > manga

every one of these is easily reachable on online streaming/scanlations sites. either way, if you ever find yourself in trouble, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help! I hope this was clear (despite evangelion itself being sometimes really far from clear), and I hope you don’t mind me publishing this in case someone needed help with the same things.

And again, welcome in the family!!! Evangelion is really, really worth it. I can honestly say it shaped me as a person. Please come scream at me about it whenever you want, it would make me really happy!!!!!!!!


[narration over episode title] On this episode of ADHD Today: We explore how many times I will open and close Adobe Premiere because I forget that I am supposed to edit a video before Premiere finishes opening.

[cue music, fade to view of computer loading Adobe Premiere]

[Self, speaking out loud, confused] Shit. I… can’t remember what I was doing.

[cross-fade to same, Self, speaking again] What was I working on?

[cross-fade to same, Self, raising voice, frustrated] Fucking hell, what is wrong with me today?

[cross-fades accelerate, Self] Did I take my meds? (rattles bottle)

[cross-fades continue to accelerate, Self,] Wait, is this the right program?

[repeat, counts pills out loud, Self] One… two… three

[repeat, rattles bottle again, Self] Did I…?

[rapid montage, Self] Uh…

[rapid montage, Self, cont.] Shit.

[cont.] Fuck.

[cont.] Dammit.

[cont., rattles bill bottle]

[narration over panning shot of posting this script to Tumblr] Finally! Editing that video should not have taken that lon– [interjection] Wait… [pause] GOD DAMMIT! WTF BRAIN?

[cue credit roll]

i have some very niche vrisrezi headcanons… a League of Legends Esports au…

  • ive said this before but imma repeat it FIRST OF ALL VRISKA IS OBVIOUSLY RANK 1 CHALLENGER, BUT SHE IS ALSO OBVIOUSLY PERMABANNED FROM COMPETITIVE PLAY BECAUSE OF TOXICITY AND BAD SPORTSMANSHIP AND ELOBOOSTING PEOPLE like she gets disqualified from season end rewards and instead terezi (11th on ladder) gets shuffled up to 10th and collects the jacket and medallion rewards. terezi tweets @ vriska a photo of her rewards and thanks her
  • terezi is adc main, famous for vayne, shes on TSM…. TROLL SOLO MID. theres like 50 thousand vayne/adc montages that are like overedited with shitty explosions and dubstep. (dave made like half of them)
  • vriska has 8 other accounts all in challenger and since she legally can’t play competitively shes a streamer and shes like.. kaceytron level of notoriety shes super popular 30k viewers rakes in thousands of dollars in donations everyday and shes like actually really good at league
  • god just imagine vriska dealign with text to speech donations and bad song requests like ram ranch on repeat for 10 hours or like messed up versions of that shrek song like in sneaky’s stream LOL
  • vriska would take the donation and be like “that song fuckgin sucks im not playing it 8ut thanks for the money 8itch!”
  • like before duo queue got killed in challenger theres lots of vrisrezi duo video compilations of them berating each other and bantering and trolling each other in games THINK SNEAKY N METEOS
  • tsm fans already have like the worst fuckign reputation and thats exactly why vriska is a die hard tsm fan AND ALSO because her girlfriend is on that team so shes like 10x more obnoxious about tsm than anyone. imagine that.
  • thansk for reading this heres a bad photo of the video game girlfriends
Reading a part of a whole

A while back I wrote a post on how either Djawadi’s score Truth is either at odds with the visuals + voiceover montage if his interview is to be taken at face value. I also argued there that the only justification for such a score being developed over the season would be that it is Jon’s song hinting his past regarding his parentage and future regarding his fate as the protector of humanity that gets unveiled upon meeting his mirror image and foil Dany. If the season builds on the idea of Jon and Dany as “ice and fire” as the characters themselves perceive it that way, in that final montage it completely deconstructs that idea, which was heavily implied at the end of season 6 anyway. However, what that montage does do is it implies very strongly how related they are while they are about to fall into bed together. The focus of the montage is not on the inevitability of these two characters succumbing to their passion. Rather it intercuts between Bran’s realizations after Sam offers him a piece of information that clarifies that Jon wasn’t born of rape and he is Rhaegar’s legitimate child and thus, Aerys’ heir before Dany. 

When the entire voiceover and montage is taken as a whole, it doesn’t result in Jon/Dany being perceived as palatable as much as making one to feel uncomfortable. This is even overlooking the quality of the Jon/Dany snippets intercutting Bran/Sam, Rhaegar/Lyanna, Lyanna/Ned and Tyrion scenes. The common factor amongst all intercutting scenes is Jon, not Jon/Dany. In fact, Rhaegar/Lyanna in connection to Jon/Dany in this montage emphasize how related the latter are given the amount of inbreeding Targaryens were used to making Jon and Dany more siblings or parent/child than aunt and nephew. Rhaegar’s hair harks back to Viserys as Dany’s brother. Never in the scene is it mentioned that Rhaegar is Dany’s brother. That is implied by both previous exposition on Rhaegar through seasons or books and even more so, with the visuals of Rhaegar’s and Dany’s blonde hair and Jon’s Targaryen last name. Nothing about the scene lets you dispel the reality that they are related. 

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Dammit. I wish GoT took itself less seriously and we’d have gotten a Montage of the Hound and Jon Snow repeating their carefully choreographed performance of Walker killing over and over for max drama as they traveled south.

“Nah, Sandor, I really do think it’s better you cut it in half, then chop the hand, then I burn it. We want maximum creep factor while it crawls at Cersei. And make sure you get the distance right, if there’s too much room in the chain we’re going to have to convince whoever replaces her as queen and we only have the one zombie.”

“How many times you gonna change it, ye Cunt?”

“Ye Cunt? I’m a fucking king, your ass.”

“That’s why I said it with the capital C. Respect, ye cunt.”

“Fine. From the top, shall we?”

“If we must.”

“Good. Kick it. Kick the crate, spill the thing right out at her. No, no! Don’t kill it too fast!
Start again! So Dany has just parked the fire puppies after being Madonna amounts of late to the show….

Hi guys!

For those wondering, I haven’t forgotten about the Running Home to You WestAllen project, I’ve just been trying to think of a way to do it since I only got a few responses so unfortunately it wouldn’t be enough for a video. And then I got an idea:

With Barry and Iris’ wedding coming up it’d be real nice if apart from the video being about the importance of WestAllen it could also be a congratulations video for their wedding! (Yes, I know they’re a fictional couple, haha, but it’s just a fun way to celebrate their wedding and could be a fun little thing for Candice and Grant)

So I want to slightly tweak my original idea and open it up to more responses. I’d like people to send in messages, both written and spoken or in art form about what they love about WestAllen but also add a wedding message + congratulations. This is the idea for the vid:

As initially planned, the video will have written and spoken messages about what people love about WestAllen and what WestAllen means to them. Accompanied by WestAllen’s song Runnin’ Home to You. And then the video will end with a montage of everyone saying (or having written) congratulations as Running Home to You winds down!

Sounds fun? I hope so, because I think if there are enough responses it could be really cute :)

Repeating this from the last post:

It can be:

-Just text

-You can make an photo-edit or drawing with your message

-You can make a video or audio of yourself saying it, or a picture of yourself holding a message or something WestAllen related

-Also, please avoid swearing and keep it pg (lol)

If you’re shy or uncomfortable with putting your name or face out there (I’m like that, too!) you can just use your twitter/tumblr handle as your name or send an anonymous message via @westallenfun).

I want to finish it before the Nov 28 episode, so let’s say the deadline is Nov 20!

For those who sent me a message last time. Thank you so much! Let me know if you want to add to your previous message.

Where is my mind? - Imagine request

Requested by @jeffry4ever:  Can you do a fanfic of DeanxReader where Dean has to personalities in him and the reader tries to help him with it?? Has a lot of angst and fluff.

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Dean Smith x reader, Demon!Dean (mentioned), Michael!Dean (mentioned), Brother!Sam, Son!Sam, Castiel, Son!Castiel, John and Mary Winchester (mentioned), Bobby (mentioned), Ellen (mentioned), Jo (mentioned), Gabriel (mentioned), Zachariah (mentioned), Lucifer (mentioned), Rowena (mentioned), Crowley (mentioned)

Word count:2,404 (+527 from the alternative ending)

Warnings: Dissociative Identity Disorder, angst, blood, violence, minor fluff (maybe even un-existing, depends on your definition of fluff). Un-edited.

A/N: This is darker and angstier than I expected, and I’m really concerned about this. However, I think I did a pretty good job and, just in case it’s too angsty, I added an alternative ending. Enjoy!

**DISCLAIMER: I do not know anything about this disorder, I do not know how people with this disorder feel and I do not intend to offend, or harm anyone. This is for mere fictional purposes and has nothing to do with reality.

I open my eyes and find myself back to my room, at the bunker. Look to my side and there’s (Y/N), breathing as peacefully as always. How did I get here? We were hunting a ghoul in Alabama and then… What happened then? I can’t remember. I tend to forget, but lately it’s been worse.

The floor is cold, and I only notice because I step on it with my bare feet, unable to find my slippers. Stress is killing me; I don’t even remember where I leave my stuff anymore.

“Babe, come back to bed.” She calls me, shifting slightly under the blankets.

“Nah, I slept too much already.” I say, looking at her. Her hair is messy.

“You stayed up all night…” She mumbled, tilting her head.

Was I up all night?

I analyse myself mentally. I’m tired, really tired and my whole body hurts. Yes, I definitely stood up all night. Why don’t I remember? Maybe the lack of sleep is causing all of this… Yeah, it must be it.

I hesitate but eventually join her back in bed. She cuddles by my side like she always does. Her hands stroke my bare chest as she hums an old song.

Suddenly, I find myself at the war room with Sam’s laptop in front of me. There’s some ‘cartoon porn’ playing but I’m not really feeling it. Everything seems to be so far away, kind of like one of those dreams where everything seems to be real. There’s some kind of fog in my brain, something that keeps me from hearing the noises coming from upstairs. I should definitely get some sleep.

“I think I need to see a doctor.” I dare to say out loud. It’s night already and she’s taking off her clothes and replacing them with a pair of shorts and a tank top.

“Are you serious?” She asks dumbfounded.

“Of course I am.” I simply reply, taking off my shirt.

“You must be feeling really bad then…” I nod as a response and get in bed. She joins me soon after, and then she falls asleep while I stay awake for a few more hours until I finally drift off to a spiral. It’s the weirdest dream I’ve had in months, but I don’t mind because I really need to get some rest.

I wake up and look around. Not only am I fully dressed, but also somewhere else. There are dead bodies all around and, for some reason, I know that I’m responsible for their deaths. I look down, there’s a knife in my hand and my clothes are covered in thick blood. How did I get here?

A sob call my attention. She’s there, in the corner and she’s bleeding. “Babe?” I call her and a louder sob leaves her lips.

“Why did you do it, Dean?” She asked as tears spill from her blood stained face.

“I… I was trying to protect you.” Was I? Strange flashbacks come to my mind. Black eyes invade my senses… Demons. “They were demons, (Y/N).”

“They were your friends, Dean!” She roared, “Your friends and you killed them!”

Suddenly, I find myself skipping from place to place, time to time, like it was one of those cheap-film montages. It’s the same routine, all day, every day. Things repeat themselves. I live in a perpetual state of déjà vu.

Then, the montage stops. I’m in a room. It’s cold and it smell like medicine. The walls and the floor are white and I find myself sitting at a silver table; in front of me, (Y/N) and another man – an old man, stare at me.

“Dean, please just answer the question.” She begs.

“What question?” I ask. The man and she share a glance before focusing back on me.

“Do you have any questions about your condition?” The man repeats. I notice a tag on his clothes; it reads “Doctor Krazovski.”

“What condition?” I ask once more. (Y/N) sighs just like she does when she’s tired and forces herself to talk.

“DID.” She says.

“DID?” I frown, “What DID I do?” My joke causes no effect on them. Instead, the doctor asks her to repeat the explanation for him as he gets up to find something at a strange looking cabinet at the end of the room.

“DID means Dissociative Identity Disorder…” She mumbled, holding my hands in hers.

“You think I have multiple personalities?” I ask dumfounded.

“Dean Smith… Dean Winchester… Something you refer to as Deanmon and, of course, Michael… The Archangel.” She says.

“Is this some kind of sick joke?” I huff, “Gabriel, you can stop now!” I look up at the ceiling, like he would appear from there but nothing happens.

“Dean, why don’t you tell us everything about who you are?” The doctor asks without looking at us.

“My name is Dean Winchester, I have a little brother named Sam. Our parents are John and Mary Winchester and they already died; first my mom during a fire when I was four, then my dad when I was on my twenties. My brother and I grew up on the road.” I explain easily.

“You and your brother hunt monsters, am I right?” I give (Y/N) a glance; we were supposed to keep the secret. Maybe that why they think I’m insane. However, she nods, encouraging me to keep talking.

“Yeah.” I say, “It’s the family business.”

“So about Deanmon and Michael…” I interrupt the doctor.

“I’m the vessel of Michael. He needed me to defeat Lucifer; whose vessel was my brother Sam.” I say, “And Deanmon… It’s what happened to me when Metatron tried to kill me while having the Mark of Cain.”

“You turned into a demon.” The doctor spoke.

“More like a Knight of Hell… But yes.” The doctor sits back at the table. He places a pile of papers on it.

“Mind telling him the truth?” He asks (Y/N), and she nods before proceeding to speak.

“Your name is Dean Smith. Your parents are Ellen and Bobby, your little sister’s name is Jo. You grew up with sci-fi and horror books and movies. You’re not a hunter; you work as the director of sales and marketing at the Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc.” She said, a few tears spilling from her eyes.

“I’m not… Look, this must be a joke by Zachariah or Gabriel… I don’t know but I’m not Dean Smith and I definitely don’t have multiple personalities.” I roar, feeling panic growing inside of me like poison ivy.

“You have each and every symptom, Dean.” The doctor speaks calmly, not reacting to my sudden rush.

“Depression, mood swings, sleep disorders like insomnia and night terrors… Anxiety, panic attacks, compulsions and rituals… You became an alcoholic and started having this auditory and visual hallucinations about you hunting monsters…” She cried, “Eating disorders and of course that strange fear of the darkness… And you’re violent, and you lose track of time and space…”

“At first we thought you suffered from schizophrenia… It’s a normal mistakes considering they’re both similar but your wife noticed how you changed your name, and how you behaved differently depending on the identity you adopted at the moment.” The doctor explained. How could he remain so calm?

“At first I thought you were joking but then you killed your friends during Thanksgiving dinner and I…” She bursted into tears, “I was so scared!”

“They were demons, (Y/N).” I insist.

“Sir, there’s no need to try and justify your acts.” The doctor interrupted, “The court found you guilty, but thanks to an amazing team of psychiatrists, we found that you are mentally ill. Therefore, you didn’t go to jail.”

“I didn’t go to jail but I did get locked up in a mad-house? I don’t know about you, man, but for me it’s all the same.” I hiss, “There is an evil force out in the world and I have to fight it!”

“Dean, please let them help you.” She begged. Her puffy eyes meeting mine. “If you get better, you will be able to come back home to me and the kids… Don’t you want to be a family again?”

“I don’t have any kids….” I shake my head and more tears leave her eyes.

“Sam and Cas… Don’t you remember them?” I shake my head again. The only faces I see when I hear those names are my brother Sam and Castiel, the angel. “Well, they do remember you and they miss you.”

“Sir, we’ve been trying to diagnose you for seven years and, finally, we’ve accomplished it.” The doctor spoke, “If you could just… Just do the treatment. I promise things will soon make sense.”

“What about the demons? The monsters killing innocents? The… There is so much bad out there, how do you expect me to ignore that?” I ask, feeling how warm tears escape my eyes.

“Dean, there are no vampires kidnapping teenagers… No demons hiding in the shadows, no rogue angels forcing people to be their vessels… There are no wendigoes, ghouls, spectres, werewolves or shapeshifters. Your aunt Rowena isn’t a witch, and your boss isn’t the King of Hell…” She says cruelly.

Out of a sudden, I find myself sitting at a garden chair. The grass is short and there are a lot of people dressed in white. I look down to realize I have that same kind of clothing. The white building rises as the sun reflects on the small windows. How long have I been here?

“Dean!” I hear someone call me. It’s her, and she’s being followed by two young guys.

“Hey, (Y/N)…” I hug her and then furrow at the sight of the two guys.

“Won’t you say hi to your own kids?” One of them says. Cas… Castiel, yeah, I remember. We named him like that after hearing his name in Church.

“Hi, kids…” I smile, when did they become so old? “You’re too tall.”

“And you’re old.” The other one jokes. Sam, his name is Sam.

How much time had it been? Flashback come back to me and all I see is a pair of small humans doing all kinds of shenanigans as (Y/N) made breakfast. I remember taking them to the park, walking the dog… Wait, we had a dog! Yes, and then they… They became older.

I look at her, hoping to find her young, refreshing face but instead find a woman with wrinkles by the sides of her eyes and a few white hairs growing on her head. She remains just as beautiful, but the thought of me losing the chance of growing old with her breaks my heart.

“Dad? Are you all right?” Cas asks, touching my forehead with his fingers. He’s a doctor, not an angel; and he is trying to find a fever, not curing me with his grace. I know that now.

“Yes, I’m just… I missed you.” I confess, holding her hands with mine.

“We missed you too.” Sam smiles, “But we got good news!”

“That’s right!” She cheers, “Sammy finished college and he managed to convince the doctor to let you come with us to celebrate.”

“Am I going out?” I ask as my eyes widen.

“Just for the weekend… But the doctor says you haven’t turned into anyone else in a while so… If you keep on working, you will be able to come back home in no time.” She says. I can see in her eyes that it hurts her just as much to have me locked here.

“We’ll help you, dad.” Castiel promises.

“Yeah, we’ll do anything you need.” Sam adds. Of course they will do anything, in fact they are already doing it, yes I remember. My health insurances covered the expenses of the hospital while kids finished school and now they are working men that help their mother and… (Y/N) had a part-time job, I remember now.

“You’re already doing enough, boys.”


“Dean?” She asks, joining me in bed. The familiar feeling makes my heart flutter and ache at the same time. I can’t put to words how much I have missed this.

“What is it, sweetheart?” I wrap an arm around her waist. It’s not as slim as I remember, but then again, five minutes ago I realized I’m no longer the young lad I used to be.

“You didn’t recognize the boys this morning, did you?” She asks.


“Have you taken your meds?”


“The doctor says you haven’t changed lately.” She speaks carefully, afraid to trigger me.

There are many kinds of pains, and I’ve felt several of them, but not a single one compares to the love of your life being afraid you.

“It lasted a second, (Y/N).” I say, “There’s nothing to worry about.”

“I just… I want you to come back home.” I pull her closer, leaving a soft kiss on her temple.

“Soon… I promise.” I sigh, “Will you wait for me?”

“I’ve waited for you over ten years; I think I can wait a bit longer.” She giggles, looking up at me.

“I don’t deserve a woman as amazing as you.” I whisper, “I’m so thankful for having you, and the kids…” She moves closer, kissing me on the lips for the first time in many years.

“I love you.” She says. Her breath is ghosting over my lips, causing all kinds of reactions in my body, but specially a feeling of safety. I’m home.

“I love you too.”


“What’s your name?”

“Dean Smith.”

“Your wife and kids are…”

“(Y/N), Sam and Cas.”

“Good. Tell me, where are you?”

“Briarcliff’s Mental Institution.”

“Why are you here?”


“What does that mean?”

“Dissociative Identity Disorder.”

“You know this is a joke, right?”

My mind wanders again. The doctor isn’t the doctor anymore. His white coat falls to the ground, showing me strange tattoos on his arms, and they shine. It’s a djiin, and I must kill it.

I find myself holding the doctor’s pen, burying it deeply at the djiins eyes, trying to stop him for a while until I find the real weapon. I need to kill him; he will hurt my brother if I don’t.

The alarm goes off. They think the djiin is the doctor, but he isn’t he… He is dead. A pen killed him, but how? Djiins can’t be killed that easily.

I’m never going out of here.

*Alternative Ending under the cut*

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pfft anyway since “when we’re together” isnt sister angst cuz theyre,, singing to olaf,,,,,, and then to each other,, let’s make a comprehensive list of missed opportunities that the didny crew overlooked:

•a montage of their patched up family doing all sorts of silly dumb family things during the last repeat of the chorus before they [spoiler] put the olaf star up on the tree.

like jfc this song was Begging for one of those


After discussing the importance of video editing within the modern age, and the possibility of using such software for my project, I decided to experiment with Adobe Premiere Pro CC to create a montage of clips I have taken this year - majority of which are from Summer. The overall process was incredibly simple, dragging and pasting videos, which were then cut down to match the audio overlaying the footage. I altered the duration of the sound, cropping sections of the music to introduce the percussion earlier into the song, also repeating the ambient sounds from the piece of music (such as birds and the sea) later in the video where necessary to ensure the video is more effective.

4.5 Billion Edits: Guest Contributor Will Oswald

as always, spoilers – possibly

I have been asked a variety of questions about the editing of the end montage. Although we went through several incarnations, it was nowhere near as complicated as I was expecting. The reason I feared the worst was that with something so amorphous and open, it was easy to speculate that everyone would have strong opinions and want to try differing versions, and it would take weeks of tweaking and changes and experimentation, especially if it wasn’t working.  

Fortunately, the concept was strong to start with and Editor Will Oswald’s first cut was already within the ball park, and was ‘proof of concept’ – the whole idea was going to work. Even the first edit was a beautiful construction and further work was molding, not re-thinking.

I asked Will to comment on his process. Here are his thoughts:

The montage sequence went in stages.

Stage 1. It has to establish that the story is being repeated as before and the new Doctor doesn’t remember the previous enactment. This was the most important thing in the whole construction. There was also the idea that in the repeat versions clues that you don’t get on the first viewing, like the spade with soil, are now open interpretation and can be projected in to what is going to happen. A rule, which we only broke once, was that they have to be in the correct linear story sequence and that the “Storm Room Tardis” would be out of bounds. The exception was the “Bird” drawing motif alluded to in question.

Stage 2: The speed increase. The more memorable the image or line of dialogue the better. The dropping of the magnifying glass for instance, the “won’t see this coming” now has any irony to it as we have seen it before. The drying of cloths has to be clear where they came from - as someone pointed out the Doctor would have to have done this nude at some stage in the repeat cycle.

Stage 3: As the speed and repeats build up, the trick was to try and show it was a story loop but not to continually repeat exactly the same shots, i.e. tell a different parts of the story. The danger was at repeat number 5 the audience  would be getting tired of it so I tried to vary and surprise. The double opening of the doors, once the first dead end with brick wall, then the second door was the 12 door, would be an example of that.

Always story clarity no matter how fast it went.

I (Rachel) would add a few specifics: we broke the mold for the “Bird” moment because we wanted to make sure that that part of the story was absolutely clear. I assumed the audience might not pick up the details of the Brothers Grimm tale the first time they heard it, since it is interrupted with wall punching, etc, so we hit that point harder. It was more important than keeping the pattern consistent.  

At first, we worried a bit about going too fast, for fear of not passing epilepsy/quality control, but no one seemed overly concerned, so Will continued speeding it up, testing to see how short the edits could be while still keeping the audience. At that point, Will came up with some wonderful variations, like the double doors (which I never would have thought of). Most of the shot selections were his, and very few changed. (”If it ain’t broke….”)

Even in his first edit, he did a tremendous job adding transitions and sound to make the edits all clearer. It’s all a subtle combination of elements that work together and without the right sound, the circular nature and the impact of each edit is lost.

One stress in the editing process is figuring out how to watch things as if it is your first time. You know the story inside out, you have seen the cut so many times, you’d rather stick an iron on your cheek than watch again. One of the dangers of watching Heaven Sent too many times in editorial was that the beginning of the montage started to seem slow. We had this note a few times,  because the editing appears to strengthen as the escalation energizes. I had to keep reminding all of us that the first time viewers watched, they would need to catch up with what’s going on, so it had to be slower. they had to have time to wonder why the story was repeating and then ‘get’ it.

I showed an early edit to one of my kids, who had not read the script. She kept a running commentary throughout, so she was basically telling me what I needed to know, exactly what she understood at what point, ending with “No, Peter, no!!! Stop hurting yourself”. As she started with confusion, then asked if it was a mistake, then began to make the discovery, then jumped ahead of the story, I knew we had something that basically worked. It reminded me NOT to go for style/flash over substance at the beginning of the montage.

I guess that asks the question, why didn’t I just shoot it from one angle, as the script might be interpreted (emphasize ‘might’), and not spend the time providing the variety of shots that we ended up using? The simple answer is that I wasn’t sure what was going to work, but I knew it was better to have choices. Given the beauty of Stuart Biddlecombe’s cinematography and the wonder of Peter Capaldi’s performance, there was always another beautiful shot to be had or moment to be caught. Time, as always, being the enemy.

So, for the final montage we decided: To go too fast would have been a mistake, to repeat all the same shots would have been less engaging and probably boring. The variety also invited the idea that things change over the course of the 4.5 bn iterations.

It’s all in Will’s mantra: story first.

Some of the criticisms that BvS has been receiving are really stupid  (mild spoilers)

Are people really taking  Batman’s actions in the Knightmare vision literally? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! The purpose of the vision was to show Batman how much the world would deteriorate if beings like Superman took over the earth. It was a dystopian future in an alternate reality. Of course Batman’s actions would be extreme under those circumstances because the world is pretty much over at that point so his code deteriorated when society collapsed. He’s fighting for survival at that point. The character (who I won’t spoil) that gave Bruce this vision did so to warn him that he is right to be scared of Superman. This vision scared Bruce enough that it made him even more determined  to fight Superman because he wanted to prevent this alternate future from happening. What’s so fucking confusing about that? Why are people holding him accountable for actions that he did in a nightmare/vision!?! People are so caught up in clutching their pearls and saying “Not my Batman” and “My Batman wouldn’t do that!” that they aren’t realizing that Batman wasn’t doing those things he was essentially dreaming them and it made him determined to fight Superman in order to prevent that that vision from becoming a reality. I can’t  fucking believe people are freaking out about this scene!

And for people who are clutching their pearls about Batman’s other action sequences, this Batman didn’t do anything that hasn’t been done by the other movie Batmen. But I’ll tell you  what he didn’t do. He didn’t randomly strap a bomb to a criminal and then flash a smile before the criminal blew up like Burton’s Batman. So let’s not act all brand new about Batman’s  violent behavior in BvS.

Are people really still pulling the “Superman doesn’t save anyone” card!?! There’s a whole fucking montage dedicated to him doing just that!

Also there are people saying that there is too much fighting in Batman v Superman. I repeat “Too much fighting in Batman VEEEEEE Superman.” REALLY!?!

I saw three separate idiots  say that BvS sucked simply because there was no post credit scene like Marvel. FOR REAL!?!

I saw a critic complain about the fact that there were a lot of Oscar winners/nominees in the movie, and that it contributed to the film being too serious and not fun. You read that right. Apparently, having talented actors in your movie is a bad thing.

I saw a critic who said that the script, performances, and visuals for BvS were good, but the movie is rotten because there’s not enough jokes like Marvel.

I CAN’T WITH THIS BULLSHIT! People are being extra obtuse about this movie. Look, if BvS didn’t live up to the hype for some people that’s all fine and good, but some of the reasoning that people are using to trash this movie is the purest form of Bullshit. I know people are entitled to their opinions, but opinions can be stupid and I’m entitled to say that they’re stupid.