i have the maturity level of a 3 year old

Analyzing Sheith, with a dash of discourse.


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“Cordially inviting any and all anti’s to come at me bro Whether it be…”

Can I just add, that many antis throw around the word “pedophilia” and first of all, that’s a disgusting accusation to make of someone imagining FICTIONAL characters in a relationship. And second, it does not apply. Like the literal definition does not apply. Would a 25 year old with a 17 year old be cool IRL? Probably not but it’s not pedophilia and it’s also FUCKING FICTION JFC. God I wish I had the time to worry about what fictional characters people shipped.

Sorry for that brick I just have been wanting to say that for so long, hope you have a spectacular, wonderful, idiot free day <3

You may definitely add that. I certainly forgot to. 

It really depends heavily on context for that 17-25 thing. It depends on the relationship and maturity levels of the two people in question. I know there are 25 year olds that are still running around this site screaming about “problematic ships” like its the fucking plague. And then there are people in my life who grew up in drug houses, who struggle because their families entire line of poor credit, bad choices, substance abuse and felonies makes it nearly impossible for them to get jobs and basic debit/credit cards, who dug around in dumpsters for food during their childhood– and you can bet they grew up incredibly fast, and incredibly hard. 

Biology plays a part in it to a degree too-Female brains tend to fully develop ages 16-25? (dont cite me on this, im just going off of memory) and for male brains I think they finish developing around like, 18/22-30??? I’d have to look it up again, but you get my point.

Theres a lot of factors that go into play- The maturity levels of the individuals themselves, and the actually Nature of the relationship itself, I think.

Lets take Sheith, for example. 

We have seen maturity and selflessness exhibited in both individuals; Both of them have had to go through very hard experiences; Keith being an orphan with abandonment issues, yet still carries some incredibly strong morals and a fierce love for people and a desire to protect others.; Shiro has been enslaved, amputated and experimented upon, and forced to perform in bloody, gruesome, arena’s. He’s been through Hell, and still he has retained a sense of calm, patience, and compassion. 

So we know from this that they’re both plenty mature enough– But what about the nature of their relationship?

Honestly I think this one of the most healthy ships out there for the sheer amount of love and compassion and respect between the two, even without picking apart just how well they compliment each other. 

Again, starting with Keith; This is a highly individualized person that does not like authority. He’s not going to want to feel like he has to explain himself to anyone or meet anyones arbitrary standards; Does not like, and possibly feels threatened by rules and restrictions as that threatens his ability to do his own thing. He makes his own rules for himself and his own personal values to which he will adhere strictly. He’s intelligent, but it’s shown and seen through his actions– Not explained through word of mouth, and most likely never will be. Trust and abandonment issues, as well as his orphaning, may lead him to difficulties communicating with others, being vulnerable, and expressing emotions or showing weakness, making him a very secretive, private person, that most likely finds both comfort and fear in Isolation. Comfort, because no one can hurt you, and you can sort everything out yourself and have complete control when you’re alone; Fear, because it’s very easy to keep isolating yourself and never stop, even though you want, like, and need people in your life, but may be hesitant to go to them for fear of getting hurt or abandoned, especially if you reveal your softer, more unprotected sides. Keith, as a character, may even be scared of his feelings. 

One of these belongs to every paladin okay, thats all I’m sayin’. 

In conclusion, Keith is a very private, lonely person with a history of trust issues stemming from abandonment and a dislike for authority, making him not the easiest person to get along with.  He needs someone who will have the patience and respect that will allow Keith to open himself up to them on his own highly secretive terms, someone who is open minded, patient, and understanding, in order to understand someone as rare and unconventional as Keith (He’s not exactly going to come with an owners manual or introductory pamphlet y’know?). He needs to feel safe, comfortable, and not judged by a person in order to place so much trust, value, safety and security with them. If someone tries inauthentic, underhanded, or forceful means of manipulating someone like Keith into anything, you know Keith won’t be having it. 

Shiro is kind of the epitome of all of these traits, and we don’t just see him using them to understand Keith, but we see him using them to understand other members of his team as well (like Pidge or Allura). Once Shiro has a good understanding of someone, he waits until an appropriate, non-threatening time arises in order to build his team members up, give them advice, solace, or whatever he thinks they may need that he can give them. He uses a very open, friendly, safe, respectful and non-threatening communication style in order to build up people around him; This is an incredibly rare and beautiful kind of person, imo, at least in Shiro’s case, because we can see how very dedicated he is to doing this, and that he makes it one of his biggest priorities. 

This makes him pretty great for Keith, but there are plenty of reasons why Keith is great for Shiro too.

From episode one, from Keiths very introductory sequence, we see him caring, for and sacrificing for Shiro– Going out of his way to make sure Shiro is safe at all times, or backing him up; Whether it be in or out of Voltron, Keith is literally Shiro’s right hand man. Keiths love for Shiro is very similar for Shiros’ love for Keith;  It is a respectful, kind, and appreciative, thankful kind of love. It is built on and never runs out of trust, and only seeks to lift the other up, and make sure the other is okay, without breaching any boundaries. 

Shiro, from his iron devotion and love for others, strikes me as the type of person that forgets to take care of himself, in lieu of others and their importance, valuing it over his own. Keith, being a very confident, straight forward, and protective person, is perfect for Shiro in that he can and will make sure Shiro does get the self-care he needs, but without threatening or stomping upon Shiros virtues, or his mission. Shiro, for all his dad-jokes and stereotypes, honestly might need the child harness more than Keith does for his sheer scary-levels of willingness to sacrifice himself, like he means nothing- Or at the very least, nothing in comparison to others. Shiro, just like Keith, doesn’t know when to stop and take a break if others don’t make him/tell him too. And even then, Shiro might not understand or believe it, simply because war and soldier-trauma is like this. 

Shiro needs someone who is confident, straight forward, and strong enough to take care of Shiro as Shiro takes care of others. He needs someone who will be considerate and kind to him when no one thinks to be, or knows to be. He needs someone who will keep a close eye on him and watch and listen for when he’s breaking, when he needs help, whether he knows it or not– He needs someone who will be aware of just how much Shiro himself may not know it too. And he needs someone who will do this genuinely, authentically, respectfully, and patiently. Issues like these are incredibly painful for both parties to go through, and they may never heal. A spouse who deals with this may have to come to accept this as never-changing, and to do that… Takes so much genuine love and self-sacrifice? It’s both heart-wrenching and beautiful, as it is a gruesome reality. It’s not sexy, cute, or fun– It’ cold and it’s harsh and to persevere in your attentive care of someone in spite of such hard issues, especially when coupled with things like PTSD, is about as Real as you can get.

The reason Keith fits this bill perfectly? Is because we already see him doing this for Shiro in canon. 

We see it in anytime Keith flings himself into action in order to save shiro, whether it’s well-thought out or not. We see it in his respect, adherence, and boundaries. We see it in how he trusts Shiro to keep throwing himself into battle and come back to him, amidst a respectful but attentive observance of his person, his space, his wishes and his safety. In Keith we see he’s developed his own very deep and respectful understanding of Shiro and how he works, just as Shiro has developed an understanding of Keith– they both know each others strengths and weaknesses, and give each other trust and patience. 

Like, I really can’t think of a more healthy relationship yo. Fuck ages man, these two are good for each other, these two honestly keep each other sane and safe, and uplift the other, they have a rock solid understanding of the other, and their wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses, and they communicate in succinct, blunt, non-threatening ways build on trust. Even if they disagree or say harsh things to each other (Like Shiro reprimanding Keith for reprimanding Pidge, “That’s not how a team works.”, or giving him criticism. Or Keith pleading with Shiro in his BOM-nightmares.), they do not stay mad or hold grudges, which tells me that they never assume bad intent of the other either, even though it would be very easy to. 

My god like theres so much healthy shit in this ship it’s actually hard to cover everything, they both exhibit so much. 

Overall I really think like the last thing I’m worried about with these two is fucking AGE y’know? Clearly theyre mature enough to take care of each other; Does anyone really think either of these people would abuse the other? Because I certainly don’t. It wouldn’t just be wrong, it’d be completely out of character. Keith and Shiro simply care, value, and love each other too much for that. 

Feel free to add to this, if you’d like.


This anime just plays with my emotions and I don’t know how to feel about this. First part was quite hard for me to go through but After Story is so mature and devastating that I am glad that I watched this anime when I am 23 years old because now I can appreciate this story on totally different level. 

1. Friendship goals

I am just sad that Sunohara didn’t have bigger role in a series. I wish he could be more than just a comic relief.

2. I want to have a family just like Furukawa

They are just family goals. I need my future husband to be goofy and loving as Akio.

And Father-Son moment was probably the funniest part in the whole series

3. I dream to be loved as much as Tomoya loves Nagisa

They are the definition of pure love. 

4. Ushio

That whole arc just remove half of the water from my body. When you are thinking that Tomoya’s life can’t be more tragic we receive this.

I wasn’t prepared for this story. I am really happy that I could see Tomoya’s journey through life but still… no one should experience this kind of events. Glad it ended good for him. He deserves it. 

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Do you think dating someone who's underage is a bad thing or illegal? I guess what age do you think is appropriate to date someone? Like if the person is 20 and they have feelings for a 17 year old.

Hmm, personally I think that’d be okay. As long as the older person doesn’t pressure the younger person into sexual acts before they’re ready and they’re both of a similar maturity level then it could be alright.
At that age I don’t think 3 years is a huge age gap. Plus, lots of people have underage sex, and as long as all people involved are totally happy and comfortable with what they’re doing then there’s likely not going to be any harm done by it
Thanks for the ask 💕


I had a blast at Arlington NARBC yesterday! Was fun catching some people, finally seeing VPI’s table, and getting some good supplies!

Here’s some blood python highlights from VPI! My two favorites on the top there. Someday!! It’s going to be a decade before I even have a chance with the first one though. That’s from the first clutch of the WC father. Can’t wait to see how the first captive gen matures because the father is a stunner.

Okay in order:

1. new morph, no name 2. goldeneye 3. super stripe hypos 4. super stripe (unrelated line, new) 5. 007 (goldeneye x matrix) 6. wrought iron 7. Pixel (goldeneye x batik) 8. ZigZag (possibly level 2) 9. Magpie (goldeneye super at 3 years old) 10. albino goldeneye

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age gaps can be predatory especially when they fall into the 4-5 year range but tbh 2-3 years isnt a big deal especially because many 16/17 year olds can have jobs, be in college, and basically doing things that their 18/19/20 year old counterparts would also be doing. 14 and 15 year olds however are still fresh into high school and havent reached really any level of maturity. idk. just my opinion

2-3 years can be a big deal depending on the age and maturity level of the people involved like. Its nuanced for sure. Just because 16 year olds can get jobs doesn’t mean its okay for a 20 year old to date them by any means. But I do agree for the most part

To the Victuuri account under the blog name Seduce me something something ❤️

Firstly, you have the decency to block me and call me a bitch when I have a rightful argument. You’re honestly just a hypocrite and you’re continuously attacking your own fandom because it’s either your way or the highway, which is very childish to do. Idk if you’re 12 or something BUT THESE TYPE OF RELATIONSHIPS ARE REAL. AND ITS NOT CREEPY. People have personal preference but you’re fucking stupid and arrogant for shaming a ship that is 3 years apart when your main ship is 4 years apart. “He’s a child” He is competing with 27 year old men and has a high maturity level for his age, traveling to Japan alone and doing whatever the fuck he wants. And he’s going to continue to do what he wants to fucking do. How about you quit being a little bitch and think a lil, and quit labeling everything pedophilia when it clearly is not. It is life. This is how shit is outside of the Tumblrverse, and how it always has been. Get over yourself, how about that bitch? @victuuri

I do childcare on the side sometimes and I’ve found that my arm is a big talking point for kids. They’re curious and it’s a visible injury (though it’s wrapped up) so it makes sense why they ask about it. The first question is usually “What happened?” and I try to tailor my answer to the kids age/maturity level and to use whatever answer I give as a teaching point for other topics. Sometimes it works out that way, sometimes it doesn’t, but the conversations have been pretty easy so far. This was a conversation I had with a 3 or 4 year old today:

Kid: (grabbing my hand) What happened? Is your arm okay?

Me: I got hurt and the doctors made me all better. See that (pointing to the ‘leash’ scar)? That’s where they fixed everything.

K: How’d you get hurt?

M: I wasn’t being safe and I fell down. (Figured I could possibly shift into a safety talk with the kid this way)

K: Look I have a scar too!

M: Woah! How’d you get that?

K: I got hurt too.

M: Who made it all better?

K: My mommy. Doctors are scary.

M: Doctors can be scary, huh?

K: Were you scared?

M: No, my doctor and the nurses were very nice. I was a little scared at first but they made me feel safe and made my arm all better.

K: Really?

M: Yeah! There are lots of really nice doctors here.

K: That makes me happy! Can we watch a movie?

M: Let’s turn the tv on. Which remote should we try first?