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The five times James gave Lily flowers and the two times he didn’t; or, How Lily Evans fell in love with James Potter.

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On her first Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts, Lily received lilies from five different people. She loved them because she knew her friends and that one boy from Hufflepuff had good intentions. She knew they thought it’d be cute to give Lily the flower she was named after. Everyone always thought it would be.

After going through it for so many years, Lily should have seen it coming and warned them. Perhaps she could have worn a sign around her neck starting a week prior that read: I do not like lilies.

But despite how unoriginal the flowers were, she carried them around proudly all day. They were beautiful after all. And she may have woken up too late to shower that morning so their sweet perfume was welcome.

That night she sprawled on her back on the floor by the fire with Mary and Marlene. They giggled about all the couples they had seen that day and the boy who had given Mary chocolates. Suddenly, James Potter’s face was looming above Lily’s.

“What on earth are you doing, Potter?” she exclaimed, bolting upright and nearly smacking her forehead against his. He muttered something incoherent before dropping a flower into her lap and bolting toward the boy’s dormitories.

“What was that about?” Marlene asked. Still lying down, she and Mary couldn’t see what James had given Lily.

“Nothing,” Lily said as she slipped the perfect pink peony into the billowy sleeve of her robes. How he knew her favorite flower was a mystery to her. But even more mysterious was the heat spreading across her face and the pounding of her heart. Stupid James had given her some sort of prank flower that made her feel sick. That had to be it. There was no other explanation.

Still. She kept the flower between the pages of one of her transfiguration books.

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Hi there! Share what you're reading? Go to your AO3 history and see if there's anything you've read recently that you've liked. Left kudos? Left a comment? Awesome! Now go the last step and give us a rec! (Tag the author if you can!) Then pass it on!

Alright friends, it’s time for some fic recs. 99% of the most recent ones are Johnlock, so here we go:

Carry On by Mazarin221b (5k)
A 5+1. Five times John didn’t want to be carried (getting injured, getting shot,…) and one time he did (you can imagine). Him and Sherlock getting together is very sweet.

the napoleon by darcylindbergh (25k)
Halloween, 1989: John and Sherlock both have big plans for the night, but some serial killers have the worst possible timing. They get together after heaps of miscommunication in the middle of the case. The following sex is GORGEOUS.

Chemical bonds by weeesi (4.5k)
Sherlock is high on pain killers and proposes sex. John believes it’s the drugs talking. Hilarious and very sweet.

Iris by slashscribe (12k)
Parentlock. John moves back in with his baby. Sherlock is hesitant towards her because he’s afraid of overstepping, but he adjusts to her and loves her because she’s John’s. When John asks him why, they finally talk and kiss. Very beautiful, happy ending.

Spare Change by Ermerness (52k)
Sherlock is a super rich prat and supposed to get married to another rich prat. He meets John, though, and they move in together while secretly pining for each other. They have sex under the pretence of ‘preparing Sherlock for his wedding night’ and realise how well they fit together… Super entertaining.

The Wisteria Tree by @silentauroriamthereal (30k)
AKA the one that made me cry on my birthday. They were happy tears, though.  Sherlock wakes up from a month-long coma only to discover that he has no memory of the previous six years during which he and John were already together. A lot of relearning and adjusting. And a perfect ending.

The repeated image by Teatrolley (20k)
Sherlock keeps getting reborn and keeps finding John in each of his lives. Sometimes he tells him. Very beautiful and emotional. 

The Things Love Can Do by Teatrolley (38k)
Teenlock. The Way He Looks AU. Sherlock is blind. John is the new guy at school. A lot of things happen when you’re young and falling in love… I was practically sobbing into my pillow by the end of this. Hopeful and encouraging ending.

The Measure of a Gentleman by i_ship_an_armada (68k)
Pride and Prejudice Fusion. I haven’t yet managed to finish P&P, but I read this in one go.

A Waste of Breath by Chryse (95.5k)
This gets very dark. Sherlock enters an abusive relationship with Moran, who turns out to be even worse of a person than you initially think. John is helpless. By the end they finally talk and defeat Moran together. Happy ending.

The Ground Beneath Your Feet by Chryse (69k)
Sherlock is injured and traumatised after his time away. After a few months of recovery he agrees to meet John, and so they start meeting up every week until they finally get together. Sherlock recovers more and more. Their love is so tangible in this one.

Big Brother Is Watching You by flawedamythyst (6k)
Sherlock and John enter the Big Brother house. Hilarious.

Baseball by earlgreytea68 (146k)
What it says on the tin. Every time I think I can’t possibly enjoy a sports AU, some amazing author proves me wrong.

Among the Secret Things by Kate_Lear (33.5k)
John has amnesia and thinks they were together. Sherlock doesn’t correct him, but he feels terrible about lying. The angst in this killed me, but their relationship is so pure.


Cryptology by JaneTurene (27k) Holmes/Watson ACD Canon fic
Watson makes a sacrifice to save himself and Holmes, but the consequences are more varied and far-reaching than anyone could have suspected. Heartbreaking and beautiful. Happy ending.

At Least There’s The Football by sheffiesharpe (179k) Mystrade
Epic story of Lestrade and Mycroft’s lives, their getting together and being together and everything that’s going on around them.

AOMG Short S/O Reaction

Oh my sweet and short AOMG babes…

So I ended up writing too much and turning this into a drabble for each which I’ll link as I post them but here’s the abbreviated version:

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Jay’s ideal relationship is already one filled with playful banter and having a short s/o is really just fuel for the fire. Unless you’re incredibly sensitive about your height (say what you will but Jay is a considerate mf), Jay will probably make fun of you for it at some point and he’ll probably get away with it because you both know he adores the absolute daylights out of you. Also who can stay mad at that smile?

Simon D:

With the exception of a joke here or there, unlike Jay, Simon isn’t going to make fun of your height too much. Instead, he’s going to use your height to his advantage. Oh you needed something in the kitchen? Well it just so happened to magically be moved to the top shelf so that you either have to ask Simon for help or give him a great view of your ass as you struggle to reach for it.


Gray wouldn’t be the type to address your height directly because it really wouldn’t affect him too much. However, there are those moments like when you try to be “big spoon” and end up jetpacking him or when he hugs you and your head nestles perfectly into his chest that he can’t help but smile at how adorable you are. But unless you straight up asked him why he giggles every time he pulls you in for a hug, Gray will never say a word about it to you.

Knowing that Kaitlin isn’t going to get any industry recognition for Dee this season is making me kind of angry. She’s always fantastic, but there’s something about these last few episodes that have been especially wonderful.

1-Look at Hero or Hate Crime, when Charlie confesses that they’ve been smoking together:

In a matter of seconds, she goes through several emotions-

  1. slight confusion from Charlie’s plan to cover smells
  2. surprise that he told them about the smoking thing
  3. betrayal/ ‘what are you doing?!’

Notice how she freezes, leans just slightly forward, then farther back

2- In The Gang Tends Bar-

She makes three facial expressions that, in progression, show her feelings 

  1. At the beginning, “aw that’s really sweet, I love him”
  2. Middle, she snaps out of it and looks at the other guys
  3. Lastly, she has a regretted look on her face because she knows she has to rip Charlie up… but remember in The Gang Misses the Boat when Charlie and Dee have a conversation and Charlie says the guys make him do stuff he doesn’t want to do and Dee says it’s peer pressure? I think she ripped Charlie up because a) she’s afraid of her own feelings, and b) she feels peer pressured into doing it

3-Then later in The Gang Tends Bar-

I originally meant it to be funny, but it’s still important.

When Mac gives Dennis the rocket launcher

  1. She looks kind of happy for Dennis. Her brother is making some progress and actually has feelings and cares about things, and got a gift that he loved, which probably means more after his confession that he’s hurt that they never get him anything for valentines.
  2. Maybe even glad that Dennis has Mac, and that being an “old married couple” and the “codependency” she accused them of is actually good.
  3. That if Dennis can show such raw feelings in front of everyone, and he and Mac can have their thing, then maybe it’s okay to accept that she does feel lonely, and there may actually be some kind of connection with/ feelings for Charlie.
  4. Mac and Dennis really have strong feelings for each other, and she’s gonna have to continue sharing a bed with two people who are in love with each other.

(2 was taken from this post, so I take no credit for that great observation)

Hannibal Rewatch meets Hannibal Advent: The Wrath of the Lamb


Just one more moment. Just one more before we have to go.

Will’s bargaining with God. Before he takes them over, he wants to memorise, to catalogue. Hoarding details, hoarding Hannibal. So much to treasure. Like the warmth of his breath against Will’s hair, heart beating rapidly beneath Will’s cheek, fingers clutching his shirt in a sweetly tentative embrace. Like blood, slick and sweet, and heat and them. Only them now. Will curls into him, clinging, possessive. Mine. No more denials or rejections. Just once he’ll take what was always his. Presses close, pushes forward.

Come with me, my love.


Curls black as night, skin pale as the moon, lips painted red with the Dragon’s blood. Feral beauty in eyes that burn across the fallen corpse. 

Hannibal’s imago, imprinted on his heart for eternity. 

All I ever wanted.

Fingers grasp his shoulder; a blissful smile draws him in. Wants to lick the blood from those lips and his heart thuds at the thought. The young Lion nuzzles into him, forehead pressed into his shoulder. Everything stops. Closes his eyes and surrenders. A final thought as Will pushes forward and gravity betrays them.

So be it, my darling. So be it.

Hannigram: Apéritif to The Wrath of the Lamb

Many, many thanks to all of you darling Fannibals who have liked/reblogged/commented on these drabbles since I started putting them out in April 2016. I’m a bit choked up that it’s over but I’ve enjoyed writing them so much. And a special thanks in particular to @pka42, @graham-muffin, @matildaparacosm, @jadegreenworks, @thesilverqueenlady, @thisismydesignhannibal, @wrathofthestag, @wraithsonwingsposts, @insanereddragon, @h4nnibalism, @imasaloneasyouare, @idonthaveyourappetite, @aviran007, @kellucydar, @tigsmulii, @azuresky2011, @victorineb. Your love and cheerleading has meant so much to me.


The Cascades - Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Summary: It’s raining outside, and the reader is determined to spend a lazy day in bed, but Oak wants to get work done. He needs to be convinced otherwise.

Warnings: Probably the purest, sweetest, nicest thing I have ever written IN MY LIFE. 

Word Count: 1,247 (short but sweet)

Request: @lawnmowerswig - “Maybe a Oak fic where its a rainy day but you guys got stuff to do but you just convince him to stay in bed and cuddle all day??”

A/N: This is to match up with the first request I have officially achieved! I really hope I did it justice, because I really enjoyed writing this. There’s a song that goes along with it, so I’ll link it below. If possible, please listen to it as you read. They go together so wonderfully.  

Rhythm of the Falling Rain by The Cascades

askbox | masterlist

The best part of a rainy day could be summed up in two things: the soothing sound of a constant rhythm on the roof, and the wonderfully warm arms of your boyfriend.

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[Miraculous Ladybug]: Light Bringers

This is the full piece that I submitted to @a-little-light-zine ! A Little Light is a charity zine whose proceeds go to organizations who support relief efforts in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. 

Orders close on February 1st, so you have until the end of January to order the rest of the zine! Go here for order information and go here for more information about the zine :) Hope you enjoy the story!

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Light Bringers 

Summary: “It was hard to be disappointed by his father’s disinterest when he and his mother would spend entire afternoons picking out Christmas trees, testing all the lights, polishing off old ceramic ornaments from when his mother was a little girl, and affixing their favorite glowing angel right at the top of the tree. It was the best part of the holidays — better than all of the presents and sweets.”

Light Bringers

Gabriel always entrusted the Christmas decorating to Nathalie, who entrusted it to Adrien, who then always ran to his mother for help.

She whispered to Adrien about how much of a scrooge his father was while they folded paper stars and globes to fit over the lights they hung along the grand staircase. She made Adrien pinky promise not to ever tell his father that, and Adrien dutifully kept it. It was hard to be disappointed by his father’s disinterest when he and his mother would spend entire afternoons picking out fresh Christmas trees, testing lights, polishing old ceramic ornaments from when his mother was a little girl, and affixing their favorite glowing angel right at the top of the tree. It was the best part of the holidays — better than all of the presents and sweets.

But this year, Adrien shoved the decorations deep into the dusty corner of their attic so that he wouldn’t have to look at them, saving only the angel tree topper that he kept plugged in by his bedside so that he could watch it right before he fell into a fitful sleep. He wouldn’t put up the Christmas lights without his mother. Never.

Nathalie ended up getting a fake Christmas tree. It was plastic and artificial, with lights that made Adrien sick to his stomach and made the house feel clinical and empty.

He wanted the holidays to be over. He wanted to stop seeing the brightly colored shop windows, the parents bustling through the shops with armfuls of gift bags, and the mothers stooping down in the snowy streets to press kisses to the blushing cheeks of their children.

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Achilles Heel

Pairing: Eobard Thawne (Harribard/Eowells) x Reader

Word Count: 7,055 (Oops..)

Request: I had a few people asking for an expansion or a part two for an Eobard Imagine (which I have linked below) and I started playing with the idea… Anyway, this happened. :)

A/N: I surprisingly enjoyed writing this… I didn’t think I would when I first started because you know, I have a love/hate relationship with Eobard because he’s a total psycho but… I really love reading/writing redeeming story arcs about villains and this gave me such a thrill.

Business as usual… Please let me know if you find mistakes so that I may fix them for you :) Feedback is always appreciated/encouraging.

Warnings/Tags: Manipulation and Blackmail, Dysfunctional Relationship, Light Stockholm Syndrome, Eobard is a Dick… Until He’s Not, Eobard Arc Redeemed, Optimistic Reader, Cautious Reader, Gratuitous Fluff, Sweet Talk, Cute Moments, Obnoxious Amounts of Romantic-Tension, Slightly Heated Kisses… If that needs to be a warning.

Song Rec(s): Force of Nature by Bea Miller

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Based on This Imagine

Your name: submit What is this?

Your hair color: submit What is this?

“You tried to tell him… “ Came Eobard’s low growl as he wheeled his chair toward your workspace and slapped a vibrating hand on the desk, causing your eyes to immediately land on the blur of his digits; the whirring sound of his speed filling your ears as he rattled your drink cup, pencils, and computer monitor… His voice was thicker than usual - darker. “You tried to warn Barry, didn’t you?”

With your teeth pinching against the inside of your cheek, you took a deep breath and closed your eyes… You were so stupid. Thawne had been watching you like a hawk for weeks and suddenly you had the bright idea to try and slip Barry a note, detailing everything he needed to know about the man he thought was Harrison Wells… But you barely had the damn thing stuffed in your pocket before Eobard rolled up and phased a hand through your jeans to snatch that condemning piece of paper.

Forcing your eyes open and dropping your stare back to his hand, you saw that very note crumpling beneath his palm as he continued jolting your desk… It didn’t matter if it had been written in code because Eobard Thawne was smarter than anyone in both your time and his and he’d probably been able to decipher most of it within minutes… Which was undoubtedly the reason he was currently rattling your desk with the threat of shaking it right off its legs.

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“Our first Christmas together, we made gingerbread. But we dried them out and we turned them into Christmas ornaments - which we still have to this day.”

Preference #35: So you’re telling me that you’re dead?

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day sixteen now, going by so quickly but still strong :)  - wedif post -

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Walking inside the room I swallowed the hesitation in my throat, I had to be strong for him. There he was, lying down with various tubes and wires attached to him, too many for me to count. As I neared Luke stood up, red faced with a stitch above his left eyebrow. He lowered his head, ashamed of how this happened. “I, I I’m so sorry.” His voice was shaky and cracked halfway, unable to finish whatever he mentally had prepared. 

I sat down next to him and hugged him, if anyone needed to it would be his best friend. The two of us remained quiet for a while, all we were doing is listening to Calum’s monitor beeping, the consistent beeping to indicate he was okay. As my eyes observed each tube and where it led a shiver went down my spine and I shifted in the uncomfortable chair. “How much pain do you think he’s in?” I thought aloud and turned to Luke who wore pain heavy in his eyes. 

“I don’t think we’ll ever understand the agony he’s in.” Luke kept his head low, I could see the throbbing from his forehead. Although it was a small stitch it seemed painless compared to the contorted look Calum wore as he remained unconscious. 

The more I focused on Calum’s expression the more I missed the light in his eyes, the joy in his smile and the energy he provided constantly to our lives. Unknowingly tears fell from my eyes, I struggled to hold the whimper in that followed as I forcefully wiped my face. As my lip quivered Luke held me close and I buried my face in his chest, the weight on my chest only grew as I intently thought about how much pressure is on Calum right now from all of us. 

Luke told me how his sister had been but I’d missed them. I hadn’t seen the guys for a while, last time I saw Calum I was holding back the fact that I loved him more than a best friend, Luke was the only one I confided in. “You know, they say it helps to talk to a coma patient.” He suggested as I lifted my head up. Smiling suggestively to me I chuckled lightly as he wiped away the remainder of my tears from my face. 

Standing up he walked out and gave me a thumbs up. Now the two of us remained sat here, I moved along to the chair Luke was sat in, it was warmer and more comfortable compared to the one I was previously perched on. Hesitantly I held his hand, trying my hardest not to get tangled in the tubes and patches that bruised his skin. “Hi Calum.” I muttered, unsure where to even begin. “When I said see you soon this, this isn’t what I had in mind.” Glancing around the room there were cards and flowers, some already dying despite the short amount of time he’d been in here. 

Focusing on him was hard, all I wanted him to do was open his eyes and smile, say my name and then this harsh reality would melt away. But no, you don’t always get that lucky. “There was something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time now, I just never found the right time to tell you.” Trying to control my breathing the words lingered in my throat, continued to get caught up in my tongue as I held my mouth ajar. “I love you.” Once they were out I could visualise them in front of me, floating around the two of us unable to be taken back or reframed. 

A weight felt as if it were being lifted from my chest, not in its entirety but partially. Standing up I could see the top of Luke’s head and nearing the entrance to the room I glanced back one last time. I swear I saw a hint of a smile on his face, but blamed it on the tears brimming my eyes. 

Nodding to Luke I walked away, unsure what else I could do. 

Running, out of breath I passed various faces that began to blur together. Various accusations were yelled my way as I muttered apologies, unable to pause and have a mere argument. My mind was racing as I got to the reception of the hospital, huffing and my eyes wide the nurse gave me a funny look. “Calum Hood.” I sighed with exhaustion as she searched through the system momentarily before directing me to his room. 

As I neared the room I slowed down, unsure what my reaction will be to see him now awake. Still weak, but awake. Standing in the doorway Luke stood over his bed with his back turned to me. Laughter filled my ears and a smile spread across my face, how much I’ve missed that laugh. “Glad someone’s alive.” I spoke up and Luke turned around then proceeded to walk towards me and held me in a tight embrace. 

“What about me I’m the one who just woke up?” Calum huffed making me laugh lightly as I quickly walked towards him and carefully hugged him, not wanting to let go. 

Standing back there were a lot less tubes and wires in him. Bruising was more evident along with the stitches in his arm and those attempted to be hidden under his gown. A weak smile was full heartedly worn on his face as I sat down next to him on a chair, despite him patting the bed for me to join him.  “How does it feel to be awake?” I asked as I held his hand in mine, unaware of how it may look to Luke who raised an eyebrow to me. 

Calum didn’t respond as he glanced over to Luke who called my name. “Can we talk a second?” Cautiously I nodded and walked outside with him, remaining uneasily quiet. “There was something about the accident that I didn’t tell you.” Twiddling his thumbs my eyes hardened. 

“Tell me what Luke?” I spoke through clenched teeth. 

“Before you got here, after the accident his heart stopped.” I froze, it felt as if my own heart was going stop as it sunk so far into my own body. My mind came to a halt from the busy thoughts that swirled like a whirlpool. “They brought him back but it’s something that wasn’t easy for him to hear.” Lowering my head I covered my face with my hands, I didn’t want Calum to see my cry. 

Luke wrapped his arms around me as I tried to collect myself back together again, sighing I nodded in his chest allowing him to release me. “I told him, just like you said.” Wiping away my tears yet again I just laughed, unsure what else I could do. 

“About time too. Just go back in there, who knows maybe he heard you.” Shrugging my shoulders I wandered back in, Calum wore concern too easily. 

Sitting back down next to him he placed his hand on top of mine immediately. “Sorry I didn’t tell you myself, it’s not the easiest thing to tell someone.” He sighed and all I could do was remain quiet. 

So you’re telling me you’re dead or you’re alive? Because if you’re a ghost that’s cool, or a zombie but please don’t eat me.” I rambled on and joked resulting in an angelic giggle to fill the room, easing the tension that remained in the beeping of his machine. 

“I’m saying that I’m sorry, and no, I would never eat your brains. I care about you too much.” A jump in his heart rate on the monitor caused me to turn away from him but silently I knew why. 

“Did you, could you hear anything whilst you were in the coma?” Subconsciously I wished he could, but part of me wanted him to say no so I could ignore these feelings a bit longer. 

All he did was nod and now my heart was racing. “There are so many things I love about you, you know that right?” He slowly lifted his hand to my cheek, stroking it lightly. 

Resting into his hand I smiled, “I love you Cal.” 

“And I you.” 

Records - One Shot - Repost

Originally posted by hoechlins

Reposted as my Tumblr was being an ass.

For @lovely-wagner​ - I hope this has turned out okay for you, I kinda felt this could go a different way, I’m sorry if it wasn’t what you wanted. Thanks for the request. Requests are still open if you have any ideas.

Reader x Bucky (Mentions of Reader x Steve)

Summary: Steve wants his best friend to approve of his new girlfriend. She’s sweet, kind and is a music professor. When she spends time with Bucky showing him records and music he can identify with, he falls for her hard. But what does he do about Steve?

Warnings: Angsty, sorry to put a downer on things. Also I’m not much of a Steve reader/writer, so I apologise if this sucks hard.  I really recommend listening to the songs, purely for the basis that they are amazing songs. Long one shot.

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autumn-sweet-fae  asked:

Heres the thing, the reason people are jumping to use McClain is because that was Lance's last name in the old westernize series. But you know what Shiro's name was in said series? Sven Holgersson. And you know was Pidge/Katie's was? Darrell Stoker. And yet no one made a fuss when they were changed to fit the wonderful new story and the diversity it brings with the revamped cast. So if names have been changed to fit the story, why shouldn't Lance's? He's confirmed to be Cuban so it'd make sense.

YOU ARE PREACHING TO THE CHOIR HERE BUDDY i address that whole thing IN DEPTH in point number 5 of the linked post.

Sweet torture - Part One

Hello and Happy Valentine’s day ! I hope you have enjoyed or you’re enjoying this special day with your soul mate, your friends or your family. I’m sick and I needed to stay at home *sniff* But ! I took advantage of this situation to write a smut ff just for all the thirsty girls & women who need Negan for this special day ! I’m writing the part 2 and I’ll post it tomorrow. Again, Happy Valentine’s day ! 💗😘

(Here is the link to my masterlit !)

  • Summary : “This is the Valentine’s Day. Negan wanted this day to be perfect. Unfortunately, everything isn’t going as planned. And yet, this day doesn’t look as bad as he thought..”
  • Ships : Negan x reader
  • Words : 3948
  • Warnings : Fluff, curses, smut

The story takes place before the apocalypse. It’s really different from what I usually write, so I hope you’ll appreciate that !

Tag : @heartfulloffandoms - @itsneganslucille - @negans-network - @backseat-negan - @autumnjade22

Enjoy !!


Negan was standing in front of the box, his arms crossed against him. He was watching his players in the middle of the training session, Carl being the striker of the last round. He held the bat firmly in his hands, his lips pressed as he watched the pitcher preparing himself in front of him.

The pitcher - a red-haired boy with freckles - threw a quick glance at his trainer, who nodded. One foot back, he leaned forward and threw the white ball towards Carl. It flew through the air, with such speed that any viewer would find it difficult to see it from the stands.

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Fake AH Crew Headcanon

Okay so I was on a road trip and I misread a sign to say “Vagabond’s Chocolates” and it got me thinking right? Like
•Ryan having a surprisingly normal day job
•Ryan thinking his store name is incredibly cute and clever but the rest of the crew is constantly afraid that the LSPD are absolutely going to link Ryan to The Vagabond
•Ryan knows he’s too good for that to happen
•Ryan stress-baking after a bad heist, filling his store with delicious confections
•Little kids coming in awe to this amazing sweets store
•Ryan loving to give free samples, but god forbid someone steal something
•No really
•Little Billy still won’t talk about what happened after he tried to pocket three bars of chocolate
•That one homeless guy who Ryan gave a cupcake to who then decided to try and rob the place still hasn’t been found.
•Ryan wearing a lil apron and chefs hat
•Ryan getting flour everywhere and drawing a skull on his face with it
•The crew calling him Rye-bread

I’ve gotten three Anon asks regarding stories and requests… I’m likely not going to be getting any writing done today or this weekend because my wee sweet boy needs me ❤ I love you all so much and am so thankful for you reading and making requests, sincerely, and I’m sorry it probably won’t happen this weekend. My beebee needs me and I’m going to be snuggling his sick self and reblogging things since I only have one hand free… Thank you so much for the reqs and for reading, though, I promise I’m not ignoring anyone 😞😘

if you need some reading material, feel free to check out my Masterlist or scroll through my fan fiction hashtag linked over in my bio! :) Love you all!!

anonymous asked:

i recently read a fic in which jake was dyslexic what are your opinions on this


i actually really like this and there’s honestly a pretty high chance of him being dyslexic? Like he was probably definitely very bad at spelling in school, and it was hard for him to remember the spelling of words since spelling was taught largely by reading the words on paper. He found it hard to grasp and he just didn’t bother trying as hard.

This could also explain why he’s only read like 15 books. And if you really think about it that makes the gesture of Jake reading all 7 Harry Potter books because Amy loved them so much all that more sweet and great because it was probably really hard for him.

And his poor handwriting. And his difficulty with numbers.

Like… basic symptoms of dyslexia include:

-Trouble with reading, writing, and spelling.

-Ongoing trouble with schoolwork.

-Difficulty learning a foreign language. (An ongoing thing for Jake, who can’t speak french or spanish and he just can’t with foreign languages)

-Poor handwriting.

-Difficulty remembering numbers.

-Trouble following a sequence of directions and telling left from right.

This is just a really basic analysis because I don’t have dyslexia myself, but Jake does exhibit many of these symptoms?

In conclusion Jake probably most likely has dyslexia

B.A.P  Zelo ‘One of a Hundred Ways’

Anonymous asked:  Random affection Zelo! <3

A/N: I actually got a couple requests for this one. I’m sorry it came out kind of short but it’s extra, extra fluffy to make up for it, lol. I hope you enjoy. ^^

This is a drabble expansion on a reaction I wrote here


It was a little on the sappy side but you had something to prove. You had the sweetest most thoughtful boyfriend and he always seemed worried if he was doing right by you. Of course if you confronted him on it he’d get all awkward and deny any such thing. But you knew. It was in the way he’d call and apologize every day he was away on tour. Or he’d do something sweet like buy you flowers and then tentatively ask, “Are they okay?” Like the grin on your face wasn’t proof enough.

So you had to do small things randomly to let him know he was doing just fine. Today it was sneak up behind him and give him a back hug. Nestling your face between his shoulder blades you told him, “I’m so thankful to be with you.”

You felt every muscle tense under you and you worried you’d made a mistake. After a few seconds though he relaxed. Feeling the muscles in his spine move against your cheek you guessed he had bowed his head in that adorable way he does when he’s embarrassed.

“Really?” It came out a near whisper. A fraction of the volume you knew Junhong was capable of.

Releasing him from your embrace you moved to face him. You really tried not to smile at your tomato of a boyfriend but he was so cute. Even his ears were red. “Why would you doubt you’re the best thing that ever happened to me?”

It was almost like Junhong’s feelings couldn’t be contained by his body. His eyes sparkled, his grin reached his ears and he got fidgety like he didn’t know what to do with himself. So he settled on using his height to his advantage (which always amused him with you) and linked his arms around your waist, picking you up and spinning you around. Ever so slowly he let you inch down his body until your face was close to his. When your lips were within reach he kissed them sweetly and with gratitude. “I’m the one who should be thankful for you.”

“Are we gonna fight about this? You may be tall and have abs but I fight dirty.”

Laughing he set you down on your feet and kissed your nose. You lived for moments like these. Junhong had a tendency to worry and be pensive. Seeing him radiate unabashed joy, like he didn’t have a care in the world, meant everything to you. His happiness was your happiness. So sappy or not, you’d keep telling him how much you loved him in as many ways you could.

Better Than A Grammy

Request:  Omg can you do a Shawn imagine where we are married and have a 3 year old daughter/son. And Shawns nominated for his first Grammy and really thinks he’ll win. But when he doesn’t he’s crushed but we get home and our daughter/son drew Shawn a Grammy (not the most artistic cause they’re little) but it’s so sweet and Shawn just melts

a/n; this request is so cute, I just had to write it this instant!

Word Count: 308 (short, sorry)

Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“And the Grammy goes to… Ed Sheeran!” I instantly looked over to my husband, seeing sadness cover his face. “I’m sorry, baby.” I mumbled against his skin as I kissed his cheek. He nodded, “It’s okay.” He replied, smiling softly as we watched Ed accept his award. 


I linked my arm with Shawn’s as we walked up to the door of our house, I opened the door expecting our daughter to be asleep. I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion as I saw Aaliyah asleep on the couch, she was watching Lily for us. “What are you doing up?” Shawn chuckled squatting down to be eye level with Lily. 

“I wanted to be awake when you got here!” She laughed cutely, I smiled as she ran off to grab something as I laid a blanket over Aaliyah. “I drew you something daddy.” Lily mumbled holding a piece of paper behind her back, I walked back over to them.

“It’s one of those things that you were on the TV for.” She blushed handing it to him, I smiled widely as we both looked over the drawing, it wasn’t the best thing in the world but the thought is what counts.

“Do you like it daddy?” She asked after Shawn hadn’t said anything. He looked up from the piece of paper and scooped her up into his arms. She giggled as he placed kisses all over her face, “I love it, princess.” He smiled as she held onto him, she kissed his cheek. “Yay!” She cheered, her tiredness starting to show, “Thank you, baby girl.” He mumbled moving her so she could wrap her arms around his neck. 

“You’re welcome.” She mumbled her eyes closing, Shawn turned to me and motioned to the picture, Lily and myself, “Better than a Grammy.” He whispered holding the now sleeping little girl. 

anonymous asked:

Prehistory Rhett's got a big crush on prehistory Link, so he puts his nest next to Link's and brings him berries (he knows Link likes sweet!) And Link really likes him back but monogamy and marriage isn't a thing yet, so of course Link spends a lot of time doing the bang bang with other men and women from their tribe. And when Rhett gets jealous Link makes fun of him because what's that posessive thing he's doing? And then Link gifts him a wooden bowl and Rhett is happy again.

AWWWW QOQ omg they have been bffs ever since they were little cave kids ajfdhkjasfd

omg yes when you’re an adult at that age you just bang whoever and it’s all good, so that’s what link does
and rhett understands in theory ….. he does think cavewomen are rly pretty and he loves to spend time with them too … but he doesn’t mind if the cavewomen sleep with someone else besides him, but when link does it it just makes rhett fEEL WEIRD IN HIS TUM…. like link should only be with him

and link notices that it makes rhett upset when he goes and spends private time in other peoples’ nests so he thinks maybe he shouldn’t …. or at least he should ask rhett first (ofc in their primitive cave speak)

and then to make rhett happy he makes a nice wooden bowl out of a dead tree he finds, and even steals some dinosaur eggs because he knows rhett likes eggs (he would cook them on the fire but even prehistoric link doesn’t know how to cook jksdfhsk …. rhett knows how to cook eggs at least though so he’ll leave that to him …)