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Getting To Know You

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: super fluffy, smut
(Reader request)

Being a hunter, things like romance, a regular life, a family, and a stationary home were exciting but could be only a distant dream. Once you get in this life you never leave. Even when you want to, it follows you, the dreams, the instincts you have from places you’ve been. It never leaves you.
I know I can never have a normal life but that never kept you from dreaming.

The bunker was the closest thing to home, and it wasn’t always easy living there. Especially with the Winchester’s who loved to pull pranks and cause trouble ever since they took you in a few years ago. Castiel would come around too and that’s what made living there the hardest. Castiel would ‘visit’ but in reality he practically lived there with you guys. You’ve always had a crush on the blue eyed angel but of course he was always too dense to notice all the flirting you had done, which Sam and Dean picked on you constantly about. You just told them to shut up and brushed them off, acting like it wasn’t a big deal.

You sat in your room, nothing but your simple white underwear set and an over sized tee-shirt on. It had been a long hard day of researching a new case in the bunker and of course Dean had left it up to you and Sam per usual.

Point is you were tired and tense. You laid on your stomach and hugged a pillow tight to your chest as you sighed and closed your eyes, wishing someone would massage your back, well maybe a specific someone.
Castiel popped into your mind. It wasn’t hard to think about his hands rubbing up and down your back, since he had given you hugs and helped you up many times. It wasn’t hard to imagine that his skin was rough and calloused in comparison to you smooth but slightly scarred skin. Sure his touches were nearly friendly but that didn’t stop you from thinking. You sighed longingly wishing he was actually here.

The sound of wings filled your ears and you turned your head to see Castiel standing beside your bed. Letting out a startled yelp you brought your legs to your chest and put your shirt over them, trying to cover as much skin as possible.
“Is something wrong Y/N? I could feel you thinking of me quite hard, I thought you were in danger.” He said with a look of concern.
“No I’m fine Cass thank you.” You replied, smiling up at him.

He sat down on the bed a look of genuine concern on his face.
“Y/N what could you have been thinking about so hard?”
You gulped and tried to pull the shirt over you more. He was close enough to hear his breathing and feel his body heat.
“I-I was just really tense and you were the f-first person I thought about.” You mumbled out.
He tilted his head in that cute Cass way, turning to face you more.
“Would you like me to relieve you of tension?” He asked.

Slowly you nodded and he gave a small smile.
“Do you know how to do this Cass?” You asked giving him a strange look before stretching out and turning to lay on your back.
His eyes drifted to your legs momentarily before he gulped and looked at you again.
“I know of many pressure points and tension spots in human bodies, I think applying an adequate amount of pressure and rubbing is what makes people feel better.” He answered.
His very matter-of-fact answer made you blush. You blushed even harder when you felt his hands on your back. He started at the top and worked out the knots in your shoulders and your back. Even through your shirt it felt amazing to have his hands on you. He slowly worked his way down your back, the pressure of his hands hitting all your most tense spots.
When he reached the curve of your back you let out a strangled moan when the heels of his hands pressed down. He stopped and you looked back confused.
“Why’d you stop?” You ask.
“You made a noise and I am uncertain if I have caused you pain or not.” He answered.
You smiled sweetly and giggled a bit.
“No Cass it felt good.”
Another look of confusion crossed his face.
“Do you always make noises like that when you feel pleasure?”
Your face went bright red.
“Well… it kinda depends…” you murmured.
He smiled and then pushed you back to laying down and continued to massage your back.
“I like it when you feel good.” He said. “I wish I could make you feel good more often, I care for you greatly Y/N.”

This made you smile to yourself, a warm fuzzy feeling spread through your chest at his words. He cared for you. Castiel, an angel, an angel you liked cared for you. You tried to push the fuzzy feeling away. Of course he cared for you. He cared for Dean and Sam as well. You were all like family after all.
“It’s nice to know that we have someone like you who cares for us. I know there are plenty of times where we’d be dead if it wasn’t for you. You’re all also the closest thing I have to family.” You sighed.
He stopped again and you pushed up to a sitting position to look at him. He had a very conflicted look this time instead of confused. You turned to face him more and took one of his hands in yours, rubbing the back with your thumb.
“Cass what’s wrong?” You asked concerned.
“Am I only family to you?” He questioned.
“Well isn’t that how you see me?”
He looked down avoiding your eyes using the hand that you weren’t holding to play with the threads of his trench coat nervously.
“I don’t want to scare you Y/N but there is something I must tell you now that we have reached this topic.”
You felt a strange sinking feeling in your gut, unable to tell if his news was good or bad.
“Y/N you’re my life-mate.” He revealed.
You sat there wide eyed, looking at the angel you had liked for so long, the angel who had taken care of you for so long, the angel who just told you that you were his life-mate.

He looked down again.
“I understand if you would like to think about what I have said and I will not bother you till you call for me.” He quickly said.
Cass stood up and you grabbed his hand, the shock finally falling away. He looked down at you startled and you stood up before cupping his cheek and pulling his lips to yours.

At first the kiss was awkward, neither one of you knowing what you’re doing, until you both found a steady rhythm. He cautiously slipped his arm around you around you, pulling you closer to him and bringing his hand up to your cheek. His tempo suddenly changed and his kiss was more needy and urgent, like he was scared to lose you or that you’d change you mind. He lowered you both down to the bed and his hands were suddenly everywhere like he couldn’t get enough of you. It was overwhelming and you had to push him up to sit so you could breathe.
“Castiel wait.” You whispered.
He looked at you with worry.
“I’m sorry Y/N. I went too far.” He apologized.
“Cass no you didn’t…. I just- need to slow down a bit. I’m not going anywhere, you don’t need to rush.” You said with a giggle.
He smiled at your statement, realizing that you did in fact want him and that you weren’t rejecting him.

You sighed and cupped his cheek with your right hand, your other supporting your weight.
“I love you Castiel.” You said.
His face lit up and the most breath taking smile you’d ever seen broke out onto his face, causing you to smile as well. His eyes were drawn to your lips and he looked back up at you.
“May I kiss you?” He asked.
You nodded your head and he leaned in and captured your lips in a soft and timeless kiss. His hands stayed on your hips as you both lowered down to the bed, gentler this time, your hands reaching up to tangle in his soft hair. He rested some of his weight on you and it felt strangely good to have his hips between your legs. When you moaned at the feeling he smiled against your lips, glad to have made you feel like this. His hands slipped under your shirt and onto your bare stomach causing shivers to run through you. He stopped kissing you and looked into your eyes with adoration.
“I’d like to see you.” He whispered.
You nodded and he lifted your shirt over your head, leaving you just in your underwear. You blushed and looked down embarrassed about your plain underwear choice. Cass took your chin in his hand and tilted your head up to look at him.
“You’re beautiful.” He said.
“But I look so plain, and all these scars-” you started to look away.
He silenced you by pressing a quick kiss to your lips.
“I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world no matter what was on your skin or what you wore.”
You both smiled and he took of his trench coat and unbuttoned his shirt before shrugging it off.

Your eyes roamed over the smooth planes of his chest, you could see muscles but not so much that it was overwhelming. You bit your lip and tore your eyes away to look up at him. He shifted his pants uncomfortably and groaned as he looked at you. You pulled him down on you and kissed him hard. Blush dusted your cheeks as you felt the tent in his pants against your crotch, moaning at the new and foreign feeling. He quickly took his pants of and then you were both down to your underwear. He leaned down and kissed your neck, making you gasp in pleasure. This urged him on and he pressed his hard on into you more as his mouth continued to attack on your neck.
“Please Cass, I need you.” You whimper.
He raised his head to look at you and nodded, the look of need reflected in his eyes. He reached around you to take your bra off, fumbling with the clasp in irritation until you giggled and undid it yourself, slipping it off and throwing it to the floor with the other clothes.

Castiel let his hands run over your body, massaging your breasts, trying to elicit another moan from you. He didn’t fail. His name along with other noises seemed to be the only sounds you could make and it was only egging him on.

He pulled his boxers down before sliding his hands down your sides to the edge of your panties. He looked at you for permission and you nodded, lust in your eyes. He slowly pulled them down your legs till they joined the rest of the clothes and then he crawled back up your body in between your legs.
“I need you Y/N.” he said in an almost pained voice.
“I need you too Cass. Please.” You replied.
He took his man hood and lined it up with you before slowly sliding in.

He held up most of his weight and you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, your fingers digging into his back and your legs wrapping around his waist. You gasped, the pain of him in you mixing with the pleasure.
“Oh god Castiel.” You moaned.
He slowly moved his hips, creating an irresistible friction on your clit and in you. It was like a slow burning fire building in your body.
“Is like it very much if you didn’t moan my father’s name while we’re doing this.” He groaned.
You could hear how much he was controlling himself in his voice. You wanted him to feel good too.
“Cass, you can move a bit faster.” You moaned out.
He took the invitation and picked up his pace, causing you to let out a startled moan and grip his back harder. He growled in pleasure, holding tight to your hips whispering sweet words in your ears. You we’re on edge, your body numb, head fuzzy, almost like you were in a pleasure filled daze.

Suddenly it was like everything erupted and lights were going off in your head.
“Castiel!” You cried out as you came.
“Y/N!” He cried into your neck as he came shortly after.

You both lay there for a bit, before he kissed your forehead and rolled himself off of you. He wrapped his arms around you waist and pulled your back to him, spooning you into a warm embrace. The world seemed to shine and the warm fuzzy feeling inside you buzzed through your body. He startle sitting little kisses on your head, neck, and shoulder, really wherever he could reach without letting go of you. You sighed contented with how your day was ending.

“I love you Y/N. Will you accept me as your life-mate?” He asked.
“I’ve loved you for a while Cass. Yes, I will be your life-mate, but we’ve still got a lot of getting to know each other.” You replied sleepily.
He smiled.
“For now rest, I will be here when you wake and we can start then.”
You mumbled a goodnight and drifted to sleep with the love of your life, your angel behind you.

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64, 56, 55, and 51.

Answer to these two:

The person you like kisses you on the forehead,do you find that cute?
Do you like to cuddle?

Have you ever liked somebody and never told them?

Do you hate the person you fell hardest for?

BOI I WANNA MURDER THAT GUY. Honestly I wasn’t sure of my sexuality that time and let me tell you, first and last guy crush was him after what he did to me.

Friends | Calum Hood

Anon requested: “Can you do one where you’re just friends but you want to be more?” I decided to do a Calum imagine loosely based on the song Friends by Ed Sheeran.

You’d been friends with Calum for a long time. And for that same amount of time, you’d been in love with him. But he was him, and he was handsome and funny and endlessly fascinating, and you were you, and everything about you was just… ordinary. You didn’t think you were ugly, or boring, or annoying; but you were no fit for a guy like Calum. 

So you’d promised yourself that you would move on. Even if that would be the hardest thing you’d ever have to do. And eventually, you found a guy who was nice, and kinda cute, and he made you smile. When he asked you out on a date, you couldn’t think of a reason not to go; not one that didn’t involve your crush on your best friend, at least, and so you’d said yes. 

But you hadn’t known, and you still didn’t know, that hearing that news broke Calum’s heart into pieces. 

“How could she do that?” he muttered to his friends. “I thought we had… something.” 

“What exactly did you have, then?” Luke asked. “Cause for all I know you’re just friends.” 

“We’ve never been just friends,” he sighed. “I mean, officially, yeah. But friends sleep in another bed, even if they’re feeling lonely or sad. I know there’s a limit to things we can do, without calling it more than friends, but damn it, I thought she knew…” 

He thought of all the times you’d crawled into bed with him, because you were crying and his shoulder was the only thing that you wanted to catch your tears, or the other way around, when he was feeling down, and holding you close was the only thing that could keep him together. 

“Why don’t you just tell her?” Ashton offered.

“Cause then she’ll hate me. And then we can’t be friends. And if we’re not friends, there’s nothing I can do, I can’t protect her from hurt, I can’t make her laugh when she’s sad, and I can’t… I can’t keep an eye on that guy.” 

“Keep an eye out on that guy?” Ash repeated.

Calum didn’t answer, being lost in thought. He could never explain it to his friends; they’d not gone through all the things you two had shared. 

“Calum…” Luke shook his arm, “if you don’t go now, you might not get another chance.” 

He looked up at his friend, and suddenly, it was like his mind blanked, and he got up. He didn’t think of any consequences his actions could have, as he made his way to your house, like some invisible cord dragged him back to you.

You opened the door, already all dressed up, thinking it would be your date.

“Cal?” you asked, surprised. “Why are you here?” 

“There’s something you should know,” he breathed. “I feel like I know you better than anything, and you should know me like I know you, and that’s why I can’t keep this from you anymore.” 

“What are you talking about?” You pulled him inside, slamming the door behind you. Your date walking up to the door just to see another boy there, now that wouldn’t look good. 

“We’re not friends,” he opened, and your eyes flew up to him in shock. But he wasn’t finished. “We’ve never been friends. You can’t tell me that this is how friends act. Friends don’t treat me like you do. And I thought you felt that, too. That there was something more.”

“But…” you started, but he cut you off.

“I never acted on it. Because I thought, if we say it out loud, maybe everything goes wrong. And God knows I don’t want it to. But I can’t watch you go off with this other guy, like this.”

“I thought you just liked me as a friend,” you said flatly, not being completely able to process anything.

“Friends don’t kiss you like I do,” he answered, and suddenly, his lips were against yours, and it was like the entire world around you disappeared, as your mind blanked on everything that wasn’t him. 

And then, the doorbell rang. 

He pulled away, looking at you with a mixture of hope and fear in his eyes. You looked around at the closed door, and back at Calum. 

“We’re not friends,” you whispered, “cause friends don’t love you like I do.” 

“My friends won’t love me like you,” he agreed, and he stepped forward, “and I’m pretty sure your friends don’t love you as much as I do, either.” 

You smiled, and reached up to kiss him again, completely forgetting about the stranger at your doorstep.

Under the cut you will find a MASSIVE MASTERLIST of potential post/gif starters (and also some comebacks that could be used in an already pending conversation) in case you’re in need of some. They were all found around the Internet, so I don’t have a direct link where I found them. So the credit goes to whoever came up with them. None of these are sorted out by gender, and they’re neither carved out for any specific characters, just so you know, but feel free to use or edit them as you like.

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Have you ever had your heart broken by someone who you thought was a "nice Christian gal" and if so how the heck did you deal with it. Just got my heart practically annihilated by a guy who claims to love the Lord and pretty much used me and stabbed me in the back.

Oh, sweetheart, I’m so sorry. I’m so, so, so sorry this has happened to you. But yes, I have been there. I’ve been crushed by girls several times before, and it’s hard. And dealing with it is probably the hardest. I know there’s probably a million questions going through your mind right now. Like, “Am I not good enough?” “Is this what all guys are like?” “Is this what love is really like?" And I’m so sorry that this guy has done this to you. 
You are good enough, you are valuable, you are worth loving, and love is worth seeking after even though it may hurt right now. I’m not saying you should just go right back into seeking a relationship with someone, but what I am saying is that when the time comes and you know everything has worked out, love is still something that’s worth finding; just don’t rush into it.
The next thing I’m going to say is probably hard to hear and even harder to do. You need to forgive him. I know that sounds dumb right now and also it sounds like the cliche Christian thing to say, but this is what I mean. When I say forgive I mean: You need to not let what he has done to you change who you are. You need to not let what he has done to you take over your life. And you need to not hold a grudge against this guy. Those three things do nothing to him and do everything to you. Forgiveness is so much more about you setting yourself free than letting him off the hook. This is all about getting yourself back on track. Being resentful towards this guy will hurt you a whole lot more than it will hurt him. And this is what I do not mean when I say forgive him: I do not mean that you have to let him back in your life. You do not have to answer his phone calls. You do not have to text him. You can delete him from your life if that makes it easier to deal with. If he hurt you let your friends know so that they can be a barrier between you and him. He has no right to be your friend any more. He’s lost that right. If he ever asks for forgiveness then grant it, but that still doesn’t mean he deserves to get back in your life. You decide to what degree you want him in your life. If you want him totally out then that’s fine. You need to take care of yourself right now.
Now remember, all these things I’ve said are steps to getting over him and this situation. You will more than likely not be able to just get over him in a week, but taking steps towards overcoming this is where your victory is.
Surround yourself with friends, good movies, pizza, coffee, or whatever else makes you happy and take steps towards these things.
It’s hard, but I can guarantee that you will be stronger because of this. And one day you will find an awesome Christian guy who will surpass this loser who has hurt you.
You’re awesome, you’re beautiful, and worthy of loving. Just let me know if you need anything. 
- Christopher.