i have the greatest respect for his hat

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OK about a half a year ago I rewatched 03 FMA and lazily took notes on stuff i didn't like while watching and they're incomprehensible, here's the first thing i wrote, "it mutsang walkin arounr in his stupid raincoat"

Sorry but on this blog we have nothing but the GREATEST RESPECT for Roy Mustang and his nasty raincoat and revolutionary war hat

[TRANS] BEFF Report Kim Joohyun’s Thoughts: Nice to meet you, ‘REAL HOYA’…INFINITE Hoya’s ‘level’

INFINITE is a group in which all the positions have crumbled. This is what I have said numerous times when I wrote articles about INFINITE. The barrier between main vocals and sub vocals have collapsed, and the line between rappers and vocals has become unclear. They have already expanded their career beyond the stage, trying their hands at dramas, movies, and even musicals. Even I, who have been keeping an eye on INFINITE ever since their debut, am proud of them; I cannot even imagine how great they must feel.

I want to commend Hoya especially. Hoya is an all-around entertainer. When my acquaintances ask me about idols who are good at singing, dancing, and rapping, I always point them to Hoya. It is difficult to see someone who is as capable at everything as Hoya. Already, so many idol groups are out there in many fields, boasting their abilities; but even within those abilities, there exist different ‘levels.’ Out of several hundreds of press releases issued by a company, a fair portion of them is self-praise about how an idol group in that company has reached the level of an artist. But in reality, there are many members who are struggling to perform their own stage at the moment.

Naturally, I could only compare them to Hoya. Hoya is on a different level. I have been to most of INFINITE’s concerts, and every time, I am astounded by his growth. From Verbal Jint’s ‘You Look Good’ with Dongwoo to Omarion’s ‘O’, no matter what genre, he is excellent at making that genre into his on the stage. So it is always fun to watch ‘INFINITE H’. You can see how much they have learned by working with Korean hiphop’s big shots like Dynamic Duo, Zion.T, Swings, etc. And it is through their performances that they prove their learning ability.

For the same reason, it is good to see ‘REAL HOYA’. In midst his busy world tour schedule, he made the time to give his fans a gift, in the form of a song. A singer’s greatest gift for the fans is a song. The reason why many of his fans received it with a big applause and cheer is because as a singer should, he proved his growth as an artist with a ‘song’. I can see a true, respectable artist in the way he enjoys music, singing songs on and off stage.

When someone tries something new and throws his/her hat into the ring, I cannot help but to worry about whether or not s/he will be able to do well or handle the pressure. I have no such worries for Hoya. As if laughing at my worries, he not only shows what he can do but also raises INFINITE to a higher level. No matter what modifier you add to his name, he will not fail you.

When I listen to Hoya and INFINITE’s music and watch their performances, I am proud of the fact that my discerning eye has not yet failed me. REAL HOYA’s update makes my heart flutter with excitement.

Translated by: togetherinspirit7