i have the feeling i will not get over this in the next time o well

{.They once were memories, ghosts.. | closed.

   __ Perhaps if was odd of her to hate the stupid noise her boots made when they step on snow, she always hated it. Somehow the crunching sound was not welcomed to her ears; which made her avoid stepping on it.. if it was possible. Another quiet sigh made a little bit of white cloud before her lips as it escaped her, she hated doing over-time work but she had to this evening. To put it simply..

it just was not her day.

Pushing her hands into her pockets further; Meno hoped her freezing hands would warm up again, at least during the walk to her small place. Maybe she’ll make some hot cocoa at home, nothing better than that to get her body warmed up so quickly.. well next to baths, but she was too tired for having one.
“I guess hot cocoa it i—”
it was a sharp feeling that forced her to cease her steps, stinging almost as if bee as stung in the center of her heart. It was just too familiar, even though it has been a long time there is no chance she would be mistaken.. impossible to not recognize him, his presence from everyone she ever met. But she could not move, she could not go by the corner and see him. Everything was too overwhelming to her; too sudden.. unexpected. She thought he was a goner or worse just left her without any word..

And the scale is favoring the latter by every second..

The blonde did not know for how long she froze at her spot, with her eyes widen and heart pounded against her chest loudly.. just too loud. Maybe he heard it.
However, It was seeing snow falling slowing urged her to make a move, she was aware that he didn’t either. Her sense grew that much in these two years since she last saw him. Biting her lower lip, she took the first step then another as her inner feelings fiercely fought together; each demanding to be the one in control of her blood flow. Three seconds later; her dark hues were fast to catch the sight of his back, his unmistakably red coat and white hair.. She could tell it grew longer. He stood too much, almost like a blood drop in the snow. There was a moment of quietness inside her; just preparing for the collision which is about to break. She couldn’t see his face but.. he was there, the coldness and sting she’s feeling are screaming at her that this is not a dream to wake up with another heartache after. She is having that heartache now.
Something warm streamed before her cheeks; dried as she realized what it was.. it seems that crying took the wheel for now. And her lips, even though they were trembling, they felt as if they were sealed.. no, they were rather filled with so many words to the point they cannot get out.

  “..d…Dante…? w..why..?”