i have the face

i was finally tagged in the selfie bias tag thing thats been going around by the lovely @ksooup !!! tysm 💖💖 

i honestly look so horrible next to an actual god among men (and tbh this wasnt exactly the best selfie) 

im tagging @jayonthestreets @ohspiritwhattup @bbsn8 @keptking @curlypcy @suugas @lovejohnnyseomuch @awkwardnamjoon @fairyprincerenjun @ilysmjeno 


h ere is the first video of a slenderverse series me n my friends are making

(im. extremely awkward im so sorry)

hang in there it wont be this painful to watch forever

(n while yr at it here’s the [tumblr] and [twitter])

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Hey, look, I finished the Kes-and-Poe fic!  And apparently 12-13K is my default fic length these days.