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My heart goes out to my man Altador because someone literally designed a trash bag after him and not only that, his ferret looking wife had to find it and remind him about it.

Nera definitely bought 50 of them. 

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The producers and writers of the show: Malec. Glaad: Malec!. Fans: Malec!!! Online articles: MALEC! Shadowhunters Everyone under the sun: M-a-l-e-c... Promo team: Look at our main couple Clace!... They really never learn.

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Heyo im angel, I’ve been watching dan and phil for roughly 7 years, they’ve really been there for me in my highs and lows. They’ve brought me friends and a community im comfortable in. Speaking of the community, (most of) you content creators out there are absolutely amazing, keep doing what ur doing, you don’t get the credit you deserve 🧡🧡🧡🧡 all my love to the phandom and dan and phil

After a totally nice dinner, where I literally sat next to him and carried on perfectly nice conversation with him, he repeated the complaint that he was the only man at this dinner. He literally said to his wife while I was standing right there, “you made me sit through this…”

Guy followers, is it really that—

Nah, I’m not even going to ask. It cannot possibly be that difficult to sit through a nice meal, conversing only with women, without having a fellow man with you. It cannot.

And if it is that traumatic to be alone with women, I think you need to ask yourself some hard questions. Okay? Okay.