i have the cutest niece

Pastel Pink.

Authors Note: This is short but I kinda got lost and did not know what else to write. I hope you enjoy Daddy fluff. 

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Be careful this weekend while out celebrating with friends’ and family, and don’t forget to eat Chocolate.
LOTS OF CHOCOLATE! Splurge for Easter. Have fun! Xx

The holiday season is always a pleasing time for you, whether it be Thanks Giving, Easter, Christmas or even New Years. You love it all. \

This year’s Easter plans were scheduled for the park,  originally you were against the idea mainly because you don’t want to have your nine month old out in the cold weather for a day. But, since the forecast is showing a sunny twenty degrees celsius, (sixty-eight Fahrenheit), you and Shawn both agreed that it wouldn’t be a big deal to attend the celebrations at the park. 

You sit yourself down on the picnic rug with a glass of wine, observing as all the other children of the family run around happily, the adults all scattered on rubs, watching and laughing with each other. You can smell the barbeques beginning to cook the fresh meats and foods requested by the family, the laughter of children in the background filling your heart with contentment. 

“My niece is the cutest little girl I have ever seen.” Shawn’s sister sits beside you with your daughter, “This dress is the cutest little thing,” She smiles, gesturing to the pastel dawn-tinted dress around your little girl, accompanied with a small white bow around her waists. 

“Shawn picked the dress, he has a good eye for cute clothes. Gotta give him credit.” You enlighten his sister, her legs bouncing the little girl sweetly, causing small giggles to escape her pink lips. “Emma Leigh, are you being too cute?” You coo towards Emma, her light brown eyes looking over at you, accompanied by lightly rose-hued cheeks. She lets out another giggle, clapping her hands and licking her lips. 

“I think she knows she is cute.” Shawn’s sister announces and you nod in agreement. Of course, Emma knows she is cute, she is her father’s daughter, not to mention she is told on a daily basis just how cute she is. 

“Well, her father is pretty cute himself.” You look over at him, his lengthy legs finally strolling over to the three of you. 

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sirius-black-deserved-better  asked:

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  1. i love tea
  2. i’m going to paris on the 16th october!!!
  3. i love mary and sirius!
  4. i love jily
  5. i love using ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. i love writing blackdonald and jily!
  7. i have the cutest niece and nephew!
  8. im excited for chistmas
  9. i have a scar near my right eye from my old cat
  10. i cry a lot when i think abt the marauders

By some magic I found the 5-0 Pilot script online and it’s absolutely amazing I mean amazing, every little detail is thought out and though there were a lot of changes made (Danny was originally from Baltimore??) and scenes were removed before filming, it fills in a lot of gaps that I suddenly realized were there, like how Steve got the ID for the palm prints from the guy at the desk and it’s just so so good. It’s public so I have to assume it’s okay for me to share so go check it out asap.

This is an old one from 2012. My sister asked me to make her a family portrait. I super suck at any realistic likenesses of people, so I tried to ape the style of  


but in a much less talented way. And the colors are weird. I need to look into getting my monitor color calibrated….

But despite all that, it’s still the cutest drawing of my nieces I have done.