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Hey so we all love tony, but we know he is a big ball of anxiety and ptsd. So I was thinking that him being the proud animal he is would be given a support animal but in a way where he wouldn't realise. I have this idea where Steve/Bucky/t'challa, gives Tony the cutest fucking corgi ever(Who I have names Hufflepuff) and makes up some story where he came from a puppy farm or something tragic and needs to be cuddled all the time. Part 1

Part 2 Tony slowly realises that he’s cuddling the puppy for himself and not for the super happy ginger snap. He notices when he’s in a board meeting getting all kind of shit and just starts yelling how its upsetting the dog. For the members to look at the corner to the happy Hufflepuff asleep on his back with the legs in the air. Thats when Tony admits that he has been tricked into a therapy dog.

Awww, I believe Tony has been tricked more than once by Rhodey during their college years in order to help without Tony realizing he’s getting ‘help.’ Could Rhodey be the one to suggest it to them? “You want to help him? Make him help someone else. That boy is so allergic to help he’ll dodge it like the floor is lava, but if he sees someone else needing help he’ll run to them like a bear to honey.” 

The only way to make Tony get better is make him take care of someone else. Someone with similar problems as him will keep his mind occupied with whatever help is needed for the problem and once results start happening and he takes steps back he’ll realize ‘shit, i just helped myself’ and will start doing just that. 

Steve, Bucky and/or T’Challa take this information to heart. The therapy dog is the first step and making Tony accept Hufflepuff was surprisingly easy. Tony really does have a bleeding heart and will rush to whoever needs help and he’s able to do something. They fall a little more in love every time they see it. 

When Tony realizes he’s been trick into a therapy dog he can’t stay mad at them, not when he sees their worries hold truth. He’s noticed himself always going to Hufflepuff when even the slightest bit of discomfort happens to him. When he’s feeling lonely and Steve, Bucky and/or T’Challa are not there Hufflepuff is within arms reach like the faithful corgi they are and Tony cuddles them all the way until he falls asleep. When he gets the first panic attack after a while and Hufflepuff is there in an instant he thanks them for bringing Hufflepuff into his life. 

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🎤 "I am the cutest corgi ever! I have a great voice and everyone around gets happy and that's really nice! And I never say that tho because I'm also a humble corgi! Oh and I also give hugs for everyone." (long stuff? If no It is nice material for voice promtu >:0c)

Send “🎤” and a phrase of your liking and I shall record it. (accepting)


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