i have the coolest cousin ever


A while ago I was at Sam’s parents house and his little cousins were over, two really sweet smart little kids. We had Julian (pet snake) out and the little girl was staring at him moving around and she said “he looks like a strawberry.” It took me a while to work out what she meant but then I looked closer and snakes totally do look like strawberries, and they’re squishy like strawberries too. I just thought that was the coolest comparison ever, I would never had thought of that. I miss having a kid-brain sometimes, just the way they think. They come out with cool stuff like that all the time.

because it’s my birthday and I hit my 4.5k goal a couple days ago I thought I’d do a follow forever! (p.s thank you to Lauren (pfftclifford) for making this little picture for me)

so I have a couple shout outs to make first:

dahliafields​ you’re the coolest person I know and the best cousin ever! I love you to the moon and back, thank you for having the same weird music taste as me. You have a bright future ahead of you and you are growing into an amazing young woman.

lukespenguin003​ wow I honestly owe this all to you because you were the one who persuaded me to start my own 5sos writing blog and I have come so far from the first story I ever posted, so thank you so much for convincing me to do this. It was the greatest decision ever!

pfftclifford​ girl I love you! You were my first true internet friend and I really wish I could meet you but we live so far away *tears* but you’re bomb and I love your writing. Thanks for being rad!

and of course

5sos-official​ obviously I wouldn’t have this blog if it wasn’t for these guys so if they see this then I just want to say keep doing your thing and making rad music and I love you guys lots!

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this took me way to long to make, wow my eyes are burning, but thank you guys again for 4.5k thats just crazy to me that you guys have stuck around lol but love you all!!