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Body Language

Request: ok so maybe Jughead x reader where they kinda always acted like they hated each other with stares and sass, but since they got back to school reader began to kinda flirt? but not with words but like with body language? (I love your writings so much)

Requested by: @littlefrenchnuage

A/N: Hey, I’ve decided to do your request because I loved it so so much. So no problem! Plus, im a bit in the Jughead mood because the last episode was amazing. And all I have to say is that if someone needs to take that boy in, I volunteer myself. REMEMBER, REQUESTS ARE STILL CLOSED.

Warnings: flirting but that’s about it.

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You always kind of hated Jughead. But not because he was a terrible person or anything, on the contrary actually you had the biggest crush on him. You ‘hated’ him because you didn’t know how to deal with your own emotions, so therefore started the silent war between the two of you. Glaring and insulting each other anytime an opportunity presented itself.

But when school started and the situation with Jason only increased tenfold you decided you were tired of pretending to hate him. You were scared all the time and instead of hating him, you wanted him by his side. But you knew you needed to have fun with it, because that’s how you were.

So you started flirting, opening yourself body up to him much more than being closed off. You discontinued glaring and insulting him, to which it confused him because suddenly his glares weren’t returned and his insults meant less because he wasn’t getting a witty comeback. He began to notice your more… um revealing choice of clothing and your need to always be need him. Smiling and biting your lip around him.

It… aroused him just as much as it confused him. So, he wanted answers, just like any good novelist does. He needed to know why this sudden change in your attitude was happening. So to your happy surprise, he invited you to Pop’s one night, and you agreed almost instantly.

So that’s how you found yourself, sat in front of Jughead with a pretty smile on your lips. You wore a flannel, unbuttoned one button too low and some nice skinny jeans on. Your heart was pounding against your chest, but you never were a shy girl, so you didn’t let that face you.

“So, Juggie, what did you need me for?” You bit your lip, allowing your eyes to graze his body as his gulped in nervousness. Was it suddenly hot in here? He wondered. He wasn’t one to get so worked up this easy, but even he couldn’t deny the fact that you were hot, and that he had this attraction to you since you two met. He always found your confidence booming but your kindness flattering.

“Um… I wanted to talk about us.” He mumbled. You rose a delicate eyebrow, leaning forward to come closer to him. Allowing your lips to slowly wrap around your straw ant-agonizingly.

“Oh?” You asked, blinking your eyes. “And why would that be?” 

“What happened to our hatred?” He blurted out, blushing afterwards. 

His bluntness made you blink. “What do you mean?”

“We use to be… well not friendly. But now suddenly you…” He stopped, flushing in embarrassment. You smirked.

“What?” You asked, licking your lips as you blinked innocently at him. 

“You’re all… seductive?” He questioned and you giggled lightly at his confusion. Frowning suddenly, you reached across the table to grab his hand. Staring sadly at him. “Do you not like it?”

“No!” He blurted and you found yourself giggling again. Then suddenly, you turned serious. “I don’t want to pretend to hate you anymore, Juggie. I like you, I don’t hate you.”

Jughead remained silent for a moment and you waited patiently. Before his eyes found yours and he let a small smile slip. “I like you too, Y/N.”

You smiled brightly, letting go of his hand and leaning back as you clapped to yourself. “Great! When’s our next date?”

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I have a HC request! :) Yoosung or Seven or whoever you want honestly lol: MC and [RFA Member] are kids, about 10 years old. MC's reaction to finding out that [RFA Member] has a crush on her but she also has a crush on them. [RFA Member] may or may not have told MC themselves, she could have found out from somewhere else idk. Something cute, sweet, and innocent with the spark of love thanks to Valentine's Day xx

Doing headcanons for all of the members for Valentines Day ♡ 


✮ he had the biggest crush on you 
✮ he gushed about you to anyone who would listen 
✮ so it wasn’t really a surprise when you found out 
✮ you’d walked over to play on the playground with him when you heard him 
✮ “yeah, I just think MC is the prettiest girl in our school. we’re gonna get married when we’re older!” 
✮ and when he realises you’re there and heard everything he almost cries 
✮ but you say that you like him too 
✮ he constantly insists on playing games where you’re the princess and he’s your ~knight in shining armour~ 
✮ y’all walk around holding hands and all the adults think you’re the cutest 
✮ so pure 


✎ the friendship between the two of you was pretty normal 
✎ and she just thought ‘hey, she’s my best friend. obviously’ 
✎ but then jaehee began to notice how much more she wanted to hug you 
✎ and kISs yOur chEEk?! 
✎ she was 100% confused 
✎ and she felt weird asking her mum about it (bc she was young and her mum is still alive)
✎ so she kinda went up to you and she was super awkward
✎ and you were like ????? wot up
✎ ‘MC… can I hold your hand?’ and she was s o scared
✎ and you’re like ‘yeah of course!’
✎ so y’all walk around holding hands and being super cute
✎ and of course adults are like ‘aw look at those best friends. gal pals forever’  
✎ she just admires you so much 


✿ your friendship started because you didn’t treat him differently 
✿ because this was when his mum was really getting to him and he was insecure 
✿ and he felt like he could talk to you about everything and anything 
✿ and so obviously it grew into a fondness 
✿ he always bought you flowers and other things he thought were pretty 
✿ he just was so taken by you !! 
✿ he told his older brother who would just coo and told zen he had a cruuuuuush
✿ zen was in F U L L  D E N I A L
✿ this nugget actually asked you if he liked you 
✿ ???????
✿ ‘hyun… how am i supposed to know?’
✿ y’all think about this conundrum together for a little while
✿ eventually you’re like
✿ ‘well… do you think I’m a princess?’
✿ and instantly he’s like ‘yeESSSS OF COURSE’
✿ so you’re just like ‘cool. i’m the princess and you’re my knight’ 


₩ this little rich boy 
₩ he doesn’t get along with a lot of other kids because even from a young age other kids were made by their parents to befriend him to further their careers
₩ and then he comes across this angry little girl at one of his father’s parties
₩ you’re pouting in this cute little dress and he’s just very curious about you 
₩ he asks why you’re so grumpy 
₩ you tell him that you don’t like being around all the serious adults 
₩ he agrees 
₩ y’all run around in his backyard and then become best friends 
₩ you yell at the people who make fun of him for being a ‘robot’ 
₩ he talks to his dad about his weird admiration for you 
₩ realises he might…. LIKE you??!??!?!
₩ he collects some of the flowers from his garden and invites you out for a tea party (omg) 
₩ his face is so red as he shyly hands you the flowers 
₩ and he’s like “i think i really like you” 
₩ you just take it at face value and kiss him on the cheek
₩ everything’s basically the same except now you run around his garden while holding hands 


⌨  how would this work??
⌨  y’all met at church 
⌨  and he began to look forward to seeing you every sunday 
⌨  to the point where he told you about saeran 
⌨  and he obsesses about the fact that you care so much 
⌨  but unfortunately you can’t do anything to help 
⌨  so you hug him for as long as you can during mass 
⌨  he just really loves the attention 
⌨  he tells you that he’s gonna leave when he gets older 
⌨  and he hates it because you cry 
⌨  he tells you that he’s gonna find you and you’ll get to meet saeran and you’ll be their queen 
⌨  it’s just really pure and full of hugs and holding hands and being sad but supportive of each other 
⌨  even if you only get to see each other once a week 
⌨  you both treasure that one day 
⌨  it really was the Lord’s day 

I honestly had no idea how to do Saeyoung but I hope the other ones are alright! 

Happy Valentine’s Day ♡♡

RFA + V and Saeran with an MC who eats very little

I finally watched the new Yuri On Ice episode and no spoilers but ohh my god I have the biggest crush on Yurio and his personality reminds me so much of Saerans, probably why I have a crush on him :’)



- texts you 24/7 asking if you’ve had a meal yet

- are you sure you don’t want to finish that MC

- are you sure about that

- / are you sure /

- he’s fine as long as you tell him you just are a person who doesn’t eat lots of food, you get sick from overeating easily.

- Just doesn’t want his babe under-eating for the wrong reasons!


- He’ll call his nutritionist to make sure your meal plans are healthy and safe because he’s concerned at the amount you eat

- once they tell him you’re fine with the portions you have right now he’ll be okay with it

- Elizabeth the 3rd gets sick when he overfeeds her too so he understands if you leave some things on your plate.


- he doesn’t eat a lot of food either!

- so he feels you on that one.

- won’t even really comment on it because he’s so used to leaving things behind on his plate or eating slow, it’s not new to him!

- but he does make a lot of meals for you so you have to remind him you don’t eat that much when he makes enough food to feed a country.


- he’s fine with it! As long as you eat slow/less for good reasons.

- eats like a race horse though so he’ll finish whatever you have left on your plate for you as long as that’s okay ~

- he’s not used to someone who eats so little so he has to get used to it but doesn’t bother you about it as long as you don’t complain about how many chip bags he devours lmao


- he LOVES food so he’s always trying new things and cooking up weird stuff he finds online so you gotta explain to him you don’t eat a lot of food so he doesn’t think his meals are gross and that’s why you leave things on your plate

- spare his feelings don’t let him think his foods gross

- he doesn’t really care after that he just hopes you like his food regardless of how much you eat tbh


- he’ll ask you about it when he notices right away that you tend to eat slow and leave things on your plate

- after you explain you just don’t eat much he doesn’t really think too much about it

- he stuffs everything in his mouth and eats so fast

- so he’ll actually try to copy your eating habits and eat a little slower so he doesn’t eat as much or too fast at a time.

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Do you think you could continue the University AU for MM? Possibly with them going to a crazy party and finding MC drunk and taking care of them? Even better if they have a huge crush on MC but haven't told them?

I made the mistake of ordering a large milk tea and I feel like I’m going to hate myself later. 

I didn’t have any inspiration for V so I might add him in at a later date


  • he isn’t really into large parties so he wasn’t going to go
  • “Come on, but MC will be th–”
  • immediately accepts because he’s had the biggest crush on you since you two shared the same math class your first year
  • he puts on his best party clothes
    • which is a dark green tee and jeans -_-
  • but he doesn’t anticipate how crazy it’s going to be
  • there are so many people it’s ridiculous 
  • he saw you at the beginning of the party and lost you as time went on
  • he had to use the bathroom and walks in on you vomiting in the bathtub
  • “oh god…your toilet is so beautiful and I RUINED IT!!!”
    • …that’s not a toilet
  • you’re always so sweet and here you were rambling something about different chapsticks???
  • he spends 20 minutes with you 
    • of course actually directing you to the toilet and keeping your hair out of your face
  • has you sit on a couch, brings you some water to keep you hydrated
  • he could have chosen someone better to take care of but you’re the one he had a crush on so :3
  • “Yusong…you’re ssss–ssooo FFFFUCking CUTE. I jess CAN’T.”
  • you start breaking into tears while his face is all red
  • this man has no intention of taking advantage of you
    • his mother raised him to be a gentleman!
  • yeah maybe it’s time you went home
  • he takes a cab with you since he doesn’t want to be at the party unless you’re there
  • walks you up to your room
  • “Yesug take my sho”
  • “uh…n-no MC you’re going to n-need your shoe”
  • “but you gut to go hum wit SOMETHEMMM”
  • you give him your shoelace and leave him in your hallway, blushing and confused
    • ties the shoelace on his backpack :3


  • dragged to the party by Jumin since some of the student senate were planning on attending
  • she stays in the quiet area where all the designated drivers are
  • makes small talk with them here and there but they’re pretty boring :/
  • one of them tells her that they saw you walking around
  • immediately stands up, politely excuses herself, and goes looking for you
    • because you’ll certainly make things more interesting
  • eventually finds you finishing off whatever is in your red cup
  • your cheeks and ears are as red as cherries
  • you look so cute
    • and with the color in your face she just gets all flustered
  • then you put the empty cup over your mouth
  • oh jeez
  • the moment you make eye contact with her, she’s embarrassed yet excited
  • she sits down next to you asking how the party is
  • then you say something through the cup, your words muffled
  • “geehee kess mu”
  • “wh-what?”
  • the end of the cup touches Jaehee’s lips and you pull back with your arms in the air, laughing while the cup falls to the ground
  • she’s both elated and confused
    • does that count as a kiss?
  • she couldn’t focus on that since you’re clearly drunk
  • her hands are fumbling for yours as she’s walking you out of the party
  • calls a cab and takes you to your place
  • you become a big grump in the car
  • she just lets you ramble until you pass out on her shoulder
  • (>///<);;


  • this marshmallow wanted to get TURNT
  • and this party was THE party of the year
  • so why the hell not???
  • he’s enjoying himself; drinking, dancing, mingling and such
  • endS up not drinking as much as he wantS to
    • only has 2 beers
  • he’s talking with two girls when his eyes catch you in the crowd
  • you literally take his breath away~
  • who were those guys? AND WHY WERE THEY TALKING TO YOU!?
  • he excuses himself and marches over
  • your face is red and you’re kind of having a hard time standing up
  • Zen just loses his freaking mind
  • shoves one of the guys and a few punches are thrown
  • the two guys end up walking away and you’re just in awe
    • but poor Zen was punched in the jaw
    • he insists he’s okay 
    • but that handsome face
  • he apologizes to you since it’s not proper to fight in the presence of a lady
    • how chivalrous ser knight
  • after that, he doesn’t want you to leave his side 
  • so your hands are always on his arm
  • you feel so safe and comfortable with him that you fall asleep on his shoulder
  • he turns to say something to you but you’re already out
  • at that point, he drives you home, tucks you in bed and leaves you that night
  • the beast was stirring but he had to control it


  • he likes going to parties, but this party isn’t exactly his favorite
  • it’s so chaotic
    • no one seemed to have any personal space
    • and it’s SO loud
    • and no wine!?
  • he tries to be adventurous with drinks 
    • drinks a lot but he can handle his alcohol pretty well
  • the party gets so much more interesting when he notices you’re here
  • he doesn’t approach you almost the entire party
    • just catches glances of you while you aren’t looking
  • when he’s sitting down on the stairs, he notices you walking toward him
    • !!!
  • he tries to control his emotions as you take a seat next to him
  • “D-did you know th-that ca-cactuses can live up to fif-fif-fifteen t-to three hundre-dred years?”
  • o_o
  • …he doesn’t expect that
  • based on your rosy cheeks, ears and dazed look, he deduces you’re drunk
    • pretty bad too
  • then you get all flustered and turn away from him
  • you think you’re whispering to yourself but you’re using your outdoor voice
  • turns back to him all upset
  • “I dedn’t s-sa-say it righ….”
  • next thing he knows your body goes limp and your face ends up in his lap
  • he freezes
  • heart racing, blood rushing to his face
  • but this man is a gentleman and would never take advantage of you
  • takes a deep breath, pulls you off of him which rouses you from your quick nap
  • “we’re taking you home”
  • has Driver Kim come by to pick you two up
  • through your slurred words, you manage to give him your address
  • he takes you to your room, makes sure you’re in your bed, and leaves
  • the next morning he sees he has a voicemail from you at one in the morning
  • “J-jeumn…Jumin…do…do you rememmemmber my…my…cactus fact? I-I want you teh allllllways remember it. You wanna know why??? The cactus is you…oh no I SCREWED IT UP AGAIN…”
  • he cannot wait for you to ask about this when he sees you in class


  • yahoo~parties!!!
  • “Oh yeah, and I heard MC is supposed to come to”
  • he’s excited before, and now he’s SUPER EXCITED
    • because maybe this will be the night when he finally confesses!
  • only has a couple of drinks with Yoosung and Zen before he goes searching for you
  • eventually, he finds you by the keg and you two start talking
    • rambles so much  
  • doesn’t notice how much you drink until you drop your drink trying to count to ten
  • while you’re talking with Jaehee he’s on his phone and he’s playing Pokémon Go
  • he knows you play to so he nudges you when he sees an eevee a block down the street
  • you get super pumped and practically jump off the couch
  • the two of you go on a Pokémon hunt
  • he makes sure you’re close to him because one should not be going on a Pokémon hunt drunk
  • you’re incredibly dorky
  • starts jumping off of street lamps and walls a few inches off the ground
    • “PARKOUR!”
  • then at one point you thought you have to be close to wherever the  Pokémon are to catch it
  • so you’re squatting, pointing your phone to the ground to catch a caterpie
  • meanwhile, Seven is recording you and sending it to the messenger
  • you’re just so cute and dorky, he’s blushing
  • it’s probably time you head home though
  • as he’s walking home, you have your arm linked in his
    • you’re leaning on him and he’s just (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。
  • the entire time he’s just super happy because he’s wanted this for so long
  • he makes sure you get to bed and he leaves you a bottle of water
  • you wake up to see the videos of you being a stupid drunk
  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: scorpius and rose being together is the biggest load of heteronormative bullshit i have ever seen in all my years on this God forsaken planet and i will not stand for it. its so clear in the beginning that rose cares for no one but herself, and especially dislikes scorpius - scorpius, who imagined albus when surrounded by dementors trying to get him back. scorpius, who was heartbroken when albus said they couldn't hang out anymore. scorpius, whose only friend was albus and felt a pang of jealousy when watching him talk to a girl he had just met. the very thought that scorpius had a crush on rose, even after her mistreatment, is outrageous and the fact that she actually said yes to him is ridiculous

River Song + Archaeologists 

Indiana Jones: So you still with that alien guy? 

One Night Stand

Loki x Reader

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 1495

Warnings: Swearing, implied smut, kissing, alcohol, parties

A/N: This was a lot of fun to write! I hope to write more Loki imagines in the future because I have the biggest crush on him! Hope you enjoyed and have a happy New Year! Love youuuu!

“Good morning, love.” A deep voice whispered in your ear, waking you almost immediately.

You looked around slowly at the room you had woke up in, it definitely wasn’t yours. Besides that, you had no idea who laid beside you. It wasn’t that you were scared to turn around, okay maybe a little bit, but it was mostly because his arms were holding your back tightly against his chest.

Sensing your slight panic the man chuckled. Wait…you knew that laugh. That laugh belonged to Loki, but it didn’t make sense. I mean sure, you always had a slight crush on him, but that didn’t mean you would hook up with him at Tony’s New Year’s Eve party!

“You’re alright, love. There is no need for you to be panicked or scared.” Loki’s warm breath up against your neck sent shivers down your spine.

“I’m not.” Your voice slightly faltered, not use to being this close to him.

“You’re whole body tensed when you woke up, I know you’re panicked. Does it calm your nerves to know that you’re not with a complete stranger in a place you’ve never been?” Loki asked, trying to make you feel comfortable with him.

“I guess that’s slightly calming.” You said, without noticing your body became more relaxed in Loki’s arms.

“Would you like to have some breakfast?” Loki asked, wishing that he hadn’t asked that. All he wanted to do was just lay here with you in his arms. Maybe he shouldn’t have woken you.

“That would be awesome. Would you mind filling me in on what happened last night? I have no idea how I got here.” You blushed as you imagination began to play out multiple different scenarios on how you somehow ended up in Loki’s bed with all your clothes scattered across the room.

“You really don’t remember?” You could feel Loki stiffen up against you.

“No I don’t…” You trailed off feeling slightly bad for forgetting.

“Well, I’ll fill you in while I make some pancakes.” Loki said, his arms unwrapping from you waist.

You would never admit it, but when he got up from the bed you missed his warmth and his tight grip on you. Sitting up in the bed, you watched Loki pull a baggy sweatshirt over his bare chest. This was a sight you never wanted to forget. Rummaging through the closet, Loki turned and chucked something to where you were sitting.

“You can wear that. I don’t think you want to change back into the clothes you wore last night.” Loki nodded towards the outfit you had worn to the New Year’s Eve party that was now on the ground. The party had been formal, so you couldn’t have been more grateful for the cozy sweatshirt and sweats he had tossed you.

“Thank you.” You said smiling at how soft the fabric of the sweatshirt was.

“Of course. I’m going to get started on those pancakes, meet me when you’re done. And just yell for me if you get lost.” Loki walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Quickly pulling on the clothes he had given you, you tried your hardest to remember anything from the night before. All you could remember was arriving to the party and joking around with the Avengers. After that, you drew a complete blank. You hadn’t even had that much to drink last night! Shaking off your jumbled thoughts, you opened the door and headed down a hallway you had never seen.

Loki had been living in Avenger’s Tower for a couple of months now. Thor wanted to keep a close eye on him and the constant mischief he was causing. The Avengers didn’t like this very much and decided to make him his own kitchen and living room. This way they didn’t have to seem him too often and everyone stayed happy.

Following the sound of music and a light humming, you found the kitchen easily. Loki stood in front of the stove humming and lightly singing along to the music as he flipped the pancakes. You leaned against the wall, smiling as you watched him sway to the music.

“Are you going to come and sit down or continue to admire me from the doorway?” Loki asked, smirking as he put a couple of pancakes on a plate.

“How did you know?” You asked, a blush rushing to your cheeks.

“I could hear you walking down the hallway and could feel your eyes on me when you came in.” Loki put the pancakes on the table, the smirk still present on his face. “Am I as attractive cooking as I was when you watched me get dressed this morning?”

“Oh my god…” You groaned, the embarrassment creating a pit in your stomach.

“Don’t feel bad love, most women can’t resist looking at me either. I’m just glad that you enjoyed it.” Loki handed you the syrup for the pancakes and watched you in amusement.

“Can you just tell me what happened last night?” You asked, trying to hide how flustered you were.

“You sure you’re ready for it? It’s quite a story.” Loki warned.

“Just tell me.” You said, taking a huge bite of the pancakes.

“The Avengers had decided to play a drinking game. Someone would choose a question and we’d all drink a shot before answering. It was incredibly fun, at least for those of us that can handle more than three shots without being completely hammered.” Loki paused, giving you a pointed look.

“That reminds me, how do I not have a crazy hangover right now?” You asked, realizing that usually when you are really drunk you have a terrible hangover the next day.

“I have magic, remember?” Loki grinned, winking at you. “Anyway to the story…”

The question game had been going on for four rounds and you were already completely drunk. It was a hilarious sight for everyone to see, yet a terrifying one at the same time.

“Who in this room, would you want to fuck?” Sam giggled, he was also not handling the alcohol very well.

“I’d fuck Loki, anytime, any day.” You grinned looking towards where Loki sat in shock.

“Loki? (Y/N), you do understand that I’m sitting here, right?” Tony laughed, nudging you with his elbow.

“No, I’ve had a crush on Loki since the first day he walked into this tower. I mean, look at him! Tall, handsome, kinda mysterious and dark. But he’s also kind and caring. He’s just really perfect!” You exclaimed, never taking your eyes off of a smirking Loki.

“You have had too much to drink kid.” Steve laughed patting your head.

“Would you want to fuck me Loki?” You asked, giving him a coy smile.

“Like you said, anytime, any day.” Loki said, trying to not show that he was slightly freaking out inside.

“Then do it.” You smirked, leaning back in your chair.

“What?” Clint asked, choking on his beer.

“Come on Loki, it’s past midnight and most people have gone home to have sex. You said anytime, any day. Let’s go!” You stood up, grabbing your coat and beginning to walk out of the room.

“I’m never one to argue to a good thing.” Loki chuckled, following you out of the room.

“She’s going to regret that in the morning.” Tony laughed, shaking his head.

“Oh my god.” You groaned, banging your head on the table.

“Who knew you were so flirty and blunt when you’re drunk?” Loki said, the cockiness obvious in his voice.

“Can you forget everything I said last night?” You asked, trying to hide the blush on your cheeks.

“I don’t believe I can. It’s amazing that the person I’ve liked since I saw them, likes me back! They even admitted in front of the Avengers. I never want to forget that.” Loki’s smirk faded into a smile.

“You like me? Is this a joke to you?” You asked bringing your head off the table.

“I don’t think I could lie to you, love.” Loki cupped your face in his hands. “I never would lie to you, you’re too precious to me.”

“Will you kiss me?” You asked, looking down at his lips that kept inching towards yours.

“I can do more than that, love.” Loki smirked, kissing you roughly and deeply. Unfortunately, this didn’t last long.

“OH GOD!” Tony screamed as the elevator opened.

“Hi Tony.” You smiled, pulling away from Loki’s kiss to smile at him.

“I came to rescue you, but I see that isn’t needed…” Tony said, the elevators beginning to close again. “OH AND USE PROTECTION PLEASE!”

“Where were we?” Loki smirked, turning back to where you still sat.

You giggled, pulling him closer for another kiss. It was a new year and you were already having one of your dreams become a reality. You couldn’t wait to see what else would come your way in this new year with Loki.

Dating Isaac would include

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

  • Being friends with him before dating
  • Always being worried when Isaac goes home
  • “Please Isaac, don’t go home. Stay here.”
  • Having the biggest crush on each other
  • Having your first kiss before you two get together
  • “Don’t leave. Kiss me.”
  • Not really liking the cocky attitude Isaac gets when he was turned
  • “Isaac, if you don’t wipe that smug smile off your face you’ll watch ME turn into a werewolf and destroy you.”
  • Also being friends with Scott and Stiles which makes Isaac very very jealous
  • “Why do you always hang out with them?”
  • “I went over for 2 seconds to get the answers to our homework.”
  • “Just wondering.”
  • Giving him a goofy smile from across the classroom to make him feel better
  • Isaac tried to straight up ask you out, but got a little nervous
  • “So. You wanna.. Eat movie and hang dinner? Or. I mean. Shit.”
  • “Are you trying to ask me out?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “I.. Okay.”
  • Holding hands. His hands are freakishly huge so when you two hold hands his hand literally engulfs yours
  • He walks you to every class and holding your books. Doesn’t matter if he’s late he wants to make sure you get to class
  • Calling you ‘Love’
  • Asking for kisses
  • “Love, may I please have a kiss?” Giving him a small peck “No no. A real kiss?”
  • While having serious pack meetings you two will have to be separated because you two can’t keep your hands off of each other
  • Sending each other cheeky winks across the room
  • Stiles yells at the two of you
  • He is extremely overprotective, if anyone even thinks to look at you in the wrong way he’ll have them up against the lockers in two seconds flat
  • Going to his games for support
  • Stepping in front of him to protect him against evils 
  • “Don’t raise your eyebrows at me, you butthole.”
  • “If I had a penny every time you’ve made a sarcastic remark, boy I’d be a billionair.” 
  • Teasing each other all the times of 
  • Isaac likes to tease you about how you were head over heels you were for him and saying that thing that Andy says from Parks and Rec
  • “Aw babe you had a cruuush on me.”
  • “Isaac, I swear.”
  • Late night phone calls when he can’t sleep
  • Being little spoon
  • Piggy back rides
  • He loves your hips, like when he hugs you he keeps his hands on your hips
  • “I’m cooking.”
  • “So what?”
  • Wearing his clothes, like all the time
  • “Is that my scarf?”
  • “Um… no?”
  • Showering each other with compliments
  • “How did my boy become so handsome?”
  • “Love, you look absolutely breathtaking.”
  • Rubbing his chest to comfort him
  • Spending Full Moon nights with him and being his anchor
  • You two CANNOT play games together because Isaac gets a smug smile when he wins that you want to wipe off of his face so quick and you throw the game board off of the table
  • Studying with each other
  • “Okay, every other question you do, I’ll give you a kiss.”
  • “But what if I want a kiss now?”
  • “What if I want to do homework?”
  • “Lets face it, homework sucks.”
  • Making out instead of doing homework
  • Begging Isaac not to go to France when Allison dies
  • Isaac does not go
So what if you wear dresses?

Okay wtf is the title?  I’m the worst.

This is terrible sorry.



Prompt: Phil wants to wear skirts and dresses and although Dan and him aren’t dating he thinks Phil is the most adorable thing he’s ever seen, when he catches Phil in one.

Word Count: 566, whoops sorry its short.

Phil sighs as puts the dress back on the rack. He wanted it desperately but was afraid of what everyone would think. Especially Dan.

You see, Phil had the biggest crush on Dan, and wanted to be perfect for him although he didn’t like Phil back. Phil thought he wasn’t perfect, but knew that wearing skirts and dresses would add to his list of failures.

“Phil?” Dan calls from an aisle over and Phil runs to him.


Dan smiles softly at him and laughs, “I thought I lost you.”

Phil felt his cheeks heat up and turn a deep shade of red. Dan must have noticed to because he was now teasing Phil for blushing.

Later that night, as Dan was in the shower, Phil sat in the lounge scrolling the internet looking at dresses. He thought they were all adorable, some being pink, others purple. Some were simple others more fancy, and he wanted nothing more than to have them all.

He ended up buying 3 pink dresses and a lilac skirt. Smiling to himself, his worries were gone for a brief minute. Phil imagined him in these, twirling in the mirror, showing them off for his best friend.

He could see it now, Dan sitting in the lounge himself shyly walking out and twirling slowly. Dan smiling and saying he loved it.

His thoughts were cut short when Dan came in, his hair was wet and curled, Phil loved his hobbit hair.

“Whatcha doing?” Dan asked Phil and sat on the sofa beside him.

As if a panic came Phil slammed his laptop shut and stuttered, “N-nothing.”

Dan raised an eyebrow and Phil assured him it was nothing. Dan oviously didn’t believe him but he brushed it off and  turned the newest anime the two had started.


Two weeks passed and the Phil finally gets his dresses in the post. He’s filled of joy and runs to his room with the box. Shutting the door he strips out of his clothes and slipped on the dress.

His own mouth dropped as he looked at himself in the mirror. The pink dress fit his slim figure perfectly, showing off his curves. The smile couldn’t be kept off his face.

“Phil, do you have the- woah” Phil head snaps over to the door as Dan walks in. His eyes are wide now.

“Dan, it’s not what it seems. I’m not- It’s for a video” Phil rambles quickly but Dan just stares. He finally walks over and hugs Phil.

“Phil, if you want to wear dresses that’s totally fine!”

“But I don’t want to.” He lies.

“Then what video are you making that you need this?” He asks softly pulling back and looking at the shorter boy. Phil doesn’t say anything and just sighs.

“It’s really okay if I wear these?”

“Phil, I swear it is. You look so cute in it.” Dan’s cheeks redden along with Phil’s.

Dan quickly placed a kiss to Phil’s lips and pulled away swiftly. “Sorry, you just look to cute for me to not do that. Plus I’ve wanted to for a long time.” He awkwardly scratches the back of his head and Phil kisses him again.

“Me to.”

“You’re adorable you know?” Dan asks and Phil shakes his head, his cheeks fully red now. “You are, and I’ll tell you everyday if I have to until you know.”

Olivia is definitely NOT over Fitz

I was THRILLED to see the Olivia/Fitz interactions in 6x02. The biggest takeaway from the episode was that Olivia still clearly has feelings for Fitz and she is NOT HAPPY at the idea of him seeing other women. The first hint we get of this is when she goes to dinner with an old friend (whose name is Angela) who happens to be the head of the FBI. I loved the dinner time conversation that these two had because, as it turns out, Angela has something of a crush on Fitz (who wouldn’t let’s be honest) and Olivia just cannot at the idea that another woman may have feelings for Fitz. Though she plays off her feelings for Fitz like she doesn’t care, it is PAINFULLY obvious she hasn’t moved on (her facial expressions say it all). She masks her feelings, however, under the guise of giving Angela “permission” to ask Fitz on a date. Two major things I took away from this interaction: 1) Olivia may claim she’s moved on but her body language says otherwise and 2) she seems to have wanted to use Angela to test Fitz to see if he had moved on enough to actually date another woman (in this case, a friend from her past).

As good as the dinner scene was, though, the BEST scene of the episode came when Olivia found Fitz and Angela on a date on the White House balcony. The look on her face when she found them was PRICELESS!!!!! There was no denying she appeared incredibly jealous at having found them and was positively seething underneath the surface. You could see the whole “I know you aren’t on a date with my man on my balcony” on her face and it was just… MAGICAL (I mean really. I half expected her to pick up a chair and do the same to Angela that she did to Andrew).

So, I am glad that it is Olivia who is jealous for a change. She needs to be the one to go after Fitz and earn him.

Girl Crush ~ smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Stiles

Rating: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut

Word Count: 3763

A/N: This idea came from the song by Little Big Town. I just thought it would be cute 

Lydia Martin has always been beautiful. Since we were kids, the boys have always gravitated towards her. Hell, even some girls have crushed on her. She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s popular. Why wouldn’t they? There’s just something about her and Stiles Stilinski has been her biggest fan since the days of running around on the playground. How do you even begin to compete with that?

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B.A.P React: When they overhear you tell your friend you had a dirty dream about them

So this took longer than I expected it to take….I was suppose to finish it tomorrow, but I was mourning over the election. I am still mourning, but we have hope! Nothing is official until December 19th so everyone don’t lose hope just yet! Anyways, enough depressing politics! Here is a fun, sexy little reaction for the lovely @matokii95:

Hii can you make a bap reaction to them hearing when you say to your friend that you had a dirty dream with them(bap i mean) and bap have a crush on you? Idk if i was clear sorry :( thanks in advance 💝

Warning: Suggestive Sexual Content


Originally posted by bangabrielle

The biggest gummy smile would spread across his face when he happened to overhear your confession about your dirty dreams about him. He had liked you for quite sometime, but never progressed from being really great friends. With his busy work schedule and workaholic tendencies, he thought he had absolutely no chance to be in a relationship with you, and thought it would be best to avoid the trouble all together. But now that he found out how you felt about him, you can be sure that this gummy bear would pursue a relationship with you with full force. He would suck in his lips, trying his best not to reveal himself. One, to avoid embarrassing you any further and two, he was just too giddy with joy at the moment. The way your face turned tomato red as you described what had occurred in your fantasy, the way he touched you, kissed you, held you. The tricks he used to get you to scream his name. He was beginning to get hot and bothered just thinking about it. After he had enough of eavesdropping on you, he would attempt to leave, to give you some semblance of respect for your privacy, only to find you staring at him wide-eyed and red as the sun.

“H-How much did you hear?”

“……*cautiously approaches you*….the whole thing…”

“Oh God! *Buries face in hands* You must be think I’m some sort of pervert!”

“*gently grabs your hands to expose your face* I’ve been thinking about that too…”

“R-Really?! You’re not doing this to comfort me right?! Because it’s fine if you think I’m a pervert! I mean it’s not okay bu-”

“Haha, I’m not….*let’s one hand slide down to your waist* I’m actually curious as to what my dream self did to make you act this cute and embarrassed. I need to know in detail.”

“Y-You do???”

“*Hand slowly slides up your shirt* I think you’ll just have to show me exactly what I did.”


Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

Oh you can bet this little pervert will have the biggest smirk on his face when he overhears that you’ve been having wet dreams about him. His nose would be in the air, proud and secretly relieved that you felt that way about him. Despite his confident and strong front he usually showed the world, he was afraid that maybe you would never see him as a love interest, especially since he felt that his looks weren’t up to par lately. He would lean back against the wall that hid his presence and soak in the details you were confessing to your friend about his dream-self’s actions. The way his hands would just know where all your sensitive spots were. How his tongue would work wonders on your body. If he could, he would pounce on you right there and then. But since you had company he decided it was best to move himself away from the conversation before he got too roused up to even focus about practicing. That plan would have gone well….if he didn’t get caught.


“Hi Y/N! *Smiles*”

“H-How much did you hear!?”


“D-don’t lie! *Starts tearing up from embarrassment*”

“Ah, don’t cry! *gently wipes away your tears* If you want I’ll forget everything, I promise!”

“*Looks up at him with slightly relieved eyes* Really?”

“I promise! *pinky promise pose* I’ll forget how you want me to run my tongue against your-”


“Ah! Sorry! What am I even saying!? Bad Himchan! *Jokingly slaps himself*”

“*Buries your face in your hands from embarrassment* You must think I’m some sicko!”

“Yah, *Grabs your hand and places a kiss on top* You’ll always be a princess to me. And it’s my job as a prince to please you in any way I can. Got that?”


Originally posted by daematos

This ball of sunshine would not be able to contain his voice. The moment he heard you start talking about how you had a wet dream about him, he would freeze. A surprised, dumbstruck smirk on his face. He would have to place a hand over his mouth to keep him from squealing at the top of his lungs. He had liked you for a while, but the two of you were in this sphere of being friends, but playfully flirty with one another. The last thing he wanted was to be friend-zoned. This front would last for a few moments until he heard all the dirty details about how his lips traced every part of your skin. How the slight flick of his tongue would send you into ecstasy. Once he heard all of that, you can bet that this food-loving monster would scream, shout, and flail at the top of his lungs causing both you and your friend to jump at the sound. His loud and obvious outburst would lead to the two of you staring at each other like deers in the headlights. You wanting to throttle Dae for eavesdropping and him wanting to run for the nearest locked room to hide for your possible rage.  

“JUNG DAEHYUN! *Runs up towards him, face red from rage and embarrassment*”

“I didn’t hear anything! I swear! *Puts his hands up in surrender*”

“Y-you idiot…you were suppose to be at practice….*you begin tearing up*”

“Hey, hey, don’t cry. *gently rubs the back of your head*”

“How can I not cry!? You just overheard me being a complete pervert now I’m definitely friend-zoned!”

“Friend-zoned!? Far from it, Y/N!”

“E-eh? O_O”

“You don’t think I have the same thoughts about you? *smirks and cocks eyebrow*”


“Thoughts about wanting to crash my lips against yours *tilts your chin upwards* how I want to leave my mark all over your body, how I want to make you scream my name over and over again *Leans in and begins leaving small kisses on your neck*”

“D-dae!? What are you doing!? *squirms*”

“You brought it up, Y/N, so now I’m hungry for a serving of you.”


Originally posted by ninichu

So this hyper fluffball would one, be red as a stop sign, and two flailing and jumping around like the energizer bunny. His initial reaction would be a jaw drop to the floor. I mean, who wouldn’t when they hear that their crush is about having dirty dreams about them. He would be an emotional cocktail of excitement and embarrassment. His initial intentions were to come find you to simply call you to go eat with him, not eavesdrop on your conversation with your friend. But the moment he heard the words ‘Youngjae’ and ‘wet dream’ in the same sentence, you can bet this energizer bunny would make it his new agenda to eavesdrop. He had a crush on for a while, probably since the first day he met you, but he was too afraid to cross the line between friend and lover. What if you rejected him? What if that caused an end to your friendship? He had to calculate every possible outcome and the pros and cons before he could decide whether to take a leap of faith or not. It wasn’t until he started to hear the juicy details about how his dream-self made you moan and call out for him. How his technique was so amazing that you couldn’t let go of him the entire night. At this he decided to take a leap of faith….literally. He got so excited he tripped. Your friend, being the kind soul they were, decided it was best to leave before they would have to clean up the possible bloody aftermath. 

“Y-Youngjae!? O///O”

“Hi? *awkwardly waves*”

“You little eavesdropper!”

“In my defense, I was coming here to ask you if you wanted to eat…But it seems like the only thing you want to eat is me *smirks*”

“Yah! *flicks his forehead* You weren’t suppose to hear any of that!”

“Well I did. Kekeke I didn’t know you wanted me that much Y/N.”

“Ha! How do you know about I just dream about you?”

“W-what? *Jaw drop and blushes* *this bunny is most confuse-ed*”

“Yeah, I could also be dream these things about Daehyun, Zelo, Jon-”

“*Places a hand over your mouth* You’re teasing is not funny, Y/N”

“*muffled* You started it.”

“And I intend to finish. I don’t like losing, especially when something I want is on the line *leans in closer*”


“I become shameless *kisses the top of his hand that is over his lips* *smiles innocently*”

“You tease!! *Playfully hitting him*”


Originally posted by leo-hyuks

Ohmigosh, this puppy would be frozen. Like I’m talking about marble statue at the Louvre frozen. The fact that he heard his name and the words ‘wet dream’ come out of your mouth in the same sentence would send his mind in a tizzy. He had a crush on you for quite sometime, but since he was kinda awkward and shy he didn’t know exactly how to approach a relationship. He even contemplated copying one of the moves he saw from a shoujo manga, but he was having difficulty finding a single sakura tree on top of a hill where the wind was blowing ‘oh-so-perfectly’ to profess his love to you. His mind would still be off in a galaxy galaxy far away until you started describing all the dirty details about how his strong sturdy body was pressed up against his. How the mix of sweat and lust sent you into ecstasy. How his dream-self would make you unable to walk the next morning. Yep, you can bet you will have a frozen Uppie statue for quite sometime. It wasn’t until you had finished confessing your dirty secrets to your friend and decided to walk back to the practice room where the rest of the boys were at, that you walked right into a Uppie statue.

“Uppie! Y-you were here!?”


“Uppie?…um hello? Earth to Uppie *pinches his cheeks*”

“Is it true?”


“That you dreamed about me…doing……the sex…with you?”


“Oh….it was a joke?”

“No! No! It’s just your wording- you know what nevermind. Um….I wasn’t joking *blushes*”

“So you really want to have sex with me?”

“Ack! Why do you have to say that out loud?! It’s embarrassing!”

“Oh…..*whispers* So you want to have sex with me?”

“*whispers* Y-yes…..”


“Please say something, Uppie!”

“*Lifts you up and carries you over the shoulder*”

“E-eh!? What are you doing!?”
“We are going off to have the sex. I’m pretty sure there is an empty room somewhere.”

“Uppie! That’s not what I meant! >////<”


Originally posted by ab1004

This giant baby would bury his face in embarrassment when he overhears your conversation with your friend about your dirty dream about him. This giant bunny can be cheeky, but he is still such a sweetie pie and will be 50 different shades of red. He had a crush on you for a while. You were fun, cute, kind, he had a list of things that he could say about you, but he’d probably turn 85 when he finished. He had finally felt himself calm down a bit….until he heard the detailed description you were telling your friend about what his dream-self did to you. How his tongue traced every curve and inch of your body. How your body would shiver with pleasure from his touch. How his body fit so well with yours. This poor baby wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore and run down the hall, partially screaming from embarrassment and the expected awakening of little Zelo. This would ultimately catch your attention and cause you to chase after the poor boy to explain yourself.

“Junhongie! *tackles him and pins him down to stop him from running away* Let-let me explain.”

“Ack! I mean, you don’t have to explain! I mean, I don’t need an explanation! I- *starts blinking profusely*”

“I-I’m not a pervert! I swear! I don’t just have dirty dreams about anyone one!”


“I mean-like…uh….I don’t know what to say anymore *closes eyes from embarrassment*”

“Do you like me, Y/N?”

“I wouldn’t have dirty dreams about you if I didn’t did I?”


“O.O Y-you! Were you just pretending to be embarrassed so that I could confess to you!?”

“*pulls you down into a hug* Nope. I am 100% completely embarrassed. But that fact that you only have dirty dreams about me makes me really happy.”

“You cheeky little brat *playfully slaps his chest*…..*feels something poke your thigh* Uhhhh O////O.”

“Little Zelo is also very happy. You should take responsibility for making him that way.”

Thanks for reading! Comments and feedback are much appreciated!

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I want a fanfic where Marinette discovers Chat Noir’s identity and instead of becoming shy around Adrien she just messes with him- making him flustered in class and being overly oblivious when Chat Noirs slips up and hints towards who he is. E.g.

Ladybug: Chat, I have the biggest crush ever on this boy at school…

Chat Noir: Oh really, My Lady? And who might that be?

Ladybug: His name is Adrien Agreste and he is gorgeous! A model too!

Chat Noir: *Internally screaming* O-Oh, um.. Thats c-cool…

Ladybug: Everytime I see him I just want to pull him close…

Ladybug: *Sits closer to Chat Noir* *Leans in*

Chat Noir: *Internally screaming* Y-yeah?

Ladybug: And tell him…

Chat Noir: *Leans in* Yeah?

Ladybug: To fight you- because obviously you’d never let me date him..

Chat Noir:

Chat Noir:

Ladybug: Oh well, guess it just isn’t meant to be *walks off*

Chat Noir: *cursing under his breath*


Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes of the 107th

Ballpoint pen sketch with very minor Photoshop enhancements.

Phew! I did it!! This has taken me weeks to get finished, and I nearly ripped it up and started again about a dozen times. I’m so glad i didn’t.

I have the biggest crush on 40′s Bucky, with his gorgeous hair, and that blue jacket, and I think I’ve done him justice. I’m seriously thrilled with the final piece.

I’ve included a snapshot of the stages of building up the drawing, too. Please reblog, thank you.

Handwriting Tag

I was tagged by @fluffyjihun, @daidoushoui and @vixxeroni~! Thanks for the tag!! Guys my handwriting is so bad I’m notorious for having the worst handwriting like ever but sadly this is the neatest I can go! TT

Don’t have to do this okay, but I have to tag people so I’ll tag: @meaniengful @water-lili @keunakool @2jaepg @uberiam @nyaastro @bangbaptan @nitorem @hatsure

*adds BTS - Spring Day as my new current favorite song*