i have the best running away singing ever

halloween losers club

my brain suggested this idea to me while scrolling through Halloween costume ideas (im going as georgie and my bff is going as bill) and i was like “say no more”

lets just say bevs aunt lets her come down for halloween ok? ok.

- Beverly goes as Rizzo from Grease

- Richie goes as a Greaser from Grease (um duh)

- Eddie doesn’t normally participate in Halloween. Richie suggests that he goes as his pink lady, which Eddie immediately denies but he does indeed show up in a pink collared shirt, black jeans and one of the Pink Lady Jackets.

- Bill, Stan, Mike and Ben go as the Ghostbusters (can you imagine how great that is)

- Eddie has always hated Halloween because he gets scared so easily and you’re literally taking food from strangers.

- Richie, in a shxtty greaser accent- “Don’t worry Eddie baby I’ll protect you.” “Richie you’re a toothpick.”

-  1) “Guys wait you have to check your candy-” 2) “Oh my god you aren’t gonna eat that thing, right?” 3) “The man that gave that to us owned scary dogs. Don’t eat that.”

- Stan would occasionally space out every time he saw or heard any trace of a bird.

- Every time Richie saw anyone else dressed up as any character from Grease he would swing his arms around Beverly and Eddie’s shoulders and scream, “WE’RE BETTER!”

- Eddie, blushing- “Oh my god Richie stop your frickin’ retarded-”                           Bev, raising a fist in the air, “HELL YEAH!”

- the whole squad constantly screaming the Ghostbusters theme song.

- Richie would not stop singing songs from Grease terribly.

- ^^^^ “SumME r LoVIn HaD mE A blAAAsT, SummmmmE R lOvIn, HaPpENeD sO FA ST”

- you know that part from ‘Summer Loving’ where they’re like- “tell me more, tell me more!” uh so-

- Richie spinning Eddie around and them singing the song together.

- Having to run away from the bullies at top speed


- Ben telling everyone what the best candies are and what to look for and all his strategies while the group just silently nods.

- “Ok. so personally I love the tootsie rolls but- yes Mike what’s your question?”     “Which candies are specifically vegan-”

- Mike constantly stopping to pet every single dog he sees and give them a good tummy rub

- Eddie constantly burying his face in the back of Richie’s leather jacket every time he sees something scary 

- Bill staring sadly at sewer drains every time they pass one in the sidewalk

- All of them softly crying when they see a balloon.

 *que ‘fxck this shit im out’ whenever they see a kid dressed as a clown

ok bye thanks for your time


Lin Manuel x Reader
Words: 1132
Request: could you maybe do a lin x reader, where reader plays eliza and performs burn the night after they found out their s/o cheated on them and actually cries on stage and lin comforts them bc he’s in love with the reader and hates to see them hurt and it’s really super fluffy,,, bc whenever i hear burn i start crying and i need some lin fluff

i’m sorry i’m so mopey i’m just sick of losing all my friends, especially the ones who i thought i meant something to. 
I’m staying up for a while tonight. I’m quite tired, but my friend really wants anthony to notice her letter so i’m staying up for her. i’m going to do quite a bit of writing to pass the time, because i haven’t posted in a while and i feel bad for not doing so. I’m going to get back to normal hopefully. I just have one more week of school and then i’ll have time to myself.

thankyou all for sticking with me even if i’m super whiny and boring. requests are open, take care of yourselves friends x


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Everyone seemed to sense that something was off when you walked into the Richard Rodgers. Your earphones fitted securely over your ears, cutting you off from the rest of the cast. Your usually vibrant eyes were puffy, and slightly red. The smile that usually appeared when you got to work was nowhere to be found. You tried your best to act normal, but it was hard. You felt terrible, alone and betrayed. You were hurt, and you had no one.

When you found out that your partner had cheated on you, the world around you collapsed. The light in your life was gone. You were living out of a suitcase on your friend’s couch, and the couch was as hard as stone. You hadn’t slept since you found out. You were running on coffee and the knowledge that you had a show to complete.

You flinched when you felt someone tap you on your shoulder. You slowly pulled off your headphones, turning. You smiled weakly at Lin, putting your bag down.

“Are you okay?” Lin asked. You nodded slowly.

“Yeah, things are just a bit rough at the moment. I’m fine, honestly,” You croaked, ignoring his concerned gaze. His eyes studied your movements carefully, he gently pulled you into a hug.

“Just remember, we’re a family. If there’s anything going on and we can help, let us know,” Lin said, rubbing your back. You shivered at his touch.

“I… I will. Thank you,” You whispered, pulling away from the hug. “Ready for tonight, Hamilton?”

“Of course, best of wives and best of women,” Lin said, smiling. “I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah,” You replied quietly, picking up your bag again and heading into the dressing rooms.

The show that night was hard. In Helpless, you weren’t even half as lively as usual. You found it hard to feel something for Alexander as Eliza when you felt nothing. In That Would Be Enough, you were flat. You had dreams with your partner, you had planned to have children. You had planned for the future…

Say No To This ruined your night. You had to leave side stage and hide until the song was over. You couldn’t bare to watch. You knew Jasmine was an angel and would never cheat on anyone, but… it hurt. You saw your partner in them. You saw the betrayl. You saw the pain that you had been feeling. For the first time, you saw history through Eliza’s eyes.

You watched from the wings as The Reynolds Pamphlet slowly finished. You grabbed your lantern and paper, smiling weakly at Anthony who had just come offstage. He gave you a supportive smile, standing back and letting you enter the stage.

It was then that for the realisation hit again. There were so many reasons that your partner could’ve cheated, which one was it? You recalled the conversations in your head, the words of hatred towards you. The love that you thought you had shared…

The tears slowly started to slip out of your eyes as you sang. You felt vulnerable, sitting in the middle of a theatre filled with people. You were sharing your experience with them, but they had no idea. You took a deep breath, trying to snap out of it. The tears kept flowing down your cheeks.

“I hope that you burn,” You sang quietly at the end of the song, grabbing the lantern and exiting the stage.

You began to sob once your mic was turned off, trying to compose yourself. Renee and Jasmine came running, pulling you into a group hug.

“That was the best I’ve ever heard you sing that song. We all had goosebumps,” Renee whispered, wiping the mascara from under your eyes. “We need to fix your makeup before you go back on.”

You nodded slowly, clinging to Renee weakly. “I… I’m sorry. I should’ve told someone. I…”

“Told someone what?” Renee whispered, rubbing your back. Jasmine pulled away from the hug, running to get some powder.

“They… they cheated. I have nowhere to stay, I haven’t slept in so long…. I’m hurt,” You whispered. You jumped when you heard the shotgun sound effect at the end of Blow Us All Away.

“We need to talk about this after,” Renee whispered, grabbing the powder from Jasmine and quickly applying it over your tear tracks. “Right now, you need to go witness your son dying.”

You laughed quietly, looking down at your dress. Your eyes widened. “Crap!” You exclaimed, quickly stripping your dress off and stepping into the other one. “Zip me up quick quick quick.”

Jasmine zipped up the dress, pushing you onto the stage. You wrapped your arm around Anthony, letting out your remaining tears.

Once the show finished, you found that almost everyone was hugging you and offering you a place to stay. After removing your makeup and costume, you headed for the stage door, only to have Lin stop you.

“That was the best I’ve ever heard you sing (Y/N). That was incredible,” Lin said, opening the door for you. You smiled politely, stepping out into the streets of New York.

“I was just doing my best. Some of tonight wasn’t that great, I’ll be honest with you. But it’s moments like these when you realise how loving the theatre community really is. I don’t think I’ve ever received that many hugs in my life!” You stated, smiling at the thought of the massive group hug the cast had a few moments before.

“I love the theatre. I truly do. And I love everyone in it. Tell me, where are you staying at the moment? I know you were living with your partner…” Lin asked, shutting the stage door and walking along beside you.

“Friend’s couch. It’s not much, but it’s enough. I don’t have any other choice,” You said, shrugging.

“I think you have plenty of choices. You know, I have a friend with a bed that I’m sure he’d be willing to lend to you until you’re back on your feet. I bet he’d even take the couch instead of you,” Lin stated, avoiding your eyes. He looked at his feet, smiling.

“Your friend sounds amazing. Do I know them?” You asked.

“Well, yeah. You definitely do…” Lin started, trailing off. He hesitated, before adding, “It’s me! I’m the friend!”

You laughed quietly. “That would be incredible Lin. But only if you wanted to deal with my lack of sleep and happiness,” You said.

“Oh trust me, you don’t even know what a lack of sleep is yet. When I was writing the show…”

You continued to walk home with Lin, happily listening to his stories. The week that had started off roughly was ending well, and you sure couldn’t wait to sleep in a real bed again.

Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen | The Wicked + The Divine

In this podcast episode Jamie and Kieron get meta and talk about the end of WicDiv but also other comics.

Topics include being gods and maybe dying themselves, not sure what to do after WicDiv, trying to escape each other, not being able to sing, the bible ya know, not smoking for good reasons, not liking the monetization of diversity, being aware that art transforms people lives, daring their readers, re-doing the work itself, the final scene of the run, music video direction, potentially leaving to direct, Matt Wilson for President, and what they’re reading!



Matt: Tia, welcome back.

Tia: It’s good to be back.

Matt: This is it. We’re here to close out our convention with the gods of comics themselves.

Tia: It’s true.

Matt: Let’s get meta right now. Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen, welcome to the show.

Jamie: Thank you, thank you for having us.

Matt: This is a big show for us. Really big show. Biggest show we’ve ever done. And I had something I wanted to throw out, get super meta. Now you guys literally are gods of comics right now. Is this the end? Do you have two years left? Is the end coming for you?

Kieron: We actually do have two years left.

Jamie: We do have two years left, yeah.

Kieron: Literally have two years left of WicDiv [The Wicked + The Divine].

Jamie: And then we die.

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They Don't Need To Understand

Could you make an Andy imagine? (Set during summer vacation after high school) The reader’s parents are very dense and overly protective of her and strongly dissaprove of their relationship? Since she’ was the youngest in her class, she is turning 18 in a week, but she decides to celebrate a little early by leaving home and running off with Andy. Her parents end up finding her at the mall and steal her back home, and Andy saves her.

Please listen to this while reading this imaginec:

It was the last week of the summer vacation before you would go to college. You weren’t happy, you weren’t excited, not even a little bit but you were kind of sad. Most of your friends couldn’t wait to go to college and were excited till no end but you weren’t. When you were still a kid, all you dreamt of was going to college and study to become someone who succeeded in life, but no, all you wanted to do was live your life and that’s why you had a plan.

You would run away. Today.

You were only 17 but because you would turn 18 in a week so this couldn’t be a big deal right? Running away.

“You got everything?”, Andy asked quietly, even though your parents weren’t home. You nodded slowly and zipped up your bag before you gave your boyfriend for nearly 3 years a small smile. He grabbed your hand softly and led you downstairs.

Even though you had been daiting for so long already, your parents never really approved of your relationship. “He’s a rebel!”, they said. “He is a stupid teenager who doesn’t know what he want and he has a bad influence on you as well!”, but this wasn’t true! Andy wasn’t like that at all. He may looked like a rockstar and someone who caused a lot of trouble, but he was the nicest and the most mature guy you’ve ever met. Well, your parents didn’t want to get to know him so you couldn’t help it.

You placed the letter you had wrote days before onto the kitchen table and sighed quietly. The last seconds in the kitchen you nearly killed yourself for so many times because you didn’t turn off the oven or when you nearly lost a finger because you weren trying to cut a tomato without looking.

“Let’s go”, you said quietly and turned around to look at your boyfriend. He had been watching you the whole time, happiness but also worry was sparkling in his blue eyes. Without saying anything he grabbed your hand and you exited the house together, without looking back you walked down the street, with heavy bags on your shoulders but happy smiles on your lips.

Before you would catch the last bus for the day, Andy suggested to get at least something to drink and eat from the mall because it would be a long drive and the mall was the nearest place you could go to right now so, you agreed.

As you were standing in line in front of the cashier, you heard screams coming from the entrace. “There she is! I knew it!”

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