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would anyone mind very much...

if i start scattering in non-tvxq posts now and then? i really have far too many tumblrs right now so it would help in keeping up with this one to remove one of my others. just things like suju, victoria, shinee, song jaerim - basically, still related to korean entertainment?


Hey everyone! To celebrate my recent follower milestone, I am holding a give away that will run until February 1st!** There will be a total of three winners, who will get a number of the items seen above. Anyone is free to enter, but please, please be sure to read and understand the rules below! Good luck :)

Entry Requirements:
- You must be following yona-chan to enter. I will be checking before contacting the winners.
- Like and/or reblog this entire post for a chance to win. Liking counts as 1 entry. Reblogging also counts as 1 entry. So, like + reblog = 2 entries = double the chance to win. All winners will be chosen at random.
- 2 entries is the maximum you can have. Aka: only reblog once. Reblogging heaps of times will not get you extra entries, and is a waste of your time.

- If you’re under the age of 18, you must have the permission of a parent or guardian to enter.
- You must be comfortable giving me your name and mailing address so that I can send you your prize should you win. If you aren’t sure if you are comfortable doing so, it’s probably best you don’t enter.
- You must have your tumblr askbox open and be available during the period I announce the winners (the first week of February). You will have 48 hours to reply to my message. Failing to do so will result in me picking another winner.
- The winners will move up should one forfeit. I.e: Should winner 1 forfeit, 2nd place will become 1st, 3rd will become 2nd, and I’ll pick a new 3rd place.
- No give away blogs! Please also don’t follow me solely for the sake of this give away.

- 1st Place Winner: 1xA, B, 1xC, 3xD
- 2nd Place Winner: 1xA*, 1xC*, 2xD*
- 3rd Place Winner: 1xC*, 2xD*
- Each winner will also get a letter from me, yay! :3

*You will get a choice of prizes from the remaining items not chosen by the winner above you. E.g: if winner 1 picks the Kija key-chain, that key-chain is no longer available for winner 2 or 3 to pick, and so on, so forth.
**Midnight of January 31st, AEST (UTC+11) time.
This give away is not supported in any way by tumblr!

Scarlet’s 500 Follow Forever

I can’t believe how quickly I went from 400 to 500 You guys are all awesome!This is my first follow forever so do forgive me if this doesn’t look very good. 

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