i have the 2003 version but never watched this one

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I've never understood the hate towards twilight vampires. Like twilight itself sure, I understand but the vampires weren't bad. Made of stone, formed covens, had gifts, able to survive off animal blood,vampire government, etc... wasn't actually bad. Sure the sparkling wasn't the best but is was better than burning out right. Even the whole 'Male vampire + human female can have baby' thing made sense. I'm sorry if this was a rant but it I never could understand the hate of twilight vampires.

I like traditional vampire lore not sparkly diamond vampires. Plus my fav ones are from the 1996 version of The Vampire Diaries (Not the TV book version) and The Argeneau Series (The first few books from 2003 had them drinking artificial blood / blood bags) . I only watched 2 of the movies for Kellan Lutz I couldn’t stand to watch more of them xD

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okay I just finished Full metal brotherhood and holy shit i cant even describe how awesome it has been, its been an amazing journey I laughed cried and now that's it over i feel like im saying bye to an old friend. But now I literally I dont know what to do with my life, like are there any spin offs and if there are which ones should i watch I know there's the 2003 version but is there anything i should watch first before I do?

oooh I know how you feel ;; finishing brohood for the first time was such a happy but sad thing ahhh I never wanted it to end!

But yeah, there are a few other fmab extras! There’s the 16 part koma theater (dubbed/subbed), 4 OVAs (dubbed/subbed) and the brotherhood movie The Sacred Star of Milos (dubbed/subbed) which doesn’t really have anything to do with the plot but is still considered to be part of brotherhood. ALSO if you haven’t seen the brotherhood bloopers you need to becAUSE THEY ARE SO GREAT.