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I agree with you to a certain extent regarding the IWD likes. But he had always posted for water day so I'm not sure if this one is related to Louis. I do think Louis has restrictions around what he can or cannot support. You would think they would publicize his charity work or let him support some positive projects to clean up his image... but no he's the asshole who doesn't care about social or political issues. And more or less he has always been restricted from voicing support through SM.

I think you might have misunderstood me…I don’t think Harry tweeting about WWD has anything to do with Louis. My point was that Harry actively posts when he cares about something, and that’s why I don’t think the IG likes about iWD were from him; it’s not his MO to passively like a few posts when he cares about an issue. I think someone liked them on his behalf because they presented a stark contrast to Louis at that time, and someone is making a concerted effort to present Harry and Louis as very, very different people.

I was just pointing out that Harry tweeting today about WWD was supporting my theory.