i have that stupid song stuck in my head

Music To, or In, My Ears

pairing: anthony ramos x reader

word count: 2500

warnings: swearing

a/n: have yall ever seen the soulmate prompt where it’s like “the song that’s stuck in your head is stuck in your soulmate’s head too”??? well thats what this fic is based on. its kind of confusing; i had to take a little artistic liberty; and it really, really, really sucks, but i hope you like it anyway. enjoy!!!

You didn’t believe in soulmates. You never had. Your parents said they were soulmates – they had ways, reasons they found each other that they constantly yammered on about. But you didn’t believe in soulmates. It was luck they found each other, and luck that they fell in love. The whole shtick of them ‘hearing the same songs in their head’ or whatever was just… coincidence. Of course. It had to be. There was no such thing as soulmates.

Until you heard it one day.

Rise up… when you’re livin’ on your knees you rise up…

You looked around the crowded subway car you were on, eyebrows cocked. Was someone playing their music too loud? So loud that you could hear it? You couldn’t recognize the song, so it certainly wasn’t coming through your earbuds. A quick glance around the cabin rewarded you with no answers; the other people in the immediate vicinity didn’t have any earbuds in or headphones on. Your eyebrows screwed up in the middle of your head and you leaned back, trying not to show both the confusion and the annoyance on your face. What the fuck was happening? Another line came seconds later.

Tell your brother that he’s gotta rise up… tell your sister that she’s gotta rise up… when are these colonies gonna rise up…

Oh, for God’s sake.

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Hey could you please do #35 with Isaac Lahey?

Isaac Lahey - “If you make one more stupid pun…”

“Do you feel as horrible as you look?” Isaac licked his lips and scratched the back of his neck while you threw your backpack on the floor.

“Worse…” You sighed and leaned against the wall. “It’s that we totally need the money, else I would have quit this job ages ago already.”

Isaac curled his lips up in a smile. “I could make some jokes about jobless people right now.” His smile brightened. “But nevermind, they don’t work anyway.”

You rolled your eyes and pushed yourself up again, walking past him so you could get to the kitchen. “I’m not sure if I’m in the mood for jokes anyway. I just need some food, hot chocolate, a warm blanket and a stupid movie marathon on Netflix that lasts the entire weekend.”

Isaac followed you and he leaned against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest. “Well, maybe I’m the perfect person to come up with another solution. I mean, claustrophobic people are kinda good at thinking outside the box.”

You couldn’t help curling your lips up a little, but you shook your head when you fell down in one of the chairs. “Instead of trying to be funny, you should make yourself useful or something. What about you do the cooking and the dishes tonight?”

Isaac shrugged his shoulders and he walked towards you. “Hey! You’re not the only one who hates today. I’m pretty sure the chickens in the fridge do too.”

You frowned your eyebrows and cocked your head while your glance met his.

“It’s Friday.” Isaac smiled once more and you took a deep breath, fighting the urge to throw something at his head.

If you make one more stupid pun, I will literally stab you.” You stuck out your tongue and Isaac started laughing out loud.

You liked the sound of his laugh. Not only was it something you didn’t hear that often, it was also something that sounded better than each and every song on your computer.

“I do have a good reason to make puns, though.” Isaac had to laugh in between every word and he wrapped his arms around his stomach. “It’s my respunsibility.”

You started to laugh along and eventually you stood up from your chair and pressed the palms of your hands to his cheek. “You know, I was going to give you a nasty look, but…” You couldn’t finish your sentence.

“It’s too bad I already have one then, huh?” Isaac’s arms slid around your waist and he pressed you a little tighter to his chest. “Are you feeling better already?”

You shook your head.

“Not even a little?” He pressed a kiss to your forehead and you let your head rest on his chest.

“Fine, maybe I feel a little better.”

“See? I told you claustrophobic people have the talent to think outside the box.” He whispered and then he kissed your lips. “Come, let’s find you some inner peas.”   

You stuck your tongue between your lips and teasingly you hit his chest. “It’s a good thing I have a better opinion of you than you deserve.”

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name: shannon

zodiac sign: capricorn

height: 5′4

last thing you googled: ever since new york lyrics because i just realized it’s a direct response to **** **** … ** ****

favourite music artist: all time low, one direction, bleachers, chance the rapper, etc etc. 

song stuck in my head: don’t take the money by bleachers

last movie you watched: get out i think? which was 10/10 btw.

what are you wearing now: blue denim light shorts, a black and white striped tee, and boat shoes. basically, i’m slaying today.

why did you choose your url: i read the prologue of trk when it was released early and snagged it.

do you have any other blogs: just a bunch of side ones for stupid stuff and personal use

what did your last relationship teach you: yike

religious or spiritual: neither?

favourite color: sunshine yellow

average hours of sleep: 8, 9 on a good night

lucky number: 15

favourite characters: gansey, draco, inej

how many blankets do you sleep with: like thirty two

dream job: i’d still love to work for rob dyrdek someday 

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Nicknames: Yeah I have a lot of nicknames, most of them are pretty stupid but zézé, zézéboo, zizi (my brothers call me this all the time), Zimbabwe ( @hildy-dont-be-hasty, @the-fxcking-void) and Poku (strangely a lot of my friends actually just adress me by my last name).

Time right now: 10:00 pm

Last thing i googled: How to tag someone on Tumblr (I wanted to do this tag, but until like 3 minutes ago, didn’t know how to actually tag people,so yeah…).

Fave music artist: (in the moment) Twenty One Pilots or Marina and the Diamonds

Song stuck in my head: Flesh Without Blood (Grimes)

Last movie i watched: I watched Fifty Shades Darker on Sunday with my friend, and yeah, it was basically just sex, and not that fun. There was literally no plot, it was just them having sex, in different rooms and other peoples houses. Was not a fan, I don’t even know why we decided to watch it.

Last tv show i watched: Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

What i’m wearing right now: A random pair of pajama shorts and a tee shirt

When i created this blog: January of this year I think.

The kind of stuff i post: Honestly anything that I find interesting/aesthetically pleasing/important and lots and lots of random thoughts and rants. Basically this is like a vent space/personal blog…?

Do i have other blogs: Neh, I feel like it would be too much work.

Do I get asks regularly?: No, but I wish I did, I love answering them!

Why did i choose my url: Because I thought it was cute, and was honestly trying to make my url super like mysterious and intriguing and cool. It didn’t work…but I tried.

Gender: I really don’t know.

Hogwarts house: Fuck I forgot. I’m gonna go retake the Pottermore quizz and I’ll get back to this one. *update* I just did my house test and I am a Hufflepuff!

Pokémon team: Instinct

Fave colors: Yellow, pastel pink and black I think.

Average hours of sleep: Uhm like 7 or 7,5.

Lucky number: 7

Fav Characters: FRED WEASLEY (!!!!!!!!!! <33333333), Baz, Luna Lovegood, Ciel Phantomhive and Kiki (Kiki’s delivery service) (I don’t know if these are actually my favorites, but right now they are the ones I thought of and they made me happy so yeah).

Dream job: A teacher, or maybe a dancer, or a singer? Most realistic out of the 3 is definitely the teacher though.

How many blankets do i sleep with: 2 ( a quilt and like a fuzzy blanket that my brothers named Grilled Steak, because it’s brown and has like ‘’grill marks’’ on it and also why the fuck not).

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Nickname: alice

Zodiac sign: aries

Height: 5'7

Last thing you googled: “hiei” from yyh, yep

Favorite music artist: too hard to pick one. shinee, one ok rock, fall out boy, and nicki minaj

Song stuck in my head: mr golden sun b/c i work at a kindergarten

Last movie you watched: guardians of the galaxy vol. 2

What are you wearing right now: bath towels and a face mask, sexy like

Why did you choose your URL: wanted something related to the ocean but i like witches more the mermaids so it was done

Do you have any other blogs: im waaaaay too lazy to maintain more than one blog

What did your last relationship teach you: intentions may not always be mean spirited but they can be stupid enough ruin everything

Religious or spiritual: i am neither

Favorite color: sky blue

Average hours of sleep: 5-6

lucky number: 19

Favorite characters: stiles (teen wolf), hiei (yyh), toph (avatar), todoroki (bnha), and laurent (cp)

How many blankets do you sleep with: Just sheets and a comforter

Dream job: brand manager for a cosmetic company

Song tag game.

Instructions: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping.

1. Shanghai - Nicki Minaj
2. Bandz That Make Her Dance (Hitmane Kokirimix) - Juicy J
3. Lucky Ones (Chinese Ver.) - EXO
4. Before I Decay - the GazettE
6. Unite (feat. Rob Harvey) - Miyavi
7. Regret In Your Tears - Nicki Minaj
8. Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) - Blue Foundation
9. So Cold - Breaking Benjamin
10. STORY - Perfume

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Steve having to travel by horse (◡‿◡✿)

Bucky riding behind him, singing “ Yankee doodle came to town a-riding on a pony” on top of his lungs (◕‿◕✿)

Bucky introducing Steve as “ Yankee doodle do or die” (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Nicknames: Ally-cat, Legs, I guess ‘Bonnie’ counts as a nickname. 

Time right now: 14:20

Last thing I googled: A phone number that called me bc I don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize lmao

Favorite music artist: I have a lot. Marina and the diamonds, Alessia Cara, The Lumineers, Matchbox 20, Skylar Grey, The Fray, The Veronicas. 

Song stuck in my head: This lmao

Last movie i watched: I think it was Logan.

Last tv show i watched: Orange Is The New Black.

What i’m wearing right now: Khaki leggings, denim shirt and stupid cat ear headband bc it’s the only one I could find to hold my hair back from my face.

When i created this blog: Like yesterday lmao, but I was around for a month or so before I remade. 

The kind of stuff i post: RP threads. General Miranda stuff. Occasional salty meta. 

Do i have other blogs: Yeah, I’ve got a personal which also has a bunch of saved URL sideblogs but I only use this one and my personal.

Do I get asks regularly?: I do, the BS community has been incredibly welcoming :)

Why did i choose my url: Becuse it means ‘murdered’ in Latin and Miranda is petty as fuck about it. 

Gender: Female.

Hogwarts house: Slytherin.

Pokémon team: I don’t play.

Favorite colours: Ultramarine blue.

Average hours of sleep: Anywhere from 3-7 hours depending. 

Lucky number:  8 and 16.

Favorite Characters: Miranda Hamilton. Erik Lehnsherr. Jool (Farscape). A bunch of others I can’t think of off the top of my head right this second. 

Dream job: Anthropologist.

How many blankets do you sleep with: One.

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Nickname:  chris (i guess? its short for christian lmao)

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 4'11

Last thing you googled: “shunsui kyoruka" (i wanted to read more about him asdfgh)

Favorite music artists: twrp, starset, mother mother, the zolas, mars argo, purity ring, brand new, said the whale, and probably more

Song stuck my head: Die For You by Starset (im listenin to that rn tho)

Last movie you watched: Halloween II ?

What are you wearing right now: black pants, uhhh black boxers, & my stupid freddy krueger and jason voohees shirt

Why did you choose your URL: doctor sung is a ray of sunshine and i accidentally called him sungshine once

Do you have any other blogs?: i have too many i have 13 that i actually use but i have 17 all together (too many)

What did your last relationship teach you: im not really cut out for relationships, im too clingy and then im too distant 

Religious or spiritual: spiritual

Favorite color: blue!!!!!

Average hours of sleep: not enough

Lucky number: 7, i suppose

Favorite characters: all of bleach (except like 2 characters so far)

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 even though its cold asdfgh

Dream job: im not even sure tbh

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-nicknames: GG, Girly, Birb, Birby, Babygirl (called by @machiavellismus) Boi

-Time right now: 2:32am, Wedensday, May 9th

-Last thing I googled: according to my browser history, “When neighbors go crazy” ….youtube takes me to special places :T

-Song stuck in my head: Aishite, Aishite, Aishite, kuruoshii hodo NIIII

-Last movie I watched: Birdemic 2…dont. just dont man.

-What im wearing right now: pajamas

-When I created this blog: About 5 months ago

-The kind of stuff I post: Guro, sometimes real gore, rarely a “selfie” aka my clothes, trauma, sometimes me bitching about the stupid people at my job, NPD, Depression

-Do I have other blogs: No but I have been thinking about it. Still not sure yet

-Why did I chose my URL: I kinda kicked it around for a long time before chosing GirlyGuro. I chose it to represent what sums up my personality xD..I like being girly n shit with the pink aesthetic but on other days I like being gothic and violent.

-Gender: Female

-Hogwarts House: last time I took one of those tests (which was like..6th grade) I got Ravenclaw

-Pokemon Team: I never really got into that so uuuhhh..neither..?

-Fav Colors: Deep blue, Emerald green, every pastel color in existance, purple

-Dream Job: well. Including my crushed ones: Surgeon, Forensic Scientist, Psychologist, Mental Health Evaluater, Neurosurgeon

-How many blankets do I sleep with: Usually only one. Either my main blanket, or my heated one.

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  • Gender: female
  • Time right now: 1:45 PM
  • Average hours of sleep: 6 or 7
  • Number of blankets I sleep with: 2
  • Last thing I googled: the tabs to Donna Lee, the Jaco version
  • Favorite music artists: John Frusciante, David Bowie, Dot Hacker, Lou Reed, and many others
  • Song stuck in my head: none. 
  • Last movie I watched: well i’m currently watching The Great Waldo Pepper ( Robert Redford as a pilot..nice..)
  • Last TV I watched: um the last episode of Feud .
  • What I’m wearing now: jeans, a t shirt, socks that will never match 
  • When I created this blog: a year ago i guess
  • I post: Frusciante, RHCP, movies and actors I like, stupid stuff, garbage
  • Do I have any other blogs: nah
  • Do I get asks regularly: technically i get like one a day, but my inbox isnt flooded with comments/questions
  • Why did I choose my URL: because 94 Fru is my spirit animal and I’m lame and I really wanted it..
  • Hogwarts house: idk
  • Pokemon team: idc
  • Favorite color: purple, green, blue 
  • Dream job:Being the next Hunter Thompson ( but we all know it’s impossible in this day and age) or anything that would entertain people, but I have no talent so let’s just bury that forever   (:

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So a while ago the KH hype got the better of me and I started drawing Pridelands!BH6 characters even though it would never actually happen in universe…and then i made everybody not  lions because I don’t know and I swore to inksie I’d draw her Pridelands!Tadashi and that’s how this happened

p.s. Hiro’s a Honey Badger

p.s. Yes he’s mad

“I’m a rodent.”

“Well, technically you’re a mustelid.”

“Shut up.”