i have that image in my head where seungri takes care of his hyungs

This is How You Die (M)

Warnings: angst, mentions of M/M sexual content, cheating, mentions of violence

Summary: Pain is power.


Jin was in Stepford Heaven: Everything around him was perfect, beautiful, glossy, and expensive.  It was what he always thought he wanted, except as it turned out, it was all boring as hell.  He and Jiyong had been staying together for three months now.  He even had a penthouse apartment in one of the many buildings Jiyong owned, another gift to help Jin get on his feet.  He stayed there on nights when Jiyong had business or when he just needed the time alone.  Lately he noticed Jiyong needed time alone more often.  Despite his best attempts not to believe it, Jin couldn’t help but shake the thought that it would only be a matter of time before Jiyong got tired of him.  He sincerely hoped those dark thoughts were just the idle imaginings of his now housewife persona.  

Waking up again to his empty bed, Jin decided to take matters into his own hands and go see Jiyong.  Dressing in a simple outfit–ripped and faded jeans low on his hips, white Mario t shirt, his grey oversized cardigan and Tom Ford shades–he set out to the older man’s penthouse apartment.  

Letting himself in, Jin headed to the kitchen to make a quick breakfast for the two to share in bed.   Walking softly down the hall, as not to disturb Jiyong, he pushes open the door to his master suite backing in.  Walking over to the lump in the center of the bed, “Rise and shine, O–.”  

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Act Like Nothings Wrong

A T.O.P/Choi Seunghyun fanfiction

Summary: When your friend drags you backstage at a bigbang concert, introducing you to Choi Seunghyun, a man that causes you to lose all sense and reason, what else is there to do, but act like nothing’s wrong…

Chapter Summary: you are in a club with BIGBANG and you end up losing them in the crowd.

Chapter Type: Angst

Disclaimer: This chapter has mentions and descriptions of mild assault.

Chapter 1  Chapter 4

Chapter 3

You feel him put his hands on your hips, feeling the movement, so that he could try and sway in time, however after a few minutes, you realise he isn’t quite as good at the dancing as you would have thought. You dont care though as you look up to see him smiling away at Daesung who was dancing some strange dance that included a lot of elbows and knees, whilst Lucie stood to the side a little, laughing into one hand and clutching her stomach with the other.

As soon as TOP notices that you are laughing along with Lucie, he eases himself away from you, walking smoothly into the space that Daesung is occupying and just standing as a new song comes on. Immediately you bring your hands up to cover your mouth as you see TOP wink at you, remembering the fact that he is drunk, you’re almost positive you’re about to see your first live show of Bingu TOP. The fast pace of the track begins straight away, and he begins to flail his arms in a wild, almost childlike way, doing a chugging movement with his feet whilst pulling a stupid face to complete the image. You lose all breath you’re laughing so much, and as another wave of laughter over takes you, you have to take a step back to steady yourself, however, this movement causes you to crash into the person behind you, who is decidedly unhappy about your mistake.

‘Hey, little girl do you want to stay out of my fucking way?’ the guy gets really close to your face and you smell the alcohol stench that is rolling off of his breath.

'Sorry’ you say in a small voice, but just as you go to take a step away from the man, you feel a solid wall of flesh at your back and immediately turn your head to see TOP, glaring at the man in front of you, one of his arms having wrapped themselves around your waist.

'Is there a problem here?’ he says in the darkest voice, you swear you’d ever heard come out of a human mouth.

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