i have texture problems

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Everything on the internet is like, chemical exfoliants are so good! If you can’t seem to find a moisturizer that absorbs you need to exfoliate!

Really because this is like, the lowest % BHA that claims it will also eliminate redness and YET it does this shit. 

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I love your cc so much! I was wondering if maybe you'll make another clothing pack like your skater pack in the future? I'm sorry if I'm annoying I just love your cc xoxo

Possibly in the future :D at the moment I’m working on a top from scratch I’m just having problems with the textures 😭 and I found those jeans I was working on last year 😅. what clothes would people like to see? :)

does anyone else have problems with certain textures?

I cannot stand yarn, corduroy, different furs rubbing together, and wet spots on clothes

the worst for me is fabric anywhere NEAR my teeth. the thought of fur or yarn rubbing my teeth is excruciating. the sound and sensation is terrible

Jon Kent/Superboy Icons from Super Sons #5

Here’ the freshest batch of Jon icons, made by yours truly. This month’s issue was really nice, the usual argument aside, but hey, anything beats being under control of Manchester Black. Like always, 51 icons in 100x100 format with no added textures. The uploading problem I was having was mostly due to me not realizing one of theicons had been saved as a bit map, not as a png. Silly me.

Reblog/like if you use them or save them or whatever.

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So, it’s turning out that I’m having a problem with the texture of smoothies. I guess I need to make them, like, super liquid if I want them to be okay for me

I have also discovered that soy yogurt are foul and disgusting and ew never again

goat milk yogurt, on the other hand, are still awesome and delicious and a blessing from whatever benevolent forces govern the universe

High waist Liu Jo Bottom up Jeans and Leggins Accessory

Hi ^ ^ I can finally share this jeans inspired by LiuJo (shocking eh?! XD),unfortunately is not HQ so don’t expect much and the back of the jeans is a bit too dark,I’m sorry :( I did my best for this one but the images I worked with were just meh!I also made it as an accessory (legging category),so the download is a file rar,you just have to unzip it and choose wich one you want or keep them both.Base game compatible,standalone item,palette and thumbnail in photo.So sorry for the blurry and bad preview,the top my sim is wearing is made by me but I don’t know if I will share it or not,too much texture problems and low quality details… I have to think about it. Many many thanks for downloading my CC ❤ ❤ ❤ and if you have problem with the package please contact me and Happy Simming ^^.

Download link via simfileshare  CLICK ME

CC Used: Shoes @madlensims Necklace @pralinesims Iphone @inabadromance Nails@TSR Skintone @golyhawhaw Hair@hallowsims

TOU: Do not re-upload it elsewhere and claim as your own.If you use it please tag me so I can reblog you :) Please don’t convert the item and don’t use my texture.


My new ps4 controller just arrived. way better than my old one, feels alot nicer, nicer material ( my old one was like smooth, got very dirty easier) this one has a nice texture



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Have you ever eaten balut? I tried it a couple times when I was over in the Philippines and was curious if you've had it.


I have a problem with food texture-wise. I mean, there’s only so much a girl can take once you see a bit of baby duck feet sticking out of a relative’s mouth.

It’s not nearly as bad as Dinuguan, but hoo boy. It does make my stomach turn.

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🍎- What’s their favorite fruit?🥞 - What’s their favorite breakfast?🌮 - Do they like spicy foods?🍫 - Chocolate or vanilla?🍰 - Cake or pie?

Eating Habits: Accepting

🍎- What’s their favorite fruit?

“I prefer Strawberries, but Harmony here absolutely loves apples. Any kind really.”

🥞 - What’s their favorite breakfast?

“We keep to Oatmeal when on the road, it’s easy to make over a fire and I can add bits of the dried fruit for a bit of texture.”

🌮 - Do they like spicy foods?

“While I have no problem stomaching spicy, it’s not my favorite.. Harmony on the other hand.”


🍫 - Chocolate or vanilla?

“Vanilla for me and Harmony has a love for chocolate thats to a certain Gaia guardian.”

🍰 - Cake or pie?

“Guilty Pleasure of mine is Strawberry Cheesecake.”

“Birday cake!”

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I have been very interested in joining this community for quite a while now. The only issue I have is my diet. I have severe textural problems that cause me to eat very little amounts of fruit and vegetables. I respect and revere nature and all of it's creatures, but I can't seem to get over my aversion. Will eating meat and animal products be a major issue?

Ooof, I see some angry hate in my inbox in the future. That’ll be fun. Please bear with me, this is going to take some explaining on my part.

In the past two years I’ve been working rather intensely on a pagan cookbook. In doing so I have had to step back and really ask myself how I feel about the things that I choose to eat. I sat down and asked myself why, how, and what it was I was doing. It was several months of being analytical and curious.

My sister in law is Hindu and vegetarian, and she has some very good points that she went over with me during the early course of this exploration, she was very enthusiastic about it and I was eager to understand. She was only too happy to send me pamphlets, links to websites, and answer questions.

So I learned, I studied, and I thought about it. I understood what she was saying “Nothing should die so that I may eat”, but something still didn’t sit right with me.

Then I came across a section in my Book of Shadows

Energy, flows through the world and all the items upon it, flora and fauna alike. The kind of energy, how much, and how freely depends upon a variety of things; the composition and history of the item being foremost.

Humans, by virtue of higher intelligence and singular spirit, are capable, through learning or natural talent, of manipulating this energy, and this is what is commonly referred to as magic.

Slowly I began to form my own understanding. We see animals as alive, and for good reason. They are similar to us. They eat, they breath, the have young, they form communities and attachments, they have voices all their own. They can be super adorable, especially when they are young. But it is my opinion that plants are no less alive. In fact they fulfill all the scientific criteria for being a living creature. They take in nutrients, they breath, the create offspring. They are no less alive than the rabbit or the cow. It has even been proven that they do feel pain.

Botanists and other floral scientist have postulated that plants sense the world around them. That they are capable of learning and even growing familiar with particular humans. It just happens very slowly and without a central brain or neurons.It is my opinion that we just empathize with animals because they are alive in the same way that we are.

So what do I do? I certainly don’t starve myself, what with being alive and everything. So how do I reconcile the tenant “An it harm none…”? With some difficulty, actually. I try not to eat ‘just for the heck of it’. I respect what I put into my body and understand that every bite I take, something passed its energy, its essence on to myself. I set aside a bit of my meals to bury into the earth, thus returning some of it to the world around me. I try my best, and that’s all I ask of others. It is in no way a perfect answer, but it is the best one I’ve got.

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Hi My name is Ariel and I am obviously black which isn't a problem for my boyfriend of 3 months who is white. But the problem that he has is that I have two texture hair that is long when straighten which I wear for short period of time which he loves so much and curly hair which I wear very frequently and he's not fund of it.I can deal with all the rude comments that he says and the jokes but I can't deal with the constant put down and the urge to change myself. What do I do?

Break up with him. He does not respect or appreciate the person you are and that is unacceptable. 

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Sand Lacquer in Red and Gold

This is a textured liquid sands-esque finish, its also quite glittery and quite frankly I’m a massive fan of this polish, I’m a sucker for textures polish that glitters since to me it has such a chic look, this one in particular has pink and gold glitter chunks that add the texture, it dries fast and I didnt really have any problems with it :)