i have ten toes

Joe's vlogs

Okay so I just watched Joe’s last two blogs and can we JUST TALK


First- Jaspar back at it again with All of Me, this is their song

Josh and Joe pulling pranks on Caspar who was mysteriously away on most of the vlogs

The CLEAR difference between how Joe and Caspar act vs how Joe acts around everyone else

When he’s with Caspar he ~talks~ so much, and he l a u g h s like an idiot

When he’s with the others OFC he does that too but it’s more relaxed Lowkey more chill




Joe’s appreciation for both his mates and South Africa

“And yes I have ten toes”

Joe’s extensive knowledge of Cape Town/ South Africa’s cool places

Joe being scared of seaweed

Caspar taking a wee

Josh being a parent

The drone

Cat Oli and Oli Oli

Caspars pink hoodie

Everyone always on their phone when Joe is filming

So much good material for a “buttercreams tights appreciation post”

Caspar being absent during the New Years party VLOG + really quiet


Oli smiling like an idiot through the days

The “who gets the best room” part

Caspar singing to Joe

His mum telling him he can’t carry a tune

Caspar using the watermelon floatie as a blanket

Josh’s parents letting them stay with them

Joe’s new addition to vlogs-“voice over the video”


The going to he shops with Josh and buying all of the alcohol

Caspar’s reaction to getting the best room

Josh’s reaction to getting the bunk beds

Caspars shorts are a blessing

So much shirtless buttercreams


Joe looking like a model

Five minute ficlet

You looked down at your feet and forced yourself to breathe. The pounding in your head combined with a constant cacophony of negative thoughts made your chest tight. You looked at your feet and forced yourself to breathe.

“I have ten toes. I have 2 feet. A matched pair of tibias that go with my fibulas. Patella times two. Femurs. Beautiful, long strong femurs. They’re both there,” you murmured quietly enough that only you could hear. “What is the worst thing that could happen, Y/L/N? What is the worst thing you can imagine? In this universe, of which you’ve seen only a fraction, how will this affect the turn of the cosmos?”

You looked at your feet and forced yourself to breathe.

“You are upright, you have a strong pulse. Your brain is overflowing with knowledge and you are good at your job. You have good health. You have a great, supportive family and a team you consider your friends.” You repeated all the things you normally would and the tightness in your chest started to lessen.

You looked at your feet and forced yourself to breathe.

“You ready Y/L/N?” Jim clapped you on the back. You took a deep breath and looked up.

“I think so,” you nodded.

“Let’s do this then,” he smirked and kissed your cheek before leading you out into the crowd. “Here she is, the new chief of security, Lt. Commander Y/L/N.”


Today, in Canada, is BellLetsTalk day, intended to raise awareness and end stigma about mental health. As someone with General Anxiety Disorder and Depression, I think it is important to honestly represent these illnesses. You CAN be successful and a badass and still suffer from anxiety and depression. You CAN be smart and amazing and sassy and sexy and desirable and suffer from anxiety, depression and a host of other mental illness. You CAN. And you ARE amazing.

Just keep that in mind. ❤️🖖❤️

Twinkle Toes - Ten

Alright, I’ve made you wait so many months for this, I’ll keep the chit chat to a minimum! Finals are over and I’m back for now! Hope this chapter lives up to your expectations! We’re nearly at the end stages of Twinkle Toes! Thank you so much to everyone for the amazing review & sweet messages! This is for you! x

Read on tumblr below:

The socks felt scratchy and tight against my legs, just tickling the tips of my knees and I wondered how I’d last the rest of the night in them, not to mention my neon coral pumps per Robyn’s request.

That’s right.

The hen-do was themed.

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My dear, I am an army of ten fingers, ten toes, and a beating heart, but I will do my best to teach your demons how to love again, and to leave marks out of passion rather than pain. When I fell in love with you, I realized that falling in love with you was like I had built my home into the side of a mountain. Once those homes are built and filled with love and warmth, that love is permanent, you cannot move mountains or homes within them. But maybe, just maybe, our love could. What I do know I could do is say your name over and over, and it’s beauty would echo through your bones, and empty the darkest corners of your collapsed veins, and I would use these big brown eyes I hide behind to bring life back inside of you. Our “I love you“‘s are repetitive and overused, but repetitive they will remain because I can’t imagine any other combination of letters I would rather utter before your name. I will go until time has unraveled like the bows in my hair as a little girl to bring you happiness– until these ten fingers, ten toes, and beating heart I have in my possession have turned your demons into beautiful beings bearing a resemblance to the girl who taught them that a body should be consumed by love, rather than beaten and broken down by the abomination and antipathy the world has rested on its shoulders.
—  I Will Fight For You (via revises)

Those fair eyes, fair as stars,
the glisten of light on a dew drop
where now they lay, what sight
they behold, the Virgin, a queen,
a young girl of sixteen -

How they wander, do eyes have feet,
ten toes, two soles and two heels
I suppose. But come now love
from where you roam, what eyes have seen,
a fondness drawn, quickly forgotten
the first step home.