i have tears in my eyes tbh

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😷🐺 Lance? Maybe Mer Lance if that's cool with you my dude :3

Shiro placed the now feverish mermaid on his bed. His heart racing a million miles a second as he watched Lance struggle to breath, his face flushed a deep red. A single touch to his forehead showed the raging fever that overtook him so suddenly, and tears now poured from his ocean blue eyes.

“Sh…shiro…it hurts…my tail feels…feels like it’s on fire…”

The alien boy cried out, curling into himself as if to get away from whatever pain he was experiencing. The black paladin stood in fear, a feeling of helplessness now washing over him. Another wail from Lance broke the man out of his trance, and he sprang into action, though not without a slight tremble to his actions.

“Lance, don’t worry. I’m gonna go get Allura and Coran. Whatever thought Druids did to you, they can fix it.” 

I hope.

Lance didn’t respond, instead panted and buried his face in the pillow, trying to surpress anymore screams that might threaten to spill out of his already sore throat. Shiro placed his flesh hand on his cheek, giving Lance one final comforting gesture before running out the door. 

cause u write amazing fics i wanted to make it a little extra special >< hope my writing isnt terrible kek ; 3;

Also some context for those that don’t know of my mer!lance au~

Here’s my mer!lance tag!

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Mods i had tears in my eyes from your new fic and i was a little disturbed by kaneki in it but tbh i am still disturbed by kaneki from chapter 145. The babies were so cute and their life seems so fluffy and happy but with something dark simmering underneath and they can never escape that, it made me so sad.

Mod K:

One of my favorite aspects of Ken is his darkness.

I love both characters but Touka and Ken are both dark by nature of what they are. They have both killed mercilessly in the past out of anger or for survival – and Ken isn’t the most stable (and for good reason). Both of them will have to contend with all of that in the future, even without Ken wrecking Tokyo.

I’m glad that you enjoyed!

I showed my friend the first doggo post and then she pointed out later that you made more SO I GIVE MY3- DOGGO COLLAGE IN SUPPORT OF THE 3 DOGGO SQUAD (+Tooru who tbh has the same personality as my poodle)

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omg i didn't even notice there's one too many drinks in Dan's tweet!! wtf! but yeah i think you're right that he probably listed his own. but on that note whose drink is whose i want to know your opinions on this it's very important

hahaha well assuming he listed his own then i think it’d be most logical for him to have listed the drinks in order of the couples ,, (and tbh the drinks really fit what i would expect for them): 

  • mr. lester & mrs. lester are the black coffee and english breakfast respectively
  • martyn & cornelia are the decaf coffee and green tea respectively
  • and finally his is the rooibos bc he’s a pretentious twat, and phil’s is obvi the latte :) 

i love how one partner in each of these pairings got tea and the other got coffee … this tweet is honestly sO fucking gross and domestic i feel tears in my eyes 

Bts | Reaction | Chubby :)

[ yall seriously have nothing to be insecure about tbh, like i got mad love for my thicc sistas out there - like yall are the real mvp. Hope you enjoy @diannajasanders-love thanks for requesting! :) ]


Jin would listen to every word you spoke as you told him about a major insecurity you’ve been battling with for the longest. He was shocked, sad even, not being able to grasp the concept that you saw yourself this way; in his eyes, you were everything and more. It wasn’t until he saw tears starting to fill your eyes as you slipped into the topic of ‘not being good enough for him’ - that’s where Jin drew the line. 

“Stop it. Don’t you dare say those things - you are absolutely enough for me, more than enough, Y/n. I could care less if you were the largest person in the world, or the skinniest, it doesn’t matter - you’ve stolen my heart. I love you, and that’s all that matters, okay? No more of these negative thoughts, they’re in the way of that beautiful smile.” 


You thought he was asleep in the other room, but you were oddly mistaken this time. Yoongi had noticed how weird you’ve been acting lately, such as you starting to hide when you change - normally you didn’t give a fuck if he looked or not, but now suddenly you do. Not to mention you’ve been dodging meals, thinking he wouldn’t notice. He noticed. And whenever he would confront you about it, you would play coy, acting as if nothing was wrong or if anything had changed - he was sick of the secrets. So, in what better why to get information than pretend to be asleep while you talk on the phone with a friend? 

“This diet just isn’t working, Yumi, I don’t know what else to do!” You whine, running a hand through your hair. “Yes, it matters! Do you have any idea what’s coming up in just two weeks?!” 

There was silence for a second, until you let out a small grunt in frustration. 

“It’s the celebration dinner for BTS, that’s what! Where everyone is all fancy, rich and attractive - while I’m just a fluffy mess of pudginess! If I don’t lose enough weight by the end of this week, I’ll…” Silence once again, this time instead of frustration Yoongi caught the faint sniffles you let escape, indicating that you were starting to cry. “I’ll only embarrass him, Yumi…he’s such a hard worker, and an amazing musician - someone like him shouldn’t be burdened to show up to that dinner with someone like me.” 

By now, Yoongi was sitting up from his spot on the couch, staring in the direction of the kitchen in disbelief. Was that really how you saw yourself? An embarrassment? A burden? It hurt to hear you say those things, but stung even more that you never talked to him about it. 

“I should go…I need to go pull myself together before he wakes up. He’s already suspicious, I don’t wanna worry him anymore than I already am… Then, I won’t go, I’ll fake being sick or something.” 

That’s it, he thought.

Rising from the couch, he makes his way to kitchen with a purpose - not going to tolerate the lies you tell yourself. You were beautiful, and dammit he was going to get you to see that, too. And you were definitely going to that dinner.


He had caught you modeling in front of the full body mirror in your shared bedroom, smirking to himself as you were wearing nothing but a pair of boy shorts and bra. But, it eventually fell when his focus came up to your face, seeing the solemn expression upon it, mixed with distaste - you were judging. 

“Y/n…” He calls, nearly scaring you to death. Quickly covering yourself up with your arms, you stare at his tall figure standing in the doorway with a look of utter shame. “You better be thinking positive things when you look at your body. We’ve talked about this.” 

“I don’t get it, Joonie! How could you love all of…this?!”

“All this what, jagi?” He slowly treads toward you, hands behind his back until he came up behind you to then place them on your sides. “All this gorgeousness? All this huggable baby weight? All this ass-”

“Namjoon!” You blush, turning slightly to hit his chest lightly. This only makes him chuckle, you not being able to stop your own grin from forming. “You’re such a pervert…” 

“And you’re such a cutie. Y/n, I don’t want you ever looking in this mirror again unless you’ve got something nice to say about yourself. I know it’s not easy to love yourself, but you’re not in this alone. I love you, so much, no matter what thoughts you put in your head, I do. Remember that, jagi.” 


Sure, you were human, and you had insecurities - it was normal. But, doesn’t mean it hurts him any less to hear you practically bawl your eyes out over the phone, and he can’t do anything about it. It killed him that he wasn’t there to hug and kiss you, to tell you that everything will be alright, cursing the fact that he a was a million miles away. 

“Baby, please, stop crying…I don’t care what those comments say, you hear me? I don’t give a damn - you’re my queen, not theirs. And I say you’re the sexiest thing to walk this earth; waist, hips, thighs and all. You were made for me, and I will not let some rude so-called ‘fans’ chase you away. I’m begging you, please believe me when I say you’re perfect. God, you’re so perfect, I’m the one who’s not good enough for you…I can’t even be there to dry your tears…” 

“You are here, Hobi…you answered my phone call - that’s all that matters…hearing your voice is more than enough. I believe you…and I love you. I just got into my head, that’s all…I feel better now. Just…hurry home. Please…” 

Nodding his head, he was able to smile through his own tears that fell during most of your conversation. “I will, I swear. Get some sleep, beautiful, I’ll call you in the morning - your time. I love you.” 


Jimin knows what you’re going through, he knows it’s not fun to think so little about your body - having been in the same boat as you are now. He, too, listened as you poured out your insecurities to him, the late night talk session turning into something deeper and more personal. You were curled up to his chest, listening to his heartbeat, as it calmed you down enough to finally tell him what you’ve never told anyone before. 

“Sometimes I wish it was flat like most of my friends’, or like those girls I see on TV and music videos. Or not even flat, I’d be fine with anything other than how it is now. My life was nothing but judgmental looks from strangers, or comments that have haunted me to this day…sorry, I don’t mean to bore you.” 

“”N-No, I’m awake,” He sniffles, using his free hand to wipe the stray tears that slid down his cheeks. “I just…I’m so sorry you had to go through that alone.” 

You shrug, rubbing slow circles over his chest as you snuggled closer to him. With a small content smile, you felt yourself slowly drift into slumber after finally getting that off your chest. 

“Well, not anymore. Now that I have you.” 

He felt his heart clench as you placed a peck to where it gradually started to beat rapidly. Eyes now tearing up even more, Jimin hugged you impossibly close to his side, as if to protect you from the rest of the world. You were so precious to him; no longer will he let thoughts like that ever come to your mind ever again. 


You bit your lip to keep from making any noises, as the teasing from the beginning of the dinner had finally escalated to something more explicit.

 Tae had been messing with you ever since the two of you sat down, his hands trailing from just the top of your knee, all the way to the inside of your dress. The both of you could easily give away what was going on under the table, from your flushed face to his devilish grin. Before he gave you what you’ve been craving for, Taehyung whispered his explanation as to why you were suddenly being punished. 

“I heard what you said about your body, kitten. How you bad mouthed it in the bathroom when you thought I wasn’t there- but I was. From your thighs to your stomach - how could you say such things about my most favorite parts about you, huh? Answer me when I ask you a question.” 

He pinches a sensitive spot inside said thigh, almost making you squeak out loud in surprise. Quickly shaking your head, you rasp in response. “I-I’m sorry, I just…I just don’t see how you could love them..I-I don’t-[gasp]” 

He didn’t even let you finish as his fingers expertly pushed your panties to the side and slide into you with ease; all thanks to his building up of your arousal. As he started to thrust them further into you slowly, Tae took a look around to make sure no one had caught on just yet. Your slightly agape mouth was enough to blow your cover, but thankfully everyone was too busy mingling to care. Taehyung leans in closer to where his breath fanned down the curve of your neck, sending chills to mix in with the pleasure he now bestowed. While still thrusting the digits at a slow rhythm, he speaks.

“Then, I guess I’ll just have to remind you.” 


Him: You is kind. You is smart. You is important. I love you, your hips and your thighs. So stop hating on perfection, now let’s go get some fries. 

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Say you won’t let go

I really wanted to do another song fic and I love this song so much. 

Song- Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

I met you in the dark, You lit me up. 

You made me feel as though I was enough

Newt spotted you from across the bar. He was taken to celebrate his book by Tina and Queenie and Jacob. He sat in the corner, nursing a glass of firewhiskey when he sees you. 

You stand at the bar ordering some gigglewater. Your presence lit up the room in his mind. Something about you enticed him. He made his way next to you, ordered a drink and stood there awkwardly. 

It wasn’t until you smiled at him that he worked up the courage to talk to you. 

We danced the night away, We drank too much 

I held your hair back when You were throwing up

You and Newt hit it off rather well. You found him quirky and adorable and he found you stunning and interesting. You talked for most of the evening. when your favorite song came on you dragged Newt to the dance floor. It took a while but he warmed up to dancing. 

Unfortunately, you had drunk a little too much. You were in the bathroom with 

Newt next to you rubbing your back, “You don’t have to be here. You should be with your friends” you murmur. 

“I think you need me a little more than they do” he replied.

Then you smiled over your shoulder, For a minute I was stone-cold sober

I pulled you closer to my chest 

You looked up and smiled weakly at Newt. You had only met this man but he made you feel so special. Newt’s eyes lit up, he never felt like this before. 

He pulled you into a hug on the cold bathroom floor. He rubbed your shoulder and set his chin on your head. He knew that he wasn’t going to let you go. 

And you asked me to stay over, I said, I already told you I think that you 

should get some rest 

Newt was walking you to your apartment. You were all wrapped up in his coat and you were still a little tipsy and weak. 

“You should come up to my room Newt, I'm sure you’d love it” you offer. Newt walked you to your door and opened the door for you. 

“Love, I think you should get some rest tonight, maybe another time” he replies. 

He starts to walk off when you call out to him “Newt, your coat!” He turns and smiles at you. 

“Keep it, I’ll get it next time I see you”

I knew I loved you then, But you’d never know

‘Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go

Newt walked slowly back to Tina and Queenie’s apartment. He had a smile on his face he couldn’t get rid of. He couldn’t figure out how someone had managed to steal his heart so quickly. 

The last time he felt like this was, Leta. Worry clouded his mind. He knew he loved you but he was afriad it was going to turn out like last time. He decided to keep his love for you a secret. 

Maybe after a few dates, he would tell you how he really felt, if it ever made it that far.

I knew I needed you, But I never showed

But I wanna stay with you until we’re gray and old

Just say you won’t let go

Just say you won’t let go

It had been a few months and they were someone of the best months of Newt’s life. You were absolutely perfect to him. 

You were kind, caring, compassionate, smart, Newt could go on and on about you. But, his own insecurities kept him from telling you. 

He wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. He wrote it all down in a letter and he kept it in a drawer until the time was right.

I wake you up with some breakfast in bed I’ll bring you coffee with a kiss

on your head

Newt never understood your love for coffee but he still made you some ever morning. He walked into your room and saw you asleep. He smiled and observed you for a second. 

Your chest rose and fell at such a peaceful rhythm. he leaned down and kissed you on your forehead. You stirred a bit and saw him above you. He had a cup of coffee and some toast in his hands. 

“Thank you Newt” you mumble. 

“Anything for you, love” 

And I’ll take the kids to school, Wave them goodbye And I’ll thank my 

lucky stars for that night 

“Hey Y/n, I’m going to look after our children.” Newt said, his head popping out of his case. 

“Our children? I thought they were yours, mummy” you teased. 

“Well, I may be their mummy but they still love you, would you like to help me feed them?” Newt asked. 

Your eyes lit up and you scrambled out of bed to get in the case. Newt watched with loving eyes as you interacted with his creatures. 

You belonged there, in his case, with him. 

When you looked over your shoulder, for a minute, I forget that I’m older

I wanna dance with you right now, oh and you look as beautiful as ever

And I swear that every day you’ll get better You make me feel this way


Newt watched you as you laid on the couch and read. It was peaceful but a bit boring. Newt stood up and walked over to the old record played. You looked up from your book when you heard soft melodies fill the air. Newt was standing with a flow in his hand. 

“Care to dance?” he asked, his hand out for you to take. 

You set your book down and take his hand. You both danced around like it was your first time. 

“You were a much better dancer when I first met you” you teased 

“I am a bit better at dancing when I’ve had a drink or two” Newt confessed. Laughter filled the air as you both danced the night away. 

I’m so in love with you and I hope you know

Darling, your love is more than worth its weight in gold

You and Newt were in Arizona. It had been a few years filled with wonderful memories. It was late and you out in the middle of the desert. Newt had set up a small picnic with some blankets. You laid side by side, hands intertwined. 

“That’s the constellation Andromeda, in greek mythology she was chained to a rock by her mother but was saved by Perseus and she eventually became the founder of Persia” you explained pointing to the beautiful night sky. 

Newt looks at you in amazement, he was never that good at astronomy. 

“That’s amazing, does Perseus have a constellation?” he asked. 

“Yep he’s right over there” you said. 

That night was filled with beauty and bad star jokes.

We’ve come so far my dear Look how we’ve grown

And I wanna stay with you until we’re gray and old

Just say you won’t let go

Just say you won’t let go

Newt was pacing, a letter and a box in his pocket. It was your birthday but you were forced to work that day. Newt had thought it over and he wanted you to know how much he loved you. 

You entered your apartment to find Newt standing in a tux with flowers floating in the air. 

“Y/n L/n, You have made my life everything I could have imagined. When I first met you I knew that you were the one, I even have this letter I wrote to you a couple months after meeting you. Every day I wake up, I thank Merlin you’re lying next to me and I want to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life, until we’re gray and old. Will you Marry me?” Newt kneeled and held the box. 

You ran to him and kissed him before he could even open the box. Happy tears flowed from your eyes. 

“Of course I will” 

I wanna live with you Even when we’re ghosts

‘Cause you were always there for me, When I needed you most

“Newton Scamander you better not be out of bed” you yelled. 

Newt froze and slowly backed away from his case. You stood at the door with a disapproving look on your face. 

“Newt, you have a very high fever. You are in no condition to work” you say. Newt smiled sheepishly at you and made his way back to bed. 

“it’s like you’re a ghost or something, you came out of nowhere”: Newt noticed. you smirked and set some tea down by his bed. 

“If i’m a ghost then I’ll be just as I am now, very mother-like, minus the floating through walls thing” you joked. 

Newt’s face changed to a small frown, “Well I certainly hope you don’t haunt me, I wouldn’t want to be left on earth without you in a physical form” he said. You suppressed a laugh, the fever was getting to him. 

“Tell you what Newt, we can be ghosts together” you said as you lean and plant a kiss on his forehead.

I’m gonna love you 'til My lungs give out

I promise till death we part Like in our vows

You frowned as you looked at yourself in the mirror. You had grown older and you felt a little self-conscious, Newt still looked amazing, of course. Newt leaned on the door frame and he watched you. He still thought you were the most stunning person on the entire planet. He walked over and wrapped his arms around you. 

“You look amazing love” he whispered in your ear. 

“Yeah well you have to say that, we’re married” you muttered. 

“Anyone with eyes can see how beautiful you look.” you laughed, he always knew how to cheer you up. 

“I love you and I’m never going to stop”

So I wrote this song for you Now everybody knows

That it’s just you and me Until we’re gray and old

Just say you won’t let go

Just say you won’t let go

Newt holds a piece of parchment in his hand, it’s your anniversary today. You hand Newt a box, he opens it to find a new scarf, one hand knit. It had the colors of Hogwarts and Ilvermorny together in a spiral. 

“Because we can never agree on which school is best, I thought you could represent both” you say excitedly. 

You worked really hard on it and you really hope Newt likes it. Newt’s face broke out into a smile. 

“I love it, It’s perfect. I’ve never gotten something that had this much thought and love in it” he says admiring the scarf. 

“So, um about my gift. I’m not really a poet or a creative writer so I asked Queenie for help but I wrote this for you” Newt hands you the parchment and waits anxiously as you read it over. 

Your eyes start to water, the “song” brought back so many wonderful memories. Like when you first met, to proposing. It was more then you could have asked for. 

“Oh Newt” you hug Newt and pepper kisses all over his face.

”This is, the best thing anyone has ever given me” you say. You bury your head in his neck and let a few tears slip. 

“I’m never letting go of you Newt, ever”

This turned out to be one of my favorites tbh.

Can I Just

Bun is one of the best writers out there, and everyone needs to know that. Whenever her fingers move across a keyboard, and words are turned into stories- my heart swells with every character and plot and feeling that she tries to convey. @rbuns, you are amazing, and I’m so lucky I have you as a friend. <3 <3

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Prince On Every Tour: Purple Rain

After the We Can F**k leak and the spiral of simultaneous listening and sobbing, frustrated sighs and “It’s too funky” head bobs, I’ve decided that tonight would be a good night for this. I was gonna wait til my deluxe set got here, but it’s not coming til the 28th and I have a flight to catch the next morning. And I do not recommend scurrying around LAX as a zombie. Plus, @the-beautiful-1 and I will be attending The Revolution concert out here in sunny (sweltering) CA, the same day that the deluxe set will be officially released. The timing just seems right.



He is here yall. Prince. PRINCE. The megastar, the legend, the icon. Seven years and five albums in, he has finally, FULLY arrived, and fiercely so. He has arrived and has, if I may borrow from @just-prince-things, snatched our “proverbial wigs” (maybe even some real ones). 

He opens by telling us he’s come to play with us. And play, he did. Played with my entire life in a 2 hour show. He rises from beneath the stage amidst a cloud of smoke and a sick wind machine, wearing the most glorious white boa we’ve ever seen atop the moto jacket/fitted pants combo 2.0: paisley, paisley, and more paisley. We love it. 

He  immediately launches into Let’s Go Crazy while we are still collecting ourselves from him simply rising from the depths of the stage. Insane guitar playing ensues as he and Wendy verify that they, in fact, created the stanky leg. History, ladies and gentleman. Six minutes and twenty-two seconds in, jacket and boa have disappeared in a literal flash of light and we’re basically shirtless as a very funky Delirious plays. Thank you Prince.

His stage presence is that of 1999 but amplified times 100. As stated, I am firmly of the belief that he had “it” during the 1999 tour we just weren’t really that aware of how IT his it was. Here, he knows it, and we for doggone sure know it now. Who was that friend of friend playing that small club in Paris in a bikini? Because this is an entirely different man. This whole era is an “I told ya’ll so” from Prince to the rest of us. He is 100% in his element, he has mastered all aspects of Prince the artist, and everything that happens after this is literally him doing whatever he wanted to. Because he’d earned it. 

Dancing, while still very extra, is on POINT. He has perfected his mic tricks, his splits are here and not going away for the next decade+, he still is a ball of energy, even smoother and more graceful than 1999. That energy is infectious watching 30 years later, so I can’t even imagine what that room felt like. A room that is full of 50,000 people. 50,000 people that this 5'2 man in more paisley, lace, and makeup than I as a woman will probably never even see in my lifetime has, by a mere 26, completely and utterly entranced with every song, movement, look, you name it. Everything he was able to elicit from these huge crowds of people, night after night at such a young age reconfirms how truly magnetic he was. He is just as much the audience’s leader as he is the group of metallic, Victorian Prince look-alikes playing on stage with him. 

Now, we can argue about that description, but all those things are true. Be honest. It’s okay. We love them too, the final and most well-known iteration of The Revolution. We’ve seen yet another personnel change (hey Dez, don’t you like his band? …sorry couldn’t resist), yet the sound is even tighter. Demanding the stop on the 2 and then wanting 25 during the Possessed jam and them delivering it flawlessly is a testament to how much they’ve all grown as a unit. And if you’ve watched that rehearsal footage an unhealthy number of times like I have, you can attest to all the work they put into it. The addition of the horns (HEY SITH LEEDS ) really gives their sound a new depth that continues to evolve over the years (which I love - horns are phenomenal). Wendy fit like a glove and her comfort on stage being as young and new as she was is pretty incredible. She’s a ball of energy herself here, and her guitar skills are straight SICK. Plus Wendy got that funk.

The band’s dancing has mimicked P’s in it’s progression as well. The coordinated steps between Wendy, Prince, and Brownmark are nice to see and adds another fun little element to the show that we haven’t seen executed at this capacity yet. Even something as simple as the side to side from the entire band during the Possessed jam just makes you wanna groove a little harder. And umm…hello Baby I’m A Star steps? I meeannnnnn…

If 1999 was the emergence of daddy, Purple Rain was the 100 exclamation points after that statement that really drove home the idea. I typically don’t spend a whole lot of time with PR because, haven’t we all spent SO MUCH time here? But every time I revisit, I’m reminded why I love PR Prince oh so much. 

Favorite Number: 

This show was chock-full of hits and jams and grooves ya’ll. I’ll have to narrow this down. Just…hang with me through this.

First of all, Let’s Go Crazy was so good, it truly could’ve been a closer. To start a show off on that note is bold, because it left me thinking “well where else can he possibly go after THIS?” the first time I watched this concert. So many places Stephanie. So many.

Take Me With You was a fun time, and then it got to a place of incredible funk at the end and it deserved to be mentioned.

How Come was ALMOST my favorite number based upon the gif above, and that gif alone. I’m. Still. Growing.

God always holds a special place in my heart because it’s a beautiful song and his vocals ALWAYS stun me. Live versions are just….transcendant.

Clearly classics from this show: Computer Blue (such a life giving guitar solo, honestly), Darling Nikki (come through shirtless body roll, come THROUGH), Purple Rain (by far amongst the greatest guitar playing I’ve ever heard/seen in my life here), and of course the marathon that is Baby I’m A Star. So much funk ya’ll. There’s just so much funk. And he is relentless about it. It’s why I love him. Yes, tell me when I’ve had enough. And I’ll end that train of thought there. Bye.

When Doves Cry gets a mention for - you guessed it - the insane jam at the end. Almost every song on this show is tagged with a sick groove afterwards, making this show go on for much longer than necessary. But I welcome it all. Everyone jammed on this song. Everyone. And I Would Die 4 U is such an elating ditty as is, but live…fantastic. However, my favorite live performance of this song will forever be from the Landover show. I was on my FEET ya’ll.

The Beautiful Ones. RUNNER UP. Easily my favorite song off of the original PR album and THE BEST PEFORMANCE FROM THE MOVIE PLEASE FIGHT WITH ME ABOUT IT. But this performance was just, magical. First of all, we get graced with another boa, pink this time. And he comes out looking like a glorious, headbanded angel in another sparkly, paisley suit and the combination of all those things takes my breath away okay?!

But if I have to choose a number that edges out the rest of these, for me, it’s Irresistible B***h/Possessed. There are few things that bring me more joy than the live version of Irresistible B***h. It’s already one of my go-to’s, but the dancing paired with it during this show takes the cake. Then we have Possessed and the undeniable groove with the band that ensues added to it? Yeah. This is the winner.

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Favorite Outfit:
So many outfits in this one. So many moto jacket/matching pants combos in different lace and paisley iterations. I loved them all tbh. 

Honorable mention to the Computer Blue poncho/headband/lace fingerless gloves combo. The mess is brilliant. Also the glittery hooded cape/headband combo from Purple Rain. 

I really enjoyed TBO’s outfit because he looked magical and beautiful and maybe it brought a tear to my eye because I love him so much. BUT. I am going with the black, sparkly, lace-back-of-the-pants suit during Possessed as runner up. Winner is the all white lace number also with matching poncho and train during I Would Die 4 U. Again, headbanded angel made of pure light. He’s BEAUTIFUL ya’ll. And I wanna know who caught that shirt and if they still have it!

Still Would Rating: 

So like…I know lookswise not much changed between 1999 and PR. The hair got a bit bigger and the suits got a lot more lace and paisley. However I can always tell the difference. And for some reason 1999 Prince has an edge over PR Prince and I can’t quite place my finger on why. Anyway, he still gets a five. I just wanted to share that.

Overall Rating: 

Good GRIEF ya’ll. This show left me so tired. I am spent. I feel like I swam laps in an Olympic sized pool. And I watched this from my bed. How did ya’ll manage at these actual concerts? I mean, really. This show….was phenomenal. This is the height of his success (and I don’t say that to take away from any other era, this is just fact) and we clearly see why. What a showman. What an artist. What a musician. What a leader. WHAT. A. PRINCE.

PREVIOUSLY , 1999                                                   NEXT UP, PARADE

Okay but i went back and had a marathon of Beast music videos and Shadow inspired me af. 

Au with Jungkook being the son of Hades who’s just returned to the underworld after business with other gods. He expects nothing to have changed since he’s been gone, like honestly it’s the underworld what can really change, but when he returns  to his father’s palace there’s definitely something new. 

Or really, someone new. 

The boy is the most beautiful thing Jungkook has ever had the pleasure of seeing. With bright pink hair and his golden skin almost glowing through the black and white body paint that is on him. The boy is shirtless and in nothing but silk black pants as he dances and twirls in what looks almost like ballet. 

Jungkook’s breath is stolen from him when the boy turns and they lock eyes. 

Even through the black lines painted on his face, Jungkook can tell the boy is gorgeous and he takes a step forward to talk to him only to be interrupted by his father calling. The boy sends him one last smirk before he’s pulled away and all  through the rest of the day/night all Jungkook can think about is how something so beautiful can be in the underworld of all places. 

The next time Jungkook sees the boy is during a festival his father has held to welcome him back home, just three days later. There’s loud music playing and Jungkook is really just bored out of his mind as he listens to Taehyung, his best friend who happens to be visiting from the sea palace thanks to his father Poseidon, chat about dolphins when he notices the boy. 

The boy seems to be wearing a flowy black silk dress and his arms are painted black up to his elbows along with his neck  but now his face is uncovered and Jungkook was right, the boy is fucking gorgeous. Literally all he can do is stare at the beautiful plump lips of the boy who grins as he talks to Hades himself. 

Almost as if he can tell someone is watching the boy turns around to again lock eyes with Jungkook. 

It’s like the whole party disappears from that moment. Jungkook’s breath is hitched and something in him SINGS for the beautiful boy that only smirks in his direction. 

“Who is he?”

Taehyung turns to see where Jungkook is staring and grins. 

“His name is Jimin. From what i’ve heard he made a deal with your father and now he’s stuck here in the underworld as a royal entertainer. Though it’s obvious your father has a sot spot for him i don’t think he’s living too bad.” 

It’s at that moment that Jimin rises from his spot at Hades table and walks to the center of the room with a black almost see through silk sheet. This time when he dances, still the beautiful enticing ballet, Jimin’s eyes never tear from Jungkook’s.

Of course Hades gets word of what is going on with his son (Taehyung let it slip tbh). It’s only two weeks later that Hades calls Jungkook to his main study for a “talk.” 

“So, son, i hear something beautiful has caught your eyes?” 

Jungkook stiffens and Hades laughs. 

“You have my blessing for whatever you wish to do but i must warn you. Even the most beautiful things can be the most wicked.” 

Jungkook and Jimin finally meet each other, officially, late into Jungkook’s return to the underworld. It’s at the entrance of the underworld where the ruins of an old city lay. Jungkook is just passing by during a walk to clear his head when he hears giggling coming from the torn down building nearby. 

Curiosity leads him to follow the sounds and there he sees Jimin squatting down and petting the heads of Cerberus, the three headed guard beast of the underworld. It’s odd simply because Jungkook can remember Cerberus being a beast that was most feared yet there is Jimin laughing as all three dog heads lick at his face. 

He’s unsure if he should stay or leave when Jimin speaks up.

“So the son of Hades can stare but cannot speak?” 

Jimin turns his head to giggle at Jungkook and  Jungkook thinks the sound is beautiful  enough to make flowers bloom even in the underworld. 

“You stared back.”  (real smooth jjk real smooth)

It’s only when Jimin stands that Jungkook notices the boy is again in nothing but silk black pants and black body paint covering his stomach until his chest. He tries not to watch the way Jimin’s body flows almost like water as the boy moves closer to him but really how do you not stare at something so beautiful?

“Yes you’re right i did stare back… and it still took you this long to find me.” 

Jimin tiptoes and presses his lips to Jungkook’s in the softest kiss ever. Jungkook knows he’s hooked from the moment their lips meet. He’s honestly ready to just shove Jimin up against a wall and take him there but something his father said and what Taehyung told him comes back to his mind. 

“Why are you here? In the underworld? I heard you made a deal with my father, what could you possibly offer him to land you here?” 

Jimin just smirks and before he disappears he whispers into Jungkook’s ear. 

“That’s for me to know, little prince.” 

(wow this was really just an excuse  to think about Jimin in the body paint from the mv but okay)

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Alo, Latin for nourish, cherish, support, sustain, maintain, keep. (I just really like Latin tbh)

“Tuum cor meum servare
Mea custodiat cor tuum ad
Ut altera vita per amorem posse.”

There were tears streaming over Prompto’s cheeks as the latin phrase was repeated carefully. Noctis smiling at him gently as he spoke, squeezing his hands. The dark suit he wore offset his blue eyes and Prompto swallowed hard, it was his turn.

In tradition he spoke the words in English, lips shaping around them as confidently as he’d ever said anything.

“Thy heart, I have committed; To keep my heart In order to love in the next life.“

The formality would’ve made him laugh in any other situation but he couldn’t find it in himself to do now. The silver band that Noctis slipped into place, and the black one he returned to the King, anchored him.

Something that became especially important as Noctis cupped his cheeks carefully, thumbs rubbing over his freckles to clear the tears. Prompto shivered at the intensity of Noctis’ gaze and found himself amazed as he realized crystal blue tears were rolling down Noctis’ cheeks and hitting the floor with musical tinkles.

The King dipped his head and pressed a gentle kiss too Prompto’s lips. He tried to keep it chaste but the singing in his blood, the call that he had felt since the very start, made it impossible. He flung his arms around Noctis’ neck, uncaring of his elegant white suit, and kissed him hard. Tongue pushing at the seam of his lips, which Noctis indulged with a smile that Prompto felt.

The sound of a throat lightly clearing reminds Prompto of where they are and he pulls away with a sheepish smile. Noctis though just presses their foreheads together and clasps his hand.

“Ready, King of mine?”

Prompto huffs but smiles just the same and they turn as one to face the room, married, at last,

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For the OTP challenge thing: Number 15 (so hard to decide) RivaEre, please? Thanks a lot! <3

((send me a number and get some v sloppy and low quality smut hhhhh sorry)) 

#15 - sweet and passionate

“Look at you, so adorable,” Levi coos, his eyes full of fondness as he cradles Eren’s face in his hands. “My little darling, I’m gonna eat you up.”

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Playlist for an 80s party with all "classic" 80s songs in it pls💖

this could have like 100 songs in it tbh but let’s make it 10 

🌸frankie goes to hollywood - relax🌸

🌸depeche mode - people are people🌸

🌸soft cell - tainted love🌸

🌸a-ha - take on me🌸

🌸duran duran - girls on film🌸

🌸ultravox - dancing with tears in my eyes🌸

🌸new order - blue monday🌸

🌸yazoo - don’t go🌸

🌸tears for fears - mad world🌸

🌸talk talk - it’s my life🌸

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Requested by anon <3
Prompt: hiya! can i please have a spn imagine where the reader is also a winchester and it takes place right before dean leaves to destroy the darkness? you can shape it any way you want!
A/N: tbh will be doing much more spn stuff because my blog is lacking and SPN IS LIFE


You took his hand, squeezing it hard – were you trying to reassure him or yourself you didn’t know. You felt tears pick on your dry eyes, and gulping down a sob you bit your lip. Dean held in a sigh, pulling you closer. His arms wrapped around your smaller frame, tightly, your face getting lost in his chest.

“It’s gonna be all right, (Name), I promise.” He said through gritted teeth.

“How can it without you?” You asked. He abruptly pulled away, his hands clasping your shoulders as his intense, though sad, eyes gazed into your own, his jaw tensing when he saw how hurt your were.

“You have to take care of Sammy, you hear me.” He ordered, “he’ll be lost without you and you know it. You gotta stay strong for your big brother, okay?” You nodded, stiffly, your breathing labouring. “Now c'mere you…” You hugged him again, tightly, your fingers gripping his shirt so hard that your knuckles turned pale.

You loved your brother, and now that you finally had to ay it your mouth wouldn’t open.  

“Keep him out of trouble, okay?”

“And not let him drink too much or else he’ll lose his shoes again, I know…” You uttered, “I’ll miss you.”

“…I’ll miss you too, princess.”

Tears broke out your eyes. It was either the world or him. The world and all its people, or your big brother. You guessed it was a Winchester thing, because to hell with the world – you’d die happy knowing all three of you are out at the same time.

Requests are opened!

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Hey, can you suggest some fics that have a heap of drama and angst, maybe a bit of smut too. P.S: Thanks for being a trusty fic rec source.

hey there! hope you enjoy these fics as much as i did. tbh some turned me into a wreck :>>

- Admin Rose