i have tears in m eyes

An enigma

Slightly inspired by bad reputation.

Trigger warning: domestic abuse and drug use (almost not at all but I mentioned them to be sure)



“How’ve you been?” he asked. He knew damn well to avoid her eyes, he knew her answer, he knew it would break her all over again and him with her. But he asked anyway.

“Good” she sighed looking down at her lap. “I-”. That was all it took. Tears were forming in her eyes and he didn’t have to look at her to feel her pain. “I’m vegan now” she confessed. It was lame, void of any meaning to a 3rd party but considering her past it was more than enough. Not that this didn’t say a lot, it did but this phrase didn’t contain any words that would trigger upsetting memories.

“You did? That’s.. something” he replied chuckling awkwardly. “I mean it’s great” he extended his hand towards her in a reassuring motion. Most likely he hoped that she would take his hand but when she remained motionless, he dropped it, rested it on the empty space between them on the couch. Her attitude would’ve turned him off, pissed him off probably in another situation but he knew better than to judge her. “Please talk to me” he breathed out. He felt his soul slip out with the last word. The pain he felt was unbearable, and just thinking that she was ten times worse than him sent an urge through this veins to flip the table in front of them. But instead he just caressed her elbow lightly.

“No, really” he snapped her head towards him, looking him dead in the eye. Her eyes were liquid-like, not as cold as they used to be, but they didn’t hold in them the light they used to. “I’m ok, everything is ok, but I’m still not used to talking about” she blinked and waved her hands dismissively “everything”.

Her voice was breaking and so would’ve his heart, that if it wasn’t already in a million pieces.

“Look” he paused until she looked at him again. “If you feel like I’m not the one to talk to about this, I understand that and I’ll stop, but I need you promise me that you’ll not keep everything bottled up”. Everything he said felt like a lie to him. He couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t be able to open up to him, how he didn’t mean enough to her in order to be allowed to help her, when she meant everything to him.

A couple of stray tears ran down her cheeks, and he didn’t hesitate to wipe them away with his thumb, moving a little closer to her. But that did nothing, she was crying on the outside yes, but there was no way she would let him get to the source of her tears.

“If there’s anyone I could ever talk to, that’s you. But I don’t feel like I deserve it. I feel like I’m stealing, cheating, deceiving you. Honestly, I don’t see why you’d give me this chance. I mean, I’m in the reason you felt like shit-” she breathed fast, avoiding his gaze until he interrupted her.

“Stop.” he waited a moment before he repeated himself. “Stop”.


She was pressed against his bare chest, her left pointer finger tracing indistinct shapes below his collarbone. His fingers were lost in her hair, untangling knots here and there. She could feel his breath on her forehead and that was a moment of pure bliss; couldn’t be compared to an orgasm, the high of a joint, the adrenaline rush of a rollercoaster. Nothing compares to knowing that the complex being you chose to love is all yours.

She cupped his shoulder with her hand and leaned on her back, pulling him on top of her. His head was nestled in the crook of her neck as she draped a hand around him and kissed the top of his head.

“I’m crushing you, babe” he chuckled, the air he exhaled tickling her skin.

“No, it’s perfect”

Her phone rang, but no muscle in her body responded to the sound. Couldn’t’ve been important enough.

“Your hair smells pretty”

He looked up, before moving to press a kiss to her lips.

“Ew, no Shawn, I have morning breath” she said squirming under his weight.

“And I love it” he said his lips searching for hers.

“Oh my g- stop”

“It’s true” he said positioning his weight in his elbows that were now rested on either side of her head. “Maybe not the morning breath alone” the sarcasm on this boy was so cheap it was actually funny. Judging by the smirk on his lips he knew that, but the smile faded as he continued “But I love everything about you. Always will. Don’t forget that.”

Her eyes cried the response back to him. She said ‘I love you’ without a sound.

He settled back into her chest, set on enjoying the last minutes in bed that morning.


Her life used to be painted in warm colours, but that slightly changed when her parents got divorced. People choose to part ways everyday and she was old and mature enough to understand that. What she couldn’t comprehend though, is how when someone gives themselves to you, how is it possible for you to lose trace of any love you had for them and disrespect them by craving someone else. If you’re in love with two people chose the second, because then the first one wasn’t love. Her dad cheating on her mother created the tear in her mind that allowed all sorts of ideas and misconceptions to flood in. The abuse he inflicted on her mother until this point resulted and sleepless nights and hours of crying.

The atmosphere at home sent her spiralling into depression, whose barriers could only be broken by her boyfriend. He was able to get to her until he couldn’t anymore.

The state she was in builded up like a snow ball and compromised her scholarship, her friendships, losing her interests, fucking up her eating and sleeping schedules. At least she had her sleeping pills. They helped. Again, until they didn’t.


(Y/N) and Shawn were at a friend’s house. It was a party which a fair number on people neither of them knew attended, that mostly consisted of drinking and stupid mindless games. She didn’t drink, he did though. But he wasn’t drunk. He was happy.

“Here try this” some guy (Y/N) has never seen before shoved a glass of what seemed like whiskey in her face.

“I’m ok, thanks though” she declined politely.

“Oh, oh, so it’s ok to pop pills like Mentos but noooo you’re too good for a drink, little miss innocent” he was clearly drunk and pissed for whatever reason but she was ready to turn her back and leave, but before she got a chance to move she heard Shawn’s voice behind her.

“What the hell’s your problem, man?” he asked the guy furiously, putting an arm around her waist, pulling her closer.

“Chill, just ask your girl if she can hook me up with some shit, everybody knows what she’s been up to.” He was way out of line, exaggerating like he was trying to start a fight and Shawn wasn’t having it.

She felt his grip on her waist loosen but it was too late, because the hand that only moments ago rested on her back connected with the guys jaw and sent him stumbling a few steps behind.

The fight picked up until someone finally stopped it. Although it resulted in some yelling on the way home this brought them closer. She felt a kind of safe she never knew before. Having someone stand up for her like that was like a breath of fresh air.

But he had to leave. Had places to be, a job to do and that distance stomped on their relationship like nothing else could.

Calls went unanswered, texts with no reply, all he knew about her were rumours at this point. He’s heard them all and believed none. However, he was concerned about their relationship, feared it was a thing of the past.


“Stop” his gaze was filled with anger now. Not directed at her, no, but at himself for letting her believe that she owed him something, that he didn’t understand her. Of course, what she’s done these past few months was a complete enigma to him, but he only saw her as lost. The kind of lost where you think you’ll find a way out by yourself because you have no idea how off you are. He could never see her as ill-intended or selfish. “Look, I love you so much, (Y/N)” he felt physical pain thinking of what he was going to say next “if you have someone else, I don’t care-” the words burned his tongue and he didn’t realise he was holding his breath until she stopped him.

“Shawn” she said softly trying with every fiber of her body not to burst into tears in the middle of the coffee shop they were sitted. “I don’t, I don’t have anyone-”

He didn’t let her finish. He pulled her to his chest and feeling her tears trough his shirt watered his eyes as well.

“else” she finished against him.

He cursed himself for doubting her for even a split second.

“Look, we’ll go home, put on a movie, which one you want, chips, pizza” he stopped. Words failed him like never before, now, when he needed them the most “I’ll bring you back, (Y/N)” he breathed softly into her ear.

She got up from his hold and wiped the last tear that was now on her chin. Her eyes were a shade lighter and he took that as a sign of success.

“I don’t deserve you” she said while walking down the street, next to him.

“No, I get what you mean, I feel the same, but still” he ran a hand through his curls and looked down at her. “Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to feel”.

Oh, Pussycat (Pt. 2)


Part 1

Summary: Sometimes, violence is the answer.

Pairings: Bucky x MutantReader/OC

A/N: This took way longer than I wanted it to. For bonus points, this is the song that eventually broke me out of my creative constipation and helped me write this chapter. With the blockage cleared, I have a back log of requests I’m about to get cracking on so if you are one of the wonderful people that sent one in, thank you so much for your patience.

“That’s a terrible idea.”

A well-manicured eyebrow quirked above a set of sparkling emerald eyes.

“Is it?”

He scoffed, placing his hands firmly on his hips.

“They’ll tear each other apart.”

“I thought you said he wasn’t a killer.”

“I’m not worried about him.”

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I don’t care how cheesy it is, I’m really damn thankful for all the friends I have, and especially for all the friends I’ve made this year. I don’t need a holiday to remember that, but I’ll take any opportunity to mention it. I’ve got a lot more support and positivity in my life than I did this time last year, and I can’t even begin to tell how much of a difference it’s made for me. It brings a tear to my eye. I love all y’all so much.

Summer Haze

They say my mind is broken
More like split in half
What is gray anyway?
Maybe my minds feet dont touch the ground
Its legs are too short.
Are they supposed to?
Maybe your mind is broken.
My mind has baked
In the perpetual summer.
I have been destroyed by many words
And many debts
And far too many cruel punishments.
Most I have inflicted upon myself.
But everyone always regret hurting me
With their eyebrows quivering
And tears forming in their eyes
But I’m the only one who hasnt regretted it.
I remember them shuffling in the hospital
They said their pants were too big
Although they thought they were fat
Their mouths and scratching throats made incantations.
They banged on the walls
And yelled and yelled and yelled
Until they were taken down
And in all that I just screamed for my mother.
(Who doesn’t really know me anyway)
As the people in red stared at the lines on my arm.
But then I found
The only thing I had left
were the smiles on the children
They’re dark brown and shining eyes
I liked them.
Their minds were broken too.
They screamed like me
And choked themselves
And wished they were dead.
But despite this
They smiled and giggled everyday
Maybe the difference between me and them
Is that they can forget.
How could I forget
Because my mind yells at me
The words screamed at me on my phone
Although those words left me long ago
They came back screaming full of rage and delusions.
Even though those words caused me to scream long ago
I ached for you
But not that you
Those angry words
Were they really you?
You saw me and your eyes screamed regret.
Although my chest still burned
And I couldnt put the flames out
Even though my lungs were already charred
And I couldn’t breathe.
But you were so warm
And you
Were you.
The flames stopped.
I remembered what I had
I had so much.
So much.
I had lost it all
In the summer haze
As it lit my mind a flame.

Fanon Antisepticeye: Hi my name is Emerallde Edge’ness Dementia Stabby Way and I have short emerald hair (that’s how I got my name) with darker green streaks and a different shade of green tips that reaches my eyes and shady black eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Seán McLoughlin (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). [[I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a glitch demon but my body is solid and existent. I have pale white skin. I’m also an ego, and I go to a video school called Youtube in The Internet where I’m in the first year (I’m one). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black shirt with matching blood around it and black jeans, green fishnets and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, red and blue eyeliner and green eye shadow. I was walking outside Youtube. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of puppets stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

You’re Not Dad

A/N: Not that anyone cares I’ve been hella busy and haven’t had time to literally write anything and I still really don’t, but I’m going to anyways bc I have some inspiration. Enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated(:

Characters: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, overprotective Dean, mention of death, yelling, very close relationship b/w Dean and reader? let me know if I missed anything

Tagging: @winchesters-favorite-girl because I think she might be interested and I really love and look up to her as a writer. I hope you don’t mind.

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You loved your brothers more than anything in the world. I mean, you were practically raised by them. John was never around, your mom was just some quick fuck that John had on a hunt. As soon as demons got word that John Winchester knocked up some chick and he had another child, they came and killed your mother when you were only a few months old. Thankfully, your mom got John on the phone as they were trying to get in and he was in town so he saved you. Not your mom though. Dean had been 16 at the time, Sam was 12. You were by far the baby of the family and Sam and Dean made it their mission to protect you from everything. And when I say everything, I mean literally everything. You were never even supposed to have been born. But nevertheless, here you were seventeen years later, alive and kicking, living in the bunker with Sam and Dean, the two best brothers in the entire world.

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you know what from the three “western” interactions that we’ve seen this week (james corden, jimmy kimmel and now the guy from et) i’m loving how there’s not one single awkward moment in those interactions. in past interviews there are awkward silences, stupid or cringy questions but not this time and i’m loving it. the presenters make them feel welcome and relaxed despite the language barrier (that i think is getting smaller?) and i’m feeling all kinds of happiness for them but i just can’t write for shit, this is so frustrating. i’m just so happy for them and to be able to witness this. man i can’t wait for sunday

Baekho was too shocked to move. Ren was about to cry but so soon as he saw Aron cry he stopped himself and comforted Aron. Aron cried straight away he couldn’t hold it in, Peniel and Mark hugged him tight. JR’s was so shocked his brain malfunctioned and it took him 5 mins to collect himself and finally speak, with tears in his eyes.

The realest reaction, they must have underestimated their own power, because they did not expect to win at all.

After 6 years of suffering YOU deserve this. I’m so friggin proud you NU’EST. In 2019 we will get ot5 win as well.

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Forbidden (harry styles au)

ahi hi hi, i know it’s been so long. sorry. i’m trying to enjoy my last few days of break before hell breaks loose. this is a smutty writing piece because it was that kind of mood and i haven’t posted any writing in a while so i apologize. hope you enjoy! xx M 

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warning: contains mature content (mostly smut) 

“Mother, I will not get married to a man I hardly know!” Princess Y/N shouts at her mother with an angry and frustrated tone. 

“Y/N! You do not have a choice. We need our allies and if that means giving you away to another kingdom, then we shall do it.” The Queen speaks in a firm, condescending tone as she glares at her daughter with cold eyes.

Y/N feels the tears well up in her eyes, “But I do not even know who this man is. I haven’t even seen him and you’re already discussing a wedding date when I haven’t even met the man!”

The Queen lets out an exasperated sigh, sitting down next her daughter on the cushioned bench in the palace library. It was a place Y/N came whenever she was upset because no one ever came in here except her. 

“Look sweetheart,” she puts a hand on her shoulder as if she’s trying to comfort her but it doesn’t help at all. “We need an alliance and the Kingdom of Saphina want an alliance too. This is why we need to have a political marriage otherwise if there is a rebellion, we won’t have anyone to fight with us. We will lose our men.”

Y/N closes her eyes, clenching her dress in her hand tightly because she knows it’s a lie or at least, there’s some things that her mother is leaving out. Like how her selfish Father wants more land and giving away his daughter to a large and powerful kingdom such as Saphina will cause him to gain more power. Is her mother even aware of that? Of how selfish that is?

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Shakespeare (Part X)

(Banner made by the incredibly talented @tiostyles)

Harry X Reader (AU)

In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.

Read previous parts here.

Author’s note: This is it. This is the final part. Thank you all so much for sticking around and supporting me and giving me your honest thoughts. I wouldn’t have come this far without you. All the love. Xx

It’s four-thirty in the morning.

You notice the time passively. It’s the least of your worries. You’ve been tossing and turning, in and out of sleep for the past couple hours. Harry is sprawled out across the mattress on his stomach. His legs are spread, arms outstretched. One hangs limply over your waist. He’s facing you and his cheek is pressed against his pillow, lips parted, hair disheveled. You’ve been staring at him for twenty minutes, thankful that he hasn’t woken up to your probing eyes.

He smells just as he always has when you finally shift into his body, settling your forehead against his shoulder and letting your eyes rest closed. His arm curls around you and you bask in the essence of him—the soft snores and rolling heat. You’re not sure when you’ll get to be this close again.

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Home (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

In which Bucky Barnes is hopelessly in love and everything is soft. 

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Summary: The Reader and Bucky are having a lazy, late night like any other they’ve had since they started dating… but it ends up being a lot more. 

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader (romantic) 


Inspiration: My own loser-y hopeless romantic thoughts/desires, jasmine tea, fairy light, and Hearts Don’t Break Around Here by Ed Sheeran

Word count: 1,094

A/N: I almost made myself cry with this, which is very unusual and… embarrassing. Oops. I wrote Bucky fluff! Because I love him and he deserves all the good things… this is so fluffy I know. So fluffy. I had this half-finished in Google Docs for awhile and it’s finally finished… I just ended up being in the mood, I guess. I really love this. Hope you like it! 

Bucky had never been so at peace. It wasn’t the soft glow of fairy lights and candles bathing the loft apartment’s walls. It wasn’t the smell of jasmine tea or his favourite second-hand quilt thrown over his legs. And although it was a lovely sound, it wasn’t Ed Sheeran’s magical voice floating from the record player placed haphazardly in the stuffed-full bookshelf. It was you.

You lay between Bucky’s legs, your back against his chest, eyes closed, mouthing lyrics as Ed sung them. Your eyelashes cast shadows on your cheeks, making you look softer, more like art. It was you who made him realize that people could be art and you who had gotten him into photography, out of the desire to always capture the beauty around him. You were wearing his boxers, his t-shirt… he had his own half of the dresser in your apartment. He barely ever left. At least three of your beloved mugs were solely for Bucky’s use and he’d named three of your newest plants. He might have his own apartment, but this was his home. You were his home.

He itched to take a photograph. Things were so… perfect. Relaxed, contented. Bucky had never expected to be content after everything he’d been through… to be happy. To be so in love with the most beautiful, wonderful person after everything he’d been through. Moving slowly, carefully, Bucky reached for his polaroid camera (a birthday present from you) on the coffee table in front of him. He didn’t want you to notice what he was doing and move, thus ruining the perfect image. He gently closed his metal fingers around the camera, leaning as little as possible as he resumed his previous position. Just as he clicked the button, you lazily opened your eyes.

“Did I ruin your picture, Buck?” Your soft voice seeped into the air, raising goosebumps on Bucky’s flesh arm. He laughed quietly, leaning down to kiss your temple.

“Might not be what I first saw… but you could never ruin a photo, doll.” He hummed, kissing the top of your head, smoothing his thumb over your shoulder. The corner of your lips twitched, curving up into a crooked, sleepy grin seconds later.

“You’re so fucking cheesy, Barnes,” Your tone was light, amused, your eyes sparkling in the low light as you gazed adoringly up at your boyfriend.

“Y’know,” Bucky gently squeezed your shoulder, sending a shiver down your spine, “most people call that charmin’ or romantic…” A laugh bubbled from your lips, full of affection. 

“Yeah, but I’m not most people, baby. Not sure if you noticed… and I love it anyways. Y’know. Because of that hopeless romantic bullshit my heart decided to torture me with before I met you.” Your hand slid up to rest over Bucky’s, causing butterflies to take over his stomach. “My heart is a bit of a little jackass.” You commented thoughtfully afterwards. Bucky found himself laughing again, bringing his forehead down to rest against yours.

“Your heart is not a jackass,” He whispered, “it’s beautiful. Big, beautiful and all mine.” You shuddered against Bucky’s chest when his voice dropped low.

“All yours, indeed,” You purred, tilting your chin up to kiss the tip of Bucky’s nose. The song dwindled, almost at the end. You knew that your new favourite song was next. So did Bucky. 

“Wanna dance with me, doll?” You bit your lip in an attempt to stifle a giddy, toothy smile. “I know this is your favourite song…” Bucky coaxed, nuzzling the top of your head. You wriggled off of Bucky, standing and extending a hand towards him, a ghost of the hidden smile tugging at your lips. Bucky took it, his lips twitching up to match your smile, pushing himself up off of the couch. There was barely any space between the two of you. Just how he liked it.

Bucky wrapped his arms gently around your waist, burying his face in your soft neck. You smelled like everything that made him feel safe. Bucky only pulled back, just the slightest bit, when the song began. He slid one arm around the small of your back and captured your hand in his free one. You blushed. No matter how long you’d been with him, Bucky could make you blush like no one else. Slowly, the two of you started to sway. 

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It Wasn’t a Mistake

Pairing: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 5487

Warnings: sin, fluff, angst?, blood

Author’s Note: I decided to write this to celebrate the trailer of American Assassin coming out and it was a fucking amazing trailer. Dyl looked so good. oml. I want to thank like all my friends for encouraging me that this is good! I wanna thank @dumbass-stilinski for looking it over, helping me with some parts, and just being amazing all around. You da best babe. I hope you guys enjoy!!

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Over Dramatic | Tom Holland

Summary: Pregnant reader gets a little over dramatic when things don’t go her own way when making a special meal Tom and her’s anniversary dinner.

Warning: Like…a few swear words

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Type: Oneshot


A/N: This is my first Tom Holland imagine so just excuse the horrible writing and all.

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Today marked Tom and Y/N’s five year anniversary and Y/N wanted to do something special for her husband and father to her future child. She stare down at the instructions in her cook book and followed them step by step. She had never been too good at cooking.

Between Tom filming in Atlanta for Infinity War and him finishing up the press tour for Spiderman: Homecoming, Y/N rarely ever got to see him. But alas, he promised he would be home for their special five year anniversary.

The thought of being able to be with Tom in just a few hours, excited Y/N. She wanted everything to be perfect for his arrival. She called Harrison, Tom’s best mate, and asked him to pick up Tom from the airport while she prepared everything back home. She set up a nice candle lit dinner and was planning on making his favorite dish.

“Add…one cup of oil,” Y/N read from the book, glancing between the book and the dish. She followed the instructions precisely and when she was done, she carefully put the casserole dish into the oven and set a time.

She wiped her hands clean on her apron, her hands brushing over the small baby bump. She made her way into the living room and flopped down onto the couch. Y/N glanced at the clock and made a mental note in her head that the dish needed to be ready before seven.

She had been running all over town today, picking up the ingredients for the dinner and the decorations. So it was no surprise that she fell asleep instantly. She was not awoken by the sound of the oven timer going off, but by the smell of smoke. 

Y/N’s eyes snapped open and she sat up immediately. “Oh shit,” she raced into the kitchen, now seeing the smoke leaking from the oven. She opened the oven and the kitchen was quickly over taken in smoke. With mittens on both hands, she reached inside and grabbed the dish, pulling it out and threw it on top of their stove. “Shit,” she cursed to herself, now staring at the burnt meal.

She kicked the oven door and immediately regretted it. She clutched her foot in pain as she felt tears cloud her vision. Then she remembered:

“The pudding!” She raced over to the refrigerator and threw the door open. She scrunched her nose in disgust before reaching in and pulling out the so called ‘vanilla pudding.’

She had been craving it recently and asked her mother for the recipe. When making it though, it was suppose to turn solid. And now here it lay, liquidized in her sink.

“Shit, Tom’s gonna kill me,” she muttered before pouring the pudding down the drain. As if things couldn’t get any worse, she heard the sound of glass shattering from the dinning room.

She raced over into the dinning room and gazed at the catastrophe in front of her. Tessa, Tom’s dog, held the corner of the table cloth in her mouth and was slowly pulling it backwards, resulting in the dishes sliding off the table and onto the floor.

“Tessa. Stop,” she begged. When she took a step forward, Tessa bolted, dragging the entire setting with her. The sound of all of Y/N’s dishes, crashing to the floor. “No,” she choked back a sob.

She made her way back to the kitchen and opened the wine cabinet. Just her luck, it was empty. Tom had advised her not to drink anything while pregnant, saying it could ‘hurt the baby.’ But now she was desperate. Nothing had gone her way and Tom would be home in a few minutes.

Y/N lean against the countertop and let herself sink to the floor. She hugged her knees and cried to herself. She didn’t even hear the sound of their apartment door opening nor the sound of Tom calling for her.

When Tom walked into the kitchen, he saw his loving wife in a different position on the floor. She lay on her back, against the cool tiles. Her arms and legs spread out as she cried loudly.

“Darling? What’s wrong?” She kicked she right foot slightly in a fit. “Come on, love. Use your words.”

“N-Nothing w-went as planned tonight,” she cried.

“What do you mean by that, love?”

“I was g-going to cook y-your favorite meal but instead, I burnt it,” Tom stepped over her leg and passed the doorway. He went over to stand near her head and he just so happened to look into the sink. 

“What’s this junk in the sink?” When hearing the nickname for her food, she cried even louder.

“It was suppose to be pudding,” Tom raising his eyebrows at her. She brought her hands up and covered her face with them. “I’m such a failure. I wanted tonight to be special and instead, I ruined it.”

Tom knelt down and cupped her tear stained cheek. “Hey, now. Don’t think negative. I’m sure we have something else in this house that we can eat.”

“B-But I wanted for you to h-have a good home cooked m-meal for once. You’ve been working so hard recently. You deserved this and I screwed it up. I am suppose to be a good h-housewife. I am suppose to cook for you. I’m suppose to take care of you,” she sobbed, gazing up into his big brown eyes.

“Well, darling. Nobody’s perfect,” he said, shaking his head. “And you do take care of me, more than you think.”


“Well…you keep me going every day you’re not with me. You take care of my parents and brothers for me when I am not around. You,” he gently placed his hand on top of her stomach. “You’re taking care of our child. You’re carrying life!”

Y/N let out a small laugh and sniffed up her tears. Tom brushed a strand of hair behind her ear and continued:

“You are the most amazing, talented, and most beautiful woman I have ever met. I owe you everything,” he praised. He laced his arm around her shoulder and pulled her up into a sitting position.

Tom leaned back against the cupboards and pulled Y/N into his lap. Her forehead tucked into the crook of his neck and her legs draped over his. He rubbed her back with one hand and cradled her thigh in the other. He turned his head and pressed a gently kiss to her head.

“I love you so much. You literally have no idea,” he smiled. Y/N giggled slightly and nuzzled her face deeper into his neck, placing a kiss at the base of his neck.

“I love you too.”

“Happy Anniversary, love.”

All Our Secrets Laid Bare (Part Two)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Prompt: The reader isn’t ready to confront Peter after all that happened the night before. However, the task of avoidance becomes increasingly more difficult as the day progresses. Having a fallout with your best friend is the worst.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 3,286

A/N: So I rewrote this part at least six times before begrudgingly deciding to post this version. I kept writing and deleting every version before this one because I didn’t like any of them. I don’t even really like this version, but I figured I made you guys wait long enough for a part two, and this was probably the best I was going to write. I’m sorry for any grammatical errors. I hope you can at least somewhat enjoy this poorly written imagi.

Part One / Part Three

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You woke up to the sound of your alarm. As you slowly gained consciousness, the obnoxious noise echoed louder in your ears. You groaned to yourself and fumbled around for the snooze button. Finally getting the blasted thing to shut up, you groggily turned so that you could see the time. It was half past six in the morning. School started in one hour. You begrudgingly rolled (quite literally) out of bed and stumbled as you stood up. You stretched your arms above you head before yawning for what seemed like the longest time. Jeez, you were tired. Why were you so tired? Then it hit you.

Dinner. Relatives. Boyfriend. Peter.


Closing your eyes, your entire body shifted as the memories from last night flooded your mind. You suddenly had the very strong urge to retreat back under your covers and never face the world again. You shook you head. Hiding wouldn’t help anyone. You huffed out a frustrated breath before deciding to head to the kitchen. Maybe a quick breakfast would lighten your spirits. You didn’t get very far though. Not even five steps in, your foot fell on top of a material that most definitely was not hardwood floors. You looked down to find that you had stepped on what looked to be a men’s blazer. You picked the jacket up and stared at it. It was Peter’s jacket. The one he gave you last night before you told him to leave. Before you had your emotional breakdown. Before you had ruined everything. You stared at the piece of clothing in your hands. Tears were already starting to form in your eyes, but you couldn’t make yourself look away. It was all so fresh in your mind.

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BTS REACTION: Their S/O Is Insecure About Their Weight

requested reaction from a lovely anon !!!

tbh i was really conflicted in turning this into a scenario but i was able to control myself phew


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K I M S E O K J I N : 

I hope you’re not doing what I think you’re doing…” He would surprise you as you were staring at your body in the mirror.

You were wearing nothing but your bra & underwear and you couldn’t help but judge yourself as you pinched the fat on your stomach. You don’t usually do this when you know he’s somewhere lurking in the house but you just finished taking a shower and you couldn’t help it.

Suddenly he’s right behind you, his lips are on your neck & his arms are snaking around your waist. You immediately cast your eyes downward, because you know as he’s putting his hands over yours to guide your hands away from your stomach that he’s looking at your face through the mirror. 

With gentle hands, he makes you turn around so you’re facing his body instead of the mirror. He then embraces you in a hug and slowly, you hug him back. Tears are staining the shoulder of his shirt but he doesn’t care and you don’t either because you’re too focused on the love he’s radiating onto you & he’s too busy mentally cursing out whoever made you so insecure about yourself.

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M I N Y O O N G I :

Their words still affect you today?” He would question, after explaining to him what’s been bugging you lately. 

You would bite your lip & avoid his eyes, so he would come up to you and take you by the hands, just to make sure you were paying attention to him. You weren’t looking eye to eye at him so he would bring a finger under your chin and tilt your head up to force you to look at him. He kisses your forehead gingerly.

The way you look right now is so different from how you looked back then, you know that, right?” He would reason with you, “And even then, those assholes don’t know beauty even if it slaps them in the face.

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J U N G H O S E O K :

Did I do something wrong?” He would ask.

He just got off stage from winning an award for BTS. You were waiting for him backstage but you didn’t expect him to unleash his excitement by carrying you off the ground and spinning you around. The second that he put his hands on your sides and lifted you up, you were yelling at him to put you back down. Once he saw how serious you were, his expression changes from his wide smile to a look of concern and puts you back on the ground. 

Sorry, I’m just a bit…” You then lick your lips, uncomfortable of the subject at hand, “Heavy…” You mutter, the word seeming like a curse. 

You’re fine though!” He would reassure you, “And besides, your weight has nothing to do with how I feel about you, okay?” He puts his around your waist and pulls you close to give you a kiss on the lips.

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K I M N A M J O O N :

 “Come on in! The water is just right!” He would call out to you, sitting in a beach chair with your hair up in a messy bun, big sunglasses, and a huge shirt covering the bathing suit you’re wearing underneath.

“I’m fine where I am!” You would respond, waving him off.

Aw, c’mon,” He would whine, walking up by your side. “I’ll be with you the whole time and we don’t have to go that deep.” 

He’s standing too close for comfort that your first instinct is to wrap your arms around your waist. Your thoughts start racing because the shirt you were wearing was white and the sun that was gleaming down at you did not help your shirt do its job of covering up your body.

I prefer not to, Joonie,” You reply again, your voice firm.

He notices your tension through your body language and he knows something is wrong, “What’s on your mind, babe?” He would ask. It would take you a moment to answer properly but then you muster up the courage to admit, “I’m just not that confident, that’s all…

If that’s the case, then I’ll spend every moment of my life reminding you just how beautiful you are until you see yourself the way that I see you.” 

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P A R K J I M I N :

You know it isn’t true, right?” He’d whisper, making you jump and turn off your phone instantly.

You quickly wiped off the tears on your face as he made his way to you on the couch. Though your eyes were glossy and slightly puffy, you maintained eye contact with him as he sat down next to you and put your phone behind him before grabbing your hands.

I don’t know what you’re talking about?” You’d lie, resisting the urge to break out into tears by biting your lip.

He’d simply shake his head at you before saying, “Please, don’t try to hide it anymore,” He’d plead, his tone full of care that you haven’t heard before. “I see how you look at yourself in the mirror, how you eat so little when we have our meals, how you pick clothes that hides your body, how you refuse to look at yourself in pictures…” He trails off.

It makes me so sad because you are worth so much more than a number on a scale or how much fat you can pinch on your skin,” He sighs, and tears escape from your eyes because those were the words that you never knew you needed to hear.

You’ll see it one day,” He then smiles softly, “Until then, I’ll just have to love you twice as much.

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K I M T A E H Y U N G :

Oh my gosh!” He’d exclaim, seeing you curl up and your eyes start to get teary. “Did I hurt you? I’m sorry!” 

No, no,” You’d force a smile on your face, “It’s okay. I just hate being tickled.” 

He’d relax a bit and a smile would appear on his face, “Aw, but that’s what makes being the tickle monster so fun!” 

Really? You enjoy tickling me?” You’d ask, and he’d respond, “Of course! My girl gets to laugh! It’s the highlight of my day.” 

So…” You’d continue, a bit curious, “You don’t mind my jelly belly?

He’d blink at you before answering, “I don’t care about your jelly belly.” His answer was rather straightforward but he’d add on, “If that’s what makes you who you are, then I love it, because I love you.

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J E O N J U N G K O O K :

You know… No one else thinks like that about you…” He’d say, his voice soft.

You two had just gotten home from eating dinner with your parents, and all your parents could talk about was your weight. The ride home was unbearably uncomfortable and silent, giving you anxiety because you were starting to think that Jungkook was beginning to believe your parents and seeing you in a whole different light now. When he breaks the quietness, you let out a breath that you didn’t even know you were holding in but he mistakes it as a sigh.

It’s true!” His confidence was rising and he didn’t want those harsh words that your parents had said to be etched into your mind. “Don’t listen to them! You’re fine just the way you are!” He’d then clear his throat because now he’s raising his voice and he just said the cheesiest line in existence. “Listen, don’t let their words affect you. You don’t have to lose weight or anything like that. Your weight doesn’t define who you are, and it sure as hell won’t change how I feel about you.


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Where’s my Mom?

A/N: Happy Angst Appreciation Day. Reader is Eileen’s five year old daughter.

Sam stared down at Eileen’s body in shock; he couldn’t believe she was dead. He felt the tears begin to quickly build in his eyes while he observed the different injuries that she was covered in.

The brothers continued their conversation about what happened, how could she be dead? Why did the hell hound kill her? Why did this always have to happen to the ones that they loved?

Then Dean asked a question that stopped Sam’s heart;

“What do you think happened to Y/N?”

“We need to find her Dean.” Sam said in a serious tone that was laced with worry. You were only five years old; your mother was dead and your father was a hunter who wanted nothing to do with you, just another reason why Eileen always avoided other hunters.

“I know Sam, we will.” Dean assured him before turning to leave the morgue.

“No Dean,” Sam replied, gripping his brother’s arm, “We need to find her. She’s just a kid, who’s alone with the freaking British Men of Letters out there looking for all hunters. They wanted revenge on Eileen for the accident with the colt, who’s to say they won’t take it out on Y/N.”

Dean nodded his head, “We need to find Y/N.”

A few days had passed since Eileen’s death and the Winchester’s were no closer to finding you. They had checked every motel in the area Eileen’s body had been found. They checked data bases, security cameras, they couldn’t find you anywhere.

They hadn’t given up the search, but moved their hunt for you back to the bunker so that they could have a home base while finding you.

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Numinous (Intro)

Summary: (Roadtrip!Au) In which you and the one person you hate get stuck together while venturing across the country in search of change.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing, angst!

1. Every chapter has a different P.O.V., switching from the reader to Bucky and back
2. i’ve got 8 parts planned out, but I’m still not sure
3.  @jurassicbarnes​ is the love of my life and this would not have even started it if weren’t for her. Thank you for letting me throw my ideas at you, M. I adore you with all my heart.
4. @aya-fay is genuinely one of the nicest people I know. Thank you so much for helping me with this. I am eternally grateful.

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“I can’t take this anymore,” you murmured, eyes glazed over with tears. Your head was throbbing and your fingers shook slightly as you tried to apply pressure to the area, begging for the pain to subside.

“What? What do you mean?” He sounded surprised. “I thought you liked it?”

“It’s just- I- I need a break.” You took a deep, wavering breath, trying to calm yourself down before whispering, “I don’t think I’ll be back.”

“Hey, let’s- let’s just talk about this, okay? Why don’t you come back here, take a breather, and we’ll see what we can do. Just don’t make any harsh decisions.” You bit your lip at his words, mulling it over, the ill-lit room behind you seeming to grow darker.

“Fine, but give me three weeks.” You bit your lip when you heard him about to persist. Please don’t start now. I can’t do this right now.

“What if-”

“Please.” You looked at the papers strewn over your desk, dimly illuminated with the table lamp you had purchased when you first arrived there, one of the only furniture adorning your apartment. “Only three weeks.”

You heard him sigh, probably evaluating his choices. You forced your eyes away from the pile of files, knowing that if you allowed yourself to gaze at them for longer, you’d probably return back to tearing yourself apart over it.

“Fine. Three weeks.”

The snacks you purchased were slightly moving around in their covers, not loud enough to overpower the radio playing moderately loud.

Your grip tightened on the steering as you tried to empty your mind of all the thoughts that were beginning to surface again.

What would happen now? What are you going to do? Would you go back if he convinced you to?

“Stop it. This is your time,” you scolded yourself, pushing a stray piece of your hair away from your face, blowing out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

The sky had changed drastically since you started. The bright, effulgent colours of the evening had washed away by the darkness that now consumed the sky and you couldn’t help but think of how it related to you.

Your first destination was nearly a few hours away, and it was already night time, yet you drove on, because you couldn’t turn around. Not now, not when-

“Shit!” you nearly yelled, body acting with pure instinct as your foot lifted off the accelerator while the other pressed on the brakes harshly, hands yanking the steering wheel away from the body, dark as the night, only seen by your headlights as it seemed to jump right in front of your path.

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