i have superior taste in men

I watch a lot of detective shows, and while I love all my mystery babs, Dirk Gently from the 2016 show is such a refreshing reversal of the typical archetypes. Detectives like Morse, Sherlock, George Gently (I JUST realized they have the same surnames…), Hardy, Wallander, Lewis once he gets his own show, they’re all very pessimistic, broken by personal tragedy, socially avoidant, and oftentimes smugly superior about their intellect even towards those they care about. Their shows do everything possible to convince you that these men are Just Better by showing off their admirable personal tastes (either refined or salt-of-the-earth in a very dignified way) and their almost complete mastery of their jobs.

Then there’s Dirk Gently. Dirk, who listens to the trashiest pop music outside of a SoCal club from 2004. Who pairs a ice cream cone patterned tie with a bright yellow leather jacket. Who briefly mistook a map for a picture of a woman, and then spent another few seconds completely baffled as to what it could actually be. Who does his job by stumbling into clues rather than actually searching for them. Who greets everyone like they’ve genuinely made his day. Who wants friends, as many as will have him. Who is esctatic when someone else figures out part of the case before him. Who sees the good in everyone and doesn’t hesitate in telling them about it as many times as they need it. Who doesn’t always really understand how to relate to people, but tries so hard to keep them happy. Who has seen some shit, but tries not to let it get him down. Who gets scared sometimes and wears his heart on his sleeve. Who really does listen to the worst fucking pop I’ve heard in my life, and it’s great, and he’s great, and I’d like to see more characters like him in this genre.


So apparently KC AU week is going to be a week for starting multi-part stories. I got two requests for Cyborg Klaroline (one from @goldcaught, one from an anon), and here is my take.

Part 1 for KC AU Week Day 3: Sci fi for @everythingisklaroline

She wasn’t sure how she had gotten into the mess.

              Actually, that would be a lie – sheh knew exactly how she got into the mess.


              What she didn’t know, was how she had let herself get involved in the whole, mad mess.

              She wasn’t  a bounty hunter. She  was just a journalism student -  probably a failed journalism student at  that point. But idiot  that she was, she let Enzo convince her that the one, single   job would be  easy.

              The  target was a fucking cyborg.

              A  military grade  cyborg.

              And Caroline was pretty sure  he  was going to kill her.

              “Now tell me, Love, what’s my fool brother doing sending a Neutral after me?”

              Klaus’ eye – which had appeared to be a perfectly normal blue just moments before – took on the  telltale black and red appearance of a scanner, and his other eye narrowed at the results he found. Caroline’s breath whooshed out as Klaus lifted her so her toes barely scraped the ground. She clawed at his hand futilely, and he pulled her closer.

              “You’re not a  Cyborg,” Klaus said with a  scowl.  “So why would anyone send you-”

              He  cut off when Caroline slammed her hand into his chest, a low grade electric jolt rewiring his robotics.  She dropped to the ground and scrambled back gracelessly, staring at Klaus’ prone form after he collapsed to the ground.

              She waited one beat… then another… and finally, when he still didn’t move, she let a victorious smirk curve her lips.

              “Unlicensed wiring, asshole!”

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He’ll Come For Me & You’ll Be Sorry 

You were walking home from work when you were jumped by Black Mask’s men. Of course, you tried all you could to fight them off- Jason taught you how to defend yourself- but there was just too many of them. They took you somewhere, you have no idea where though because they blindfolded and gagged you. 

Now your arms and legs are strapped down to a chair and boy are you mad. If you get your hands on any of them you are going to kick their asses. You’ve always had a bit of a fiery temper, especially when someone is trying to mess with you. It’s one of the many reasons Jason is so attracted to you. Despite the situation you are currently in, you remain totally calm. You are not scared of anyone, especially not Roman Sionis. 

Someone removes the gag and blindfold from your face, revealing a group of men who are all wearing black masks. You scowl and narrow your eyes at them all as a warning not to touch you or else. They split down the middle and allow their boss to pass through. Black Mask is wearing his usual white and gold pinstripe suit, he probably thinks it makes him look more superior than everyone else; it doesn’t. 

“So, you’re the Red Hood’s little lady.” Black Mask looks you up and down carefully. “At least he’s got taste, I’ll give him that. You know why you’re here?” He then asks you.

“I have a good idea.” You give him an unimpressed look. 

“You’re a feisty one, aren’t you?” He admires your fiery nature. “You’re here because your boyfriend keeps getting in my way, trying to send me a message by killing my men. Now I’m going to send him a message. But first, you and I are going to have a little chat, understood?” He speaks as if he has some kind of authority over you. 

You let out a laugh, looking him straight in the eyes. “He’ll come for me and you’ll be sorry.” You tell him with a smug look on your face. 

“We’ll see about that.” He replies sinisterly.

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anonymous asked:

this is definitely not an attack on you or the op, but i think (/hope) i misinterpreted something. women who find playing femshep empowering and don't like playing maleshep because male protags literally always get the spotlight are... assholes?

You misinterpreted it. 

This is not about finding FShep empowering. I play MShep and I find FShep empowering. This is about people constantly saying that others who play MShep suck, that he sucks, that Fshep is superior and that if you play MShep, you have no taste or respect. Actual words said by people. Remember: this is an old argument and this is why I consider them assholes. You can check my tags and see exactly what I mean.

A lot of people play MShep, and they aren’t always cis men. But those people don’t care about this. It’s all: “lmao why would you even play mshep when you have fshep????” 

Why would we play him? For various reasons. We like, care and identify with him. And if we identify with him, it is NOT inclusive to insult him and question why people would play him. Let me repeat this: cis men aren’t the only ones who play MShep!

They’re not saying “FShep is amazing and I love her” because if they did say that, I WOULD AGREE WITH THEM. I love FShep with all my heart. 

And I can have this opinion while acknowledging, since I did it MANY TIMES, that the marketing is terrible and putting the spotlight on FShep is A GOOD THING. Female characters should get more spotlight than they have right now.
I was one of those who repeatedly said Sara Ryder should be in more trailers.

The sky looks like bad yogurt,
scattered lumps of cloud
Today could be the day it all falls in,
rotten and exhausted.

I want to breathe the air my ancestors breathed.
I want to go back further:
to be a solitary cell
just getting started.
One tiny, insignificant organism -
(what am I now?)

You feel like you’ll never be clean
because there’s always a layer of grease and grime
and other people’s words
clinging to your skin.
You can taste pollution
but no one seems to notice.

the sky is falling.

Last night was golden, honey-streaked;
today is grey
but who decided that’s not beautiful?

Men are carrying corpses through the streets,
chopped up and sanded down
into smooth, easy-to-carry planks.
No one is horrified because this is what men do:
We are superior because we created axes
and we have no roots.

the sky is falling.

the war against beauty continues:
we are winning.
we are losing.

Dinner (to which she was only brought to) | Joaniarty, Joan Watson & Jamie Moriarty

mermaidandthedrunks mentioned something about Jamie Moriarty and Joan Watson sitting in a restaurant as a good writing exercise for me to attempt finding their voices…

I’m still not ready I think. But all the same, today was as good as any.

It’s for you though, Alex, for all the encouragement and kindness.



Dinner (to which she was only brought to) |

“What’s this?”

Joan does seem furious, of course. But she must get over it. The food is exquisite here, and some wine. Wine will do it. She nods to the Sommelier in that discreet gesture people bred into money learn from such a young age. She’s kept it, there are no prescription on these sort of things, even if you were brought up in a family fallen out of money.

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23 Things You Need To Know About Me Before I Turn 23

So literally just a month left before my next birthday. Here’s a little list for you:

  1. I have a superiority complex and sometimes love myself way too much, thus this post.
  2. My name is pronounced Sharday (yes the singer), and is the generic word for Sadist coming from erotica writer Marquis de Sade. My parents named me this without knowing its meaning/history. Coincidentally, my extended family nicknamed me Sadique, which is literally French for Sadistic. Thus, drove me to learn and take an interest in French. I believe I was European in a past life, my friends often say I have a European soul (and taste for men HAHAHAHAHA)
  3. I surf but I can’t swim.
  4. Impatience is my virtue. I can type super fast (99words/min) and can read a book super fast as well.
  5. I have, I think, 10 tattoos you can see. Though technically I’ve been tattooed 12 times.
  6. My music taste is flawless.
  7. I am 4'11" or 150 cm :|
  8. I am pretty perceptive, e.g. read body language and people well.
  9. My favorite book is Tuesdays With Morrie.
  10. Was never trained for writing back in high school. Not invited to seminars or campus papers. In fact, most of my pieces and my talent was generally rejected and overlooked. Only until I was 18 studying in Uni and took a risk submitting some pieces to a newspaper did I finally get noticed for my passion.
  11. I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications/Journalism specializing in print media.
  12. Once, I saved up to 100k php just freelancing online, quit my job, bought myself an iPad and MacBook, and literally lived in an island for 10 months last year. I am now broke.
  13. CAN. NOT. cook for my life.
  14. My grandparents raised me.
  15. Used to have 13 piercings, just have 3 left. You can still see scars on my nose and belly-button from them healing.
  16. Used to write Draco Malfoy fan fics LOL before I switched to poetry.
  17. I’ve got a dog named Killer. She’s a japanese spitz.
  18. I’ve conquered 18 men ;) What? If guys can brag about it, so can I.
  19. Can drive a motorbike. Have crashed SEVERAL times (clumsy).
  20. Despite being branded a “bad student” in High School who often went to class late, having average to below average grades (except in English ha!), and being near-suspended several times - an IQ test showed I had the second highest IQ in my entire batch of 300.
  21. I have legit seen a ghost
  22. I have severe anxiety for public transport, especially planes and boats.
  23. Showed earlier signs of being a possible serial killer as a child (such as violent outbursts with physically abusing someone or torturing animals, I don’t do that now, of course, I’ve learned better. Or have I?…)
i didn't proofread this whatever

I thought that this Anne Sexton quote, “Watch out for intellect, because it knows so much it knows nothing and leaves you hanging upside down, mouthing knowledge as your heart falls out of your mouth," was quite true and good and it made me think of times when I would read a lot of Sylvia Plath, Joan Didion, and Anne Sexton and nerd dudes who really positioned themselves as experts on taste (both irl and on the web) were really against that.

I think that they were reading Vonnegut, Pynchon, Bukowski and that stupid Mark Z. Danielewski book House of Leaves (I’m sorry to call that book stupid, this is actually a fake apology, when I look back I just think that the book was stupid) and I was reading a lot of that stuff too, and everything about a white nerd boy’s (or a MOC who has too many white nerd boy friends) approach to books and film and media is so obvious and transparent and rooted in racism and apathy and fearing girls. I mean, it really took me a while to see they like what they like because of who they are, and not because it is the best, or many times, even good. I am at the point where I don’t trust the taste of any nerd ass dude who lacks self-awareness, because he is probably pompous and a coward with poor deodorant choices. 

I can think of so many white men who are quick to speak of their superior taste, despite having incredibly limited views and exposure to everything. Dudes who can "get past” the racism in Heart of Darkness but scoff at the thought of reading a Gwendolyn Brooks poem. A poem! Boys who are fascinated by war and say that war is just part of our reality, as long as the soldiers being championed are white. (Brown savages fighting is not cool though, so hopefully a white man with an expensive hat and musket will intervene and restore order)

I was listening to dudes who weren’t listening to me. And whenever that is done, when you’re hearing someone who isn’t hearing you (or even asking), there has to be an assessment of value, worth, and power. Because to be heard is powerful.

So that Anne Sexton quote is good in two ways, in that it reminds me not to cherish the words of people who fashion themselves to be super intellectual, but also to think about the kind of people who don’t see value in anything that Anne Sexton says, their reasons. There can be good reasons. But the reasons I was given were always from lazy men much more concerned with assuming authority more than the lives of women. And I find myself increasingly disinterested in anything they have to say.