i have such big dreams that will never come true


I never thought I’d get to see club penguin’s iceberg tip but here we are, probably 10 years since I stopped believing it was possible, and dreams have come true. (Excuse the sniff in the middle - I was holding back tears)

Two Nights Stand Part 6

Summary: (Modern Au) After a bad breakup, your roommate insists that you need to a one night stand to end your dry spell. Following her advice, you have a bad one night stand with Bucky Barnes, but what happened when you are forced to spend time with him?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1758

Warnings: This is vaguely inspired by a movie of the same name. In the future, the series will be having smut so be warned. This chapter has taks about bad sex and bad puns.

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Credits to the gifs owners

Bucky leads you to his bedroom, he sits on his bed before saying “Okay, so here we are. Be honest, but don’t be cruel and then I can give you, my feedback.” You arch your eyebrows, your feedback? If you remember correctly he was having a really good time.

 You sit by his side, not believing that he could have any tips for you, not that you were a sex goddess, but come on, he had an orgasm.

“Your feedback? Please, you first. I’m very curious.” You say trying not to sound sarcastic, the way he smiles at you shows you that you failed “Yes, don’t get me wrong you were pretty good but there are a few things that… you might wanna improve.”  You can see that he is teasing you and you really hate that you are falling for it.

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Harlem Alexander (@harlemalexander) via IG

Want to say a big thank you to @anthonyturnerhair who believes in me and want me to be a part of his hair team. I still can’t believe this was my second Victoria’s Secret show witch was my goal when I started at Adam og Eva School in 2008. I said it loud and clear that on day I’m gonna be working at the VS show. Also thank you ADAM OG EVA for letting me be free and travel the world and letting my dreams come true. @catokarpow @charlottekolltuft @linnrein @marenhope this would never happen if I didn’t have you as my support, I love you all. This had been so much fun and this is just the beginning. ❤

I just want to say something…
We never thought that this would ever happen, or we never thought that they would be recognized by amazing artists all around the world. But we trusted in them and now look!
They’re there showing the world that doesn’t matter your nationality, you can make your dreams come true. They were little and now they are big as a group and family.
ARMYs never let someone to tell you that you can’t make your dreams come true, work hard and show them they were wrong.
Thanks to all the support, memories and everything that you have been given to BTS and this blog. Let’s make BTS more big and let’s keep working hard as a family!

Prostitute/Hooker AU starters
  • "How much?"
  • "I got $100, what can I get?"
  • "Wanna date?"
  • "Wanna party?"
  • "I have a hotel room... But it's lonely"
  • "I can make your dreams come true"
  • " hey big boy/girl, wanna have some fun?"
  • "Name's ______ , and I'm free tonight."
  • " I can make it all better"
  • "I can't be alone tonight."
  • " it's always nice to have a regular."
  • " need to meet me somewhere?"
  • "Have you got any friends, or are you the only option?
  • "It's gotta be nice to have someone who can't say no."
  • " I'll do anything for $__"
  • "I'm not from around here, what's a guy/girl gotta do around here for a good time?"
  • " you look like you need me."
  • " I'll take care of everything"
  • " you're beautiful, but I've never done this before."
  • "What made you do this?"
  • " an hour, or the night?"

As I’m standing here, and you hold my hand
Pull me towards you, and we start to dance
All around us, I see nobody
Here in silence
It’s just you and me

A big, warm thank you to the marvelous @molliartsie for making my MC/Maxwell dreams come true. Guys, if you can, please commission her. She makes amazing art that never fails to make your day. <3

I have some dreams that for some reason always have a way of coming true like one time I dreamt that my friend avoided me and told me that she wished we had never become friends and that happened (weird story) and then I had a dream that I was visiting my grandparents with a friend and there was a really big music festival within walking distance on a certain road I had never been on -  we ended up going to visit my grandparents and my dad told me there actually is an amphitheater where really big concerts play sometimes down that road also I had a dream where I ran to the bus stop in such a hurry I forgot pants and a bra so let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

@aida_rikako_ 2017.03.19

Yesterday, 4 of us represented Aqours and took the podium in the Seiyuu Awards.

We Aqours won the award in the Singing category…
I really still can’t believe it!! In truth, it is because I set out on the path of a seiyuu that the Seiyuu Awards have always been my secret dream. I never told anyone about this really big dream,
But after that day passed, I still can’t believe that I stood on that stage that I looked up to, and I’m still excited. My dream really came true, huh, which I thought about deeply. (laughs)
I’m really happy that I was able to make this dream come true together as part of the 9 members of Aqours.

Once again, I want to convey my feelings of thanks from my heart towards the other members, all the staff supporting us, and all the fans who have cheered us on.
Thank you, thank you very much.
For the sake of living up to this award, I must try even harder than I have ever had before!

And without getting fixated on any specific goal, Aqours will keep on running full speed ahead from now on!

Together with everyone, let us all go and make big dreams come true together!
The voice of Sakurauchi Riko🌸Aida Rikako

Testing the Waters - Jack Maynard

Request: Could you write a Jack imagine where he likes a girl in their friend group and she always jokes about liking Josh and everyone (like fans and stuff) think she actually does like him and jack thinks so too but everyone knows jack likes her and Conor finally makes them admit their feelings

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I know, I know! I have been so shit lately! I’m so sorry for not writing but I’ve been watching Bones and it’s kind of taken over my life. I’m going to try to write as many as I can today and post them through-out the day/week. Sorry guys.

I also left out the fact that Conor makes them admit their feelings, I kind of switched it around but I did add Conor in there!

I hope you like it :)


“They’re totally dating.” “I’m in love with the look they give each other!” “They’re so cute!” It felt like you and Josh couldn’t go two minutes without someone commenting on how cute you two are. Your friendship with Josh was always one everyone questioned. They saw you as the best friends that would soon become more than friends and end up together. But in reality, your relationship with Josh was very different than people thought.  He was a big brother to you, someone who valued, respected and protected you. You never went a day without talking and the thought of not having him in your life killed you. You understood why people questioned your friendship but at the end of the day, there was nothing romantic between you two.

“I can’t get over how many people actually think we’re dating.” You said to Josh as you and the boys hung around your apartment.

“Just picturing that actually happening is a dream come true.” Josh replied, sarcastically. 

You two always managed to slide in some jokes about how people reacted to your friendship and some times, you do take it a little far. You definitely like to push the boundaries of how far you can take things, especially with the boys and their fanbase.

“Oh come on!” Joe yelled at your TV as he watched the game. You all had set aside the day to just hangout together without having cameras around. 

“Alright,” You said, standing up. “I’m going to grab the food from across the street. Jack, come with?” Jack agreed to help you out and off you went.

The weather wasn’t the nicest, as it was transitioning from Winter to Summer but because the restaurant was just across the street, you didn’t bother to put a jacket or sweater on.

“Order for (y/n), please.” You said to the employee, smiling. The elderly woman smiled back before heading into the kitchen to grab your order.

“This place is really nice.” Jack said, looking around. You had just moved into a new apartment and hadn’t really had time to invite the boys over and show them around so you weren’t surprised Jack was taking it all in. 

“I come here everyday…it’s probably really bad.” You laughed.

“So…you and Josh…what’s going on there?” Jack asked, out of the blue.

“I mean-” 

“Order for (y/n).” The employee called, cutting you off.

“I’ll take this, love.” Jack offered, helping you out. You took one bag in your hand and he took the other two in his.

“You two are adorable, definitely a good looking couple.” 

“Oh we’re not-” “No, we’re just-” You and Jack said at the same time, cutting each other off. You looked over at him and you could feel your cheeks heat up.

The thing with Jack was that you could never figure him out. He loved going to the bar and getting with random girls he wouldn’t remember but he loved the thought of being in a relationship as well. He would treat you like a girlfriend and there were many moments you thought he would actually try to kiss you but he never followed through. You didn’t understand how he felt towards you. Were you just friends? Was there more? Would he ever try anything with you?

“Well that was new.” You said, as you and Jack walked back towards your building. No one had ever said anything about you and the other boys before; it had only ever been Josh. “But thinking about it, we definitely would be good looking together.”

You would always drop little hints about being a in relationship with Jack just to test the waters. You wanted to see his reaction and see if you could figure out what was really going on in his head.

“Would it be weird though…with Josh?” He asked, avoiding eye contact with you.

“Josh and I are just friends. Sure, we make jokes but there’s someone else I’d rather go for.” You looked over at him and he was still avoiding eye contact so you lightly bumped your should against his and waited for his reply. 

“Are you-”

“Yeah.” You confirmed. “I mean…if you don’t feel the same, it’s cool.”

“Friday, 8pm, I’ll pick you up.” You smiled to yourself as the elevator doors opened and there stood Conor.

“Jesus, I thought you guys got lost or something.” He said, grabbing one of the bags from Jack’s hand. “Did I miss something here?” He asked, noticing the atmosphere.

“Don’t worry about it.” Jack said, exiting the elevator, with a laugh escaping his mouth.

Sorachi meets the readers, question corner 244

<Question from I wish to go to the big gintama meeting san from Mie>

I have a dream, but I am a really negative person, so I think that my dream will never come true, ‘cause I am inferior to the other people. I am negative regarding a lot of things, and I have no faith in myself. Sorachi sensei, what can i do to gain some self-confidence?


It is not necessary having self.confidence. But you can consider to do things in order to not loose to the others and be inferior. But before and after accomplish one dream is always good to have some positive thoughts.

As for me I only know about the manga business, and I am really sensible to my work’s popularity and surveys, and every time I am really afraid of them, and i look at them terrified. So I had no other choice to put all my efforts in my works. Of course there are people really proud and committed to their wrok, so much more to have a positive or negative attitude the important thing is to put effort in what you do. So it is way better instead of keep thinking to be uncool and be turned down by jelousy toward others and fear for to future to transforrm all of that in motivation, let’s burn all this garbage in fuel. We have to think only to turn the pessimistic attitude and the uncoolness into motivation,as long it will burn it will not be estiguished both if the fire is fueled with good wood or some porn, fire will remain fire. The one that will burn longer will be the winner.

A Little Thing About Troy Bolton and Why I'm So Defensive of This Poor Kid:

Troy Bolton is a tragic character when you really stop to think about it. Yeah, I’m well aware that he wasn’t intended to be (we’re talking about a series of subpar Disney Channel movies aimed at twelve year-olds), but consider this:

His entire life, Troy has been brought up to be a star basketball player. He’s the basketball coach’s son. Everyone in the community refers to him as “the basketball guy”. As long as he leads his teammates to victory and continues to be the star athlete of East High, everyone adores him. That’s a ton of pressure to put on a kid, but no one ever stops to think about how Troy might feel about it, or how the application of all of that pressure might affect him psychologically.

Then, when he’s sixteen, Troy realizes that he’s pretty good at singing. In fact, he actually enjoys it. He believes that Gabriella, the girl who just happens to aid him in this discovery, is someone that he can confide in, someone who would like the real Troy, the kid behind this image of East High’s “Primo Boy”. 

Of course, we learn that Troy is completely wrong about that. Gabriella ultimately turns out to be just one more person that only values Troy based on how associating with him can benefit her. She never supports him, unless doing so would make her look good, or he’s doing something that she can profit from. She sees the “real him”, alright, and she uses that insight as a means of mocking (“The Wildcat Superstar is afraid?” “You’re crazy, Wildcat”, “You have your team and I have mine. It’s where we belong. Go Wildcats”) or emotionally wounding him (“It doesn’t just seem like new stuff. It seems like a new Troy”, “The club talent show is a big deal to Sharpay, and, evidently, for your future. So, it’s cool. Make it happen. Wear your new Italian shoes”). She pressures him to live up to impossibly high standards (“I thought you were my fairytale, my dream when I’m not sleeping, a wish upon a star that’s coming true”, “I hope some of those activities include a job”, “Let’s just focus on right now! ‘Cause I’ve never been in one place for an entire summer”, “I want to remember this summer”), and when he inevitably fails to meet those standards, she harshly criticizes him, heaps on passive-aggression and guilt, and then abandons him until he apologizes for causing his own abuse at her hands. 

Troy spends a good chunk of his summer vacation getting sexually harassed by the daughter of his employers’. The sexual harassment is not only played for laughs, even when it takes a turn for the skin-crawlingly disturbing, but Troy also gets blamed for it by Taylor, a character who holds a grudge against him simply because he’s a jock and a boy, Gabriella, and the narrative, itself. 

His friends demonstrate how fragile their sense of loyalty truly is, as well, that summer. The very moment that Troy stops doing what they want him to do, they turn on him. 

Only once is Troy ever allowed to get angry at this behavior, by the way; in the first movie, when his friends/teammates’ selfishness and inconsiderate behavior almost ruins Troy and Gabriella auditioning for the musical, and would, as a result, obstruct the ultimate message of and resolution to the film. 

After that, Troy’s self-esteem begins to plummet drastically. And, this plummet is visible to the audience. He dubs himself a “jerk” for being concerned with his future. He believes that Chad- his best friend since preschool- and Gabriella- who has only been in his life for about six months, or so, at that point in the series- know him better than he knows himself. Troy is convinced that his future isn’t important if him trying to ensure a decent education for himself makes his friends unhappy. He allows his friends and girlfriend to bully him out of going after a scholarship, informing Sharpay that although performing in the talent show for the boosters from the University of Albuquerque could change his life, he’s “more interested in what [his] friends think of him”. He then apologizes to Chad for trying to better himself. 

Troy is so focused on pleasing other people, he just stops caring about his own future until around the last few months of his senior year. And, when it looks like another momentous opportunity is being extended to him during that time period, a potential scholarship to Juilliard, his friends and girlfriend all laugh at him. Not a single one of them is ever reprimanded for doing that, making it seem like the narrative wants you, the viewer, to think that Troy, himself, is one big laughing stock, and the very idea that he could ever get into one of the most prestigious performing arts universities in the United States is outright laughable. 

Troy reaches a point where he feels like he needs Gabriella to pick out his clothes for him so he’ll “look right”. His truck constantly breaking down results in Chad getting angry at him for needing help pushing the truck home, and Gabriella laughing as the engine splutters, and expressing complete apathy as the vehicle breaks down right outside her house. She stands there on her balcony, watching as Troy is left with no option but to walk home, too busy wallowing in self-pity to do anything for her boyfriend that she supposedly loves. 

Troy is guilted into encouraging Gabriella to accept the early enrollment at Stanford, and when he does, which is actually incredibly mature and selfless of him, Gabriella whines about how it’s unfair to her, and that she wishes everything would slow down to a stop, just for her, or that she could go back to kindergarten. 

Sharpay, the very girl that sexually harassed him relentlessly, the previous summer, winds up taking Gabriella’s role as Troy’s girlfriend in the school musical. 

When Troy considers looking into colleges outside of the one his dad wants him to attend, he’s scolded for it and pushed into having his second onscreen emotional breakdown. This one is astonishingly not made into a farce, unlike the previous one. 

Troy is told that Gabriella extensively stringing him along, only to decimate his hopes at the last minute that she’s actually going to follow through on her word and come down to attend the prom with him, makes her “one step ahead”. 

In the end, he “decides” that Gabriella getting to have her cake and eat it, too, is more important than his psychological well-being, and he follows her to college. Not a single person tries to talk him out of it. 

Think of how people would have reacted if the roles were reversed, if a teenage girl followed her selfish, passive-aggressive, emotionally abusive boyfriend to college, and was never allowed to figure things out for herself, or even accept credit for her own personal accomplishments, because the narrative was biased in her boyfriend’s favor and gave him credit for things that she did.

Think of the outrage that would have ensued. 

I will never understand why this was allowed to happen, and I’ll never not be angry about it. The appalling level of negligence and apathy that the writer showed to his main character, who happens to be a truly likable, sympathetic, good kid, is why I can’t stomach watching High School Musical 3: Senior Year all the way through ever again. Seeing Troy be forced to bend to his abusers, apologize for “causing” them to mistreat him, and wind up following his main abuser to college to please her, because she couldn’t make an effort to be with him, is like someone telling me that I deserved to be mistreated by my dad, that he was right in how he treated my family, that he deserves to have his house back, and that we should be more understanding of how he feels. That we should just accept him back into our lives and apologize for getting a protection order against him. It’s like telling anyone else with a history of abuse, or who is currently in an abusive relationship that if they don’t do exactly what their abusers want them to do and it makes their abuser angry, that they’re a “jerk”,  that their abusers clearly know them better than they know themselves, and that they aren’t worthy of love or friendship because they aren’t putting their abusers first at all times. It’s saying that if you just give in and let other people control your life without question, then and only then can you be happy.

And, that’s WRONG. I shouldn’t even have to get into how WRONG that is.

Sharpay kind of got the short end of the stick from the writer; never being really developed due to the “Status Quo Is God” trope resulting in her continuously reverting back to her scheming and manipulative state from the first movie, no matter how many times she learns her lesson, and being characterized as the “villain” when she’s actually more sympathetic and likable than Gabriella. 

As did poor Ryan, who they not only tried to unceremoniously shove back into the closet, but also receives very little screen time, in spite of his undeniable status as a fan favorite, is short-changed in the merchandise department, and, according to the merchandise that he is fortunate enough to appear in, isn’t allowed to have any friends other than his sister, Sharpay. Even though Zac Efron and Lucas Grabeel went to great lengths to depict Troy and Ryan as being very close, as in 'sexually and romantically interested in each other’ close, and Ryan is one of the only characters that treats Troy as though his feelings matter.

But, what happened to Troy is utterly inexcusable. Peter Barsocchini, Kenny Ortega, and anyone else involved with sealing Troy’s fate should be ashamed of themselves. Not only for promoting this repulsive victim-blaming mentality and glorifying a character as vile as Gabriella Montez, but for some of the most unforgivably bad writing I’ve ever seen. Kids movie or otherwise. 

Let's talk about the past and the future

Spoiler Alert!

The second (or maybe even the third) season of 2Moons the series will be overloaded with drama and sensuality, at last we will have the opportunity to see the one that seems to me the most acclaimed and desired couple by the fans: ForthBean, who from the beginning of their relationship give us a sex scene too erotic - these guys do not waste time - the big question is how will we show this in the series? Those who have read the novel agree that the intimate moment between Forth and Bean is not wasteful, lets us see facets of the characters that we were unknown, facets that most certainly will not see in the series since they are not porno actors and there is censorship. (Too bad for us)

“I promise I’ll always love you, Beam, I’ll never let you go again!”

On the other hand we will have the joy of finally seeing our dreams and Wayo’s come true, when their relationship with Pha advances and we prove that they really are a couple worthy of envy, speaking of envy, villains rise against our heroes , definitely Park and Pring are worse than a pain in the ass, will make our boys cry painful tears of blood, too much drama for my heart. The six protagonists will be affected by the damage done to our little angel Wayo, problems in paradise ladies and gentlemen, but calm, not panic, because the love of this pair of moons is stronger and do not skimp on romantic scenes, tender and others so erotic as to make my nose bleed, my question comes back How will they show us this in the series? Without a doubt we will miss one of the most important moments between Pha and Wayo, well, at least we have the imagination, and the novel at our disposal to read and relive those scenes a thousand times.

“Can you be a boyfriend of someone who is not a doctor? I want to leave it and open a restaurant of rice and chicken.”

And last but not least There is progress between Ming and Kit! It is adorable how Ming gradually gains the heart of Kit who even though he is hopelessly in love, is a hard nut to crack, the tsunderes will always be tsunderes. We will see many opportunities in which Kit will not be able to hide his feelings towards Ming, also comes the attack of the ex, thanks to Buddha does not last too much or is as difficult to face as it may seem, at least this pair do not give us too much drama. Let us not forget the kisses in the dark, too beautiful not to be mentioned, or that moment when Kit’s love is put to the test by his brother the Ganster. What a scare! I really thought that Ming would be severely hurt, but everything goes well enough so that the long awaited proposal, not marriage, is given, of course - by the way his speech begins, I came to think that he would propose marriage - but I thought the proposal (perhaps because they are my favorite couple, I can not be impartial) a minute after midnight, sitting in bed in the middle of the darkness, a simple question that changes everything, a hug followed by the words “I love you”,

Kit wasn’t the only one to cry, I was made a sea of tears.

“I’m so sick of playing with you, Ming. -I put my face on his broad shoulders, the man who has my heart … I must accept that he has my heart. ”


  • There will be too much censorship in the series.

(Fan Art sensual I found on the internet, credits to its respective author)

  • ForthBeam is real bitches!

“Do it now, I can do it with anyone, I have no one in my heart”

  • I will never have enough MingKit, less knowing that they were the only ones not having sex.

“Let’s fix this, okay? No ceremony is needed and the ring I can give you later, right? … P'Kit Do you want to be my boyfriend? ”

  • There never was and will not be uke more wanted than Wayo

“Your first time should be mine, the second, the third time and others, they are all mine, I can’t stop worrying, you’re in another faculty, this is too difficult for me, because you’re far and I don’t know who will approach you.”

  • Doctor Phana can sometimes be an idiot, there will be many misunderstandings thanks to him. 
  • In the dark interesting things happen, ask Kit.

“Why did I say yes? Because he was brave to ask, that’s why I want to be brave to love him and accept him with all my heart ”

  • If not for MingKit this text would have been titled: “How are we going to show this in the series?”
  • There is no better place to declare your love than in a hospital, Forth is very original.
  • I’m very sad to have finished reading the novel.
  • One of these days I will run out of ideas to write about 2Moons Who do I want to cheat? Insurance write about the end of the series.
It's You || Jung Hoseok

Genre: Fluff, A Lil Touchy Stuff (did i literally make up a genre?? )

Words: 1,893 

A/N: okay okay nothing dirty just absolute fluff bc jhope deserves the fucking world okAY. This is my first fluff, it took me forever and 3 days to accomplish this lol. Leave some feedback, pls!  Maybe a jhope smut will come soon (sooner lol) but hey, I hope you enjoy this fluffy stuff and know that our requests are open! We do pretty much everything! :D 

-admin courtneycat


 "Hobieeeee! No! Ew, no,“ you giggled out. Hoseok’s giggles came right after yours and you could barely keep him standing straight. "No, no, I don’t like Jin. He’s like a big brother to me!” It was true, though. Jin was the older brother you always wanted and vise versa. He treated you like the little sister he always dreamed about. Feeding you, taking care of you and just always being there for you was very much appreciated both ways.

 You should never have mentioned that you liked someone from BTS. The only person who knew was Jin. He must have blabbed a little and now Hobi was on your case. Little did he know…

 "Oh come on Y/N, you have to tell me! Is it Namjoon? You like tall guys… oh! It has to be Jungkook! Huh, you into younger boys, huuhhh?“ He wiggled his eyebrows at you and you couldn’t help but choke on your laughter. You shook your head ‘no’ again.

 "Jungkook is really nice to look at sometimes but I’m positive he’s in love with Tae,” you joked. Hobi let out another fit of giggles and you couldn’t help but admire him. Oh how he was so oblivious. Jin was watching you two converse from the living room of the dorm since the kitchen was open and connected. He wished you two would just confess to each other soon, because little did YOU know, Hoseok had come to him a bit before you did and confessed to liking you, as well. 

 You weren’t too sure when you figured out that you liked Hoseok more than a friend. You guys had plenty of movie nights, dance offs, and lunch dates, but somewhere in between all of that- it became something more. Though he figured out when you became something more to him. 

 It was a few months ago. You were both having a movie night, deciding on facing your fears together and watching all of the Paranormal Activity movies. Though, you were both pretty sure you were hiding into the blankets rather than watching. You had snuggled into Hoseok’s side more, pulling the blanket closer to your face. He wrapped his arm around you and pushed you right into his chest, without even realizing it. It was until that moment, he realized his feelings. He glanced down at you, curled up into him, hair in a messy ass bun, glasses pushed up into your face and damnit. He just knew it. You were the one he wanted. 

 And yourself, waking up the day after those scary movies, noticed him as he slept soundly beneath you. His bare face was beautiful and you’d fight someone to the death if they say otherwise. He had one arm wrapped around your waist and the other on your thigh, which was slung over his. It was at this moment that you knew you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

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It may not be my big break, and I wasn’t going in hoping it would be, but having the opportunity to be a small part of this show has been a dream come true. Last August my mom and I drove to New York with less than 24 hours notice so I could make a 10am call time to be an extra on Mr. Robot. It was about 12 hours of “hurry up and wait” in the middle of the city and I swear my feet are still recovering from standing in heels all day; however, I had an experience that I will never forget and met some great people. I will look back on this episode often just to reminisce on the time I got to be an extra in my favorite show across from my favorite actor. Season 3 eps3.5_kill-pr0cess.inc

Carry On Fanfiction Masterlist (3)

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Maybe in Your Dreams
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 1622
Summary: At night, Simon dreams about kissing Baz and all the things he loves about him. By daylight, he forgets about all that in the same way he doesn’t allow himself to think. By daylight, he hates Baz and worries that he’s plotting. He’s lucky he doesn’t remember the dreams because it would never go well if he did. Or would it?

Take Me Back to the Stars

Genre: angst, fluff
Word Count: 1842
Summary: What happens when Simon’s magic suddenly returns? It seems unbelievable, impossible at first, but then they realize that wonders do happen.

Smile like an Idiot
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 1164
Summary: Baz works in a store when a weird but cute guy walks in asking for a hairdryer. To make him come back, Baz gives him a broken one. (No one ever said he was nice!)

Visit of the Past
Genre: angst
Word Count: 1157
Summary: After twenty years, the visitings begin again. And Simon gets an unexpected visitor: The Mage is back and there are many things unsaid between them.

Struck by Lightning
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 1163
Summary: Simon is pining after Baz and they are friends after their truce looking for the murderer of Baz’ mom. Now they are both afraid of what will happen after school is over: Will they never see each other again? Simon decides that they have to talk about the future.

Here’s to the Fools Who Dream
Genre: angst, fluff
Word Count: 2404
Summary: There are two young boys laying awake at night, dreaming. A little orphan who dreams of being loved and a boy in a far too big mansion dreaming of his dead mother and of a happy life. It’s only years later when the two boys crash that their dreams come true. (Loosely based on the songs ‘City of Stars’ from La La Land and 'I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Miserables.)

The Potential Future
Genre: angst, fluff
Word Count: 2542
Summary: Baz thinks that Simon cheated on him and sees no other choice but to drive away. (Based on the song 'Ease’ by Troye Sivan)

My Knight in Shining Armor
Genre: angst, fluff
Word Count: 2225
Summary: Baz is afraid that Simon will always be broken after everything that happened with the Mage and the humdrum. But he knows for sure that he’ll do anything he can to help Simon. (Based on the song 'Unbreakable’ by Jamie Scott)

Only Cowards Run Away
Genre: angst, fluff
Word Count: 2409
Summary: After the war has ended, Baz doesn’t know who he is any more. Who, if not Simon’s enemy? What can he define himself by now? Baz decides that he’ll go find himself, he’ll go to Rio and come back a better person. And maybe, when he returns, he and Simon can be friends. He only leaves Simon a letter, explaining everything and confessing his feeings at last. (Based on the song 'Rio’ by Mika)

A Christmas Miracle
Genre: angst, fluff
Word count: 2917
Summary: Baz hates christmas. When Simon lights a candle, he’s flooded with memories of his mother and flees to the catacombs. Simon can’t help but follow him.

A Coincidental Encounter
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 1830
Summary: Baz meets a stranger on the train station who reminds him of Simon Snow. As it turns out, he’s writing a book about fantastic beasts. When one of them slips out of his suitcase, Baz runs after it and stumbles across Simon, years after he’s last seen him. (Crossover with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

Divide Series

How Would You Feel
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 2079
Summary: Baz writes poems about how Simon would react if he told him about his feelings. Over the years, his view on that changes. (Based on the song ‘How Would You Feel’ by Ed Sheeran)

Genre: angst, fluff
Word Count: 3325
Summary: Baz is a famous violinist who wants to leave his old life behind. So, he gives up his identity to become a street musician. One day, Simon comes by and is fascinated by his music. (Based on the song ‘Eraser’ by Ed Sheeran)

Genre: angst, fluff
Word Count: 2265
Summary: Sometimes you have to let go of the things you love to save them. That’s why Baz broke up with Simon. But maybe he isn’t as fine as he pretends to be. And maybe Simon isn’t either. (Based on the song ‘Happier’ by Ed Sheeran)

Save Myself
Genre: angst, fluff
Word Count: 3123
Summary: Suddenly, Simon and Baz are kissing. Not knowing how to deal with it, Simon runs off and Baz is left alone with his thoughts. All their lives, the both of them were used to giving. This is what happens when for once they do something they want. One kiss can breathe life into them again. (Based on the song 'Save Myself’ by Ed Sheeran)

tbh at the finale, i want julie to be like ‘and heres some never seen before clips’

and its just all the bad comments people have made behind eachothers back like jasons rape comment, pauls blackface, etc.

everyone will freak and my dreams will come true.

anonymous asked:

AU where Stiles run a website for those who are depressed/suicidal to let them express their feelings and his blog become viral and a TV show call him for an interview. During the interview the host ask Stiles if he have any dreams that hasn't come true yet. Stiles said he really wanna meet his crush, the famous actor Derek Hale. Cue Derek Hale comes in with a big hug and Stiles's favorite chocolate. - Z

Oh my gosh.
I can imagine he set the website up in memory of his mother, knowing that he and his father never really got over the loss and he was traumatised by the confronting sight of his mother hurting herself during her sick state.
What he doesn’t know is that the website saved Derek’s life after the hale-fire and the death of most of his family. And so Derek is so thankful that he wants to meet his hero, but finds out upon his arrival that Stiles has a huge crush on him and dreams of meeting him.
It’s just too much for my heart to handle. Too cute! Thank you Z.


i have father, he’s not you | a sanji fanmix; pretty self-explanatory about his feeling for VInsmoke Judge and Zeff. (LiSTEN: youtube / 8tracks / spotify)

Side A (intro-track 09): VINSMOKE JUDGE.
Most tracks are rock songs containing anger and hatred mood about shitty father who left his helpless child and keep seeing him as a failed son.  

Side B (track 10-outro): ZEFF.
Most tracks are slow rock and pop hitting right in the feels about a son holding on dreams and leaving home to make his father proud.

note: for 32 Days of Sanji prompt: family. Bon Jovi’s track isn’t available on spotify. Annotation is under read more.

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Beach house - Isco

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I believed him and i know that maybe i shouldn’t have since the words he whispered in my ear, only for me to hear, were drunken words spoken late at night when both of us should have been sleeping in their two different beds. But something about his voice and the words he said sounded like something i’ve never heard before and so i wasn’t hesitant when I nodded my head and he lead me out, out of the packed room and the house we were sipping on our drinks and dancing in just minutes ago, we wandered down the street, our hands intertwined as i turned around to see if someone was following us. Besides a single cat walking in the different direction of us there was no one. By now we were a good hundred meters away but you could still hear the music playing in the background.

It was a chilly late august night, I had enough alcohol down my throat to not freeze anymore. It has cooled down a lot these past few weeks, even if we were in Spain, and everyone was expecting good weather, especially for tomorrow which was supposed to be my big day. Supposed being the key word. As I looked over to him and saw him biting on his soft lips, I felt the need to kiss him, so thats what I did, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down to where I could look into his eyes without having to raise my head, he stared right back at me. And for the first time I felt like he could look right through me, I bit down on my lip nervously.

He made me nervous, he made me feel so small, only when he leaned in when he leaned his forehead against mine and closed his eyes, when I felt his breathing on my face, smelled the beer in his irregularity breathings I felt myself calming down. I closed my eyes as I tried to breathe myself. He made my heart beat faster about a thousand times, he didn’t even needed to touch me, just one look was enough, and I could deny this all I wanted, deep down I knew it was true. He pressed his lips lazily on mine and I smiled as I kissed him back.

„We need to go“ he whispered as he pulled out of the kiss and looked at me for a moment, his one hand was still on my cheek and the other one was wrapped around me and all I wanted was to continue, all I wanted was for us to kiss again and again.

„Okay“ I whispered back as he took my hand and we continued walking down the road.

I forgot where I had put my shoes off and so now I was walking barefoot, I took them off whenever I started dancing earlier this night and I couldn’t dance in heels, I couldn’t even walk in them but they looked good to my dress, at least that was what he told me and they were a gift and so I had to wear them. But I got out of them about half an hour into the night, not caring if he saw me in them or not. I didn’t even knew where exactly we were going. Isco seemed to know through, at least thats what I was hoping for. But he used to live somewhere close to here, so he should know. It was quiet, no cars or any sounds of traffic to be heard, we or rather he had rent this big house in the middle of nowhere, it wasn’t of my liking not at all, I did not like all of this. The big celebrating and all of this big deal, this wasn’t me. I was glad to get away, I shouldn’t be, I shouldn’t feel so good about it, but I did.

„Do you know where we are going?“ I asked carefully as we seemed to walk down this road for the past half hour, with nothing in sight.

„Hmm“ he said nodding as he suddenly pulled me closer to him.

„Follow me“ he said as he bend down, climbing under a tree, he pulled me with him and I quickly regretted not searching for my shoes. We walked throughout the tiniest forest, if you could call even call it that, before finally getting on a path again, I didn’t knew if he really knew the way or was just being lucky.

„We’re here“ he said, he stopped walking as we stood in front of a tiny little house surrounded by trees.

„This is my grandma’s old beach house“ he told me as he got the few stairs up towards the front door. I followed him and after he opened the door for me I followed him inside.

He lead me towards the bedroom, past a living room, a small kitchen and well that was all I saw before we reached the bedroom and he collapsed in the middle of the way too small bed for both of us. I sighed as I looked around the room, it looked a lot like a typical beach house, and for someone like me growing up in a big city I always dreamed of having a beach house, or someone in my family owning one, where we could visit them on holidays and actually having a vacation, but I never had a lot of family with only ever having a mother and so the dream of a beach house always stayed a dream.

Well that was until I met him, he made all my dreams come true, he showed me so many places of this world, we stayed in the most expensive hotel rooms and celebrated every little thing of his stupid big company there was to celebrate. Well he made all of my dreams came true, even the beach house, really he made it all romantic, well he paid someone to do so, we stayed in one for a week last summer, well we were supposed to stay there a week, but there was an emergency from his work and he needed to leave after two days, but I got my beach house, I got all my wishes, besides falling in love, well I even got that, just not with him.

„Are you okay?“ he whispered against my skin, I hadn’t even noticed he stood beside me and had his arms wrapped around me. I looked up to meet his eyes as I shook my head slowly.

„You want me to bring you back?“ he asked furrowing his eyebrows together as he stepped back.

„No“ I said shaking my head eagerly as I stepped one step closer to him and wrapped my arms around him, looking up to him.

„Please stay with me“ I added.


„I met Elizabeth“ he said as he set the egg box down beside me.

I gulped as I watched him, he looked stressed and I knew it was because of me, I feel bad for Isco more than I did for my friends and for him. Because he had to do so many things because of me, it was never easy with us, it was never normal with us, it was never like normal couples were. He put a pan out and waited for it to head up before he put the eggs in and made us some eggs for breakfast.

„She asked me where you were. She was freaking out“ he said drily.

I pressed my lips together as I looked down at myself, only wearing one of Isco’s old shirts as I sat on the counter beside him, while he was making breakfast. A week ago, heck even yesterday I never thought today would start like this, I never thought I would have breakfast with Isco again, I never thought I would ever get to watch him make me breakfast again. Today was supposed to change everything.

„I told her I didn’t knew where you were and that I was on my way to the airport that I had to get back because of some extra last minute training“ he said shaking his head slightly.

„I guess she believed me“ he added and I sighed out staying quiet for a minute.

„Thank you“ I said softly as I looked back up and saw him looking at me already, his face softened as he stepped over and stood between my legs.

„I just want to be with you“ he admitted.

„I never thought falling in love with you meant this much drama“ he said chuckling slightly as he took my hands in his.

„But I would do it all over again“ he said pressing kisses on my finger tips.

„I love you“ I admitted, I felt my heart beating faster as I told him the three simple but so meaningful words, his eyes widened as they stared so softly into mine and this wide smile on his lips that was now formed made me fall in love all over again.

„Say it again“ he whispered.

„I love you“ I repeated.

„Again“ he whispered.

I love you


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