i have such a thing for girls with tattoos



- simple black and white/spot color - $30
full color/complex design  - $45

If you’re interested, email me at evangelinemgallagher@gmail.com (or message me here, but I prefer email!)

I’m doing discount commissions/tattoo design work on an ongoing basis again! Help a girl pay her rent. Here are some designs I’ve done previously, along with two that have been inked! I’m also comfortable drawing super traditional designs, if that’s your thing.    

(I’m also interested in other illustration projects - particularly show flyers/band merch/album art etc. If you’re a musician and you want to see more of my work in that vein, hmu!)    

Hanzo’s modern look!

Man, it’s like, a rebellious Hanzo trying new things.

Here’s this man who wasn’t ever allowed to go through a rebellious, experimental streak in his youth. The young lord who always had to have the perfect appearance in his traditional wear- no green hair for him. No piercings, no tattoos, and certainly no unusual haircuts.

And I believe even for the decade he wandered alone, he never changed these things, because why did he deserve to try new things when Genji was dead?

But since Genji had forgiven him and Hanzo has started to forgive himself, Hanzo has started trying new things. He’s a grown man and he can make whatever decisions he wants. Like that hairstyle that girl has? Got it. Think that bridge piercing is sweet? Done. Hoop earrings just because they’re cute and match my coat? Absolutely.

I fucking love finally rebelling at 38 years of age Hanzo. I could cry.

A colorful cutie done in watercolors ✌I have noticed I hardly paint blonde hair into my girls and also colorful tattoos should be a thing to add more often as well.
I hope you are all having a good week and keep on fighting!
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She brightens up my world in a way I never thought was possible. Genuine, unconditional love is what I have for this tiny being. She has added so much joy to my happiness and I don’t know how I was living before her life intertwined with mine…and it doesn’t matter because now I live for us. This is a true forever thing, I’m forever grateful.

Potty Mouth - Jason Todd

Prompt: From promptsfordays: “Soulmate AU where your tattoo shows the first thing your soulmate thought when they saw you (Example: “dear lord I want his babies”, “FANFICTION BLUE EYES”, “i have to think something sexy at them. oh wait did that count. thats so embarassing they better not be my soulmate.”, and “leARN TO USE A TURN SIGNAL, MOTHERHUGGER” )” with Jaybird (what the actual tattoos are is up to you lol)

Every little girl dreams of the day that her soulmate mark shows up on her. Your mark turned up just a few days after your sixteenth birthday. It appeared bold and brash in clear view on your forearm. It would have been an exciting moment had it not been for what was written on your arm.

You’re arm read: ‘Fucking shithead! Get back here you cock sucking motherfucker!’

Growing up in a fairly conservative family, you knew they wouldn’t take this development lightly. What exactly did this say about your soulmate in your family’s eyes?

“[Y/M/L] what on heaven’s earth is that on your arm?” Your mother chastised when she saw the hint of ink peeking out from your sleeve. You attempted to cover up your arm with your sleeve but she caught your hand and pushed the fabric up to expose the words. You had never seen your mother so close to having a brain aneurysm.

“You march right upstairs and wash that vulgarity off of your arm. You shouldn’t deface your body like that young lady. Your skin is for your soulmark and nothing else. Go wash it off. Now.” She commanded.

“This is my soulmark mother.” You confessed. She pursed her lips together and the muscles on her jaw twitched. She didn’t have a response for you and had to drop the subject and turn away to leave the room before she said something that she might regret.

While all your friends met their soulmates in high school or in their early college years, you were well into your twenties before you came across him.

You had just moved to Gotham city for your job and you were walking home from work one night when man roughly bumped into you from behind. You stumbled forward and in the confusion the man snatched your purse from your arms and sprinted off down the street.

“My purse!” You cried out. You were at a loss for what to do. You knew you probably shouldn’t chase after him, he might kill you after all, but at the same time practically your entire life was in that purse. Your phone, your cards, that nice tube of your favorite rouge lipstick that you definitely overpaid for. Luckily for you an intimidating knight in shining armor chased after the thief.

“Fucking shithead! Get back here you cock sucking motherfucker!” He seethed, sprinting after him. The thief looked back and saw your hero and immediately dropped your purse when seeing just how much larger your savior was than him. “That’s right you fucking run! Don’t let me fucking see you in my neighborhood again!” He called after the thief’s retreating form. He bent down, picked up your purse from the sidewalk and calmly walked back towards you.

This was the first time that you were able to get a clear look at the man who’s to be your soulmate. He was tall and absolutely gorgeous. He had this very intimidating look about him but when he looked at you, you felt absolutely safe. When you were standing side by side, you found yourself having to look up at him.

He offered you your purse back and you took it gratefully.

“Thank you so much! How can I ever repay you?” You asked.

“Will your name and a date do?” He asked.

“I’m sure I can manage that.” You laughed. “[Y/N].” You introduced yourself.

“Jason. That’s uh … quite a lot of dirty words you have on your arm there.” He chuckled sheepishly, eying the string of expletives inked on your arm.

“No shit.” You replied sarcastically. He let out a full booming laugh and patted your head gently.

“I think we’re going to get along just fine, doll.”

The Girl with the Angel Tattoo

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Warren Worthington III x Reader

The Girl with the Angel Tattoo

Author: Morgan

Prompt(s): “Could you maybe write some type of soulmate thing with Warren? I absolutely love your stories!!” and “Warren soulmate thing? Where like some people are born with marks that represent their soulmate in some way, and you have wings on your back and Warren has something somewhere that goes with your mutation, like if the reader had electrokinesis or something he would have a lightning bolt?”

Note: I am a sucker for soulmate AUs. Also, this is a really interesting concept, and I really like it. Reader has plant powers, just because I think it might be confusing for Warren with Storm and all. Like she has Electric powers and you wouldn’t want things getting mixed up, you feel?


Living in a mutant fight club was hell. Every day, Warren was forced to fight mutant after mutant. Some of them walked away fine. Others…not so much. And sometimes, he was the one that got hurt. It was no way to live, but one thing got him through the long days and lonely nights. The marks on his arm.

Yes, Warren was a mutant, it was true. He had giant, magnificent wings, but he also had soulmate marks. They were etched into his arms, trailing upwards from the veins in his wrists. Leafy vines, twisting and turning, a few flowers here and there.

He stared at them before he went to bed, often tracing them gently with his fingers when he was alone. It was his solace. His safe place. When he was thinking of his soulmate, whoever and wherever she was, he felt like all of this trouble was worth it if it meant he got to meet her eventually.

And then Apocalypse came. Warren was broken, sad, alone, and Apocalypse had scooped him up, tempted him into doing his bidding. But after Warren was rescued, he went with the others, to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

It was one of his first days there. He walked through the courtyard, surrounded by his new friends. And then he saw you. You were standing under the biggest tree on the campus, arms wide open. Your back was to him, and on your back, etched into the skin under your green dress was a very distinct pair of feathery wings. He broke into a run, leaving the others behind as he ran to meet you.

“Warren, where are you going?” asked Scott, but he spotted the marks on your back. It was you. Warren’s soulmate.

Warren stopped, standing just behind you. He took a breath, running his fingers through his curly blonde locks and puffing out his muscular chest. He straightened out the sleeves of his leather jacket. Finally, he reached forward and tapped your shoulder.

You turned around. He gasped softly, taken aback by how beautiful you were. But he was also scared, terrified beyond words. Would you like him for him? Metal wings and all? Or would you reject him as everyone in his life had before the Mansion?

“Hi,” you smiled, greeting him. Suddenly, your smile faded and your eyes went wide. “Oh my God, you’re…you’re my…” you started tearing up. Here it was. The rejection. Warren’s shoulders fell, preparing for the worst.

And then you hugged him. It was a tight, nearly bone-crushing hug, but he loved it more than words could describe.

“You have no idea…” you sobbed gently, tears of joy streaming down your cheeks. “How long I’ve been waiting to meet you.”

“Aww, don’t cry.” He held you tight, rubbing your back. He smiled, one of his first real smiles in a long, long time. “I’m sorry it took me so long to find you.”

“I always knew you would come,” you whispered. “Oh my God, I don’t even know your name.”

“Warren,” he introduced. “What’s yours?”

“(Y/N),” you replied. “I just…I want to know everything about you.”

“Well, now we have all the time in the world.” he chuckled. You peppered kisses all over his face. He laughed, smiling brightly. He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe the most beautiful girl in the entire world was wrapped up in his arms and kissing him relentlessly. After all of the pain, all of the fighting, all of the loss, the war, you were here and everything would be better.


Later that night, you were laying on top of him on one of the many couches at the Mansion. Your fingers traced his muscles. He watched you, smiling softly.

“I never imagined in all of that, that I would ever find you.” Warren whispered, one of his hands stroked your cheek. “I wish you could have seen my wings before. They were beautiful.”

You looked up at him, your eyes meeting his. You gently rubbed his cheek with your thumb.

“Warren, everything about you is beautiful,” you told him.

“I love you so much.” he pressed a long, tender kiss to your forehead.

“I love you too,” you smiled, scanning his face before you kissed him full on the lips.

Warren knew one thing for certain. He would never get enough of this.

i’m for my girls into cat sweaters and flower crowns and i’m for my girls who do drugs and want stick and poke tattoos and i’m for my girls who excel in academic settings and i’m for my girls who want to quit school and travel and i’m for my girls who want to date and i’m for my girls who want to have wild sex lives and i’m for my girls who want to wait till marriage or not have sex at all and i’m here for every single girl in between and every single girl who is none of these things or all of these things. i’m just here for my girls bruh

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With the anon talking about straight girls dressing more gay, oMg someone finally said it like my gaydar is fucked up these days and idk what is happening but I do not like it

Right like goddamn so many straight girls dress gay as hell now like they’ll get undercuts and gauges and like sleeve tattoos and shit and then like they’ll also get offended when you think they’re gay?? The WORST is the classic straight girl “just because I have short hair doesn’t make me a man-hating lesbian” like okay Suzie way to be a homophobe while defending your Straight Dignity but if you wanted people to stop assuming youre a lesbian stop dressing like one like. You’re really gonna tell lesbians that you don’t want to be associated with us while stealing every gay thing we do???
Anyway I’m in a mood clearly I’m sorry lol I’m glad this isn’t just me tho lmao

I am a writer

I’ve known I’ve been a writer all my life. And yet- I’ve negated identifying myself as such because society has told me my image does not correlate with a respected writer. I have tattoos, I cuss, Google defines me as an athlete, and the marginalizing deeming “just a pretty girl” taught me to just push that identity beside. And, sadly, just like everyone else in this world, I accepted the mold that was given to me. 

I realized I was a writer when paper, pens, and books seemed to be the only thing supporting me in my childhood. They were reliable- I always knew they would stay neutral, they wouldn’t partake in the broken dysfunction of my upbringing- they were majestic and beautiful, and to me, they were my escape.

As a child, writing was reliving a life I wished I had.

It allowed me to unleash the depths of sadness, brokenness and shame that circulated throughout my body. With fierce scribbles, denting and imprinting my pain across pages, I learned how to release. I learned how to cope. And eventually, I learned how to heal. 

Writing provided me with hope.

With this new hope, I am ready to share. I am ready to share my journey, reopen scars to offer healing.  From my soul to yours.



did you know
sand dollars grow heavier skeletons
in rough water?

& did you know
young sand dollars
can’t make themselves heavy enough
so they eat pebbles
to weigh their bodies down?

& did you know
the things
just to keep this body
safe from the current?

& did you know
when I say the current
I mean
this body;

& did you know
there is a man
I can only talk about in metaphor,
the way his tattoos
make an avalanche
of my mouth

(even now)

& did you know
there are whole years
I have dropped
to the bottom of an uneasy ocean;

& did you know
this is how we evolve?
Hunted girls
grow shells
& they call us
“hard women.”

As if survival
could ever be delicate.

As if we haven’t been chewing rocks
for generations.

As if we haven’t been rebuilding
our own bones.


I saw this really great idea on @mygayisshowing’s blog about being positive about things that have happened to you this year, so here goes. My list of great things in 2016 is as follows:

1. I met the girl of my dreams. Truly, she’s everything I ever wanted in a girlfriend yet so very much more. I see myself being with her for a long long time.
2. I graduated from university with first class honours in pharmaceutical and chemical science.
3. I won an award for my dissertation.
4. I’m getting a paper published from my dissertation research.
5. I travelled south east Asia with two of my best friends.
6. I got three tattoos and I love them all.
7. I had the most remarkable birthday, on a remote island watching sea creatures and the sunset before drinking and singing around a guitar.
8. I’ve been on a total of 10 flights this year.
9. I got my first job, remarkably quickly and I’m thriving in the role.
10. I managed to be in the top 6 of 56 applicants who got to interview for a more senior role.
11. I conquered my fear of driving long distances. Well, fear of driving all together.
12. I moved into my flat with my best friend.

This year has been awesome, thank you 2016

So I joined the gym today, one of the things I have always been most scared of. I just want to say, if there is anything that you’re afraid of, push yourself. It’s going to be worth it in the long run. I am so proud of myself for doing this and I am going to work as hard as I can to get my body the way I want it to look! Even if I am a part of the tomato face club! 🍅🍅


People always tell me that before they knew me they were afraid to talk to me because they thought I was intimidating, mean, a bitch, or all of the above.  All I have to say to that is stop taking things at face value - especially people. Everything and everyone around you has so much more depth than you will ever be aware of if you live your life with a closed mind and a judgemental heart. 

 My face in the first photo may be what I look like 95+% of the time, but my face in the second is a more accurate representation of who I am.


This video features the afternoon panel from New Jersey.

Highlights include:

J2 talk about one thing/aspect they’d change about their character

J2 have fun with a fan’s name

J2’ s iTunes (I cut it short because people kept yelling out suggestions)

Fan brings Jared an iced beverage

J2’s favorite scary movie 

J2 talk about their relationship

J2 talk Golden Girls and Jensen sings part of the theme song

Jared tells a story about giving Tom a fake tattoo that looks like an injury