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There's a photo of John Boyega wearing flesh colored paisley and I can only guess this part of RDJ's mentoring

I honestly looked so hard for this outfit, Anon, but I couldn’t find it. I did, however, find THIS.

I don’t have an RDJ Advises for it, I just think it’s fuckin’ adorable. 

NewGod!Tony Stark: 2nd version

American Gods crossover verse ( Original Post: HERE )

Fic Prompt:

Tony Stark is trying to handle all the problems with becoming a superhero and dealing with all these villains great and small. It doesn’t help that just as he’s getting used to being an Avenger, the whole group falls apart in the worst way. In the midst of tackling all this, the Fates decides to throw another thing his way and he wakes up with a whole new set of powers with no idea where he got them from. Also, his TV seems to be trying to engage him in a conversation.

Tony Stark is the new God of Tech.

Pairings: Gen, Frostiron or WinterIron.

Art Notes:

More realism studies with RDJ from the MCU movies. Bah…realism is so hard. OTL I just hope doing this really helps me improve when I don’t have a picture to follow.

Forever | 4: Explanations, Part 1

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 1356

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: (Throughout) Language

Characters (in order of appearance): Reader, Anthony Mackie, RDJ, Sebastian Stan

A/N: I started writing this in 2016, and it was v popular on wattpad so I thought, why not make it accessible to my pals on tumblr? pls bare with me as I post the next 9 chapters, and please, as always, let me know what you think!! I love hearing from y’all :)

Forever | 3

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I’m paraphrasing but I was told that it should be something like - two to three minutes on your relationship with her.. why she’s deserving.. etc.
And I’m like - what the fuck really?

RDJ being perfect introducing Scarlett Johansson at Variety’s Power of Women (x)

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i think this was the anon from spiderman… and tbh i loved it????? 

like it’s refreshing to see probably the most accurate-to-comic-book peter on screen?? and see so many different versions of these characters. initially i was worried about tom, but then civil war came out and he was adorable and i really liked andrew garfield so i was still kinda eh… but seeing him shine onscreen and having rdj as a mentor parallel with peter having tony as a mentor was so… NICE. 

like it works and it works well. vulture is a relatable villain, mj is hilarious, the movie in general was hilarious but it didnt try too hard to do so, tony was in it just the perfect amount, and seeing peter parker for who he is without the suit was just A+

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Hi Sam! I love your RDJ Advices. I had a weird dream last night about celebrities and it made me wonder: If you ever meed RDJ, will you tell him you are copperbadge? (Obviously he knows about copperbadge and RDJ Advices, how can he not?!)

I honestly hope to god I never meet RDJ. :D Not that I think he’s not a delightful person, but I don’t like meeting famous people. I have a hard enough time meeting ordinary people where I almost know how to simulate normal behavior, meeting people I admire from afar is right out (based on experience, experience I still cringe over). So probably if I did end up meeting him by force, like we were trapped together in an elevator or something, I would do my best to be as quiet as possible. :D 


A/N: This is my first fanfic ever! Some feedback would be amazing!

Pairing: Chris Evans/Reader
Rating: T (some mentions of smut)
Words: 3,943 (didn’t realize it was that long until I finished…)

Summary: It’s Chris’ birthday and you’ve been planning his surprise party for months with Scott. Little did you know that Chris had a surprise for you as well.

You knew what today was. Everyone knew what today was. But you weren’t going to let him know that.
“Babe I have to go!” You called from the front door of your tiny apartment. Tiny but liveable, your studio apartment was your home for the last four years and despite raising enough money for one with more leg room, you couldn’t let it go.
You heard a thump and a groan before Chris appeared from the alcove where your bed was. “You need a bigger apartment,” he said rubbing his hip.
You grinned. “Just because you’re massive doesn’t mean everyone else has to conform to you.”
“Damn straight I’m massive,” he said with a wink. He wore only a pair of sweatpants and a thin t-shirt, so yes. Massive, you thought appreciatively.
You rolled your eyes as you poured coffee into your tumbler. It was early afternoon but you had a feeling you’d need all the coffee you could get. “I’ve a 12 hour shift today so don’t bother waiting up,” you said. “If you’re staying here there’s leftovers from yesterday in the fridge.”
“Nah, I have to go to my place today. Mom’s insisting on making dinner since everyone is in town at the same time.” Chris came up from behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Have I ever told you how great your ass looks in scrubs?”

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!!!! I love your art! I'm such a huge fan of bucky/tony in the mcu, but it's so hard to find. Thank you for sharing!!

Thank you for leaving such a nice comment!! I’ve been having a huge case of art block lately so I just now threw this together. Tony welcoming back Bucky with a hug! 

I’m glad you like MCU as much as I do! Both RDJ and Seb Stan are so cute~

If you’re looking for more Bucky/Tony in general, may I point you towards @imaginetonyandbucky? If you haven’t come across them already. :) The lovely authors and artists there are definitely the reason why I ship these two so much.

It's so hard to say goodbye - RDJ

Hey, could I please request an imagine in which the reader is an actress and working on a movie with rdj and while she’s at work she finds out her dad has passed away and rdj comforts her?

N/A: This application reminded me when I lost my paternal grandma while I was studying and a friend of mine at that time gave me this advice that I put at the end. Losing someone is really hard, but the person will always be with us while we keep believing and loving.


After a few years in the theatrical life, now you were one of the new America’s sweetheart, having the good fortune to be making your third film alongside Robert Downey Jr. Your character fled from her mother and stepfather house to discover who her real father was with RDJ character’s help, looking for all former mother’s lovers to see if she had anything in common in personality or appearance with some of them. But what she didn’t know was that RDJ’s character, who has always been by her side since baby and was a great friend of the family, was her biological father. When your character has an accident and is hospitalized, her mother finally tells the truth to both of them. So it was pretty obvious that you and Robert would become friends, with time passing he began to give advice on everything he could and invited you to lunch with his family. Robert had practically adopted you, being so young and being so far from family, he felt the need to support you.

You always tried to talk to your parents, you would call, sent messages, exchanged emails and even made video calls. You wanted so much that they were there with you, seeing you conquer your dream … You wanted to feel their support physically and not through machines. So you always thanked by Robert do this small role of physical support.

“(Y/N), your mom’s on the phone!” your manager yelled as soon as the director warned it would have a 10 minute break to fix the scenario, you went quickly to get the call, it had been three days that you couldn’t talk to your parents and was dying of homesick.

“Hey, mom! How you doing?“ you sang so picked up the phone but was answered by silence followed by a sob. You frowned. "Mom? Are you okay? What happened?”

“My love, I’m sorry for not having spoken to you these days… But… Oh, my dear… I’m sorry…“ your mother murmured weakly across the call and you waited for an explanation, feeling your chest tighten to hear your mother crying "Your father had a heart attack, the doctors tried everything but he couldn’t take it.”

You let the phone fall from your hand, feeling the breath catch in your throat as your eyes were getting blurred. Your legs were weak and you fell sharply to your knees, making you support yourself with your hands as you felt your body shaking violently and the tears fall from your eyes uncontrollably. This couldn’t be happening. That had to be a nightmare. Soon the team was at your side, trying to figure out what was happening, your manager picked up the phone to end the call and understand what had made you so nervous. But you couldn’t understand what all those voices said, you could just cry uncaring that you were falling apart right there.

"Shh, (Y/N). Come with me, kid.” Robert said quietly just to warn that he was there beside you and, without waiting for answers, he took you in his arms and carried you to your trailer. As soon as he came in and put you on the couch, Robert knelt before you, taking your hair from your face and drying her tears “I know how difficult it is to deal with the loss.”

“I couldn’t say goodbye to him or tell how much I loved him… If only I Knew-”

“(Y/N), I know how your father was proud of you and always will be. And he always knew how much you loved him. You’re an excellent daughter, (Y/N).” Robert interrupted you, smiling fondly though sad, he pulled you into a tight and protective embrace. He tried his best not to cry for seeing you that way, he wanted to protect you even more. “I know it will be hard to live knowing that he’ll not be here to answer your phone calls, but he’ll always be in your heart and in your mind. He’ll always be with you. You just need to believe.”


Hot Toys SDCC 2015 Booth: Quarter Scale Iron Man Mark XLIII with sculpted Tony Stark head based on Robert Downey Jr.’s likeness [x|x]

Reason why I preordered this–

They’ve finally gotten close in getting RDJ’s face correctly. It only took seven years, four Iron Man figures (with interchangable unmasked head sculpts), and five Tony Stark figures to get it right.

(PS– If you preorder now, it’s only $60/month until March 2016)

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I'm trying to do homework and I can't because all I can think about is that arc reactor hole in RDJ's picture. Like what are they going to put Tony through, like he doesn't need to suffer after everything he's been through? I want Infinity War to be here already so I can know but then again I don't want to know. I am feeling very conflicted as you can tell. And now I'm starting to think RDJ put that picture up on purpose to torture us the fans

It’s pretty unnerving because we don’t know why he has to arc reactor back and how he got it. It’s also hard to imagine what they may have put Tony through but I’ve been guessing that maybe his heart’s failing on him so he needs the arc reactor back to help it function? I’m not sure but maybe. 

I’d really like to know too just so it’s out there. RDJ does love teasing us though because I think he knew we’d freak when we saw the pictures of him with the hole in the middle of his shirt. 

I wonder??

End Of RDJ as Tony Stark?

Haha reading an IGN article and they claim that is would be more likely that Marvel would simply recast RDJ as someone else to play Tony Stark. That’s reaaaallllyyy funny.

If there is one thing for certain in MCU, it is that Robert Downey Jr is the equivalent of Tony Stark. He MADE that character. I have never seen a character so strongly impacted by the actor who portrays it. Robert Downey Jr. has made Tony Stark much more valuable than he used to be by creating the most realistic perspective on who Tony Stark is and who will forever be. It’s so hard to describe just because of how complex the character has come to be. Robert Downey Jr. has not only told the story of Tony Stark, but has made the audience feel so strongly connected with the character, that the audience can feel as if he is actually real. That is how well he plays the character.

If Marvel, or anyone else for that matter thinks that they can simply replace that with some mediocre actor whether young or old, they are fooling themselves. If it wasn’t for Robert Downey Jr. the character would not have been nearly as successful, nor will it be if that’s what they decide to do.

I can already see the headlines of Marvel being strongly impacted in a negative way if they decide to slap on a new name to a character that has been so deeply-rooted in Marvel for all of these years. Please do not let his legacy turn in to some trashy millenial “twist” on what is in my opinion the greatest superhero story. Robert deserves better, and Tony deserves better.

P.S Can we stop pretending that Robert is like 85 years-old? He is in his fifties which honestly is not that old especially for an actor. He looks fantastic and just because Tony isn’t in his thirties does not mean that he is useless. Can we stop using age as a way to measure the value of one’s character? Realistically Robert Downey Jr. If he still wanted to could play Tony could for a good 10 years-and it would still work because 60 does not equal needing a wheelchair. Have you seen how in shape Robert Downey Jr. is? Tony could-be 85 and still such a magnificent character, but I guess Hollywood believes that if you don’t have a youthful appearance that you need to be replaced.

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I loved it! I loved everything in it, but as for what it lacked, tbh I wish it had delved just a bit more into Peter's background, even just in flashbacks. I feel like since they excluded this, audiences might have a hard time connecting emotionally to this version of Peter Parker as easily as we connect with other Marvel heroes. Other than that, fantastic. Tom Holland was a perfect fit, RDJ added the classic Marvel elements, & the movie was overall very exciting and left me pining for a sequel

I can tooootally see where you’re coming from. However, part of me really liked that the directors didn’t feel obligated to rehash the whole “I was bit by a spider and my uncle died” thing, which is something we’ve seen time and time again. For those who know Peter Parker and Spiderman, this movie was a breath of fresh air, and for those who didn’t, it was a high school comedy about a quirky high school sophomore. It had a little bit of something for everyone!



1. Open your GIF folder.

2. Choose every 4th GIF after each question. NO CHEATING!

This is you:



This is your best friend:



This is what your parents are like:


Dramatic much?

What you do when you’re alone:


This is actually accurate.

How strangers see you:



How the same sex sees you:


Well then.

How the opposite sex sees you


Hm, okay ;)

How your crush sees you:



Your favorite fandom:



Your taste in music


I guess not that good.

If you had a superpower it would be:


…Either I’m Loki…or my super power is drinking….

You in the morning:


I’m sassy in the mornings.

Your thoughts on school:



Your reaction to being asked out:


Very accurate.

Your parents reaction to you going on your first date:


They basically push me out the door… probably because I would be in shock.

What you do on Friday nights:


I just let things happen.

What you do in class when you should be listening:


Whatever this is.

Your reaction to failing a subject/test:


Kind of true.

Your reaction to passing a subject/test:


Act unsuspecting.

Your reaction to graduating:


Same as before. Like, what did you expect?

Your feelings on the world:


Sometimes, yes.

Your reaction to knowing the world is going to end:


Yea, probably.

What you would do to save the world:


I…don’t really know. I guess come up with some elaborate plan but have a hard time finding the stuff to execute it.

Your job:



How your kids act:



The rest of your life:


Yea, whatever.

How you die:


Bahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Yep.

People at your funeral:

Judging each other.

“In the 34 years that have passed since the birth of MTV, I have grown up.  I have struggled, I’ve failed, I’ve succeeded, I have partied way too much.  

I have squandered, resisted, surrendered, repented, labored, begged for second chances, and literally crawled my way to the top.  

I have tried to live honorably and never forget my love of the game or my friends.  If a man is judged by the company that he keeps, then I must be doing something right because look at who I’m running with [looks at his fellow Avengers]. 

On behalf of my fellow Avengers, I invite you to dream big, work hard, keep your nose clean, and be of service, and yes because you can, define your generation.”

– Robert Downey Jr. at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards (April 12, 2015).

SO before I dive into my last college essay every I have some very important feelings about CACW 


-Bucky Barnes needs to be protected at ALL costs. He is such a great character and he has come so far since CAWS. Like example, in CAWS he barely registers Steve, yet in the movie he seems to remember so much, he is trying! He is trying to remember himself and his life, when tbh it would probably be easier just to submit to his pain. So yeah team bucky barnes all goddamn day. 

-Steve…. I am so torn, I am so here for you protecting your best friend. SO FUCKING HERE FOR IT. (#stucky4life) However I am not here for you thinking you are above everyone…. Yeah this accords things is unfortunate and tbh not really a good idea (yet) but lets be real, you do need some boundaries. 


-Chadwick Boseman deserves all the awards and basically they should extend his contract to infinite movies because he crush it so hard that I forgot this was a Captain America movie and not a Black Panther movie. (ALSO: Lupita and MBJ cast in the solo film? THIS MOVIE IS ALREADY PERFECT AND THEY HAVEN’T EVEN FILM IT YET)

-Tony broke my heart in this movie. He has literally lost everything; his family, Pepper, the avengers, the trust of his community, and not to mention he almost lost Rhodey. I think his entire arch in the film was pretty justified, the accords are his way of trying to put himself/the avengers in check for everything that has happened, his fight with Steve and Bucky at the end was so heartbreaking, especially since he went there to bring peace. His arch in this entire film is just him trying to bring peace (in a weird Tony Stark kinda way) and people keep fucking it up for him. ALSO Steve wtf you should have told him. 

-TOM HOLLAND. (thats all) (jk its not) (i have a lot of feelings) He is Spiderman. I was completely convinced the minute he walked on screen. Don’t get me wrong Andrew Garfield is absolutely bae and I personally think he was amazing, but this younger Spiderman is amazing, his spunk, his willingness to to be a hero and tbh he is just adorable af. (#cinnamonrollstatus) Not to mention he totally stole the show from RDJ and thats hard to do. Also I can’t wait for his solo film, its gonna be so good. Also Zendaya is it so thats just a win for the world because she is a perfect goddess. 


-Paul Rudd deserves better. (thats all)

-Falcon and Winter Soldier are such a brotp. I just want a side movie with them bickering for 2 hours. 

-Natasha/Black Widow, needs a consistent story line, and the Russo brother gave her that in this film. She has always been sympathetic towards Steve and Bucky, so when she was team Iron Man i honestly got scared they would take that away but they didn’t and I’m so thankful. Shes just such a good character and I need her to have a solo film. Also bring back Banner so they can ride off into the sunset together and live a happy life; cause I totally ship them. 

-Wanda you poor girl, you’ve lost so much, and deserve a good life. 

-Tbh Vision you are cool but I’m still not feeling you just yet. 

-The Kiss. Idk it was okay, didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. I’m very indifferent. I think Steve deserves to move on and Sharon is nice and clearly on his side so why not. They also didn’t over do it so I’m not against it, but also don’t really care about it. 

-I need more Hawkeye, cause Jeremy Renner fucking kills it. He is so sassy and badass, not to mention he does such a good job of bringing out the different emotions in Clint. ( sorry but i’m one of those people who loved his backstory in AOU)

Basically thats all. If I have anymore feelings, which i’m sure I will, I will be back to add to this. Feel free to give me your opinions and help me procrastinate on this essay some more. 

oh one more thing,


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why are you so obsessed with pepper and tony, i dont really see it

*tries not to gape in shock*

First of all, I want to clarify that I don’t read the comic books so my opinion is based on MCU. But honestly, sit down and watch all the Iron Man movies, including The Avengers between IM2 and IM3 in a row, and watch the two of them together. When I watched the movies years apart I wasn’t completely obsessed with them, but when I did I was like “I WILL SHIP THEM UNTIL I DIE”. And a lot of it has to do with the fact that RDJ and Gwyneth Paltrow have amazing chemistry and did such an amazing job with the scenes.

Their relationship is so beautiful from the first scene where Tony forgets Pepper’s birthday, the easy banter and the way they look at each other speaks volumes. And you realize that Pepper means a lot to Tony when he hears her voice in the cave, and throughout the movies it’s hard not to notice that Tony couldn’t care less about what other people want or think of him but he always looks to Pepper for support or her opinion. He never lets anyone see his true feelings except Pepper not even Rhodes. Pepper is his best friend, she gets him, she’s his link to the real world and she cares for Tony (and Tony craves it). Imo, she’s the reason Tony comes back from the dead every time he almost dies. She’s all he has. And it kills me and makes me squeal.

And it’s so obvious that Pepper loves Tony, what woman would stick around a guy like pre-Afghanistan Tony for so long? And what “employee” sticks around for three months when the rest of the world probably thinks her boss is dead. Imo, she’s been in love with Tony pre-IM1 and is waiting for him to change, but doesn’t think it will ever happen and she’s so shocked when it does. I honestly love Pepper, she’s such a strong character, she isn’t reduced to just a love interest, she’s integral to the story and this makes me love Pepperony all the more. I don’t think anyone else could deal with Tony except her.

They’re just so perfect for each other, they are like an old married couple. The movies did a really good job with their relationship, even in IM1 when they were just a possible couple - their relationship had this solidity to it from day one, like no matter what happens they won’t leave each other. Tony idolizes her, she’s perfect to him and Pepper knows all his faults but she loves him regardless because he’s a good person.



I must say I am too proud of him. He has been a role model for me for the past four years because I myself overcame addiction, and I understand that it is a very personal battle that you’re not about to discuss with the world. He had every right to walk out on that interview because the kumquat had no idea what kind of boundary he was crossing. You can see it in Robert’s face; he’s trying so hard to stay cool and I have so much respect for him being able to keep it. I know would’ve tried to punch him in the liver.

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I can't figure out how to send you a picture, but since you've done a couple of RDJ Advises posts with press tour selfies, I wanted to ask if you've noticed that Robert is wearing sweatpants in lots of them. Any of the pictures where he's wearing a blazer & tshirt - he had grey sweats on the bottom. Which is awesome and hilarious. Also he had on at least 3 different tshirts with that blazer/sweats combo that day. Hot day? Sick? Refused to not be comfy? Odd in that RDJ way? Mystery.

OMG no I had not noticed but that’s hilarious. 

JESUS, Bob. (Where’d you get them shoes though, I want a pair.)

Some theories that have been put forth about this include that he’s the father of an infant and a toddler and thus has forgotten how to wear real pants. 

I prefer my initial assumption, which is that it’s hard to find pants that fit properly when you got a booty that bangin’.