i have spending my 30 min just to stare this pic

Moments I have witnessed intense KnB fans in Japan

Upon request here’s my post of personal experiences I’ve seen or been in that show how Japanese KnB (mainly Akashi) fans are that you probably won’t see too often back in your home country. 
*If you are one of these fans, I’m not saying stop doing it or you shouldn’t do it, but just be responsible and don’t neglect other priorities and don’t inconvenience others…and be reasonable. Also these are things I’m not used to seeing so for me it’s quite eyebrow-raising. Thanks. 

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Daily preferences master list’s

Enjoy reading and scrolling through my blog everyone~ (Don’t hesitate to inbox me for anything!) Love you all! xx

Daily preferences:

#1 Falling asleep in front of a movie

#2 Napping after work

#3 Playfully making your bed

#4 Ice cream date

#5 Woke up by a kiss

#6 Jealous Jin

#7 Babysitting help

#8 Midnight snacks

#9 Hot hugs

#10 Brain Dots

#11 After school surprise

# Cheering you up

#12 Periods cramps

#13 Stare game

#14 Hot chocolate kiss

#15 Jealous of your male best friend

#16 Scared of storms

#17 Scared of spiders

#18 Kiss cam

#19 Playing video games

#20 Horror movie

#21 Unexpected kiss

#22 Ordering pizze

#23 Study support

#24 Lunch date

#25 Introducing you to his friends

#26 Nail polish kisses

#27 Cinema date

#28 Chocolate bar

#29 Studying kisses

#30 Bowling date

#31 Vacation ride

#32 Cuddling day off

#33 Push ups

#34 Forbidden diet

#35 Changed homescreen

#36 Nap on his knees

#37 Waiting room

#38 Taking the underground

#39 Home after a tiring day

#40 Accidental skype confession

#41 Bless you

#42 After-shower routine

#43 Water bottle

#44 New hair cut

#45 Waking up on a Sunday morning

#46 Just dance

#47 Surprise visit after your shower

#48 Late night Skype

#49 Receiving your scholar books

#50 Changing contact name

#51 Going back home at night

#52 Music festival date

#53 Kisses; stress reliever

#54 Spending your birthday (and Jungkook’s birthday together) (Requested)

#55 Protecting you from the rain

#56 He randomly knows your name at school

#57 Exchanging glances in class

#58 Parrot

#59 Note into your locker

#60 No longer your seatmate

#61 Taking the bus after a long day

#62 Missing him to sleep

#63 Snapbacks

#64 Struggling to stay awake

#65 Basketball game with your boyfriend

#66 Falling asleep on a rainy night with your boyfriend

#67 Feeling low because of your look

#68 Staying up late to study

#69 Being cold so he warms you up

#70 Too lazy to get up to go to work so he gently wakes you up

#71 Missed the bus

#72 Having a good time with your boyfriend while watching a basketball match

#73 Shy bathing time

#74 Playfihting because of your wet hands

#75 Learning to us chopsticks

#76 Ill

#77 Restaurant date

#78 Running motivation

#79 Carry you to bed

#80 Finishing your homework earlier

#81 Can’t find your glasses

#82 Schoolmate staring at you

#83 Attempt to make you smile

#84 Sporty date

#85 “Perfect date”

#86 Studying pause

#87 Bike riding

#88 Legs tickling

#89 Airport meeting (Requested)

#90 “I don’t need make up” (Requested)

#91 Come over on a Saturday night (Requested)

#92 Bubble gums

#93 Lazy day in bed (Requested)

#94 Dancing with Namjoon

#95 Your best friend helping you to go through your heart break

#96 Surprise picking up (Requested)

#97 Late phone call and silly conversations

#98 Cheerful text

#99 Pregnant announce (Requested)

#100 Wedding propose (Requested)

#101 Cheating rumors (Requested)

#102 Taking a pic of you but you feel insecure

#103 Tying up his ties

#104 Jealous and protective when you leave the house

#105 Cold

#106 Mental breakdown

#107 Twisted ankle

#108 Cute when…

#109 Men in the street

#110 Drunk in love

#111 Jealous crush

#112  Emperor

#113 First date

#114 Craving for kisses

#115 Cheesy halloween

#116 Comforting boyfriend

#117 Drunk with stranger

#118 Break up

#119 We could (based on Do I wanna know by Arctic Monkeys).

#120 Master (NSFW).

#121 Shattered

#122 Just a lifetime

#123 Ditch class

#124 Confidence

#125 Meet again

#126 Pretty hot though

#127 Even more tomorrow

#128 What would you do?

#129 You like me, don’t you?

#130 Possessivity

#131 Your most prescious dream

#132 Be your last

#133 Not born to fight

#134 Feel the same

#135 Close enough

#136 Unexpected kiss

#137 Stress relieving session

#138 Run

#139 “You’re the one that’s annoying!”

#140 “I will think about it.”

#141 Cheater

#142 “I am not sick!”

#143 Uninspired

#144 Bakeries

#145 Christmas ice skating

#146 Sky is the limit

#147 Protective brother

#148 Torture

#149 Psychotic boyfriend

#150 Supportive father

#151 Routine

#152 Garlands

#153 Holidays

#154 Art teacher

#155 Revelation

#156 Awkward firt kiss

#157 Shamefuly attracted

#158 Hard to concentrate

#159 Serious when it comes to you

#160 Have a nice day

#161 Still can’t get enough

#162 Steamy atmosphere

#163 Plushie gift

#164 How much do you love me?

#165 Sexy teasing

#166 You so love hate him

#167 I don’t care what you think about your beauty

#168 Not as a friend anymore

#169 seems like I forgot this one, oops! Sorry x

#170 Couple silliness

#171 Surprise meeting

#172 Art project

#173 Play fighting

#174 Scared of love

#175 The little surprise

#176 Meeting family

#177 Love is a cycle…

#178 Garden of Eden

#179 Massage session

Yuri/Otabek Picnic Headcanon

  • Okay so it’s the one year anniversary of their friendship
  • Yuri is so.fucking.nervous
  • Like this boy is just a ball of nerves okay this is his first time having a close relationship with someone who isn’t his grandfather have mercy on him
  • They plan to go on a picnic bc picnics are nice and the weather is nice and you can just watch the clouds and do normal friend things
  • Yuri: does not know how to do normal friend things
  • Also doesn’t understand the point of picnics tbh like can’t we just stay inside to eat the food why go out
  • But it was Otabek who suggested the idea so he goes with it
  • Otabek likes nature and wants to do normal friend things with his friend so yuri won’t stop this precious man
  • Anyway, so the day before the picnic Yuri tries to make pirozhkis to bring with them tomorrow
  • He’s so nervous that he might fuck up that he actually does
  • also stays up all night preparing btw bc HE CANT SLEEP ANYMORE bc nerves my friend
  • Mistakes sugar for salt
  • Puts in too much pepper
  • Ya know, small mistakes like that that don’t mean much when you’re making the thing but alters the taste so much afterwards
  • he really doesn’t notice i swear
  • I feel sorry for this poor man
  • Anyway, so the pirozhkis themselves come out looking good
  • And it’s katsudon pirozhki that he made btw bc that’s definitely his favorite thing in the world now honestly
  • Fast forward to picnic time
  • He and Beka are actually having a good time
  • And like, they’re sitting on thw best picnic spot ever and just
  • This is what happiness looks like:
  • Yura and Beka sitting on a blanket, picnic basket between them as they share stories about skating experiences and other things
  • Yuri tells Beka about that time when Makkachin stole his pirozhki bc viktor forgot to feed the poor dog
  • Beka tells him about his experiences travelling to different countries and also kinda gushes abt yuri age ten
  • yuri’s totally not blushing slightly what are you talking about
  • yuri’s stomach growls in the middle of one of beka’s stories
  • Beka chuckles at the cute sight that is a bright tomato res Yuri Plisetsky
  • Okay time to eat my baby boy is hungry do not starve him
  • Eyyyyyyy guess who brought manti (steamed dumplings-ish) to the party
  • (hihi i love dumolings and i found this looking up kazakh food and now i wANT)
  • they also have a variety of other food besidea manti and pirozhki
  • Like tbh yuri asked viktor and yuuri (aka his fathers) what to do bc he does not know how to friend
  • Brings convenience store food like sandwiches and hotdogs
  • Beka brought drinks its just a big thing of soda dont worry hes aware yuri shouldnt be drinking yet
  • Beka also brought a camera to take pictures of the scenery especially when the sun sets
  • K so they both get some pirozhki and yuratchka’s lowkey excited to have his friend taste his cooking bc he loves pirozhki and he loves beka and he hopes beka likes his pirozhkis
  • yura watches beka take a bite
  • “…”
  • Yuri raises an eyebrow, ‘ yes how is it?????’
  • So concerned
  • “…Is it supposed to be sweet?“
  • ‘Wait what’
  • Yura takes a bite and immediately his heart shatters
  • but he kinda fucked up
  • He sad now
  • Apologizes to beka and is now mopey
  • really angry at himself
  • Beka tells him to forget it, its fine
  • But he’s still upset
  • But he still wants beka to have a nice day so he tries to let it go
  • lets be honest this mistake will haunt him forever
  • Anyway the day continues as planned
  • They stay till nightfall to watch the sunset and look at the stars
  • Beka has a lot of candid shots of yuri admiring the sun and stars, yuri pouting, yuri staring at the grass, yuri just.breathing.
  • They also take lots of pics togethers
  • They have a pic of them sitting together facing the sunset their backs to the camera
  • And another one where they’re admiring the clouds and looking up at the sky
  • Basically IG worthy photos bc ofc they do
  • Yuri fell asleep on otabek’s lap somehow at some point
  • Otabek didn’t mind, he found it super cute actually and has a photo
  • It’s time to go back home
  • Awwww
  • yuri makes every excuse to give him morw time with beka and beka realizes this but lets him do it anyway
  • They walk home instead of taking beka’s motorbike bc walking is slower and means they have more time to talk
  • They totally stoo for kittens all the timw
  • Like, five kittens are now following them home oml
  • when yuri gets back home he plops on the sofa, he’s exhausted
  • But also like still upset about the pirozhki thing bc he loves pirozhki and he loves otabek
  • Guess who stays up making pirozhkis for his bff
  • He’s really careful now to make sure he puts in the right ingredients with the right amount bc everything needs to be perfect
  • Next morning he texts Beka to pop by and beka appears at his door like 30 mins later
  • ‘What’s up Yura?’
  • No words, just “Here, try this”
  • Beka’s kinda confused as Yuri hands him a warm pirozhki
  • ‘When did you make this Yura?’
  • “…That’s not important.”
  • He chuckles at how adorable yura is being
  • He takes a bite of the pirozhki and Yura is at the edge of his seat
  • “Well??? How is it?!?!”
  • Chill my boi he’s still chewing
  • ‘Vkusno.’
  • hihi Yuri plisetsky is just precious okay
  • “Really? I made it just this morning!” Liar you stayed up all night to impress Beka
  • Beka chuckles at him again
  • ‘Well I’m glad you did, this is delicious. Can you teach me how?’
  • the boy turns red
  • “O-okay.” /Determined nod/
  • They spend the whole day at Yura’s house, making a shitton of pirozhkis
  • In the end they make so much more than they can eat so they bring it to the rink and share it with the others c: